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wesnoth-1.15.16-1.1 RPM for armv6hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv6hl

Name: wesnoth Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.15.16 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Wed Sep 1 21:49:38 2021
Group: Amusements/Games/Strategy/Turn Based Build host: armbuild21
Size: 17392039 Source RPM: wesnoth-1.15.16-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Fantasy Turn-Based Strategy Game
Battle for Wesnoth is a fantasy turn-based strategy game. Battle for
control of villages, using variety of units which have advantages and
disadvantages in different types of terrains and against different
types of attacks. Units gain experience and advance levels, and are
carried over from one scenario to the next campaign.




EPL-1.0 AND GPL-2.0-or-later


* Wed Sep 01 2021 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.15.16:
    * Long list of fixes, see
* Tue Jul 27 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 1.15.15:
    * Updated translations
    * Added a prompt to allow migrating settings and redownloading add-ons used
      in a previous version of Wesnoth when starting a new versions for the first
    * Fixed: keyboard input during the loading screen intermittently caused a crash
    * AI: fixed custom synced commands not changing the game state
* Fri Jul 16 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 1.15.14:
    * The Battle for Wesnoth team is proud to announce that 1.15.14 is the first
      beta for 1.16!
    * Full changes:
  - remove fix-widgets.patch (upstream)
* Mon May 31 2021 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
  - Update to 1.15.13
    * Add-ons client now has a filter based on tags.
    * Updated translations: British English, Czech, Dutch, Italian,
    * Added units: Horses, Seahorse and Zombie horse variation
    * Update piglet/boar graphics
    * The multiplayer "turns over" dialog now uses each team's colors
    * Full changes:
  - Added fix-widgets.patch
  - Fixed rpmlint error with Tumbleweed (not versioned Obsoletes)
* Sun May 09 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 1.15.12:
    * Long list of fixes, see
* Mon Mar 22 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 1.15.11:
    * AI improvements,
    * Fixed color fringing issues with ClearType on Windows.
    * Improved the Load dialog when there are no saved games for the current
      version, and also when there are corrupted files.
    * Re-added the pop-up when there are no saved games at all
    * Fixed resource leak in the Pango text rendering pipeline when using the
      characters_per_line constraint.
    * Make the warning about loading saves from old versions much clearer.
    * Made legacy GUI1 scrollbars match regular GUI2 scrollbars.
    * Reduced font sizes for the unit HP/XP/MP/Vision/Defense displays on the
    sidebar at small resolutions to avoid overlaps (issue #5575).
    * Rearranged the unit XP and vision displays on the sidebar to avoid running
      out of room for the XP display (issue #5575).
    * Reduced font size for the ToD counter on the sidebar to avoid it being
      ellipsized too often.
    * Gave the turn timer display the same icon as the system clock display.
    * Anchored the Observers icon to the sidebar again in a way that does not
      allow it to overlap into it (issue #5575).
    * Fixed the turn timer/system clock display on the top bar incorrectly using
      a larger font size at small resolutions.
    * Made the Defense display label on the sidebar visible (a side-effect of
      replacing SDL_ttf) and rearranged it slightly.
    * Set the correct default text color for in-game UI elements instead of
      [#]ffffff white for consistency with other UI elements.
    * Increased font sizes in Help and some legacy UI elements.
    * Minor clean-up of game menus display.
    * Restyled dropdown menu buttons to look like buttons rather than textboxes.
    * Fixed missing display resolution ratios in Preferences -> Display
      (regression introduced in 1.15.10).
* Sun Feb 28 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 1.15.10:
    * Fixed undefined behavior when servicing requests to downgrade add-ons.
    * The Rise of Wesnoth
    * Adjust campaign difficulty
    * The Delay Advancements modification has been removed in favor of adding
      the Plan Unit Advance modification to mainline. Enabling this modification
      allows each player to choose what their units will level up into in case
      the advancement happens on an enemy player's turn in an online multiplayer
    * Unit advancement that happens on an enemy's turn in online multiplayer games
      are no longer randomized. Instead, the first advancement listed for the unit is
      always used.
