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RPM of Group Productivity/Scientific/Electronics

adms-2.3.7-1.3 An automatic device model synthesizer linux/armv6hl
asco-0.4.10-2.4 A SPICE Circuit Optimizer linux/armv6hl
fritzing-0.9.4-1.8 Electronic Design Automation platform featuring prototype to product linux/armv6hl
gerbv-2.7.0-2.4 Gerber File Viewer that supports the RS-274X Standard linux/armv6hl
gnucap-0.35-17.21 Gnu Circuit Analysis Package linux/armv6hl
gtkwave-3.3.104-1.7 Waveform viewer for Ditital Signals linux/armv6hl
h5utils-1.13.1-1.12 Utilities for Data Conversions from hdf5 linux/armv6hl
harminv-1.4.1-1.11 Solver for the problem of harmonic inversion linux/armv6hl
iverilog-11.0-1.4 Simulation and synthesis tool for IEEE-1364 linux/armv6hl
kicad-5.1.10-1.3 EDA software suite for the creation of schematics and PCB linux/armv6hl
libserialport0-0.1.1-2.6 Handles OS-specific details when using serial ports linux/armv6hl
meep-1.9.0-1.13 FDTD finite-difference time-domain solver linux/armv6hl
ngspice-35-2.1 Mixed-level, Mixed-signal Circuit Simulator Based on spice3f5 linux/armv6hl
ngspice-scripts-35-2.1 Ngspice init scripts linux/armv6hl
ngspice-xspice-cm-35-2.1 Xspice code model Plugins linux/armv6hl
pcb-4.3.0-1.2 CAD Program for the Design of Printed Circuit Boards linux/armv6hl
pulseview-0.4.2-3.3 Qt-based GUI for sigrok linux/armv6hl
qelectrotech-0.80-1.3 Application to Design Electric Diagrams linux/armv6hl
sigrok-cli-0.7.2-1.3 Logic Analyzer Command Line Tool linux/armv6hl
verilator-4.202-1.1 Compiling Verilog HDL simulator linux/armv6hl

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