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tiled-1.10.2-1.3 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for aarch64

Name: tiled Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.10.2 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.3 Build date: Sat Feb 3 05:02:42 2024
Group: Unspecified Build host: i01-armsrv3
Size: 21224202 Source RPM: tiled-1.10.2-1.3.src.rpm
Summary: A tilemap editor
Tiled is a general purpose tile map editor. It is built to work with
varying game engines, whether your game is an RPG, platformer or
Breakout clone. Tiled is written in C++, using the Qt application






* Fri Aug 04 2023 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.10.2:
    * Added support for setting custom properties on the project (with dogboydog, #2903)
    * Added feedback when Terrain Brush and Terrain Fill Mode can't find a tile
    * Removed Space and Ctrl+Space shortcuts from Layers view to avoid conflict with panning (#3672)
    * Display the image base name for unnamed tile objects referring to single images
    * Scripting: Added API for editing tile layers using terrain sets (with a-morphous, #3758)
    * Scripting: Added file dialog API (with dogboydog, #3782)
    * Scripting: Support erasing tiles in Tool.preview and TileMap.merge
    * Scripting: Added Geometry interface with line and ellipse helpers
    * Scripting: Added WangSet.effectiveTypeForColor
    * Fixed crash when changing file property of custom class (#3783)
    * Fixed loading of invalid color properties (#3793)
    * Fixed handling of enum values with 31 flags and fixed the applied limit (#3658)
    * Fixed object preview position with parallax factor on group layer (#3669)
    * Fixed hover highlight rendering with active parallax factor (#3669)
    * Fixed updating of object selection outlines when changing parallax factor (#3669)
    * Fixed "Offset Map" action to offset all objects when choosing "Whole Map" as bounds
    * Fixed several issues with drawing ellipses (#3776)
    * Fixed Terrain Fill Mode for sets containing transitions to empty (#3774)
    * Godot 4 plugin: Export custom tile properties as Custom Data Layers (with Kevin Harrison, #3653)
    * AppImage: Updated to Sentry 0.6.5
    * Qt 6: Increased the image allocation limit from 1 GB to 4 GB (#3616)
* Tue Apr 04 2023 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.10.1:
    * Make panning with Space require pressing a mouse button as well (#3626)
    * Scripting: Added read-only access to Project properties (by dogboydog, #3622)
    * Scripting: Fixed behavior of Dialog.SameWidgetRows (#3607)
    * Fixed object labels to adjust to application font changes
    * Fixed grid rendering for odd Hex Side Length values (#3623)
    * Fixed tile stamp getting messed up on staggered maps in some cases (#3431)
    * JSON plugin: Fixed loading of empty tilesets created by script (#3542)
    * Godot 4 plugin: Removed depth limit for .godot project file (#3612)
    * Improved Terrain Brush for Hexagonal (Staggered) maps with side length 0 (#3617)
    * Removed "Add Folder to Project" button from the startup page
    * Qt 6: Increased the image allocation limit from 128 MB to 1 GB (#3616)
    * Qt 6 / Linux: Fixed long startup time for some icon themes
    * snap: Updated from core20 to core22 (now uses Qt 5.15)
    * Qbs: Added projects.Tiled.libDir option (#3613)
  - Remove tiled-1.10.0-lib.patch
* Wed Mar 29 2023 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Bump qbs setup-toolchains call to gcc++-13 now that we are using
    gcc13 as default compiler. Fixes build in Tumbleweed.
