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pipewire-libpulse-0_3-32bit-0.3.15-1.2 RPM for ppc64

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for ppc64

Name: pipewire-libpulse-0_3-32bit Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 0.3.15 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.2 Build date: Thu Dec 3 20:44:27 2020
Group: Development/Libraries/C and C++ Build host: obs-power8-05
Size: 595360 Source RPM: pipewire-0.3.15-1.2.src.rpm
Summary: A Multimedia Framework designed to be an audio and video server and more
PipeWire is a server and user space API to deal with multimedia pipelines.

Some of its features include:

 * Capture and playback of audio and video with minimal latency;
 * Real-time Multimedia processing on audio and video;
 * Multiprocess architecture to let applications share multimedia content;
 * GStreamer plugins for easy use and integration in current applications;
 * Sandboxed applications support.

This package provides the PipeWire shared library.






* Thu Nov 05 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 0.3.15:
    * Highlights
      + This is a quick update to fix critical issues with the
      0.3.14 update, which broke screen sharing and accidentally
      enabled the experimental pulse-server.
      + Fix some compatibility issues in pulse-server with
      pavucontrol and fix an issue that would block the complete
    * PipeWire improvements
      + Permission checks for new clients are now done from a
      global context, which makes it possible to assign initial
      permissions to objects.
      + Handle EINTR everywhere
      + Fix an issue with the node state changes where a quick
      pause/play would hang a client.
    * Session manager improvements
      + Disable the bluez5 and pulse-bridge modules by default
      because they interfere with pulseaudio. These options should
      only be enabled if pulseaudio is removed or disabled in the
      + Fix an issue where the session manager could end up in
      infinite recursion while scanning for things to do.
      + The session manager will now always configure nodes to remix
      to the channel configuration of the device. This fixes the
      case where mono streams would only end up on one channel of a
      stereo device.
    * Device support
      + Initial merge of A2DP extra codec support using the new
      bluez5 API.
    * pulse-server
      + Create the runtime directory when it doesn't exist.
      + Don't ever block the server, use non-blocking IO everywhere.
      + Fill description of profiles with the name if not otherwise
      set, this fixes a crash in pavucontrol.
      + the connection debug catergory will now also debug pulse
      + Respect the no_remix flag to make the control panel channel
      check work.
    * ALSA plugin
      + implement pause
* Tue Nov 03 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 0.3.14:
    * Highlights
      + This release focuses on bugfixes and stability
      + A new experimental pulse-server module was added. This
      module implements the pulseaudio protocol on top of
      PipeWire and can be used to make flatpaks work with
      PipeWire. It looks like this might be a better way
      forward compared to the replacement library.
      + A2DP bluetooth was reworked. Playback should work a lot
      better now. Support was also added to automatically link
      an A2DP source to a playback device, which makes it possible
      to use PipeWire as a bluetooth receiver as well.
      + Improvements to the routing and volume restore features
      of the session manager.
    * PipeWire improvements
      + The channelmixer does not normalize volumes anymore. Volumes
      are only normalized for monitoring streams now.
      + Streams can actually start in the inactive state now.
      + The channelmixer can now also convert volume updates from one
      channel layout to another. This makes saved volumes work
      even when streams have different channel layouts.
      + Clients are only registered after the properties have been
      + Links now have a new active state.
      + Drivers can now also specify a minimum quantum. This makes it
      possible for bluetooth devices to specify an optimum quantum
      for the given codec settings and MTU.
      + The amount of data sent over the socket was reduced by only
      sending the data that changed.
      + Client objects are now exposed after they uploaded their
      properties, which makes the new object more useful.
    * Tools improvements
      + pw-cat will now add metadata to the PipeWire streams.
    * Session manager improvements
      + Fix crashes when reading bad data in stored settings.
      + volume and routing is improved. Settings are now remembered
      per application or media-role.
      + The session manager remembers the last device used per stream
      + Fix a bug when moving streams where it could sometimes end
      up with linking a stream to multiple devices.
      + Use RTKit to set realtime priority on the data thread in the
      session manager. This improves performance of the pulse-server
      and bluetooth devices.
      + Add a new property to mark streams that want to capture from
      the monitor of the default sink.
      + NODE_TARGET can now also contain the node name. This avoids
      some lookups in the pulseaudio layer when selecting target
      nodes by name.
      + the -e and -d options are more usable now and can be used to
      add and remove modules from the default list of modules.
    * Device support
      + v4l2: add some workarounds for buggy drivers. Add Limited
      support for droidcam.
      + ACP: improve selection of default port and profiles.
