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nagios-4.4.6-3.3 RPM for ppc64

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for ppc64

Name: nagios Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 4.4.6 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 3.3 Build date: Wed Jan 12 05:01:35 2022
Group: System/Monitoring Build host: obs-power8-05
Size: 1426482 Source RPM: nagios-4.4.6-3.3.src.rpm
Summary: The Nagios Network Monitor
Nagios is a program that will monitor hosts and services on your
network. It has the ability to email or page you when a problem arises
and when a problem is resolved. Nagios is written in C and is designed
to run under Linux (and some other *NIX variants) as a background
process, intermittently running checks on various services that you

The actual service checks are performed by separate "plugin" programs
which return the status of the checks to Nagios. The plugins are
available at

This package provides core programs for Nagios. The web interface,
documentation, and development files are built as separate packages






* Fri Oct 15 2021 Johannes Segitz <>
  - Added hardening to systemd service(s) (bsc#1181400). Modified:
    * nagios-archive.service
    * nagios.service
* Mon May 10 2021 - 4.4.6
  - new nagios-exec-start-post script to fix bsc#1003362
* Mon May 10 2021 - 4.4.6
  - fix writing to log file in user controlled
    directory (bsc#1182398). The script writes the
    logfile directly below /var/log/
* Wed Jun 03 2020 Stefan Botter <>
  - 4.4.6
    * Fixed Map display in Internet Explorer 11 (#714)
    * Fixed duplicate properties appearing in statusjson.cgi (#718)
    * Fixed NERD not building when enabled in ./configure (#723)
    * Fixed build process when using GCC 10 (#721)
    * Fixed postauth vulnerabilities in histogram.js, map.js, trends.js
    (CVE-2020-13977, bsc#1172794)
    * When using systemd, configuration will be verified before
    reloading (#715)
    * Fixed HARD OK states triggering on the maximum check attempt (#757)
* Mon Apr 06 2020 - 4.4.5
  - fix boo#1156309, CVE-2019-3698 : Symbolic Link (Symlink) following
    vulnerability in the cronjob allows local attackers to cause cause
    DoS or potentially escalate privileges by winning a race.
  - enhance systemd service: check nagios config before reloading
  - enable build for SLE11 by excluding some special macros and
    directories via 'sles_version != 11' condition
  - add nagios-archive.service and nagios-archive.timer as replacement
    for the script in cron.weekly: no need for cron on systemd systems
  - run set_permissions and verifyscript for /etc/cron.weekly on those
    distributions that need it
  - enhance rpmlint: ignore empty htpasswd file
  - enable php apache module and not php5 on newer distributions
  - try to harden the rcnagios script
* Mon Feb 03 2020 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - BuildRequire pkgconfig(systemd) instead of systemd: allow OBS to
    shortcut through the -mini flavors.
* Fri Dec 20 2019 Stefan Botter <>
  - 4.4.5
    * Reverted changes related to #625 due to CPU load issues
    * Partially reverted changes for #647 due to CPU load issues
    * Fixed "Quick Search" so that leading/trailing whitespace doesn't affect output (#681) (Sebastian Wolf)
    * Fixed build issues on non-RPM-based platforms (#617) (T.J. Yang)
  - 4.4.4
    * Fixed log rotation logic to not repeatedly schedule rotation on a DST change (#610, #626) (Jaroslav Jindrak & Sebastian Wolf)
    * Fixed $SERVICEPROBLEMID$ to be reset after service recovery (#621) (Sebastian Wolf)
    * Fixed defunct worker processes appearing after nagios was reloaded (#441, #620) (Sebastian Wolf)
    * Fixed main nagios thread to release nagios.qh on a closed connection (#635) (Sebastian Wolf)
    * Fixed semicolon escaping to remove prepended backslash (\) (#643) (Sebastian Wolf)
    * Fixed 'Checks of this host have been disabled' message showing on passive-only hosts (#632) (Vojtěch Širůček & Sebastian Wolf)
    * Fixed last_hard_state showing the current hard state when service status is brokered (#633) (Sebastian Wolf)
    * Fixed long plugin output (>8KB) occasionally getting truncated (#625) (Sebastian Wolf)
