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moarvm-devel-2021.08-4.1 RPM for armv6hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv6hl

Name: moarvm-devel Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 2021.08 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 4.1 Build date: Sat Aug 28 23:30:37 2021
Group: Development/Libraries/Other Build host: obs-arm-11
Size: 2971076 Source RPM: moarvm-2021.08-4.1.src.rpm
Summary: MoarVM development headers and libraries
MoarVM (Metamodel On A Runtime) development headers.






* Sat Aug 28 2021 Stefan Seifert <>
  - Backport a fix for segfaults in NativeCall callbacks from moarvm master
    Add moarvm-fix-segfaults-in-native-callbacks.diff to be removed on the next release
* Fri Aug 27 2021 Stefan Seifert <>
  - Backport a memory leak fix from moarvm master
    Add moarvm-fix-memory-leak.diff to be removed on the next release
* Sun Aug 22 2021
  - update to version 2021.08
    + Fix another bug in `MVM_str_hash_fsck`
    + Free filename if exception when loading bytecode
    + Switch `MVM_coerce_n_s` to Ryū from Grisu3 with a `sprintf` fallback
    + Add JIT templates for `(bind|get)attr(s)?_*`
    + Fix deadlock by untimely GC in multi-threaded programs
    + Fix spesh optimizing away still needed label register
* Sat Jul 24 2021
  - update to version 2021.07
    + Fix "Collectable in a gen2 freelist accessed" when deserializing a method cache
    + Fix possible acces to a freed SC during deserialization
    + Convert more realloc+memset(0) to recalloc
    + Fix some bugs in the various `hash_fsck` functions
    + Fix read buffer overflow in bytecode dumper
    + Fix overflows on slight reallocations of fixed size alloced buffers
    + Fix error handling of mkdir
    + Assign the result of a socket(2) call immediately
    + Fix memory corruption by accessing freed spesh stats
    + Fix ShiftJIS decoder bug where a replacement is used
    and a decoding error is encountered after '\r' character
* Sat Jul 10 2021
  - update to version 2021.06
    + Set sc.idx during deserialization to avoid costly lookup later
    + Try to trap concurrent hash accesses
    + Fix a case of heap-use-after-free rarely affecting `t/spec/S17-promise/nonblocking-await.t`
* Mon May 24 2021 Stefan Seifert <>
  - Forward port reproducible.patch after build system changes
* Mon May 24 2021
  - update to version 2021.05
    + No longer require an exception as argument of nqp::backtrace
    + Remove nqp::time_i and nqp::time_n in favor of nqp:time which just return integer nanoseconds since the epoch
    + Deprecate now unused graphs_s operator
    + Eliminate the sec_n, asec_n and sech_h operators, which are no longer used
    + Prohibit hllbool when the HLL doesn't have special booleans
    + Add a setup_notify handler and queue to nqp::signal to avoid race conditions when setting up a signal handler
    + Fix getobjsc returning NULL when the object has no SC
    + Always log the type coming out of an nqp::decont
    + Make smrt_intify specializable like other smrt_* operators
    + More thorough --full-cleanup
    + Do not downcast bytes argument to write()/send() calls
    + Fix spesh missing writes to containers
    + Fix missing gc_mark of simstackframe's arg_types
    + Propagate spesh facts after optimizations
    + Fix getting garbage numbers after spesh optimized away smart_intify
    + Fix inlines missing synthetic deopt points
    + Constrain C pointer serialization to sizes <= INT32_MAX
    + Fix possible GC upset caused by half-deserialized STables
    + Use the FSA for MVMActiveHandlers
    + Fix a segfault in VMArray's copy_elems
    + Fix a segfault on trying to use an untyped array with buffer write functions
    + Fixing generated backtraces missing inlined frames
    + Save a malloc+free per frame when creating a Backtrace object
    + Fix a memory leak related to Unicode hashes
    + Only call MVM_jit_bytecode_dump_enabled if code is non-NULL
    + Fix JITed ordfirst/ordat/ordbaseat returning 4294967295 instead of -1
    + Fix expr JITed ordbaseat and getcpbyname returning 4294967295 instead of -1
