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foot-1.9.0-1.1 RPM for armv6hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv6hl

Name: foot Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.9.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Sat Aug 28 23:31:15 2021
Group: Unspecified Build host: obs-arm-10
Size: 571728 Source RPM: foot-1.9.0-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: A Wayland terminal emulator
A Wayland terminal emulator.






* Sat Aug 28 2021 Arnav Singh <>
  - Revert to the 1.8.x behavior of installing terminfos
    under /usr/share/terminfo
    * The custom terminfos have been renamed to foot-suse and foot-direct-suse
      so that they don't conflict with terminfo-base's.
    * The default value of TERM is "foot-suse" if it has not been overridden
      via term in the config file.
* Fri Aug 27 2021 Arnav Singh <>
  - Update to 1.9.0:
    * foot.ini options:
    * include directives for including files now expand ~ in the path.
    * New uri.uri-characters option to customize what characters are considered
      to be part of a URL.
    * If using a compositor with client-side decorations, the CSDs now show
      window titles.
    * foot's terminfo file is now installed under /usr/share/foot/terminfo
      so as to not conflict with terminfo-base's version of the file
      under /usr/share/terminfo. foot also sets the TERMINFO env var on
      the program to /usr/share/foot/terminfo so that the program prefers to
      use the file in this directory instead of terminfo-base's version.
      This is because terminfo-base's version does not expose all the capabilities
      that foot supports.
    * See for more details.
* Sun Jul 18 2021 Arnav Singh <>
  - Update to 1.8.2:
    * New foot.ini options:
    * locked-title option to disable dynamic changes to the window title.
    * tweak.overflowing-glyps option to fix rendering issues with glyphs of
      any width that appear cut-off. This supersedes
      the tweak.allow-overflowing-double-width-glyphs and
      tweak.pua-double-width options, which have been removed.
    * See for more details.
* Thu Jul 01 2021 Arnav Singh <>
  - Delete 01-fix-xkbcommon-missing-dep.7edda924.patch since it is in upstream
    since 1.8.0
* Thu Jul 01 2021 Arnav Singh <>
  - Update to 1.8.1:
    * New foot.ini options:
    * cursor.beam-thickness
    * ( remains a recognized value, but will
      will eventually be deprecated, and removed)
    * cursor.underline-thickness
    * underline-offset
    * csd.button-color
    * dedicated [bell] section, supporting multiple actions,
      a new command action to run an arbitrary command and
      XDG activation support. The bell option has been deprecated.
    * dedicated [url] section. The jump-label-letters, osc8-underline and
      url-launch options have been deprecated in favor of options in
      this new section.
    * tweak.grapheme-shaping option to foot.ini to support
      grapheme cluster segmentation and grapheme shaping.
      The grapheme cluster width is limited to two cells by default,
      which may cause cursor synchronization issues with many applications.
    * tweak.grapheme-width-method=wcswidth option to stop limiting
      grapheme cluster width to two cells.
    * tweak.pua-double-width option to foot.ini to force
      Private Usage Area codepoints to be treated as double-width characters.
    * Added support for including files in foot.ini
    * Added support for setting the full 256 color palette in foot.ini
    * Added ctrl+c as a default key binding; to cancel search/url mode.
    * Added support for overriding configuration options on the command line.
    * Added support for DECSET/DECRST 2026, as an alternative to the existing
      "synchronized updates" DCS sequences.
    * Added support for LS2 and LS3 (locking shift) escape sequences.
    * Added OSC 9 desktop notifications (iTerm2 compatible).
    * See and for more details.
* Sat Jun 12 2021 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Remove unsubstantiated claims from descriptions.
* Fri Jun 11 2021 Arnav Singh <>
  - Fix specfile to use correct URL, meson dependency to match upstream,
    and remove incorrect Group. Also use autosetup macro instead of setup.
* Fri Jun 11 2021 Arnav Singh <>
  - Initial package of 1.7.2 for openSUSE



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