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bash-completion-devel-2.12.0-2.2 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for noarch

Name: bash-completion-devel Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 2.12.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.2 Build date: Fri Mar 22 14:31:54 2024
Group: Unspecified Build host: reproducible
Size: 979 Source RPM: bash-completion-2.12.0-2.2.src.rpm
Summary: The Configuration of Programmable Completion for Bash
This package contains the package configuration file of the
package bash-completion.






* Fri Mar 22 2024 Dr. Werner Fink <>
  - Add patch boo1221414-scp.patch
    * Do not replace the asignment of the array COMPREPLY with
      the shell function _comp_compgen_split (boo#1221414)
* Fri Feb 23 2024 Dr. Werner Fink <>
  - Remove also patch
    as the problem is fixed upstream
* Fri Feb 23 2024 Dr. Werner Fink <>
  - Update to version 2.12.0:
    * _comp_backup_glob: add ucf generated backup files (351be1c)
    * _comp_backup_glob: require dash in dpkg backup files (59a57f9)
    * comp_compgen{filedir,set}: define exit status (7920c9d)
    * _comp_compgen_commands: align return value with other compgens (9d3362e)
    * _comp_compgen_commands: auto set -o filenames when appropriate (4d4839e)
    * _comp_compgen_commands: include dirs (b9c7b5d)
    * _comp_compgen_known_hosts: return 2 on usage error (43bb8f0)
    * _comp_compgen: support -i cmd and -x cmd (39cc200)
    * _comp_compgen: support -U var to unlocal var (b603535)
    * _comp_compgen: support option -C (6b3dfa5)
    * _comp_expand_glob: fail when no paths are generated (6b0a466)
    * _comp_get_fist_arg: support "-o GLOB" to skip optargs (0f14cc0)
    * _ip_addresses: auto ltrim colon completions when appropriate (ccdf953)
    * add _comp_compgen_split (542bf73)
    * add _comp_locate_first_arg (0384bd5)
    * airflow: add fallback 3rd party completion loader (bf5550b)
    * ansible:* add fallback 3rd party completion loader (5f8384e)
    * apt-get: prefer apt-cache in same dir as command (a731bfd)
    * b2sum: new completion (cd985df)
    * bash_completion: add function _comp_compgen_ltrim_colon (ce5889b)
    * black,blackd: add fallback 3rd party completion loader (47a1f05)
    * carton: support exec command completions (0eb3a21)
    * chezmoi: add 3rd-party completion loader (cobra) (31baa69)
    * conda: add 3rd-party completion loader (argcomplete) (c0f5ba2)
    * crc: add 3rd-party completion loader (cobra) (f10866e)
    * cz: add fallback 3rd party completion loader (b7ba70e)
    * dot: support filename extension .gv (be0010e)
    * dprint: add fallback 3rd party completion loader (e201e0e)
    * eog: add missing extension .heif (9e4a48f)
    * eog: associate with *.avif and *.webp (#1005) (f1c04b8)
    * eog: associate with *.heic and *.jxl (20c9cea)
    * eog: associate with *.pbm (#1006) (5472cc1)
    * feh: associate with y4m and heic/heif/avif (e252c73)
    * feh: deassociate with avci/avcs (af46f34)
    * flask: add fallback 3rd party completion loader (3e0d00d)
    * hash: new completion (#1013) (4d0bffb)
    * httpx: add fallback 3rd party completion loader (3f4861c)
    * ip: Add completion for monitor subcommand (fa696e6)
    * jungle: add fallback 3rd-party completion loader (c69845a)
    * keyring: add fallback 3rd party completion loader (8082602)
    * kontena: add fallback 3rd-party completion loader (5eef0ce)
    * lefthook: add fallback 3rd party completion loader (dc9650e)
    * mailman: prefer list_lists in same dir as command (a46ccf1)
    * mysql: prefer mysqlshow from same dir (643886c)
    * no empty command completion if no_empty_cmd_completion is on (faab292)
    * npm: add fallback 3rd-party completion loader (f1c085c)
    * nvm: add fallback 3rd-party completion loader (dea7e1d)
    * oc: add 3rd-party completion loader (cobra) (26b5f09)
    * pip{,3}: add fallback 3rd-party completion loader (e3cbfba)
    * pipenv: add fallback 3rd party completion loader (#1020) (6ecf5bd)
    * pytest: complete new --import-mode value (#1021) (2d636a3)
    * rtx: add fallback 3rd party completion loader (0628e22)
