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cfengine-3.17.0-2.1 RPM for armv6hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv6hl

Name: cfengine Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 3.17.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.1 Build date: Tue Aug 31 20:04:34 2021
Group: Productivity/Networking/System Build host: obs-arm-10
Size: 993114 Source RPM: cfengine-3.17.0-2.1.src.rpm
Summary: Configuration management framework
CFEngine is the core of a configuration management system. It
combines modeling and monitoring to move a system into compliance
with a user-defined model (the Desired State). A domain-specific
language is used for setting this up.






* Wed Aug 25 2021 Johannes Segitz <>
  - Added hardening to systemd service(s). Added patch(es):
    * harden_cf-apache.service.patch
    * harden_cf-execd.service.patch
    * harden_cf-hub.service.patch
    * harden_cf-monitord.service.patch
    * harden_cf-postgres.service.patch
    * harden_cf-runalerts.service.patch
    * harden_cf-serverd.service.patch
    * harden_cfengine3.service.patch
    * cf-execd.service
    * cf-monitord.service
    * cf-serverd.service
* Sun Apr 18 2021 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
  - Fixed SPEC file: Replaced broken URL with current upstream
  - Update to 3.17.0
    * cf-agent can now simulate the changes done to files in a chroot, printing
      diff or manifest information about what it would do in a normal evaluation.
      Use the new command line option: `--simulate=diff` or `--simulate=manifest`.
      Please note that only files and packages promises are simulated currently.
    * Custom promise types can now be added using promise modules
    * cf-monitord now uses /proc/net/* files to get network information if
    * Added new policy function execresult_as_data()
    * Added optional argument to execresult for choosing between stdout and
    * Outcome classes are now always defined for promiser in files promises
    * and(), or(), not() now return boolean and cannot be used directly in
      slist vars. They can now be used in other places where a boolean is
      expected. (Most notably and / or promise attributes). The return values
      can be converted to strings using concat(), if necessary (CFE-3470)
    * Backgrounded commands are now correctly executed in the child process
    * CFEngine policy bodies can now be completely empty
    * Directory listings in files changes monitoring are now only updated
      when there is a change
    * Promises with 'action => bg()' no longer break reporting data (ENT-6042)
    * Spaces inside square brackets (slist/data index) are now allowed in
      class expressions (CFE-3320)
    * Variables specifying data/list names in @() references are now expanded
    * Added warnings when trying to use  to expand containers in mustache
      templates (CFE-3457, CFE-3489)
    * Limited unqualified host and domain name to 511 characters (CFE-3409)
    * AVCs are no longer produced for CFEngine processes accessing /proc/net
    * Fixed how we check for `--cols` argument to `ps` (ENT-6098)
    * Fixed a memory leak in users promises
    * Fixed a small memory leak in cf-promises (CFE-3461)
    * Fixed expansion of variables in data/list references (CFE-3299)
  - FHS issue upstream resolved, can be installed accoring to FHS
* Wed Sep 23 2020 Klaus Kämpf <>
  - drop cfengine-doc subpackage in favor of cfengine-documentation
* Tue Sep 22 2020 Klaus Kämpf <>
  - update to 3.16.0
    - Added 'cf-secret' binary for host-specific encryption (CFE-2613)
    - 'cf-check diagnose --test-write' can now be used to test writing
      into LMDB files (ENT-4484)
    - 'if' constraint now works in combination with class contexts
    - Added $(sys.cf_version_release) variable (ENT-5348)
    - Added new macros to parser: else, maximum_version, between_versions,
      before_version, at_version and after_version. Version macros now
      accept single digits (CFE-3198)
    - Added cf-postgres requirement to cf-apache and cf-hub systemd units
    - Added files promise content attribute (CFE-3276)
    - Added string_trim() policy function (CFE-3074)
    - Added warning if CSV parser parses nothing from non-empty file
    - All changes made by 'files' promises are now reported. Also,
      directory and file creations are now properly reported as 'info'
      messages. And failures in edit_xml result in promises marked as
      failed not interrupted. Purged dirs and files are reported as
      repaired (ENT-5291, CFE-3260)
    - Bootstrap to loopback interface is now allowed, with a warning
    - Client initiated reporting was fixed on RHEL 8.1 (ENT-5415)
    - Fixed rare crashing bug when parsing zombie entries in ps output.
