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waylyrics-0.2.19-1.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: waylyrics Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 0.2.19 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Sat Apr 20 08:03:23 2024
Group: Unspecified Build host: reproducible
Size: 5413160 Source RPM: waylyrics-0.2.19-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: The furry way to show desktop lyrics
The furry way to show desktop lyrics, and simple universal desktop lyrics made with GTK4 and love.






* Sat Apr 20 2024
  - Update to version 0.2.19:
    * chore: release v0.2.19
    * fix(i18n): load i18n on windows
    * fix: underscore not showing in display mode menu
    * build: enable i18n for msvc build
    * docs(build): gettext-rs on windows cannot builds out-of-box with MSVC
    * fix: use '/' as splitte on searchbox creating
    * feat: use song_search_detailed in search box to apply aliases
    * enhance: apply alias for artist name on `netease`
    * enhance: make fuzzy-match weight more than length based match
    * enhance: fine-tune fuzzy match factor
    * feat: convert zh-hans/zh-hant in fuzzy match with opencc
    * chore: bump dependencies
    * build(windows): add build script
    * docs(changelog): update changelog
* Sat Apr 20 2024
  - Update to version 0.2.18:
    * chore: release v0.2.18
    * fix: set paused as false after resumed to playing
    * log: print control status at trace level
    * feat: hide lyric on pause
    * docs(changelog): update changelog
* Fri Apr 12 2024
  - Update to version 0.2.17:
    * chore: release v0.2.17
    * feat: restart in tray-icon for windows
    * docs(readme): update missing translation
    * fix: gtk4 freezes on `Window::close` on windows
    * enhance: support LastUpdateTime on windows
    * chore: switch to upstream `tray-icon`
    * chore(deps): bump dependencies
    * fix: feature gate for unix should be `cfg(unix)`
    * chore: release v0.2.16
    * feat: initial tray-icon support for windows
    * chore(test): cleanup unused imports
    * build(deps): bump h2 from 0.4.3 to 0.4.4
    * docs(changelog): update changelog
    * docs(readme): the only compatible player on windows
    * build: add icon for win32 build
* Wed Apr 03 2024
  - Update to version 0.2.15:
    * chore: release v0.2.15
    * feat: full mouse click-through for windows
    * docs(changelog): update changelog
    * fix: windows smtc position
    * fix: misuse of `windows-rs`
    * ci: reset pkgrel after a pkgver bump
    * docs(readme): intro windows user directories
    * chore: release v0.2.14
    * fix: do workarounds for windows-rs bug
    * fix: duplicated import
    * fix: wrong import path
    * feat: initial support for Windows SMTC
    * refactor: cleanup old code
    * docs(install): build on windows
    * build: make gettext, openssl, journald optional
    * revert: vendored -> openssl
    * refactor: define OS-specified helpers in a trait
    * refactor: rename `list_player_names` to `list_players`
    * refactor: extract `try_sync_track` and `reconnect_player` from `interop::*`
    * build(deps): bump actions/checkout from 3 to 4
    * build(deps): bump orhun/git-cliff-action from 2 to 3
    * build(deps): bump actions/upload-artifact from 3 to 4
    * Update dependabot.yml
    * ci: Automatically update AUR PKGBUILD
    * build(deps): bump documented from 0.3.0 to 0.4.0
    * docs(readme): autoLyric `C/C++`
    * refactor: use `bind_shortcut` in switch-passthrough
    * chore(deps): bump dependencies
    * build: reduce binary size
    * docs(readme): musixfox-go released the required patch [ci skip]
    * Revert "feat: select labels by origin/translation in theme"
    * build(rpm): packit is no longer needed [ci skip]
    * chore: example environment is no longer required [ci skip]
    * docs(changelog): update changelog
* Sat Mar 30 2024 xtexChooser <>
  - Remove old rust ICE workaround
* Sat Mar 23 2024
  - Update to version 0.2.13:
    * chore: release v0.2.13
    * feat: blacklist players by name/identity
    * build(dep): update reqwest to 0.12
    * feat: fix secondary lyric will not end
    * build(deps): bump mio from 0.8.10 to 0.8.11
    * revert: "Update"
    * Update
    * refactor: use builder api in widget setup
    * feat: add theme no-background [ci skip]
    * docs(readme): intro listen1 [ci skip]
    * docs(readme): complain some bad support [ci skip]
    * docs(readme): list recommended players in chart [ci skip]
    * refactor: remove repeated bind-shortcut code
    * chore: fix missing bracket
    * refactor: do not set display mode manually