    * scp,sftp: prefer ssh from same dir to resolve options etc (d55f5e6)
    * ssh-copy-id,ssh-keygen: prefer ssh from same dir (5c1d270)
    * ssh-inscribe: add fallback 3rd party completion loader (7f2c197)
    * ssh: complete RequiredRSASize (#1064) (de15205)
    * tkn-pac: add 3rd-party completion loader (cobra) (d0f2604)
    * tkn: add 3rd-party completion loader (cobra) (161fc5d)
    * xrandr: comma separated --setmonitor third argument (8a76f3d)
    Bug Fixes
    * __load_completion: quoted compspec for variants (#1008) (0a2443e)
    * _cd_devices: /dev/cdc-* CDC device false positives (5250728)
    * _comp__init_set_up_service_completions: work around failglob (2529d40)
    * comp{first_arg,count_args}: count - as argument (e23a79e)
    * comp{first_arg,count_args}: count any arguments after -- (9bfd760)
    * _comp_command_offset: Support complete -C (80450ca)
    * _comp_compgen_fstypes: avoid unexpected expansions (a856d81)
    * _comp_compgen_help: allow dots to connect names in longopt (79dadfc)
    * _comp_compgen_known_hosts: work around bash-4.2 nounset (d2860cb)
    * _comp_compgen_split: work around nounset (f488f96)
    * _comp_compgen_term: replace completions by default (d3696a3)
    * _comp_compgen_usergroup: avoid directly overwriting COMPREPLY (d380498)
    * _comp_compgen: do not inherit -a for explicitly specified var (3c20766)
    * _comp_compgen: explicitly exclude cur from the target variable (5fe98f3)
    * _comp_count_args: check optarg correctly (874c503)
    * _comp_count_args: exclude <>& from wordbreaks as _comp_initialize (521d2bb)
    * _comp_count_args: ignore empty $3 (76eea74)
    * _comp_count_args: perform optarg check also on $3 (21d3122)
    * _comp_count_args: skip reassembling cword and words (3127703)
    * _comp_delimited: treat delimiter as a fixed string (571a0f7)
    * _comp_deprecate_func: argument order in usage error message (597f62f)
    * _comp_get_words: empty prev if unavailable (localvar_inherit) (d8b8eef)
    * _comp_initialize: fix completions of redirections without space (da16bf6)
    * _comp_initialize: protect against "localvar_inherit" (0cc8d83)
    * _comp_split,_comp_compgen: strip periods from error message (b3b6a7c)
    * _comp_split: update error message for the correct options (3c4a89c)
    * _comp_sysvdirs: work around nounset (da26178)
    * _filedir_xspec: clean up unused variable tmp (67f1189)
    * _get_cword_at_cursor,cvs: quote array length (201239c)
    * _get_first_arg: remove invalid doccomment (eb40f56)
    * _known_hosts: use array for options (work around SC2178,SC2179) (743d0a9)
    * _mock,rpm: avoid icase flag s/reg/rep/i of GNU sed (33c18ce)
    * _service: quote word (c2d7fb7)
    * _slackpkg: do not scan after cword (ecd1384)
    * 7z: remove redundant printf '%s\n' "..." (20c2e32)
    * ant: work around custom IFS (584e567)
    * apt-cache: check all the words (84cfeda)
    * aptitude: do not use non-POSIX BRE \w (cd8c870)
    * aspell: use _comp_expand_glob against unexpected splitting (58d5176)
    * bash_completion: remove some unnecessary -a to _comp_compgen (636bb7c)
    * bts: update functions to generators and fix variable conflicts (7d2867c)
    * carton: remove a branch never happening (cd063f9)
    * chgrp: fix typo _comp_compgen{d  =&gt; _}filedir (#1063) (4c98ce5)
    * compat: find compat dir for prefix-install (b6d06bc)
    * completions/*: quote array assignments properly (848aa41)
    * completions/*: scan until cword instead of ${#words[@]}-1 (17e0cc3)
    * completions/*: work around localvar_inherit (e3a871d)
    * curl,koji: use _comp_compgen_help (f37f221)
    * curl,qemu: avoid using POSIX character classes for mawk (d60c530)
    * curl: colon handling for IPv6 address completions (8508d1d)
    * cvs,mutt,pkg_delete: quote prefix to remove for literal matching (533903e)
    * cvs: avoid variable conflicts (0d145c9)
    * dict: nounset error when host/port not set (57191e2)
    * dict: protect splitting from custom IFS (b31fe1e)
    * dict: work around bash-4.2 array nounset (d76dd9e)
    * dict: work around bash-4.3 ${v+"$@"} with custom IFS
    Unable to render expression.