      + ACP: add support for using the hardware mixer for more than
      8 channel streams.
      + ACP: support the new port type and availability group found
      in PulseAudio.
      + A2DP bluetooth timings were reworked. Automatic linking of
      A2DP sources was added to make it possible for PipeWire to
      act as a bluetooth receiver. The code was reworked to allow
      other codecs such as APTX and LDAC in the future.
      + Try harder to recover from ALSA errors.
    * GStreamer improvements
      + Fix some crashes in the monitor that cause
      gnome-initial-setup to crash.
    * PulseAudio layer improvements
      + Many compatibility improvements. Improved playback in
      chrome. Fix a crash in firefox when the daemon is stopped.
      + Fix a leak in the formats.
      + Fix !ADJUST_LATENCY streams like paplay.
      + Make the device option in paplay work.
      + Fix volume/mute notifications, this makes plasma volume updates
      work again.
      + Do the conversion between PulseAudio cubic volumes and PipeWire
      linear volumes. Volume levels should behave now like they did
      with PulseAudio.
    * JACK layer improvements
      + Return an error when we run out of midi events. Some application
      rely on this behaviour.
    * ALSA plugin improvements
      + The ALSA plugin now also supports the node name in the
      playback_node and capture_node properties.
* Tue Oct 27 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Rename 99-pipewire-default.conf to
    99-pipewire-default.conf.example so it's disabled by default and
    all ALSA I/O doesn't get redirected to pipewire (which was only
    overrided by pulseaudio's configuration in alsa-plugins-pulse
    casually). Thanks to Takashi Iwai for noticing (boo#1178104,
    boo#1177166 and probably boo#1175584)
  - Add baselibs.conf (boo#1177555)
* Thu Oct 08 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 0.3.13:
    * PipeWire improvements
      + Add pw-reserve tool to reserve or monitor a device on DBus.
      + Install spa-resample, a tool to resample a file.
      + Install spa-acp-tool, a tool to inspect the card profile.
      + Various fixes and improvements
      + Fix a bug in pw-stream where a capture stream could run out
      of buffers and become silent.
      + Rework the processing loops in the adapter and stream. There
      is now less latency in PulseAudio and ALSA layers.
    * Session manager improvements
      + Improve the device reservation code. We now try to acquire
      the device using the dbus device reservation API before we
      probe the device. This avoids conflicts with a running
      PulseAudio where devices would disappear (because they were
      locked by the other process).
      + Don't fail on invalid input from the config files.
      + Audio devices now have the same name as what PulseAudio
      would assign.
    * Device support
      + v4l2: try to use the format before enumerating the size and
      framerate. Some drivers don't check the format and might now
      work better.
      + v4l2: Fall back to MMAP when EXPBUF fails. Fix MMAP access,
      just export the fd and the mapoffset. This should make more
      devices work.
      + Fix crash in ALSA Card Profile (ACP) code.
      + ACP: fix selection of default profile. Prefer any possibly
      available profile over 'Off'. This makes some card at least
      start with something.
      + Fix soft volume. After setting the volume to 0, it would stay
      at 0 until pushed over the max volume. This should fix
      various volume related issues.
    * PulseAudio layer improvements
      + Rework the buffering and latency measurements and tweak the
      buffer attributes. This should make browsers and media
      players work better. This should also improve speechd
    * JACK layer improvements
      + Fix compilation against newer JACK.
  - Rebase patch:
    * do-not-install-alsa-config-files.patch
* Tue Sep 22 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 0.3.12:
    * PipeWire improvements
      + The channelmap converter now handles unknown and strange
      channel layouts much better.
      + The resampler is now cleared correctly, avoiding clicks and
      pops at the start of sound.
      + Fixes for various crasher bugs. (paplay drain, vlc shutdown,
      pactl info, ...)
      + Fix a race condition in the node state changes that caused
      all kinds of sync and other issues (vlc, mpv, ...)
      + Improve the binary name property of applications
      + Fix the scheduling again of nodes that always need a driver
      such as the jack clients.
    * Session manager improvements
      + Fix routing to default nodes. Sometimes nodes were not routed
      to the default node (bluetooth)
    * Device support
      + Disable channelmap from ALSA by default. This is what
      PulseAudio does and thus provides better compatibility.
      + Fix a bug in how the resampler was used in the ALSA source,
      causing distortion and errors when using low latency capture
      clients. (Discord, webrtc, ...)
      + Small bluetooth improvements. More work is needed for
      reliable bluetooth playback.
    * GStreamer plugins
      + The device provider now stops the processing loop before
      shutting down, which avoids crashes (gnome-initial-setup).
