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deepin-daemon-5.13.36-2.1 RPM for armv6hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv6hl

Name: deepin-daemon Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 5.13.36 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.1 Build date: Sun Aug 29 21:45:16 2021
Group: System/GUI/Other Build host: obs-arm-11
Size: 87453876 Source RPM: deepin-daemon-5.13.36-2.1.src.rpm
Summary: Daemon handling the DDE session settings
Deepin Daemon is a daemon for handling the deepin session settings






* Sat Aug 28 2021 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Fix a security issue for deepin-daemon-dbus-installer and, change tmp dir to /root/.cache
* Sat Jul 24 2021 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Update version to 5.13.36
    * Change go-dbus-factory struct as interface
    * Update test modules
    * Add SetInputIgnore ifc
    * Fix bug
  - Drop xvfb-run.patch, merged by upstream
* Sat May 22 2021 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Keep golang version on 1.15 on Tumbleweed, the project does not support
    golang 1.16+
* Sat May 01 2021 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Update version to 5.13.10
    * Disble bluetooth by default
    * Disble calender service
    * Fix save password on WIFI setting
    * Update call power button on dde-lock
    * Fix bluetooth connecting status
* Sun Apr 25 2021 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Fix build on Leap 15.3
* Fri Mar 12 2021 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Add deepin-daemon-dbus-installer and deepin-daemon-polkit-installer
* Wed Mar 10 2021 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Update version to 5.13.6
    * Fix bugs
    * Update translations
  - Add xvfb-run.patch, run `dde-pixmix` under xvfb-run
* Thu Feb 25 2021 Hillwood Yang <>
  - File polkit and dbus service profiles, workaround rpmlintrc errors
* Sun Feb 21 2021 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Update version to 5.12.52
    * Fix bugs
    * feat: Initial packit setup
    * Update translations
    * feat(accounts): trim quotation of LOCALE`
* Thu Jul 18 2019 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Update version to 3.28.0
    * Update translations
    * change(api): lid-closed-sleep distinguish whether to use battery require new
    * fix(network): notify when password wrong
    * feat(bluetooth): add discoverable in config to control adpater discoverable
    * fix: pam config deepin-auth-keyboard
    * feat(bluetooth): try connect paired devices after startup/poweron/wakeup
* Mon Jul 15 2019 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Update version to
    * fix: pam config deepin-auth-keyboard
    * feat(bluetooth): try connect paired devices after startup/poweron/wakeup
    * fix(lockservice): user with a blank password authentication failure
    * fix(grub2): Theme.GetBackground return invalid file
    * fix(grub2): do not adjust theme when enable theme
    * fix(dock): menu item 'All windows' is not displayed
    * change(api): accounts User add PasswordStatus property
    * fix(dsync): Config.Destory method panic
    * chore: do not save QT_SCALE_FACTOR to ~/.dde_env
    * feat(keybinding): add reset for kwin shortcuts
    * fix(power): dde-session-daemon exit with error if failed to register
    * fix(keybinding): switch WM shortcut is easy to be triggered twice
* Tue May 21 2019 hillwood Yang <>
  - Update version to 3.27.2
    * feat(dock): window identify for deepin archon apps
    * chore: change polkit subject kind to system bus name
    * chore(appearance): do not set window theme during init
    * fix(appearance): do not change background after login
    * fix(audio): use unavailable sink port
    * chore(authority): add more log print
    * feat(dock): process X-Deepin-Vendor field
    * feat: add pam module deepin_auth
* Tue Apr 23 2019 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Update version to 3.27.0
    * chore: auto pull translation files from transifex
    * change(api): dde-authority add method HasCookie
    * feat(dde-authority): fprint transcation give message based on user locale
    * fix(appearance): do not change background after logging in
    * fix: deepin-installer.conf
    * fix(lockservice): panic: send on closed channel
    * fix(authority): user in group nopasswdlogin auth failed
* Sun Apr 14 2019 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Rewrite spec with golang-packaging
    * Add disable-gobuild-in-makefile.patch
  - Update version to 3.25.2
    * chore: auto pull translation files from transifex
    * chore: update depends for wm
    * feat(appearance): support set kwin window decoration theme
    * fix(greeter-setter): UpdateGreeterQtTheme rename failed
    * chore: update tranlations
    * feat(launcher): process X-Deepin-Vendor field
    * feat(dock): add method RemovePluginSettings
