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git-delta-0.17.0-1.1 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for aarch64

Name: git-delta Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 0.17.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Mon Mar 18 09:08:23 2024
Group: Unspecified Build host: reproducible
Size: 6361998 Source RPM: git-delta-0.17.0-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: A syntax-highlighter for git and diff output
Delta provides language syntax-highlighting, within-line insertion/deletion detection, and restructured diff output for git on the command line.






* Mon Mar 18 2024 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 0.17.0:
    * Detect Dark/Light Mode from Terminal #1615
    * Parse filename unambiguously using color escape sequences #1634
    * Honor default-language option #1655
    * Preserve "Binary files" line in color_only mode #1649
    * Fix headers of modified binary files #1629
    * Add mellow-barbet theme #1452
    * Fix alignment in blame mode when author name contains unicode accent modifiers #1456
    * Replace usage of the atty crate with std::io::IsTerminal trait #1465
    * Refactor subcommand handling #1467
    * Bump clap to v4.3.14 and regenerate Cargo.lock #1472
    * Fix issue where pager would be set to more or most #1494
    * Improve binary file added output #1502
    * Remove the navigation setting from themes. #1503
    * Add assertion failure message #1508
    * Fix handling of tabs in grep output #1507
    * Support users other than git in github SSH URLs #1509
    * Update installation instructions for openSUSE #1550
    * feat: generate completion subcommand #1561
    * Make hunk header code fragment display optional #1568
    * Adding new theme in themes.gitconfig #1544
    * feat(theme): add arctic-fox custom theme #1539
    * --show-themes exit with error when no themes #1611
    * Bug fix: reset syntax highlighter across grep sections #1613
    * Switch from vte to anstyle-parse (already used in dependencies) #1638
    * Parse filename unambiguously using color escape sequences #1634
    * Fix headers of modified binary files #1629
    * Upgrade #1597
    * Add Catppuccin latte to light syntax themes #1573
    * Update Arch Linux package URL in #1569
    * Change Winget Releaser job to ubuntu-latest #1512
    * use wildcard in suggested true color fix for tmux #1560
    * Update git2 #1647
    * Add corvus theme #1652
    * Preserve "Binary files" line in color_only mode #1649
    * Detect Dark/Light Mode from Terminal #1615
    * Honor default-language option #1655
* Tue Jun 06 2023 Martin Sirringhaus <>
  - Update to 0.16.5
    * Increase number of characters shown in submodule hashes
    * Fix typo in publishing build job & restore cross-compilation
    * Drop grep-header-style option
    * Honor grep-header-decoration-style for ripgrep output
  - Fix boo#1212003, xml-rs is no longer used as a dependency.
  - Update to 0.16.4
    * With this release delta can now display grep output in (hopefully)
      exactly the same layout that ripgrep does, but adding syntax highlighting,
      hyperlinks, and navigation. Use `ripgrep --json ... | delta` for that,
      or set grep-output-type = ripgrep to get that output style from git grep etc.
    * Address deprecated clap features
    * Fix clippy warnings
    * Replace unmaintained/outdated GitHub Actions
    * Reduce allocations during --show-colors
    * Fix the--show-themes command
    * Fixed broken link to README
    * Update git2 to 0.16.1
    * Fix warning from bat for an unknown syntax theme
    * Add gruvmax-fang theme
    * Spelling
    * Update clap to 4.1
    * Encapsulate git2 types
    * Update dependencies & switch back to the dirs crate
    * Return the GitRemoteRepo type directly
    * Added config option.
    * Add Winget Releaser workflow
    * Get git's minus/plus style from config instead of copying it around
    * Add methods for getting GitConfig as reference
    * Rename git_config_entry module to remote
    * Tips and tricks manual section
    * Set language specifiers for code blocks and fix links in manual
    * Derive the default for enums with #[derive(Default)]/#[default]
    * Add discord-dark theme
    * Merge the different GitConfig constructors for a config file
    * Remove manual line-wrapping
    * Add link to similar project walles/riff
    * add: installation instructions for conda/mamba
    * Clarify how to use delta with tmux
    * Update bitflags to 2.2
    * Fix some typos
    * Remove unneeded extern crate statements
    * Downgrade and pin the bytelines crate
    * Improve manual build job
    * Replace deprecated error_chain crate with anyhow
    * Fix submodule diff parsing
    * Fix warning highlight for trailing whitespace
    * Misc tab refactoring
    * manual: fix link to using delta on Windows
    * Introduce grep-output-type option: ripgrep or classic
* Sun Dec 18 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 0.15.1:
    * Explicitly request xz compression by @dandavison in #1249
    * Thanks to all contributors for the changes in this release! One
      particularly exciting contribution is the tweaks to the highlighting
      algorithm made by @phillipwood in #1244. This is something that has
      remained more or less the same since delta was first created, but #1244
      brings several improvements in the details of exactly which characters
      are highlighted.
