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FreeFileSync-11.13-1.1 RPM for armv6hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv6hl

Name: FreeFileSync Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 11.13 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Wed Aug 25 22:29:07 2021
Group: Productivity/Networking/System Build host: obs-arm-10
Size: 7569678 Source RPM: FreeFileSync-11.13-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Backup software to synchronize files and folders
FreeFileSync is a software that helps synchronizing files
and folders. It runs backup jobs while having visual
feedback along the way.






* Tue Aug 24 2021 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Trim filler wording from descriptions.
* Sun Aug 22 2021 Jannik Seiler <>
  - Update to 11.13
    - Manage default filter settings via GUI
    - Support arbitrary location for local app installation (macOS)
    - Fixed ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND masking real file access error (Windows)
    - Copy full file paths to clipboard (CTRL + C)
    - Preserve clipboard contents until after program exit
    - Always enable external command if independent of file items
    - Support installation without Rosetta2 on ARM64 (macOS)
  - Changes from 11.12
    - Native ARM64 build to support Apple silicon M1 (macOS)
    - Non-intrusive mouse highlight on file grid
    - Fixed /lib/i386-linux-gnu/ version `GCC_7.0.0' not found
    - Parse file times with no limits on time span (e.g. year 0, year 3000)
    - Show folder icon during drag and drop (Windows)
    - Show user name for (S)FTP display paths
    - Fixed FTP connection lost error with TLS 1.3
    - Present file sizes in powers of 1000 bytes (Linux, macOS)
* Wed Jun 16 2021 Jannik Seiler <>
  - Update to 11.11
    - Fixed Shared Drive synchronization with Google Drive
    - Directly open exported file list (.CSV) as temporary file
    - Avoid EIO error for F_PREALLOCATE (macOS)
    - Watch socket using "poll" instead of "select" (Linux, macOS)
    - Fixed user-specific time/date format (Windows)
    - Fixed system_profiler not found error (macOS)
  - Changes from 11.10
    - Fixed comparison results cleared after mouse-scrolling the first folder pair
    - Stricter base folder existence checks before synchronization
    - Disable all file pairs when base folder status cannot be determined
    - Fixed sync statistics if base folder existence test failed
    - Work around glitch in grid scrollbar size calculation
    - Fixed folder drag and drop failing after locale conflict (macOS)
    - Fixed incorrect MIME permissions after installation (Linux)
    - Stricter server response validation during update check
    - Fixed incomplete item path in log if source item is missing
    - Fixed installation error when running ConEmu
    - Support starting FreeFileSync as root login user (Linux)
* Fri May 21 2021 Jannik Seiler <>
  - Update to 11.9
    - Save different layouts depending on screen resolution
    - Fixed large file icon scaling quality (Windows)
    - Fixed broken default filter excluding DocumentRevisions (macOS)
    - Don't immediately exit terminal when installer error is showing (Linux)
    - Explicitly set file permissions when installing missing directories (Linux)
    - Support installation using noexec temp directory (Linux)
    - Don't fail installation if root is the only user (Linux)
    - Added automatic socket close on execv (Linux, macOS)
    - Fixed Google Drive login hanging after authentication (Linux)
    - Correctly generate and parse Windows epoch time (Windows, macOS)
  - Changes from 11.8
    - Fixed unexpected file size error when copying to (S)FTP, and Google Drive
  - add FreeFileSync-icon_loader.patch to fix build error
* Tue Mar 02 2021 Jannik Seiler <>
  - Update to 11.7
    - Detect moved files on FTP (if server supports MLSD)
    - Allow installation only for current or all user(s) (Linux)
    - Added application uninstaller: (Linux)
    - Use login user config path when running as root (macOS, Linux)
    - Fixed detection of moved files with unstable device IDs (macOS, Linux)
    - Strict checking for duplicate file IDs
    - Avoid EINVAL invalid argument error when using F_PREALLOCATE (macOS)
    - Restore input focus after closing log panel
    - Double-click on file to open Google Drive web interface
    - Fixed alpha channel image scaling glitch
    - Fixed recycle bin folders being created recursively
    - Fixed thread count status message fluctuation
    - Don't quit FreeFileSync when parent terminal is closed (SIGHUP)
    - Fixed "Operation not supported" error when setting directory locks
    - Show folder picker despite SHCreateItemFromParsingName() error
    - Work around "OLE received a packet with an invalid header" error
  - Changes from 11.6
    - New FreeFileSync installer (Linux)
    - New auto-updater for the Donation Edition (macOS, Linux)
    - Support reading FTP file symlinks
    - Added context menu option "Edit with FreeFileSync" (Linux, KDE)
    - Support starting via symlink (macOS)
    - Command line support with "freefilesync" symlink
      in /usr/local/bin (macOS)
    - Fixed starting via symlink found by PATH (Linux)
    - Preserve keyboard focus when starting sync via F9
    - Don't show relative parent path if folder does not exist
    - Added high-resolution application icons (Linux, macOS)
    - Work around "500 'HELP' command unrecognized" FTP error
    - Fixed menu bar icon not being removed immediately (macOS Big Sur)
    - Don't allow folder names ending with dot character (Windows)