    * Disabled World Conquest due to an increasing number of reported bugs and
      it currently lacking a maintainer. It may be removed entirely in a future
    * Upgrade to Lua 5.4.2.
    * Added the wesnoth.as_text(...) function as a way to more easily view the
      contents of a lua table. This is intended as a debugging aid and nothing
    * Deprecation warnings can now be viewed in the in-game Lua console,
      together with a stack trace to the first location that triggered them.
    * There is now a --strict-lua command-line option that disables most
      deprecated Lua functions; this makes the use of deprecated APIs an error
      instead of a warning.
    * Updated translations
    * update footpad sprite
    * north-facing frames for dunefolk skirmisher, loyalist bowman, and troll whelp
    * Added a "disengaged" orb, shown instead of the partially-moved orb for
      units that can move but can't attack.
    * Added information about the build's (not runtime) target CPU architecture
      to the game version info dialog and --report.
    * Added terminal-style command history browsing with up-down keys for
      in-game consoles used by debug mode, ai and search floating textboxes.
    * Made the preferences dialog larger on HDPI screens; this fixes a usability
      issue with HDPI font sizes (issue #5185).
    * Extent 'special_id_active' and 'special_type_active' to abilities used
      like weapon and to [leadership] abilities.
    * abilities used like weapon can call [leading_anim] now.
    * Fixed display zoom not being taken into account when using the `x`, `y`,
      `directional_x` and `directional_y` attributes in unit animations.
    * Fixed a warning message and the AI leader potentially not moving when it
      cannot reach a keep because it's occupied by an allied unit
* Mon Jan 18 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 1.15.9:
* Tue Dec 29 2020 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 1.15.8:
* Mon Nov 23 2020 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.15.7:
* Sun Nov 01 2020 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.15.6:
* Mon Sep 21 2020 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.15.5:
* Thu Sep 10 2020 Dirk Mueller <>
  - update to 1.15.4:
    * Too many changes to list, see included or
* Tue Mar 10 2020 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.15.3:
    * Too many changes to list. Please see
* Wed Aug 21 2019
  - Update to 1.15.1:
    * AI improvements
    * New campaigns and fixes
    * Updated translations
    * Please see the packaged for details
* Sat Mar 23 2019 Stefan Brüns <>
  - Add explicit BuildRequires libboost_system-devel (no longer implicit
    with Boost 1.69), and also libboost_date-devel and libboost_chrono-devel,
    both checked for during cmake run.
* Mon Feb 25 2019
  - Update to 1.14.6:
    * No changes provided
  - Remove fix_boost_1_59.patch: upstreamed
* Fri Jan 18 2019 Guillaume GARDET <>
  - Add disk contraint to avoid 'no space left' error
* Fri Nov 30 2018
  - fix_boost_1_59.patch: explicit cast required to build with
    Boost 1.69 and logic::tribool
* Mon Sep 24 2018
  - Update to 1.14.5:
    * Campaigns
      + A Tale of Two Brothers
      o S2 'Chase': improved behavior of undead side leader with
      custom AI
    * Engine
      + Removed incomplete joystick support.
      + Removed map scaling algorithm customization. Nearest-neighbor
      scaling will now always be used.
      + Removed option to disable unit and item halos.
    * Language and i18n
      + Updated translations: British English, Bulgarian, Chinese
      (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, French, Galician,
      German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Scottish
      Gaelic, Slovak, Spanish, Ukrainian.
    * Lua API
      + Allow specifying custom flags (in particular teleport)
      when using a custom cost function in wesnoth.find_path
    * Packaging
      + OpenMP support has been removed. It is no longer an
      optional build-time dependency.
