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miniupnpc-2.0.20171102-lp152.3.24 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.2 for ppc64le

Name: miniupnpc Distribution: openSUSE:Leap:15.2:PowerPC / ports
Version: 2.0.20171102 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.3.24 Build date: Mon Jun 22 04:40:00 2020
Group: Productivity/Networking/Other Build host: obs-power8-01
Size: 69439 Source RPM: miniupnpc-2.0.20171102-lp152.3.24.src.rpm
Summary: Universal Plug'n'Play (UPnP) Client
The MiniUPnP project offers software which supports the UPnP Internet Gateway
Device (IGD) specifications.






* Mon Nov 06 2017
  - Build 2.0.20171102
    * Fix CVE-2017-8798   Thanks to tin/Team OSTStrom
    * bnc#1038601 - (CVE-2017-8798) VUL-0: CVE-2017-8798: miniupnp: integer signedness error
* Tue May 23 2017
  - Build 2.0.20170509
    * Fix CVE-2017-8798 Thanks to tin/Team OSTStrom
    * bnc#1038601 fixes VUL-0: CVE-2017-8798: miniupnp: integer signedness error
* Sun Apr 24 2016
  - Update to version 2.0
    * No code changes since 1.9.20160209
* Sat Feb 20 2016
  - Update to 1.9.20160209
    * change miniwget to return HTTP status code
    * increments API_VERSION to 16
    * Improve UPNPIGD_IsConnected() to check if WAN address is not
      private. parse HTTP response status line in miniwget.c
* Tue Nov 17 2015
  - Update to 1.9.20151026
    * snprintf() overflow check. check overflow in simpleUPnPcommand2()
    * fix compilation with old macs
    * fix compilation with mingw32 (for Appveyor)
    * fix python module for python <= 2.3
    * Change sameport to localport
    * increments API_VERSION to 15
    * Fix buffer overflow in igd_desc_parse.c/IGDstartelt()
      Discovered by Aleksandar Nikolic of Cisco Talos
    * move ssdpDiscoverDevices() to minissdpc.c
    * avoid unix socket leak in getDevicesFromMiniSSDPD()
    * Also accept "Up" as ConnectionStatus value
    * split getDevicesFromMiniSSDPD
    * add ttl argument to upnpDiscover() functions
    * increments API_VERSION to 14
    * Read USN from SSDP messages.
    * Check malloc/calloc
    * update getDevicesFromMiniSSDPD() to process longer minissdpd
    * add searchalltypes param to upnpDiscoverDevices()
    * increments API_VERSION to 13
    * upnpc: output version on the terminal
      _BSD_SOURCE is deprecated in favor of _DEFAULT_SOURCE
    * fix CMakeLists.txt COMPILE_DEFINITIONS
    * fix getDevicesFromMiniSSDPD() not setting scope_id
    * improve -r command of upnpc command line tool
    * search all :
      upnpDiscoverDevices() / upnpDiscoverAll() functions
      listdevices executable
    * increment API_VERSION to 12
    * validate igd_desc_parse
    * increment API_VERSION to 11
    simplified function GetUPNPUrls()
    * use remoteHost arg of DeletePortMapping
    * Fix python3 build
    * Fix parsing of IGD2 root descriptions
    * Add support for IGD2 AddAnyPortMapping and DeletePortMappingRange
    * handle EINPROGRESS after connect()
    * minixml now handle XML comments
* Wed Jul 29 2015
  - Add baselibs.conf: build libminiupnpc10-32bit, as needed by
* Wed Jun 11 2014
  - Update to 1.9:
    * added argument remoteHost to UPNP_GetSpecificPortMappingEntry()
      increment API_VERSION to 10
    * --help and -h arguments in upnpc.c
    * fixed potential buffer overrun in miniwget.c
      Modified UPNP_GetValidIGD() to check for ExternalIpAddress
    * define MAXHOSTNAMELEN if not already done
    * update upnpreplyparse to allow larger values (128 chars instead of 64)
    * Update upnpreplyparse to take into account "empty" elements
      validate upnpreplyparse.c code with "make check"
    * Fix Solaris build thanks to Maciej MaƂecki
    * Fix for BSD
    * Fixed Makefile for *BSD
    * Update Makefile to use JNAerator version 0.11
    * Fix for use with dash
      Use $(DESTDIR) in Makefile
  - Use optflags for building
* Thu Jun 06 2013
  - Update to 1.8:
    * fix testminiwget with no IPv6 support
    * Rename all include guards to not clash with C99
      (7.1.3 Reserved identifiers).
    * Added -e option to upnpc program (set description for port mappings)
    * Python 3 support (thanks to Christopher Foo)
    * Fix a memory link in UPNP_GetValidIGD()
    * Try to handle scope id in link local IPv6 URL under MS Windows
    * Disable HAS_IP_MREQN on DragonFly BSD
    * GetUPNPUrls() now inserts scope into link-local IPv6 addresses
    * More error return checks in upnpc.c
      [#]define MINIUPNPC_GET_SRC_ADDR enables receivedata() to get scope_id
    * parseURL() now parses IPv6 addresses scope
    * new parameter for miniwget() : IPv6 address scope
    * increment API_VERSION to 9
    * fixed CMakeLists.txt
    * Improvements in
* Mon Dec 24 2012
  - Update to 1.7 version:
    * Cleanup settings of CFLAGS in Makefile
    * Fix signed/unsigned integer comparaisons
    * Allow to specify protocol with TCP or UDP for -A option
    * Only try to fetch XML description once in UPNP_GetValidIGD()
    * Added -ansi flag to compilation, and fixed C++ comments to ANSI C comments.
    * minor improvements to minihttptestserver.c
    * upnperrors.c returns valid error string for unrecognized error codes
    * make minihttptestserver listen on loopback interface instead of
    * Maven installation thanks to Alexey Kuznetsov
    * Replace WIN32 macro by _WIN32
    * Fixes in java wrappers thanks to Alexey Kuznetsov :
    * Make and install .deb packages (python) thanks to Alexey Kuznetsov :
    * The multicast interface can now be specified by name with IPv4.
    * Install man page
    * added header to Port Mappings list in upnpc.c
    * Makefile : make clean now removes jnaerator generated files.
    * MINIUPNPC_VERSION in miniupnpc.h (updated by make)
    * added rootdescURL to UPNPUrls structure.
  - Remove unneeded miniupnpc-makefile.patch
* Fri Feb 17 2012
  - Install the headers in /usr/include/miniupnpc/ instead of
    /usr/include/: this is cleaner, and this is what users of the
    library expect.



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