    - Mitigate ERROR_ALREADY_ASSIGNED: Local Device Name Already
      in Use [Wnetaddconnection2]
    - Fixed startup failure when app folder contains back quote char (macOS)
    - Fixed network card not found error on virtual machine (KVM Linux)
    - Fixed RTL layout direction in popup dialogs
  - Changes from 11.5
    - New configuration context menu option to delete from disk
    - Start auto retry delay at time of error instead of reporting
    - Added error details to status message before retry
    - Improved color scheme to better integrate with system colors
    - Keep partial SFTP results after network failure
    - Fixed incorrect panel font (macOS Big Sur)
    - Fixed SFTP retry not working after network drop
    - Fixed crash on exit with floating panels (macOS Big Sur)
    - Fixed auto-close option not being remembered
    - Fixed installer high-DPI scaling issues
    - Fixed mouse hover issues with grid column header
    - Fixed menu bar icons not showing (Linux)
    - Removed redundant GUI layout recalculations
    - Keep correct panel sizes after log panel maximize
    - Support modern folder picker in installer
    - Don't raise progress dialog after sync when resuming from systray
* Fri Dec 11 2020 Jannik Seiler <>
  - Update to 11.4
    - New progress graph "this one sparks joy"
    - Remember progress dialog size
    - New config file context menu option: Show in file manager
    - Work around libcurl performance bug during FTP upload
    - Only log modification time errors after comparing by size or content
    - Smaller icon size for efficient screen layout (Linux)
    - Use system-native recycle bin icon
    - Support MTP devices lacking a friendly name
    - Fix grid scrolling with small mouse rotations (macOS)
    - Faster mouse scrolling on high-DPI resolution displays
    - Keep previous windows size when maximized during auto-exit
  - use %autosetup instead of %setup and %patch
  - replace %desktop_database_postun with %filetrigger{in,postun}
* Tue Nov 03 2020 Jannik Seiler <>
  - Update to 11.3
    - Enhanced main grid color scheme
    - Mouse-highlight for file selection
    - Added file create/delete indicators
    - Show file list tooltip for missing items
    - Click folder name and scroll to group start
    - Log failure to create application default config folder
    - Added tooltips and fixed help link context menu
    - Fixed tooltip not updated when scrolling (macOS, Linux)
    - Move error dialogs to foreground during batch sync
    - Align context menu popup positions
    - Updated translation files
* Sat Oct 03 2020 Jannik Seiler <>
  - Update to 11.2
    - Improved grid layout with file icons hidden
    - Improved rendering of inactive and disabled grid items
    - Remember last user-selected paths for file and folder pickers
    - Fixed folder name hidden in "item name" view type
    - Fixed determination of unsupported trash folder (Linux)
    - Fixed copying broken symlinks (macOS)
    - Fixed default action when pressing Enter in popup dialogs
    - Fixed default popup dialog size (macOS)
    - Use localized start of week for %WeekDay% (Linux, macOS)
    - Swap sides using CTRL+W instead of F10
    - Show confirmation dialog before swapping sides
* Wed Sep 02 2020 Jannik Seiler <>
  - Update to 11.1
    - New file group layout on main grid (reloaded)
    - Alternate colors for main grid folder groups
    - Added file group context menu
    - Quick selection of items in folder group
    - Fixed FTP access errors with Explicit SSL/TLS
    - Fixed Google Drive error when double quotes in file name
    - Fixed RTL layout bug with number input control
    - Fixed grid column default sizes
    - Fixed grid rendering performance during mouse scrolling
    - Update all config files transactionally
    - Respect user-preferred number/time format (Linux)
    - Fixed floating panels not being resizable (Linux)
    - Instantly open selection context menu on right mouse button down
    - Further improved high DPI support
    - Updated deprecated system API calls (requires macOS 10.10 or later)
    - Fixed crash when accessing Nexis storage (macOS)
    - Avoid buffer flush when aborting native file output
    - Clear preview after folder history selection
    - Pre-allocate target file without setting size
    - Unified system error message formatting
* Wed Aug 05 2020 Jannik Seiler <>
  - Update to 11.0
    - Revised file layout on main grid
    - Skip download/upload when copying Google Drive files inside account
    - Support moving Google Drive files between shared drives and My Drive
    - Support copying Google Drive shortcuts between accounts
    - Support copying Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc. within account
    - Fixed parsing uninitialized Google Drive modification time
    - Fixed Google Drive file already existing check running too late
    - Ignore slash/backslash differences during manual search
    - Avoid creating orphan database entry if one DB file fails to load
    - Limit modification time error count for log file warning message
    - Support copying WSL symlinks
    - Avoid duplicate MTP/Google Drive item creation from multiple threads
    - Fixed TMPDIR not found during startup (macOS)
    - Added sync variant icons
    - Avoid redundant icon format conversions
    - Buffer high-DPI image scaling results
    - Improved MTP thumbnail scaling performance
    - Avoid race condition during parallel file icon rendering (Linux)
    - Allow creating folder name with leading/trailing spaces
    - Start supporting GTK3 (Linux)
* Mon Dec 31 2018
  - make it compile!