      The problem was only ever observed on AIX, but could theoretically happen
      on any platform depending on exact libc behavior. (ENT-5329)
    - Fixed an issue causing duplicate entries in sys.interfaces, and
      sys.hardware. (CFE-3046)
    - Fixed ifelse() to return fallback in case of unresolved variables
    - Fixed locking of promises using log_repaired / log_string with
      timestamps (CFE-3376)
    - Fixed memory leak in handling of inline JSON in policy evaluation
    - Fixed memory leak in readlist functions (CFE-3263)
    - Fixed race condition when multiple agents are acquiring critical
      section locks simultaneously (CFE-3361)
    - Fixed selection of standard_services when used from non-default
      namespace (ENT-5406)
    - Fixed service status cfengine3 on systemd managed hosts
    - Fixed some memory leaks and crashes in policy evaluation (CFE-3263)
    - Improved error message for invalid body attribute names (CFE-3273)
    - Improved management of secondary groups to avoid intermediary state
      failures (ENT-3710)
    - LMDB files are now created with correct permissions (ENT-5986)
    - Log messages about broken Mustache templates are now errors
    - Made classfiltercsv() fail properly on invalid class expression index
    - Measurements promises with no match no longer produce errors
    - Moved error reading file in countlinesmatching() from verbose to
      error (CFE-3234)
    - Added new data validation policy functions validdata() and validjson()
    - New version checking convenience policy functions (CFE-3197)
      Added the following policy functions to check against local CFEngine version:
    - cf_version_maximum()
    - cf_version_minimum()
    - cf_version_after()
    - cf_version_before()
    - cf_version_at()
    - cf_version_between()
    - Removed (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK) from cf-key help menu for -x (ENT-5090)
    - Rewrote to use files promises content attribute (CFE-3276)
    - The outcome classes are now defined for the top-level directory when
      'include_basedir' is 'false' (ENT-5291)
    - Variable references with nested parentheses no longer cause errors
    - cf-check: Added a more user friendly message when trying to print
      unknown binary data (ENT-5234)
    - cf-check: Added data validation for cf_lastseen.lmdb (CFE-2988)
    - cf-check: Added nice printing for nova_agent_executions.lmdb
    - cf-check: Added validation for timestamps in cf_lock.lmdb (CFE-2988)
    - cf-check: Added validation for timestamps in lastseen.lmdb (CFE-2988)
    - cf-check: Fixed issue causing repair to target the wrong database file
    - cf-check: Symlinked LMDB databases are now preserved in repair
      Performs diagnosis and repair on symlink target instead of symlink.
      Repaired files / copies are placed alongside symlink target.
      In some cases, the symlink target is deleted to repair a corrupt
      database, and the symlink is left as a broken symlink. This is
      handled gracefully by the agent, it will be recreated.
      Broken symlinks are now detected as an acceptable condition in diagnose,
      it won't try to repair them or delete them. (ENT-5162)
    - storage promises managing nfs mounts should now correctly mount
      after editing fstab entries
  - drop 0001-Simplify-and-fix-parsing-of-etc-SuSE-release-fixes-i.patch,
    0003-make-home-dir-for-tests.patch - all upstream
* Tue Jul 28 2020 Thorsten Kukuk <>
  - Fix version format for suse_version (SuSEfirewall2 check)
* Fri Jun 12 2020 Klaus Kämpf <>
  - update to 3.15.0
    - New policy function basename() added (CFE-3196)
    - Added read_module_protocol() policy function
    This function reads module protocol from a file, and can be used
    for caching the results of commands modules. (CFE-2973)
    - The @ character is now allowed in the key of classic arrays defined
    by the module protocol (CFE-3099)
    - nth() policy function now supports negative indices (CFE-3194)
    - Fixed .xy floating point numbers parsing in eval() (CFE-2762)
    - Added inform constraint to commands promises, to allow suppression of
    INFO log messages (CFE-2973)
    - Changed unless constraint to be more consistent with if
    For any situation where if would NOT skip a promise, unless
    will cause the promise to be skipped. When there are
    unresolved variables / function calls, if will skip, unless
    will NOT skip. (CFE-3160)
    - Default minimum allowed TLS version is now 1.1 (ENT-4616)
    - Network protocol version 2 is now called "tls"
    "tls" or "2" can be used in places where you specify network
    protocol. Log messages were altered, to show "tls" instead of
    "latest". (ENT-4406)
    - Introduced protocol version 3 - "cookie"
    This protocol is identical to version 2 ("tls"),
    except it allows the enterprise reporting hub to send
    the COOKIE command to enterprise hosts. This command is used for
    detecting hosts using duplicate identities. Protocol version "latest"
    now points to version 3. For community installations, it should not
    make a difference, policy servers will not send this command. The only
    visible difference is the new version number (in logs and policy).
