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postfix-mysql-3.6.2-3.1 RPM for armv6hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv6hl

Name: postfix-mysql Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 3.6.2 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 3.1 Build date: Sat Aug 28 23:36:30 2021
Group: Productivity/Networking/Email/Servers Build host: obs-arm-11
Size: 32665 Source RPM: postfix-3.6.2-3.1.src.rpm
Summary: Postfix plugin to support MySQL maps
Postfix plugin to support MySQL maps. This library will be loaded by
starting postfix if you'll access a postmap which is stored in mysql.




IPL-1.0 OR EPL-2.0


* Tue Aug 24 2021 Peter Varkoly <>
  - postfix fails with glibc 2.34
    add patch
    - postfix-3.6.2-glibc-234-build-fix.patch
* Thu Aug 05 2021
  - fix config.postfix (follow up of bsc#1188477)
* Mon Jul 26 2021 Peter Varkoly <>
  - Syntax error in config.postfix
* Sun Jul 25 2021 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 3.6.2
    * In Postfix 3.6, fixed a false "Result too large" (ERANGE) fatal
      error in the compatibility_level parser, because there was no
      'errno = 0' statement before an strtol() call.
    * (problem introduced in Postfix 3.3) "Null pointer read" error
      in the cleanup daemon when "header_from_format = standard" (the
      default as of Postfix 3.3), and email was submitted with
      /usr/sbin/sendmail without From: header, and an all-space full
      name was specified in 1) the password file, 2) with "sendmail
    - F", or 3) with the NAME environment variable. Found by Renaud
    * (problem introduced in Postfix 2.4) False "too many reverse
      jump" warnings in the showq daemon, because loop detection code
      was comparing memory addresses instead of queue file names.
      Reported by Mehmet Avcioglu.
    * (problem introduced in 1999) The Postfix SMTP server was sending
      all session transcripts to the error_notice_recipient (default:
      postmaster), instead of sending transcripts of bounced mail to
      the bounce_notice_recipient (default: postmaster). Reported by
      Hans van Zijst.
    * The texthash: map implementation broke tls_server_sni_maps,
      because it did not support multi-file inputs. Reported by
      Christopher Gurnee, who also found an instance of the missing
      code in the "postmap -F" source code. File: util/dict_thash.c.
* Wed Jul 14 2021 Peter Varkoly <>
  - spamd wants to start before, but that target doesn't exist
* Tue Jul 06 2021 Christian Wittmer <>
  - postfix-SUSE
    * rework sysconfig.postfix, add
    * rework config.postfix for
    - with_dkim
  - update
    * add OpenDKIM settings
* Wed Jun 23 2021 Christian Wittmer <>
  - postfix-mysql
    * add
  - postfix-SUSE
    * rework sysconfig.postfix, add
    * add relay_recipients
    * rework config.postfix for
    - is_backupmx
    - relay_recipient_maps
* Fri Jun 18 2021 Callum Farmer <>
  - Add now working CONFIG parameter to sysusers generator
  - Remove unnecessary group line from postfix-vmail-user.conf
* Mon Jun 14 2021 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 3.6.1
    * Bugfix (introduced: Postfix 2.11): the command "postmap
      lmdb:/file/name" (create LMDB database from textfile) handled
      duplicate input keys ungracefully, discarding entries stored
      up to and including the duplicate key, and causing a double
      free() call with lmdb versions 0.9.17 and later. Reported by
      Adi Prasaja; double free() root cause analysis by Howard Chu.
    * Typo (introduced: Postfix 3.4): silent_discard should be
      silent-discard in BDAT_README.
* Sun Jun 06 2021 Christian Wittmer <>
  - fix
    * set correct indentation (again) for options of
    - submission (needs 3 spaces)
    - smtps (needs 4 spaces)
      to make config.postfix work nicely again
* Wed Jun 02 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 3.6.0
    - Major changes - internal protocol identification
      Internal protocols have changed. You need to "postfix stop"
      before updating, or before backing out to an earlier release,
      otherwise long-running daemons (pickup, qmgr, verify, tlsproxy,
      postscreen) may fail to communicate with the rest of Postfix,
      causing mail delivery delays until Postfix is restarted.
    For more see /usr/share/doc/packages/postfix/RELEASE_NOTES
  - refreshed patches to apply cleanly again:
* Tue Jun 01 2021 Peter Varkoly <>
  - (bsc#1186669) - postfix.service has "Requires=var-run.mount"
    Remove bad requirements
* Mon Apr 12 2021 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 3.5.10 with security fixes:
    * Missing null pointer checks (introduced in Postfix 3.4) after
      an internal I/O error during the smtp(8) to tlsproxy(8) handshake.
      Found by Coverity, reported by Jaroslav Skarvada. Based on a
      fix by Viktor Dukhovni.
    * Null pointer bug (introduced in Postfix 3.0) and memory leak
      (introduced in Postfix 3.4) after an inline: table syntax error
      in or Found by Coverity, reported by Jaroslav
      Skarvada. Based on a fix by Viktor Dukhovni.
    * Incomplete null pointer check (introduced: Postfix 2.10) after
      truncated HaProxy version 1 handshake message. Found by Coverity,
      reported by Jaroslav Skarvada. Fix by Viktor Dukhovni.
    * Missing null pointer check (introduced: Postfix alpha) after
      null argv[0] value.
* Wed Mar 10 2021 Peter Varkoly <>
  - (bsc#1183305) - config.postfix uses db as suffix for postmaps
    Depending on DEF_DB_TYPE uses lmdb or db
* Fri Mar 05 2021 Peter Varkoly <>
  - (bsc#1182833) - /usr/share/fillup-templates/sysconfig.postfix
    still refers to /etc/services
    Use getent to detect if smtps is already defined.
* Fri Feb 05 2021 Peter Varkoly <>
  - (bsc#1180473) [Build 20201230] postfix has invalid default config
    (bsc#1181381) [Build 130.3] openQA test fails in mta, mutt -
    postfix broken: "queue file write error" and "error: unsupported
    dictionary type: hash"
    Export DEF_DB_TYPE before starting the perl script.
* Wed Jan 27 2021 Peter Varkoly <>
  - bsc#1180473 - [Build 20201230] postfix has invalid default config
    Fixing config.postfix and sysconfig.postfix
* Mon Jan 25 2021 Paolo Stivanin <>
  - Update to 3.5.9
    * improves the reporting of DNSSEC problems that may affect
      DANE security
* Thu Jan 07 2021 Arjen de Korte <>
  - Only do the conversion from the hash/btree databases to lmdb when
    the default database type changes from hash to lmdb and do not
    stop and start the service (the old compiled databases can live
    together with the new ones)
  - Clean up the specfile
    * Remove < 1330 conditional builds
    * Use generated postfix-files instead of the obsolete one from
    * Use instead of modifying upon
      (de)installation of optional mysql, pgsql and ldap subpackages
    * Use default location for post-install, postfix-tls-script,
      postfix-wrapper and postmulti-script
* Mon Jan 04 2021 Peter Varkoly <>
  - Set lmdb to be the default db.
  - Convert btree tables to lmdb too. Stop postfix before converting from
    bdb to lmdb
  - This package is without bdb support. That's why convert must be done
    without any suse release condition.
    o remove patch postfix-no-btree.patch
    o add set-default-db-type.patch
* Fri Dec 25 2020 Arjen de Korte <>
  - Set database type for address_verify_map and postscreen_cache_map
    to lmdb (btree requires Berkeley DB)
    o add postfix-no-btree.patch
* Fri Dec 25 2020 Arjen de Korte <>
  - Set default database type to lmdb and fix update_postmaps script
* Thu Dec 24 2020 Arjen de Korte <>
  - Use variable substition instead of sed to remove .db suffix and
    substitute hash: for lmdb: in /etc/postfix/ as well.
    Check before substitution if there is something to do (to keep
    rpmcheck happy).
* Tue Dec 08 2020 Peter Varkoly <>
  - bsc#1176650 L3: What is regularly triggering the "fillup"
    command and changing modify-time of /etc/sysconfig/postfix?
    o Remove miss placed fillup_only call from %verifyscript
* Thu Nov 26 2020 Peter Varkoly <>
  - Remove Berkeley DB dependency (JIRA#SLE-12191)
    The pacakges postfix is build without Berkely DB support.
    lmdb will be used instead of BDB.
    The pacakges postfix-bdb is build with Berkely DB support.
    o add patch for for postfix-bdb package
* Sun Nov 08 2020 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 3.5.8
    * The Postfix SMTP client inserted <CR><LF> into message headers longer
      than $line_length_limit (default: 2048), causing all subsequent header
      content to become message body content.
    * The postscreen daemon did not save a copy of the
      postscreen_dnsbl_reply_map lookup result. This has no effect when the
      recommended texthash: look table is used, but it could result in stale
      data with other lookup tables.
    * After deleting a recipient with a Milter, the Postfix recipient
      duplicate filter was not updated; the filter suppressed requests
      to add the recipient back.
    * Memory leak: the static: maps did not free their casefolding buffer.
    * With "smtpd_tls_wrappermode = yes", the smtps service was waiting for a
      TLS handshake, after processing an XCLIENT command.
    * The smtp_sasl_mechanism_filter implementation ignored table lookup
      errors, treating them as 'not found'.
    * The code that looks for Delivered-To: headers ignored headers longer
      than $line_length_limit (default: 2048).
* Mon Aug 31 2020 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 3.5.7
    * Fixed random certificate verification failures with
      "smtp_tls_connection_reuse = yes", because tlsproxy(8) was using
      the wrong global TLS context for connections that use DANE or
      non-DANE trust anchors.
* Tue Aug 25 2020 Thorsten Kukuk <>
  - Move ldap into an own sub-package like all other databases
  - Move manual pages to correct sub-package
* Fri Aug 21 2020 Thorsten Kukuk <>
  - Use sysusers.d to create system accounts
  - Remove wrong %config for systemd directory content
* Sun Aug 09 2020 Arjen de Korte <>
  - Use the correct signature file for source verification
  - Rename postfix-3.5.6.tar.gz.sig to postfix-3.5.6.tar.gz.asc (to
    prevent confusion, as the signature file from upstream with .sig
    extension is incompatible with the build service)
* Sun Jul 26 2020 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 3.5.6 with following fixes:
    * Workaround for unexpected TLS interoperability problems when Postfix
      runs on OS distributions with system-wide OpenSSL configurations.
    * Memory leaks in the Postfix TLS library, the largest one
      involving multiple kBytes per peer certificate.
* Thu Jul 16 2020 Arjen de Korte <>
  - Add source verification (add postfix.keyring)
* Fri Jul 03 2020 Thorsten Kukuk <>
  - Use systemd_ordering instead of systemd_require.
  - Move /etc/postfix/system to /usr/lib/postfix/systemd [bsc#1173688]
  - Drop /var/adm/SuSEconfig from %post, it does nothing.
  - Rename postfix-SuSE to postfix-SUSE
  - Delete postfix-SUSE/README.SuSE, company name spelled wrong,
    completly outdated and not used.
  - Delete postfix-SUSE/SPAMASSASSIN+POSTFIX.SuSE, company name
    spelled wrong, outdated and not used.
  - sysconfig.mail-postfix: Fix description of MAIL_CREATE_CONFIG,
    SuSEconfig is gone since ages.
  - update_chroot.systemd: Remove advice to run SuSEconfig.
  - Remove rc.postfix, not used, outdated.
  - mkpostfixcert: Remove advice to run SuSEconfig.
* Mon Jun 29 2020 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 3.5.4:
    * The connection_reuse attribute in smtp_tls_policy_maps always
      resulted in an "invalid attribute name" error.
    * SMTP over TLS connection reuse always failed for Postfix SMTP
      client configurations that specify explicit trust anchors (remote
      SMTP server certificates or public keys).
    * The Postfix SMTP client's DANE implementation would always send
      an SNI option with the name in a destination's MX record, even
      if the MX record pointed to a CNAME record. MX records that
      point to CNAME records are not conformant with RFC5321, and so
      are rare.
      Based on the DANE survey of ~2 million hosts it was found that
      with the corrected SMTP client behavior, sending SNI with the
      CNAME-expanded name, the SMTP server would not send a different
      certificate. This fix should therefore be safe.
* Mon Jun 15 2020 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 3.5.3:
    * TLS handshake failure in the Postfix SMTP server during SNI
      processing, after the server-side TLS engine sent a TLSv1.3
      HelloRetryRequest (HRR) to a remote SMTP client.
    * The command "postfix tls deploy-server-cert" did not handle a
      missing optional argument. This bug was introduced in Postfix
* Sun May 17 2020 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 3.5.2:
    * A TLS error for a database client caused a false 'lost connection'
      error for an SMTP over TLS session in the same Postfix process.
      This bug was introduced with Postfix 2.2.
    * The same bug existed in the tlsproxy(8) daemon, where a TLS
      error for one TLS session could cause a false 'lost connection'
      error for a concurrent TLS session in the same process. This
      bug was introduced with Postfix 2.8.
    * The Postfix build now disables DANE support on Linux systems
      with libc-musl such as Alpine, because libc-musl provides no
      indication whether DNS responses are authentic. This broke DANE
      support without a clear explanation.
    * Due to implementation changes in the ICU library, some Postfix
      daemons reported file access errrors (U_FILE_ACCESS_ERROR) after
      chroot(). This was fixed by initializing the ICU library before
      making the chroot() call.
    * Minor code changes to silence a compiler that special-cases
      string literals.
    * Segfault (null pointer) in the tlsproxy(8) client role when the
      server role was disabled. This typically happened on systems
      that do not receive mail, after configuring connection reuse
      for outbound SMTP over TLS.
    * The date portion of the maillog_file_rotate_suffix default value
      used the minute (%M) instead of the month (%m).
* Mon May 11 2020 Arjen de Korte <>
  - boo#1106004 fix incorrect locations for files in postfix-files
* Sun Apr 19 2020 Michael Ströder <>
  - Dropped deprecated-RES_INSECURE1.patch to make DNSSEC-secured
    lookups and DANE mail transport work again
  - Update to 3.5.1:
    * Support for the haproxy v2 protocol. The Postfix implementation
      supports TCP over IPv4 and IPv6, as well as non-proxied
      connections; the latter are typically used for heartbeat tests.
    * Support to force-expire email messages. This introduces new
      postsuper(1) command-line options to request expiration, and
      additional information in mailq(1) or postqueue(1) output.
    * The Postfix SMTP and LMTP client support a list of nexthop
      destinations separated by comma or whitespace. These destinations
      will be tried in the specified order.
    * Incompatible changes:
    * Logging: Postfix daemon processes now log the from= and to=
      addresses in external (quoted) form in non-debug logging (info,
      warning, etc.). This means that when an address localpart
      contains spaces or other special characters, the localpart will
      be quoted, for example:
      from=<"name with spaces">
      Specify "info_log_address_format = internal" for backwards compatibility.
    * Postfix now normalizes IP addresses received with XCLIENT,
      XFORWARD, or with the HaProxy protocol, for consistency with
      direct connections to Postfix. This may change the appearance
      of logging, and the way that check_client_access will match
      subnets of an IPv6 address.
* Fri Mar 13 2020 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 3.4.10:
    * Bug (introduced: Postfix 2.3): Postfix Milter client state
      was not properly reset after one Milter in a multi-Milter
      configuration failed during MAIL FROM, resulting in a Postfix
      Milter client panic during the next MAIL FROM command in the
      same SMTP session.
* Fri Feb 07 2020 Peter Varkoly <>
  - bsc#1162891 server:mail/postfix: cond_slp bug on TW after
    moving /etc/services to /usr/etc/services
* Wed Feb 05 2020 Peter Varkoly <>
  - bsc#1160413 postfix fails with -fno-common
* Mon Feb 03 2020 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 3.4.9:
    * Bug (introduced: Postfix 3.1): smtp_dns_resolver_options were
      broken while adding support for negative DNS response caching
      in postscreen. Postfix was inadvertently changed to call
      res_query() instead of res_search().
    * Bug (introduced: Postfix 2.5): Postfix ignored the CONNECT macro
      overrides from a Milter application. Postfix now evaluates the
      Milter macros for an SMTP CONNECT event after the Postfix-to-Milter
      connection is negotiated.
    * Bug (introduced: Postfix 3.0): sanitize (remote) server responses
      before storing them in the verify database, to avoid Postfix
      warnings about malformed UTF8. Found during code maintenance.
* Wed Nov 27 2019 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 3.4.8:
    * Fix for an Exim interoperability problem when postscreen after-220
      checks are enabled. Bug introduced in Postfix 3.4: the code
      that detected "PIPELINING after BDAT" looked at the wrong
      variable. The warning now says "BDAT without valid RCPT", and
      the error is no longer treated as a command PIPELINING error,
      thus allowing mail to be delivered. Meanwhile, Exim has been
      fixed to stop sending BDAT commands when postscreen rejects all
      RCPT commands.
    * Usability bug, introduced in Postfix 3.4: the parser for
      key/certificate chain files rejected inputs that contain an EC
      PARAMETERS object. While this is technically correct (the
      documentation says what types are allowed) this is surprising
      behavior because the legacy cert/key parameters will accept
      such inputs. For now, the parser skips object types that it
      does not know about for usability, and logs a warning because
      ignoring inputs is not kosher.
    * Bug introduced in Postfix 2.8: don't gratuitously enable all
      after-220 tests when only one such test is enabled. This made
      selective tests impossible with 'good' clients. This will be
      fixed in older Postfix versions at some later time.
* Tue Sep 24 2019 Martin Liška <>
  - Backport deprecated-RES_INSECURE1.patch in order to fix
* Sun Sep 22 2019 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 3.4.7:
    * Robustness: the tlsproxy(8) daemon could go into a loop, logging
      a flood of error messages. Problem reported by Andreas Schulze
      after enabling SMTP/TLS connection reuse.
    * Workaround: OpenSSL changed an SSL_Shutdown() non-error result
      value into an error result value, causing logfile noise.
    * Configuration: the new 'TLS fast shutdown' parameter name was
      implemented incorrectly. The documentation said
      "tls_fast_shutdown_enable", but the code said "tls_fast_shutdown".
      This was fixed by changing the code, because no-one is expected
      to override the default.
    * Performance: workaround for poor TCP loopback performance on
      LINUX, where getsockopt(..., TCP_MAXSEG, ...) reports a bogus
      TCP maximal segment size that is 1/2 to 1/3 of the real MSS.
      To avoid client-side Nagle delays or server-side delayed ACKs
      caused by multiple smaller-than-MSS writes, Postfix chooses a
      VSTREAM buffer size that is a small multiple of the reported
      bogus MSS. This workaround increases the multiplier from 2x to
    * Robustness: the Postfix Dovecot client could segfault (null
      pointer read) or cause an SMTP server assertion to fail when
      talking to a fake Dovecot server. The Postfix Dovecot client
      now logs a proper error instead.
* Thu Sep 19 2019 Peter Varkoly <>
  - bsc#1120757 L3: File Permissions->Paranoid can cause a system hang
    Break loop if postfix has no permission in spool directory.
    - add postfix-avoid-infinit-loop-if-no-permission.patch
* Fri Aug 09 2019
  - fix for boo#1144946
    mydestination - missing default localhost
    * update config.postfix
* Fri Jul 26 2019 Peter Varkoly <>
  - bsc#1142881 - mkpostfixcert from Postfix still uses md
* Thu Jul 25 2019
  - removal of SuSEfirewall2 service, since SuSEfirewall2 has been replaced by
    firewalld, see [1].
* Sun Jul 21 2019
  - update example POSTFIX_BASIC_SPAM_PREVENTION: permit_mynetworks for
  - fix for: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket
    * update config.postfix
    * update update_chroot.systemd
* Wed Jul 03 2019 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 3.4.6:
    * Workaround for implementations that hang Postfix while shutting
      down a TLS session, until Postfix times out. With
      "tls_fast_shutdown_enable = yes" (the default), Postfix no
      longer waits for the TLS peer to respond to a TLS 'close'
      request. This is recommended with TLSv1.0 and later.
    * Fixed a too-strict censoring filter that broke multiline Milter
      responses for header/body events. Problem report by Andreas
    * The code to reset Postfix SMTP server command counts was not
      called after a HaProxy handshake failure, causing stale numbers
      to be reported. Problem report by Joseph Ward.
    * postconf(5) documentation: tlsext_padding is not a tls_ssl_options
    * smtp(8) documentation: updated the BUGS section text about
      Postfix support to reuse open TLS connections.
    * Portability: added "#undef sun" to util/unix_dgram_connect.c.
* Wed Jun 26 2019 Peter Varkoly <>
  - Ensure that postfix is member of all groups as before.
