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RPM of Group Development/Tools/Debuggers

bluez-test-5.61-1.3 Tools for testing of various Bluetooth-functions linux/armv6hl
cgdb-0.7.1-1.4 Curses debugger linux/armv6hl
drkonqi5-5.22.5-1.1 Helper for debugging and reporting crashes linux/armv6hl
dwarves-1.22-2.1 DWARF utilities linux/armv6hl
gammaray-2.11.2-2.1 Introspection/Debugging Tool for Qt Applications linux/armv6hl
gdbserver-10.1-11.1 A standalone server for GDB (the GNU source-level debugger) linux/armv6hl
hexd-1.0.0-1.13 Colourful, human-friendly hexdump tool linux/armv6hl
hotspot-1.3.0-1.6 Perf GUI for performance analysis linux/armv6hl
ht-2.1.0-3.5 Disassembler, object dumper and hex editor linux/armv6hl
hte-2.1.0-3.5 Disassembler, object dumper and hex editor linux/armv6hl
kdbg-3.0.1-1.9 Graphical User Interface for GDB linux/armv6hl
kdbusaddons-tools-5.86.0-1.1 Convenience classes for QtDBus: CLI tools linux/armv6hl
kernelshark-1.2-1.6 Visualisation tool for trace-cmd data linux/armv6hl
libjaylink-0.2.0-1.2 USB interface library for J-Link linux/armv6hl
libqt5-qtdeclarative-tools-5.15.2+kde29-1.1 Qt 5 Declarative Tools linux/armv6hl
libqt5-qtremoteobjects-tools-5.15.2+kde3-1.1 Qt 5 RemoteObjects Tools linux/armv6hl
libqt5-qtscxml-tools-5.15.2+kde1-1.1 Qt 5 State Chart XML tools linux/armv6hl
libseccomp-tools-2.5.2-2.1 Utilities for the seccomp API linux/armv6hl
libstlink1-1.7.0-1.1 Shared library for stlink linux/armv6hl
ltrace-0.7.91-13.2 Library and system call tracer for programs linux/armv6hl
mpiP_3_4_1-gnu-mvapich2-hpc-3.4.1-8.5 A profiling library for MPI applications linux/armv6hl
mpiP_3_5-gnu-openmpi1-hpc-3.5-1.3 A profiling library for MPI applications linux/armv6hl
mpiP_3_5-gnu-openmpi2-hpc-3.5-1.3 A profiling library for MPI applications linux/armv6hl
mpiP_3_5-gnu-openmpi3-hpc-3.5-1.3 A profiling library for MPI applications linux/armv6hl
mpiP_3_5-gnu-openmpi4-hpc-3.5-1.3 A profiling library for MPI applications linux/armv6hl
neard-test-0.16-1.5 Files needed for NFC development linux/armv6hl
nemiver-0.9.6-8.1 Nemiver graphical debugger linux/armv6hl
nemiver-devel-0.9.6-8.1 Nemiver graphical debugger - Development files linux/armv6hl
openocd-0.11.0-1.2 Debugging, in-system programming and boundary-scan testing for embedded devices linux/armv6hl
perf-5.14.9-70.71 Performance Monitoring Tools for Linux linux/armv6hlNew
pixd-1.0.0-1.13 Colourful visualization tool for binary files linux/armv6hl
ptools-0.1-26.20 The process tools collection linux/armv6hl
radare2-5.3.1-2.1 Reverse Engineering Framework linux/armv6hl
radare2-devel-5.3.1-2.1 Devel files for radare2 linux/armv6hl
radare2-iaito-5.2.2-1.1 A Qt GUI for radare2 reverse engineering framework linux/armv6hl
radare2-iaito-devel-5.2.2-1.1 Development files for Iaito linux/armv6hl
renderdoc-1.15-1.1 A frame-capture based graphics debugger linux/armv6hl
renderdoc-devel-1.15-1.1 Development files for renderdoc linux/armv6hl
stlink-1.7.0-1.1 STM32 discovery line linux programmer linux/armv6hl
stlink-devel-1.7.0-1.1 Development files for stlink package linux/armv6hl
stlink-gui-1.7.0-1.1 GUI for STM32 discovery line linux programmer linux/armv6hl
strace-5.14-1.1 A utility to trace the system calls of a program linux/armv6hl
sysprof-3.42.0-1.1 A system-wide Linux profiler linux/armv6hlNew
sysprof-capture-devel-static-3.42.0-1.1 Library to read and write syspref's capture format linux/armv6hlNew
sysprof-devel-3.42.0-1.1 Development files for sysprof linux/armv6hlNew
sysprof-ui-3.42.0-1.1 A system-wide Linux profiler linux/armv6hlNew
sysprof-ui-devel-3.42.0-1.1 Development files for sysprof-ui linux/armv6hlNew
systemtap-4.2-5.8 Instrumentation System linux/armv6hl
systemtap-headers-4.2-5.8 SystemTap headers linux/armv6hl
systemtap-runtime-4.2-5.8 Runtime environment for systemtap linux/armv6hl
systemtap-sdt-devel-4.2-5.8 Static probe support tools linux/armv6hl
systemtap-server-4.2-5.8 Systemtap server linux/armv6hl
trace-cmd-2.8.3-3.5 Configuration tool for Ftrace linux/armv6hl
udtrace-0.0.0+git.20180402-1.9 Unix domain socket tracing linux/armv6hl
valgrind-3.17.0-2.2 Memory Management Debugger linux/armv6hl
valgrind-devel-3.17.0-2.2 Header files for for Valgrind linux/armv6hl

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