* Wed Dec 19 2018
  - Update to 10.7
    - Resolve ambiguous paths in (S)FTP folder picker
    - Fixed path alias check to not rely on volume serial
    - Check already existing move target by ID instead of path
    - Use native image conversion routines in installer
    - Added base folder info for unresolved conflicts message
    - Avoid silent failure when setting epoch modTime
    - Fixed parsing locale with unexpected format
    - Fixed RealTimeSync failing to start FreeFileSync batch
    - Exclude failed item paths containing backslash in names
    - Fixed RealTimeSync GUI distortion after drag & drop
    - Support command arguments and exit code with launcher
    - Consider UTF encoding when trimming long temp name during file copy
* Mon Sep 24 2018
  - Update to 10.4
    - Allow overriding log folder path for gui and batch runs
    - Fixed RTS not triggering for volume path by name
    - Fixed reading FTP folders including wildcard chars
    - Fixed image overlay graphics glitch (Linux)
    - Don't show error if versioning folder is not yet existing
    - Fixed crash removing folder pair before comparison (F5)
    - Fixed crash when parent of newly-moved file is missing
    - Fixed statistics when folder containing moved files is found
* Mon Sep 24 2018
  - Update to 10.3
    - New log panel showing details about the last operation
    - Show status of last syncs in configuration panel
    - Access log files via the configuration panel
    - Allow auto-retry and ignore errors during comparison
    - Show folder RealTimeSync is waiting on
    - New %logfile_path% macro for "on completion" command
    - Show errors and warnings count in log file header
    - Fixed crash when resizing panel during comparison
    - Fixed folders created hidden when source is a volume root path
    - Use steady clock while waiting in RealTimeSync
    - Fixed folder access error with Google Drive File Stream
    - Open global log folder path via options dialog
    - Limit global logs by age instead of size
    - Deprecated batch-level log files and LastSyncs.log
* Wed Jul 25 2018
  - Update to 10.2
    - Limit number of file versions by age and count
    - Report not yet existing folders as warning instead of error
    - Improved comparison speed for high-latency traversals
    - Set up parallel file operations for versioning folder
    - Early clean up to avoid hitting (S)FTP connection limits
    - Support FTP servers with ANSI encoding
    - Fixed folder drag and drop for modal dialogs
    - Fixed progress graph glitch due to unsteady system clock
    - Unbuffered folder lock file existence checking
    - Fixed macOS Donation Ed. not recognized after rename
    - Updated translation files
* Tue Jun 19 2018
  - update to 10.1
    - Binary-compare multiple files in parallel
    - Copy file permissions when creating base folders
    - Fixed hang when scrolling file list (Windows)
    - Fixed file list mismatch when cancelling sync
    - Fixed delay when cancelling folder existence check
    - Fixed sync processing order to honor FIFO
    - Fixed startup delay when internet is offline (Linux, macOS)
    - Fixed crash when closing via the macOS Dock
    - Support installation without admin rights (macOS)
    - Fixed bcrypt.dll not found on startup (Windows XP)
    - Respect Content-Length header for HTTP requests
    - Support parallel folder traversal on Ubuntu 16.4
    - Fixed missing shared library dependencies (Linux)
    - Unified precompiled Linux binary packages
  - changes from 10.0
    - The installer is now ad-free!
    - Sync multiple files in parallel (Donation Edition)
    - Compare multiple files in parallel within a single folder tree
    - Aggregate worker threads per device during folder traversal
    - Reset GUI layout configuration for high DPI displays
    - Keep GUI responsive during synchronization
    - Remember maximum number of visible folder pairs
    - Fixed high DPI issues in installer
    - Don't delay errors by callback interval during comparison
    - Handle concurrent intermediate folder creation for versioning
    - Sync all folder level items before recursion (avoid CWDs)
    - Updated translation files
  - changes from 9.9
    - High DPI display support
    - Allow automatic retry at configuration level
    - Show error handling settings during sync
    - Avoid dependency (Linux)
    - Fixed undefined behavior closing paused progress dialog
    - Check if buggy DLLs are loaded into address space (Windows)
    - Fixed FTP parsing error for Windows CE device
    - Workaround VSS provider implementation bug
    - Respect macOS user settings for date and thousands separator
    - Updated translation files
* Mon Feb 26 2018
  - update to 9.8
    - New option to auto-close progress dialog
    - Update last sync time if no differences found
    - Added 5 seconds countdown before shutdown/sleep
    - Preserve XML attribute creation order
    - Support HTTPS web accesses without redirect
    - Connect network share upon logon type not granted
    - Fixed invalid pointer error when reading MTP
    - Fixed temporary db file triggering RealTimeSync
    - Fixed runtime error during uninstallation
    - Continue status updates during sync cancellation
    - Log number of items found during comparison
    - Warn about outdated nviewH64.dll instead of crashing
    - Show default log file path when saving a batch job
    - Consider only full days for time since last sync
  - rebase patch freefilesync-build.patch
* Mon Jan 22 2018
  - fix build for openSUSE_Leap_15.0



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