    + Fix spesh removing not-really-dead code
    + Fix possible segfault on exit when using spesh log
* Sun Mar 21 2021
  - update to version 2021.03
    + Improve serialization of C types
    + Introduce `platform/socket.h`
    + Fix confused profiler output in multi-threaded apps
* Sun Feb 21 2021
  - update to version 2021.02
    + Introduce new hash implementation based on Robin Hood Hash
    + Fixed serveral memory leaks
    + Fixed several segfaults
    + Improvements to the debug server
    + Fix MVM_file_isexecutable() when being root
    + Give io loop thread and spesh thread a name
    + Several improvements to spesh
    + Introduce the setthreadname op
    + Fix case insensitive string matching with an empty string
    + Fix CStruct handling of inlined attributes
    + Don't obliterate lib_name in exception text of NativeCall
    + Allow for explicitly marking the mainline_frame in the bytecode
    + Possibly fix MVM_panic from entering GC during spesh
    + Fix some possible double frees
    + Add methods WHICH and raku to MAST::Frame for easier debugging
    + JIT compile some more ops
* Wed May 13 2020
  - update to version 2020.05
    + Use the FSA for ConcBlockingQueue
    + Use memcpy instead of strncpy
    + Fix some compiler warnings
    + Fix numerous very rare but possible GC bugs
    + Align offsets in P6opaque.c
    + Don't null-terminate string when stringifying int
    + Improve handling of errors in native callbacks
    + Use smaller buffer for native int to str coercion
    + Fix deadlock when trying to report an unsupported NativeCall return type
    + Improve memory usage of utf8-c8 encoding
    + Make profiling more stable, resolving potential panics
    + Add more ops to be profiled for allocations
    + Give MVMSpeshAnn an "order" field to improve diagnostic output
    + Let encode take a preallocated buffer
    + Fix a tiny mistake in containers implementation
    + Add a value_desc_cont container descriptor, which brings the needs of Rakudo's Scalar into the VM
    + Fix invalid reads when freeing native callback cache
    + Implement calculation of unmanaged size for CArray
    + Bounds check codepoint passed to chr
    + Add missing args spesh coercion validation
    + Make OSR work in frames from invokewithcapture
    + JIT nextdispatcherfor
    + Update libuv to version 1.35.0
    + Fix segfaults in MVM_spesh_plugin_guard_list_mark, in profiler and the JIT compiler
    + Fix various memory leaks, mostly relevant to running with --full-cleanup
* Tue Mar 03 2020
  - update to version 2020.02
    + [ca2a4c4c5] Resolve hostnames given a socket type, protocol, and passivity
    + [d606d9112,b1ff3d826,cf44a3686,cf44a3686,7920f2cc4,cfecd54bd,82f2719ce,e9a63e03f,296bedfa6,
    3bbab8c4b,f56248139,5a2f4ed47,056c523db,192f0433c] Switch our libtommath to upstream's 1.2.0
    + [17935040a,1fbbb9335,a51428429,7877b0376,e67022405,10f98288c,f32b383cc,76d34faf1,d9c087f36]
    Handle return values from libtommath functions
    + [1d80b6038] Fixes for MVM_bigint_pow
    + [dfdaf19a8] Use right size+sign in comparison in MVM_bigint_rand
    + [9709537d9] Serialize the names of closures
    + [f47f53110] Update libuv to version 1.34.2
    + [0814ab4d8] Negative numbers should not be prime
    + [2296bcaed] New libtommath that builds bn_mp_set_double.c...
    + [4d7c7e142] Clear callsite of bottom frame when uninlining
    + [657b536cf,2cc4d3027] Update dyncall submodule
    + [978480b28] Mark cmp_tc static to avoid linker errors
    + [a71eee4c2] Allow closing handle bound to async proc stdin
    + [dd20883c3] Align MVM_args_get_required_pos_num with what the JIT actually expects
* Thu Jan 23 2020
  - update to version 2020.01.1
    + [105d09d62] Fix NativeCall libraries losing state during repossession
    + [7b8ed6308,a3ec7f315,921c8de84,9d053b8e9,8ac8afcc2,611532317,0995f19b9,fce208cb1,72941ee22,
    9166ea591,61ac671ea] Fix several more compiler warnings
  - Remove moarvm-fix-segfaults-in-openssl.diff as the issue has been fixed upstream
* Mon Jan 06 2020
  - Add moarvm-fix-segfaults-in-openssl.diff fixing segfaulty regression
    noticed too late for the release.