    * Units
      + Saurian warriors are now female. (issue #3392)
    * WML engine
      + Support formula= key in [variable] ConditionalWML
      + Support to_location in [move_unit], taking a special location ID
      + Support dir in [move_unit] to perform relative movements
      + Support location_id in [teleport], [recall], [unstore_unit]
      for the target location
      + Support a comma-separated list for location_id key in SLF
      + Support [filter_weapon] in leadership and resistance abilities,
      which activates the ability only when the affected unit is
      using a matching weapon.
      + Support [filter_second_weapon] in leadership and resistance
      abilities, which activates the ability only when the affected
      unit's opponent is using a matching weapon.
      + Support WFL and percentages in [random_placement]num_items=
      + Support [or] in [filter_wml] and similar places
      + Support globbing in [filter_wml] via glob_on_* keys
      + Add trunc as a valid value for [set_variable]round=
      + Remove support for speaker=id in SUF (but retain in [message])
      + Support saner units for some formatting options in [message]
      + Support underline=yes|no in [message]
      + Support [set_variable]root=cube and root=integer
      + Support force_scroll in [move_units_fake] (default no)
      + Support facing= in [role][auto_recall]
      + Support lists for special and special_active in SWF
      + Support usage and alignment in SUF
      + Deprecate [replace_map]map= in favor of map_data=
      + Add u and v variables in ~ADJUST_ALPHA() and ~CHAN()
      + Add clear_shroud in [move_unit] to clear shroud as the unit moves
      + Support male_voice and female_voice in [message]
      + Support [break], [continue], and [return] in [random_placement]
      + [remove_sound_source] now accepts a comma-separated ID list
      + Support [filter_team] in [side] in addition to team_name=
* Thu Jul 26 2018
  - Update to 1.14.4:
    * Security Fixes
      + Fixed Lua being able to escape sandboxing via load/loadstring
    * Add-ons server
      + Made it so plain-text .po catalogues in add-ons are detected
      and added to the list of translations for them.
    * Campaigns
      + Dead Water:
      o In 'Tirigaz', take the situation into account of orcs being
      killed either first or by undead.
      + Delfador's Memoirs:
      o Fix hero units costing upkeep (issue #3722)
      + Eastern Invasion:
      o Fixed missing prisoners and loss of recallable units in
      + Northern Rebirth:
      o Level 0 units are not available anymore after scenario 5
      + Secrets of the Ancients:
      o Adjust gender of enemies to better match story in S11 & 21
      (issue #3294)
      o Simplify dialog to fix possible confusion in S16 (issue
      o Have nagas be able to recruit in S21 (issue #3293)
      + The South Guard:
      o S4: undead leader won't leave the castle anymore
      o S5: the untypical situation that one can defeat the lich
      before finding Urza Afalas is now handled
      + Under the Burning Suns:
      o S11: added custom graphics for the citadel.
      o S12: clarified the alien bodies' weaknesses.
      o Various visual improvements.
    * Editor
      + Fixed saving a map as a scenario not enabling scenario editor
    * Graphics
      + New attack animation for the Peasant.
      + Tweaked the Ruffian's attack animation timing.
    * Language and i18n
      + Updated translations: British English, Bulgarian, Chinese
      (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, French, German,
      Hungarian, Japanese, Scottish Gaelic, Slovak, Spanish
    * Lua API
      + Upgrade to Lua 5.3.5.
    * Multiplayer server
      + Fixed lobby and whisper messages not having a maximum length.
    * User interface
      + Improved the layout of the Statistics dialog.
      + Allow changing dropdown menu selections with the scrollwheel
      (FR #3251).
      + Fixed lobby chat box scrolling to top on a new message if it
      isn't at the bottom (issue #2789).
      + Fixed the unit preview pane not showing the default race icon
      when detailing a single unit's stats.
      + Sort units secondarily by XP in the unit list dialog.
      + Whiteboard related bugfixes
    * WML engine
      + Fixed errors about WESNOTH_VERSION not being defined when
      trying to load add-ons that have preprocessor errors (issues
      [#1924], #1634).
    * Miscellaneous and bug fixes
      + Added an advanced preference to enable experimental PRNG
      + Campfires use illumination instead of a different ToD.