    * PulseAudio layer improvements
      + The buffer attributes were reworked to ensure compatibility
      with many more applications such as mpv and audacious.
      + The pulseaudio layer will now try hard to not hand out
      invalid channel maps to the application. (avoids crashes in
      gnome-volume-control). The channel map will now also look
      more like what PulseAudio does.
      + The @DEFAULT_SINK/SOURCE/MONITOR@ wildcards now work. This
      fixes the problem with volume keys when they are bound to
      scripts using pactl and the default sink/source wildcards.
      + The PIPEWIRE_LATENCY environment variable now works again
      + Fix some leaks of ports and port info. Also fix the leak of
      the context when the mainloop is stopped.
      + The sink/source format_info array is now filled up
      completely, this is actually not implemented yet in the real
    * JACK layer improvements
      + jack now returns version 3.0.0 and has PipeWire in the
      version string so that apps can report this.
  - Drop patch:
    * 0001-alsa-dont-change-the-resampler-delay-value.patch
* Fri Sep 18 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 0.3.11:
    * PipeWire improvements
      + Properly cleanup the mixer structures when a port is removed,
      this should fix client crashes related to port config changes
      and other random crashes.
      + Optimize the preferred formats in the audio converter. Higher
      quality formats with higher performance are chosen first.
      + Make sure the time reported by pw_stream is always
      increasing, even when the driver and clock changes.
      + There is now also a system service and socket that can be
      used to enable PipeWire systemwide. This is however not
      recommended and disabled by default.
      + Fix channelmixer 5.1 to stereo mix matrix. It was not reading
      the conversion matrix correctly and cause channels to be
      dropped. The channelmixer will now also normalize the volume,
      like what pulseaudio does.
      + The channelmixer will now just copy channels when no layout
      has been given. It has also optimized paths for this. This
      makes it possible for apps to request > 8 channels from the
      alsa plugin (ardour).
      + Port, Node and Link will now also emit an error on the
      resources in addition to updating the error in the info. This
      would make it easier to track negotiation errors in the
      session manager later.
      + many small fixes and cleanups.
      + Fix compatibility:
    - DOSBox: fix crash because of double free in pw_stream
    * Session manager improvements
      + The session manager will now try to configure the client to
      the channel configuration of the sink/source. It will only
      do this for downmixing, never for upmixing and also never
      when the client has the dont-remix property set. It will
      also renegotiate the channel layout when moving a stream to
      a new sink/source.
      + Configuration state is now saved in XDG_CONFIG_HOME.
      Previously it was saved in $HOME/.pipewire-media-session/
      You can migrate the state by moving the files to
      $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/pipewire-media-session (or
      $HOME/.config/pipewire-media-session as a fallback when
      XDG_CONFIG_HOME is not set).
    * Device support
      + Bluetooth sources and sinks should work better now.
      + There is now also a new bluetooth backend using hsphfpd.
      + fix the ALSA UCM Off profile for alsa pcm devices
      + improve ALSA port and profile switching. The ACP device will
      now switch to the best port and profile when availability
    * PulseAudio layer improvements
      + Implement some more callbacks. The pulse layer will now also
      notify applications of stream moved, started and latency
      + Fix error code when an object was not found. We now return
      + Add some support for loading new null sinks. Applications
      such as pulseeffects use this. Note that pulseeffects does
      not yet work reliably but can start now.
      + Improve handling of profile and port updates, it should work
      much more reliable now. Apps should now also again receive
      volume updates from sinks/sources.
      + Fix compatibility:
    - openal-soft 1.20
    - pavucontrol (checks PA_ERR_NOENTITY)
    * JACK layer improvements
      + improve default source and sink handling. It was not updated
      correctly in all cases.
      + add samplerate and period to the pw-jack wrapper to easily
      configure the desired samplerate and perdiod for the app.
    * ALSA plugin improvements
      + Add a mixer entry in the alsa config file.
      + Implement support for planar types, rework the processing
      function to make it more robust.
      + refuse to load the alsa plugin when linked against 0.2. This
      catches some old apps linked against 0.2 that want to use the
      alsa plugin.
      + Fix compatibility:
    - linphone (ALSA SIGFPE when _status() is called
      before _prepare()).
  - Add patch from upstream to fix audio stutters in discord and probably
    other applications when using alsa directly.
    * 0001-alsa-dont-change-the-resampler-delay-value.patch
* Thu Aug 27 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 0.3.10:
    * Many improvements to the pulse layer.
      + GStreamer pulsesink element now works.