    - Package modules now hit network when package cache is first initialized
    - Fixed promise skipping bug in unless (CFE-2689)
    - Fixed error message for unexpanded variables in function calls in unless
    - Prevented buffer overflow when policy variable names are longer than
    1024 bytes
    - Zero bytes in class guards no longer cause crashes (CFE-3028)
    - Fixed bug in ps parsing on OpenBSD / NetBSD causing bootstrap to fail
    - Fixed crash in policy/JSON parsing of numbers with too many decimal
    points (CFE-3138)
    - copy_from without preserve now respects destination mode (ENT-4016)
    - Removed stime_range and ttime_range constraints from promise hash
    - Fixed promise result when using process_stop in processes type promises
    - cf-execd now sends SIGKILL to the agent process in case of
    agent_expireafter, after attempting SIGINT and SIGTERM (CFE-2664)
    - cf-serverd now tries to accept connection multiple times (CFE-3066)
    - Fixed multiple measurements tracking growth of same file (ENT-4814)
    - Set create permissions of monitord files in state directory to 0600
    0600 matches the permissions enforced by policy.
    Affected files:
    * state/cf_incoming.*
    * state/cf_outgoing.*
    * state/cf_users
    * state/env_data
    - Clarified descriptions of io_writtendata and io_readdata (ENT-5127)
    - Clarified log message about process_count and restart_class being used
    concurrently (CFE-208)
    - Agent runs that hit abortclasses now record results (ENT-2471)
    - An ID of rhel in os-release file will now define both rhel and redhat
    classes (CFE-3140)
    - Version specific distro classes are now collected by default in
    Enterprise (ENT-4752)
    - redhat_8 and redhat_8_0 are now defined on RHEL 8 (CFE-3140)
    - Added derived-from-file tag to hard classes based on /etc/redhat-release
    - Added sys.bootstrap_id policy variable containing the ID from
    /var/cfengine/bootstrap_id.dat, if present (CFE-2977)
    - sys.interfaces now contains interfaces even when they only have
    IPv6 addresses (ENT-4858)
    - IPv6-only interfaces added to sys.hardware_(addresses,mac) (CFE-3164)
    - IPv6 addresses are now added to policy variable sys.ip_addresses
    - IPv6 addresses now respect ignored_interfaces.rx (CFE-3156)
    - hostname now allowed in bindtoaddress (CFE-3190)
    - Fixed issue when removing comments from files in various policy functions
    This also fixes many erroneous occurences of the error message
    [...] because it legally matches nothing
    (A warning can still appear if a comment regex actually matches nothing).
    Also made this comment removing logic faster.
    Affected functions include:
    * readstringlist()
    * readintlist()
    * readreallist()
    * peers()
    * peerleader()
    * peerleaders()
    * data_readstringarray()
    * data_readstringarrayidx()
    * data_expand()
    * readstringarray()
    * readstringarrayidx()
    * readintarray()
    * readrealarray()
    * parsestringarray()
    * parsestringarrayidx()
    * parseintarray()
    * parserealarray()
    (CFE-3188, ENT-5019)
    - Fixed memory leak in JSON / env file parsing (CFE-3210)
    - Fixed memory leak in handling of nfs / fstab (CFE-3210)
    - Fixed memory leak in string_replace() and regex_replace() (CFE-3210)
    - Fixed memory leak when using with constraint (CFE-3210)
    - Fixed minor memory leak in policy evaluation (CFE-3210)
    - Fixed small memory leak in SQL database promises (CFE-3210)
    - Received SIGBUS now triggers a repair of local DBs (CFE-3127)
    - Corrupted LMDB files are now automatically repaired (CFE-3127)
    - Keys in the lock database, cf_lock.lmdb, are now human-readable
    - Local databases now use synchronous access on AIX and Solaris (ENT-4002)
    - Report corrupted local database with a critical log message (CFE-2469)
    - Local DB errors are now logged with the particular DB file path (CFE-2469)
    - cf-check: repair now preserves readable data in corrupted LMDB files
    - cf-check: --dump option was added to the backup command
    - cf-check: Added --no-fork to diagnose command (CFE-3145)
    - cf-check: Added -M manpage option and other common options (CFE-3082)
    - cf-check: No DB files in state dir now causes errors
    - cf-check: dump command now dumps DB contents to JSON5 (CFE-3126)
    - cf-check: help command can now take a topic as argument
* Fri Feb 07 2020 Stefan Brüns <>
  - Drop fakeroot build dependency, unused.
  - Drop python build dependency, is not used.
  - Always build with systemd, distribution versions without
    systemd are no longer supported by CFEngine.
  - Drop RHEL5/SLE11 only remove-am_subst_notmake.patch
  - Cleanup spec file, remove obsolete conditionals.
  - Make doc and examples packages noarch.