* Sun Jan 05 2020
  - update to version 2020.01
    + Fix relocatability of modules using NativeCall
    + Fix segfault caused by deopt all in NativeCall callback
    + Fix segfaults caused by JITed takehandlerresult returning NULL
    + Fix frame walker segfaults caused by deopt of a caller on a different thread
    + Fix memory corruption after cancelling signal
    + Allow getting absolute epoch startup time of VM in vmeventsubscribe
    + Add support for '−' (U+2212) minus for nqp::radix(_I)
    + Clean up MVM_io_resolve_host_name and make it more portable
    + Move to C99, compile with -Wall -Wextra and fix preexisting compiler warnings
    + Jit ordbaseat
  - Remove MoarVM-buildroot-fix.diff as the issue has been fixed upstream
* Sun Dec 01 2019
  - Backport fix for buildroot in packaged files in MoarVM-buildroot-fix.diff
* Fri Nov 29 2019
  - update to version 2019.11
    + Update Unicode to 12.1
    + Add GB18030 encode, decode and decodestream support
    + Introduce vmevent, "VM Event Subscription"
    + Improvements to the profiler, including a new heapsnapshot format with zstd
    support and improvements to the profiler's "confprog" probe language
    + Add MVM_vm_run_bytecode() as alternative to MVM_vm_run_file()
    + Improve hostname resolution with better support for IPv6
    + Partial escape analysis
    + Support JIT compilation of floating point operations
    + Support for deoptimization in the expression JIT
    + Jit getuniprop_(int|bool|str), captureposarg_n, smrt_intify
    + Various smaller performance improvements
    + Fix more than 40 garbage collection related bugs leading to segfaults and other issues
    + Make MVM_file_is_rwx honor root and groups
    + Fix crashes when destroying threads
    + Stability fixes
    + Fix pointer arithmetic in inlined CArrays in CStruct/CPPStruct REPRs
    + Put limits on local and inline counts for inlining to avoid overly long spesh blockages
    + Fixed some memory leaks
    + Improvements to the debug server
    + NativeCall: improvments to error messages
    + Improve Unicode handling with paths
    + Show correct bad bytes in encoding errors
    + Improvements to documentation
  - Remove fix-build.patch as the issue has been fixed upstream
* Thu Jul 18 2019
  - update to version 2019.07
    + Fix several segfaults
    + Fix inlining CStruct and CUnion in CPPStruct REPR instances
    + Fix a couple of memory leaks
    + Many updates to the heap profiler
    + Make builds of mbc files reproducible
    + Many performance improvements
    + Add freemem and totalmem ops
  - Add fix-build.patch with a backported fix to
* Tue Mar 19 2019
  - update to version 2019.03
    + New partial escape analysis allows objects to be replaced by registers
    + Fix memory leaks
    + Fix memory corruption issues
    + Fix wrong type selection for push_* And pop_*
    + Fix inline end annotation motion on BB deletion
    + Fix segfaults related to corrupted CStruct STables. Fixes issue #2564
    + Optimize bindattr_i on CStruct to a cheap direct memory access
    + Turn elems On VMArray Into Direct Memory Access
    + Fix nativecall refresh clearing used child object pointers
    + randscale_n and rand_I are not pure ops, so don't mark them as such
    + Support endian switching in writenum and readnum
    + Call strerror for directory errors so we get error text not just an error code on POSIX platforms
    + JIT compile getlexref_u*, stat, lstat, (open|read|close)_dir
    + Fix JITed extend_u8 accidentally extending 16 bits.
