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RPM of Group System/Emulators/Other

aranym-1.1.0-2.7 Atari Running on Any Machine linux/armv6hl
dynamips-0.2.21-1.6 Cisco router Emulator linux/armv6hl
fs-uae-3.0.5-2.1 Amiga emulator with on-screen GUI and online play support linux/armv6hl
iouyap-0.97-2.5 Bridge IOU to TAP, UDP and Ethernet linux/armv6hl
libretro-2048-0~git20210814-1.1 2048 libretro core linux/armv6hl
libretro-3dengine-0~git20210107-1.1 3D Engine libretro core linux/armv6hl
libretro-81-0~git20210311-1.1 81 libretro core for ZX81 emulation linux/armv6hl
libretro-atari800-0~git20210805-1.1 Atari800 libretro core for Atari 5200 emulation linux/armv6hl
libretro-beetle-gba-0~git20210704-1.1 Mednafen GBA libretro core for GameBoy Advance emulation linux/armv6hl
libretro-beetle-lynx-0~git20210324-1.1 mednafen_lynx libretro core linux/armv6hl
libretro-beetle-ngp-0~git20210607-1.1 Mednafen NGP libretro core for NeoGeo Pocket emulation linux/armv6hl
libretro-beetle-pce-fast-0~git20210817-1.1 Mednafen PCE Fast libretro core for TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine emulation linux/armv6hl
libretro-beetle-pcfx-0~git20210906-1.1 Mednafen PCFX libretro core for PC-FX emulation linux/armv6hl
libretro-beetle-psx-0~git20210830-1.1 Mednafen PSX libretro core for Sony PlayStation emulation linux/armv6hl
libretro-beetle-psx-hw-0~git20210830-1.1 Mednafen PSX libretro core for Sony PlayStation emulation linux/armv6hl
libretro-beetle-saturn-0~git20210817-1.1 Mednafen Saturn libretro core for Sega Saturn emulation linux/armv6hl
libretro-beetle-supergrafx-0~git20210412-1.1 Mednafen PCE Fast libretro core for SuperGrafx TG-16 emulation linux/armv6hl
libretro-beetle-vb-0~git20210719-1.1 Mednafen VB libretro core for Virtual Boy emulation linux/armv6hl
libretro-beetle-wswan-0~git20210830-1.1 Mednafen WonderSwan libretro core for WonderSwan emulation linux/armv6hl
libretro-bluemsx-0~git20210808-1.1 BlueMSX libretro core for MSX emulation linux/armv6hl
libretro-bsnes-0~git20210906-1.1 The bsnes libretro core for SNES emulation linux/armv6hl
libretro-ppsspp-0~git20210910-1.1 PPSSPP libretro core for PSP emulation linux/armv6hl
libretro-yabause-0~git20210903-1.1 Yabause libretro core for Sega Saturn emulation linux/armv6hl
mame-0.232-1.1 Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator linux/armv6hl
mame-mess-0.232-1.1 Multi Emulator Super System linux/armv6hl
mame-tools-0.232-1.1 MAME Tools linux/armv6hl
nestopia-1.51.1-1.1 Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom emulator linux/armv6hl
retroarch-1.9.9-1.1 Emulator frontend linux/armv6hl
simh-3.11_0-1.5 A collection of simulators of historically significant data processing systems linux/armv6hl
vpcs-0.8.1-1.2 Virtual PC Simulator linux/armv6hl

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