      + Fixes some segfaults.
      + Enable rtkit for client threads.
      + fixes capture of monitor stream by name
      + implement some more extensions, this makes paman
      work and removes some warnings.
    * Many improvements to the GStreamer elements
      + negotiation rework, avoid calling GStreamer methods from
      the PipeWire callbacks because they might block and cause
      + Add support for non-string property values.
      + improve stability after buffer and format
      + Rework the device provider.
      + pipewiresink can now provide a stream that can
      be consumed by apps like cheese.
    * Many improvements to the JACK layer:
      + Rework the buffer_size callbacks. Make sure we call
      the callback from a 'safe' thread and that we don't
      call the process callback while the application is
      handling the callback. This improves stability in
      apps like Carla when PipeWire dynamically changes
      the buffer size.
      + Improve compatibility with apps that call
      get_buffer_frames() with a 0 size (calfjackrack)
      + JACK can now create nodes that can be set as a
      sink/source in PulseAudio/ALSA apps (you can make an
      effects rack and set that as default sink for
    * Added a group id property for nodes. This makes it
      possible to schedule nodes with the same driver even
      when they are otherwise not linked together. To make
      this work well a new flag needed to be added to nodes
      to signal when they are ready for processing.
      Together with the GStreamer fixes, this makes things
      gst-launch-1.0 -v pipewiresrc path=51 stream-properties="props," !
      audio/x-raw ! pipewiresink stream-properties="props,"
      work as expected with PipeWire managing the resampling
      to keep the clocks of the devices in sync.
      This can later also be used to force devices to be grouped
      together to create a JACK-like scheduling group.
    * Streams and filter now use PIPEWIRE_NODE and
      PIPEWIRE_LATENCY env variables as fallback.
    * ACP add per device port list. This makes UCM devices
      expose the right ports.
    * Fix some segfaults in ACP and UCM.
    * make pw-cat use the metadata to find default devices.
    * The media session can now save and load audio device
      Profiles and Routes (volumes), stream volumes and
      the default sink and sources.
* Thu Aug 13 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 0.3.9:
    * Fix bad audio in chrome
    * Remove some errors that are not real errors.
    * Fix 100% cpu when disconnecting devices.
    * Improve pulseaudio introspection of formats
    * Fix JACK metadata handling, carla can now monitor the
      port it creates and insert midi.
    * Add a new permission bit (M) that is needed to be able
      to configure metadata on an object. Improve security of
      metadata some more, only allow metadata on objects that
      are visible to the client setting the metadata.
    * Add support for videocrop in the GStreamer elements.
    * Improve handling of the runtime directory for the
      server sockets. Add some reasonable fallback when
      XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is not set, as suggested in the spec.
    * Improve ALSA device names from ACP.
    * Fix various crasher bugs. One in the pulse layer, one in
      the session manager.
    * Make alsa plugin respect the PIPEWIRE_REMOTE env variable.
    * Various compile fixes.
* Fri Jul 31 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 0.3.8:
    * Fix an embarrassing crasher in the JACK layer when metadata
      keys were removed.
    * Make it possible to add properties to jack clients with a
      PIPEWIRE_PROPS env variable. This can be used to make JACK
      nodes look like a device (like an effects rack).
    * Improvements in the session manager in how it links ports.
      Now it will try to link matching channels first and be more
      intelligent otherwise. The session manager will also configure
      the stream to the device port configuration when needed.
    * Add ofono backend for Bluetooth HeadSet support.
    * Improve default source and sink handling. They are now stored
      with their id, instead of name, in the metadata. This makes it
      work better with JACK because of JACK's limited name length.
    * Improve environment variables to make it possible to create
      and connect to servers other than "pipewire-0". Implement
      this in pulseaudio, JACK and alsa layers.
    * Add an alsa mixer plugin so that alsamixer works with PipeWire.
      It will configure the default source/sink volumes.
    * Fix capture devices. There was something wrong with how the
      resampler was used that caused corruption in the signal when
      the resampler was active.
    * We now ship alsa card paths, profile-sets configuration files
      and udev rules so that we don't have to rely on the pulseaudio
    * Many build and stability fixes.
  - Update to version 0.3.7:
    * Improved PulseAudio compatibility. The alsa card profile
      code was reused from PulseAudio. Devices now support
      all profiles, ports, jack detection, UCM and hardware
      mixers that PulseAudio implements. There should not
      be (almost) any difference between PipeWire and PulseAudio
      in how it presents and manages devices.
      Other missing API pieces such as the default sink/source
      and move_stream are implemented now.  At this point
      it should be possible to replace PulseAudio with the
      compatibility layer for those who want to try.