    * feat(dock): add method MergePluginSettings
    * feat(audio): add sync supported
    * feat(lastore): add sync supported
    * feat(appearance): add greeter background for deepin sync
    * feat(network): add sync supported
    * feat(inputdevices): add sync supported
    * feat(screenedge): add sync supported
    * feat(dock): continue to support deepin sync
    * feat(dock): support deepin sync
    * feat(appearance): support deepin sync
    * feat(launcher): support deepin sync
    * feat(dde-session-daemon): sync login sound config after all module started
    * fix(soundeffect): still play login sound even if sound effect switch is off
    * chore: auto pull translation files from transifex
    * change(api): com.deepin.daemon.Greeter add method UpdateGreeterQtTheme
    * fix: ScreenScaleFactors cannot be easily parsed by greeter
    * feat: also set the screen scale factors of the greeter
    * fix(accounts): user was not added to some groups when creating user
    * feat(grub2): keep GRUB_BACKGROUND empty if enable theme
    * feat(keybinding): add support for dde-kwin shortucts
    * chore: auto pull translation files from transifex
    * auto sync po files from transifex
    * chore: copywriting optimization
    * fix(dock): CurrentWindow prop of entry wrong after window detach
    * fix(dock): some bugs when use kwin as wm
    * change(api): appearance add methods GetScreenScaleFactors and
    * feat: add pam-config for deepin-auth
    * feat(audo): also save the state of alsa when saving the config
    * chore(langselector): remove failed test
    * fix(audio): trySelectBestPort do not work
    * change(api): sound effect add more functions
    * change(api): add sytem service com.deepin.system.Network
    * feat(bluetooth): when disconnected quickly after connecting, automatically
      try to connect
    * chore(miracast): use go-dbus-factory
    * chore: use
    * fix(launcher) lost dbus conn when file name is invalid utf8 string
    * fix(dock): items removed when application updated
    * chore: change log level to warn
    * refactor(keybinding): extend execCmd method
    * remove usage of qdbus command
    * refactor(audio): simplify method setPort
    * fix: failed to init keyboard layout when auto login enabled
    * feat(appearance): wallpaper slideshow supported
    * feat(session/power): inhibits logind handle power key and lid switch on
    * chore(accounts): check user greeter background validity
    * fix(network): secret agent save wrong default collection path
    * fix(dock): lost dbus conn when name of app entry is invalid utf8 string
    * chore: add network-manager-sstp to suggests
    * fix(screensaver): module start failed if x ext dpms not present
    * feat(langselector): add method GetLanguageSupportPackages for debug
    * feat: use dde-api package userenv
    * chore(accounts): get default background do not read file default.conf
    * fix(network): wired connection auto connect logic is wrong
    * chore(systeminfo): update test data
    * feat: speed up dde-session-daemon part2 startup
    * feat(dock): add property Opacity
    * fix(launcher): panic: assignment to entry in nil map
    * chore(grub2): add option -setup-theme for compatibility
    * chore: do not disconnect device when device activating
    * auto sync po files from transifex
    * feat(inputdevices): limit imwheel to only grab wheel up and down
    * feat(geature): add longpress blacklist
    * fix(clipboard): cannot copy pictures to the wine program
    * feat(soundeffect): add method GetSystemSoundFile
    * feat(power): stop screensaver before turn off screen
    * feat: rewrite clipboard module
    * refactor: replace abs coordinate with relative
    * feat(power): call CanSupsend before suspend
    * feat(grub2): gfxmode detect failed fallback to deepin-falback
    * fix(system/power): not found lid switch under the `sw_64` arch
    * fix(keybinding): GetShortcut missing Exec field for custom shortcut
    * chore: compile with sw arch no longer needs to use gccgo
    * fix(grub2): call dbus method PrepareGfxmodeDetect gfxmodes not sort
    * fix(network): the state changed signal of the active connection is not
    * fix(dock): dock app but not saved
    * chore(trayicon): add env var for disable status notifier watcher
    * fix(appearance): panic if user object is nil
    * chore(network): change the log level of request scan error to debug
    * feat(network): can handle the change of the security type of the access
    * refactor(network): fix typo
    * chore(network): remove dbus watcher
    * chore(network): remove unused code
    * chore(dock): specially stated that dde-launcher should not be displayed
    * fix(dock): call RequestDock failed
    * chore(grub2): -prepare-gfxmode-detect do not update grub cfg
    * fix: The resolution of the display has changed, but the resolution of the
      grub theme has not been adjusted in time.