* Wed Mar 15 2023 Michael Vetter <>
  - Add tiled-1.10.0-lib.patch:
    Move so files into corresponding directories
* Sat Mar 11 2023 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.10.0:
    * Restored Tiled 1.8 file format compatibility by default (#3560)
    * Added action search popup on Ctrl+Shift+P (with dogboydog, #3449)
    * Added Godot 4 export plugin (by Rick Yorgason, #3550)
    * Added file system actions also for tileset image based tilesets (#3448)
    * Added custom class option to disable drawing fill for objects (with dogboydog, #3312)
    * Added option to choose a custom interface font (#3589)
    * Implemented rendering of major grid lines for staggered / hexagonal maps (#3583)
    * Fixed new layer names to be always unique (by Logan Higinbotham, #3452)
    * Fixed broken tile images after importing/exporting a tileset
    * AutoMapping: Added support for output set probability (#3179)
    * AutoMapping: When input regions are defined, match in order by default (#3559)
    * AutoMapping: Skip locked layers when applying rules (#3544)
    * AutoMapping: Fixed NoOverlappingOutput in case of multiple output indices (#3551)
    * AutoMapping: Fixed automatic output regions for object output (#3473)
    * AutoMapping: Fixed crash on undo when output layers have properties
    * Scripting: Added Object.setColorProperty and Object.setFloatProperty (#3423)
    * Scripting: Added tiled.projectFilePath
    * Scripting: Added tiled.versionLessThan
    * Scripting: Added TileMap.toImage (#3519)
    * Scripting: Added Tool.targetLayerType (#3248)
    * Scripting: Added region.contiguousRegions() (#3576)
    * Scripting: Added tiled.compress and tiled.decompress (#3153)
    * Scripting: Added Base64 encoding and decoding API (#3153)
    * Scripting: Allow assigning null to Tile.objectGroup (by Logan Higinbotham, #3495)
    * Scripting: Allow changing the items in a combo box added to a dialog
    * Scripting: Fixed painting issues after changing TileLayer size (#3481)
    * Scripting: Renamed Tileset.collection to Tileset.isCollection (#3543)
    * Defold plugin: Allow overriding z value also when exporting to .collection (#3214)
    * Qt 6: Fixed invisible tileset tabs when only a single tileset is open
    * Qt 6: Fixed behavior of "Class of" selection popup
    * Qt 6: Fixed tile rendering when OpenGL is enabled (#3578)
    * Fixed positioning of point object name labels (by Logan Higinbotham, #3400)
    * Fixed slight drift when zooming the map view in/out
    * Fixed remaining lag after switching off hardware acceleration (#3584)
    * Fixed point object hover highlight position (#3571)
    * Fixed drawing lines with stamps having differently sized variations (#3533)
    * Fixed compile against Qt 6.4
    * snap: Added Wayland platform plugin and additional image format plugins
    * AppImage: Updated to Sentry 0.6.0
    * Updated Bulgarian, French, German, Hungarian, Russian and Swedish translations
* Sun Sep 18 2022 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.9.2:
    * Allow adding maps to image collection tilesets (#3447)
    * Auto-detect JSON file format when importing custom types (#3472)
    * Added file system actions to the tile context menu (#3448)
    * Fixed possible crash in Custom Types Editor (#3465)
    * Fixed display of overridden values from a nested class
    * Fixed ability to reset nested string and file properties (#3409)
    * Fixed changing nested property values for multiple objects (#3344)
    * Fixed resolving of class properties on export to affect all data types (#3470)
    * Fixed possible duplication of Automapping Rules Tileset (#3462)
    * Fixed case where object labels could become visible for hidden layer (#3442)
    * Fixed updating of custom property colors when changing style
    * Scripting: Added Tileset.findTile
    * AutoMapping: Fixed applying of rule probability (#3425)
    * Defold plugin: Assign incrementing z values and allow specifying tile_set (#3214)
    * Updates to German translation
* Fri Aug 12 2022 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.9.1:
    * Fixed properties-related crash when having no project loaded
    * Fixed loading of custom tile image rectangles (#3405)
    * Fixed loading of member values for nested classes (#3414)