      + Linux builds now enable security hardening by default.
      + Fixed MP admins being unable to observe private games.
      + Fixed MP faction, leader, and leader gender changes
      persisting even if the selection dialog is dismissed.
      + Fixed an issue with positioned sound sources ignoring the
      volume set in Preferences after going off the audible radius
      and back (issue #3280).
      + Fixed wmllint choking on gzipped binary files (e.g. gzipped
      + Fixed wmllint crashing on nonexistent paths provided in the
      command line (issue #3286).
      + Slight changes to the objectives dialogue (pr #3309)
      + Greatly improved touch control support.
      + Fixed wmlindent crashing on nonexistent paths provided in the
      command line (issue #3346).
* Sun Jun 10 2018
  - Update to 1.14.3:
    * AI:
      + Fixed crash in presence of units with negative hitpoints
      (issue #3042).
      + Efficiency improvements to filter evaluations in the Goto
      Micro AI and some AI helper functions
    * Campaigns:
      + Dead Water: Fix possibility of villagers blocking pickup of
      sword in S10 The Flaming Sword (issue #3207).
      + Descent Into Darkness: New Parthyn map in S1 and S6.
      + Northern Rebirth: Reduced starting gold and income in
      scenarios 10 to 13.
      + Secrets of the Ancients: Fix S09 Training Session not ending
      when all dark adepts die (issue #3192).
      + Tutorial: S2: made enemy starting gold equal to that of the
      + Under the Burning Suns: Added portrait and updated sprite for
      Giant Ant.
    * Language and i18n:
      + Updated translations: British English, Chinese (Traditional),
      Czech, French, Italian, Japanese, Scottish Gaelic, Spanish.
    * Multiplayer server:
      + Fixed lan_server option not causing the server to exit once
      vacated, e.g. when using the Host Networked Game option from
      the Multiplayer menu in the game (issue #3206).
    * Music and sound effects:
      + The music now changes immediately when you load a save file
      (issue #2602).
      + Fixed Lua errors when setting a music track that cannot be
      found when the playlist is already empty, e.g. if there's no
      music installed for the game (issue #3194).
    * WML engine:
      + Removed validation to ensure units cannot have negative
      hitpoints. We learned that the ability to create such units is
      documented, and thus disallowing it was an API change. Since
      API changes aren't allowed in the stable branch, we have
      reverted it.
    * Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
      + Fixed an occasional crash at the loading screen related to
      multi-thread access of the image cache.
      + [kill] animate=yes no longer scrolls to units through fog or
      shroud, thus matching 1.12's behavior again.
      + [message] displays the unit type name when a nameless unit
      speaks and no custom caption= is specified (issue #3211).
      + do_not_list=yes units are no longer excluded from the debug
      mode-only Create Unit dialog.
      + Fixed a rare issue where disabled attacks could cause the
      wrong attack to be initially selected in the Unit Attack
      dialog. This bug also had the potential to cause units to the
      wrong attack when engaging or viewing damage calculations.
      + Fixed [scenario] map_file= being unusable in most
* Tue May 29 2018
  - Update to 1.14.2:
    * Campaigns
      + Northern Rebirth:
      o S02.1 Infested Caves: keep side 8 AI leader from wandering
      off too far and ending up on a keep with only one hex for
      o S02.1 Infested Caves: AIs are less likely to kill each
      other in early game, which would make it harder for the
      player otherwise.
      o S02.1 Infested Caves: Dwarvish allies are also less likely
      to die.
      o S02.1 Infested Caves: minor map tweaks and improvements.
      o S05 The Pursuit: removed a bottleneck and tweaked Rod of
      + Sceptre of Fire:
      o In 'Caverns of Flame', fixed various issues with the
      volcano eruption.
      + Under the Burning Suns:
      o Various Quenoth unit graphics updates.
      + Descent into Darkness:
      o In 'A small Favor', disabled a not intended way to win the
      + Secrets of the Ancients:
      o Bats are transformed to normal ones already after S5
    * Graphics
      + Fixed a minor team coloring mistake in the north-facing
      Revenant standing animation.
