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RPM of Group System/GUI/Other

QtDMM-0.9.8-2.11 DMM Readout Software Including a Configurable Recorder linux/armv6hl
WindowMaker-0.95.9-2.1 A Colorful and Flexible Window Manager linux/armv6hl
appeditor-1.1.1-1.8 Application Entry Editor linux/armv6hl
appmenu-gtk2-module-0.7.5~git20200915.1e8791e-2.3 GtkMenuShell D-Bus exporter (GTK+ 2) linux/armv6hl
appmenu-gtk3-module-0.7.5~git20200915.1e8791e-2.3 GtkMenuShell D-Bus exporter (GTK+ 3) linux/armv6hl
appmenu-registrar-0.7.5~git20200915.1e8791e-2.3 Canonical AppMenu Registrar Provider linux/armv6hl
awesome-4.3-3.7 Configurable tiling and floating Window Manager linux/armv6hl
bemenu-0.6.3-1.1 Dynamic menu library and client program inspired by dmenu linux/armv6hl
bspwm-0.9.10-1.4 A tiling window manager based on binary space partitioning linux/armv6hl
budgie-app-launcher-applet-1.2.0-1.3 App Launcher applet linux/armv6hl
budgie-brightness-controller-applet-1.2.0-1.3 Brightness controller applet linux/armv6hl
budgie-calendar-applet-5.2-2.3 Calendar applet for Budgie Desktop linux/armv6hl
budgie-clockworks-applet-1.2.0-1.3 Clockworks applet linux/armv6hl
budgie-countdown-applet-1.2.0-1.3 Countdown applet linux/armv6hl
budgie-desktop-10.5.3+5-1.1 GTK3 Desktop Environment linux/armv6hl
budgie-desktop-view-1.1.1-1.4 Official Budgie Desktop icons application / implementation linux/armv6hl
budgie-dropby-applet-1.2.0-1.3 DropBy applet linux/armv6hl
budgie-extras-1.2.0-1.3 Additional Budgie Desktop enhancements for user experience linux/armv6hl
budgie-extras-daemon-1.2.0-1.3 Daemon for Budgie Extras linux/armv6hl
budgie-fuzzyclock-applet-1.2.0-1.3 Fuzzyclock Applet linux/armv6hl
budgie-haste-applet-20200228-1.6 Budgie Haste Applet linux/armv6hl
budgie-hotcorners-applet-1.2.0-1.3 Hotcorners applet linux/armv6hl
budgie-kangaroo-applet-1.2.0-1.3 Kangaroo applet linux/armv6hl
budgie-keyboard-autoswitch-applet-1.2.0-1.3 Keyboard autoswitch applet linux/armv6hl
budgie-network-manager-applet-1.2.0-1.3 Network manager applet linux/armv6hl
budgie-previews-1.2.0-1.3 Previews applet linux/armv6hl
budgie-quickchar-1.2.0-1.3 Quickchar applet linux/armv6hl
budgie-quicknote-applet-1.2.0-1.3 Quicknote applet linux/armv6hl
budgie-recentlyused-applet-1.2.0-1.3 Recently Used applet linux/armv6hl
budgie-rotation-lock-applet-1.2.0-1.3 Rotationlock applet linux/armv6hl
budgie-screensaver-4.0+0-2.2 Fork of GNOME Screensaver for Budgie 10 linux/armv6hl
budgie-screenshot-applet-20200503-1.6 Screenshot applet for Budgie Desktop linux/armv6hl
budgie-showtime-applet-1.2.0-1.3 Showtime applet linux/armv6hl
budgie-takeabreak-applet-1.2.0-1.3 Takeabreak applet linux/armv6hl
budgie-trash-applet-1.2.0-1.3 Trash applet linux/armv6hl
budgie-visualspace-applet-1.2.0-1.3 Visualspace applet linux/armv6hl
budgie-wallstreet-1.2.0-1.3 Wallstreet applet linux/armv6hl
budgie-weathershow-applet-1.2.0-1.3 Weathershow applet linux/armv6hl
budgie-window-mover-applet-1.2.0-1.3 Window Mover applet linux/armv6hl
budgie-window-shuffler-1.2.0-1.3 Window shuffler applet linux/armv6hl
budgie-workspace-overview-applet-1.2.0-1.3 Workspace Overview applet linux/armv6hl