    * Fixed visibility of "Move Object to Layer" sub-menu (#3417)
    * Fixed shadow offset for other maps in a world (#3429)
    * Fixed class dropdown to update immediately when changing custom types (#3398)
    * Fixed deleting an overridden property to not make it disappear (#3409)
    * Scripting: Added TilesetsView.currentTilesetChanged
    * JSON plugin: Fixed loading image layer "repeatx/y" properties #3428)
    * snap: Fixed startup error due to missing (#3408)
    * AppImage: Use custom AppRun that can call all binaries (#3415)
    * AppImage: Updated to Sentry 0.5.0
    * Updated Chinese (Simplified) and Portuguese translations
* Sat Jun 25 2022 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.9.0:
    * Added option to ignore transparent pixels when selecting tile objects (#1477)
    * Added support for sub-images in image collection tilesets (#1008)
    * Added "Class" field to all data types, referring to a custom class
    * Added Tile Render Size and Fill Mode options to Tileset
    * Added %worldfile variable for custom commands (by Pixel-Nori, #3352)
    * Added 'New Project' action, replacing 'Save Project As' (#3279)
    * Added ability to load .tiled-session files from command-line
    * Merged Object Types with Property Types
    * Don't scale point objects with the zoom level (#3356)
    * Take into account image layer content when determining visual map size (#3386)
    * Scripting: Added Dialog API for building custom UI (by tileboydog, #3384)
    * Scripting: Added -e,--evaluate to run a script from command-line
    * Scripting: Added Tool.toolBarActions property (#3318)
    * Scripting: Added Tileset.columnCount property
    * Scripting: Added ImageLayer.image property
    * Scripting: Added access to selected terrain in tileset editor
    * AutoMapping: Applying rules is now 10-30x faster
    * AutoMapping: Explicit "regions" layers are no longer needed and have been deprecated (#1918)
    * AutoMapping: "AutoMap While Drawing" no longer creates separate undo steps (#2166)
    * AutoMapping: Custom tiles can now match "Empty", "Non-Empty" and "Other" tiles through a "MatchType" property (#3100)
    * AutoMapping: A custom tile with "MatchType" set to "Negate" can be used instead of "inputnot" layers
    * AutoMapping: Added built-in tileset with these custom rule tiles
    * AutoMapping: Added a number of per-rule options which can be set using rectangle objects
    * AutoMapping: Erase tiles by placing tiles with "MatchType" set to "Empty" on output layers (#3100)
    * AutoMapping: Accumulate touched layers in AutoMap While Drawing (#3313)
    * AutoMapping: Support map name filters in rules.txt (#3014)
    * AutoMapping: Show relevant custom properties when a rules map is detected
    * Optimized rendering of tinted layers by caching tinted images
    * tmxrasterizer: Added options to hide certain layer types (#3343)
    * Raised minimum supported Qt version from 5.6 to 5.12 (drops Windows XP support)
    * Raised minimum C++ version to C++17
    * Removed qmake project files (only Qbs supported now)
    * Python plugin: Now built against Python 3.8 on Windows and Linux
    * Updated Bulgarian, Czech, French and Russian translations
* Wed Jun 15 2022 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.8.6:
    * Keep references between objects when copy/pasting or duplicating (#3361)
    * Improved default translation used in case of multiple options
    * Terrain Brush: Update preview on mouse release (#3381)
    * Fixed 'Add Variation' action in Tile Stamps context menu (#3362)
    * Fixed importing of removed shortcuts (#3367)
    * Fixed breaking of alternative shortcuts on import or reset (#3367)
    * Fixed conflict detection to handle alternative shortcuts (#3368)
    * Fixed locking up UI on property type name conflict (#3380)
    * Scripting: Fixed possible crash when accessing
    * Defold plugins: Added support for rotated tiles (#3369)
    * Updates to German translation
* Tue May 24 2022 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.8.5:
    * Made expanded group layers persistent (#3282)
    * Improved snapping behavior for scalable objects on staggered maps
    * Allow setting a shortcut on the 'Edit Tileset' action
    * Always select first entry while using the Open File in Project action