* Wed Jun 12 2019 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - BuildRequire pkgconfig(systemd) instead of systemd: allow OBS to
    shortcut the build queues by allowing usage of systemd-mini
* Thu Jun 06 2019 Tomáš Chvátal <>
  - Drop the omc config fate#301838:
    * it is obsolete since SLE11
* Wed May 08 2019 Peter Varkoly <>
  - bsc#1104543 config.postfix does not start tlsmgr in
    when using POSTFIX_SMTP_TLS_CLIENT="must". Applyed the proposed
* Sun Mar 31 2019 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 3.4.5:
    Bugfix (introduced: Postfix 3.0): LMTP connections over
    UNIX-domain sockets were cached but not reused, due to a
    cache lookup key mismatch. Therefore, idle cached connections
    could exhaust LMTP server resources, resulting in two-second
    pauses between email deliveries. This problem was investigated
    by Juliana Rodrigueiro. File: smtp/smtp_connect.c.
* Mon Mar 18 2019 Peter Varkoly <>
  - Update to 3.4.4
    o Incompatible changes
    - The Postfix SMTP server announces CHUNKING (BDAT
      command) by default. In the unlikely case that this breaks some
      important remote SMTP client, disable the feature as follows:
      [#] The logging alternative:
      smtpd_discard_ehlo_keywords = chunking
      [#] The non-logging alternative:
      smtpd_discard_ehlo_keywords = chunking, silent_discard
    - This introduces a new service 'postlog'
      with type 'unix-dgram' that is used by the new postlogd(8) daemon.
      Before backing out to an older Postfix version, edit the
      file and remove the postlog entry.
    - Postfix 3.4 drops support for OpenSSL 1.0.1
    - To avoid performance loss under load, the
      tlsproxy(8) daemon now requires a zero process limit in
      (this setting is provided with the default file). By
      default, a tlsproxy(8) process will retire after several hours.
    - To set the tlsproxy process limit to zero:
      postconf -F tlsproxy/unix/process_limit=0
      postfix reload
    o Major changes
    - Postfix SMTP server support for RFC 3030 CHUNKING
      (the BDAT command) without BINARYMIME, in both smtpd(8) and
      postscreen(8). This has no effect on Milters, smtpd_mumble_restrictions,
      and smtpd_proxy_filter. See BDAT_README for more.
    - Support for logging to file or stdout, instead of using syslog.
    - Logging to file solves a usability problem for MacOS, and
      eliminates multiple problems with systemd-based systems.
    - Logging to stdout is useful when Postfix runs in a container, as
      it eliminates a syslogd dependency.
    - Better handling of undocumented(!) Linux behavior
      whether or not signals are delivered to a PID=1 process.
    - Support for (key, list of filenames) in map source text.
      Currently, this feature is used only by tls_server_sni_maps.
    - Automatic retirement: dnsblog(8) and tlsproxy(8) process
      will now voluntarily retire after after max_idle*max_use, or some
      sane limit if either limit is disabled. Without this, a process
      could stay busy for days or more.
    - Postfix SMTP client support for multiple deliveries
      per TLS-encrypted connection. This is primarily to improve mail
      delivery performance for destinations that throttle clients when
      they don't combine deliveries.
      This feature is enabled with "smtp_tls_connection_reuse=yes" in, or with "tls_connection_reuse=yes" in smtp_tls_policy_maps.
      It supports all Postfix TLS security levels including dane and
    - SNI support in the Postfix SMTP server, the
      Postfix SMTP client, and in the tlsproxy(8) daemon (both server and
      client roles). See the postconf(5) documentation for the new
      tls_server_sni_maps and smtp_tls_servername parameters.
    - Support for files that contain multiple (key, certificate, trust chain)
      instances. This was required to implement
      server-side SNI table lookups, but it also eliminates the need for
      separate cert/key files for RSA, DSA, Elliptic Curve, and so on.
    - Support for smtpd_reject_footer_maps (as well as the postscreen
      variant postscreen_reject_footer_maps) for more informative reject
      messages. This is indexed with the Postfix SMTP server response
      text, and overrides the footer specified with smtpd_reject_footer.
      One will want to use a pcre: or regexp: map with this.
    o Bugfixes
    - Andreas Schulze discovered that reject_multi_recipient_bounce
      was producing false rejects with BDAT commands. This problem
      already existed with Postfix 2.2 smtpd_end_of_data_restrictons.
      Postfix 3.4.4 fixes both.
* Tue Mar 05 2019 Jiri Slaby <>
  - postfix-linux45.patch: support also newer kernels -- pretend
    we are still at kernel 3. Note that there are no conditionals for
    LINUX3 or LINUX4. And LINUX5 was generated, but not tested in the
    code which caused build failures.
* Mon Mar 04 2019 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - skip set -x and fix version update changes entry
* Sat Mar 02 2019 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 3.3.3
    * When the master daemon runs with PID=1 (init mode), it will now
      reap child processes from non-Postfix code running in the same
      container, instead of terminating with a panic.
    * Bugfix (introduced: postfix-2.11): with posttls-finger,
      connections to unix-domain servers always resulted in "Failed
      to establish session" even after a connection was established.
      Jaroslav Skarva.  File: posttls-finger/posttls-finger.c.
    * Bugfix (introduced: Postfix 3.0): with smtputf8_enable=yes,
      table lookups could casefold the search string when searching
      a lookup table that does not use fixed-string keys (regexp,
      pcre, tcp, etc.). Historically, Postfix would not case-fold
      the search string with such tables. File: util/dict_utf8.c.
* Fri Mar 01 2019 Reinhard Max <>
  - PostrgeSQL's pg_config is meant for linking server extensions,
    use libpq's pkg-config instead, if available.
    This is needed to fix build with PostgreSQL 11.
* Thu Feb 07 2019
  - rework config.postfix
    * disable commenting of smtpd_sasl_path/smtpd_sasl_type
      no need to comment, cause it is set to default anyway
      and 'uncommenting' would place it at end of file then
      which is not wanted
* Sat Jan 26 2019
  - rework
    * disable virtual_alias_domains cause (default: $virtual_alias_maps)
  - rework config.postfix
    * disable PCONF of virtual_alias_domains
      virtual_alias_maps will be set anyway to the correct value
    * extend virtual_alias_maps with
  - rework postfix-mysql, added
    needed for reject_unverified_recipient
* Thu Dec 13 2018
  - binary hardening: link with full RELRO
* Sun Nov 25 2018 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 3.3.2
    * Support for OpenSSL 1.1.1 and TLSv1.3.
    * Bugfixes:
    - smtpd_discard_ehlo_keywords could not disable "SMTPUTF8", because
      some lookup table was using "EHLO_MASK_SMTPUTF8" instead.
    - minor memory leak in DANE support when minting issuer certs.
    - The Postfix build did not abort if the m4 command was not installed,
      resulting in a broken postconf command.
* Sat Nov 24 2018
    * more flexibility to add to relay_domains without breaking
    * rework restriction examples in sysconf.postfix
      based on (2. edtion by Hildebrandt, Koetter)
  - disable weak cipher: RC4
    after check with
* Mon Oct 22 2018
  - update config.postfix
    * don't reject mail from authenticated users even if
      reject_unknown_client_hostname would match,
      add permit_sasl_authenticated to all restrictions
      requires smtpd_delay_reject = yes
  - update
    * recover removed setting smtpd_sasl_path and smtpd_sasl_type,
      set to default value
      config.postfix will not 'enable' (remove #) var, but place
      modified (enabled) var at end of file, far away from place
      where it should be
  - rebase patches
    * fix-postfix-script.patch
    * postfix-vda-v14-3.0.3.patch
    * postfix-linux45.patch
    * pointer_to_literals.patch
    * postfix-no-md5.patch
* Thu Oct 04 2018
  - bsc#1092939 - Postfixes postconf gives a lot of LDAP related warnings
    o add m4 as buildrequires, as proposed.
* Mon Aug 27 2018
  - Add zlib-devel as buildrequires, previously included from
* Fri May 25 2018
  - bsc#1087471 Unreleased Postfix update breaks SUSE Manager
    o Removing setting smtpd_sasl_path and smtpd_sasl_type to empty
* Mon May 21 2018
  - Update to 3.3.1
    * Postfix did not support running as a PID=1 process, which
      complicated Postfix deployment in containers. The "postfix
      start-fg" command will now run the Postfix master daemon as a
      PID=1 process if possible. Thanks for inputs from Andreas
      Schulze, Eray Aslan, and Viktor Dukhovni.
    * Segfault in the postconf(1) command after it could not open a
      Postfix database configuration file due to a file permission
      error (dereferencing a null pointer). Reported by Andreas
      Hasenack, fixed by Viktor Dukhovni.
    * The luser_relay feature became a black hole, when the luser_relay
      parameter was set to a non-existent local address (i.e. mail
      disappeared silently). Reported by J?rgen Thomsen.
    * Missing error propagation in the tlsproxy(8) daemon could result
      in a segfault after TLS handshake error (dereferencing a
      0xffff...ffff pointer). This daemon handles the TLS protocol
      when a non-whitelisted client sends a STARTTLS command to
* Wed May 09 2018
  - remove pre-requirements on sysvinit(network) and sysvinit(syslog).
    There seems to be no good reason for that other than blowing up
    the dependencies (bsc#1092408).
* Mon Apr 09 2018
  - bsc#1071807 postfix-SuSE/config.postfix: only reload postfix
    if the actual service is running. This prevents spurious
    and irrelevant error messages in system logs.
* Thu Mar 22 2018
  - bsc#1082514 autoyast: postfix gets not set myhostname properly -
    set to localhost
* Mon Mar 12 2018
  - Refresh spec-file via spec-cleaner and manual optinizations.
    * Add %license macro.
    * Set license to IPL-1.0 OR EPL-2.0.
  - Update to 3.3.0
    * Dual license: in addition to the historical IBM Public License
      1.0, Postfix is now also distributed with the more recent Eclipse
      Public License 2.0. Recipients can choose to take the software
      under the license of their choice. Those who are more comfortable
      with the IPL can continue with that license.
    * The postconf command now warns about unknown parameter names
      in a Postfix database configuration file. As with other unknown
      parameter names, these warnings can help to find typos early.
    * Container support: Postfix 3.3 will run in the foreground with
      "postfix start-fg". This requires that Postfix multi-instance
      support is disabled (the default). To collect Postfix syslog
      information on the container's host, mount the host's /dev/log
      socket into the container, for example with "docker run -v
      /dev/log:/dev/log ...other options...", and specify a distinct
      Postfix syslog_name setting in the container (for example with
      "postconf syslog_name=the-name-here").
    * Milter support: applications can now send RET and ENVID parameters
      in SMFIR_CHGFROM (change envelope sender) requests.
    * Postfix-generated From: headers with 'full name' information
      are now formatted as "From: name <address>" by default. Specify
      "header_from_format = obsolete" to get the earlier form "From:
      address (name)".
    * Interoperability: when Postfix IPv6 and IPv4 support are both
      enabled, the Postfix SMTP client will now relax MX preferences
      and attempt to schedule similar numbers of IPv4 and IPv6
      addresses. This works around mail delivery problems when a
      destination announces lots of primary MX addresses on IPv6, but
      is reachable only over IPv4 (or vice versa). The new behavior
      is controlled with the smtp_balance_mx_inet_protocols parameter.
    * Compatibility safety net: with compatibility_level < 1, the
      Postfix SMTP server now warns for mail that would be blocked
      by the Postfix 2.10 smtpd_relay_restrictions feature, without
      blocking that mail. There still is a steady trickle of sites
      that upgrade from an earlier Postfix version.
* Tue Feb 13 2018
  - bsc#1065411 Package postfix should require package system-user-nobody
  - bsc#1080772 postfix smtpd throttle getting "hello" if no sasl auth
    was configured
* Thu Dec 07 2017
  - Fix usage of fillup_only:-y is not a valid option to this macro.
* Thu Nov 23 2017
  - Replace references to /var/adm/fillup-templates with new
    %_fillupdir macro (boo#1069468)
* Wed Nov 08 2017
  - Don't mark postfix.service as config file, this is no config
  - Some of the Requires(pre) are needed for post-install and at
    runtime, fix the requires.
* Mon Oct 30 2017
  - update to 3.2.4
    * DANE interoperability. Postfix builds with OpenSSL 1.0.0 or
      1.0.1 failed to send email to some sites with "TLSA 2 X X" DNS
      records associated with an intermediate CA certificate. Problem
      report and initial fix by Erwan Legrand.
    * Missing dynamicmaps support in the Postfix sendmail command.
      This broke authorized_submit_users settings that use a
      dynamically-loaded map type. Problem reported by Ulrich Zehl.
* Fri Oct 20 2017
  - bnc#1059512 L3: Postfix Problem
    The applied changes breaks existing postfix configurations because
    daemon_directory was not adapted to the new value.
* Sun Oct 15 2017
  - fix build for SLE
    * nothing provides libnsl-devel
    * add bcond_with libnsl
* Wed Oct 04 2017
  - bnc#1059512 L3: Postfix Problem
    To manage multiple Postfix instances on a single host requires
    that daemon_directory and shlib_directory is different to
    avoid use of the shared directories also as per-instance directories.
    For this reason daemon_directory was set to /usr/lib/postfix/bin/.
    shlib_directory stands /usr/lib/postfix/.
* Thu Sep 28 2017
  - bnc#1016491 postfix raported to log "warning: group or other writable:"
    on each symlink in config.
    * Add fix-postfix-script.patch
* Mon Sep 25 2017
  - update to 3.2.3
    * Extension propagation was broken with "recipient_delimiter = .".
    This change reverts a change that was trying to be too clever.
    * The postqueue command would abort with a panic message after it
    experienced an output write error while listing the mail queue.
    This change restores a write error check that was lost with the
    Postfix 3.2 rewrite of the vbuf_print formatter.
    * Restored sanity checks for dynamically-specified width and precision
    in format strings (%*, %.*, and %*.*). These checks were lost with
    the Postfix 3.2 rewrite of the vbuf_print formatter.
* Thu Aug 17 2017
  - Add libnsl-devel build requires for glibc obsoleting libnsl
* Thu Jul 27 2017
  - bnc#1045264 L3: postmap problem
    * Applying proposed patch of in bnc#771811
* Fri Jun 16 2017
  - update to 3.2.2
    * Security: Berkeley DB versions 2 and later try to read settings
      from a file DB_CONFIG in the current directory. This undocumented
      feature may introduce undisclosed vulnerabilities resulting in
      privilege escalation with Postfix set-gid programs (postdrop,
      postqueue) before they chdir to the Postfix queue directory,
      and with the postmap and postalias commands depending on whether
      the user's current directory is writable by other users. This
      fix does not change Postfix behavior for Berkeley DB versions
      < 3, but it does reduce postmap and postalias 'create' performance
      with Berkeley DB versions 3.0 .. 4.6.
    * The SMTP server receive_override_options were not restored at
      the end of an SMTP session, after the options were modified by
      an smtpd_milter_maps setting of "DISABLE". Milter support
      remained disabled for the life time of the smtpd process.
    * After the Postfix 3.2 address/domain table lookup overhaul, the
      check_sender_access and check_recipient_access features ignored
      a non-default parent_domain_matches_subdomains setting.
* Wed Apr 19 2017
  - revert changes of from rev=261
    * config.postfix will not 'enable' (remove #) var, but place
      modified (enabled) var at end of file, far away from place
      where it should be
    * keep vars enabled but empty
* Thu Apr 13 2017
  - Some cleanups
    * Fix SUSE postfix-files to avoid chown errors (anyway this file
      seems to be obsolete)
    * Avoid installing shared libraries twice
    * Refresh patch postfix-linux45.patch
* Sat Apr 08 2017
  - update
    * recover lost (with 3.2.0 update) submission, smtps sections
    * merge with upstream update
  - update config.postfix
    * update generation for submission
  - rebase patches against 3.2.0
    * pointer_to_literals.patch
    * postfix-no-md5.patch
    * postfix-ssl-release-buffers.patch
    * postfix-vda-v14-3.0.3.patch
* Mon Mar 20 2017
  - Require system group mail
  - Use mail group name instead of GID
* Mon Mar 06 2017
  - update to 3.2.0
    - [Feature 20170128] Postfix 3.2 fixes the handling of address
      extensions with email addresses that contain spaces. For
      example, the virtual_alias_maps, canonical_maps, and
      smtp_generic_maps features now correctly propagate an address
      extension from "aa bb+ext" to "cc
      dd+ext"@other.example, instead of producing broken output.
    - [Feature 20161008] "PASS" and "STRIP" actions in
      header/body_checks.  "STRIP" is similar to "IGNORE" but also
      logs the action, and "PASS" disables header, body, and Milter
      inspection for the remainder of the message content.
      Contributed by Hobbit.
    - [Feature 20160330] The script by Viktor Dukhovni for
      grouping Postfix logfile records into "sessions" based on queue
      ID and process ID information. It's in the auxiliary/collate
      directory of the Postfix source tree.
    - [Feature 20160527] Postfix 3.2 cidr tables support if/endif and
      negation (by prepending ! to a pattern), just like regexp and
      pcre tables.  The primarily purpose is to improve readability
      of complex tables. See the cidr_table(5) manpage for syntax
    - [Incompat 20160925] In the Postfix MySQL database client, the
      default option_group value has changed to "client", to enable
      reading of "client" option group settings in the MySQL options
      file. This fixes a "not found" problem with Postfix queries
      that contain UTF8-encoded non-ASCII text.  Specify an empty
      option_group value (option_group =) to get backwards-compatible
    - [Feature 20161217] Stored-procedure support for MySQL
      databases.  Contributed by John Fawcett. See mysql_table(5) for
    - [Feature 20170128] The postmap command, and the inline: and
      texthash: maps now support spaces in left-hand field of the
      lookup table "source text". Use double quotes (") around a
      left-hand field that contains spaces, and use backslash (\) to
      protect embedded quotes in a left-hand field. There is no
      change in the processing of the right-hand field.
    - [Feature 20160611] The Postfix SMTP server local IP address and
      port are available in the policy delegation protocol (attribute
      names: server_address, server_port), in the Milter protocol
      (macro names: {daemon_addr}, {daemon_port}), and in the XCLIENT
      protocol (attribute names: DESTADDR, DESTPORT).
    - [Feature 20161024] smtpd_milter_maps support for per-client
      Milter configuration that overrides smtpd_milters, and that has
      the same syntax. A lookup result of "DISABLE" turns off Milter
      support. See MILTER_README.html for details.
    - [Feature 20160611] The Postfix SMTP server local IP address and
      port are available in the policy delegation protocol (attribute
      names: server_address, server_port), in the Milter protocol
      (macro names: {daemon_addr}, {daemon_port}), and in the XCLIENT
      protocol (attribute names: DESTADDR, DESTPORT).
    - [Incompat 20170129] The postqueue command no longer forces all
      message arrival times to be reported in UTC. To get the old
      behavior, set TZ=UTC in (this
      override is not recommended, as it affects all Postfix utities
      and daemons).
    - [Incompat 20161227] For safety reasons, the sendmail -C option
      must specify an authorized directory: the default configuration
      directory, a directory that is listed in the default
      file with alternate_config_directories or
      multi_instance_directories, or the command must be invoked with
      root privileges (UID 0 and EUID 0).  This mitigates a recurring
      problem with the PHP mail() function.
    - [Feature 20160625] The Postfix SMTP server now passes remote
      client and local server network address and port information to
      the Cyrus SASL library. Build with ``make makefiles
      "CCARGS=$CCARGS -DNO_IP_CYRUS_SASL_AUTH"'' for backwards
    - [Feature 20161103] Postfix 3.2 disables the 'transitional'
      compatibility between the IDNA2003 and IDNA2008 standards for
      internationalized domain names (domain names beyond the limits
      of US-ASCII).
      This change makes Postfix behavior consistent with contemporary
      web browsers. It affects the handling of some corner cases such
      as German sz and Greek zeta. See for more examples.
      Specify "enable_idna2003_compatibility = yes" to restore
      historical behavior (but keep in mind that the rest of the
      world may not make that same choice).
    - [Feature 20160828] Fixes for deprecated OpenSSL 1.1.0 API
      features, so that Postfix will build without depending on
      backwards-compatibility support.
      [Incompat 20161204] Postfix 3.2 removes tentative features that
      were implemented before the DANE spec was finalized:
    - Support for certificate usage PKIX-EE(1),
    - The ability to disable digest agility (Postfix now behaves as
      if "tls_dane_digest_agility = on"), and
    - The ability to disable support for "TLSA 2 [01] [12]" records
      that specify the digest of a trust anchor (Postfix now
      behaves as if "tls_dane_trust_anchor_digest_enable = yes).
    - [Feature 20161217] Postfix 3.2 enables elliptic curve
      negotiation with OpenSSL >= 1.0.2.  This changes the default
      smtpd_tls_eecdh_grade setting to "auto", and introduces a new
      parameter tls_eecdh_auto_curves with the names of curves that
      may be negotiated.