  - rename 0002-Simplify-and-fix-parsing-of-etc-SuSE-release-fixes-i.patch
    to 0001-Simplify-and-fix-parsing-of-etc-SuSE-release-fixes-i.patch
    to 0002-Reduce-string-truncation-warnings.patch
    to 0003-make-home-dir-for-tests.patch
  - remove 0001-Set-sys.bindir-to-usr-sbin-expect-cf-components-ther.patch
* Mon Feb 03 2020 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - BuildRequire pkgconfig(systemd) instead of systemd: allow OBS to
    shortcut through the -mini flavors.
* Mon Dec 16 2019 Klaus Kämpf <>
  - Update to (upstream 3.14.0-2)
* Tue Jul 23 2019
  - removal of SuSEfirewall2 service, since SuSEfirewall2 has been replaced by
    firewalld, see [1].
* Fri Mar 08 2019 Adam Majer <>
  - Update to 3.12.1 (LTS)
    - Added a new binary: cf-check
      + Corrupt local databases (LMDB) continues to be a problem.
      cf-check will be used to diagnose and remediate problems
      with corrupt databases. It is a standalone binary, which
      doesn't evaluate policy or use the local databases, thus
      it can be used in situations where the other binaries
      like cf-agent would hang.
      + cf-check replaces our lmdb database dumper, lmdump.
      + `cf-check lmdump` or symlinking / renaming it to lmdump
      will make cf-check have the exact same behavior as lmdump.
      cf-check will include much more functionality in the future
      and some of the code will be added to other binaries,
      for example to do health checks of databases on startup.
      Ticket: (ENT-4064)
    - Class names set by module protocol are automatically canonified
      (CFE-2877, CFE-2887)
    - Correct log level for data_readstringarray* (CFE-2922)
    - Eliminated error messages caused by attempting to kill expired processes
    - Fix cf-runalerts systemd unit conditions so the service will run
    - Fix the off-by-one error in cf-runagent background process spawning
    - Fixed a memory leak which occurred when reloading RSA keys from disk
    - Fixed a memory leak which occurred while loading augments files
    - Fixed an issue while parsing ps output on AIX (ENT-4295)
    - Fixed an issue with splay time in cf-execd (CFE-2931)
    - Fixed error handling and memory leak in cf-key (CFE-2918)
    - Fixed memory leak in lmdb cleanup (CFE-2918)
    - Fixed memory leaks in cf-agent during bootstrap (CFE-2918)
    - Fixed memory leaks in variablesmatching() and findfiles() (CFE-2918)
    - Fixed missing class with mustache templates in warn_only mode (CFE-2600)
    - Fixed small memory leak in cf-serverd (CFE-2918)
    - Fixed valgrind warning about lmdb writing uninitialized memory (CFE-2591)
    - Read mustache-rendered files in text mode when comparing digest (ENT-2526)
    - Reload persistent classes on config reload in cf-execd and cf-serverd
    - Started using custom cleanup function instead of atexit due to race
      condition with unloading DLLs on Windows (ENT-3756)
  - 0003-Reduce-string-truncation-warnings.patch: refreshed
* Wed Jul 25 2018
  - Fix path to executables for sys variables (BOO #1099946)
* Tue Jul 03 2018
  - Update to 3.12.0 (LTS)
    New Features:
    - Add a --key-type option to specify RSA key size to cf-key
    - New hash_to_int policy function (CFE-2733)
    - Issue a warning on ignored locking attributes (CFE-2748)
    - Add IPv6 hard classes with the "ipv6_" prefix (CFE-2310)
    - Introduce "missing_ok" attribute in body copy_from
      This allows to ignore missing sources in file copy operations
    - Enable Xen hypervisor detection on all x86 platforms (CFE-2203)
    - Add sys.policy_entry variables (CFE-2572)
    - Added inline_mustache template method (CFE-1846)
    - New component cf-net (cf-net is a CLI for the CFEngine network
      protocol, useful for debugging, testing etc) and accompanying
      policy variable sys.cf_net containing path to cf-net binary
    - Added --log-level option to all components
      This allows you to specify any log level (info, verbose, debug
      It is also less strict, allowing different spelling. As an example,
    - -log-level i, --log-level INFO, --log-level inform are all the same.
    - Added special behavior for bundles named __main__
      If the bundle is defined in the entry policy it will be defined as
      If the bundle is defined elsewhere, it will be removed.
      This makes it easy to make importable library policy which can also
      be executed directly.
  - See for other
    changes and bug fixes
  - drop 0003-CFE-2629-Openssl-1.1-compatibility.patch (upstream)
    drop reproducible.patch (upstream)
    add  0003-Reduce-string-truncation-warnings.patch
    rename make_home_dir_for_tests.patch to
* Tue Jun 19 2018
  - Use %license instead of %doc
* Tue Jun 19 2018
  - fix path in unit files



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