    * Improved Add Property dialog layout in case of long type names (#3302)
    * Fixed restoring of window layout when maximized (#590)
    * Fixed snapping when dragging templates into a map (#3326)
    * Fixed map selection rectangle in world for infinite maps (#3340)
    * Fixed 'Merge Layer Down' action for infinite maps
    * Fixed several small issues in the image color picker (#3348)
    * Fixed missing name for undo commands that add/remove maps from world
    * Fixed selection issues for tile objects with a non-zero tile offset
    * Fixed hover indicator sometimes overlapping selection indicator
    * Fixed removal of terrain info when removing tiles from a collection
    * Scripting: Fixed region.rects when compiled against Qt 5.9 to 5.13
    * Scripting: Layer.tintColor is now #ffffff when not set
    * Updated Chinese (Simplified) and Portuguese (Portugal) translations
* Fri Apr 01 2022 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.8.4:
    * Fixed crash when trying to create an object
    * Fixed handling of deleted session file
* Fri Feb 18 2022 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.8.2:
    * Fixed deactivating of tools when no layer is selected (avoids crash)
    * Fixed ability to reset custom 'color' and 'object' properties (#3270)
    * Fixed updating of layer positions when changing parallax factor of a group (#3175)
    * Scripting: Fixed crash when assigning null to the MapObject.tile property
    * Scripting: Fixed adding of tilesets when adding layers to a loaded map (#3268)
    * JSON format: Fixed layer locked status not getting saved (#2877)
* Fri Feb 18 2022 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.8.1
    * Fixed pasted objects not getting selected if a tile layer was also copied
    * Fixed possible crash when trying to determine whether OpenGL is used
    * Fixed possible crash when using the Insert Tile tool
    * Fixed possible crash in tile stamp preview
    * AutoMapping: Fixed crash when an input layer does not exist (#3269)
    * Scripting: Automatically add tilesets to the map where needed (#3268)
    * snap: Updated from core18 to core20 (now uses Qt 5.12)
    * AppImage: Updated to Sentry 0.4.15
* Fri Feb 11 2022 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.8.0:
    * Added support for custom enum properties (with svipal, #2941)
    * Added support for custom class properties (#489)
    * Added parallax origin property to the map (with krukai, #3209)
    * Added Repeat X/Y properties to Image Layers (with krukai, #3205)
    * Added an action for selecting all layers (Ctrl+Alt+A) (#3081)
    * Added actions to select or add tilesets to Project view context menu
    * Added cut/copy/paste actions to Tile Animation Editor
    * Improved undo behavior by merging sequential edits to the same property (#3103)
    * Improved multi-layer painting behavior (#3094)
    * Separated the X and Y components of the major grid option (#3208)
    * Added automatic fading out of the grid when zooming out a lot
    * AutoMapping: Made it find layers within groups (#1771)
    * AutoMapping: regions layer can now be used alongside region_input/output layers
    * AutoMapping: Recognize "//" layer name prefix for ignoring layers (#3262)
    * AutoMapping: Allow setting a rule map as project rules file (#3221)
    * Tweaked focus behavior in the Template Editor
    * Changed the default Terrain Brush shortcut back to T
    * Reset tile animations when disabling playback and when exporting as image
    * Don't require saving maps upon creation (#1902)
    * Apply transformation actions to the preview while placing tiles (#3091)
    * Allow using object context menu in object creation tools
    * Reduced the step size for the parallax factor property
    * Improved the logic for automatically switching tools (#2807)
    * Ignore selection changes when marking a file as modified (#3194)
    * Use the tileset background color in the collision editor (with Benja Appel, #3163)
    * Show the read error when using --export-map/tileset
    * Avoid deselecting all layers when clicking empty area in Layers view (#2806)
    * Scripting: Added File API
    * Scripting: Added support for loading JavaScript .mjs modules (#3261)
    * Scripting: Added tiled.applicationDirPath property
    * Scripting: Added tiled.extensionsPath property (#3139)