      The default tls_eecdh_auto_curves setting is determined at
      compile time, and depends on the Postfix and OpenSSL versions.
      At runtime, Postfix will skip curve names that aren't supported
      by the OpenSSL library.
    - [Feature 20160611] The Postfix SMTP server local IP address and
      port are available in the policy delegation protocol (attribute
      names: server_address, server_port), in the Milter protocol
      (macro names: {daemon_addr}, {daemon_port}), and in the XCLIENT
      protocol (attribute names: DESTADDR, DESTPORT).
  - refresh
* Mon Mar 06 2017
  - make sure that system users can be created in %pre
* Sat Feb 18 2017
  - Fix requires:
    - shadow is needed for postfix-mysql pre-install section
    - insserv is not needed if systemd is used
* Sat Jan 21 2017
  - update postfix-mysql
    * update  mysql_*.cf files
    * update postfix-mysql.sql (INNODB, utf8)
  - update
    * uncomment smtpd_sasl_path, smtpd_sasl_type
      can be changed via POSTFIX_SMTP_AUTH_SERVICE=(cyrus,dovecot)
    * add option for smtp_tls_policy_maps (commented)
  - update
    * fix indentation of submission, smtps options for correct
      enabling via config.postfix
  - update config.postfix
    * fix sync of CA certificates
    * fix generation for submission, smtps
  - rebase postfix-vda-v14-3.0.3.patch
* Wed Jan 11 2017
  - FATE#322322 Update postfix to version 3.X
    Merging changes with SLES12-SP2
    Removeved patches: add_missed_library.patch bnc#947707.diff dynamic_maps.patch postfix-db6.diff
      postfix-opensslconfig.patch bnc#947519.diff dynamic_maps_pie.patch
      These are included in the new version of postfix
  - Remove references to SuSEconfig.postfix from sysconfig docs.
  - bnc#947519 SuSEconfig.postfix should enforce umask 022
  - bnc#947707 mail generated by Amavis being prevented from being re-adressed by /etc/postfix/virtual
  - bnc#972346 /usr/sbin/SuSEconfig.postfix is wrong
  - postfix-linux45.patch: handle Linux 4.x and Linux 5.x (used by aarch64)
* Tue Jan 03 2017
  - update to 3.1.4
    * The postscreen daemon did not merge the client test status information
      for concurrent sessions from the same IP address.
    * The Postfix SMTP server falsely rejected a sender address when validating
      a sender address with "smtpd_reject_unlisted_recipient = yes" or with
      "reject_unlisted_sender". Cause: the address validation code did not query sender_canonical_maps.
    * The virtual delivery agent did not detect failure to skip to the end
      of a mailbox file, so that mail would be delivered to the beginning of the file.
      This could happen when a mailbox file was already larger than the virtual mailbox size limit.
    * The postsuper logged an incorrect rename operation count after creating a missing directory.
    * The Postfix SMTP server falsely rejected mail when a sender-dependent "error"
      transport was configured. Cause: the SMTP server address validation code
      was not updated when the sender_dependent_default_transport_maps feature
      was introduced.
    * The Postfix SMTP server falsely rejected an SMTPUTF8 sender address, when "smtpd_delay_reject = no".
    * The "postfix tls deploy-server-cert" command used the wrong certificate
      and key file. This was caused by a cut-and-paste error in the postfix-tls-script file.
* Sat Nov 26 2016
  - improve config.postfix
    * improve SASL stuff
    * add POSTFIX_SMTP_AUTH_SERVICE=(cyrus|dovecot)
* Mon Nov 14 2016
  - improve config.postfix
    * improve with MySQL stuff
* Mon Nov 07 2016
  - update vda patch to latest available
    * remove postfix-vda-v13-3.10.0.patch
    * add postfix-vda-v14-3.0.3.patch
  - rebase patches (and to be p0)
    * pointer_to_literals.patch
    * postfix-no-md5.patch
    * postfix-ssl-release-buffers.patch
  - add /etc/postfix/ssl as default DIR for SSL stuff
    * cacerts -> ../../ssl/certs/
    * certs/
  - revert POSTFIX_SSL_PATH from '/etc/ssl' to '/etc/postfix/ssl'
  - improve config.postfix
    * revert smtpd_tls_CApath to POSTFIX_SSL_PATH/cacerts which is a
      symlink to /etc/ssl/certs
      Without reverting, 'gen_CA' would create files which would then be on
      the previous defined 'sslpath(/etc/ssl)/certs' (smtpd_tls_CApath)
      Cert reqs would be placed in 'sslpath(/etc/ssl)/certs/postfixreq.pem'
      which is not a good idea.
    * mkchroot: sync '/etc/postfix/ssl' to chroot
    * improve PCONF for smtp{,d}_tls_{cert,key}_file, adding/removing from, show warning if enabled and file is missing
* Sun Oct 09 2016
  - update to 3.1.3:
    * The Postfix SMTP server did not reset a previous session's
      failed/total command counts before rejecting a client that
      exceeds request or concurrency rates. This resulted in incorrect
      failed/total command counts being logged at the end of the
      rejected session.
    * The unionmap multi-table interface did not propagate table
      lookup errors, resulting in false "user unknown" responses.
    * The documentation was updated with a workaround for false "not
      found" errors with MySQL map queries that contain UTF8-encoded
      text. The workaround is to specify "option_group = client" in
      Postfix MySQL configuration files. This will be the default
      setting with Postfix 3.2 and later.
* Sun Sep 04 2016
  - update to 3.1.2:
    * Changes to make Postfix build with OpenSSL 1.1.0.
    * The makedefs script ignored readme_directory=pathname overrides.
      Fix by Todd C. Olson.
    * The tls_session_ticket_cipher documentation says that the default
      cipher for TLS session tickets is aes-256-cbc, but the implemented
      default was aes-128-cbc. Note that TLS session ticket keys are
      rotated after 1/2 hour, to limit the impact of attacks on session
      ticket keys.
* Thu Jun 02 2016
  - postfix-post-install.patch: remove empty patch
* Sun May 29 2016
  - fix Changelog cause of Factory decline
* Tue May 24 2016
  - Fix typo in config.postfix
* Tue May 24 2016
  - bnc#981097 config.postfix creates broken for tls client configuration
  - bnc#981099 /etc/sysconfig/postfix: POSTFIX_SMTP_TLS_CLIENT incomplete
  - update to 3.1.1:
  - The new address_verify_pending_request_limit
    parameter introduces a safety limit for the number of address
    verification probes in the active queue.  The default limit is 1/4
    of the active queue maximum size. The queue manager enforces the
    limit by tempfailing probe messages that exceed the limit. This
    design avoids dependencies on global counters that get out of sync
    after a process or system crash.
  - Machine-readable, JSON-formatted queue listing with "postqueue -j"
    (no "mailq" equivalent).
  - The milter_macro_defaults feature provides an optional list of macro
    name=value pairs. These specify default values for Milter macros when
    no value is available from the SMTP session context.
  - Support to enforce a destination-independent delay between email
    deliveries.  The following example inserts 20 seconds of delay
    between all deliveries with the SMTP transport, limiting the delivery
    rate to at most three messages per minute.
      smtp_transport_rate_delay = 20s
  - Historically, the default setting "postscreen_dnsbl_ttl = 1h" assumes
    that a "not found" result from a DNSBL server will be valid for one
    hour.  This may have been adequate five years ago when postscreen
    was first implemented, but nowadays, that one hour can result in
    missed opportunities to block new spambots.
    To address this, postscreen now respects the TTL of DNSBL "not
    found" replies, as well as the TTL of DNSWL replies (both "found"
    and "not found").  The TTL for a "not found" reply is determined
    according to RFC 2308 (the TTL of an SOA record in the reply).
    Support for DNSBL or DNSWL reply TTL values is controlled by two
    configuration parameters:
    postscreen_dnsbl_min_ttl (default: 60 seconds).
    postscreen_dnsbl_max_ttl (default: $postscreen_dnsbl_ttl or 1 hour)
    The postscreen_dnsbl_ttl parameter is now obsolete, and has become
    the default value for the new postscreen_dnsbl_max_ttl parameter.
  - New "smtpd_client_auth_rate_limit" feature, to
    enforce an optional rate limit on AUTH commands per SMTP client IP
    address.  Similar to other smtpd_client_*_rate_limit features, this
    enforces a limit on the number of requests per $anvil_rate_time_unit.
  - New SMTPD policy service attribute "policy_context",
    with a corresponding "smtpd_policy_service_policy_context" configuration
    parameter.  Originally, this was implemented to share the same SMTPD
    policy service endpoint among multiple check_policy_service clients.
  - A new "postfix tls" command to quickly enable opportunistic TLS
    in the Postfix SMTP client or server, and to manage SMTP server keys
    and certificates, including certificate signing requests and
    TLSA DNS records for DANE.
* Tue Apr 19 2016
  - build with working support for SMTPUTF8
* Sun Mar 20 2016
  - fix build on sle11 by pointing _libexecdir to /usr/lib all the
* Sun Mar 20 2016
  - some distros did not pull pkgconfig indirectly. pull it directly.
* Sun Mar 20 2016
  - fix building the dynamic maps: the old build had postgresql e.g.
    with missing symbols.
    - convert to AUXLIBS_* instead of plain AUXLIBS which is needed
      for proper dynamic maps.
    - reordered the CCARGS and AUXLIBS* lines to group by feature
    - use pkgconfig or *_config tools where possible
  - picked up signed char from fedora spec file
  - enable lmdb support: new BR lmdb-devel, new subpackage
  - don't delete vmail user/groups
* Wed Mar 09 2016
  - update to 3.1.0
  - Since version 3.0 postfix supports dynamic loading of cdb:, ldap:,
    lmdb:, mysql:, pcre:, pgsql:, sdbm:, and sqlite: database clients.
    Thats why the patches dynamic_maps.patch and dynamic_maps_pie.patch
    could be removed.
  - Adapting all the patches to postfix 3.1.0
  - remove obsolete patches
    * add_missed_library.patch
    * postfix-opensslconfig.patch
  - update vda patch
    * remove postfix-vda-v13-2.10.0.patch
    * add postfix-vda-v13-3.10.0.patch
  - The patch postfix-db6.diff is not more neccessary
  - Backwards-compatibility safety net.
    With NEW Postfix installs, you MUST install a file with
    the setting "compatibility_level = 2". See conf/ for an
    With UPGRADES of existing Postfix systems, you MUST NOT change the compatibility_level setting, nor add this setting if it
    does not exist.
    Several Postfix default settings have changed with Postfix 3.0.  To
    avoid massive frustration with existing Postfix installations,
    Postfix 3.0 comes with a safety net that forces Postfix to keep
    running with backwards-compatible and default
    settings. This safety net depends on the compatibility_level
    setting (default: 0). Details are in COMPATIBILITY_README.
  - Major changes - tls
    * [Feature 20160207] A new "postfix tls" command to quickly enable
    opportunistic TLS in the Postfix SMTP client or server, and to
    manage SMTP server keys and certificates, including certificate
    signing requests and TLSA DNS records for DANE.
    * As of the middle of 2015, all supported Postfix releases no longer
    nable "export" grade ciphers for opportunistic TLS, and no longer
    use the deprecated SSLv2 and SSLv3 protocols for mandatory or
    opportunistic TLS.
    * [Incompat 20150719] The default Diffie-Hellman non-export prime was
    updated from 1024 to 2048 bits, because SMTP clients are starting
    to reject TLS handshakes with primes smaller than 2048 bits.
    * [Feature 20160103] The Postfix SMTP client by default enables DANE
    policies when an MX host has a (DNSSEC) secure TLSA DNS record,
    even if the MX DNS record was obtained with insecure lookups.  The
    existence of a secure TLSA record implies that the host wants to
    talk TLS and not plaintext. For details see the
    smtp_tls_dane_insecure_mx_policy configuration parameter.
  - Major changes - default settings
    [Incompat 20141009] The default settings have changed for relay_domains
    (new: empty, old: $mydestination) and mynetworks_style (new: host,
    old: subnet).  However the backwards-compatibility safety net will
    prevent these changes from taking effect, giving the system
    administrator the option to make an old default setting permanent
    in or to adopt the new default setting, before turning off
    backwards compatibility. See COMPATIBILITY_README for details.
    [Incompat 20141001] A new backwards-compatibility safety net forces
    Postfix to run with backwards-compatible and
    default settings after an upgrade to a newer but incompatible Postfix
    version. See COMPATIBILITY_README for details.
    While the backwards-compatible default settings are in effect,
    Postfix logs what services or what email would be affected by the
    incompatible change. Based on this the administrator can make some
    backwards-compatibility settings permanent in or,
    before turning off backwards compatibility.
  - Major changes - address verification safety
    [Feature 20151227] The new address_verify_pending_request_limit
    parameter introduces a safety limit for the number of address
    verification probes in the active queue.  The default limit is 1/4
    of the active queue maximum size. The queue manager enforces the
    limit by tempfailing probe messages that exceed the limit. This
    design avoids dependencies on global counters that get out of sync
    after a process or system crash.
    Tempfailing verify requests is not as bad as one might think.  The
    Postfix verify cache proactively updates active addresses weeks
    before they expire. The address_verify_pending_request_limit affects
    only unknown addresses, and inactive addresses that have expired
    from the address verify cache (by default, after 31 days).
  - Major changes - json support
    [Feature 20151129] Machine-readable, JSON-formatted queue listing
    with "postqueue -j" (no "mailq" equivalent).  The output is a stream
    of JSON objects, one per queue file.  To simplify parsing, each
    JSON object is formatted as one text line followed by one newline
    character. See the postqueue(1) manpage for a detailed description
    of the output format.
  - Major changes - milter support
    [Feature 20150523] The milter_macro_defaults feature provides an
    optional list of macro name=value pairs. These specify default
    values for Milter macros when no value is available from the SMTP
    session context.
    For example, with "milter_macro_defaults = auth_type=TLS", the
    Postfix SMTP server will send an auth_type of "TLS" to a Milter,
    unless the remote client authenticates with SASL.
    This feature was originally implemented for a submission service
    that may authenticate clients with a TLS certificate, without having
    to make changes to the code that implements TLS support.
  - Major changes - output rate control
    [Feature 20150710] Destination-independent delivery rate delay
    Support to enforce a destination-independent delay between email
    deliveries.  The following example inserts 20 seconds of delay
    between all deliveries with the SMTP transport, limiting the delivery
    rate to at most three messages per minute.
      smtp_transport_rate_delay = 20s
    For details, see the description of default_transport_rate_delay
    and transport_transport_rate_delay in the postconf(5) manpage.
  - Major changes - postscreen dnsbl
    [Feature 20150710] postscreen support for the TTL of DNSBL and DNSWL
    lookup results
    Historically, the default setting "postscreen_dnsbl_ttl = 1h" assumes
    that a "not found" result from a DNSBL server will be valid for one
    hour.  This may have been adequate five years ago when postscreen
    was first implemented, but nowadays, that one hour can result in
    missed opportunities to block new spambots.
    To address this, postscreen now respects the TTL of DNSBL "not
    found" replies, as well as the TTL of DNSWL replies (both "found"
    and "not found").  The TTL for a "not found" reply is determined
    according to RFC 2308 (the TTL of an SOA record in the reply).
    Support for DNSBL or DNSWL reply TTL values is controlled by two
    configuration parameters:
    postscreen_dnsbl_min_ttl (default: 60 seconds).
      This parameter specifies a minimum for the amount of time that
      a DNSBL or DNSWL result will be cached in the postscreen_cache_map.
      This prevents an excessive number of postscreen cache updates
      when a DNSBL or DNSWL server specifies a very small reply TTL.
    postscreen_dnsbl_max_ttl (default: $postscreen_dnsbl_ttl or 1 hour)
      This parameter specifies a maximum for the amount of time that
      a DNSBL or DNSWL result will be cached in the postscreen_cache_map.
      This prevents cache pollution when a DNSBL or DNSWL server
      specifies a very large reply TTL.
    The postscreen_dnsbl_ttl parameter is now obsolete, and has become
    the default value for the new postscreen_dnsbl_max_ttl parameter.
  - Major changes - sasl auth safety
    [Feature 20151031] New "smtpd_client_auth_rate_limit" feature, to
    enforce an optional rate limit on AUTH commands per SMTP client IP
    address.  Similar to other smtpd_client_*_rate_limit features, this
    enforces a limit on the number of requests per $anvil_rate_time_unit.
  - Major changes - smtpd policy
    [Feature 20150913] New SMTPD policy service attribute "policy_context",
    with a corresponding "smtpd_policy_service_policy_context" configuration
    parameter.  Originally, this was implemented to share the same SMTPD
    policy service endpoint among multiple check_policy_service clients.
* Wed Dec 09 2015
  - bnc#958329 postfix fails to start when openslp is not installed
* Mon Oct 12 2015
  - upstream update postfix 2.11.7:
    * The Postfix Milter client aborted with a panic while adding a
      message header, after adding a short message header with the
      header_checks PREPEND action. Fixed by invoking the header
      output function while PREPENDing a message header.
    * False alarms while scanning the Postfix queue. Fixed by resetting
      errno before calling readdir(). This defect was introduced
    * The postmulti command produced an incorrect error message.
    * The postmulti command now refuses to create a new MTA instance
      when the template or file are missing. This
      is a common problem on Debian-like systems.
    * Turning on Postfix SMTP server HAProxy support broke TLS
      wrappermode. Fixed by temporarily using a 1-byte VSTREAM buffer
      to read the HAProxy connection hand-off information.
    * The xtext_unquote() function did not propagate error reports
      from xtext_unquote_append(), causing the decoder to return
      partial output, instead of rejecting malformed input. The Postfix
      SMTP server uses this function to parse input for the ENVID and
      ORCPT parameters, and for XFORWARD and XCLIENT command parameters.
* Wed Aug 12 2015
  - boo#934060: Remove quirky hostname logic from config.postfix
    * /etc/hostname doesn't contain anything useful
    * linux.local is no good either
    * postfix will use `hostname`.localdomain as fallback
* Tue Aug 04 2015
  - postfix-no-md5.patch: replace fingerprint defaults by sha1. bsc#928885
* Tue Aug 04 2015
  - %verifyscript is a new section, move it out of the %ifdef
    so the fillups are run afterwards.
* Wed Jul 22 2015
  - upstream update postfix 2.11.6:
    Default settings have been updated so that they no longer enable
    export-grade ciphers, and no longer enable the SSLv2 and SSLv3
  - removed postfix-2.11.5_linux4.patch because it's obsolete
  - Bugfix (introduced: Postfix 2.11): with connection caching
    enabled (the default), recipients could be given to the wrong
    mail server. (bsc#944722)
* Mon Jun 01 2015
  - postfix-SuSE.tar.gz/postfix.service: None of
    should be Wanted or Required except by the services
    the implement the relevant functionality i.e
    is wanted/required by networkmanager, wicked,
    systemd-network. other software must be ordered After them,
    see systemd.special(7)
* Sun May 17 2015
  - Fix library symlink generation (boo#928662)
* Tue Apr 21 2015
  - added postfix-2.11.5_linux4.patch:
    Allow building on kernel 4. Patch taken from:!topic/mailing.postfix.users/fufS22sMGWY
* Sun Apr 19 2015
  - update to postfix 2.11.5
    - Bugfix (introduced: Postfix 2.6):
      sender_dependent_relayhost_maps ignored the relayhost setting
      in the case of a DUNNO lookup result.  It would use the
      recipient domain instead.  Viktor Dukhovni. Wietse took the
      pieces of code that enforce the precedence of a
      sender-dependent relayhost, the global relayhost, and the
      recipient domain, and put that code together in once place so
      that it is easier to maintain.  File:
    - Bitrot: prepare for future changes in OpenSSL API. Viktor
      Dukhovni. File: tls_dane.c.
    - Incompatibility: specifying "make makefiles" with "CC=command"
      will no longer override the default WARN setting.
* Mon Feb 09 2015
  - upstream update postfix 2.11.4:
    Postfix 2.11.4 only:
    * Fix a core dump when smtp_policy_maps specifies an invalid TLS
    * Fix a missing " in \%s\", in postconf(1) fatal error messages,
    which violated the C language spec. Reported by Iain Hibbert.
    All supported releases:
    * Stop excessive recursion in the cleanup server while recovering
    from a virtual alias expansion loop. Problem found at Two Sigma.
    * Stop exponential memory allocation with virtual alias expansion
    loops. This came to light after fixing the previous problem.
* Sun Feb 08 2015
  - correct pf_daemon_directory in spec. This must be /usr/lib/
* Thu Jan 22 2015
  - bnc#914086 syntax error in config.postfix
  - Adapt config.postfix to be able to run on SLE11 too.
