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perl-Devel-NYTProf-6.10-1.2 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for ppc64le

Name: perl-Devel-NYTProf Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 6.10 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.2 Build date: Thu May 27 15:41:39 2021
Group: Unspecified Build host: obs-power8-05
Size: 1405363 Source RPM: perl-Devel-NYTProf-6.10-1.2.src.rpm
Summary: Powerful fast feature-rich Perl source code profiler
Devel::NYTProf is a powerful, fast, feature-rich perl source code profiler.

  * Performs per-line statement profiling for fine detail

  * Performs per-subroutine statement profiling for overview

  * Performs per-opcode profiling for slow perl builtins

  * Performs per-block statement profiling (the first profiler to do so)

  * Accounts correctly for time spent after calls return

  * Performs inclusive and exclusive timing of subroutines

  * Subroutine times are per calling location (a powerful feature)

  * Can profile compile-time activity, just run-time, or just END time

  * Uses novel techniques for efficient profiling

  * Sub-microsecond (100ns) resolution on supported systems

  * Very fast - the fastest statement and subroutine profilers for perl

  * Handles applications that fork, with no performance cost

  * Immune from noise caused by profiling overheads and I/O

  * Program being profiled can stop/start the profiler

  * Generates richly annotated and cross-linked html reports

  * Captures source code, including string evals, for stable results

  * Trivial to use with mod_perl - add one line to httpd.conf

  * Includes an extensive test suite

  * Tested on very large codebases

NYTProf is effectively two profilers in one: a statement profiler, and a
subroutine profiler.




Artistic-1.0 OR GPL-1.0-or-later


* Mon May 10 2021 Tina Müller <>
  - updated to 6.10
    see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Devel-NYTProf/Changes
* Mon May 03 2021 Tina Müller <>
  - updated to 6.09
    see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Devel-NYTProf/Changes
* Wed Apr 07 2021 Tina Müller <>
  - updated to 6.07
    see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Devel-NYTProf/Changes
    =head2 Changes in Devel::NYTProf 6.07 - 6th April 2020
      Focus is to enable test suite to pass with perl-5.33.3 and higher.  (Changes
      in blead required changes in expectations set in test data files.)
      Correction to MANIFEST
      thanks to mattlaw. #142
      POD improvements
      thanks to tomhukins. #129
      Makefile.PL modernizations
      thanks to karenetheridge. #126
      .gitignore corrections
      thanks to jkeenan. #146
      Adapt tests to work with 5.33 and higher
      thanks to jkeenan. #147
* Sun Jun 10 2018
  - updated to 6.06
    see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Devel-NYTProf/Changes
    =head2 Changes in Devel::NYTProf 6.06 - 4th June 2018
      Fix sorting of numbers ending ...5s as microsec
      thanks to pichi. #120
      Fix tests for Strawberry Perl portable
      thanks to shawnlaffan. #123
      Fixed broken link in the pod to YAPC::NA 2014 talk video
      thanks to manwar. #116
      Add "NYTProf" to buffer overflow error message for easier triage
      thanks to atomicstack. #119.
      Add appveyor config file for CI on Windows
      thanks to shawnlaffan. #117
* Tue Mar 27 2018
  - updated to 6.05
    see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Devel-NYTProf/Changes
    =head2 Changes in Devel::NYTProf 6.05 - 23rd March 2018
      Fix test failures on Perl 5.27.6+ #113
      Fix to prevent memory corruption in incr_sub_inclusive_time
      thanks to lucrocha #115
      Fix test failures on Perl 5.26 w/ PERL_USE_UNSAFE_INC=0,
      thanks to Kent Fredric #112
      Fix for the double opening of the web browser with --open,
      thanks to trizen #107
      Updated links in docs from old svn repository to Github
      thanks to smpeters #114
* Fri Nov 25 2016
  - updated to 6.04
    see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Devel-NYTProf/Changes
    =head2 Changes in Devel::NYTProf 6.04 - 24th November 2016
      Fixed build on perl 5.25+ due to OpSIBLING, thanks to Dan Collins #102
      Fixed nytprofmerge on Windows thanks to andrey-starodubtsev #99
      Fixed nytprofhtml invalid UTF-8 char and improved CSS #105
      Fixed spelling mistake in nytprofcsv docs. Closes #95
      Table headers now stay visible, thanks to Sebastian Rose #106
      Assorted improvments to .travis.yml
* Mon Apr 04 2016
  - updated to 6.03
    see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Devel-NYTProf/Changes
    =head2 Changes in Devel::NYTProf 6.03 - 25th March 2016
      Fix to account for the deep stack optimizations in perl 5.23.8
      by Dave Mitchell, with my great gratitude!
      Fix SIGUSR2 on MSWin32 and div by zero #78 PR#79
      with thanks to Nicolas Georges.
      Fix for perl 5.8.8 but adding definition for tTHX.
      Unify 'Profile format error' messages.
      Improve the TROUBLESHOOTING docs.
      Added some more docs for the start=init option #85
      Corrected URL of KCachegrind home page #87
      with thanks to Denis Ibaev.
      Corrected URL of sample report #80
      Removed dead URL and redundant history #84
* Wed Aug 05 2015
  - updated to 6.02
    see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Devel-NYTProf/Changes
    =head2 Changes in Devel::NYTProf 6.02 - 2nd August 2015
      FlameGraphs upgraded the latest version, which supports searching.
      Use JSON::MaybeXS instead of JSON::Any (deprecated), thanks to Ether #73
      Updated metacpan urls, thanks to Ether #74
      Internal context optimizations, thanks to jandubois #75
* Thu Apr 16 2015
  - updated to 6.01
    see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Devel-NYTProf/Changes
* Fri Oct 04 2013
  - updated to 5.06
    Fixed for perl 5.19.4. RT#88288 thanks to sprout.
    Fixed test for change in perl 5.18.x error message text.
    Fixed to no longer open a file when start=no. RT#86497/RT#87404.
    Fixed compiler warnings. RT#86728 thanks to Alexander Bluhm.
    Document that Devel::NYTProf needs to be loaded as early as possible
      even when using start=no. PR#10 thanks to moritz.
    Removed unused keyword $Id$. PR#9 thanks to dsteinbrunner.
    Removed old files. RT#86704.
    Corrected assorted typos. PR#8 thanks to dsteinbrunner.
    Added meta-spec to META_MERGE. PR#12 thanks to dsteinbrunner.



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