    + Fix rw args of native calls not getting updated if JIT compilation fails
    + Support double type arguments in NativeCall JIT
    + Fix call to memcpy with NULL *src in lego JIT compiler
    + Fix JIT compiled getcodename not always dieing on type objects
    + Ensure last_payload and plugin_guard_args are valid so spesh plugins can be used outside speshresolve
    + Handle non-merge case of PHI
    + Add BOOTHash to spesh cheat list
    + Disable inlining when running the debug server
    + Add a limit on spesh plugin guard set size
    + Allow dead instruction elimination in inlines
    + Teach optimize_smart_coerce About Boot Types
    + Fix harmless off-by-one preventing optimization
    + Add op name to JIT "bailed completely" error
    + Remove obsolete MAST compiler
    + Integrate scalar replacement with profiling
* Fri Dec 28 2018
  - update to version 2018.12
    + New (read|write)(u?int|num) ops for handling binary data
    + Replace MAST compiler by NQP code for writing bytecode
    + Fix repossessions that cause object size "changes"
    + Fix memory leak of MVMFrameExtra
    + Free spesh log entries after consuming them. Reduces memory usage
    + Add a cancel handler for filewatch tasks to prevent leaking
    + Fix double free in platform/sys.c
    + Fix "pointer cast size mismatch" warnings on 32-bit arch's to resolve issue #444
    + Correctness improvements to the profiler
    + Fix a segfault that could occur due to missing Facts
    + Teach spesh about known values for PHI nodes
    + Unblock optimizing the box_* into a fastbox. Allow box_i to go through int cache.
    + decont on nativeref shall become decont_* + box_* to more easily
    + Improved spesh log output
    + Improve handling of failure to join a thread, throw instead of
    + Use larger buffer for gethostname when available
    + Reimplement async socket introspection
    + Set callsite in frame for JIT spesh plugin resolve.
    + Discover type Facts of coerce_sI op
    + Fix a case where the UTF-16 decoder would have a corrupted final
    + Correct named argument type tuple index calc. Fixes memory access
    + Make bytecode dumper more resilient against invalid bytecode
    + Expr JIT templates for hllboolfor, radix_I, coerce_*, extend_{u,i}*, mul_i,
    sp_findmeth, serializetobuf, unbox_u
    + Use arithmetic right shift in JIT of brshift_i to ensure new bits
    + Fix trunc to casting upwards
    + JIT compile coerce_sI, param_rp_u, coerce_us, unbox_u, extend_{i8,u8,u32} and
    trunc_{i8,u8}, decodertakeallchars, writeint, writeuint, coerce_(iu|ui),
    extend_[ui]16, trunc_u(16|32)
* Sun Nov 11 2018
  - update to version 2018.10
    + Improved performance and randomization of hashes
    + Speed up various string operations
    + Various Unicode fixes
    + Improves support for native ints and unsigned ints
    + Atomic ops for object attributes
    + Improvements to debugserver
    + Improvements to the JIT compiler
    + Plugin infrastructure for spesh
    + Fixes to memory leaks
    + Sort hashes before serialization for more reproducible builds
    + Implement one dimensional inlined shaped CArrays
    + Lots of small fixes and performance improvements
* Mon Jul 30 2018
  - Add reproducible.patch to make build independent of build system
    CPU type (boo#1100677)
* Tue May 01 2018
  - update to version 2018.04.1
    + Fix precision in Num and use Grisu3 algorithm for stringification
    + Use vectorization to speed up many string operations
    + Add support for the windows-932 variant of the ShiftJIS encoding
    + Fix bug in windows-1252 when a replacement occurs in the last position of the input stream
    + JIT expr templates for getstringfrom and getwvalfrom
    + JIT floor_n, continuationinvoke, ctx and a few ops that ThreadPoolScheduler uses
    + Measure and report time spent on JIT compilation
    + Ensure memory blocks in the nursery are aligned where necessary
    + Spot use of an item already put in a gen2 freelist
    + Suspend other threads during global destruction
    + Fix missing GC mark of deserializer contexts list
    + Optimize getrusage and log it in the profile
    + Add getsignals op, queries for valid signals