    * Change Rust toolchain in 'Deploy Manual' CI task by @dandavison in #1183
    * Switch bat to library mode by @tranzystorek-io in #1187
    * Add sourcehut link parsing by @p00f in #1190
    * Refactoring ansi/iterator by @zhiburt in #1191
    * Add codeberg link parsing by @p00f in #1194
    * Add terminal width fallback via stty if on windows/MSYS2 by @th1000s in
    * measure_text_width() without constructing a temporary string by @th1000s
      in #1216
    * Remove Git 2.37 workaround from install docs by @adamchainz in #1228
    * Fix clippy warnings by @clnoll in #1236
    * Remove Provides in Debian package by @baryluk in #1217
    * Handle quoted filenames in diff header by @th1000s in #1222
    * ci: improve formatting by @MarcoIeni in #1238
    * Highlighting improvements by @phillipwood in #1244
    * ci: release apple arm binary by @MarcoIeni in #1239
    * try fix bad alignment in unicode (#1144) by @SheldonNico in #1145
* Thu Sep 01 2022 Martin Sirringhaus <>
  - Update to version 0.14.0:
    * Update
    * Tweak some words improved representation
    * Only trigger git show handler if a file extension was parsed
    * Fix commit hyperlink formatting
    * Avoid lockup when running without arguments and stdin is connected to a tty
    * Fix whole-file changes being attributed to the wrong commit in "git log" output
    * Update to include git 2.37.0 workaround
    * Don't attempt to process ANSI sequences in non-UTF8 input
    * Update clap
    * Recreate highlighter on each line of git show $commit:$path output
    * Fix git-grep match-highlighting at line-start
    * Update to chameleon theme
    * Fix typos
    * Support configurable timestamps in git blame output
    * Added auto completions for fish shell
* Tue Jun 14 2022
  - remove bump-regex.patch
  - Update to version 0.13.0:
    * Update bat, git2, and syntect
    * Add 'light = false' w/ comment in gitconfig (#1073)
    * Add chameleon theme to themes.gitconfig (#1062)
    * Add note that the package is called "git-delta" in the README
    * Add link to `bat` on README (#1052)
    * Apply hyperlinks to diff stat file paths (#1035)
    * Add custom env struct to store env at init (#1025)
    * Add support for irreversible-delete
* Fri Mar 18 2022 Martin Sirringhaus <>
  - Add bump-regex.patch to fix CVE-2022-24713 (boo#1196972)
  - Update to version 0.12.1:
    * Make git include colors in output going to delta
    * Clarify language: "in front of" → "before"
    * Fix parsing for .properties files with - in path
    * Support CSI sequences other than SGR
    * Enable commit links for GitLab
    * Fall back to plain diff when process substitution is used
    * Include information about GIT_PAGER in manual
    * Use assets API from bat library instead of vendored code
    * Calling process: Query more parents, disable full scan
    * Run in diff mode iff two positional arguments are supplied
  - Update to version 0.12.0:
    Firstly a breaking change: some deprecated options are no longer
    supported: in particular plus-color and minus-color. A description
    of this change and what you need to do if you're affected by it is below.
    Secondly, improvements, including:
    * A (much-needed) short help text is now available: use delta -h.
      Delta is the proud possessor of 100 command-line options,
      so I think this is going to be helpful.
    * git blame output now displays line numbers
    * Improvements to file and mode labels
    * delta now has a user manual:
      You can even create a PDF copy (print button in upper-right hand corner),
      and the README is correspondingly now a much easier read with
      the minimal required setup instructions and an overview of
      functionality with screenshots.
    Finally some bug fixes, including
    * File path hyperlinks (e.g. in diff and grep output) were previously
      sometimes incorrect, especially when delta was invoked from a
      directory other than the repo root.
    * Some fixes to grep output parsing edge cases
  - Update to version 0.11.3:
    * Fix handling of --word-diff and --color-words. Note that line-numbers
      and side-by-side will be ignored if delta detects that the input
      was generated by git --word-diff / --color-words.
    * DELTA_FEATURES can now be used to add to features specified in
      ~/.gitconfig. Use a + prefix to do this: an example is
      DELTA_FEATURES=+side-by-side which will activate side-by-side, in addition to your usual features.
    * Store less history file in a better location on Windows.
    * Fix performance issue affecting some linux users
  - Update to version 0.11.2:
    * This release fixes a performance problem that was affecting some users.