    * Language and i18n
      + Updated translations: British English, Chinese (Simplified),
      Czech, French, Galician, German, Italian, Japanese, Scottish
      Gaelic, Spanish, Ukrainian
    * User interface
      + List boxes (MP lobby game list in particular) now keep the
      scroll position when they change, instead of keeping the
      selected item visible (issue #3016).
      + Fixed MP lobby player list scrolling to top when it changes
      + Fixed the first unit sometimes not being selected when
      opening the Recall dialog.
      + Fixed a crash when using very large portraits in [message]
      (issue #2912)
      + Added a button to access the version info dialog to
      + Removed player list sorting options in the MP lobby. The
      list is now automatically sorted alphabetically, friends
      + Rearranged campaign difficulty menu layout
    * Terrains
      + Removed hidden terrains that were not supposed to make it
      to 1.14: ^Prg, ^Prgo, ^Pwd, ^Pwdo
    * Miscellaneous and bug fixes
      + Fixed memory leak in terrain filter code. In a huge map with
      Silver Mages, it could leak several gigabytes of memory in a
      long session.
      + Fixed: unit halo remained after undoing a recall (issue
      + Fixed: unit halo intensity doubled during AMLA animation
      + [change_theme] no longer causes a Lua error when theme= is
      not specified instead of explicitly set to an empty string.
      + [change_theme] no longer requires running a separate action
      to update the UI afterwards (e.g. [redraw]) and the status
      panels are updated immediately. as well.
      + Lua random map generator: fixed error when flipping map;
      specifically this also fixes an assert at the start of HttT
      S7 (Sceptre of Fire) that had a 50% chance of being triggered
      + Experimental AI: fixed recruiting not working on maps without
      enemies, such as the first two turns of Dark Forecast
      + Experimental AI: fixed recruiting evaluations sometimes not
      being updated
      + Replaced deprecated Lua code and all remaining uses of
      FOREACH and MESSAGE macros
      + Fixed [color_adjust] interacting poorly with time of day
      color shifts and values outside the [-255, 255] range
      (issue #3144).
      + Fixed a regression from 1.13.10 where modification option
      values couldn't be properly saved in arrays.
      + Added stricter validation to ensure units cannot have
      negative hitpoints, except during specific attack-related
      + Added deprecation notices for several macros that had them
      missing before.
      + [message] no longer scrolls to units through fog or shroud so
      it matches 1.12's behavior.
      + Fixed animation-wide text_color and blend_color keys being
      overwritten. This fixes level-in and level-out animations
      sometimes fading to black instead of white.
      + Fixed [animate_unit] freezing the game when observing MP
      games (#2970).
      + Fixed carryover behaving differently when loading a
      start-of-scenario save (issue #3152).
      + Fixed turn replay function in MP.
      + Fixed savegames being created even when not needed (issue
      + Fixed handling of extra_recruit in planning mode (issue
      + Fixed handling of skirmisher in planning mode.
      + Fixed handling of filter_recall in planning mode.
      + Fixed possible segfault at game end.
      + Fixed require_resource in [resource].
      + Fixed require_scenario=yes not working with map_generation
      (issue #3105).
* Sun May 13 2018
  - Add _constraints to prevent build failures due to memory
* Wed May 09 2018
  - Update to 1.14.1:
    * Campaigns
      + Eastern Invasion:
      o In 'Captured', fixed units incorrectly costing upkeep after
      leveling up.
      o Secrets of the Ancients
      o Fixed minor unit naming inconsistencies (issues #2844 and
      + Under the Burning Suns:
      o Added custom graphics for the broken tree in S1.
      o Various sprite and image updates.
      o Fixed a bug in the formation ability causing defense bonuses
      not being received in some cases.