* Mon Jan 19 2015
  - Don't install sysvinit script when systemd is used
  - Make explicit PreReq dependencies conditional only for older
  - Don't try to set explicit attributes to symlinks
  - Cleanup spec file vith spec-cleaner
* Tue Jan 13 2015
  - bnc#912594 config.postfix creates config based on old options
* Tue Jan 06 2015
  - bnc#911806 config.postfix does not set up correct saslauthd socket directory for chroot
  - bnc#910265 config.postfix does not upgrade the chroot
  - bnc#908003 wrong access rights on /usr/sbin/postdrop causes
    permission denied when trying to send a mail as non root user
  - bnc#729154 wrong permissions for some postfix components
* Fri Nov 21 2014
  - Remove keyring and things as it is md5 based one no longer
    accepted by gpg 2.1
* Fri Nov 14 2014
  - No longer perform gpg validation; osc source_validator does it
    + Drop gpg-offline BuildRequires.
    + No longer execute gpg_verify.
* Mon Oct 27 2014
  - restore previously lost fix:
    Fri Oct 11 13:32:32 UTC 2013 -
    - Ignore errors in %pre/%post.
* Mon Oct 20 2014
  - postfix 2.11.3:
    * Fix for configurations that prepend message headers with Postfix
      access maps, policy servers or Milter applications. Postfix now
      hides its own Received: header from Milters and exposes prepended
      headers to Milters, regardless of the mechanism used to prepend
      a header. This fix reverts a partial solution that was released
      on October 13, 2014, and replaces it with a complete solution.
    * Portability fix for MacOS X 10.7.x (Darwin 11.x) build procedure.
  - postfix 2.11.2:
    * Fix for DMARC implementations based on SPF policy plus DKIM
      Milter. The PREPEND access/policy action added headers ABOVE
      Postfix's own Received: header, exposing Postfix's own Received:
      header to Milters (protocol violation) and hiding the PREPENDed
      header from Milters. PREPENDed headers are now added BELOW
      Postfix's own Received: header and remain visible to Milters.
    * The Postfix SMTP server logged an incorrect client name in
      reject messages for check_reverse_client_hostname_access and
      check_reverse_client_hostname_{mx,ns}_access. They replied with
      the verified client name, instead of the name that was rejected.
    * The qmqpd daemon crashed with null pointer bug when logging a
      lost connection while not in a mail transaction.
* Sun Sep 14 2014
  - switch from md5 based signature to one using the SHA-512 digest
    algorithm supplied by maintainer on ML to pass source_validator
* Sat Sep 13 2014
  - postfix 2.11.1:
    * With connection caching enabled (the default), recipients could
      be given to the wrong mail server.
    * Enforce TLS when TLSA records exist, but all are unusable.
    * Don't leak memory when TLSA records exist, but all are unusable.
    * Prepend "-I. -I../../include" to the compiler command-line
      options, to avoid name clashes with non-Postfix header files.
    * documentation fixes
    * logging fixes
* Fri Aug 29 2014
  - fix dynamic_maps patch to enable memcache support, which does not
    need any libraries
* Thu Jul 31 2014
  - Rename rpmlintrc to %{name}-rpmlintrc.
    Follow the packaging guidelines.
* Fri Jun 27 2014
  - fix typo in postfix-SuSE/update_chroot.systemd
  - fix config.postfix
    * 'insserv amavis' -> 'chkconfig amavis on'
  - rework patch
    * fix virtual stuff
    * add some dovecot stuff
  - rework patch
    * add some dovecot stuff
* Mon Jun 23 2014
  - The included postfix-mysql.tar.bz2 was using a MySQL 4.1 style of
    table engine specification. Modified so that the sql uses
    'ENGINE=' instead of 'TYPE=' for creating tables.
* Mon Jun 23 2014
  - bnc#816769 - config.postfix issues warnings about missing
* Tue Jun 10 2014
  - bnc#882033 - Package postfix has changed files according to rpm
  - bnc#855688 - possible systemd bug: postfix & cifs dependency confict
* Mon Jun 09 2014
  - bnc#863350 - SuSEconfig.postfix complains about modified /etc/postfix/ after updating postfix
* Mon May 26 2014
  - replace vda patch:
    * add postfix-vda-v13-2.10.0.patch
    * remove postfix-vda-v11-2.9.6.patch
  - rebase patches
  - config.postfix
    * add support for submission (587)
    * rework support for smtps
* Wed Feb 12 2014
  - bnc#862662 - Unable to configure postfix SMTP with forced TLS using YaST2
  - Update to 2.11.0
    * TLS
      o Support for PKI-less TLS server certificate verification, where
      the CA public key or the server certificate is identified via DNSSEC lookup
    * LMDB database support
    * master
      o The master_service_disable parameter value syntax has changed:
      use "service/type" instead of "service.type".
    * postconf:
      o Support for advanced query and update operations.
      This was implemented primarily to support automated system management tools.
      o The postconf command produces more warnings
    * relay safety
      New smtpd_relay_restrictions parameter built-in default settings:
      smtpd_relay_restrictions =
    * postscreen whitelisting
      Allow a remote SMTP client to skip postscreen(8) tests based on
      its postscreen_dnsbl_sites score.
* Fri Oct 11 2013
  - Ignore errors in %pre/%post.
* Thu Oct 03 2013
  - two improvements for 13.1 and factory
    * postfix-opensslconfig.patch call openSSL_config
    so postfix respects the system's openssl configuration
    * postfix-SuSE/postfix.service since a few months there
    is no, units must be ordered
    after a list of smtpd implementations instead.
* Fri Sep 20 2013
  - Proc is not needed in chroot anymore
* Tue Jul 30 2013
  - remove duplicate entry for inet_protocols
* Mon Jun 17 2013
  - fix for warning
    * unused parameter: virtual_create_maildirsize=yes
    * unused parameter: virtual_mailbox_extended=yes
    * rework
  - fix rcpostfix for sysvinit systems
    * /etc/postfix/system/update_postmaps: No such file or directory
  - rebase patches
    * vda-v11-2.9.5 -> vda-v11-2.9.6
  - fix file postfix-SuSE.tar.gz
    * made a tar.gz
* Sun Jun 16 2013
  - postfix.spec forces the use of SSL and SASL libraries,
    so make sure the BuildRequires are there
* Fri Jun 14 2013
  - Add postfix-db6.diff to fix compile abort with libdb-6.0
* Mon Apr 22 2013
  - Add Source URL, see
  - Add GPG verification
* Sat Apr 20 2013
  -  postfix-SuSE/postfix.service do not Require or
    order after as it no longer exists
    postfix will fail to start in the next systemd version.
* Sat Feb 23 2013
  - Install postfix.service accordingly (/usr/lib/systemd for 12.3
    and up or /lib/systemd for older versions).
* Wed Feb 06 2013
  - update to 2,9.6
    Bugfix: the local(8) delivery agent dereferenced a null pointer
    while delivering to null command (for example, "|" in a .forward file).
    Bugfix: memory leak in program initialization. tls/tls_misc.c.
    Bugfix: he undocumented OpenSSL X509_pubkey_digest() function is
    unsuitable for computing certificate PUBLIC KEY fingerprints.
    Postfix now provides a correct procedure that accounts for
    the algorithm and parameters in addition to the key data.  Specify
    "tls_legacy_public_key_fingerprints = yes" if you need backwards compatibility.
* Thu Jan 17 2013
  - bnc#796162 - script to assign path elements not working in postfix install Build-0284(iso)
* Thu Jan 10 2013
  - rebase patches
    * vda-v10-2.8.12 -> vda-v11-2.9.5 (and to be a p0)
    * main, master, post-instal, ssl-release-buffers (remove version)
    * dynamic_maps, dynamic_maps_pie, pointer_to_literals
* Thu Jan 10 2013
  - update to 2,9.5
    * tls support:
      Support to turn off the TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 protocols:
      To temporarily turn off problematic protocols globally:
      smtp_tls_protocols = !SSLv2, !TLSv1.1, !TLSv1.2
      smtp_tls_mandatory_protocols = !SSLv2, !TLSv1.1, !TLSv1.2
      However, it may be better to temporarily turn off problematic
      protocols for broken sites only:
      smtp_tls_policy_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/tls_policy
      /etc/postfix/tls_policy:         may protocols=!SSLv2:!TLSv1.1:!TLSv1.2
    * 20111012 To simplify integration with third-party
      applications, the Postfix sendmail command now always transforms
      all input lines ending in <CR><LF> into UNIX format (lines ending
      in <LF>). Specify "sendmail_fix_line_endings = strict" to restore
      historical Postfix behavior (i.e. convert all input lines ending
      in <CR><LF> only if the first line ends in <CR><LF>).
    * 20120114 Logfile-based alerting systems may need to be
      updated to look for "error" messages in addition to "fatal" messages.
      Specify "daemon_table_open_error_is_fatal = yes" to get the historical
      behavior (immediate termination with "fatal" message).
    * enable_long_queue_ids Postfix 2.9 introduces support for non-repeating queue IDs (also
      used as queue file names). These names are encoded in a mix of upper
      case, lower case and decimal digit characters.  Long queue IDs are
      disabled by default to avoid breaking tools that parse logfiles and
      that expect queue IDs with the smaller [A-F0-9] character set.
    * 20111209 memcache lookup and update support. This provides
      a way to share postscreen(8) or verify(8) caches between Postfix
      instances.  See MEMCACHE_README and memcache_table(5) for details
      and limitations.
    * 20111218 To support external SASL authentication, e.g.,
      in an NGINX proxy daemon, the Postfix SMTP server now always checks
      the smtpd_sender_login_maps table, even without having
      "smtpd_sasl_auth_enable = yes" in
    * ipv6
      o The default inet_protocols value is now "all" instead of "ipv4",
      meaning use both IPv4 and IPv6.
      o The default smtp_address_preference value is now "any" instead
      of "ipv6", meaning choose randomly between IPv6 and IPv4. With
      this the Postfix SMTP client will have more success delivering
      mail to sites that have problematic IPv6 configurations.
* Sat Dec 15 2012
  - update to 2.8.13
    * 20121029
      Workaround: strip datalink suffix from IPv6 addresses
      returned by the system getaddrinfo() routine.  Such suffixes
      mess up the default mynetworks value, host name/address
      verification and possibly more. This change obsoletes the
      20101108 change that removes datalink suffixes in the SMTP
      and QMQP servers, but we leave that code alone.  File:
    * 20121013
      Cleanup: to compute the LDAP connection cache lookup key,
      join the numeric fields with null, just like string fields.
      Viktor Dukhovni. File: global/dict_ldap.c.
    * 20121010
      Bugfix (introduced: Postfix 2.5): memory leak in program
      initialization. Reported by Coverity. File: tls/tls_misc.c.
      Bugfix (introduced: Postfix 2.3): memory leak in the unused
      oqmgr program. Reported by Coverity. File: oqmgr/qmgr_message.c.
    * 20121003
      Bugfix: the postscreen_access_list feature was case-sensitive
      in the first character of permit, reject, etc. Reported by
      Feancis Picabia. File: global/server_acl.c.
  - rebase dynamic_maps_pie patch
  - rpmlint
    * invalid-suse-version-check 1140
    * obsolete-suse-version-check 920 (changes file)
* Fri Dec 14 2012
  - bnc#790141 - Command SuSEconfig.postfix reports ERROR -
    "can not find /lib/YaST/SuSEconfig.functions!!"
* Thu Nov 08 2012
  - bnc#782048 - postfix uses /sbin/conf.d
  - bnc#784659 - remove SuSEconfig calls from yast2-mail
* Fri Aug 10 2012
  - update to 2.8.12
    * 20120730
      Bugfix (introduced: 20000314): AUTH is not allowed after
      MAIL. Timo Sirainen.  File: smtpd/smtpd_sasl_proto.c.
    * 20120702
      Bugfix (introduced: 19990127): the BIFF client leaked an
      unprivileged UDP socket. Fix by Jaroslav Skarvada.  File:
    * 20120621
      Bugfix (introduced: Postfix 2.8): the unused "pass" trigger
      client could close the wrong file descriptors.  File:
  - fix for bnc#771303
    * add 'version = 3' to
  - rebase patches
    * main, master, post-install: 2.8.3 -> 2.8.12
    * ssl-release-buffers: 2.8.5 -> 2.8.12
    * vda-v10: 2.8.9 -> 2.8.12
    * dynamic_maps, dynamic_maps_pie, ipv6_disabled, pointer_to_literals
  - fix changes file
* Thu Jul 19 2012
  - bnc#771811 - postfix update does not regenerate the maps
* Mon Jun 11 2012
  - update to 2.8.11
    * 20120520
    - Bugfix (introduced Postfix 2.4): the event_drain() function
      was comparing bitmasks incorrectly causing the program to
      always wait for the full time limit. This error affected
      the unused postkick command, but only after s/fifo/unix/
      in  File: util/events.c.
    - Cleanup: laptop users have always been able to avoid
      unnecessary disk spin-up by doing s/fifo/unix/ in
      (this is currently not supported on Solaris systems).
      However, to make this work reliably, the "postqueue -f"
      command must wait until its requests have reached the pickup
      and qmgr servers before closing the UNIX-domain request
      sockets.  Files: postqueue/postqueue.c, postqueue/
* Wed May 09 2012
  - bnc#753910 - {name} instead of %{name} in postfix .spec
  - bnc#756452 - VUL-1: postfix: VRFY allows enumerating users
* Thu May 03 2012
  - update to 2.8.10
    * 20120401
      Bitrot: shut up useless warnings about Cyrus SASL call-back
      function pointer type mis-matches. Files: xsasl/xsasl_cyrus.h,
      xsasl/xsasl_cyrus_server.c, xsasl/xsasl_client.c.
    * 20120422
      Bit-rot: OpenSSL 1.0.1 introduces new protocols. Update the
      known TLS protocol list so that protocols can be turned off
      selectively to work around implementation bugs.  Based on
      a patch by Victor Duchovni.  Files: proto/TLS_README.html,
      proto/postconf.proto, tls/tls.h, tls/tls_misc.c, tls/tls_client.c,
  - update to 2.8.9
    * 20120217
      Cleanup: missing #include statement for bugfix code added
      20111226. File: local/unknown.c.
    * 20120214
      Bugfix (introduced: Postfix 2.4): extraneous null assignment
      caused core dump when postlog emitted the "usage" message.
      Reported by Kant (fnord.hammer). File: postlog/postlog.c.
    * 20120202
      Bugfix (introduced: Postfix 2.3): the "change header" milter
      request could replace the wrong header. A long header name
      could match a shorter one, because a length check was done
      on the wrong string.  Reported by Vladimir Vassiliev.  File:
  - use latest VDA patch (2.8.9)
* Thu Apr 12 2012
  - bnc#756450 - postfix: remove version from banner
* Mon Apr 09 2012
  - add port 587 smtp-auth submission to postfix-fw bnc#756289
* Mon Apr 02 2012
  - set exit code explicitely in cond_slp, systemd checks for it
* Tue Mar 13 2012
  - Documentation for bnc#751994 - SuSEconfig module postfix does not exist
* Wed Mar 07 2012
  - rcpostfix now updates the aliases too
* Mon Feb 27 2012
  - update to 2.8.8
    tlsproxy(8) stored TLS sessions with a serverID of
      "tlsproxy" instead of "smtpd", wasting an opportunity for
      session reuse.  File: tlsproxy/tlsproxy.c.
    missing lookup table entry and terminator, causing
      proxymap server segfault when postscreen(8) or verify(8)
      attempted to access their cache via the proxymap server.
      This could never have worked anyway, because the Postfix
      2.8 proxymap protocol does not support cache cleanup.  File
    the Postfix client sqlite
      quoting routine returned the unquoted result instead of the
      quoted text.  The opportunities for misuse are limited,
      because Postfix sqlite files are usually owned by root, and
      Postfix daemons usually run with non-root privileges so
      they can't corrupt the database. Problem reported by Rob
      McGee (rob0).  File: global/dict_sqlite.c.
    the trace service did not
      distinguish between notifications for a non-bounce or a
      bounce message. This code pre-dates DSN support and should
      have been updated when it was re-purposed to handle DSN
      SUCCESS notifications. Problem reported by Sabahattin
      Gucukoglu.  File: bounce/bounce_trace_service.c.
  - use latest VDA patch (2.8.5)
* Wed Jan 25 2012
  - bnc#743369 - yast2 mail module does not open the firewall
  - Set MD5DIR in SuSEconfig.postfix to avoid warnings
* Tue Jan 17 2012
  - bnc738693 - upgrade from 11.4 enables mysql service for systemd
* Thu Jan 12 2012
  - Add postmap rebuild script to systemv init script too
* Wed Jan 11 2012
  - bnc#738900 - cyrus-imapd not receiving mail from postfix
* Tue Dec 13 2011
  -  Move the post map rebuild script into the start script
* Tue Dec 06 2011
  - Fix the last change in %post
* Fri Dec 02 2011
  - bnc#728308 - warning output after update the postfix package
* Wed Nov 09 2011
  - update to 2.8.7
    smtpd(8) did not sanitize newline characters in cleanup(8)
      REJECT messages, causing them to be sent out via SMTP as bare newline characters.
    smtpd(8) sent multi-line responses from a before-queue content filter as text with
      bare <LF> instead of <CR><LF>.
    Workaround: postscreen sent non-compliant SMTP responses (220- followed by 421)
      when it could not give a connection to a real smtpd process, causing some
      remote SMTP clients to bounce mail.
* Thu Nov 03 2011
  - Use the systemd macros in the spec file
* Fri Oct 14 2011
  - only fix files that exists in %post
* Sun Oct 09 2011
  - Use SSL_MODE_RELEASE_BUFFERS if available, see
    SSL_CTX_set_mode man page and
    for the full details.
* Tue Sep 06 2011
  - update to 2.8.5
    * Bugfix: allow for Milters that send an SMTP server reply
      without RFC 3463 enhanced status code. Reported by Vladimir
      Vassiliev.  File: milter/milter8.c.
* Mon Aug 22 2011
  - bnc#684304 - server:mail/postfix: Bugs in SuSEconfig chroot setup script
  - Aplly SASL_SOCKET_DIR patch
* Thu Aug 18 2011
  - Move SuSEconfig.postfix into /usr/sbin/
    (FATE#311272: Do not rewrite via SuSEconfig)
    SuSEconfig.postfix will be executed only once after installation
    automaticaly. Afterwards only you can start it manually or via
    yast2 mail module.
* Fri Aug 12 2011
  - Just the first strep forward to systemd, please test out
    and also fill out the missing description.
* Tue Aug 09 2011
  - rework SuSE patch
    * add missing SASL stuff in rc.postfix
* Mon Jul 25 2011
  - when chrooted and using SASL
    o mount -o bind SASL_SOCKET_DIR into postfix CHROOT
* Mon Jul 11 2011
  - update to 2.8.4
    o Linux kernel version 3 support.
    for more info see ChangeLog
* Wed Jul 06 2011
  - bnc#686436 - postfix bounces messages with improper use of 8-bit data in message body
  - Apply patch
* Fri Jul 01 2011
  - rework patch
    o fix receive_override_options line
  - rework SuSE patch
    o sysconfig: remove POSTFIX_WITH_POP_BEFORE_SMTP
    o SuSEconfig: fix receive_override_options line
* Thu Jun 30 2011
  - replace vda patch
    o 2.8.1 -> 2.8.3
  - fix files doc
    o remove 'doc auxiliary'
      instead cp to pf_docdir
* Sat May 28 2011
  - fix spec for building on all repos
* Tue May 24 2011
  - bnc#679187 - suseconfig/postfix: missing dependency
* Tue May 17 2011
  - fix
    o fix missing
    - amavis    unix  -       -       n       -       4       smtp
    - localhost:10025 inet   n       -       n       -       -       smtpd
    o add patch
  - rework patches
    o (add two missing sasl vars)
    o postfix-SuSE (SuSEconfig, cleanup those vars,...)
* Sun May 15 2011
  - rework TLS stuff
    o reworked patch
    o added postfix-SuSE patch
    o added post-install patch
      Editing /etc/postfix/, adding missing entry for tlsmgr service
      add only if it really does not exist
  - removed Author from description
  - updated vda patch
    o vda-2.7.1 > vda-v10-2.8.1
  - fix build for SLE_10
    o no fdupes ;)
* Wed May 11 2011
  - remove document paths from postfix-files to avoid error messages
    when postfix-doc is not installed
* Tue May 10 2011
  - update to 2.8.3 - VUL-0: postfix memory corruption
* Sun Apr 10 2011
  - bnc#641271 - postfix-2.7.1: init script cannot properly stop
    multi-instance configurations
* Wed Mar 30 2011
  - update to 2.8.2
      o Support for address patterns in DNS blacklist and whitelist lookup results.
      o The Postfix SMTP server now supports DNS-based whitelisting with several safety features
    * Support for read-only sqlite database access.