    + Guard against negative and zero signals in MVM_io_signal_handle
    + Make tryfindmeth not throw in some cases it did
    + Add missing write barrier enforcement in CPPStruct, CStruct
    + Use Fixed Size Allocator for all_scs list
    + Fix segfault on concurrent array access while resizing
    + Mark thread blocked around getaddrinfo
    + Convey the process ID of a started child
    + Fix optimization of wvals
    + Fix negated spesh of known type
    + Add optimize_unbox
    + Fix issues with optimization of boolean tests
    + Insert null-out-instructions before prof_enter
    + Cut module names out of filenames
    + Add metadata for ReentrantMutex and Semaphore
    + Fix loading bytecode on big endian systems
    + Correct lazy static lexical deserialization
    + Fix bytecodedump to understand inlines
* Tue Mar 20 2018
  - update to version 2018.03
    + Add remote debugging support, optionally enabled with the --debug-port option
    + Add getppid op. Allows a child process to get the parent process id, and thus
    + Use uv_fs_copyfile API in MVM_file_copy
    + Make IO signal handlers cancellable
    + Add an tryfindmethod op which evaluates to null in the event that the method
    + Ignore libuv-caused "fake" empty datagrams
    + Expose both hostname and port of received datagrams
    + Add proper support for strict decoding and replacements in decodestream for windows1252/1
    + Add some string consts in MVMStringConsts for MVMDecodeStream
    + optimize eq_s and ne_s against empty string in spesh
    + Bump libuv version 1.19.2
    + Add JIT templates for more than 50 ops
    + Fix several bugs in the expr JIT compiler
    + Only BAIL on DEOPT_ONE annotations on actual guard ops in expr JIT
    + Support for threaded profiling has been added, although it is not fully stable yet
    + Clean up one-shot timers after firing
    + Fix missing argument to syncsocket error message
    + Fix EOF detection on zero-size files
    + Add windows-1251 (Cyrillic) decode/encode support
    + Make MVM_spesh_manipulate_remove_handler_successors() public
    + Fix MVM_spesh_log_decont not logging anything
    + Don't spesh log if we have a spesh_cand
    + Don't optimize getattr unless known concrete
    + Implement unmanaged_size in MVMSpeshLog repr
    + Run basic facts discovery on inlined code
    + Clean up handler successors after throwish ops become non-throwing
    + Put inlined blocks between their caller and its successor
    + Fix an off-by-one in uninline
    + Remove superfluous DEOPT_ONE_INS annotation on some deconts
    + Work around a segfault caused by type tuple without type information
    + Revive removal of dead instructions after the first inlined function
    + Fix SEGV when opening MVM_*_LOG files
    + Better error in boxed ref for repr_id mismatch
    + Merge non-control-flow basic blocks so expr JIT has more code to optimize
* Thu Feb 01 2018
  - update to version 2018.01
    + Faster string searching and other string improvements
    + New expression JIT
    + JIT compilation of native calls
    + Update Unicode database for Unicode 10
    + Flush standard handles at exit
    + Flush output buffer where needed
    + Various improvements to spesh
    + Lots of bug fixes
* Mon Aug 21 2017
  - update to version 2017.08.1
    + Dynamic optimization moved to a worker thread
    + New statistics model for making better specialization decisions
    + New argument guard, based around a tree, which means less checks need to be
    + More efficient usage of memory in hot paths
    + Lots of bug fixes (around optimization and string handling)
    + JIT improvements
    + Performance improvements
    + Make precompiled byte code reproducible
    + Enable native callbacks on different threads
    + Update TinyMT to version 1.1
    + Implement atomic ops
    + Add nqp::coveragecontrol op
* Sat Jul 29 2017
  - update to version 2017.07
    + Full Unicode 9.0 and Emoji 4.0 text segmentation support
    + Lots of speed-ups, especially in string processing and JIT compiler
    + Numerous bug fixes
    + Remove support for character level I/O - taken over by high level code
    + Remove arbitrary string repeat limit
