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libZXing1-32bit-1.1.1-1.2 RPM for ppc64

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for ppc64

Name: libZXing1-32bit Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.1.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.2 Build date: Thu May 27 07:31:29 2021
Group: System/Libraries Build host: obs-power8-05
Size: 1247437 Source RPM: zxing-cpp-1.1.1-1.2.src.rpm
Summary: Library for processing 1D and 2D barcodes
ZXing ("zebra crossing") is an multi-format 1D/2D barcode image
processing library. This package provides a C++ implementation.




Apache-2.0 AND Zlib AND LGPL-2.1-with-Qt-Company-Qt-exception-1.1


* Tue Feb 09 2021 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
  - Update to 1.1.1. No changelog available.
  - Drop fix-pkg-config-file.patch. Merged upstream
  - Add 0001-Fix-build-with-GCC-11.patch to fix GCC 11 build
    issues (boo#1181915)
* Fri Jan 15 2021 Simon Lees <>
  - Use %cmake_build instead of %make_jobs
  - Shouldn't need -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBRARY=ON
* Fri Oct 23 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add baselibs.conf
* Fri Sep 04 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add fix for pkg-config file so the version and library are set properly
    in the resulting .pc file:
    * fix-pkg-config-file.patch
* Sun Aug 16 2020 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
  - Update to 1.1.0
    * Add Python binding
    * Bug fixes from upstream XZing project
    * Many performance improvements for 1D readers
    * More meta-data exported when reading specific format
    * Minor bug fixes and improvements for corner cases
    * Improve DataMatrix encoder
    * Add interface to simplify basic usage
    * WASM API to support pixels array as input
    * Few minor bug fixes
    * A new and (hopefully) 'future proof' single ReadBarcode entry point
      into the decoding functionality.
    * The LuminanceSource based API is now deprecated but still compiles.
    * A new BarcodeFormats flag type to specify the set of barcodes to look for.
    * Deprecated unrelyable Result::resultPoints in favor of well defined
    * Deprecated Result::metadata() -> ORIENTATION in favor
      of Result::orientation.
    * New Binarizer enum in DecodeHints to specify the binarizer for
      the ReadBarcode API.
    * New DecodeHints::isPure property to speed up detection for
      'pure' input use-cases.
    * New 'unified' CMake structure to build (most) of the project from
      the top-level project.
    * New ZXingReader and ZXingWriter example code also meant for distributing.
    * New simplified and consistent Python API (breaking change)
    * ReedSolomon error detection code 2x speedup.
    * Enable basic MaxiCode support.
    * Fix coutry-code metatdata decoding for UPC/EAN codes.
    * Slightly improved QRCode detection for rotated symbols.
    * Faster PDF417 decoder.
    * Lots of minor code readability and general cleanup improvements.
  - Drop patches:
    * add-missing-includes-of-stdexcept-header.patch
    * fix-library-installation-and-versioning.patch
* Thu Dec 05 2019 Martin Liška <>
  - Add add-missing-includes-of-stdexcept-header.patch
    in order to fix boo#1158377.
* Thu May 23 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Trim metadata redundancies from description.
* Wed May 22 2019 Luca Beltrame <>
  - Fixup URL and Source
* Fri May 17 2019 Luca Beltrame <>
  - Initial package for openSUSE
  - Add upstream patch to add proper installability and library
    * fix-library-installation-and-versioning.patch



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