    * chore(debian): modify recommends proxychains-ng to proxychains4
    * feat(session/power): screensaver supported
    * auto sync po files from transifex
    * chore(grub2): use lib imgutil
    * feat: add new module grub-gfx
    * feat(trayicon): add StatusNotifierWatcher
    * fix(launcher): failed to uninstall CrossOver
    * feat(network): add property Connectivity
    * chore(default-terminal): pass command line options directly
    * fix(network): failed to watch network manager restart
    * fix(appearance): do not fallback to default icon theme
    * feat(dock): add method GetDockedAppsDesktopFiles
    * fix: some types
    * fix: only remove batteries
    * feat(gesture): make touch long press as right button
    * fix(lastore): restore source no call UpdateSource
    * fix(dock): dde-launcher show on dock
    * fix(accounts): new user locale is empty
    * fix(network): secret agent didn't notice the requst new flag
    * network: suppress errors on tun device
    * fix(network): call ActivateAccessPoint causes dbus conn close
    * fix(network): vpn connection auto connect dose not work
    * fix(grub2): func GetAvailableResolutions is not implemented
    * fix(audio): the sound card name is too long
    * chore: remove grub-themes-deepin from suggests
    * auto sync po files from transifex
    * fix: compile errors under networkmanager 1.14+
    * refactor: fix a typo
    * feat(grub2): use adjust-grub-theme to adjust theme
    * feat(network): add new secert agent
    * fix(appearance): signal Changed type and value empty when background changed
    * fix(network): libnotify not inited
    * feat(keybinding): workaround for huawei::mic led
    * feat(appearance): do not allow to delete current backgrounds
    * fix(network): nmGetDevices nil pointer panic
    * fix(inputdevices): keyboard default layout name empty
    * fix(network): device hw address empty
    * feat(appearance): add Opacity property
    * fix: can't get the name of bluetooth speaker
    * feat(session/power): support automatically adjust brightness
    * feat(accounts): image blur check blurred image file existence
    * fix(keybinding): ShortcutManager.grabKeystroke panic
    * fix(keybinding): some data race problems
    * chore(dock): handle destroy notify event no check ev.Event
    * fix(system/power): lid switch not found
    * fix(network): correntIPv6DataType not working
    * fix(keybinding): EnableRecord panic nil pointer dereference
    * feat(dock): menu items excludes AllWindows when use 2D WM
    * fix(network): agent.cancelVpnAuthDialog panic process is nil
    * feat: add trigger to link ttc for java
    * feat(accounts): support for configuring default user background
    * feat(dock): entry add method GetAllowedCloseWindows
    * feat(dock): dbus method allow argument desktopFile is file:// url
    * fix(default-terminal): fallback if session manager failure
    * fix(audio): saveConfig panic nil pointer dereference
    * feat(keybinding): add config file handle touchpad toggle
    * fix(network): panic you should call *proxy.Object.InitSignalExt() first
    * chore: update build depends debhelper (>= 9)
    * feat(accounts): logined service add LastLogoutUser property
    * fix(x-event-monitor): no listen raw touch event
    * chore: auto sync po/ts files from transifex
    * fix(launcher):flatdeb app category wrong
    * fix(network): vpn disconnect notify name is empty
    * feat(audio): handle laptop headphones available state changed when user
      session is inactive
    * fix(dock): and Entry.PropsMu dead lock
    * chore: update call method for com.deepin.api.device
    * auto sync po files from transifex
    * fix(network): failed to watch network manager restart
    * fix(session/power): not save display brightness when power saving mode
    * refactor(network): use newly lib dbusutil
    * fix(dock): getActiveWinGroup
    * fix(mouse): handle accel profile change from gsettings
    * feat(mouse): ability to change mouse accel profile
    * chore(debian): update depends
    * chore: auto sync po files from transifex
    * chore(appearance): move set/get scale factor code to startdde
    * chore: enable lastore module
    * fix(system/power): failed to set power saving mode
    * feat(screensaver): application disconnects from the D-Bus session auto call
    * feat(lastore): clean archives from UI do not send notification
    * change laptop-mode-tools to recommends
    * perf(miracast): enable daemon when needed
    * chore(debian): depends on dnsmasq-base instead of dnsmasq