    * ${v+"$@"} with custom IFS (cc21298)
    * dmypy: protect against "localvar_inherit" (768ce65)
    * dpkg-source: filter completions by cur (dbcef6e)
    * filedir: work around bash-4.2 compgen -f -- "''" (c8bb123)
    * fix problems with set -o nounset (9c3e196)
    * gdb: fix regression that fails to generate command names (ca8e240)
    * gdb: remove duplicate candidates (532fc05)
    * gdb: use POSIX-compatible find expression (73938cd)
    * gdb: work around bash 4.4 ${v+"$@"}
    * get_words: work around bash-4.3 connected ${v+"$@"}
    * getent: check noargopts (6143f25)
    * getent: work around localvar_inherit (a12f438)
    * gzip,isort: fix typo _comp_com{gp =&gt; pg}en (462feb3)
    * iperf,puppet: use {m,n} instead of ? and + for POSIX sed (3f0322b)
    * iperf: work around failglob with backslash in bash-5.0 (979f04f)
    * ip: Remove non-existent route completion (3b9ce4d)
    * isql: work around nounset (cb7007a)
    * java,kldload: use _comp_compgen for filename-based mod names (81adc6c)
    * java: localize cur (ec0068d)
    * kcov,povray: quote array expansions to avoid extra processing (215edab)
    * kldload,mplayer,mutt: work around nounset (5330fbe)
    * kldunload: remove unused -X option (35017d2)
    * known_hosts_real: match *.pub instead of *pub (470a644)
    * known_hosts_real: use _comp_expand_glob to avoid failglob (672215e)
    * known_hosts_real: work around nounset (07c619a)
    * lilo,rpcdebug,slapt-{get,src}: work around nounset (cfc3eda)
    * lvm: replace array slices with existing utility (ea49840)
    * lvm: update call to sub-command (30494f7)
    * make: handle multiple short options in skipping arguments (24c80c9)
    * make: typo fix in a code comment (e72cc82)
    * mdadm,update-alternatives: fix leak variable (14cd53b)
    * medusa: filter completions by the current word cur (f3ae706)
    * mr: avoid ${var/pat/$'...'} for compat42 in bash >= 4.3 (b5ae5fa)
    * mr: exactly match command names (800b103)
    * mutt: avoid unexpected word splitting (3183e67)
    * mutt: fix use of regex in the glob context (63924e6)
    * mutt: rewrite ${cur/#!/X} to X${cur:1} against patsub_replacement (6b8f82b)
    * mutt: use _comp_dequote for safe eval (f98379d)
    * openssl: avoid variable conflicts (a31906c)
    * openssl: fix variable i leak (83844b7)
    * perl: fix ineffective condition in an awk script (302dc52)
    * perl: helper call regression from 01611dd (b85263a)
    * pgrep: do not rely on uncontrolled IFS (99e38b2)
    * portinstall: use awk and _comp_compgen to filter completions (791f56c)
    * povray,sbopkg: check filetype (434eb08)
    * povray: process each element against patsub_replacement (0afc2e4)
    * povray: quote an argument properly (0a240bd)
    * ps,ss: avoid extra expansions by -W "$(...)" in _comp_delimited (cb347cb)
    * pydoc: specify -a to _comp_compgen_filedir (34a91e9)
    * pytest: do not filter underscores from parsed option arg choices (ea13241)
    * python: avoid variable conflicts (bef94c3)
    * python: complete filenames for script arguments (#1018) (397a49d)
    * python: complete micropython and pyston script args consistently (5b60ccc)
    * qdbus: remove cur and all the rest arguments (531b751)
    * replace \s with [[:space:]] for POSIX sed/awk (1989ba9)
    * ri: avoid interference on existing COMPREPLY (0a9d931)
    * ri: fix wrongly quoted options to compgen (5248bbf)
    * ri: properly split methods (910a5a0)
    * ri: split classes using _comp_split (c95baa1)
    * ri: work around localvar_inherit (9d6ff68)
    * sbopkg: add ; mandatory before } in POSIX sed (b286d53)
    * sbopkg: work around nounset (9709bdf)
    * scp: nounset mode error on unknown suboption, bash 4.2 (82ca8d9)
    * ssh-copy-id: call ssh, not -copy-id for suboption completion check (473278f)
    * ssh-keygen: call ssh, not -keygen to resolve supported protocols (d569ea2)
    * ssh-keygen: first arg to ssh query for protocol versions (8a0a71e)
    * ssh: avoid variable conflicts (f2df91d)
    * ssh: fix wrong quoting inside compgen -W (febb3b3)