    * Scripting: Added missing Layer.tintColor property
    * Scripting: Added missing ObjectGroup.drawOrder property (#3147)
    * Scripting: Added TileMap.removeObjects (#3149)
    * Scripting: Added TileMap.regionEdited signal
    * Scripting: Added TileMap.layers and GroupLayer.layers properties, for convenience
    * Scripting: Added region.rects property and region.contains(x,y)
    * Scripting: Treat custom format extensions as case-insensitive (#3141)
    * Scripting: Allow tools to stay active when tiles or a terrain type are selected (#3201)
    * Scripting: Extended the terrain related API (#2663)
    * Scripting: tiled.activeAsset can be assigned asset created in script (#3160)
    * Scripting: Fixed possible crash after creating tilesets from script (#3229)
    * Scripting: Fixed possible crash in TileMap.autoMap
    * Scripting: Fixed tileset or tile references for maps loaded from script
    * Scripting: Avoid crash when script reload happens during popup (#2991)
    * Fixed the logic for handling group layer parallax factors (with LilithSilver, #3125)
    * Fixed keyboard modifiers getting stuck for Terrain Brush (#2678)
    * Fixed debug messages showing in the Console and Issues views
    * Fixed enabled state of File > Export action for tilesets (#3177)
    * Fixed Snap to Grid for hexagonal maps
    * Fixed AutoMapping rules file to update after changing project properties (#3176)
    * Fixed 'Detect Bounding Box' action missing in Keyboard settings
    * Fixed toggling "Clear View" on & off shifting the map
    * Fixed "Select object on map" when no object layer is selected (#3207)
    * Fixed adjusting of tile types when tileset width changed (by Albert Vaca Cintora, #3237)
    * Fixed missing Qt translations for Linux AppImage
    * Fixed minimap viewport position when layers are offset (#3211)
    * Fixed "Highlight Current Layer" getting confused (#3223)
    * Fixed Terrain Set type property to be disabled when appropriate (avoids crash)
    * Fixed saving broken references to files loaded using "ext:" prefix (#3185)
    * Fixed performance issue in Project view related to file icons
    * Fixed dynamic wrapping when adding tiles to a collection (#3076)
    * Fixed potential crash when changing a WangSet from script
    * Tiled Manual is now available in French
    * JSON plugin: Added "tmj", "tsj" and "tj" as accepted file extensions
    * YY plugin: Don't use safe writing of files
    * YY plugin: Write out custom "object" properties as instance name (instead of the ID)
    * YY plugin: Determine sprite names by looking for meta files (by krukai, #3213)
    * CSV plugin: Improved handling of infinite maps
    * RpMap plugin: Fixed hardcoded exported tile size (#3184)
    * libtiled-java: Introduced TilesetCache interface (by Samuel Manflame, #3117)
    * Updated to Sentry 0.4.14
    * Updated languages
* Mon Aug 16 2021 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.7.2:
    * Avoid automatically replacing external tilesets with "similar" ones
    * Fixed copying and capturing stamps on staggered maps (#2874)
    * Fixed possible crash in Tile Animation Editor
    * Fixed data loss when saving maps with tilesets that failed to load (#3106)
    * Fixed creating multi-layer tile stamp from selection (#2899)
    * Scripting: Automatically reset object ID when adding to avoid duplicate IDs
    * Linux: Possible workaround for crash in clipboard manager
    * Updated to Sentry 0.4.12
    * Updated Italian translation
* Mon Jul 12 2021 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.7.1:
    * Don't save export target and format to exported files
    * Fixed crashes resulting from the Tile Animation Editor
    * Fixed possible crash when pasting multi-layer stamp (#3097)
    * Fixed possible crash when restoring expanded layers in Objects view
    * Fixed parallax factor getting lost when layer is cloned (#3077)
    * Fixed an issue with synchronizing selected tiles to current stamp (#3095)
    * Commands: Fixed possible crash in Edit Commands window
    * Commands: Automatically quote the command executable
    * Commands: Improved starting directory for executable file chooser
    * Commands: Fixed the 'Clear' button to reset the shortcut
    * Updated to Sentry 0.4.11
    * Updated French translation