  - Update to version 0.11.1:
    * Be permissive about unexpected state machine state (fixes crash)
  - Update to version 0.11.0:
    * Handle combined diff format and merge conflicts
    * Handle failure to parse non hunk header
  - Update to version 0.10.3:
    * Delta was previously handling --word-diff and --color-words
      output in a nonsensical way. With this release, delta does not
      attempt to handle these output types, allowing git's raw output
      through unchanged. Appropriate handling may be added later.
    * When a line is unchanged but paired with a line that has
      additions/deletions, delta now assigns the unchanged line
      {plus,minus}-non-emph-style; previously it assigned {plus,minus}-style.
      This change does not alter visual output by default because by
      default those two style styles are set to the same value.
    * Fixes a bug affecting line numbers in side-by-side mode
  - Update to version 0.10.2:
    * This releases fixes a bug when using side-by-side with
      `git diff.colorMoved``
  - Update to version 0.10.1:
    * Remove trailing \r from raw line, in presence of ANSI escape sequences
  - Update to version 0.10.0:
    * delta displays output from git grep and rg --json ... | delta
      with code syntax highlighting and navigate functionality.
    * delta displays output from git blame with code syntax highlighting,
      hyperlinks to commits, and control over formatting.
    * delta syntax highlights file contents produced by git show $revision:/path/to/file
    * delta can apply syntax highlighting and arbitrary styling to the
      raw colors emitted by git --color-moved. This is done by specifying
      rules for remapping styles using map-styles.
    * More powerful configuration options: styles can reference other
      styles, custom styles and custom colors can be defined in
      gitconfig and reused, and 140 colors can be specified using their
      standard CSS names.
    * New subcommand --show-colors outputs a demo of 140 background colors
      with syntax highlighting, to help choose background colors.
    * New subcommand --parse-ansi takes color input and prints out the
      corresponding style strings (useful for map-styles)
    * Utilities for interrogating the command line of the process that
      is sending output to delta, added by @th1000s.
  - Update to version 0.9.2:
    * Do not reformat submodule diffs under git add -p
  - Update to version 0.9.1:
    * This is a followup to release 0.9.0 fixing a bug in the --help
      text emitted by the 0.9.0 binary.
  - Update to version 0.9.0:
    With this release, long lines are wrapped in side-by-side mode,
    thanks to a far-reaching series of contributions. No special
    customization is needed, but sophisticated control over the details
    is available: see `--wrap-max-lines`, `--wrap-left-symbol`,
    `--wrap-right-symbol`, `--wrap-right-percent`,
    `--wrap-right-prefix-symbol`, `--inline-hint-style`.
    * Fix the empty result issue in add -p
    * Recognize GitHub SSH remote URLs that don't start with git@ for hyperlinks
    * Terminate process gracefully on error in diff()
    * Ignore ctrl-c (SIGINT) to avoid leaving an orphaned pager process.
    * Remove unnecessary borrows
    * Fix computed values to be computed after all set_options
    * Make it possible to jump between files when navigate is active
    * Fix empty line highlighting
    * Fix deadlock in git diff mode
    * Support insteadOf replacements in git remote URLs
    * Do not suppress submodule diffs
    * More minimalistic display of submodule (short) diffs
    * Fix hunk header when line number is not requested and navigate is enabled
    * Display removed file name in file deletion case
    * Remove superfluous lowercasing of feature names
    * Option to set the background extension mode to ANSI or spaces
    * Add side-by-side line wrapping mode
    * Width can be an offset from the terminal width
    * Linenumber refactoring
    * Use fatal() to exit with errorcode 2
    * Re-enable ANSI fill by equalizing panel sizes
    * Update syntaxes and themes from bat v0.18.3
    * Line numbers and side-by-side mode
* Tue Sep 28 2021 William Brown <>
  - Replace rust-packaging with cargo-packaging
* Wed Aug 04 2021 Martin Sirringhaus <>
  - Add git as BuildRequires, which is needed for testing
  - Update to version 0.8.3
    * This release fixes a security vulnerability (CVE-2021-36376)
      on Windows. Please update if you are using Windows.
  - Update to version 0.8.2
    * This is a bug fix release: the bug occurs when using delta to
      diff files whose names contain spaces. It does not affect use of
      delta as git's pager.
    * closed bug: argument parsing error with delta fileA fileB
      when filenames contain spaces
  - Update to version 0.8.1
    * This is mainly a bug fix release: filenames containing spaces
      were causing crashes due to a regression in 0.8.0. It also includes
      a fix for the delta file_a file_b "diff mode" usage style, and
      an improvement for the diff-highlight / diff-so-fancy emulation modes.