    * Fixed check scheduling for objects with large check_intervals and small timeperiods (#647) (Sebastian Wolf)
    * Fixed SOFT recoveries sending when services had HARD recovery some time after host recovery (#651) (Sebastian Wolf)
    * Fixed incorrect permissions on debugging builds of FreeBSD (#420) (Sebastian Wolf)
    * Fixed NEB callback lists being partially orphaned when multiple modules subscribe to one callback (#590) (Sebastian Wolf)
    * Fixed memory leaks in run_async_service_check(), run_async_host_check() when checks are brokered (#664) (Sebastian Wolf)
    * Fixed potential XSS in main.php, map.php (#671, #672) (Jak Gibb)
    * Removed NEB brokering for nagios daemonization, since daemonization occurs before NEB initialization (#591) (Sebastian Wolf)
* Wed Nov 13 2019 Ansgar Esztermann <>
  - compile with -ffat-lto-objects to prevent build failure
* Tue Aug 20 2019
  - Add /etc/cron.weekly to filelist, as this is now part of cron,
    which we don't want to require
* Sat Apr 20 2019 Stefan <>
  - revert setting of sbindir back to nagios_cgidir
* Sun Jan 20 2019 - 4.4.3
  - update to 4.4.3
    * Fixed services sending recovery emails when they recover if host in
    down state (#572) (Scott Wilkerson)
    * Fixed a make error when building on the aarch64 architecture (#598)
    (Gareth Randall)
    * Fixed --with-cgibindir and --with-webdir to actually set values given
    (#585) (lawsontyler)
    * Fixed soft recovery states for services (#575) (Jake Omann)
    * Fixed XSS vulnerability in Alert Summary report (CVE-2018-18245, boo#1119832)
    (Jake Omann)
    * Fixed services in soft states sometimes not switching into hard states
    (#576) (Jake Omann)
    * Fixed last_state_change to update when a state goes from soft -> hard
    state (#592) (Jake Omann)
    * Fixed Map link always being set to undefined host and don't show link
    for Nagios Process root note (#539) (Jake Omann)
    * Fixed notifications sending when services went into hard state on a
    down or unreachable host (#584) (Jake Omann)
    * Fixed log_host_retries not logging the host soft state checks (#599)
    (Jake Omann)
    * Fixed stalking_options N option to properly log only when a
    notification is actually sent (#604) (Jake Omann)
    * Fixed issue with service status totals being zero when
    servicegroup=all on servicegroup status page (#579) (Jake Omann)
    * Fixed escalation notifications logic and recovery notifications not
    going out (#582) (Jake Omann)
    * Fixed not finding child index causing duplicate hosts showing in the
    Map (#471) (Jake Omann)
    * Fixed Map configuration popup checkboxes not working and Root Node
    not populating (#543) (Jake Omann)
    * Fixed cleanup and deinit of neb modules on reload (#573) (Jake Omann)
  - rebase nagios-4.2.2-enable-ppc64le.patch (allow ppc64le builds in
    contrib Makefile) to:
* Mon Oct 15 2018
  - install /var/spool/nagios setgid nagcmd so external applications
    like the webinterface can issue commands to nagios (boo#1028975)
* Mon Oct 15 2018 - 4.4.2
  - update to 4.4.2
    * Fix comment data being duplicated after a `service nagios reload`
    or similar (#549) (Bryan Heden)
    * Fix check_interval and retry_interval not changing at the
    appropriate times (#551) (Scott Wilkerson)
    * Fixed passive checks sending recovery email when host was
    previously UP (#552) (Scott Wilkerson)
    * Fixed flapping comments duplication on nagios reload (#554)
    (Christian Jung)
    * Fix for CVE-2018-13441, CVE-2018-13458, CVE-2018-13457 null
    pointer dereference (Trevor McDonald) (boo#1101293, boo#1101289, boo#1101290)
    * Fixed syntax error in file: (#558) (Christian Zettel)
    * Reset current notification number and state flags when the host recovers,
    reset all service variables when they recover fixes (#557) (Scott Wilkerson)
    * Fixed wrong counting of service status totals when showing
    servicegroup details (#548) (Christian Zettel, Bryan Heden)
    * Fixed avail.cgi not printing CSV output when checkbox is checked
    (for any type: host/service/hostgroup/servicegroup) (#570) (Bryan Heden)