    * Many fixes and improvements to the GStreamer elements.
      pipewiresrc now has the ability to periodically resend
      the last frame. This makes it possible for use-cases like
      screensharing to only update the screen on changes while
      still keeping the client side encoder busy. PipeWire
      elements can now also share a connection between them.
    * Improvements to the bluetooth nodes. Dynamically adding
      and removing devices should work much smoother now. Many
      fixes and improvements to a2dp and sco nodes.
    * Reduced memory usage by using less pre-allocated memory
      where possible. JACK clients are especially using less
    * Support for passive links is added again. These are links
      that don't cause the associated driver to become active.
      This makes it possible to have blocks of effects+sinks go
      to suspend as a group when not in use.
    * Both consumers and producers can now ask to renegotiate
      the format. This required some cleanups and improvements
      to how links and node states were handled. More work is
      needed to implement more use cases.
    * Important fixes to how memory is shared with clients. Memory
      was not correctly freed in all cases, which would result
      in reuse of the wrong memory.
    * Support for planar formats for audio and video was added.
    * Improved error handling in the session manager.
    * Metadata is now used to manage default audio source and
      sink devices. The session manager will try to link streams
      to the default device. Changing the default device will
      move streams to the new device. PulseAudio and JACK layers
      respect the default source/sinks.
    * Metadata is used to tag the desired output device for
      a stream and the session manager will move streams when
      the metadata changes. The PulseAudio layer uses this to
      implement the move_stream feature.
    * Many fixes to the security modules. The session manager now
      has a flatpak module that grants permissions to flatpak
      apps. The PulseAudio layer now respects the permissions of
      objects. Security related properties are made read-only
      now. Different access modules can now coexist.
    * The portal module has been split up in 2 parts:
      + a part living in the daemon that monitors the portal
      dbus owner and tags all clients from this PID. This
      part has to run in the daemon in order to securely
      tag the clients.
      + a part in the session manager that uses the permission
      store to manage the permissions of portal managed
  - Drop patches already included in 0.3.7:
    * 0001-client-node-fix-buffer-size-calculation.patch
    * 0002-gst-fix-proxy-leaks.patch
    * 0003-pulse-fix-pa_card_info-profiles2-array-to-be-NULL-terminated.patch
    * 0004-pulse-fix-size-calculation.patch
    * 0005-jack-fix-crash-on-close-when-metadata-are-not-available.patch
    * 0006-a2dpsink-only-request-new-data-when-buffer-is-done.patch
    * 0007-pulse-fix-counter-while-populating-car_info-profiles.patch
    * 0008-impl-link-reset-state-before-starting-allocation.patch
    * 0009-impl-core-clear-the-mempool.patch
    * 0010-mem-reset-the-map-in-clear.patch
    * 0011-avoid-uninitialized-variables.patch
    * 0012-dlclose-on-errors.patch
    * 0013-stream-handle-NULL-context.patch
    * 0014-state-always-update-state-variables.patch
    * 0015-spa-device-fix-leak-of-properties-in-error-case.patch
    * 0016-alsa-dont-leak-structure-on-error.patch
    * 0017-alsa-dont-leak-properties-on-error.patch
    * 0018-stream-fix-some-more-leaks-in-error-paths.patch
    * 0019-buffers-increase-max-datas-and-metadata-in-buffers.patch
    * 0020-gst-return-NULL-for-unknown-format.patch
  - Drop patch and replace it with a sed substitution since the patch
    context includes the package version and would have to be
    modified in every package update:
    * fix-meson-required-version.patch
  - Add patch to not install alsa card paths, profile-sets
    configuration files and udev rules which upstream installs
    "so that we don't have to rely on the pulseaudio ones".
    * do-not-install-alsa-config-files.patch
* Wed Jul 15 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Recommend pipewire from libpipewire, so if the library is
    installed the daemon gets pulled in since we want a daemon
    to connect to.
  - Require pipewire-spa-plugins from pipewire instead of
    recommending it since the support plugin is actually required
    for most uses (like screen sharing in wayland, which we want to
    support out-of-the-box).
  - Enable the pipewire.socket systemd user service in %post
    (using pulseaudio's %post section as an example of how to do it
    since systemd-presets-common-SUSE currently lacks support for
    user services). Also disable it in %preun and %postun.