budgie-workspace-stopwatch-applet-1.2.0-1.3 Workspace stopwatch applet linux/armv6hl
budgie-workspace-wallpaper-applet-1.2.0-1.3 Workspace Wallpaper applet linux/armv6hl
cage-0.1.4-1.1 Wayland Kiosk linux/armv6hl
caja-extension-eiciel-1.20.1-2.1 Caja extension for the ACL viewer and editor linux/armv6hl
caja-gschemas-1.26.0-1.1 Caja GSchemas linux/armv6hl
cinnamon-5.0.5-1.1 GNU/Linux Desktop featuring a traditional layout linux/armv6hl
cinnamon-control-center-5.0.2-1.1 Utilities to configure the Cinnamon desktop linux/armv6hl
cinnamon-screensaver-5.0.6-1.1 Cinnamon screensaver and locker linux/armv6hl
cinnamon-session-5.0.0-1.1 The session manager for the Cinnamon Desktop linux/armv6hl
cinnamon-settings-daemon-5.0.4-1.1 The settings Daemon for the Cinnamon Desktop linux/armv6hl
cjs-5.0.0-1.1 JavaScript module used by Cinnamon linux/armv6hl
cjs-tests-5.0.0-1.1 Tests for the cjs package linux/armv6hl
clipped-1.1.1-1.9 Clipboard Manager linux/armv6hl
ddcutil-0.9.9-2.1 Utility to query and update monitor settings linux/armv6hl
deepin-api-5.4.9-4.1 Go-lang bingding for dde-daemon linux/armv6hl
deepin-control-center-5.4.47-1.1 New control center for Linux Deepin linux/armv6hl
deepin-control-center-data-5.4.47-1.1 Data of deepin-control-center linux/armv6hl
deepin-daemon-5.13.36-3.1 Daemon handling the DDE session settings linux/armv6hl
deepin-desktop-base-20.2.2-1.1 Base component for Deepin linux/armv6hl
deepin-dock-5.4.28-1.1 Deepin dock linux/armv6hl
deepin-feature-enable-1.1-1.1 Deepin Features installer linux/armv6hl
deepin-kwin-5.3.9-2.1 KWin configures/plugins on the DDE linux/armv6hl
deepin-launcher-5.4.24-1.1 Deepin Launcher linux/armv6hl
deepin-manual- Deepin Manual linux/armv6hl
deepin-override-tool-5.9.16-1.1 Deepin override tool linux/armv6hl
deepin-polkit-agent- Deepin Polkit Agent linux/armv6hl
deepin-session-shell-5.4.9-1.1 Deepin desktop-environment - Session UI Shell linux/armv6hl
deepin-session-ui-5.4.7-1.1 Deepin desktop-environment - Session UI module linux/armv6hl
deepin-system-monitor-5.8.2-1.1 A user-friendly system monitor linux/armv6hl
desktopfolder-1.1.3-1.5 Tool for organizing the desktop with panels, notes and photos linux/armv6hl
dippi-3.1.1-1.1 Tool for calculating display info like DPI and aspect ratio linux/armv6hl
dmenu-5.0-1.4 A generic and efficient menu for X linux/armv6hl
dtkcommon-5.5.17-1.1 The DTK Tools linux/armv6hl
dtkcore- Deepin Tool Kit Core linux/armv6hl
dtkgui- Deepin Toolkit GUI linux/armv6hl
dtkwidget- Deepin graphical user interface library linux/armv6hl
dunst-1.6.1-2.1 A customizable notification daemon linux/armv6hl
dzen2-1379930259.488ab66-1.11 A general purpose messaging and notification program linux/armv6hl
e16-1.0.23-1.1 A Window Manager for the X Window System linux/armv6hl
eekboard-1.0.8-10.1 An easy to use virtual keyboard toolkit linux/armv6hl
enlightenment-branding-openSUSE-0.1-5.12 Enlightenment openSUSE branding linux/armv6hl
enlightenment-branding-upstream-0.24.2-3.4 Enlightenment files for upstream branding linux/armv6hl
epplet-base-0.10-78.6 Applets for the Enlightenment DR16 Window Manager linux/armv6hl
fluxbox-1.3.7-1.1 A window manager for X based on Blackbox 0.61.1 linux/armv6hl