* Mon Jun 07 2021 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.7.0:
    * Added basic "major grid" option with stronger lines (with Ilya Arkhanhelsky, #3032)
    * Added ability to rearrange tiles in a tileset (with José Miguel Sánchez García, #2983)
    * Added option to choose background fade color (with SchmidtWC, #3031)
    * Added portable mode, enabled when a "tiled.ini" is detected alongside the Tiled executable (#2945)
    * Disable project extensions by default, for security reasons (#3058)
    * Render selection preview and hovered item highlight above labels (#3036)
    * Changed the donation reminder to be non-modal
    * docs: Generate scripting API documentation using TypeDoc (with Erik Schilling (#2965) and MrMasterplan (#3040, #3041, #3045))
    * QMake/Qbs: Added a way to disable DBus support (with Dmitry Marakasov, #3039)
    * Scripting: Fixed 'mouseLeft' callback for scripted tools (#3050)
    * Scripting: Fixed loading of icons with explicit "ext:" prefix (#3048)
    * Scripting: Made TileMap coordinate conversion functions always work (#3054)
    * tBIN plugin: Convert 'color', 'object' and 'file' properties on save
    * Python plugin: Added Layer.offset and Layer.setOffset (with sverx, #3073)
    * Python plugin: Linux AppImage now supports Python 3.6 instead of 3.5
    * Fixed possible crash in Properties view when switching files
    * Fixed watching/unwatching of folders when adding/removing from project (#3035)
    * Fixed determining desired file format by extension on export
    * Fixed compilation issue with GCC 10 (#3037)
    * Updated Bulgarian, Portuguese (Portugal), Russian and Turkish translations
  - Remove tiled-endl.patch: upstreamed
* Wed Apr 28 2021 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update tiled-endl.patch:
    Update from commit 7059846dc551a5d6b3cda8c78aa990aff8a4861f
    to final one 068d0bf2e9632bf7473b40e4073eb3787f8889d1 since it
    works with more Qt versions
* Mon Apr 26 2021 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.6.0:
    * Added object selection preview
    * Added toggle to select enclosed rather than touched objects (#3023)
    * Added Sentry crash handler to Linux AppImage (disabled by default)
    * Added %tileid variable for custom commands on tilesets (#3026)
    * Added option to lock the position of views and tool bars
    * Added toggle to show/hide other maps in the same world (#2859)
    * Added a helpful text to Terrain Sets view when it is empty (#3015)
    * Allow opening projects from the File menu (#3000)
    * Made the terrains list in the Terrain Sets view not collapsible (#3015)
    * Automatically select the first terrain when selecting a Terrain Set (#3015)
    * When duplicating objects, place the duplicates next to the originals (#2998)
    * Tweaked selection outlines to be a little fatter and adjust to DPI
    * Write --export-formats output to stdout instead of stderr (#3002)
    * Allow hiding objects in the Tile Collision Editor
    * Scripting: Added missing Tileset.transparentColor property
    * Fixed 'Detach templates' export option to add tilesets when needed
    * Fixed Terrain Brush behavior on map edges
    * Fixed Terrain Brush behavior for sets transitioning to nothing
    * Fixed loss of edit focus when hovering tileset while assigning terrain (#3015)
    * Fixed shortcuts for flipping or rotating the current terrain pattern
    * Fixed switching to Terrain Brush when clicked terrain is already selected (#3015)
    * Fixed state of "dynamic wrapping" toggle button on startup
    * Fixed parallax layer positioning when reordering layers (#3009)
    * snap: Added 'removable-media' plug, for accessing USB drives
    * snap: "Open Containing Folder" action now also selects the file
    * JSON plugin: Write out "version" property as string (#3033)
    * YY plugin: Fixed plugin loading issue for qmake builds
    * libtiled-java: Optimized for multithreaded usage (by Samuel Manflame, #3004)
    * Updated Bulgarian, French, Portuguese (Portugal), Swedish and Turkish translations
    * Added Thai translation (by Thanachart Monpassorn, currently at 54%)
  - Add tiled-endl.patch: See
* Mon Mar 29 2021 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.5.0:
    * Unified Wang and Terrain tools (backwards incompatible change!)