    * auto sync po files from transifex
    * feat(session/power): improve english battery low messages
    * fix(network): doGuessDevice
    * fix(network): getVpnNameFile
    * auto sync po files from transifex
    * feat: add module lastore
    * auto sync po files from transifex
    * chore(x-event-monitor): use go-x11-client
    * feat: merge dde-session-daemon and dde-session-init
    * fix(apps): incorrect use of csv.Writer
    * feat(keybinding): show osd for audio-mic-mute and wlan
    * feat(power): add power saving mode
    * chore(accounts): use lib policykit1 new feature
    * chore(timedated): no use
    * chore(grub2): no use
    * chore(accounts): use go-dbus-factory
    * chore(apps): use go-dbus-factory
    * chore(timedated): use go-dbus-factory
    * chore(swapsched): use go-dbus-factory
    * chore(langselector): refactor code
    * chore(system-daemon): remove unused func requestUnblockAllDevice
    * chore(langselector): use go-dbus-factory
    * chore(appearance): use go-dbus-factory
    * chore(bluetooth): use go-dbus-factory
    * chore(launcher): use go-dbus-factory
    * chore(inputdevices): use go-x11-client
    * chore(dock): use go-dbus-factory
    * chore(default-terminal): use go-dbus-factory
    * chore: do not beep if dde-session-init request name failed
    * perf: optimize key2Mod
    * chore(session/power): use go-x11-client
    * fix: x resource id not freed
    * chore: update for go-x11-client
    * perf(apps): do not loop check subrecorder root ok
    * feat(x_event_monitor): add debug method DebugGetPidAreasMap
    * chore(screensaver): use go-x11-client
    * fix(x_event_monitor): test build failed
    * chore(x_event_monitor): remove debug for handleKeyboardEvent
    * chore(x_event_monitor): use lib go-x11-client
    * fix(audio): some data race problems
    * chore: update for go-x11-client
    * chore(dock): use lib go-x11-client
    * fix(launcher): no app found in launcher
    * auto sync po files from transifex
    * fix(apps) dead lock again
    * chore(accounts): users in the nopasswdlogin group are treated as human users
    * fix(apps): dead lock
    * chore(appearance): do not list pictures in dir /usr/share/backgrounds
    * feat(inputdevices): layout only saved in accounts user
    * fix(network/proxychains): failed to remove conf if type0 is empty
    * fix(session-daemon): some data race problems
    * feat(appearance): sync desktop backgrounds during startup
    * fix(dock): panic if winInfo.wmClass is nil
    * chore(dock): entry.attachWindow print window info
    * chore: update makefile
    * chore: update makefile for arch `sw_64`
    * fix(gesture): disabled if session inactive
    * add fprintd depends in `Desktop edition system`
    * fix(network): allow to delete when creating vpn connection
    * chore(debian): update build-depends
    * feat(apps): record the launched state of the removed app
    * auto sync po files from transifex
    * feat(appearances): set standard font as monospace font fallback
    * fix(appearance): cursor size of window border is small
    * chore(housekeeping): use go-dbus-factory
    * fix(bluetooth): remove adapters and devices config
    * chore(launcher): move launcher module to dde-session-daemon
    * fix(bluetooth): adapter powered not saved
    * auto sync po files from transifex
    * refactor(bluetooth): refactor code again
    * refactor(bluetooth): refactor code
    * feat(bluetooth): add signal Cancelled
    * chore(bluetooth): use go-dbus-factory
    * chore(appearance): use go-dbus-factory
    * chore(audio): use go-dbus-factory
    * chore(fprintd) use go-dbus-factory
    * chore(systeminfo): use go-dbus-factory
    * chore(timedate): use go-dbus-factory
    * chore(gesture): use go-dbus-factory
    * chore(screenedge): use go-dbus-factory
    * chore(keybinding): use go-dbus-factory
    * fix(apps): directory permissions is not 0755
    * chore(sessionwatcher): use go-dbus-factory
    * chore(session/power): use go-dbus-factory
    * feat: add UI unified authentication service
    * fix(session/power): submodule name typo
    * fix(session/power): submodule name typo
    * fix(network): close hotspot no send notification
    * feat(default-terminal): remove --launch-app option
    * feat(network): ConnectionSession add method SetKeyFd
    * feat(keybinding): allow volume to be adjusted to maximum 150%
    * feat: add to window_patterns
    * feat(appearance): limit the number of custom wallpapers
    * fix(miracast): failed to emit signal Added and Removed
* Thu Apr 12 2018
  - Update version to 3.2.13.