frame-2.5.0+bzr20160809-2.4 Touch frame library linux/armv6hl
fvwm2-2.6.9-2.8 The F Virtual Window Manager linux/armv6hl
geis-tools-2.2.17-4.1 Gesture engine interface and support linux/armv6hl
gkrellm-cpupower-0.2-2.18 Gkrellm plugin - CPU Frequency linux/armv6hl
gnustep-base-1.27.0-2.4 GNUstep Base library package linux/armv6hl
gnustep-make-2.8.0-1.6 GNUstep Makefile package linux/armv6hl
gtk2-engine-oxygen-1.4.6-5.11 Oxygen GTK 2.x Theme Engine linux/armv6hl
gtk2-theme-oxygen-1.4.6-5.11 Oxygen GTK 2.x Theme linux/armv6hl
herbstluftwm-0.9.3-1.2 A manual tiling window manager linux/armv6hl
i3-4.19.2-1.2 Tiling window manager linux/armv6hl
i3-gaps-4.19.1-1.4 Tiling window manager linux/armv6hl
icewm-2.1.1-1.4 Window Manager with a Taskbar linux/armv6hl
icewm-default-2.1.1-1.4 Window Manager with a Taskbar -- Default Version linux/armv6hl
icewm-lite-2.1.1-1.4 Window Manager with a Taskbar -- Lite Version linux/armv6hl
input-pad- On-screen Input Pad to Send Characters with Mouse linux/armv6hl
lemonbar-1.4-1.2 An X11 bar linux/armv6hl
libcinnamon-desktop-data-5.0.0-1.1 Libcinnamon-desktop API -- Common Files linux/armv6hl
libmarco-private2-1.26.0-1.1 MATE window manager shared libraries linux/armv6hl
libmate-desktop-2-17-1.26.0-1.1 Library with common API for various MATE modules linux/armv6hl
lxqt-panel-0.17.1-1.3 Desktop Panel for LXQt linux/armv6hl
mako-1.6-1.1 A Wayland notification daemon linux/armv6hl
marco-1.26.0-1.1 MATE window manager linux/armv6hl
mate-applet-appmenu-0.7.5~git20200915.1e8791e-2.3 AppMenu (Global Menu) plugin for mate-panel linux/armv6hl
mate-applet-indicator-1.26.0-1.1 Information from applications consistently on the panel linux/armv6hl
mate-applet-sensors-1.26.0-1.1 MATE Desktop panel applet to display sensor readings linux/armv6hl
mate-applet-softupd-0.4.8-1.1 MATE panel applet for software update notifications linux/armv6hl
mate-applets-1.26.0-1.1 A set of applets for the MATE Desktop linux/armv6hl
mate-control-center-1.26.0-1.1 MATE Desktop control center linux/armv6hl
mate-desktop-1.26.0-1.1 Library with common API for various MATE modules linux/armv6hl
mate-desktop-gschemas-1.26.0-1.1 MATE Desktop GSchemas linux/armv6hl
mate-eiciel-1.20.1-2.1 ACL viewer and editor for MATE linux/armv6hl
mate-menus-1.26.0-1.1 MATE Desktop Menu linux/armv6hl
mate-netbook-1.26.0-1.1 MATE Desktop window management tool linux/armv6hl
mate-notification-daemon-1.26.0-1.1 Notification daemon for MATE linux/armv6hl
mate-panel-1.26.0-1.1 MATE Desktop Panel linux/armv6hl
mate-power-manager-1.26.0-1.1 MATE Desktop UPower policy management linux/armv6hl
mate-screensaver-1.26.0-1.1 MATE Desktop screensaver linux/armv6hl
mate-session-manager-1.26.0-1.1 MATE Session Manager linux/armv6hl
mate-session-manager-gschemas-1.26.0-1.1 MATE Session Manager GSchemas linux/armv6hl
mate-settings-daemon-1.26.0-1.1 MATE session settings daemon linux/armv6hl
muffin-5.0.1-1.1 Cinnamon Desktop default window manager linux/armv6hl
nemo-5.0.3-1.1 File browser for Cinnamon linux/armv6hl
nemo-extension-dropbox-5.0.0-2.1 DropBox support for the Nemo Filemanager linux/armv6hl
nemo-extension-fileroller-5.0.0-2.1 Fileroller support for the Nemo Filemanager linux/armv6hl