    * enhance: replace extension with PathBuf::set_extension
    * refactor: implement Debug for dyn LyricProvider
    * refactor: remove unneeded player_meta helper
    * docs(changelog): update changelog
    * feat: select labels by origin/translation in theme
* Sat Mar 02 2024
  - Update to version 0.2.12:
    * chore: release v0.2.12
    * feat: set Priority::HIGH for lyric_scroll
    * docs(readme): go-musicfox merged fix-position [ci skip]
    * docs(build): fix install command for schema [ci skip]
    * Update waylyrics.spec
    * Update
    * docs(build): update packaging docs
    * chore: remove CSS stylelintrc
    * docs(install): show packaging status
* Sat Feb 24 2024
  - Package language files
  - Update to version 0.2.11:
    * fix: show_both mode place origin to above if no translation
    * docs(changelog): update changelog
    * enhance: switch-passthrough in tray-icon without restart
    * docs(readme): remove dead `flutter-netease-music`
    * fix: hsl color format
    * docs(changelog): update changelog
    * chore: release v0.2.11
    * fix: use hsla for transparent window background
    * refactor: use `clone!` macro rather than calling upgrade/downgrade manually
    * perf: store default MainContext
    * chore: bump dependencies
    * fix: restart in tray-icon set click-through
    * ci: disable changelog on tag due to shitty failure [ci skip]
    * docs(changelog): update changelog
    * chore: release v0.2.10
    * refactor: move logic-related fields to Window::new
    * revert: "feat: (optional) select labels by translation/origin"
    * feat: (optional) select labels by translation/origin
    * feat(theme): new style
    * style(theme): format CSS with Prettier and Stylelint
    * feat: set mouse click-through in GSettings
    * feat: split popover menu to UI section and Play section
    * feat: set lyric-display-mode in GSettings
    * refactor: cleanup `set_lyric_with_mode` [ci skip]
    * docs(changelog): update changelog
    * chore: release v0.2.9
    * i18n: translate lyric align
    * feat!: set lyric align mode on run time
    * chore: clean up theme comments
    * chore: remove invalid github template
    * i18n: translate display_mode
    * feat: show icons on tray-icon menu
    * feat: only show set-lyric button when avaliable
    * i18n: translate length to 时长
    * docs(changelog): update changelog
    * ci: fix changelog ci skipped unexpectedly
    * chore: release v0.2.8
    * build(rpm): package with i18n files
    * fix: incomplete i18n in menu
    * docs(build): add gettext to dependencies
    * i18n: add translation for Simplefied Chinese
    * feat: i18n support
    * style: package_name as a constant [ci-skip]
    * build: make global theme presets optional
    * chore: remove unnessacary use of Arc<dyn LyricProvider>
    * ci: do not flood commit logs
    * docs(changelog): update changelog
    * build(rpm): add icon
    * docs(changelog): update changelog
    * docs(readme): update readme
    * docs(changelog): update changelog
    * feat: show tooltip for search entries
    * docs(changelog): update changelog
    * ci: update changelog on each commit
    * feat: sort search result by fuzzy-match weight
    * refactor: skip fuzzy-match in it's block
    * docs(changelog): update changelog
    * fix: changelog CI need write permission
    * ci: generate changelogs for master
    * chore: release v0.2.7
    * enhance: migrate to better dice-coefficient lib
    * feat: skip fuzzy-match if we got only title in metadata
    * log: log detailed likelihood with trace-level
    * feat: fuzzy-match lyrics with Sorensen-Dice coefficient
    * enhance: remove unnessacary global variable for PlayerId's
    * feat: restart waylyrics in tray-icon
    * chore: release v0.2.6
    * fix: missing feature gate for re-export in sync
    * feat: optionally start tray-icon service
    * feat(tray-icon): PlayAction control
    * feat: initial tray-icon support
    * todo: impl real tray-icon functions
    * feat: set lyric display mode in run time
    * refactor: remove repeated function prefix
    * chore: release v0.2.5
    * fix: repeated docs appends to commented config.toml
    * docs(config): lyric-align accepts CamelCase value
    * fix: append comments with `documented`
    * refactor: move to config/
    * feat: generate comments for config
    * build: add optional ksni dep
    * fix: remove `hide_label_on_empty_text = false` support
    * fix: do not hide below label in set_lyric
    * refactor: move search_window to crate::app
    * fix: remove `hide_label_on_empty_text = false` support