    * ssh: remove -a of generators (55c5c45)
    * ssh: remove unnecessary -a to _comp_compgen (992f28e)
    * ssh: resolve relative ssh_config Include correctly (4ac86e8)
    * ssh: use _comp_compgen for _comp_xfunc_ssh_identityfile (05e70ed)
    * ssh: work around bash-4.2 nounset (4447f83)
    * ssh: work around bash-4.2 nounset (d0695d0)
    * sudo: use $1 (sudo) as $root_command (329ca0e)
    * svcadm: fix ineffective IFS for splitting (1fd456e)
    * svcadm: use the first matching name as command (1870d5e)
    * sysbench: fix extraction of test-name option (cc246a1)
    * timeout: always treat word after duration as command (0d0531b)
    * tipc: remove filtered-out elements (75b36b2)
    * update-alternatives: quote dirname (1205ed1)
    * update-alternatives: suppress error for non-existent directory (adbdab8)
    * update-alternatives: work around localvar_inherit (1d9e19c)
    * upgradepkg: use _comp_compgen for _comp_cmd_upgradepkg (a0973d7)
    * use _comp_compgen_split to avoid extra expansions by -W "$(...)" (49997d0)
    * use _comp_compgen_split to split and filter words (158b8ba)
    * use _comp_compgen_split while keeping filtering by $cur (a00ee19)
    * use _comp_compgen for word list (83f033f)
    * use _comp_split while keeping filtering by $cur (509e642)
    * use compgen -P prefix -W '"${arr[@]}"' against patsub_replacement (45d036a)
    * use XPG4 awk in Solaris (cdd6da9)
    * wol: filter IP addresses by cur (c3505c5)
    * wtf: quote array assignment (44c1d12)
    * xfreerdp: support the new form of the option /list:kbd (d8cadfe)
    * xfunc ssh identityfile: localize change to cur (76b5726)
    Performance Improvements
    * _comp_count_args: skip reinitializing cword and words (29398ef)
    * mutt: return earlier on empty cur (a244587)
    * portinstall: return earlier for -lLo and non-existent file (395e463)
    * vncviewer: set nocasematch inside subshell (5ed0020)
  - Delete patches as fixed upstream
    * fix-curl-help-completion-bsc1200791.patch
    * fix_quote_readline_by_ref.patch
  - Port patches
    * FOO-dir-completion-boo905348.patch
    * LVM-completion-bsc946875.patch
    * backtick-completion-boo940835.patch
    * backticks-bsc963140.patch
    * bash-completion-2.4.patch
    * bash-completion-2.7-unRAR-remove.patch
    * bash-completion.changes
    * bash-completion.spec
    * boo1190929-9af4afd0.patch
    * bsc1199724-modules.patch
    * ls-completion-boo889319.patch
    * qdbus-qt5.patch
    * respect-variables-boo940837.patch
    * rm-completion-smart-boo958462.patch
    * tar-completion.patch
  - Do not apply patch
    as not known how to port and if this is required
* Thu Aug 17 2023 Dr. Werner Fink <>
  - Modify patches
    * ls-completion-boo889319.patch
    * rm-completion-smart-boo958462.patch
    to avoid skipping spaces after last word on command line (boo#1210974)
  - Add patch fix_quote_readline_by_ref.patch
    * Do not escape leading ~ nor backslash and avoid empty quoting
* Sun Apr 02 2023 Callum Farmer <>
  - Move cmake config files to devel
* Tue Jul 26 2022 Otto Hollmann <>
  - Add patch fix-curl-help-completion-bsc1200791.patch (bsc#1200791)
    * List all options for `curl --<TAB>`
* Mon May 23 2022 Dr. Werner Fink <>
  - Add patch bsc1199724-modules.patch (bsc#1199724)
    * Enable upstream commit to list ko.zst modules as well
* Fri Jan 28 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - remove PS1-completion-boo903362.patch as it breaks on non-bash
    shells and the original problem in
    bsc#903362#c9 does not occur anymore
  - add versioned dependency to bash versions that have the fix
* Mon Oct 04 2021 Dr. Werner Fink <>
  - Add patch boo1190929-9af4afd0.patch for boo#1190929
    add support for compeletion modinfo completion recognize .ko.zst
    as well as .ko.bz2
* Mon Sep 28 2020 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Convert to _multibuild. The script was quite
    broken anyway and it was less effort to convert than to try to
    fix that one.



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