nemo-extension-image-converter-5.0.0-2.1 Nemo extension to mass resize or rotate images linux/armv6hl
nemo-extension-preview-5.0.0-2.1 A quick previewer for Nemo file manager linux/armv6hl
nemo-extension-repairer-5.0.0-2.1 Nemo extension for filename encoding repair linux/armv6hl
nemo-extension-seahorse-5.0.0-2.1 OpenPGP encryption/decryption extension for Nemo file manager linux/armv6hl
nemo-extension-share-5.0.0-2.1 Samba share extension for Nemo file manager linux/armv6hl
nm-tray-0.4.3-2.11 NetworkManager Tray applet linux/armv6hl
obconf-2.0.4-8.24 Openbox Configuration Tool linux/armv6hl
openbox-3.6.1-3.22 ICCCM and EWMH Compliant Window Manager with Very Few Dependencies linux/armv6hl
openbox-gnome-3.6.1-3.22 Openbox GNOME integration linux/armv6hl
openbox-kde-3.6.1-3.22 Openbox KDE integration linux/armv6hl
oyranos-ui-fltk-0.9.6-6.4 Example Configuration Panel and Image Viewer linux/armv6hl
pasystray-0.7.1-4.3 PulseAudio system tray linux/armv6hl
peksystray-0.4.0-22.12 A system tray "notification area" dockapp linux/armv6hl
plank-0.11.89-1.8 Trivial dock linux/armv6hl
plank-docklets-0.11.89-1.8 A collection of docklets for the Plank dock linux/armv6hl
polybar-3.5.7-1.1 A fast and easy-to-use status bar linux/armv6hl
pumpa-0.9.3-2.23 A client written in C++/Qt linux/armv6hl
python3-nemo-5.0.0-2.1 Python bindings for the Nemo File manager linux/armv6hl
qt5integration-5.5.3-1.1 Qt platform theme integration plugins linux/armv6hl
rofi-1.6.1-1.4 A window switcher, run dialog and dmenu replacement linux/armv6hl
rofi-calc-2.0.0-1.5 Calculator for rofi linux/armv6hl
signon-plugin-oauth2-0.25-1.2 Oauth2 plugin for the Single Sign On Framework linux/armv6hl
signon-ui-0.17+20171022-1.16 Single Sign On UI linux/armv6hl
slurp-1.3.2-1.2 Wayland region selector linux/armv6hl
stalonetray-0.8.4-1.2 Stand-alone system tray linux/armv6hl
sway-1.6.1-2.1 Window manager for Wayland compatible with i3 linux/armv6hl
sway-contrib-1.6.1-2.1 Contributed scripts for sway linux/armv6hl
swaybg-1.1-1.1 Wallpaper tool for Wayland compositors linux/armv6hl
swayidle-1.7-1.1 Idle management daemon for Wayland linux/armv6hl
swaylock-1.5-1.7 Screen locker for Wayland linux/armv6hl
sxhkd-0.6.2-1.3 Simple X hotkey daemon linux/armv6hl
synnefo-1.1.0-3.6 Color Management Settings GUI linux/armv6hl
telegram-theme-adapta- Adapta Telegram themes linux/armv6hl
typelib-1_0-MateDesktop-2_0-1.26.0-1.1 Common API for various MATE modules typelib linux/armv6hl
vala-panel-plugin-appmenu-0.7.5~git20200915.1e8791e-2.3 AppMenu (Global Menu) plugin for vala-panel linux/armv6hl
waybar-0.9.8-1.1 Customizable Wayland bar for Sway and Wlroots based compositors linux/armv6hl
wayvnc-0.4.0-1.4 A VNC server for wlroots based Wayland compositors linux/armv6hl
xapps-mate-2.2.3-1.1 Mate status applet with HIDPI support linux/armv6hl
xdg-user-dirs-0.17-2.6 Utilities to handle user data directories linux/armv6hl
xed-3.0.0-1.1 A text editor with highlighting linux/armv6hl
xmobar-0.29.4-1.6 A Minimalistic Text Based Status Bar linux/armv6hl
yaics-0.6-2.1 A simple GNU social client written in C++/Qt linux/armv6hl

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