    * fix: do not hide below label in set_lyric
    * refactor: move search_window to crate::app
    * chore: release 0.2.4
    * fix: do not show lyric on `Stopped` status
    * feat: hide default text on idle
    * feat: set unsupported reason on below label
    * build: rename feature to 'action-event' rather than tray-icon
    * log: log reveiced action event
    * build: make tray-icon feature optional
    * fix: re-export play-action channel
    * fix: should re-export PlayAction
    * feat: invoke ui actions with mpsc::channel
    * refactor: rename to play_action
    * refactor: move UI-related actions to crate::app::actions
    * refactor: rename AppAction to PlayAction
    * style: remove unused Downgrade import
    * feat: invoke app actions with mpsc::channel
    * chore(dep): migrate to gtk4-rs 0.8.0
    * docs(readme): waybar supports all wlroots-based compositors
    * other(logo): white shade for text and logo
    * other(logo): make logo not so shining in dark background [ci skip]
    * docs(readme): move chat banners to center block [ci skip]
    * docs(readme): add logo and intro video [ci skip]
    * docs(contribute): introduce Conventional Commit [ci skip]
* Wed Feb 14 2024
  - Update to version 0.2.3:
    * feat: add `trans` theme [ci skip]
    * chore: release 0.2.3
    * ci: migrate to dtolnay/rust-toolchain
    * feat: allow to show origin lyric in above
    * fix: set 20ms as default lyric update interval
    * feat: set empty label explictly
    * refactor: apply clippy fix [ci skip]
    * chore: remove unreachable `title.unwrap_or()` call
    * doc: restate outdated doc of `TrackMeta`
    * doc: `lollypop`, GTK3-based local music player
    * feat: intro `is_likely_songid` for songid verification
    * doc: firefox via Plasma Integration [ci skip]
    * doc: explain more fields in `Config`
    * doc: add `osdlyrics` to alternatives [ci skip]
    * doc: play with musicfox need position fix patch
    * refactor: rename confusing `match_lyric` to `verify_lyric` [ci skip]
    * test: add unit tests for QQMusic::init
* Sat Feb 10 2024
  - Update to version 0.2.2:
    * chore: release `v0.2.2`
    * build: Add ability to disable tests require network
    * ci: test qqmusic provider initializing
    * fix: QQMusic::init should panic on `Err()` rather than `Ok()`
* Fri Feb 09 2024
  - Update to version 0.2.1:
    * chore: release 0.2.1
    * build: improve test build time
    * test: move out doctest for `get_lrc_path`
    * test: move unit tests to inside `src/`
    * refactor: rename `get_lyric` to `parse_lyric` [ci skip]
    * refactor: setup `QQMusic` with `init()` call
    * doc(install): download pre-built executables [ci skip]
    * doc(install): explain build environment variable
    * ci: run real test in CI
    * test: test LRC parsing
    * doc: define `lrc_iter` behaviour
    * refactor: impl into_owned for LyricLine
    * test: test netease lyric get & parse
    * refactor: remove `CONFIG_HOME`
    * chore: remove unused import
    * breaking(ui): drop `SIGUSR` control support
    * refactor: make `init_dirs` a public method so we could write tests
    * chore: release 0.2.0
    * style: define `glib-macros` under `gtk`
    * doc(readme): remove `lx-music` because it's dead [ci skip]
    * chore(doc): add `musicfox`, a TUI based music player [ci skip]
    * fix: hint support for musicfox
    * chore(doc): update doc for youtube-music [ci skip]
    * chore: drop support for ncm-gtk legacy name
    * feat: add support for musicfox
    * chore(doc): update translation [ci skip]
    * chore(doc): update alternatives [ci skip]
* Wed Feb 07 2024
  - Update to version 0~git486:
    * fix: override user theme
    * fix: ignore invalid LRC lines
    * code quality: remove unused last_played_lyric_index
    * chore: clean up lyric scroll
    * chore: replace `with_borrow_mut` with `set` [ci skip]
    * chore: openSUSE official package thanks to @xtexChooser
    * fix: desktop file does not need a launch action [ci skip]
    * chore(doc): mention desktop file for global shortcut
    * refactor: move out update_lyric
    * build(rpm): fix install
    * chore: intro openssl/vendored to vendored feature [ci skip]
* Fri Feb 02 2024 xtexChooser <>
  - Remove tar.zst packaged sources, keep obscpio only
  - Change versioning to follow package versioning guidelines
* Fri Feb 02 2024 xtexChooser <>
  - Remove rpm "Group"
* Thu Feb 01 2024 xtexChooser <>
  - Update vendored crates
* Thu Feb 01 2024 xtexChooser <>
  - Init waylyrics from upstream commit aed689ef481dd2ddf22cefc0d175fabee481cdb8



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