    * Added support for a per-layer parallax scrolling factor (#2951)
    * Added export to GameMaker Studio 2.3 (#1642[2])
    * Added option to change object selection behavior (#2865[3])
    * Added Monospace option to the multi-line text editor
    * Added option to auto-scroll on middle click
    * Added smooth scrolling option for arrow keys
    * Added a 'Convert to Polygon' action for rectangle objects
    * Added support for drawing with a blob tileset
    * Added 'Duplicate Terrain Set' action
    * Added Terrain Set type (Corner, Edge or Mixed)
    * Added support for rotating and flipping Terrain tiles (by Christof Petig, #2912[4])
    * Added support for exporting to RPTools MapTool[5] RpMap files (by Christof Petig, #2926[6])
    * Added Ctrl+Shift to toggle Snap to Fine Grid (by sverx, #2895[7])
    * Eraser: Added Shift to erase on all layers (by Michael Aganier, #2897[8])
    * Automatically add .world extension to new World files
    * Shape Fill Tool now displays the size of the current shape (#2808[9])
    * Tile Collision Editor: Added action to add an auto-detected bounding box collision rectangle (by Robin Macharg, #1960[10])
    * Tile Collision Editor: Added context menu action to copy selected collision objects to all other selected tiles (by Robin Macharg, #1960[10])
    * Tilesets view: Added "Edit Tileset" action to tab context menu
    * Tilesets view: Added "Add External Tileset" action to tilesets menu
    * Scripting: Added initial API for creating and modifying Terrain Sets
    * Scripting: Added API for working with images (#2787[11])
    * Scripting: Added API for launching other processes (#2783[12])
    * Scripting: Added property
    * Scripting: Added missing and Layer.parentLayer properties
    * Scripting: Enable extending most context menus
    * Scripting: Fixed reset of file formats on script reload (#2911[13])
    * Scripting: Fixed missing GroupLayer and ImageLayer constructors
    * Scripting: Added default icon for scripted actions
    * Enabled high-DPI scaling on Linux and changed rounding policy
    * Remember last file dialog locations in the session instead of globally
    * Fixed loading extension path from project config (by Peter Ruibal, #2956[14])
    * Fixed performance issues when using a lot of custom properties
    * Fixed storing template instance size when overriding the tile (#2889[15])
    * Fixed removal of object reference arrow when deleting target object (#2944[16])
    * Fixed updating of object references when layer visibility changes
    * Fixed map positioning issues in the World Tool (#2970[17])
    * Fixed handling of Shift modifiers in Bucket and Shape Fill tools (#2883[18])
    * Fixed scrolling speed in Tileset view when holding Ctrl
    * Fixed issue causing to get written out as "."
    * Fixed "Repeat last export on save" when using Save All (#2969[19])
    * Fixed interaction shape for rectangle objects to be more precise (#2999[20])
    * Fixed "AutoMap While Drawing" not applying when using Cut/Delete
    * Fixed path in AutoMap error message when rules file doesn't exist
    * Lua plugin: Don't embed external tilesets, unless enabled as export option (#2120[21])
    * Python plugin: Added missing values to MapObject.Shape enum (#2898[22])
    * Python plugin: Fixed linking issue when compiling against Python 3.8
    * CSV plugin: Include flipping flags in exported tile IDs
    * GMX plugin: Take tile object alignment into account
    * Linux: "Open Containing Folder" action now also selects the file
    * libtiled-java: Many updates (by Henri Viitanen, #2207[23])
    * Ported Tiled to Qt 6 (releases still use 5.15 for now)



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