* Tue Jul 14 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add patches from upstream to fix many issues mainly related to
    memory leaks, crashes and wrong behaviour:
    * 0001-client-node-fix-buffer-size-calculation.patch
    * 0002-gst-fix-proxy-leaks.patch
    * 0003-pulse-fix-pa_card_info-profiles2-array-to-be-NULL-terminated.patch
    * 0004-pulse-fix-size-calculation.patch
    * 0005-jack-fix-crash-on-close-when-metadata-are-not-available.patch
    * 0006-a2dpsink-only-request-new-data-when-buffer-is-done.patch
    * 0007-pulse-fix-counter-while-populating-car_info-profiles.patch
    * 0008-impl-link-reset-state-before-starting-allocation.patch
    * 0009-impl-core-clear-the-mempool.patch
    * 0010-mem-reset-the-map-in-clear.patch
    * 0011-avoid-uninitialized-variables.patch
    * 0012-dlclose-on-errors.patch
    * 0013-stream-handle-NULL-context.patch
    * 0014-state-always-update-state-variables.patch
    * 0015-spa-device-fix-leak-of-properties-in-error-case.patch
    * 0016-alsa-dont-leak-structure-on-error.patch
    * 0017-alsa-dont-leak-properties-on-error.patch
    * 0018-stream-fix-some-more-leaks-in-error-paths.patch
    * 0019-buffers-increase-max-datas-and-metadata-in-buffers.patch
    * 0020-gst-return-NULL-for-unknown-format.patch
* Fri Jul 03 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Rebase patches used in SLE/Leap:
    * do-not-use-snd_pcm_ioplug_hw_avail.patch
    * fix-memfd_create-call.patch
* Tue Jun 16 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 0.3.6 (boo#1171433, jsc#ECO-2308):
    * Extensive memory leak fixing and stress testing was done.
      A big leak in screen sharing with DMA-BUF was fixed.
    * Compile fixes
    * Stability improvements in jack and pulseaudio layers.
    * Added the old portal module to make the Camera portal
      work again. This will be moved to the session manager in
      future versions.
    * Improvements to the GStreamer source and sink shutdown.
    * Fix compatibility with v2 clients again when negotiating
  - Disable vulkan if the vulkan package is too old (as in
    SLE 15 SP0 and SP1)
  - Add patch to build with meson >= 0.46.0 since 0.50.0 is not
    really needed:
    * fix-meson-required-version.patch
* Thu May 21 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Filter out and automatic provides so
    this is not considered an alternative when resolving dependencies
    in the distribution.
* Thu May 21 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add patch to fix build in SLE/Leap where alsa doesn't have a
    snd_pcm_ioplug_hw_avail function:
    * do-not-use-snd_pcm_ioplug_hw_avail.patch
* Tue May 19 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 0.3.5:
    * Compiler fixes
    * Add pw-midiplay and pw-midirecord aliases
    * Add pw-mididump tool
    * Add pw-metadata tool to inspect, add and remove metadata
      for objects.
    * Docs updates, man pages
    * install alsa config files
    * Fix linked sink/source in pulseaudio
    * ratelimit graph processing warnings
    * improve buffer handling in GStreamer elements
    * Fix power usage by removing the queue for the alsa
      sequencer system announce messages.
    * Fix metadata clear() method dispatch.
    * Improve parameter enumeration, make it possible to detect
      missing parameters vs no-compatible parameters so that we
      can use defaults in the first case and error in the second
    * Fix cleanup of proxy objects. Stability improvements on
      plug/unplug in session manager.
    * Make it possible to set log level from config file
    * improve debug of param negotiation errors. Log the
      parameters to stderr/journal.
    * Make it possible to configure global logger
    * Fix NEON detection
    * JACK and PulseAudio compatibility improvements
  - Update to version 0.3.4:
    * A quick update with some important stability fixes.
  - Update to version 0.3.3:
    * NEON optimizations for audio conversion (32 and 64 bits)
    * rework of session manager implementation
    * Add option to disable modules in the session manager
    * Release midi hardware devices when suspended
    * various build fixes
    * Clean up options of various utils
    * Stability improvements
    * Mayor improvements in pulseaudio emulation. Improved
      timings and compatibility.
    * Implementation of drain and flush in pulse and alsa
    * Implement poll on file descriptors.
    * Improvement of metadata for jack emulation.
    * Fix memory and thread problems in jack emulation.
    * Simplification of state changes. Should make more use
      cases work in the jack emulation.
    * Improvements in the gstreamer elements. Removal of
      extra internal queue. pipewiresink can now be used to
      play audio.
    * Add pw-jack and pw-pulse scripts to run pulseaudio and
      jack applications with the right library path.
  - Replace libpulse* replacement packages with a single
    pipewire-libpulse-0_3 package that includes all libraries
    installed in the non-standard directory
    %{_libdir}/pipewire-0.3/pulse and a new pw-pulse wrapper script.
