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libglvnd-1.3.3-3.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.4 for armv7hl

Name: libglvnd Distribution: openSUSE Step 15
Version: 1.3.3 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 3.1 Build date: Tue Apr 19 23:51:59 2022
Group: Development/Libraries/C and C++ Build host: obs-arm-5
Size: 2758629 Source RPM: libglvnd-1.3.3-3.1.src.rpm
Summary: The GL Vendor-Neutral Dispatch library
Vendor-neutral dispatch layer for arbitrating OpenGL API calls between
multiple vendors on a per-screen basis, as described by Andy Ritger's
OpenGL ABI proposal.






* Tue Apr 19 2022
  - provide/obsolete Mesa-libGLESv1_CM1 and Mesa-libGLESv2-2 packages
* Wed Nov 17 2021
  - Disable asm on aarch64 Tumbleweed due to issue with BTI - boo#1188928
* Wed Oct 20 2021
  - libglvnd.rpmlintrc
    * workaround for future buildcheck (boo#1191763)
* Mon Sep 27 2021
  - covers jira#SLE/SLE-18743
* Fri Jul 23 2021
  - update to 1.3.3, fixes boo#1188640
* Mon Aug 31 2020
  - version 1.3.2 needed for jira#SLE/SLE-12880, jira#SLE/SLE-12882
* Mon Aug 17 2020
  - update to 1.3.2:
    * Update GL/gl.h to match Mesa.
    * GLdispatch: Improve the x86 tsd stubs performance.
    * GLdispatch: Define dynamic dispatch stubs at compile time.
    * GLdispatch: Change entry_generate_default_code to take an index.
    * GLdispatch: Use all 4096 dynamic dispatch stubs.
    * Remove -Werror from default CFLAGS
  - run tests
  - add disable-glx-tests.patch: disable tests that require X
  - remove 0001-include-install-GL-headers-when-GL-is-enabled.patch
    0003-egl-Sync-with-Khronos.patch - upstream
* Sun Nov 24 2019
  - removed n_0001-GL-Bump-GL-version-to-9-2.patch, which is no
    longer needed with xorg-server 1.20.6
* Thu Nov 07 2019
  - This release is needed for latest Mesa update in order to
    support latest GPUs including Intel (jsc#SLE-7962, jsc#SLE-8024,
    jsc#SLE-8022, jsc#SLE-10182)
* Fri Oct 25 2019
  - 0001-include-install-GL-headers-when-GL-is-enabled.patch
    * A typo made it depend on EGL instead.
  - 0002-Add-a-configure-option-to-disable-glesv1-or-glesv2.patch
    * Because mesa can be built without glesv1 so it breaks
      autodetection. Fixes:
      ('mesa-demos doesn't build, unable to find GLES/gl.h')
  - 0003-egl-Sync-with-Khronos.patch
    * Reserve enums 0x34A0..0x34AF for ANGLE project. (#93)
* Mon Oct 07 2019
  - move gl, egl, glesv1_cm and glesv2 pkgconfig files to doc
    directory, so these can be picked up by Mesa build; no longer
    require Mesa devel subpackages ...
* Mon Oct 07 2019
  - reverting inclusion of GL, EGL, GLES, GLES2, GLES3 headers;
    no longer let libglvnd-devel package provide and obsolete
    corresponding Mesa gl, egl, gles* devel subpackages; headers
    just aren't compatible; instead require them ...
  - supersedes patches:
    * n_0001-eglplatform-fix-mesa-specific-defines.patch
    * u_add-gl3ext.h
* Sun Oct 06 2019
  - let libglvnd-devel also provide/obsolete Mesa-libGLESv3-devel
* Fri Sep 27 2019
  - let libglvnd-devel provide/obsolete some of previous Mesa devel
    * Mesa-libGL-devel
    * Mesa-libEGL-devel
    * Mesa-libGLESv1_CM-devel
    * Mesa-libGLESv2-devel
    * Mesa-KHR-devel
  - u_add-gl3ext.h
    * adds missing include/GLES/gl3ext.h
* Thu Sep 26 2019
  - Update to version 1.2.0:
    * Changes:
      + Libglvnd now includes and installs the header files for OpenGL, GLES, EGL,
      and GLX.