    * Alias expansion:
      o Postfix now reports a temporary delivery error when the result
      of virtual alias expansion would exceed the virtual_alias_recursion_limit
      or virtual_alias_expansion_limit.
      o To avoid repeated delivery to mailing lists with pathological
      nested alias configurations, the local(8) delivery agent now keeps
      the owner-alias attribute of a parent alias, when delivering mail
      to a child alias that does not have its own owner alias.
    * The Postfix SMTP client no longer appends the local domain when
      looking up a DNS name without ".".
    * The SMTP server now supports contact information that is appended
      to "reject" responses: smtpd_reject_footer
    * Postfix by default no longer adds a "To: undisclosed-recipients:;"
      header when no recipient specified in the message header.
    * tls support:
      o The Postfix SMTP server now always re-computes the SASL mechanism
      list after successful completion of the STARTTLS command.
      o The smtpd_starttls_timeout default value is now stress-dependent.
      o Postfix no longer appends the system-supplied default CA certificates
      to the lists specified with *_tls_CAfile or with *_tls_CApath.
    * New feature: Prototype postscreen(8) server that runs a number
      of time-consuming checks in parallel for all incoming SMTP connections,
      before clients are allowed to talk to a real Postfix SMTP server.
      It detects clients that start talking too soon, or clients that appear
      on DNS blocklists, or clients that hang up without sending any command.
* Thu Feb 10 2011
  - bnc#667299 - Postfix LICENSE not marked as documentation
* Mon Jan 17 2011
  - add some min LDAP support for virtual LDAP-users
    o sysconfig "WITH_LDAP"
    o add
    o SuSEconfig.postfix
      virtual_alias_maps = ... ldap:/etc/postfix/
* Tue Jan 04 2011
  - update to 2.7.2
    * Bugfix (introduced Postfix 2.2): Postfix no longer appends
      the system default CA certificates to the lists specified
      with *_tls_CAfile or with *_tls_CApath.  This prevents
      third-party certificates from getting mail relay permission
      with the permit_tls_all_clientcerts feature.  Unfortunately
      this may cause compatibility problems with configurations
      that rely on certificate verification for other purposes.
      To get the old behavior, specify "tls_append_default_CA =
      yes".  Files: tls/tls_certkey.c, tls/tls_misc.c,
      global/mail_params.h.  proto/postconf.proto, mantools/postlink.
    * Compatibility with Postfix < 2.3: fix 20061207 was incomplete
      (undoing the change to bounce instead of defer after
      pipe-to-command delivery fails with a signal). Fix by Thomas
      Arnett. File: global/pipe_command.c.
    * Bugfix: the milter_header_checks parser provided only the
      actions that change the message flow (reject, filter,
      discard, redirect) but disabled the non-flow actions (warn,
      replace, prepend, ignore, dunno, ok).  File:
    * Performance: fix for poor smtpd_proxy_filter TCP performance
      over loopback ( connections. Problem reported by
      Mark Martinec.  Files: smtpd/smtpd_proxy.c.
    * Cleanup: don't apply reject_rhsbl_helo to non-domain forms
      such as network addresses.  This would cause false positives
      with  File: smtpd/smtpd_check.c.
    * Bugfix: the "421" reply after Milter error was overruled
      by Postfix 1.1 code that replied with "503" for RFC 2821
      compliance. We now make an exception for "final" replies,
      as permitted by RFC. Solution by Victor Duchovni. File:
* Sat Dec 11 2010
  - update vda patch
    o remove 2.6.1-vda-ng.patch
    o remove 2.6.1-vda-ng-64bit.patch
    o add vda-2.7.1.patch
  - rework
    o remove
    o add
* Tue Dec 07 2010
  - prereq init scripts network and syslog
* Thu Aug 12 2010
  - Remove obsolate postscripts
  - bnc#625657 - SuSEconfig.postfix and smtp_use_tls
  - bnc#622873 - postfix doesn't start if ipv6 is disabled
* Tue Jul 06 2010
  - reworked bnc#606251 stuff (not checked in to Factory)
    o used my_print_defaults command for parsing of /etc/my.cnf
    o using quotation marks: "$PF_CHROOT"
    o added sysconfig option POSTFIX_MYSQL_CONN=(socket,tcp)
* Wed Jun 16 2010
  - bnc#606251 - postfix chrooted mysql.sock lost on mysql restart
    o Now MYSQL_SOCK_DIR is mounted with '-o bind' to postfix CHROOT
* Thu Jun 10 2010
  - update to 2.7.1
    * Bugfix (introduced Postfix 2.6) in the XFORWARD implementation,
      which sends remote SMTP client attributes through SMTP-based content filters.
      The Postfix SMTP client did not skip "unknown" SMTP client attributes,
      causing a syntax error when sending an "unknown" client PORT attribute.
    * Robustness: skip LDAP queries with non-ASCII search strings, instead of failing with a database lookup error.
    * Safety: Postfix processes now log a warning when a matchlist has
      a #comment at the end of a line (for example mynetworks or relay_domains).
    * Portability: OpenSSL 1.0.0 changes the priority of anonymous cyphers.
    * Portability: Berkeley DB 5.x is now supported.
* Thu May 20 2010
  - fix obviously lost POSTFIX_MYHOSTNAME in SuSEconfig.postfix
* Wed Apr 07 2010
  - New file check_mail_queue. This script checks if there are some
    mails in the queue and starts postfix if necessary. After delivering
    the mails postfix will be stoped.
* Thu Apr 01 2010
  - bnc#559145 - Changed Domain name not reflected when sending mail
    First /var/run/dhcp-hostname will be evaluated
  - Now POSTFIX_SMTP_TLS_CLIENT is ternary : no yes must
* Sun Feb 28 2010
  - update to 2.7.0
    * performance
    - Periodic cache cleanup for the verify(8) cache database.
    - Improved before-queue filter performance.
    * sender reputation
    - The FILTER action in access maps or header/body_checks now supports sender
      reputation schemes that dynamically choose the SMTP source IP address.
    * address verification
    - The verify(8) service now uses a persistent cache by default.
    * content filter
    - The meaning of an empty filter next-hop destination has changed.
    - The FILTER action in access maps or header/body_checks now supports sender
      reputation schemes that dynamically choose the SMTP source IP address.
    * milter
    - Support for header checks on Milter-generated message headers.
    Please read /usr/share/doc/packages/postfix/RELEASE_NOTES for details.
* Thu Feb 11 2010
  - revert the change to PreReq openldap-devel, this increases the
    default installation several MBs
* Tue Feb 02 2010
  - bnc#567569 - Postfix: move ldap support to a separate package
  - bnc#557239 - postfix delivers mail to user's home instead of /var/spool/mail
* Tue Jan 05 2010
  - rpmlint fixes
    o init-script-undefined-dependency $network-remotefs
  - fix for SuSEconfig.postfix
    o if use_amavis eq "yes"
      then content_filter "amavis:[]:10024]" is defined,
      so removed "-o content_filter=smtp:[]:10024" for smtp
  - s#ldconfig#/sbin/ldconfig#
* Tue Dec 22 2009
  - Add support for dovecot as MDA to SuSEconfig.
* Wed Dec 16 2009
  - Package documentation as noarch
* Thu Dec 10 2009
  - Remove postfixs update script. This does not work now.
* Tue Dec 08 2009
  - Fix the %post section add missed %{fillup_only -an mail}
* Mon Nov 16 2009
  - bnc#555814 – VUL-0: SMTPD_LISTEN_REMOTE="yes" by default
  - bnc#555732 - Invalid $(hostname -i) usage SuSEconfig.postfix
  - bnc#547928 – Postfix does not start during boot process
  - Avoid append relay multiple times in POSTFIX_MAP_LIST
* Mon Oct 26 2009
  - bnc#549612 – SuSEconfig.postfix
* Mon Sep 28 2009
  - bnc#540538 – postfix-2.6.1-10.1 installs new files in /etc/postfix and does not generate <file>.db
  - bnc#519438 - Postfix: Running chrooted lets qmgr loosing his syslog-socket
  - remove obsolate version tests from SuSEconfig.postfix
* Mon Sep 28 2009
  - bnc#525825 - when using cyrus in a chroot environment Suseconfig does not
    create socket /var/lib/imap/socket/lmtp
* Mon Sep 14 2009
  - spec
    o fdupes if >= 1100
* Thu Sep 10 2009
  - update to 2.6.1
    o merge home:varkoly:Factory and o:F
  - spec mods
    o use of getent
  - rpmlint
    o remove unneeded dists from examples/chroot-setup/
    o postin-without-ldconfig
    o files-duplicate /usr/share/doc/packages/postfix-doc/html/
    o files-duplicate /usr/share/man/man?
* Mon Apr 13 2009
  - added VDA patch
    o Mailbox / Maildir size limit, known also as "soft quota",
      to avoid user take all you disk space
    o Customizable "limit" message when the soft quota limit is reached.
      NOTE: message is sent to senders, but NOT to the owner of the mailbox.
    o Limit only 'INBOX', because some people use IMAP and don't want
      the same limit in IMAP folder that are differents from INBOX.
    o Support for 'Courier' style Maildir, usefull for people that
      use courier as pop3/imap server and to get fast soft quota summary.
      Note that it is also compatible with qmail maildir per default.
    o Supports for Courier 'maildirsize' file in Maildir folder that
      is used to read quotas quickly. Note that this option is not
      actived per default and can be dangerous on some NFS client
      (like for example Solaris that cache some filesystem operations).
    o Customisable suffix for Maildir support, when share same external
      dict between postfix and pop3/imap server sometime "Maildir/" suffix
      is needed to avoid extra database handling (eg LDAP, MySQL...).
  - some improvements of SuSEconfig.postfix
    o POSTFIX_LISTEN: Comma separated list of IP's
    o POSTFIX_INET_PROTO: ipv4, ipv6, all
    o POSTFIX_WITH_MYSQL: when using MySQL as backend
      you can now define your own rules
  - added helo_access for helo checks
  - added relay for relaying domain
  - added MySQL stuff when using MySQL as backend (virtuser)
    o you should consider postfixAdmin as mgmnt interface
    o when runninng postfix chrooted:
      you have to run SUSEconfig each time when you have restarted MySQL
      because of linking mysql.sock
* Sun Mar 29 2009
  - bnc#439287 - not all POSTFIX_ADD_* values are properly handled
      by SuSEconfig.postfix
  - bnc#483208 - Postfix configuration trashed after update
  - bnc#488268 - SuSEconfig.postfix chroot setup misses /etc/ssl/certs
* Mon Jan 12 2009
  - bnc#465165 - postfix src package
* Fri Jan 09 2009
  - bnc#464869 - SuSEconfig.postfix causes DNS lookup
  - bnc#460442 - amavisd-new and Postfix need fqdn-hostname in "uname -n"
* Mon Jan 05 2009
  - update to 2.5.6
    - The SMTP server did not ask for a client certificate
      with "smtpd_tls_req_ccert = yes". Reported by Rob Foehl.
    - Avoid reduced TCP performance when reusing an SMTP connection
      with a larger than 4096-byte TCP MSS value. In practice, this
      could happen only with loopback (localhost) connections.
* Sun Nov 16 2008
  - (bnc#442456) - chrooted postfix and saslauthd
* Tue Nov 04 2008
  - fix build
* Tue Nov 04 2008
  - upgrade must not be executed during installation
* Tue Oct 14 2008
  - (bnc#403976) - permissions on /var/lib/postfix changed
  - (bnc#433916) - postfix should be splitted into postfix and postfix-doc
* Thu Sep 11 2008
  - (bnc#415216) - Postfix RPM Install Displays Multiple Warnings
  - clean up spec file
* Tue Sep 09 2008
  - Update to Version 2.5 patchlevel 5
    * Bugfix (introduced Postfix 2.4): epoll file descriptor leak.
    With Postfix >= 2.4 on Linux >= 2.6, Postfix has an epoll
    file descriptor leak when it executes non-Postfix commands
    in, for example, user-controlled $HOME/.forward files.
    * Security: some systems have changed their link() semantics,
    and will hardlink a symlink, contrary to POSIX and XPG4.
    Sebastian Krahmer, SuSE. File: util/safe_open.c.
    The solution introduces the following incompatible change:
    when the target of mail delivery is a symlink, the parent
    directory of that symlink must now be writable by root only
    (in addition to the already existing requirement that the
    symlink itself is owned by root).  This change will break
    legitimate configurations that deliver mail to a symbolic
    link in a directory with less restrictive permissions.
    * Bugfix: dangling pointer in vstring_sprintf_prepend().
    File: util/vstring.c.
* Mon Aug 25 2008
  - init script: copy LSB *-Start tags to *-Stop
  - spec file: removed obsolete rc.config update hooks
* Wed Aug 06 2008
  - (bnc#414959) postfix doesn't have any "Name: " tag in firewall definition
  - (bnc#405900) SuSEconfig.postfix changes owner and permissions of
    /tmp if smtpd_tls_CApath is not set
  - Update to Version 2.5 patchlevel 3
    * Cleanup of code
    * defer delivery when a mailbox file is not owned by the recipient.
      Requested by Sebastian Krahmer, SuSE.
      Specify "strict_mailbox_ownership=no" to ignore ownership discrepancies.
    * Bugfix: null-terminate CN comment string after sanitization.
    * Bugfix (introduced Postfix 2.0): after "warn_if_reject
      reject_unlisted_recipient/sender", the SMTP server mistakenly
      remembered that recipient/sender validation was already done.
* Wed Jul 09 2008
  - (fate#305005) Enable SMTPS in postfix ootb
* Tue Jun 17 2008
  - (bnc#396985) sending of NUL character disallowed by RFC2822
  - (bnc#397127) without relay is silent about undeliverable mails
* Tue May 13 2008
  -  (bnc#389670) - postfix generates invalid config
* Tue Apr 01 2008
  - remove dir /usr/share/omc/svcinfo.d as it is provided now
    by filesystem
* Tue Feb 26 2008
  - Update to Version 2.5 patchlevel 1
    Changes: The Postfix 2.5 "postfix upgrade-configuration" command
    now works even with Postfix 2.4 or earlier versions of the
    postfix command. When installing Postfix 2.5.0 without upgrading
    from an existing file, the new file had an
    incorrect process limit for the proxywrite service. This service
    is used only by the obscure "smtp_sasl_auth_cache_name" and
    "lmtp_sasl_auth_cache_name" configuration parameters. Someone
    needed multi-line support for header/body Milter replies. The
    LDAP client's TLS support was broken in several ways.
* Wed Feb 13 2008
  -  #360572 - postfix %post script leaves lots of backup files in /etc/postfix/
* Wed Jan 30 2008
  - Update to Version 2.5 patchlevel 0
      Major changes - critical
    - -----------------------
      [Incompat 20071224] The protocol to send Milter information from
      smtpd(8) to cleanup(8) processes was cleaned up. If you use the
      Milter feature, and upgrade a live Postfix system, you may see an
      "unexpected record type" warning from a cleanup(8) server process.
      To prevent this, execute the command "postfix reload".  The
      incompatibility affects only systems that use the Milter feature.
      It does not cause loss of mail, just a minor delay until the remote
      SMTP client retries.
      [Incompat 20071212] The allow_min_user feature now applies to both
      sender and recipient addresses in SMTP commands. With earlier Postfix
      versions, only recipients were subject to the allow_min_user feature,
      and the restriction took effect at mail delivery time, causing mail
      to be bounced later instead of being rejected immediately.
      [Incompat 20071206] The "make install" and "make upgrade" procedures
      now create a Postfix-owned directory for Postfix-writable data files
      such as caches and random numbers. The location is specified with
      the "data_directory" parameter (default: "/var/lib/postfix"), and
      the ownership is specified with the "mail_owner" parameter.
      [Incompat 20071206] The tlsmgr(8) and verify(8) servers no longer
      use root privileges when opening the address_verify_map,
    * _tls_session_cache_database, and tls_random_exchange_name cache
      files.  This avoids a potential security loophole where the ownership
      of a file (or directory) does not match the trust level of the
      content of that file (or directory).
      [Incompat 20071206] The tlsmgr(8) and verify(8) cache files should
      now be stored as Postfix-owned files under the Postfix-owned
      data_directory.  As a migration aid, attempts to open these files
      under a non-Postfix directory are redirected to the Postfix-owned
      data_directory, and a warning is logged.
      This is an example of the warning messages:
      Dec  6 12:56:22 bristle postfix/tlsmgr[7899]: warning: request
      to update file /etc/postfix/prng_exch in non-postfix directory
      Dec  6 12:56:22 bristle postfix/tlsmgr[7899]: warning: redirecting
      the request to postfix-owned data_directory /var/lib/postfix
      If you wish to continue using a pre-existing tls_random_exchange_name
      or address_verify_map file, move it to the Postfix-owned data_directory
      and change ownership from root to Postfix (that is, change ownership
      to the account specified with the mail_owner configuration parameter).
      [Feature 20071205] The "make install" and "make upgrade" procedures
      now create a Postfix-owned directory for Postfix-writable data files
      such as caches and random numbers. The location is specified with
      the "data_directory" parameter (default: "/var/lib/postfix"), and
      the ownership is specified with the "mail_owner" parameter.
      [Incompat 20071203] The "make upgrade" procedure adds a new service
      "proxywrite" to the file, for read/write lookup table
      access. If you copy your old configuration file over the updated
      one, you may see warnings in the maillog file like this:
      connect #xx to subsystem private/proxywrite: No such file or directory
      To recover, run "postfix upgrade-configuration" again.
      [Incompat 20070613] The pipe(8) delivery agent no longer allows
      delivery with the same group ID as the postdrop group.
      Major changes - malware defense
    - ------------------------------
      [Feature 20080107] New "pass" service type in  Written
      years ago, this allows future front-end daemons to accept all
      connections from the network, and to hand over connections from
      well-behaved clients to Postfix.  Since this feature uses file
      descriptor passing, it imposes no overhead once a connection is
      handed over to Postfix.  See master(5) for a few details.
      [Feature 20070911] Stress-adaptive behavior. When a "public" network
      service runs into an "all processes are busy" condition, the master(8)
      daemon logs a warning, restarts the service, and runs it with "-o
      stress=yes" on the command line (under normal conditions it runs
      the service with "-o stress=" on the command line).  This can be
      used to make parameter settings stress dependent, for
      smtpd_timeout = ${stress?10}${stress:300}
      smtpd_hard_error_limit = ${stress?1}${stress:20}
      Translation: under conditions of stress, use an smtpd_timeout value
      of 10 seconds instead of 300, and use smtpd_hard_error_limit of 1
      instead of 20. The syntax is explained in the postconf(5) manpage.
      The STRESS_README file gives examples of how to mitigate flooding
      Major changes - tls support
    - --------------------------
      [Incompat 20080109] TLS logging output has changed to make it more
      useful. Existing logfile parser regular expressions may need
    - More log entries include the "hostnamename[ipaddress]" of the
      remote SMTP peer.
    - Certificate trust chain error reports show only the first
      error certificate (closest to the trust chain root), and the
      reporting is more human-readable for the most likely errors.
    - After the completion of the TLS handshake, the session is logged
      with TLS loglevel >= 1 as either "Untrusted", "Trusted" or
      "Verified" (SMTP client only).
    - "Untrusted" means that the certificate trust chain is invalid,
      or that the root CA is not trusted.
    - "Trusted" means that the certificate trust chain is valid, and
      that the root CA is trusted.
    - "Verified" means that the certificate meets the SMTP client's
      matching criteria for the destination:
    - In the case of a destination name match, "Verified" also
      implies "Trusted".
    - In the case of a fingerprint match, CA trust is not applicable.
    - The logging of protocol states with TLS loglevel >= 2 no longer
      reports bogus error conditions when OpenSSL asks Postfix to refill
      (or flush) network I/O buffers.  This loglevel is for debugging
      only; use 0 or 1 in production configurations.
      [Feature 20080109] The Postfix SMTP client has a new "fingerprint"
      security level.  This avoids dependencies on CAs, and relies entirely
      on bi-lateral exchange of public keys (really self-signed or private
      CA signed X.509 public key certificates). Scalability is clearly
      limited. For details, see the fingerprint discussion in TLS_README.
      [Feature 20080109] The Postfix SMTP server can now use SHA1 instead
      of MD5 to compute remote SMTP client certificate fingerprints. For
      backwards compatibility, the default algorithm is MD5.  For details,
      see the "smtpd_tls_fingerprint_digest" parameter in the postconf(5)
      [Feature 20080109] The maximum certificate trust chain depth
      (verifydepth) is finally implemented in the Postfix TLS library.
      Previously, the parameter had no effect. The default depth was
      changed to 9 (the OpenSSL default) for backwards compatibility.
