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libnuma1- RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for ppc64le

Name: libnuma1 Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.2 Build date: Thu Feb 22 15:07:43 2024
Group: Development/Languages/C and C++ Build host: reproducible
Size: 67856 Source RPM: numactl-
Summary: NUMA Policy Control
Control NUMA policy for individual processes. Offer libnuma for
individual NUMA policy in applications.






* Thu Feb 22 2024 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Use %autosetup macro. Allows to eliminate the usage of deprecated
* Thu Feb 08 2024
  - Update to version
    * Increase version number to 2.0.18
    * man pages: fix table include preprocessor
* Mon Feb 05 2024
  - Update to version
    * numastat: Print package version number instead of own.
    * numastat: Remove commented out perl code
    * Check for MPOL_PREFERRED_MANY lazily
    * libnuma: add numa_set_mempolicy_home_node API
* Tue Jan 30 2024
  - Update to version
    * Fix CodeQl Warn: Wrong type of arguments to formatting function
    * libnuma: Fix incorrect print and exit of numa_preferred/_many APIs
    * libnuma: Fix unexpected output
    * Fix
    * Increase version number
    * Fix build badge
    * Fix
    * Update
    * Add configure file for release
    * Fix unused function return warning in numastat
    * fix complain() fuction print newline
    * Document that numa_police_memory may cause data races
    * Add numastat_diff from jirka-h
    * Enable v1 compatibility for unused getnodemask test
    * libnuma: Handle initialization without sysfs
    * Support empty memory nodes
    * numactl: Add --version option to print version
    * Remove obsolete numamon file
    * numactl: Use standard tab indent for print_node_cpus
    * Avoid using /proc/cpuinfo in test suite
    * numact: Add --cpu-compress option
    * Pin release workflow script to minimize risk of supply chain attacks
    * move_pages: Fix warning (missing hunk from earlier revert)
    * numastat: Remove unused functions
    * distance: Remove unused variable (NFC)
    * numademo: Adjust memcpy test bandwidth calculation
    * numactl.c: Refactor print_node_cpus to display CPU ranges
    * numactl.c: Refactor print_node_cpus to display CPU ranges
    * numactl.c: Refactor print_node_cpus to display CPU ranges
    * Refactor print_node_cpus to display CPU ranges instead of individual CPUs
    * numactl: Fix manual for --preferred and --preferred-many
    * Revert "Fix build error on riscv64 by linking libatomic"
    * Include <fcntl.h> instead of <sys/fcntl.h>
    * Fix the example usage in the numactl manual
    * Fix issue #190 about numa_exit_on_warn does not work
    * Create
    * fix: fix memory leaks when run with -H
    * use mems allowed nodes to test prefer_many policy.
    * fix typo in memhog.8
    * Update move_pages.c
    * migspeed don't have to be linked against librt
* Tue Apr 25 2023
  - Update to version
    * fix typo
    * Add fuzzer for OSS-Fuzz integration
    * numactl.c: Fix merging of neighboring pages' policies in dump_shm
    * memhog: Update memhog usage
    * feat: Add minimum permissions to makefile.yml
    * feat: Add minimum permissions to cut-release.yml
    * feat: Add minimum permissions to codeql.yml
* Sun Jan 08 2023
  - jsc#PED-3367
  - Remove unneeded defattr(root,root) statements from spec file from dmueller
  - Replace deletion of *.la files with a more general version from dmueller
  - Update to version
    * numactl.c: Remove unused variable
    * shm.c: Replace stat64/fstat64/ftruncate64mmap64 with normal functions
    * configure: Check for largefile support
    * numastat: Update system hugepages memory info from sysfs/node/hugepages directory
    * numastat: statistical errors occur when huge pages is used
    * fix wrong nodemask_sz when CONFIG_NODES_SHIFT is less than 5
    * libnuma: clear errno at the end of numa_init
    * numastat: Add SwapCached to list of known fields in meminfo
    * numastat: Add SecPageTables to list of known fields in meminfo
    * numastat: Add ShadowCallStack to list of known fields in meminfo
    * numastat: Add FileHugePages/FilePmdMapped to list of known fields in meminfo
    * numactl: 'numactl --length=xxx --shm xxx -px' doesn't work
    * numactl: Fix shm verfiy for preferred policy
    * link with -latomic if needed (again ...)
    * Release numactl 2.0.16
    * add cut-release github workflow (#142)
    * when preferred_many is not supported, fall back to preferred will report error.
    * fix the memory leak of numa_preferred api
    * build: Refactor autotools setup to store version in separate file
    * Revert "numademo: fix error on 32bit system"
* Fri Sep 09 2022
  - Update to version
    * Create codeql.yml
    * Create makefile.yml
    * Fix crash when memhog uses local policy
    * Fix memhog uses the wrong policy but still works properly
    * Fix the example usage in the man manual.
    * fix memory and file handle leaks
    * Do not reuse variable names in subscopes and delete useless blank lines
    * Delete unused header files
    * Limit the scope of function
    * avoid declaring a global variable
    * Fix build error on riscv64 by linking libatomic
* Tue May 10 2022
  - Update to version
    * numa(3): Fix typos and punctuation
    * Avoid dependency on util.o
    * test/prefered: add test cases for new 'preferred-many' policy
    * test/prefered: fix compiling problem
    * numa(3): Update the man page
    * Update to support multiple nodes
    * numademo: Add a new test for multiple-preferred-nodes policy
    * numactl: Simplify preferred selection
    * libnuma: Export interface to set/get preferred nodes
    * util: Add new preferred-many type
* Wed Sep 01 2021
  - Update to version
    * Fix system call numbers on s390x
    * numactl.c: fixed debug verify for --preferred option
    * numactl.c: Fixed description for the usage of numactl
* Mon Jul 19 2021
  - Update to version
    * numactl.c: fix use after free
    * sysfs.c: prevent mem leak in sysfs_node_read()
    * sysfs.c: don't leak fd if fail in sysfs_read()
    * shm.c: fix memleak in verify_shm()
    * shm.c: fix memleak in dump_shm()
    * fix description for numa_node_size64 in man as well
    * fix numa_node_size definition in manpage numa.3
    * link with -latomic if needed
    * libnuma: make numa_police_memory() free of race
    * numademo: Use first two nodes instead of node 0 and 1
  - Enhance _service magic
  - Enable automake



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