    Likewise for the jack replacement libraries in a new
    pipewire-libjack-0_3 package.
  - Use update-alternatives for the wrapper scripts.
* Wed Apr 01 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Use the License rpm tag to specify that although most of
    pipewire is licensed under MIT,  the pulseaudio replacement
    library is licensed under LGPL-2.1+.
* Tue Mar 31 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Use gcc9 to build in SLE-15 / Leap 15, since at least gcc8 is
    needed now.
* Tue Mar 31 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 0.3.2:
    + build fixes
    + Added support for data type negotiation. This makes it
      possible for a client to say that it can handle DMABuf
      and MemFd and then let the server select a compatible
    + Handle errors when enumerating parameters better.
    + Add support for rate, format, channels and period_bytes
      to the alsa config file to restrict what alsa apps can
    + Fix JACK midi output.
    + Optimizations in common audio format conversions using
      AVX2. Small optimizations to plugins.
    + Change the vulkan compute example to an MIT licensed
    + Remove some hardcoded defaults in the audio and video
      processing and use the values from the processing
      context. This also fixes the vulkan example.
    + Correct the documentation and defaults in the daemon
      config file.
    + Fix alsa and v4l2 buffer recycle. A paused client could
      cause the server to leak all buffers.
    + Remove some warnings that should be ignored.
    + Fix a crash in the bluez5 plugins.
    + Try to select higher quality formats first when
      negotiating a format with an audio device.
    + Fix an infinite loop in udev detection in some cases.
    + Add non-interactive mode to pw-cli. You can now just
      do "pw-cli ls Port" to get a listing of all ports.
      pw-cli will now also connect to the default server by
      default and has options to select a different server.
    + Allow the server to go up to the maximum quantum (8192
      samples or ~=180ms) if a client explicitly wants this.
* Mon Mar 23 2020 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 0.3.1+48:
    + Fix 32bit build.
* Wed Mar 18 2020 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Switch to source service, update to explicit head, file with
    non-compliant license replaced.
* Tue Mar 17 2020 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Switch license to MIT and actually package it.
  - Add doxygen, graphviz and xmltoman BuildRequires and pass docs
    and man = true to meson, build documentation. Package docs in a
    new docs sub-package.
  - Add check section and run meson_test macro, run tests during
  - Add fdupes BuildRequires and pass fdupes macro, remove duplicate
* Mon Mar 09 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 0.3.1:
    + This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
      with previous 0.3.x releases.
    + Don't load the rtkit module by default. It can cause a
      sigkill, which is not desirable for mutter, for example.
      Only enable this for the jack library for now.
    + Don't use pthread cancel by default because it uses a
      signal that might crash some apps. Only use it for
      the jack library because jack clients really expect this.
    + Build fixes for -Werror=suggest-attribute=format
    + improve error messages, don't report harmless errors and
      warnings. Try to send error messages to the proxy that
      started the operation or is the owner of the object.
    + pw-cat: midi improvement, add midi recording and dump
      in verbose mode
    + fix properties when loading spa-nodes from the config
    + Fix and update some examples
    + jack: check arguments and don't crash when invalid
    + Fix buffer memory upload.
    + jack: fix compatibility with zrythm. Fix timemaster
      install, improve sample_rate callback. Fix reposition
    + fix crash in port after buffer negotiation error.
    + add support for control ports in pw_filter
    + fix cleanup of the metadata module
    + improve param enumeration.
    + Clear stream buffers when the format is cleared.
    + Add create-object command in the config file to create
      object from a factory.
    + Fix crash after the driver was not removed from unassigned
      nodes. Also properly pause inactive nodes.
    + Use "true" and "false" in properties when we are talking
      about a boolean.
    + pulseaudio: improve compatibility
* Fri Feb 21 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add patch to build correctly with glibc < 2.27 (like in SLE/Leap):
    * fix-memfd_create-call.patch
* Fri Feb 21 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add BuildRequires for pkgconfig(sndfile) and pkgconfig(vulkan)
    so the vulkan plugin is built.
  - Version the spa-plugins subpackage so different versions of
    the plugins can be co-installed in the future.
* Thu Feb 20 2020 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 0.3.0:
    + The 0.3 release is a major milestone in the developement of
      PipeWire. It features a complete redesign of the scheduling
      mechanisms that make it possible to run a JACK compatibility
      layer with comparable performance to JACK2.
    + The API has been reworked and is declared stable now. All
      developement files and runtime paths are versioned so that
      future incompatible changes can be done without breaking
      exising applications.