      If you have explicity limited the verification depth in,
      check that the configured limit meets your needs. See the
      "lmtp_tls_scert_verifydepth", "smtp_tls_scert_verifydepth" and
      "smtpd_tls_ccert_verifydepth" parameters in the postconf(5) manual.
      [Feature 20080109] The selection of SSL/TLS protocols for mandatory
      TLS can now use exclusion rather than inclusion. Either form is
      acceptable; see the "lmtp_tls_mandatory_protocols",
      "smtp_tls_mandatory_protocols" and "smtpd_tls_mandatory_protocols"
      parameters in the postconf(5) manual.
      Major changes - scheduler
    - ------------------------
      [Feature 20071130] Revised queue manager with separate mechanisms
      for per-destination concurrency control and for dead destination
      detection.  The concurrency control supports less-than-1 feedback
      to allow for more gradual concurrency adjustments, and uses hysteresis
      to avoid rapid oscillations.  A destination is declared "dead" after
      a configurable number of pseudo-cohorts(*) reports connection or
      handshake failure.
      (*) A pseudo-cohort is a number of delivery requests equal to a
      destination's delivery concurrency.
      The drawbacks of the old +/-1 feedback scheduler are a) overshoot
      due to exponential delivery concurrency growth with each pseudo-cohort(*)
      (5-10-20...); b) throttling down to zero concurrency after a single
      pseudo-cohort(*) failure. The latter was especially an issue with
      low-concurrency channels where a single failure could be sufficient
      to mark a destination as "dead", and suspend further deliveries.
      New configuration parameters: destination_concurrency_feedback_debug,
      default_destination_concurrency_failed_cohort_limit, as well as
      transport-specific versions of the same.
      The default parameter settings are backwards compatible with older
      Postfix versions. This may change after better defaults are field
      The updated SCHEDULER_README document describes the theory behind
      the new concurrency scheduler, as well as Patrik Rak's preemptive
      job scheduler. See postconf(5) for more extensive descriptions of
      the configuration parameters.
      Major changes - small/home office
    - --------------------------------
      [Feature 20080115] Preliminary SOHO_README document that combines
      bits and pieces from other document in one place, so that it is
      easier to find. This document describes the "mail sending" side
      [Feature 20071202] Output rate control in the queue manager. For
      example, specify "smtp_destination_rate_delay = 5m", to pause five
      minutes between message deliveries. More information in the postconf(5)
      manual under "default_destination_rate_delay".
      Major changes - smtp client
    - --------------------------
      [Incompat 20080114] The Postfix SMTP client now by default defers
      mail after a remote SMTP server rejects a SASL authentication
      attempt.  Specify "smtp_sasl_auth_soft_bounce = no" for the old
      [Feature 20080114] The Postfix SMTP client can now avoid making
      repeated SASL login failures with the same server, username and
      password.  To enable this safety feature, specify for example
      "smtp_sasl_auth_cache_name = proxy:btree:/var/lib/postfix/sasl_auth_cache"
      (access through the proxy service is required). Instead of trying
      to SASL authenticate, the Postfix SMTP client defers or bounces
      mail as controlled with the new smtp_sasl_auth_soft_bounce configuration
      [Feature 20071111] Header/body checks are now available in the SMTP
      client, after the implementation was moved from the cleanup server
      to a library module.  The SMTP client provides only actions that
      don't change the message delivery time or destination: warn, replace,
      prepend, ignore, dunno, ok.
      [Incompat 20070614] By default, the Postfix Cyrus SASL client no
      longer sends a SASL authoriZation ID (authzid); it sends only the
      SASL authentiCation ID (authcid) plus the authcid's password. Specify
      "send_cyrus_sasl_authzid = yes" to get the old behavior.
      Major changes - smtp server
    - --------------------------
      [Feature 20070724] Not really major. New support for RFC 3848
      (Received: headers with ESMTPS, ESMTPA, or ESMTPSA); updated SASL
      support according to RFC 4954, resulting in small changes to SMTP
      reply codes and (DSN) enhanced status codes.
      Major changes - milter
    - ---------------------
      [Incompat 20071224] The protocol to send Milter information from
      smtpd(8) to cleanup(8) processes was cleaned up. If you use the
      Milter feature, and upgrade a live Postfix system, you may see an
      "unexpected record type" warning from a cleanup(8) server process.
      To prevent this, execute the command "postfix reload".  The
      incompatibility affects only systems that use the Milter feature.
      It does not cause loss of mail, just a minor delay until the remote
      SMTP client retries.
      [Feature 20071221] Support for most of the Sendmail 8.14 Milter
      protocol features.
      To enable the new features specify "milter_protocol = 6" and link
      the filter application with a libmilter library from Sendmail 8.14
      or later.
      Sendmail 8.14 Milter features supported at this time:
      NR_EOH, NR_BODY: The filter can tell Postfix that it won't reply
      to some of the SMTP events that Postfix sends. This makes the
      protocol less chatty and improves performance.
    - SKIP: The filter can tell Postfix to skip sending the rest of
      the message body, which also improves performance.
    - HDR_LEADSPC: The filter can request that Postfix does not delete
      the first space character between header name and header value
      when sending a header to the filter, and that Postfix does not
      insert a space character between header name and header value
      when receiving a header from the filter.  This fixes a limitation
      in the old Milter protocol that can break DKIM and DK signatures.
    - SETSYMLIST: The filter can override one or more of the
      milter_xxx_macros parameter settings.
      Sendmail 8.14 Milter features not supported at this time:
    - RCPT_REJ: report rejected recipients to the mail filter.
    - CHGFROM: replace sender, with optional ESMTP command parameters.
    - ADDRCPT_PAR: add recipient, with optional ESMTP command parameters.
      It is unclear when (if ever) the missing features will be implemented.
      SMFIP_RCPT_REJ requires invasive changes in the SMTP server recipient
      processing and error handling.  SMFIR_CHGFROM and SMFIR_ADDRCPT_PAR
      require ESMTP command-line parsing in the cleanup server. Unfortunately,
      Sendmail's documentation does not specify what ESMTP options are
      supported, but only discusses examples of things that don't work.
      Major changes - address verification
    - -----------------------------------
      [Incompat 20070514] The default sender address for address verification
      probes was changed from "postmaster" to "double-bounce", so that
      the Postfix SMTP server no longer causes surprising behavior by
      excluding "postmaster" from SMTP server access controls.
      Major changes - ldap
    - -------------------
      [Incompat 20071216] Due to an incompatible API change between
      OpenLDAP 2.0.11 and 2.0.12, an LDAP client compiled for OpenLDAP
      version <= 2.0.11 will refuse to work with an OpenLDAP library
      version >= 2.0.12 and vice versa.
      Major changes - logging
    - ----------------------
      [Incompat 20080109] TLS logging output has changed to make it more
      useful. Existing logfile parser regular expressions may need
    - More log entries include the "hostnamename[ipaddress]" of the
      remote SMTP peer.
    - Certificate trust chain error reports show only the first
      error certificate (closest to the trust chain root), and the
      reporting is more human-readable for the most likely errors.
    - After the completion of the TLS handshake, the session is logged
      with TLS loglevel >= 1 as either "Untrusted", "Trusted" or
      "Verified" (SMTP client only).
    - "Untrusted" means that the certificate trust chain is invalid,
      or that the root CA is not trusted.
    - "Trusted" means that the certificate trust chain is valid, and
      that the root CA is trusted.
    - "Verified" means that the certificate meets the SMTP client's
      matching criteria for the destination:
    - In the case of a destination name match, "Verified" also
      implies "Trusted".
    - In the case of a fingerprint match, CA trust is not applicable.
    - The logging of protocol states with TLS loglevel >= 2 no longer
      reports bogus error conditions when OpenSSL asks Postfix to refill
      (or flush) network I/O buffers.  This loglevel is for debugging
      only; use 0 or 1 in production configurations.
      [Incompat 20071216] The SMTP "transcript of session" email now
      includes the remote SMTP server TCP port number.
      Major changes - loop detection
    - -----------------------------
      [Incompat 20070422] [Incompat 20070422] When the pipe(8) delivery
      agent is configured to create the optional Delivered-To: header,
      it now first checks if that same header is already present in the
      message. If so, the message is returned as undeliverable. This test
      should have been included with Postfix 2.0 when Delivered-To: support
      was added to the pipe(8) delivery agent.
* Tue Jan 08 2008
  - Remove previous fix
* Sun Dec 30 2007
  - #301335 - [SuSEconfig]: Postfix module uses stderr
* Tue Dec 04 2007
  - Update to Version 2.4 patchlevel 6
    Bugfix (introduced Postfix 2.2.11): TLS client certificate
    with unparsable canonical name caused the SMTP server's
    policy client to allocate zero-length memory, triggering
    an assertion that it shouldn't do such things.  File:
    Bugfix (introduced Postfix 2.4) missing initialization of
    event mask in the event_mask_drain() routine (used by the
    obsolete postkick(1) command). Found by Coverity.  File:
    Workaround: the flush daemon forces an access time update
    for the per-destination logfile, to prevent an excessive
    rate of delivery attempts when the queue file system is
    mounted with "noatime".  File: flush/flush.c.
  - #330276 – /sbin/conf.d/SuSEconfig.postfix could copy certs into smtpd_tls_CApath
* Mon Oct 22 2007
  - Use correct SuSEfirewall2 rule directory.
* Wed Oct 17 2007
  - #333629 - saslauthd typo in SuSEconfig.postfix
* Mon Oct 08 2007
  - #331044 - Postfix uses receive_override_options in
* Sun Sep 09 2007
  - fix the last fix
* Mon Sep 03 2007
  - fix the last fix
* Mon Sep 03 2007
  - Fixing bug: #297622 - SMTPD_LISTEN_REMOTE has no effect
* Sun Aug 05 2007
  - Update to Version 2.4 patchlevel 5
    Bugfix: the loopback TCP performance workaround was ineffective
    due to a wetware bit-flip during code cleanup.  File:
    (patch level 4)
    Bugfix: the Milter client assumed that a Milter application
    does not modify the message header or envelope, after that
    same Milter application has modified the message body of
    that same email message. This is not a problem with updates
    by different Milter applications.  Problem was triggered
    by Jose-Marcio Martins da Cruz. Also simplified the handling
    of queue file update errors. File: milter/milter8.c.
    Workaround: some non-Cyrus SASL SMTP servers require SASL
    login without authzid (authoriZation ID), i.e. the client
    must send only the authcid (authentiCation ID) + the authcid's
    password.  In this case the server is supposed to derive
    the authzid from the authcid. This works as expected when
    authenticating to a Cyrus SASL SMTP server.  To get the old
    behavior specify "send_cyrus_sasl_authzid = yes", in which
    case Postfix sends the (authzid, authcid, password), with
    the authzid equal to the authcid. File: xsasl/xsasl_cyrus_client.c.
    Portability: /dev/poll support for Solaris chroot jail setup
    scripts. Files: examples/chroot-setup/Solaris8,
    Cleanup: Milter client error handling, so that the (Postfix
    SMTP server's Milter client) does not get out of sync with
    Milter applications after the (cleanup server's Milter
    client) encounters some non-recoverable problem.  Files:
    milter/milter8.c, smtpd/smtpd.c.
    Performance: workaround for poor TCP performance on loopback
    ( connections. Problem reported by Mark Martinec.
    Files: util/vstream_tweak.c, milter/milter8.c, smtp/smtp_connect.c,
    Bugfix: when a milter replied with ACCEPT at or before the
    first RCPT command, the cleanup server would apply the
    non_smtpd_milters setting as if the message was a local
    submission. Problem reported by Jukka Salmi. Also, the
    cleanup server would get out of sync with the milter when
    a milter replied with ACCEPT at the DATA command. Files:
    cleanup/cleanup_envelope.c, smtpd/smtpd.c, milter/milters.c.
  - rediffed patches
* Tue Jul 31 2007
  - Update to Version 2.4 patchlevel 3
    (patch level 1)
    Bugfix (introduced Postfix 2.3): segfault with HOLD action
    in access/header_checks/body_checks on 64-bit platforms.
    File: cleanup/cleanup_api.c.
    Portability (introduced 20070325): the fix for hardlinks
    and symlinks in postfix-install forgot to work around shells
    where "IFS=/ command" makes the IFS setting permanent.  This
    is allowed by some broken standard, and affects Solaris.
    File: postfix-install.
    Portability (introduced 20070212): the workaround for
    non-existent library bugs with descriptors >= FD_SETSIZE
    broke with "fcntl F_DUPFD: Invalid argument" on 64-bit
    Solaris.  Files: master/multi_server.c, *qmgr/qmgr_transport.c.
    Cleanup: on (Linux) platforms that cripple signal handlers
    with deadlock, "postfix stop" now forcefully stops all the
    processes in the master's process group, not just the master
    process alone.  File: conf/postfix-script.
    (patch level 2)
    Bugfix: don't falsely report "lost connection from
    localhost[]" when Postfix is being portscanned.
    Files: smtpd/smtpd_peer.c, qmqpd/qmqpd_peer.c.
    Robustness: recommend a "0" process limit for policy servers
    to avoid "connection refused" problems when the smtpd process
    limit exceeds the default process limit.  File:
    Safety: when IPv6 (or IPv4) is turned off, don't treat an
    IPv6 (or IPv4) connection from e.g. inetd as if it comes
    from localhost[].  Files: smtpd/smtpd_peer.c,
    Bugfix: Content-Transfer-Encoding: attribute values are
    case insensitive. File: src/cleanup/cleanup_message.c.
    Bugfix: mailbox_transport(_maps) and fallback_transport(_maps)
    were broken when used with the error(8) or discard(8)
    transports. Cause: insufficient documentation.  Files:
    error/error.c, discard/discard.c.
    Bugfix (problem introduced Postfix 2.3): when DSN support
    was introduced it broke "agressive" recipient duplicate
    elimination with "enable_original_recipient = no".  File:
    Bugfix (introduced Postfix 2.3): the sendmail/postdrop
    commands would hang when trying to submit a message larger
    than the per-message size limit. File: postdrop/postdrop.c.
    Sabotage the saboteur who insists on breaking Postfix by
    adding gethostbyname() calls that cause maildir delivery
    to fail when the machine name is not found in /etc/hosts,
    or that cause Postfix processes to hang when the network
    is down.
    (patch level 3)
    Portability: Victor helpfully pointed out that change
    20070425 broke on non-IPv6 systems. Files: smtpd/smtpd_peer.c,
* Thu Jun 21 2007
  - Bug 285553  amavisd inconsistency
* Tue Jun 19 2007
  - provide smtp meta-service as well
* Mon Jun 11 2007
  - don't PreRequire /sbin/ip: removed call in SuSEconfig.postfix
* Thu May 03 2007
  - dynamic_maps.patch: readded the chunk for dict_tcp and dict_pcre
  - replaced prereq for postfix with a prereq on
    %{name} = %{version}
  - updated to postfix 2.4, patchlevel 0
    Major changes - safety
    * As a safety measure, Postfix now by default creates mailbox dotlock
      files on all systems. This prevents problems with GNU POP3D which
      subverts kernel locking by creating a new mailbox file and deleting
      the old one
    Major changes - Milter support
    * The support for Milter header modification
      requests was revised.  With minimal change in the on-disk representation,
      the code was greatly simplified, and regression tests were updated
      to ensure that old errors were not re-introduced.  The queue file
      format is entirely backwards compatible with Postfix 2.3.
    * Support for Milter requests to replace the message
      body.  Postfix now implements all the header/body modification
      requests that are available with Sendmail 8.13.
    * A new field is added to the queue file "size"
      record that specifies the message content length.  Postfix 2.3 and
      older Postfix 2.4 snapshots will ignore this field, and will report
      the message size as it was before the body was replaced.
    Major changes - TLS support
    * The check_smtpd_policy client sends TLS certificate
      attributes (client ccert_subject, ccert_issuer) only after successful
      client certificate verification. The reason is that the certification
      verification status itself is not available in the policy request.
    * The check_smtpd_policy client sends TLS certificate
      fingerprint information even when the certificate itself was not
    * The remote SMTP client TLS certificate fingerprint
      can be used for access control even when the certificate itself was
      not verified.
    * The format of SMTP server TLS session cache
      lookup keys has changed.  The lookup key now includes the
      service name.
    Major changes - performance
    * Better support for systems that run thousands
      of Postfix processes.  Postfix now supports FreeBSD kqueue(2),
      Solaris poll(7d) and Linux epoll(4) as more scalable alternatives
      to the traditional select(2) system call, and uses poll(2) when
      examining a single file descriptor for readability or writability.
      These features are supported on sufficiently recent versions of
      FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris and Linux; support for other
      systems will be added as evidence becomes available that usable
      implementations exist.
    Major changes - delivery status notifications
    * Small changes were made to the default bounce
      message templates, to prevent HTML-aware software from hiding or
      removing the text "<postmaster>", and producing misleading text.
    * Postfix no longer announces its name in delivery
      status notifications.  Users believe that Wietse provides a free
      help desk service that solves all their email problems.
    Major changes - ETRN support
    * More precise queue flushing with the ETRN,
      "postqueue -s site", and "sendmail -qRsite" commands, after
      minimization of race conditions.  New per-queue-file flushing with
      "postqueue -i queueid" and "sendmail -qIqueueid".
    Major changes - small office/home office support
    * Postfix no longer requires a domain name. It
      uses "localdomain" as the default Internet domain name when no
      domain is specified via or via the machine's hostname.
    Major changes - SMTP access control
    * The check_smtpd_policy client sends TLS certificate
      attributes (client ccert_subject, ccert_issuer) only after successful
      client certificate verification. The reason is that the certification
      verification status itself is not available in the policy request.
    * The check_smtpd_policy client sends TLS certificate
      fingerprint information even when the certificate itself was not
    * The remote SMTP client TLS certificate fingerprint can be used for
      access control even when the certificate itself was not verified.
    * The Postfix installation procedure no longer
      updates with "unknown_local_recipient_reject_code = 450".
      Four years after the introduction of mandatory recipient validation,
      this transitional tool is no longer neeed.
* Thu Mar 29 2007
  - Add pwdutils BuildRequires to allow postinst script to succeed.
  - Add /usr/share/omc directory.
* Mon Feb 26 2007
  - #247351 - postfix - Ports for SuSEfirewall added via packages
  - Move postfix.xml into the postfix-SuSE tarball
  - #228479 - Postfix is configured for inet_protocols=all if
    selecting ipv4 only support during installation.
    Now we set both inet_protocols and inet_interfaces to all.
    This means the available interfaces and protocols will be used.
    To avoid bogus warnings inet_proto.c was patched.
  - #251598 - postfix use pointers for literals
* Mon Jan 15 2007
  - #144104 - postfix does not start
  - Implementing Fate #301840: Postfix XML Service Description Document
  - Enhancing /etc/sysconfig/postfix descripton to avoid problems
    like Bug 228678 - Problems with setting up chroot environment if
    /var/spool is not on same filesystem as /var
* Wed Nov 22 2006
  - moved the dict handling into a preun script instead of postun
    and do not remove the dict entry on upgrade (#223176)
  - removed duplicates in the filelists.
* Fri Nov 10 2006
  - #218229 - Postfix SuSEconfig script increases the max_proc line each run in
* Sat Oct 28 2006
  - #206414 - /usr/lib/sasl2/smtpd.conf misplaced
* Tue Oct 24 2006
  - #202119 – SuSEconfig script for Postfix incomplete
  - #202162 – Postfix 2.3.2 slightly incorrect, Cyrus SASL unavailable
  - #203174 – /sbin/conf.d/SuSEconfig.postfix should configure a TLS session cache for postfix 2.2
  - #203575 – postfix-2.2.9-10 chokes without scache
  - #213589 - No development package/headers for postfix
* Tue Aug 15 2006
  - also add*
* Mon Aug 14 2006
  - updated to postfix 2.3, patchlevel 2
  - Major changes
    - Name server replies that contain a malformed hostname are now flagged
      as permanent errors instead of transient errors.
    - DSN support as described in RFC 3461 .. RFC 3464.
    - The SMTP client now implements the LMTP protocol.
    - Milter (mail filter) application support, compatible with Sendmail
      version 8.13.6 and earlier.
  - Major changes - SASL authentication
    - Plug-in support for SASL authentication in the SMTP server and in the
      SMTP/LMTP client.
    - The Postfix-with-Cyrus-SASL build procedure has changed.
    - Support for sender-dependent ISP accounts.
  - Major changes - SMTP client
    - The SMTP client now implements the LMTP protocol.
    - This version addresses a performance stability problem with remote
      SMTP servers.
  - Major changes - SMTP server
    - The Postfix SMTP server now refuses to receive mail from the network
      if it isn't running with postfix mail_owner privileges.
    - Optional suppression of remote SMTP client hostname lookup and hostname
    - SMTPD Access control based on the existence of an address->name mapping
  - Major changes - TLS
    - New concept: TLS security levels ("none", "may", "encrypt", "verify"
      or "secure") in the Postfix SMTP client.
