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RPM of Group Productivity/File utilities

bchunk-1.2.2-1.13 A CD image format converter from .bin/.cue to .iso/.cdr/.wav linux/armv6hl
bsdiff-4.3-5.21 Tools for binary file patches linux/armv6hl
caja-1.26.0-1.1 File manager for the MATE desktop linux/armv6hl
caja-extension-dropbox-1.26.0-1.1 Dropbox client integrated into Caja linux/armv6hl
caja-extension-gksu-1.26.0-1.1 Caja privilege granting plugin linux/armv6hl
caja-extension-image-converter-1.26.0-1.1 Caja image converter linux/armv6hl
caja-extension-nitroshare-0.3.4-3.17 NitroShare integration for Caja linux/armv6hl
caja-extension-open-terminal-1.26.0-1.1 Caja terminal plugin linux/armv6hl
caja-extension-sendto-1.26.0-1.1 A collection of 'sendto' plugins for Caja linux/armv6hl
caja-extension-sendto-devel-1.26.0-1.1 Development files for caja-sendto linux/armv6hl
caja-extension-sendto-gajim-1.26.0-1.1 Gajim integration for the Caja file manager linux/armv6hl
caja-extension-sendto-pidgin-1.26.0-1.1 Pidgin integration for the Caja file manager linux/armv6hl
caja-extension-sendto-upnp-1.26.0-1.1 UPnP integration for the MATE Desktop file manager linux/armv6hl
caja-extension-share-1.26.0-1.1 Share directory from caja via Samba linux/armv6hl
caja-extension-wallpaper-1.26.0-1.1 Allows to quickly set desktop background linux/armv6hl
caja-extension-xattr-tags-1.26.0-1.1 See tags stored on xattrs linux/armv6hl
csvprintf-1.1.0-1.2 Simple CSV file parser for the UNIX command line linux/armv6hl
dfc-3.1.1-2.6 Display file system space usage using graphs and colors linux/armv6hl
dhex-0.69-1.10 Hexeditor with a Diff-mode for ncurses linux/armv6hl
direnv-2.24.0-1.3 Environment switcher for shells linux/armv6hl
direvent-5.2-2.7 File system directory change monitoring tool linux/armv6hl
dolphin-21.08.1-1.1 KDE File Manager linux/armv6hl
dolphin-devel-21.08.1-1.1 KDE File Manager linux/armv6hl
dolphin-part-21.08.1-1.1 KDE File Manager linux/armv6hl
dropbox-cli-2020.03.04-2.3 Dropbox command line interface linux/armv6hl
fd-8.2.1-2.4 An alternative to the "find" utility linux/armv6hl
file-5.40-1.8 A Tool to Determine File Types linux/armv6hl
findutils-4.8.0-2.9 The GNU versions of find utilities (find and xargs) linux/armv6hl
fred-0.2.0-1.8 Forensic Registry EDitor, an editor for Microsoft Registry hives linux/armv6hl
fzf-0.27.2-1.1 A command-line fuzzy finder linux/armv6hl
gnome-commander-1.12.2-2.1 A file manager for the GNOME desktop environment linux/armv6hl
gnome-shell-search-provider-nautilus-40.2-2.1 File Manager for the GNOME Desktop -- Search Provider for GNOME Shell linux/armv6hl
htmlcxx-0.87-2.1 HTML and CSS APIs for C++ linux/armv6hl
jigit-1.22-1.2 Tools for Working With jigdo Files linux/armv6hl
jp-1.1.12-2.1 JSON/CSV data plotting program for the terminal linux/armv6hl
json-table-4.3.3-2.7 Nested JSON data to tabular data transformer linux/armv6hl
k4dirstat-3.3.0-1.1 Graphical Disk Usage Utility linux/armv6hlNew
kfind-21.08.1-1.1 KDE Find File Utility linux/armv6hl
krename-5.0.1-2.7 A Batch Renamer by KDE linux/armv6hl
krusader-2.7.2-1.11 A File Manager linux/armv6hl
krusader-doc-2.7.2-1.11 A File Manager linux/armv6hl