    * Language and i18n:
      + Updated translations: British English, Chinese (Simplified),
      Czech, French, Galician, German, Italian, Japanese, Scottish
      Gaelic, Slovak, Spanish
      + Fixed Logging Options tooltips not being translatable (issue
    * Multiplayer server:
      + Added support for matching user, IP, and email bans from a
      forums board when the forum_user_handler is enabled and
      active. (IP and email bans with wildcards are not supported
      + Fixed various instances of the server crashing under certain
    * Performance:
      + Added an option to disable the FPS limiter for a slight
      performance boost.
    * Units:
      + Changed the plural name for the merfolk race from Mermen to
      Merfolk (issue #2940) and replaced a few instances in core
      unit or terrain descriptions accordingly.
    * User interface:
      + Removed individual Join/Observe buttons for each game in the
      MP Lobby.
      + Highlight the titles of MP games with vacant slots.
      + Improved MP Lobby layout on low resolutions.
      + Improved reporting of network errors in the MP lobby (issue
      + Ensure the chat widget remains the correct size even after a
      window resize.
      + Custom MP game names are now capped at 50 characters.
      + Restored Era info to main MP game display.
      + Improved the resolution selection criteria for the MP Lobby.
      + Fixed inactive weapon specials being displayed in the Unit
      Attack dialog  unlike in 1.12 (issue #3033).
    * Miscellaneous and bug fixes
      + Removed misleading tooltip text stating registered nicknames
      are optional for the official MP server.
      + Attempting to save a screenshot with an unsupported format now
      shows an error message, instead of saving the screenshot as
      BMP with the requested extension.
      + It is now possible to disable logdomains in the Logging
      Options dialog.
      + Fixed the wesnoth(6) manpage claiming the default log level is
      'error' when it has been 'warning' since version 1.9.0.
      + Document --log-none in the wesnoth(6) manpage.
      + Avoid trying to load invalid base64-encoded data URIs.
      + wesnoth_addon_manager and the web index
      can now use data URIs.
    * Fixed a crash when using certain invalid color= values.
    * Implemented a workaround for an unhandled std::bad_cast from
      string comparison functions that caused a crash-to-desktop
      when opening Preferences among others (issue #3050).
* Tue May 08 2018
  - Update to 1.14.0:
    * Campaigns: Under the Burning Suns:
      + New set of Quenoth faction and character portraits by
      + Updated sprites for several Quenoth units.
      + Fixed "Invalid WML found" error that can be caused by the
      Quenoth Youth support ability.
    * Help browser:
      + Temporarily hidden Editor section as it is mostly incomplete
      and of little use right now (issue #2963).
    * Language and i18n:
      + Fixed Version label on the title screen not being
      translatable (issue #2914).
      + Updated translations: Czech, French, Galician, German,
      Japanese, Polish, Scottish Gaelic, Slovak, Spanish
    * Multiplayer:
      + Fixed regression causing a crash-to-desktop when trying to
      log into the server using a registered and active account
      without specifying a password.
      + Fixed an infinite loading screen if the server shut down or
      restarted mid-login.
      + Fixed an infinite loading screen when attempting to login
      with an unregistered nickname followed by a registered one.
      + Dark Forecast: Fixed possible Lua error when the weather
    * User Interface:
      + Implemented MP chat message history saving (issue #1194,
      issue #2802).
      + Fixed context menus not dismissing on right click.
    * Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
      + Fixed an AI assertion when a unit with one disabled attack
      attacked a unit with no attacks or a single disabled attack.
  - Update build dependencies:
    * SDL:
      + Move from SDL1 to SDL2.
      + Remove dependency on net.
    * Boost:
      + Added libboost_random-devel.
      + Added libboost_thread-devel.
      + Minimum version is now 1.56.
    * Others:
      + New build dependency on libcrypto.
      + Added build dependency on readline-devel (optional, for
      command history in the built-in Lua console).
      + Dependencies on fonts are also relevant for runtime.
  - Drop tools subpackage (removed from upstream sources).
  - Drop link-boost.patch (fixed upstream).
  - Drop conditionals for Leap 42.3: It wont't build anyway as boost
    1.56 is not available.



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