    * closed bug: Panic with filename "01g - Text"
    * closed bug: side-by-side option only works in diff mode when piping
    * closed bug: commit-style raw for diff-so-fancy / diff-highlight
  - Update to version 0.8.0
    * New option: relative-paths causes all file paths to be printed
    relative to the current directory so that they can be easily opened
    in a text editor or used in a shell command. Using
    `hunk-header-style = file line-number` syntax will emit the line
    number with the file path and thus should allow your editor to
    open at the correct line. For example, in the VS Code integrated
    terminal this means that with no further configuration every file
    path in git output can be opened with ctrl-click/cmd-click, and
    opening at a specific line works. Use diff-stat-align-width to
    control horizontal alignment of diff stat sections,
    although this may be replaced by a better solution in the future.
    * New option: commit-regex allows delta to work nicely with custom
      git log formats
    * Support git -c ... in latest git version
    * Support custom hyperlink hash formats
    * Allow custom themes to be defined as light themes
    * Transform file paths to be relative to current directory
    * delta file_A file_B now invokes git diff, instead of diff -u
    * Fixed bug the --24-bit-color option is unusable from .gitconfig:
      24-bit-color is deprecated; use true-color instead.
    * Fixed bug Fix less version parsing
    * Fixed bug No output for chmod file mode change
  - Update to version 0.7.1
    * This release brings two improvements due to delta contributors:
      @cben proposed a new way for delta to seed less with the regexp
      that is used to implement navigation, which is implemented in
      this release. This makes it possible to keep navigate=true in
      delta config all the time, without the ill effects that it had before
    * a new option delta --show-themes, which demos the delta color
      themes that are available locally. n and N step forwards and
      backwards through the themes.
    * new themes
    * Fix bug Setting $PAGER to use delta results in an infinite loop
    * Fix bug --navigate breaks git log --oneline and empty git diff
* Thu Feb 18 2021 Gordon Schulz <>
  - Update to version 0.6.0
    * This release brings a new and more convenient way to change delta
      options in a one-off git command: using git -c. Here's an example:
      git -c delta.line-numbers=false -c delta.max-line-distance=0.8 show
      One note: while quotes around color hex codes are required in
      gitconfig, they can be omitted in the git -c context
      git -c'syntax "#aa0000"'
      git -c'syntax #aa0000'
    * Hunk header misaligned in some cases
    * Delta does not respect git -c
    * Can't disable line numbering from command line
    * Support for Apple Silicon/ARM64
* Fri Jan 08 2021 Martin Sirringhaus <>
  - Update to version 0.5.1
    * This release is primarily to make delta build on Apple Silicon/ARM
      for Homebrew.
    * It also fixes an inconsistency whereby the line number was not
      displayed in the hunk header if line-numbers was active.
  - Update to version 0.5.0
    * This release introduces a cosmetic change to delta output:
      the line number (when full line-numbers mode is not active)
      is now displayed in the hunk header line, along with the hunk
      header code fragment, and optionally a file path.
      Use hunk-header-style to configure it:
    - -hunk-header-style <hunk-header-style>
      Style (foreground, background, attributes) for the hunk-header.
      See STYLES section. Special attributes 'file' and 'line-number'
      can be used to include the file path, and number of first
      hunk line, in the hunk header. If included in the hunk header,
      'file' and 'line-number' are styled according to 'file-style'
      and 'hunk-header-decoration-style' respectively.
      The style 'omit' can be used to remove the hunk header section
      from the output [default: line-number syntax]
      If you are displaying the file path in the hunk header, you may
      want to get rid of the main file line.
      Use file-style = <my-file-color> omit to set the color of the file
      in the hunk header while deactivating the main file section.
    * The release also fixes a bug that was introduced in the last release
      when using delta as a unified diff replacement,
      i.e. delta file_a file_b.
    * delta 0.4.5 binary release messes up terminal on Ubuntu 20 04
    * delta 0.4.5 binary release does not run on macOS 10.11 (El Capitan)
    * ReadMe can now use latest less.exe (instead of forked version)
    * bump-homebrew-formula GitHub CD action is not working
    * closed: Is it possible to show the file path in the hunk header?
    * side-by-side alignment incorrect when tabs present
  - Update to version 0.4.5
    * Creatied CI and CD workflows for Delta in GitHub actions
    * delta shall have non-zero status code if there were any matches
    * Expose max_buffered_lines as configurable option
    * Some theme options are not working with --color-only enabled
    * Calculate code coverage
    * Switch from Travis to GitHub actions
    * delta does not recognize Git's copy detection
    * Empty lines highlight plus-marker as whitespace-error
    * PAGER= does nothing
    * Add a test that enforces clippy and rustfmt compliance
    * Dimmed-zebra doesn't show whether line is removed vs. added
    * Windows Terminal Preview 1.4: Hyperlinks not working
    * closed: Is it possible to not use hunk header and see absolute
      (true) not relative line numbers?
    * closed: Is it possible to show the file path in the hunk header?
    * Markdown coloring problem



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