libagdb-tools-20210429-1.1 Utilities for reading SuperFetch databases linux/armv6hl
libbde-tools-20210605-1.1 Tools to access Microsoft Bitlocker Drive Encrypted volumes linux/armv6hl
libbfoverlay-tools-20210416-1.1 Utilities to assist with bfio file overlays linux/armv6hl
libcreg-tools-20210505-1.1 Utilities to inspect Windows 9x/Me REGF-type Registry files linux/armv6hl
libdolphinvcs5-21.08.1-1.1 KDE File Manager linux/armv6hl
libesedb-tools-20210513-2.1 Tools to access the EDB format linux/armv6hl
libevt-tools-20210503-2.1 Utilities to export events from Windows Event Log files linux/armv6hl
libevtx-tools-20210525-1.1 Utilities to export events from Windows XML event files (EVTX) linux/armv6hl
libexe-tools-20210424-1.1 Tools to access Microsoft executable (EXE) format files linux/armv6hl
libfsclfs-tools-20210417-1.1 Utilities to inspect Common Log File Systems linux/armv6hl
libfsext-tools-20210522-1.1 Tools to access the Extended File System (ext) linux/armv6hl
libfshfs-tools-20210602-1.1 Tools to access the Mac OS Hierarchical File System (HFS) linux/armv6hl
libfsntfs-tools-20210503-1.1 Tools to access the New Technology File System (NTFS) linux/armv6hl
libfsrefs-tools-20210422-1.1 Utilities to inspect Resilient File Systems linux/armv6hl
libfsxfs-tools-20210507-1.1 Utilities to inspect SGI X File Systems (XFS) linux/armv6hl
libfvde-tools-20210425-1.1 Several tools for reading the File Vault Drive Encryption format linux/armv6hl
libhibr-tools-20210421-1.1 Utilities to inspect Windows Hibernation Files linux/armv6hl
libhmac-tools-20210419-1.1 Utilities for HMACs linux/armv6hl
liblnk-tools-20210417-2.1 Tools to access the Windows Shortcut File (LNK) format linux/armv6hl
libluksde-tools-20210419-2.1 Tools to access the New Technology File System (NTFS) linux/armv6hl
libmdmp-tools-20210420-1.1 Utilities for reading Windows Minidump files linux/armv6hl
libmodi-tools-20210515-1.1 Utilities for reading Mac OS disk image formats linux/armv6hl
libnk2-tools-20210421-1.1 Utilities for reading Outlook Nickfile files linux/armv6hl
libnsfdb-tools-20210419-1.1 Utilities for reading Outlook Nickfile files linux/armv6hl
libodraw-tools-20210503-1.1 Utilities for reading BIN/ISO/CUE image files through libodraw linux/armv6hl
libpff-tools-20210508-1.1 Tools to access Microsoft PST and OST files linux/armv6hl
libphdi-tools-20210424-1.1 Utilities for reading Parallels Hard Disk images linux/armv6hl
libqcow-tools-20210419-1.1 Tools to access the QEMU Copy-On-Write (QCOW) image format linux/armv6hl
libredwg-tools-0.11.1-1.4 Command line utilities for handling DWG file linux/armv6hl
libregf-tools-20210615-1.1 Utilities to inspect Windows REGF-type Registry files linux/armv6hl
libscca-tools-20210419-1.1 Tools to access the Windows Prefetch File (PF) format linux/armv6hl
libsigscan-tools-20210419-1.1 Tools to scan for binary signatures linux/armv6hl
libsmdev-tools-20210418-1.1 Utilities for reading storage media devices through libsmdev linux/armv6hl
libsmraw-tools-20210418-1.1 Utilities for reading and writing storage media (split) RAW files linux/armv6hl