    + Remove synchronous process support - now done using async code
    + Re-implement synchronous sockets without using libuv
    + Add ability to get port from already bind-ed socket
    + Add cpucores op to get the number of CPU cores
    + Re-implement print/say debug output ops to encode and then use binary I/O
    + Eliminate use of libuv in synchronous file handles
    + Support merge_bytes in async proc ops, for reading STDOUT and STDERR
    + Support binding handles to file descriptors in async procs
    + Add string eqat/index ignorecase+ignoremark functions
    + Add new eqaticim_s and indexicim_s ops ignorecase+ignoremark
    + Add improved support for GCB=Prepend
    + Improve Regional Indicators support during normalization
    + Serialize a Decoder REPR object into null, so incidental file handle
    + Fix newline translation in various encoding's streaming decoder
* Wed Jun 07 2017
  - Explicitly state build requirement to fix build on Fedora
* Fri Jun 02 2017
  - update to version 2017.05
    + Mark profiler call graphs iteratively instead of recursively
    + Keep around line number annotations in spesh, for more accurate source
    + Introduce "telemeh", a high-precision-time low-impact logger
    + Fix error reporting in chdir
    + Fix memory leak on error in chdir
    + Fix bug in index ignorecase and equal at ignorecase
    + Fix all known remaining bugs in indexic and eqatic
    + Zero slot when popping a VMArray, to avoid junk reads if it grows again later
    + Add can_fit_into_8bit funct, put logic used many places into one function
    + Use -1 instead of 0 when long right-shifting negative smallints
    + Remove workaround for tommath issue #56, which is now fixed upstream
    + Don't crash on reading a closed dir handle
    + Remove deprecated async string I/O ops
* Tue Apr 18 2017
  - update to version 2017.04
    + Shorten the nursery when creating large bigints, to bring GC forward and
    + Use correct format for repeat/concat errors
    + Fix bug in indexic_s if expanding codepoint is the last codepoint
    + Speed up MVM_nfg_is_concat_stable
    + Do not set use rpath if installing into proper system locations
    + Optimize passes_quickcheck_and_zero_ccc to be much faster
    + Give this_repr constants more meaningful names to aid debugging
    + Streamline MVM_bigint_radix and MVM_radix for Nd Unicode #'s
    + Fix case-insensitive string compare bug when synthetics are in the haystack
    + Improve description for "should eventually be unreachable" error
    + Correctly detect and handle overflow in mp_get_int64
    + Split into mp_get_int64 and mp_get_uint64
    + Only allocate and normalize for cp's that require it in MVM_string_chr, and
    + Provide a better error when failing to encode surrogates in UTF-8
    + Add a cast to suppress a compiler warning in strings/ops.c
    + Factor out code from equal_at_ignore_case for use in index_ignore_case also
    + Use both hex and decimal for UTF8 encoding error messages
    + Use PRIu64 in fprintf's to fix compiler warning about incorrect types
    + Add a check that introspection->is_tty is not NULL, avoiding a crash
    + Mention debug_name in errors about uncomposed repr
    + Cope with a native type with no nativesize, but signedness
    + Remove two functions in normalize.c that have been superseded
    + Give collapse_strands a 5.4% speed boost under some workloads
    + Add MVM_string_graphs_nocheck funct, use it in places we previously already
    + Have a two-part loop in collapse strands to make loop tighter when possible
    + Implement serialize/deserialize in VMHash REPR.
    + Use memmem in string index. Uses Knuth-Morris-Pratt on glibc, and adds the
    + Fix a join NFG bug when there was an  empty string and an empty seperator
    + Reorder MVMStaticFrameBody to save 16 bytes according to pahole; similarly
    + Remove arbitrary and small length range check for reading bytes from a file
    + Greatly reduce contention in the fixed-size allocator for multi-threaded
    + Mark thread GC blocked when doing synchronous writes
    + Add missing MVMROOT when reading bytes, which could result in occasional
  - Remove moarvm-remove-rpath.diff as the issue has been fixed upstream.