    * Fixed nagios not logging SOFT state changes after 1 (Scott Wilkerson)
    4.4.1 - 2018-06-25
    * Revert some macro->kvvec changes causing problems when
    `enable_environment_macros` was enabled (Bryan Heden)
    * Adjust `process_macro_r` function logic so that it handles
    macros properly (Bryan Heden)
    * Fix spec file for systemd (Karsten Weiss, Fr3dY, Bryan Heden)
    * Fix bug where `ssize_t` typedef to int on some systems (Bryan Heden)
    4.4.0 - 2018-06-19
    * new status for check dependencies (John Frickson)
    * Allow more flexible requirements for comments (John Frickson)
    * Add a `statusCRITICALACK` class for the status column (John Frickson)
    * CSV output based on groups (all options) (John Frickson)
    * New Macro(s) to generate URL for host / service object to be
    used in notifications (John Frickson)
    * New Macro(s) to determine if host/service notifications are
    enabled (#419) (Bryan Heden)
    * New Macro(s) for obtaining the host/service notification
    periods (#350) (Bryan Heden)
    * enable_page_tour interface option (Bryan Heden)
    * Code cleanups in important sections (Workers, Handling Results) (Bryan Heden)
    * Automatic mail program detection (with same /bin/mail failback) (Bryan Heden)
    * Incorporated [autoconf-macros](
    into Core (Bryan Heden)
    * Lots of enhancements/additions to configure/make process. (Bryan Heden)
    + Moved all files to startup/
    + Added upstart job
    * Added system limit detection (RLIMIT_NPROC) to check for anticipated
    fork() failures (#434) (Bryan Heden)
    * Added stalking on notifications (`N` or `notifications` option when
    specifying `stalking_options`) (#342) (Bryan Heden)
    * Added automatic `systemctl daemon-reload` and `initctl reload-configuration`
    where applicable on `make install-init` (Bryan Heden)
    * Added case-insentive command submission. (#373) (Bryan Heden)
    * Enabled `check_external_commands` by default (Bryan Heden)
    * Command line macro detection skips potential macros with no ending
    dollar sign (Bryan Heden, Jake Omann)
    * Fixed a lockup condition sometimes encountered on shutdown or restart (Aaron Beck)
    * Fixed negative time offset calculations computing incorrectly sometimes (bbeutel)
    * Fixed reloads causing defunct (zombie) processes (#441) (Bryan Heden)
    * Fixed wait3(), wait4() implementations (replaced with waitpid()) (#326) (Bryan Heden)
    * Fixed additive inheritance not testing for duplicates in
    hosts/services/(+escalations) (#392) (Bryan Heden)
    * Fixed very very (around 600k chars or greater) large plugin
    output crashing Nagios (#432) (Bryan Heden)
    * Fixed first_notification_delay not beeing calculated from
    last_hard_state_change (#425) (Christian Zettel)
    * Fixed duplicate downtime ID occuring from downtimes in retention
    file (#506) (Franz [feisenko])
    * Fixed segfault when navbarsearch was used in status.cgi for something
    other than a host (#489) (Bryan Heden)
    * Fixed some miscellaneous ./configure issues on Solaris (Bryan Heden, Troy Lea)
    * Fixed "Locate host on map" link (#496) (Troy Lea)
    * Fixed service groups defined with unknown service members
    (that aren't first in the list) not erroring out (#500) (Bryan Heden)
    * Fixed tac.cgi to have consistent behavior with the other cgis (#481)
    (Bryan Heden, Matt Capra)
    * Fixed clear_host/service_flapping command logic to broker/notify
    properly (#525) (Bryan Heden, Karsten Weiss)
  - removed upstreamed patches:
    + nagios-fix_spurious_dollar_signs_added_to_command_lines.patch
    + nagios-4.3.4-fix_memleak_4.3.3.diff
  - refreshed patches:
    + nagios-4.0.6-remove-date-time.patch
    + nagios-4.1.0-add_KOHANNA.conf
    + nagios-4.2.2-enable-ppc64le.patch
    + nagios-disable_phone_home.patch
    + nagios-fix_encoding_trends.cgi.patch
    + nagios-output-length.patch
    + nagios-random_data.patch
* Tue Jun 05 2018
  - fix setting default values in nagios-exec-start-pre
* Thu Mar 08 2018
  - remove unused xorg-x11-devel BuildRequires
* Tue Jan 30 2018
  - fix upstream issue #455, memleak introduced with 4.3.3



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