      + Added pkg-config files for each library.
      + The X11 libraries are now an optional dependency if you're not building
  - n_0001-GL-Bump-GL-version-to-9-2.patch
    * with a version of 1.2 the XServer build fails; set the version accordingly to
      allow XServer builds again.
  - n_0001-eglplatform-fix-mesa-specific-defines.patch
    * the XServer fails to build; add the mesa specific defines to eglplatform, to
      let it build again.
* Tue Mar 19 2019
  - Update to release 1.1.1
    * Fixed a potential race condition with entrypoint patching
    * Fixed the TSD dispatch stubs for PPC64LE
    * Fixed a segfault when generating GLX dispatch stubs for AARCH64
* Mon Aug 27 2018
  - Update to release 1.1.0
    * Changes
      + Update the OpenGL XML and header files.
      + EGL: Remove a few unused functions in egldispatchstubs.c.
      + GLdispatch: Add a version script for the TSD build.
      + Some fixes for "make dist"
      + GLdispatch: Use --version-script instead -export-symbols.
      + Merge branch 'freebsd-fixes'
      + Add a (void*) cast for the last parameter when calling mincore.
      + Use sh instead of bash for the test scripts.
      + configure: Recognize both "x86_64" and "amd64" for host_cpu.
      + configure: Check if linking against libdl is necessary.
      + GL: Expand glapi_gen_libglglxstubs in the makefile.
      + Move the glapi_gen_libglglxstubs function into the GL makefile.
      + vnd-glapi: Change glapi_gen_mapi to a makefile variable.
      + Move the glapi_gen_mapi function into the vnd-glapi makefile.
      + generate: Remove glapi_gen_libopengl_exports.
      + GL: Don't generate g_glapi_mapi_gl_tmp.h
      + Merge pull request #150 from aaronp24/work-around-xorgproto-api-break
      + Merge pull request #153 from RAOF/fix-egl-platform-detection-crash
      + Handle dlsym succeeding with info.dli_sname == NULL.
      + Merge pull request #152 from kbrenneman/fix-eglMakeCurrent-bad-display
      + Always return an error from eglMakeCurrent if the EGLDispaly is invalid
      + GLX: Work around 'X_GLXCreateContextAtrribsARB' typo fix API break
      + Merge pull request #148 from kbrenneman/bump-library-versions
      + Bump the version numbers in the library filenames.
      + Merge pull request #143 from kbrenneman/gldispatch-fix-execmem
      + GLdispatch: Fix the allocation size for the dynamic stubs.
      + GLdispatch: Remove obsolete #ifdefs from u_execmem.c.
      + Merge pull request #140 from kbrenneman/add-GLX_EXT_no_config_context
      + tests: Only use glXCreateContext in testglxmakecurrent.
      + tests: Add a test for creating GLX contexts.
      + tests/GLX_dummy: Add a vendor-provided create context function
      + tests: Add a dummy attribute for glXQueryContext.
      + tests: Add support for GLX_EXT_no_context_config to GLX_dummy
      + tests: Remove the vendor dispatch stub for glXCreateContextAttribsARB.
      + Add support for GLX_EXT_no_config_context.
* Thu Apr 19 2018
  - update to release 1.0.0
    * Now that both the EGL and GLX interfaces are defined and stable,
      set the package version to 1.0.0.
    * Changes
      + GLX: Fix an error in handling GLX dispatch stubs.
      + EGL: Fix handling a malloc failure in eglQueryString.
      + GLdispatch: Clean up the assembly dispatch code.
      + GLdispatch aarch64: Align the dispatch stubs to a 64K page size.
      + Fix typo in _LIBRARY_FEATURE_NAMES.