libvhdi-tools-20210425-1.1 Tools to access the VHD image format linux/armv6hl
libvmdk-tools-20210418-1.1 Tools to access the VMDK image format linux/armv6hl
libvsapm-tools-20210626-1.1 Utilities for inspecting GUID partition tables linux/armv6hl
libvsgpt-tools-20210508-1.1 Utilities for inspecting GUID partition tables linux/armv6hl
libvslvm-tools-20210524-1.1 Several tools for reading Linux Logical Volume Manager (LVM) volume systems linux/armv6hl
libvsmbr-tools-20210509-1.1 Utilities for inspecting MS-DOS partition tables linux/armv6hl
libwrc-tools-20210425-1.1 Utilities to inspect Windows Resource Compiler files linux/armv6hl
libwtcdb-tools-20210417-1.1 Utilities for reading Windows thumbnail cache databases linux/armv6hl
mc-4.8.26-1.3 Midnight Commander linux/armv6hl
mmv-1.01b-954.19 Move/Copy/Append/Link Multiple Files by Wildcard Patterns linux/armv6hl
moreutils-0.66-1.1 Additional Unix Utilities linux/armv6hlNew
moreutils-parallel-0.66-1.1 Additional unix utility - parallel command linux/armv6hlNew
mspack-examples-0.10.1-1.9 Library That Implements Different Microsoft Compressions linux/armv6hl
mtree-1.0.4-3.2 Tool for creating and verifying file hierarchies linux/armv6hl
nautilus-40.2-2.1 File Manager for the GNOME Desktop linux/armv6hl
nautilus-extension-dropbox-2020.03.04-2.3 Dropbox client integrated into Nautilus linux/armv6hl
nautilus-extension-nitroshare-0.3.4-3.17 NitroShare integration for Nautilus linux/armv6hl
nautilus-plugin-easytag-2.4.3-5.7 Nautilus extension for opening in EasyTAG linux/armv6hl
nautilus-sendto-3.8.6-5.1 Integrate Nautilus and E-Mail clients linux/armv6hl
nemo-extension-nitroshare-0.3.4-3.17 NitroShare integration for Nemo linux/armv6hl
nitroshare-kde-0.3.4-3.17 NitroShare integration into KDE linux/armv6hl
nmtree-1.0.0-1.4 Utility for mapping directory hierarchies linux/armv6hl
nnn-4.2-1.1 Terminal based file browser linux/armv6hl
partitionmanager-3.3.1-2.18 Easily manage disks, partitions and file systems on your KDE Desktop linux/armv6hl
patchutils-0.4.2-1.4 A Collection of Tools for Manipulating Patch Files linux/armv6hl
pcmanfm-1.3.2-1.3 The LXDE file manager linux/armv6hl
pilot-2.99-24.1 Simple file system browser linux/armv6hl
qtfm-6.2.1-1.1 Qt File Manager linux/armv6hl
rox-filer-2.11-8.3 Minimalist file manager linux/armv6hl
scrub-2.6.1-1.21 Disk scrubbing program linux/armv6hl
sord-0.16.8-1.3 Utilities to work with RDF data linux/armv6hl
spacefm-1.0.6-3.5 Multi-panel tabbed file and desktop manager linux/armv6hl
sushi-3.38.1-1.1 Quick Previewer for Nautilus linux/armv6hl
the_silver_searcher-2.2.0-2.5 A code-searching tool similar to ack, but faster linux/armv6hl
thunar-4.16.10-1.1 File Manager for the Xfce Desktop Environment linux/armv6hl
tree-1.8.0-1.12 File listing as a tree linux/armv6hl
ugrep-3.3.4-1.1 Universal grep: a feature-rich grep implementation with focus on speed linux/armv6hl
vifm-0.12-1.1 Ncurses based file manager with vi like keybindings linux/armv6hlNew
wcd-6.0.3-1.7 Chdir for DOS and Unix linux/armv6hl
wipe-2.3.1-18.3 Secure Erasure of Data linux/armv6hl
ytree-2.03-1.2 A filemanager similar to XTree linux/armv6hl

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