* Sun Mar 19 2017
  - update to version 2017.03
    + Fix loads of performance and stability issues
* Sun Dec 18 2016
  - remove use of rpath in build
    Patch is already included in upstream git and can be removed in the next
    new patch: moarvm-remove-rpath.diff
* Sun Dec 18 2016
  - replace patching in spec file by use of proper configure options
  - update to version 2016.12
    + Decode Latin-1 and UTF-8 strings to 8-bit width when possible
    + Teach a few string functions to compress results into 8-bit storage
    + Fix for AIX's INFINITY not being a constant
    + Unlink libmoar before (re)installing it
    + Add configuration for AIX
    + Support Perl older than 5.10 for
    + Use "pkgconfig --libs libffi" additionally to --cflags
    + Fix powerpc detection on AIX (gcc)
    + Make multidim error messages say they are multidim
    + Add comment about where to find UNIDATA
    + Implement captureinnerlex op, for fixing QUIT/LAST phaser scoping in Perl 6
    + Fix mis-sized free in the NFG trie that only showed up in 32-bit
    + Add GC debug helper to "find" a pointer in nurseries/gen2 bins
    + Make ASSERT_NOT_FROMSPACE check fromspaces of all threads
    + Fix missing MVMROOT around an allocation
    + Fix typo in nfg.h comment
    + Fix native callback and GC interaction when embedded
    + Add GC block management functions to the public API
    + Mark throwpayload* as :throwish in oplist
    + Optimize the check for negative bignums
    + Remove useless mp_neg calls
    + Fix premature free of UV socket handles
    + Fix premature handle free in async UDP sockets
    + Add a "check every register access" GC debug mode
    + Provide a #define to disable dynlex caching
    + Provide a #define for deopt logging
    + Invalidate dynlex caches during deopt
    + Fix pow_I when it takes an exponent larger than 2**32
    + Only do MVM_ASSERT_NOT_FROMSPACE in GC debug mode
    + Add a fromspace assertion in finalize
    + Avoid a number of spesh GC invariant violations
    + Panic if we try to GC when speshing/JITing
    + Ensure we don't leak partially deserialized objects
    + Fix unrooted frame around SC object lookup
    + Remove some GC debug code
    + Avoid reading nativerefs in spesh, since it can cause boxing and thus GC
    + Cope with push being used on concurrent queues
    + MVMROOT around putting work on concurrent queue
    + MVMROOT eventloop queue when polling it
    + Do MVM_ASSIGN_REF after block/unblock in concurrent queue
    + Fix more unrooted frame around SC object lookup
* Thu Nov 24 2016
  - update to version 2016.11
    + Workaround tommath issue #56 which affects random bigint numbers > 32 bits
    + Fix memory leaks in nqp_nfa_run
    + Fix a sizeof arg that allocated a much-too-big buffer for callsite arg names
    + Add missing breaks in MVMString's copy_to
    + Prevent null deref when calling MVM_string_utf16_encode
    + Introduce MVM_SPESH_LIMIT, which limits how many specializations will be
    + Make sure we never box a NULL filename when creating backtraces
    + Fix the nativecall attribute error messages
    + Remove (non-existent) num16 from error message
    + Make the fixed size allocator provide useful information to Valgrind
    + Implement serialization of SCRef
    + Include file/line of unserializable closure, to aid debugging
    + Add type info when failing to bind an attribute
    + Use ffi_arg type for libffi nativecall return types
    + Handle libffi return type more correctly
    + Work around missing libatomic_ops prototype on s390x
    + Panic when trying to GC a locked mutex
    + Make VM panic output state that a panic occurred
    + Fix JIT code generation bug in nqp::exception
    + Add missing rooting of value pushed to concurrent queue
    + Add src/gc/debug.h dependency to Makefile
    + Mark a thread GC-blocked while it is in native code
    + Have "Cannot * a type object" also outputs the type's debug name
    + Don't reveal partially deserialized method cache
    + Give a bunch of exception ops REPR and debug name output
    + Prevent segfault when null string used as hash key
    + Request POSIX.1.c compliance on solaris
    + Change to use readdir insteal of readdir_r
    + give diagnostic output when compiling fails
    + Fixed readdir so it won't check old errno
    + Refactor hashes to no longer need to flatten ropes in string keys
    + Save 8 (64-bit) or 4 (32-bit) bytes per entry in the MVMHash REPR
    + Remove the deprecated flattenropes op
    + Remove now-unused MVM_string_flatten function
    + Don't treat an nread of 0 in libuv read callbacks as an error