    + PipeWire 0.3 also includes a (now mandatory) session manager
      that populates and controls the PipeWire graph. This example
      session manager is very simple and not configurable. It is
      expected that future version will either switch to a more
      flexible session manager (like WirePlumber) or improve the
      configuration options of the example session manager.
    + PipeWire 0.3 includes both PulseAudio, JACK and ALSA
      compatibility libraries that are known to support a wide range
      of applications. The ALSA library is pretty complete at this
      point. The JACK and mostly the PulseAudio compatibility
      libraries need more work. See the Wiki pages for the current
      compatibility problems. We do not yet encourage people to
      switch away from their existing audio solutions (PulseAudio
      or JACK) but we would love to hear from people who try it
      anyways. Future versions will mostly focus on improving
      compatibility further to make PipeWire a drop-in replacement.
      PipeWire comes with some GStreamer plugins to consume and
      produce data for PipeWire. The consumer (pipewiresrc) is
      working well in most cases. The sink (pipewiresink) is known
      to be somewhat problematic for now.
  - Add pkgconfig(bluez) and pkgconfig(libpulse) BuildRequires: New
  - Bump libpipewire, apiver and spa_ver define following upstreams
    changes. Also add a new sover define.
  - Package new subpackages: libjack-pw0_3_0,
    libpulse-mainloop-glib-pw0_3_0, libpulse-pw0_3_0 and
    libpulse-simple-pw0_3_0, as well as handle them in post(un).
  - Adjust options passed to meson following upstreams changes.
* Wed Nov 06 2019 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Update to version 0.2.7:
    + Add support for alsa-lib 1.1.9 which changed the include path
    + Improve error checking and reporting in the protocol
    + deviceprovider: fix probing without starting
    + add sentinel to some functions
    + compiler fixes for musl
    + Revert object tree permission checks that broke things, this is
      probably not a good idea (and the tree of objects is going to
      be removed later)
* Wed May 22 2019 Markus S <>
  - Update to version 0.2.6:
    + Improve error checking for threads.
    + Fix some memory and fd leaks.
    + Fix compilation with C++ compilers and clang.
    + DISABLE_RTKIT should now not try to use dbus at all.
    + Camera Portal fixes:
    - add Camera media.role.
    - Rename module-flatpak to module-portal.
    - Use the portal permissions store for camera checks.
    + Actually use the passed fd in pipewiresrc.
    + Make properties with "pipewire." prefix read-only.
    + Add security label to client object.
    + Enforce link permissions.
    + Permissions of objects are now combined with parent
    + Remove libv4l2 dependency, it is not used.
    + Improve format negotiation in autolink #146.
    + Try to avoid list corruption with event emmission #143.
    + Fix destroy of client-node memory corruption.
    + Various small improvements.
  - Remove pkgconfig(libv4l2) BuildRequires: follow upstreams cleanup
    of build dependencies.
  - Drop avoid-invalid-conversion-error-with-C++.patch: fixed
* Fri Apr 19 2019 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Add patch to fix use of headers from C++:
    * avoid-invalid-conversion-error-with-C++.patch
* Thu Feb 21 2019
  - Update to version 0.2.5:
    + Build fixes for systemd.
    + Add cursor and bitmap metadata. This can be used to send a
      cursor sprite with the video stream.
    + Permissions were set too strict for non-flatpak clients.
    + Fix crash in loop caused by thread unsafe hook emission.
    + Add more error checking for thread-loop.
    + Small cleanups and bugfixes.
  - Drop libspa define and add spa_ver define, and following this
    drop libspa-lib1 subpackage, no longer built.
  - Drop doxygen BuildRequires and manpages source, follow upstream
    in not building docs nor manually installing manpages that have
    to be updated every version bump to ensure they are current.
  - Add pkgconfig(libsystemd) BuildRequires: New dependency.
  - Update options passed to meson following upstream changes.
* Mon Aug 13 2018
  - Update to version 0.2.2:
    + Add apiversion to pkgconfig as well.
  - Add apiver define and set it to 0.2.
  - Bump libpipewire define to libpipewire-0_2-1 and libspa define to
    libspa-lib1 following upstream changes.
* Mon Jul 23 2018
  - Update to version 0.2.1:
    + stream: update to latest API.
    + hook: add private data for future expansion.
* Tue Jul 17 2018
  - Update to version 0.2.0
    * No changelog provided by upstream. To see the changes in this
      version, please browse the commit logs at .
* Tue Mar 13 2018
  - Initial package, version 0.1.9.



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