      + Merge pull request #131 from michalsrb/fix-missing-gles-symbols
      + Merge branch 'fix-aarch64-page-size'
      + Convert lq/stq instructions
      + Merge pull request #125 from kbrenneman/ppc64le-convert-lq-stq
      + Don't #define USE_ASM (defined(USE_X86_ASM) || ... )
      + Remove -Wno-misleading-indentation
      + Remove the cJSON README and tests
      + Update cJSON to version 1.5.9
      + Merge pull request #135 from aaronp24/remove-misleading-indentation
      + Fix memory leak in LoadVendorsFromConfigDir
      + Cleanup winsys dispatch index list on EGL mapping teardown
      + Merge pull request #137 from polarina/memleak
      + Set package version to 1.0.0.
  - supersedes U_Fix-typo-in-LIBRARY_FEATURE_NAMES.patch
* Wed Jan 03 2018
  - Make sure to use only python3 for the build and do not rely
    on env calls for python
* Mon Aug 14 2017
  - U_Fix-typo-in-LIBRARY_FEATURE_NAMES.patch
    * Fix typo that caused gles 3.1 and 3.2 symbols to be missing in
      the generated libraries. (bnc#1052776)
* Wed Jun 21 2017
  - Update to version 0.1.2~20170620~d850cdd:
    * EGL: detect platform gbm vendor capability.
    * EGL: add platform gbm detection in eglGetDisplay.
    * EGL: alias "drm" to gbm when using EGL_PLATFORM.
    * EGL: honour eglGetPlatformDisplay's attrib_list.
    * PPC64LE: Fix the cache clear instructions (boo#1045185).
    * configure: Remove AC_PROG_CXX.
    * EGL: Allow vendor libraries to identify platforms for
    * GL: Use a table to look up core GLX functions.
* Thu Jun 01 2017
  - Update to version 0.1.2~20170427~6bcecd8:
    * Print out $host_cpu when undetected, for easier debugging.
    * Fix compile errors.
    * armv7: make sure asm is compiled in unified syntax mode.
    * Treat armv7hl as armv7l.
    * tests: Expand the unit tests for libGLdispatch.
    * GLdispatch: Minor cleanup of the x86-64 TLS stubs.
    * GLdispatch: Add support for x32.
    * Shorten the generated x86-64 TLS stubs.
    * GLX: Fix GLX entrypoint generation for x32.
    * tests: Add support for x32.
    * GLdispatch: Remove the ".syntax divided" directive for ARMv7.
    * Update the README file.
    * GLdispatch: Fix TEXTREL in the ARMv7 TSD stubs.
    * GLdispatch: Improve the documentation in entry_arm7_tsd.c.
    * Makefile and structural changes for ppc64le support.
    * GLdispatch: Implement the TSD dispatch stubs for PPC64LE.
    * GLdispatch: Implement the TLS dispatch stubs for PPC64LE.
    * GLX: Implement GLX dispatch stubs for PPC64LE.
    * tests: Fill in the ASM code in the template in patch_ppc64le().
    * GLX: Add cache-flushing sequence to the generated GLX stubs.
    * GLdispatch: Rename entry_x86_64_common.c to entry_simple_asm.c.
* Thu Jun 01 2017
  - Obsolete libglvnd0 <= %version-%release instead of only older
    versions in order to fix conflicts on TW.
* Sat Apr 29 2017
  - The package misuses an SLPP package name (libglvnd0) while not
    being SLPP — there is not even a Since
    implementing SLPP does not make much sense either (these are all
    just compat wrappers), switch to libglvnd.
  - Avoid doubleshipping of README.
* Fri Apr 07 2017
  - Replace old $RPM_ shell vars by macros
  - Converge on one style of using macros (drop curlies)
  - RPM group correction
* Wed Mar 29 2017
  - baselibs.conf: added -devel package
* Tue Mar 28 2017
  - fixed/improved summary/description of libglvnd-devel package
* Mon Mar 27 2017
  - removed unneeded rpmlintrc
* Fri Jan 20 2017
  - Update to version 0.1.1~20161222~dc16f8c:
    * Update the README file.
    * util: Add a local implementation of vsprintf(3).
    * tests: Fix testpatchentrypoints.
    * util: Add functions for splitting a string into tokens.