    - Both the Postfix SMTP client and server can be configured without a
      client or server certificate.
  - See
    for detailed informations.
* Wed Aug 02 2006
  - Only %{conf_backup_dir} is contained by the package not /var/adm/backup
* Mon Jul 10 2006
  - Bugfix: #190639 Default number of processes for postfix
  - Bugfix: #190270 postfix-postgresql
* Fri Jun 02 2006
  - Bugfix: #98188 - SuSE.tar.gz filename collision in cyrus/postfix SRPMs
* Mon Apr 24 2006
  - Bugfix: #165786 - yast2-mail modul uses obsolate postfix attributes
* Mon Mar 20 2006
  - updated to postfix 2.2, patchlevel 9.
  - Reasons:
    Bugfix: the LMTP client would reuse a session after negative
      reply to the RSET command (which may happen when client and
      server somehow get out of sync).
    Bugfix: race condition in the connection caching protocol,
      causing the SMTP delivery agent to hang after delivering
      mail, while trying to save a connection.
    Bugfix: the best_mx_transport, mailbox_transport and
      fallback_transport features did not write a per-recipient
      defer logfile record when the target delivery agent was
    Bugfix: an EHLO I/O error after STARTTLS would be reported
      as a STARTTLS I/O error.
    Bugfix: the *SQL, proxy and LDAP maps were not defined in
      user-land commands such as postqueue.
    Bugfix: the anvil server would terminate after "max_idle"
      seconds, even when this was less than the anvil_rate_time_unit
    Portability: 64-bit support for LINUX chroot script by Keith
    Safety: new "smtp_cname_overrides_servername" parameter.
    Bugfix: mailbox_command_maps was not subject to $name
    Bugfix: don't ignore the per-site policy when SSL library
      initialization fails.
    Bugfix: a TLS per-site MUST_NOPEERMATCH policy could not
      override a stronger policy, while a per-site NONE
      policy could.
    Bugfix: a combined TLS per-site (host, recipient) policy
      of (NONE, MAY) changed a global MUST policy into NONE, and
      a global MUST_NOPEERMATCH into MAY. The result is now NONE.
      Problem found by exhaustive simulation.
    Bugfix: an empty remote_header_rewrite_domain value caused
      trivial-rewrite to dereference a null pointer, but only in
      regression tests, not in production.  Postfix rewrites
      addresses in the remote rewriting context only when the
      remote_header_rewrite_domain parameter value is non-empty.
    Workaround: a malformed domain name lookup result (such as
      null MX record) is now treated as a hard error, so that
      Postfix will no longer repeatedly try to deliver mail until
      the message expires in the queue.  However, this will not
      reject mail with reject_unknown_sender/recipient_domain.
      That would require too much change for a stable release.
* Fri Jan 27 2006
  - converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires
* Tue Jan 24 2006
  - Fixing the spec-file
  - Bugfix: ID#143682 - Spurious (obsoleted?) configuration variable in postfix's
* Mon Jan 23 2006
  - Bugfix: ID#140173 postfix allows relaying on the whole subnet
  - Bugfix: ID#144091 postfix doesn't start with the latest kernel
* Fri Jan 20 2006
  - Bugfix: ID#144091
  - Postfix makes an entry in slp servre for smtp & smtps
* Mon Jan 16 2006
  - removing openldap from "neededforbuild"
* Wed Nov 30 2005
  - updated to postfix 2.2, patchlevel 6
* Tue Oct 11 2005
  - added patch ldap_api_changes.patch: openldap2.3 enforces to use
    "The C LDAP Application Program Interface"
* Mon Aug 15 2005
  - Bugfix Bugzilla ID#104663 - consistent use of variables in postfix
  - Bugfix Bugzilla ID#104568 - SuSEconfig.postfix doesnt set $PATH properly to
    find all binaries.
* Fri Aug 12 2005
  - Package the /usr/lib/sendmail -> /usr/sbin/sendmail link [#102947]
* Tue Jul 26 2005
  - Bugfix Bugzilla ID#93884 - package postfix uses -fsigned-char
    Remove -fsigned-char option for ppc and s390 archs
* Mon Jul 25 2005
  - updated to postfix 2.2, patchlevel 5:
    - Portability: the connection caching code broke on LP64
      systems (inherited from Stevens Network Programming).
      Files:  util/unix_send_fd.c, util/unix_recv_fd.c. This code
      is back-ported from the Postfix 2.3 snapshot release.
    - Robustness: the SMTP client now disables connection caching
      when it is unable to communicate with the scache(8) server,
      instead of looping forever and not delivering mail. File:
      global/scache_clnt.c.  This code is back-ported from the
      Postfix 2.3 snapshot release.
    - Portability: after sending a socket, the scache(8) server
      now waits for an ACK from the connection cache client before
      closing the socket that it just sent. Files: scache/scache.c,
      global/scache_clnt.c. This code is back-ported from the
      Postfix 2.3 snapshot release.
    - Portability: on LP64 systems, integer expressions are int,
      but sizeof() and pointer difference expressions are larger.
      Point fixes for a few discrepancies with variadic functions
      that expect int (the permanent fix is to change the receiving
      modules, but that results in too much change, and is not
      allowed in the stable release).  Files: tls/tls_scache.c,
      util/clean_env.c, util/vstring.h, smtpstone/qmqp-source.c.
* Mon Jul 18 2005
  - force to set strict_8bitmime to "no" when POSTFIX_MDA != cyrus,
    because once it is set to "yes", nobody sets it back.
  - only install /etc/pam.d/smtp if suse_version > 920
  - use Prereq instead of Requires for mysql and postgresql subpackages
* Wed Jul 13 2005
  - added /etc/pam.d/smtp configuration file
* Thu Jul 07 2005
  - Fixed build on x86_64: use -fPIC for libraries and -fPIE for the
* Tue Jul 05 2005
  - applied dynamic maps patch of LaMont Jones at debian
  - Fix to SuSEconfig.postfix: only touch tlsmgr line in,
    if it is the new one using unix socket instead of fifo
* Thu Jun 30 2005
  - build with -fPIE (not -fpie) to avoid GOT overflow on s390x
* Thu Jun 23 2005
  - updated to postfix 2.2, patchlevel 4
* Fri Jun 17 2005
  - fixed build using -pie/-fpie (hopefully)
* Fri Jun 17 2005
  - Build using -pie
* Fri May 13 2005
  - set strict_8bitmime parameter to yes when using cyrus mailbox
* Wed May 04 2005
  - Bugfix ID#66325 - postfix: permissions
    also ship a postfix.paranoid file with the package with all suid and sgid
    bits disabled
* Tue May 03 2005
  - updated to postfix 2.2, patchlevel 3
  - Bugfix ID#75717 - postfix init scripts reports success allthough postfix is
    not running:
    use checkproc again instead of "master -t", as "master -t" seems to be broken
* Thu Apr 21 2005
  - updated to postfix 2.2, patchlevel 2
  - Bugfix ID#74712, problems with read-only mounting of $chroot/proc:
    don't mount /var/spool/postfix/proc ro as that results in /proc also mounted
  - Bugfix ID#74709, postfix configuration and USE_IPV6 in
* Tue Mar 15 2005
  - updated to postfix 2.2, patchlevel 1
    Postfix 2.2.1 solves four portability problems that surfaced in
    the week since the 2.2.0 release, one harmless bug in the TLS
    session cache cleaning code, and cleans up minor documentation
* Thu Mar 10 2005
  - 2.2.0 is out
* Mon Mar 07 2005
  - update to RC2
* Wed Mar 02 2005
  - make it compile with gcc4
* Mon Feb 28 2005
  - RC1 of 2.2 is out
* Fri Feb 18 2005
  - use "usr/sbin/postfix upgrade-configuration" now instead of
    "etc/postfix/post-install upgrade-package"
* Thu Feb 17 2005
  - removed some @ chars (don't know how they slipped in)
* Thu Feb 17 2005
  - update to current pre 2.2 snapshot (2.2-20050216)
    2.2 release could happen next week
* Thu Feb 10 2005
  - added patch needed for the Kolab project (this patch is part of the upcoming
    postfix 2-2 release), see
* Thu Feb 03 2005
  - s/X-UnitedLinux-Should-Start/Should-Start/
* Wed Feb 02 2005
  - added long_header.patch
    long lines piped into postfix sendmail can lead to errors.
* Wed Feb 02 2005
  - Bugfix ID#49307: faster postfix startup: don't use hashed directories if
    - added patch empty_hash_queue_names.patch to be able to modify
      hash_queue_names parameter.
    - added check to %post to change hash_queue_names in case of
      /var/spool/postfix residing on a reiserfs partition when doing
      a fresh installation
  - Bugfix ID#50386 - postfix must prereq /sbin/ip (iproute2)
* Fri Jan 28 2005
  - updated tls+ipv6 patchkit to v1.26
    - Bugfix: Incomplete error checking in getaddrinfo() could cause lmtpd to
      crash with debug_peer_list defined. Carsten Hoeger, SuSE.  File:
    - Linux workaround: When mynetworks isn't set, a chrooted process could not
      read the IPv6 address information from /proc. We now invoke own_inet_addr()
      before chrooting, while processing [backported from 2.2-nonprod
      snapshot] File: global/mail_params.c
    - Safety: when IPv6 netmask can't be determined, mynetworks is not set and
      mynetworks_style = subnet, assume /128 (host only). Until now, Tru64Unix
      assumed /64 (good for real subnets, but not safe for tunnel ranges etc.).
      File: util/inet_addr_local.c
* Sat Jan 15 2005
  - Use <owner>:<group> in permissions file.
* Thu Jan 13 2005
  - Two fixes to ipv6-patch related bugs:
    - Bugfix Bugzilla ID#49435 - VUL-0: Postfix, permit_mx_backup, IPv6, chroot
    - -> Open Relay!
    - Bugfix Bugzilla ID#49695 - SEGV while lmtp delivery
  - mount /proc into chroot jail to be able to access /proc/net/if_inet6
* Wed Nov 24 2004
  - Put options first in find command line.
* Tue Nov 09 2004
  - setting LC_ALL=POSIX in SuSEconfig.postfix
* Wed Sep 29 2004
  - Bugfix Bugzilla ID#46462, postfix should switch biff off
* Tue Sep 21 2004
  - updated to  postfix 2.1, patchlevel 5
    (several small bugfixes)
  - updated tls+ipv6 patchkit (there have been some small bugs)
  - use v4 address as amavisd-new local contact address
    as amavisd is not listening on any v6 address
* Mon Sep 20 2004
  - also chmod the .db file resulting of a postmap (related to
    bugfix ID#39045
* Thu Sep 16 2004
  - Bugfix Bugzilla ID#39045 - tls_per_site table updates in SuSEconfig.postfix
    introduced POSTFIX_MAP_LIST in /etc/sysconfig/postfix where additional
    maps maintained by SuSEconfig.postfix can be added
* Thu Sep 16 2004
  - Bugfix Bugzilla ID#45252 - rpm calls SuSEconfig.permissions which calls rpm
    - > 3 minute timeout
    Also don't call rpm from SuSEconfig.postfix
  - Speedup: set timestamp of $TMPDIR/ into the past to workaround
    postconf safety which is not neccessary, because we do not touch the,
    the postfix daemons are using.
* Mon Sep 13 2004
  - added $time to Required-Start in init-script
* Thu Aug 26 2004
  - do not filter locally delivered mail when USE_AMAVIS=yes
    (don't set content_filter=vscan in
  - removed obsolete vscan service definition from
* Fri Aug 20 2004
  - use "$MASTER_BIN -t" to check whether postfix is already running
    in start section of init-script. That's more reliable then checkproc.
* Wed Jul 14 2004
  - Bugfix Bugzilla ID#42995 - SuSEconfig.postfix should ignore
    .swp and other files in /etc/aliases.d
* Tue Jul 13 2004
  - Bugfix Bugzilla ID#42281,  openssl ca segfaults:
    added missing [ policy_anything ] configuration
    options to openssl.cnf
* Mon Jul 12 2004
  - updated to  postfix 2.1, patchlevel 4
  - updated tls+ipv6 patchkit to v1.25
  - new feature POSTFIX_REGISTER_SLP in /etc/sysconfig/postfix
    to be able to totally disable slptool from being started
* Tue May 25 2004
  - updated tls+ipv6 patchkit to v1.24:
    - Bugfix: Prefixlen non-null host portion validation (in CIDR maps for
      example) yielded incorrect results sometimes because signed arithmetic was
      used instad of unsigned.
    - Patch correction: The TLS+IPv6 patch for Postfix 2.1.0 missed the
      update (used for new installattions). Added it back.
  - as tls and ipv6 patches have not been completely ported to postfix 2.1
    new documentation system, especially the new postconf(5) manpage is
    missing the complete ipv6 and tls related configuration parameters,
    readded the sample-* files from ipv6+tls to %doc/samples
* Tue May 04 2004
  - update to postfix 2.1, patchlevel 1:
    - Patch 01 fixes a signal 11 problem in the check_policy_service
    feature when SASL support is compiled in but turned off in the
    SMTP server (smtpd_sasl_auth_enable = no).
* Wed Apr 28 2004
  - added now officially released tls patchkit 0.8.18-2.1.0-0.9.7d to
    the source package for the user to be able to build a non-ipv6
    postfix package
* Mon Apr 26 2004
  - official tls+ipv6 v1.23 patchkit released:
    - Patch fixes: Several code fixes to make the patch compile and work
      correctly when compiled without IPv6 support.
    - Bugfix (Solaris only?): address family length was not updated
      which could cause client hostname validation errors.  File:
    - Portability: added support for Darwin 7.3+. This may need some
      further testing.
    - Cleanup: Restructure and redocument interface address retrieval
      functions. (This reduced the number of preprocessor statements
      from 99 to 93 ;) File: util/inet_addr_local.c
    - Cleanup: make several explicit casts to have compilers shut their
      pie holes about uninteresting things.
* Fri Apr 23 2004
  - update to final postfix v2.1
* Wed Apr 21 2004
  - Bugfix: changed {main,master}.cf backup path in specfile, but not in
    SuSEconfig script
* Wed Apr 21 2004
  - update to postfix 2.1 RC5
* Mon Apr 19 2004
  - update to current postfix 2.1 release candidate (RC4)
* Wed Apr 07 2004
  - Bugfix Bugzilla ID#38569, exit SuSEconfig.postfix if
    mktemp fails
* Tue Mar 30 2004
  - Bugfix Bugzilla ID#37409
    the saslauthd socket is not copied to chroot jail due to
    a wrong test in SuSEconfig.postfix (used -L instead of -S)
* Mon Mar 29 2004
  - only add ::1 to inet_interfaces when SMTPD_LISTEN_REMOTE=no
    AND ipv6 is enabled
* Mon Mar 29 2004
  - Bugfix Bug ID#37293, SuSEConfig complains POSTFIX_ADD_* parameters are
    unknown (in turkish locale settings)
    added LC_CTYPE=POSIX to SuSEconfig.postfix
* Thu Mar 25 2004
  - updated to tls+ipv6 version 1.22 (related to Bugzilla ID#35884)
    - Feature: Support "inet_interfaces = IPv4:all" and "inet_interfaces =
      IPv6:all", to restrict postfix to use either IPv4-only or IPv6-only. A more
      complete implementation will be part of a future patch. (Slightly modified)
      patch by Michal Ludvig, SuSE.  Files: util/interfaces_to_af.[ch],
      util/inet_addr_local.c, global/own_inet_addr.c,
      global/wildcard_inet_addr.[ch], master/
    - Bugfix: In Postfix snapshots, a #define was misplaced with the effect that
      IPv6 subnets were not included in auto- generated $mynetworks (i.e.,
      mynetworks not defined in, when also mynetworks_style=subnet) on
      Linux 2.x systems.  File: utils/sys_defs.h
  - now adding ::1 to inet_interfaces when SMTPD_LISTEN_REMOTE=no
    (related to Bugzilla ID#35884)
  - enabled ipv6 again
* Thu Mar 18 2004
  - updated to most recent snapshot version 2.0.19-20040312:
    Patch 19 fixes two low-priority problems:
    - When mail is submitted at a high rate with the Postfix sendmail
      command, the pickup daemon is keps busy long enough that it it
      terminated by the watchdog timer (a feature that prevents Postfix
      from locking up permanently).
    - Malformed addresses in SMTP commands could result in table looks
      with zero-length search strings, causing trouble with NIS lookups.
* Wed Mar 17 2004
  - disable IPv6 patch as it introduces problems for people
    who do not use IPv6, see Bugzilla ID#35884,
    "ipv6 mynetworks don't work"
* Mon Mar 08 2004
  - be a nice packager and strictly follow
    (added setgid_group=... to post-install upgrade-package)
* Fri Feb 27 2004
  - update to most recent version 2.0.18-20040209
* Mon Feb 23 2004
  - Bugfix Bugzilla ID#34817, SuSEconfig.postfix doesn't specify direct path to
    "postconf" and generates errors if run via sudo by a non-root user.
* Fri Feb 06 2004
  - update to postfix 2.0.18-20040205
  - enabled tls+ipv6 patch as it is now available for latest
    pre 2.1 snapshot
* Mon Feb 02 2004
  - finally, the official TLS patchkit of Lutz hit the ground
* Mon Feb 02 2004
  - additional fix for the TLS extensions patch
    should also fix Bugzilla ID#34218
* Fri Jan 23 2004
  - fixed the smtp segfault
* Thu Jan 22 2004
  - updated to postfix 2.0.18-20040122
  - added new feature for specfile usetls to en/dis-able TLS
  - temporary removed TLS support (self adapted patch to most recent
    postfix snapshot version) as it currently results in smtp segfaulting
* Thu Jan 22 2004
  - update to recent postfix snapshot version 2.0.17-20040120
    which will become the next official release 2.1 around
    next week according to Wietse Venema.
  - added possibility to compile using the combined IPV6/TLS patch
    which can be downloaded from
    just set useipv6 to 1 at the top of the specfile.
* Thu Jan 22 2004
  - remove call to ldap_enable_cache
    (function has been removed from openldap and was already
    obsolete before (warning was issued back then))
* Wed Jan 14 2004
  - added openslp register/derigister calls to postfix init-script
* Mon Jan 12 2004
  - add postfix user to group mail in case of POSTFIX_MDA==cyrus
    to let postfix lmtp access /var/lib/imap/socket/lmtp
* Thu Jan 08 2004
  - Bugfix Bugzilla ID#33421, SMTP-Auth and relaying
    added permit_sasl_authenticated also to smtpd_recipient_restrictions
    in SuSEconfig.postfix
* Mon Dec 01 2003
  - always create temp files and always remove them later on
* Mon Nov 17 2003
  - some .spec improvements
* Thu Oct 30 2003
  - Run SuSEconfig after install
* Wed Oct 29 2003
  - Don't build as root
  - Be nice and clean up after ourselves
* Tue Oct 14 2003
  - update to postfix v2.0.16
  - update to tls extensions v0.8.16
  - Fix for Bugzilla ID#32114, fixed some if condition syntaxes
* Tue Sep 16 2003
  - fixed example for POSTFIX_RELAYHOST, Bug ID#30756
* Mon Sep 08 2003
  - updated some sysconfig descriptions
  - removed from the examples, Bug ID#30215
* Thu Sep 04 2003
  - Fix next useradd call
* Wed Sep 03 2003
  - conf/postfix-files as input for /etc/permissions.d/postfix (Bug ID#29915)
  - generate better amavisd-new line:
    limit maxproc to 2 and use brackets around localhost
    (Bug ID#29917)
* Mon Sep 01 2003
  - use conf/postfix-files as input for directories and permissions
    for files/directories in/below $queue_directory and $command_directory
  - use /var/lib/imap/socket/lmtp as lmtp socket in SuSEconfig.postfix
    and change access modes of /var/lib/imap and /var/lib/imap/socket
    to let postfix lmtp access the unix socket
* Fri Aug 29 2003
  - Create postfix user as system account [Bug #29611]
* Fri Aug 29 2003
  - Adjust sendmail permissions
  - Create /var/spool/postfix/public with permissions postfix is
* Thu Aug 28 2003
  - Add sendmail to /etc/sysconfig/mail
* Thu Aug 14 2003
  - update to Postfix 2.0 Patch 14
  - Bugfix Bugzilla ID#28921:
    missing activation metadata in sysconfig template
* Wed Jul 30 2003
  - new macros for stop/restart of services on rpm update/removal
* Mon Jul 21 2003
  - chown user:group instead of
* Fri Jul 11 2003
  - update to tls extensions 0.8.15-2.0.13-0.9.7b
* Tue Jul 01 2003
  - updated SuSEconfig to use amavisd-new instead of amavis[d]-postfix
* Mon Jun 30 2003
  - update to Postfix 2.0 Patch 13
  - After "postfix reload", the master daemon now warns when the
    inet_interfaces parameter setting has changed, and ignores the
    change, instead of passing incorrect information to the smtp
  - After the postdrop command change with Postfix 2.0.11, the postcat
    command no longer recognized "maildrop" queue files as valid.