    + Bump to latest libatomic_ops
* Sun Oct 16 2016
  - update to version 2016.10
    + Fix build without libtommath source
    + Make MVM_file_open_fh() throw if the file we opened was a directory
    + Fix bug and memory leaks in MVM_file_open_fh()
    + Add error message for likely MacOS build failure
    + Don't set inheriting process on inherited pipe, fixing a segfault
    + Update to the Unicode 9 database
    + Die on CStruct without any fields
    + Constant-fold unipropcode and unipvalcode
    + Use PRId64 instead of %d for 64 bit int format string args
    + "Cannot unbox type object" error gets debugname and native type info
    + Fix uninitialized arg_names of an MVMCallsite
    + Handle C++ constructors on libffi
    + Fix CUnion get_attribute treating inlined attrs as pointers
    + Fix 32 bit issue with rw args in NativeCall callbacks
    + Use better throw-away type for void nativecalls
    + Gracefully handle a 0 RSS reported by the Linux kernel
    + Fix "Invalid free()" in empty repossessed arrays
    + Make sure we mean "signed char" when we say "char"
    + Fix calculating structure sizes for arm64 and others
    + Disable JIT on x32, since it has a different calling convention
    + Fix pointer size unit in configure message
    + Use set_uint64 in from_num, otherwise we overflow on x32
    + Rewrite mkdir_p api, no function changes
    + Improve nativecall attribute error messages
    + Include debug_name in crossthreadwritelog and serialization errors
    + Deprecate async string I/O ops
    + Deprecate flattenropes op
    + Implement indexingoptimized op (replaces flattenropes, but is not in-place)
    + Fix memory leadk in ord_basechar_at
    + Ensure errno is grabbed before MVM_free is called
    + Make extra sure unlock only happens if lock happened
* Fri Sep 30 2016
  - update to 2016.09
    + Fix various crasher bugs
    + Fix sprintf
    + Move string decoding to higher levels of the stack
    + Fix a couple of memory leaks
    + Fix deadlocks when accepting a socket
* Sun Aug 21 2016
  - update to 2016.08
    + Fix various concurrency issues
    + Don't crash in P6opaque on NULL name_to_index_mapping
    + Fix off-by-one in grapheme iterator
    + Add a flag for PIPE_MERGED_OUT_ERR; fix stdio setup for merge
    + Fix EOF detection when reading files from /proc and similar
    + Fix lost socket listen errors
    + Add some missing fact dependencies in spesh, fixing some wrong guard eliminations
    + Avoid use of possibly-invalidated decont facts in spesh
    + Remove keep_caller from MVMFrame
    + Correctly NULL-terminate the buffer in MVM_vm_dump_file
* Sun Jul 24 2016
  - update to 2016.07
    * Numerous fixes for memory leaks
    * Numerous performance improvements
    * Fixes for NativeCall
    * Updates to (MoarVM GDB plug-in)
    * New heap profiler
    * JIT compile more code paths
    * Make the GC smarter
    * Fixes for UTF8-C8 encoding and use it for directory listing
    * Fixe a couple of SEGVs
    * Further support for function pointers in native calling
    * Implement loadbytecodebuffer and loadbytecodefh ops
    * New multi-dispatch cache supporting calls with named parameters
* Fri Jan 29 2016
  - update to 2016.01
    * Only optimize istrue to unbox_i when known concrete
    * Bump libuv to 1.8
    * Various fixes/updates to graph_spesh.p6
    * Don't install sha1 and tinymt headers; they're only used internally
    * Only install msinttypes on MS platform
    * Fix a gc bug in string concatenation
    * Add subsecond file time ops stat_time and lstat_time
    * Fix stat CREATETIME return value
    * Note graphs_s will be deprecated; dupe of chars
* Mon Jan 04 2016
  - update to 2015.12
    * support for multidimensional arrays
    * updated to Unicode 8 and lots of Unicode fixes
    * C++ support for native calling
    * proper support for unsigned native types
    * threading fixes
    * memory leak fixes
* Thu Jun 11 2015
  - update to 2015.05
    * instrumenting profiler
    * many optimizations
    * added documentation
    * large file handling
    * endian fixes
    * lazy deserialization
    * implement NFC/NFD/NFKC/NFKD Unicode normalization algorithms
    * fix various memory leaks
  - fix setup
* Fri Aug 22 2014
  - update to 2014.08
    * support for JIT
    * specializer support
    * async read/write
    * lots of bugfixes
* Tue Mar 11 2014
  - fix file list for i586 debuginfo builds
* Wed Mar 05 2014
  - added Artistic2.txt to the doc section
* Mon Mar 03 2014
  - initial release



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