    * Checked in the EGL headers.
    * Checked in a copy of the cJSON library.
    * EGL: Initial implementation of libEGL.
    * EGL: Implement EGL_KHR_debug.
    * GLdispatch: Remove an incorrect assert.
    * util: Add trylock functions to glnvd_pthread.
    * GLX: Fix a deadlock in teardown
    * EGL: Rework the current rendering API.
    * EGL: Fix a crash in __eglGetVendorFromDevice.
    * EGL: Improve eglGetDisplay platform guessing.
    * EGL: Check for some client extensions when loading the vendors.
    * EGL: Check the version number in the JSON files.
    * EGL: Trim the dispatch stub list.
    * Change the package version to 0.1.999.
    * GLX: Keep track of the displays passed to glXMakeCurrent.
    * EGL: Fix a few errors in EGL_KHR_debug.
    * EGL: Change __EGLapiImports to use (void *) for function
    * EGL: Add -Wno-misleading-indentation for cJSON.
    * utils: Add cJSON.h to noinst_HEADERS.
    * EGL: Change the vendor config search paths.
    * EGL: Fix a couple of typos.
    * Increment the package version to 0.2.
    * Don't use 'xrange' because Python 3 doesn't have it.
    * EGL: Fix an uninitialized variable.
    * Factor out some common extension string functions.
    * tests: Some minor cleanup
    * tests: Rename GLX_dummy directory.
    * tests: Move the entrypoint patching code into a helper library.
    * tests: Add a more extensive test for entrypoint patching.
    * GLX: Add an environment variable to specify a vendor for a
      single screen.
    * tests: Rewrite testglxgetprocaddress.
    * tests: Add a test for generated GLX entrypoints.
    * Change the assembly templates for ARMv7 to use uint16_t.
    * Fix a crash in process termination when EGL and GLX are both
    * chmod -x files that aren't scripts
    * GLdispatch: Don't call into the vendor from
    * EGL: Don't call into the vendor library from __eglFini.
    * EGL: Better wayland detection in eglGetDisplay
    * EGL: Add display detection for X11.
    * EGL: Fix an unitialized variable in IsX11Display.
    * tests: Skip testglxqueryversion if the server doesn't support
    * EGL: Fix the python command line.
    * tests: Remove and
    * tests: Add a basic test for eglGetPlatformDisplay.
    * tests: Add a test for eglGetProcAddress.
    * tests: Add a test for EGL device functions.
    * tests: Add a test for eglMakeCurrent.
    * tests: Add a test for eglGetError.
    * tests: Add a test for EGL_KHR_debug.
    * Add support for aarch64.
    * GLdispatch: Fix the x86 TLS stubs.
    * GLdispatch: Fix TEXTREL in the x86 TSD stubs.
    * GLdispatch: Remove public_string_pool.
    * GLdispatch: Remove _glapi_init_table_from_callback.
    * GLdispatch: Remove the __GLdispatchProcEntry list.
    * tests: Clean up tests makefile.
    * Add configure options for the EGL, GLX, and GLES libraries.
    * configure: Change the description for --disable-gles.
* Fri Jan 20 2017
  - Update to version 0.1.1:
    * GLX: Some additional cleanup for the GLX dispatch table.
    * Remove uneeded xorg-server dependency
    * tests: Add more GLX functions to GLX_dummy.
    * tests: Clean up the function arrays in GLX_dummy.
    * tests: Implement glXCreateContextAttribsARB in GLX_dummy.
    * tests: Expand the MakeCurrent tests to the GLXFBConfig-based
    * tests: Merge the dummy and patchentry libraries.
    * GLX: Fix a couple of errors.
    * GLdispatch: Don't unpatch entrypoints in
  - Add _service and use it to update to current relase.
  - Replace autoreconf for call ref info in README.
* Tue Jul 12 2016
  - added Recommends to Mesa-libGL1/Mesa-libGL-devel
* Fri Jun 03 2016
  - fixed build on 32bit with SUSE < 1330
* Thu Jun 02 2016
  - created libglvnd package



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