  - Mail could bounce when two messages were delivered simultaneously
    to a non-existent mailbox file. The safe_open() code that prevents
    race condition exploits will now try a little harder when it
    actually encounters a race condition.
  - update to tls extensions 0.8.14-2.0.12-0.9.7b
* Thu Jun 12 2003
  - also change path to smtpd.conf in sysconfig template parameter
    description dependent on what %{_lib} is set to.
* Thu Jun 12 2003
  - update to postfix 2.0, patchlevel 12
* Wed Jun 11 2003
  - mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{_libdir}/sasl2 instead of
    and we also can build on 64bit archs
* Wed Jun 11 2003
  - package /usr/lib/sasl2/smtpd.conf using %{_libdir}/sasl2/smtpd.conf
  - added /etc/postfix to filelist
* Wed Jun 11 2003
  - update to postfix 2.0, patchlevel 11
  - update to tls extensions 0.8.13-2.0.10-0.9.7b
* Fri May 23 2003
  - updated SuSE/ toplevel comments
* Fri May 23 2003
  - update to postfix 2.0, patchlevel 10
* Mon May 19 2003
  - remove installed (but unpackaged) file /etc/postfix/aliases
* Mon May 19 2003
  - path to ca, certificate and key is relative to $POSTFIX_SSL_PATH,
    added $POSTFIX_SSL_PATH/ to the relevant parts of SuSEconfig.postfix
* Wed May 14 2003
  - correctly handle new POSTFIX_SMTP_TLS_CLIENT parameter in
    SuSEconfig.postfix (activate/deactivate entries)
* Wed May 14 2003
  - added libxcrypt to chroot jail, Bugzilla ID#25766
* Tue May 13 2003
  - added TLS_CLIENT support, Bugzilla ID#26647
* Wed Apr 23 2003
  - update to postfix 2.0, patchlevel 9
* Tue Apr 15 2003
  - fixed neededforbuild
* Mon Apr 07 2003
  - update to postfix 2.0, patchlevel 7
  - update to tls extensions 0.8.13-2.0.6-0.9.7a
  - Bugfix Bugzilla ID#25905, do not restrict mailbox size per default
* Sat Mar 08 2003
  - use checkproc to check if there really is a postfix master
    process running when there's a pid file lying around.
    (Bugzilla ID#24910)
* Thu Mar 06 2003
  - update to Postfix 2.0 Patch 06
  - Postfix now truncates non-address information in message address
    headers (comments, etc.) to 250 characters per address. This should
    rarely present a problem.  Reportedly, junk mail from poorly written
    software can trigger the protection, but that is no great loss.
  - Some little fixes to documentation.
* Tue Mar 04 2003
  - update to Postfix 2.0 Patch 05
  - The SMTP server's hard and soft error limits were off by one.
    With "smtpd_hard_error_limit = 1", Postfix will now disconnect
    after the first error, instead of the second one.
  - The proxymap server could deadlock when the mydestination parameter
    setting included a proxymapped lookup table.
  - Some little fixes to documentation.
* Sat Mar 01 2003
  - when updating postfix, check whether post-install changed
    main/ and update md5sums to not confuse SuSEconfig
  - when installing postfix on a fresh system, create md5sums
    in %post to be able to let check_md5_and_move() detect
    changes that a user might have done without running SuSEconfig
* Thu Feb 27 2003
  - no longer remove md5sums of and during
    postinstall, as SuSEconfig then no longer knows, whether had been modified by the user.
    Disadvantage: as postfix permanently needs basic changes
    to both main and, SuSEconfig.postfix will frequently
    generate .SuSEconfig files although the user did not change anything
    Bugzilla ID#24432
* Fri Feb 21 2003
  - update to Postfix 2.0 Patch 04
    - The format of maildir filenames is synchronized with the present
      version of the maildir definition document. This format was already
      adopted by the 20030126 snapshot release.
    - The time limit on delivery to external commands was not enforced.
      This was broken probably some time before the first public Postfix
    - Duplicate elimination after virtual alias expansion works again.
      This was broken with the introduction of the original recipient
    - The local pickup daemon dropped incomplete records from local
      submissions. This was broken somewhere in the middle of 2002.
* Sat Feb 15 2003
  - Bugfix Bugzilla ID#23675: new service proxymap will not be
    appended during update
* Mon Feb 10 2003
  - also check whether amavisd-postfix is installed and set up
    filter section in
* Thu Jan 30 2003
  - update to Postfix 2.0 Patch 03
    - Postfix 2.0 broke relocated table lookup results with mail not
      rejected at the SMTP port, causing "User has moved to" text to be
    - A widely used maildir filename generating algorithm was broken.
      This affects all Postfix versions with maildir support. Instead of
    - Postfix 2.0 gave incorrect FILTER_README instructions for sites
      that wish to disable virtual alias mapping before the content
  - postfix-lib64.patch code now integrated in postfix
* Fri Jan 24 2003
  - changed SuSEconfig.postfix and smtpd.conf to use sasl2
* Thu Jan 23 2003
  - forgot to add tlsmgr to
* Thu Jan 23 2003
  - Hmmm, just noticed, that suddenly 2.0.0.x became 2.0.x
    must have missed something...
  - updated SuSE/ (new proxymap service)
* Thu Jan 16 2003
  - added POSTFIX_ADD_MESSAGE_SIZE_LIMIT as example to sysconfig.postfix
    (Bugzilla ID#22907)
* Tue Jan 14 2003
  - build using sasl2
* Fri Jan 10 2003
  - update to postfix v2 (version
* Wed Dec 11 2002
  - added sysconfig metadata to sysconfig templates
  - updated to new tls extensions
* Fri Nov 29 2002
  - Bugfix Bugzilla ID#21865: don't copy directories into
    directories when updating chroot jail in cpifnewer()
  - Update to version 1.11, pl12
* Tue Nov 19 2002
  - new SuSEconfig.postfix features:
    . SMTP-AUTH server
    . SMTP-AUTH client
    . TLS Server
* Tue Nov 05 2002
  - quote args of tr command
* Mon Nov 04 2002
  - new feature: POSTFIX_ADD_* command in sysconfig/postfix to
    be able to add any regular postfix command via SuSEconfig
  - Bugfix Bugzilla ID#21120 added POSTFIX_ADD_MAILBOX_SIZE_LIMIT
    as example with value 0 (unlimited)
  - added a header to explaining that many postfix
    parameters have been added to the end of
* Tue Oct 15 2002
  - Bugfix for Bugzilla ID#20754
    missed some parameters when restoring or
    from scratch
* Wed Oct 09 2002
  - NULLCLIENT did not work because SuSEconfig searches for the wrong
* Mon Oct 07 2002
  - Bugfix related to Bugzilla IDs  20506, 18298, 19294:
    masquerade_classes should not be extended by envelope_recipient
* Fri Sep 06 2002
  - added ypbind to X-UnitedLinux-Should-Start in init-script
* Wed Aug 28 2002
  - added restoration mechanism to restore and/or
    if they got deleted by (intention or) accident to SuSEconfig.postfix
  - added ldap to X-UnitedLinux-Should-Start
* Mon Aug 26 2002
  - Bugfix Bugzilla ID#18298: when setting FROM_HEADER, also unqualified
    envelope recipients should be qualified to FROM_HEADER, not to
    myorigin, added envelope_recipient to masquerade_classes
  - Bugfix Bugzilla ID#18297: %post touches and so it
    may happen, that an update leaves .SuSEconfig files.
    Remove /var/adm/SuSEconfig/md5/etc/postfix/ and
    in %post
  - Bugfix Bugzilla ID#18301: sendmail and postfix have different
    opinions on the usage of NULLCLIENT. Moved NULLCLIENT to
  - added exim to Conflicts
* Thu Aug 22 2002
  - wait for qmgr in the background for a maximum of 60 seconds
* Wed Aug 21 2002
  - Bugfix for init-script:
    wait for qmgr to be ready before calling postfix flush
* Wed Aug 14 2002
  - added accidently removed line in for amavis,
    Bugzilla ID#17732
* Tue Aug 13 2002
  - exclude .rpmsave and .rpmorig from /etc/aliases.d expansion
* Wed Aug 07 2002
  - added netcfg to Prereq (/etc/aliases)
* Tue Aug 06 2002
  - added pcre openldap2-client to prereq (Bugzilla ID#17447)
* Mon Aug 05 2002
  - completed Prereq
* Fri Jul 19 2002
  - Bugfix for the handling of POSTFIX_MASQUERADE_DOMAIN
  - removed from SuSE.tar.gz
  - added X-UnitedLinux-Should-Start: cyrus to init-script
* Thu Jul 18 2002
  - set local as default MDA again
    reason: postfix does not execute any external programs like procmail
    with uid 0, so root mails will go to /var/mail/nobody, which
    will confuse people
  - remove setting of SUSE_RELEASE version in the (E)SMTP banner
* Fri Jul 12 2002
  - removed /etc/aliases from filelist, it's now in netcfg
* Thu Jul 11 2002
  - removed 'q' flag from vscan transport definition, because
    current amavis versions have a rfc2821_mailbox_addr function
  - remove old aliases.db files in %post
  - do not use unset in %post
* Mon Jul 08 2002
  - make procmail the default MDA
* Fri Jul 05 2002
  - use %{_lib} macro to detect platforms with lib64
* Fri Jul 05 2002
  - make chroot jail function lib64 aware
* Thu Jul 04 2002
  - fixed libnsl detection on lib64 systems
* Thu Jul 04 2002
  - ldap_url_search_st is no longer available in OpenLDAP v2.1
    added a patch, that uses ldap_url_parse
  - added new feature POSTFIX_MDA, Bugzilla ID#16720
* Fri Jun 07 2002
  - changed POSTFIX_BASIC_SPAM_PREVENTION. It can now be set to
    either off(default), medium or hard
  - cleaned up SuSEconfig.postfix
  - prepared for /etc/aliases.d
* Wed Jun 05 2002
    Bugzilla ID#16383
  - moved sample-*.cf files to %{_docdir}/postfix/samples
* Wed Jun 05 2002
  - update to patchlevel 11, version 1.1.11
* Fri May 24 2002
  - update to patchlevel 10, version 1.1.10
  - create required users and groups in %pre install
* Thu Apr 25 2002
  - removed provides of my own packagename...
* Fri Apr 19 2002
  - Bugfix for README.SuSE: POSTFIX_CREATECF is now
* Thu Apr 04 2002
  - update to patchlevel 7, version 1.1.7
  - introduced new feature POSTFIX_LAPTOP
* Tue Mar 26 2002
  - update to patchlevel 5, version 1.1.5
* Tue Mar 12 2002
  - Bugfix: don't check whether POSTFIX_MASQUERADE_DOMAIN is empty
    or not, because else we won't be able to clear it.
* Thu Feb 28 2002
  - added flags=q to amavis transport definition (
    If your postfix is older than snapshot 20010610, leave out the
    "flags=q" part. However, amavis will not function properly with
    envelope adresses that contain whitespace in the local-part.
    This is quite rare, but has been observed a few times.
* Mon Feb 25 2002
  - update to version 1.1.4 (1.1, patchlevel 4)
    Bugfix (excerpt from HISTORY):
    off-by-one error, causing a null byte to be
    written outside dynamically allocated memory in
    the queue manager with addresses of exactly 100
    bytes long, resulting in SIGSEGV on systems with
    an "exact fit" malloc routine.
  - added new option SMTPD_LISTEN_REMOTE to /etc/sysconfig/mail
    which has been introduced by the SuSE dist-team (excerpt):
    sendmail does have an option to listen only on the local port,
    this should be the default.
    A flag "SMTPD_LISTEN_REMOTE" in /etc/sysconfig/mail will be used
    to decide if port 25 should be opened externally.
    The sendmail package will send a mail to root explaining this
    fact. sendmail updates will copy the value of START_SMTPD to this
    new flag.
    As this is a totally different behaviour compared to old releases,
    SMTPD_LISTEN_REMOTE will be set to "yes", if POSTFIX_CREATECF
    (now MAIL_CREATE_CONFIG) had been set to "yes" before the update.
* Thu Feb 21 2002
  - fillup workaround
* Thu Feb 21 2002
  - hostname handling is still annoying
    added some piece of code to SuSEconfig.postfix to
    get a valid hostname
* Mon Feb 18 2002
  - %postinst cleanup:
    . use rename_sysconfig_variable macro
    . use remove_and_set macro
    instead of directly calling fillup
* Wed Feb 13 2002
  - FQHOSTNAME has been removed from /etc/sysconfig/network/config
    and is now set in /etc/HOSTNAME, which wasn't FQ in the past.
    * Please, don't change it again*
  - if POSTFIX_LOCALDOMAINS is set, do not append
    "$myhostname, localhost.$mydomain" anymore
* Tue Feb 12 2002
  - Also take care of the localhost:10025 mailer definition when
    setting up chroot options
* Mon Feb 11 2002
  - Do not set myorigin to FROM_HEADER
* Thu Feb 07 2002
  - Bugfix(SuSEconfig.postfix): typo in path to /etc/sysconfig/amavis
* Mon Feb 04 2002
  - SuSEconfig.postfix enhancement: get hostname from hostname -f
    Bugfix: get FQHOSTNAME from /etc/sysconfig/network/config
  - added -y to fillup_and_insserv to create startlinks
    after installation
  - changed company name to SuSE Linux AG in copyright headers
* Mon Feb 04 2002
  - update to postfix 1.1.3 and tls extensions 0.8.3
    minor bugfixes
* Fri Feb 01 2002
  - Bugfix: Forgot to assign a name to TMPDIR in SuSEconfig.postfix
* Fri Feb 01 2002
  - added resolve_local_panic.patch
* Wed Jan 30 2002
  - update of tls extensions to 0.8.2
* Mon Jan 28 2002
  - update to version 1.1.2
  - sysconfig.mail changes
* Tue Jan 22 2002
  - renamed cleanup.fillup to sysconfig.postfix.cleanup
  - added postqueue patch, see
    for more details
* Mon Jan 21 2002
  - update to official release version 1.1.0
  - moved some stuff to /etc/sysconfig/mail
  - cleaned up /etc/rc.config access
  - added some safety checks to SuSEconfig.postfix
* Wed Jan 16 2002
  - update to version 20020115 (release candidate for Postfix
    official release version 1.1)
* Tue Jan 15 2002
  - some improvements to SuSEconfig.postfix
* Fri Jan 11 2002
  - updated to version 20020107
  - added postinstall section to update from previous versions
    of postfix
* Tue Jan 08 2002
  - Changed /sbin/init.d to /etc/init.d in init script comment
* Mon Jan 07 2002
  - added sender_canonical_maps to SuSEconfig.postfix to let
    the new YaST2 module setup this map similar to sendmails
* Thu Jan 03 2002
  - SuSEconfig.postfix shell script is no config file [Bug #12712]
* Wed Dec 19 2001
  - Made initscript more LSB compliant (status codes)
  - Bugfix for Bugzilla ID#12672 (improve explanation
  - robustness enhancement for SuSEconfig.postfix
* Fri Dec 14 2001
  - typo in specfile ( installed as
* Thu Dec 13 2001
  - update to version 20011210
  - some changes to SuSEconfig.postfix:
    . added POSTFIX_UPDATE_CHROOT_JAIL variable, see README.SuSE
    . some cleanups for chroot jail
    . little bugfixes
* Thu Dec 13 2001
  - moved rc.config.d -> sysconfig
* Wed Nov 28 2001
  - update to version 20011127
  - some changes to SuSEconfig.postfix:
    . added more robustness (Jehova)
    . do not chown -R postfix to /var/spool/postfix
    . query for package cyrus-sasl instead of sasl
* Tue Nov 20 2001
  - update to version 20011115
    Bugfix for a memory exhaustion bug in smtpd
  - remove START_ variable
* Fri Nov 09 2001
  - some changes to specfile (thanks to Simon J Mudd from whom
    I copied some code)
* Tue Nov 06 2001
  - fix some SuSEconfig.postfix bugs:
    . chroot column can also contain '-'
    . don't do anything if POSTFIX_CREATECF != yes
* Fri Oct 26 2001
  - update to most recent snapshot version 20011008
* Thu Oct 25 2001
  - update to pl05
* Fri Oct 19 2001
  - Bugfix, Bugzilla ID#11914
* Wed Sep 26 2001
  - ALWAYS create, even is POSTFIX_CREATECF is set
    to no, because else chroot mode may not work, Bugzilla ID#11359
* Thu Sep 13 2001
  - removed an obsolete echo in start section of init-script
* Thu Sep 06 2001
  - Bugfix in init-script: redirect output of postfix start
    to dev/null and do not use startproc to start postfix
* Tue Sep 04 2001
  - update to tls-extensions v0.7.9
    for details
* Fri Aug 31 2001
  - update of tls-extensions to 0.7.8
  - update of postfix to pl04
  - Bugfix: - check if postfix spool is set up before starting postfix
    - start postfix with postfix start, because postfix-script
      wouldn't be executed, else.
* Tue Jul 10 2001
  - update of tls-extensions to 0.7.3
* Thu Jun 28 2001
  - bugfix: remove libs from chroot jail, that are no longer
    valid, Bugzilla ID#9133
  - bugfix: init script was not LSB compliant, Bugzilla ID#9063
* Fri Jun 15 2001
  - added cyrus to require start in init-script
  - "bugfix": bootstrap problem cyrus-imapd <-> postfix:
    cyrus-imapd must run before postfix, but fails to create
    lmtp socket, because /var/spool/postfix/public directory
    isn't present. FIX: add it to filelist
* Wed Jun 13 2001
  - install postrop with special SGID modes
* Tue Jun 12 2001
  - improved SuSEconfig.postfix
    - better handling
    - new feature: chroot or not chroot
* Mon May 28 2001
  - major bugfix: memory leak in the LDAP client module
  - minor bugfixes
* Wed May 09 2001
  - bzip2 sources
* Wed May 02 2001
  - updated to pl02, bugfixrelease
* Mon Apr 30 2001
  - Bugfix for SuSEconfig.postfix:
    Handling of TIMEZONE variable if set to unappropriate or no
  - Improvement: Warnings are printed out in bold
* Tue Apr 17 2001
  - Don't use a RPM macro for version number
* Fri Mar 30 2001
  - update to pl01, bugfixrelease
* Tue Mar 27 2001
  - added libcrack to chroot jail, because
    it is needed by pam_pwcheck
* Thu Mar 15 2001
  - fixed neededforbuild for openldap
* Mon Mar 05 2001
  - first non-beta of the next postfix generation
  - v20010228
* Tue Feb 27 2001
  - added cyrus-sasl-devel to neededforbuild
* Tue Feb 27 2001
  - new version, 20010225
  - removed notification message
* Tue Feb 20 2001
  - bugfix: wrong permissions for maildrop directory
* Wed Jan 31 2001
  - update to version 20010128
  - now linked against ldaplib2
* Fri Jan 05 2001
  - bugfix: maildrop must be owned by postfix.root
* Mon Dec 18 2000
  - update to version 20001212
  - bugfix: insserv
  - bugfix: missed openssl in neededforbuilt
  - renamed to postfix, because a non-crypto version
    is no longer needed
* Wed Dec 13 2000
  - Bugfix: postfix-script was not executable
* Tue Dec 12 2000
  - Bugfixes:
    Provides in initscript
    Use /bin/bash in SuSEconfig.postfix
  - Update to version 20001210
* Thu Nov 30 2000
  - startscript sbin -> etc
* Thu Nov 23 2000
  - new version
  - fix for neededforbuild
  - fix for
* Wed Nov 22 2000
  - adopted to new init scheme
* Wed Nov 15 2000
  - fixed neededforbuild
* Tue Nov 14 2000
  - update to version 20001030
* Thu Nov 09 2000
  - long packagename
  - added rpm buildroot
* Wed Nov 08 2000
  - fixed neededforbuild
* Fri Nov 03 2000
  - src/util/dict_ldap.c:dict_ldap_lookup(): fix missing **-termination.
* Tue Oct 24 2000
  - s390,ppc: added -fsigned-char compiler option, to fix obscure segfaults.
    (code is not signed/unsigned-char-clean)
* Thu Oct 12 2000
  - yet another SuSEconfig.postfix bug (incorrect link)
* Wed Oct 11 2000
  - bugfix for SuSEconfig.postfix
* Mon Oct 09 2000
  - bugfix: missed to install new flush service
* Mon Oct 09 2000
  - inititial revision of pfixtls



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