    * chore(dock): add window pattern for gdevelop
    * fix(appearance): add rgba seetings for wine
    * auto sync po files from transifex
    * feat(dock): add window identify for org.deepin.flatdeb.*
    * refactor: improve english
    * refactor(miracast): use newly lib dbusutil
    * fix(session-daemon): different modules startup sequence
    * auto sync po files from transifex
    * fix(audio): nil pointer error in handleCardEvent
    * refactor(session-daemon): use newly lib dbusutil
    * refactor(bluetooth): use newly lib dbusutil
    * fix(accounts): get blurred image without compare change time
    * refactor(fprintd): use newly lib dbusutil
    * refactor(audio): use newly lib dbusutil
    * refactor(inputdevices): use newly lib dbusutil
    * refactor(appearance): use newly lib dbusutil
    * fix(network): allow to delete when creating connection
    * fix(network): fix device mac address unchanged after set it to empty
    * refactor(keybinding): use newly lib dbusutil
    * fix(network): filter notify if device disabled
    * refactor(mime): use newly lib dbusutil
    * refactor(timedate): use newly lib dbusutil
    * refactor(screenedge): use newly lib dbusutil
    * refactor(sessionwatcher): use newly lib dbusutil
    * refactor(systeminfo): use newly lib dbusutil
    * refactor(screensaver): use newly lib dbusutil
    * refactor(session/power): use lib dbusutil
    * chore: use lib dbusutil new api
    * auto sync po files from transifex
    * refactor(dock): optimize design
    * fix(accounts): replace plaintext with ciphertext when set passwd
    * fix(system-daemon): missing the method ScalePlymouth
    * chore: only enable systemd service
    * fix(lockservice): fix event crash after the frequent unlocking
    * feat(session-init): use newly lib dbusutil
    * refactor: remove dbusutil.PropsMaster
    * feat(network): add l2tp ipsec ike/esp settings
    * Revert "feat(session/power): set dpms off before suspend"
    * auto sync po files from transifex
    * fix(network): fix add connection failed if no activated
    * fix(network): correct wired ip unavailable notification
    * feat: make calltrace as module
    * feat(system-daemon): use newly lib dbusutil
    * fix(default-terminal): can not handle the -e option
    * feat(langselector): replace PropsMu with PropsMaster
    * feat(grub2): replace PropsMu with PropsMaster
    * fix(timedate): fix polkit message untranslated
    * fix: optimize channel statements
    * feat(swapsched): add blkio controller
    * feat(dock): window flash supported
    * refactor(debug): watch cpu/mem anormaly
    * fix(soundeffect): property name Enabled typo
    * feat(soundeffect): use newly lib dbusutil
    * feat(search): use newly lib dbusutil
    * feat(langselector): use newly lib dbusutil
    * feat(grub2): use newly lib dbusutil
    * feat(dde-lockservice): use newly lib dbusutil
    * feat(dde-greeter-setter): use newly lib dbusutil
    * feat(`backlight_helper`): use newly lib dbusutil
    * feat: add calltrace to dump runtime stack
    * chore(translations): update translation source
    * chore(accounts): correct policy translations
    * chore: correct network translations
    * chore: update license
    * chore: add accounts systemd service file
    * chore: move bluez and fprintd to optional dependencies
    * feat(trayicon): merge damage notify events
    * fix(session/power): method StartupNotify appears in the DBus interface
    * fix(accounts): change user config path
    * feat: use new lib gsettings
    * feat(keybinding): regrabAll only after keyboard layout changed
    * fix(dock): dock not show if launcher shown
    * fix: optimize appearance gsettings signal
    * refactor(accounts): elaborate login related action
    * feat(accounts): improve user auth action
    * fix: terminal opened by dde-file-manager work dir is wrong
    * feat: use tool deepin-policy-ts-convert to handle the
    * docs: `add`
    * feat: dde-session-daemon add new module `service_trigger`
* Fri Mar 02 2018
  - Update version to 3.2.9
    * Add some moudles
    * Features update
    * Fix bugs



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