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gkrellm-2.3.10-lp152.3.9 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.2 for ppc64le

Name: gkrellm Distribution: openSUSE:Leap:15.2:PowerPC / ports
Version: 2.3.10 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.3.9 Build date: Sat May 16 14:40:11 2020
Group: System/Monitoring Build host: obs-power8-05
Size: 2176404 Source RPM: gkrellm-2.3.10-lp152.3.9.src.rpm
Summary: Manages Multiple Stacked Monitors
With a single process, GKrellM manages multiple stacked monitors and
supports applying themes to match the monitors appearance to your
window manager, Gtk, or any other theme.

* SMP CPU, Disk, Proc, and active net interface monitors with LEDs.

* Internet monitor that displays current and charts historical port

* Memory and swap space usage meters and a system uptime monitor.

* File system meters show capacity and free space and can mount and

* A mailbox monitor that can launch a mail reader and fetch remote

* Clock, calendar, and hostname display.

* APM laptop battery monitor.

* CPU and motherboard temperature display if lm_sensors modules are

* Multiple monitors managed by a single process to reduce system

* PPP on and off button that can execute your PPP scripts.

* Charts are autoscaling with configurable grid line resolution.

* Separate colors for "in" and "out" data.  The in color is used for
   CPU user time, disk read, forks, and net receive data.  The out
   color is used for CPU sys time, disk write, load, and net
   transmit data.

* A different theme can be created with the GIMP.






* Mon Dec 12 2016
  - BuildRequire systemd-rpm-macros instead of
    pkgconfig(libsystemd-daemon): The libs is not used at all.
  - Fix minor copy/paste error: run the post script for the right
    service name.
* Mon Nov 21 2016
  - updated to 2.3.10:
    * see
  - removed gkrellm-libsensors.patch (not needed, gkrellm links
    against libsensors correctly)
* Fri Mar 27 2015
  - add gkrellm-2.3.5-fix-diskio-corruption.patch to fix corruption
    of chart labels (actually work around it)
* Sun Apr 27 2014
  - add gkrellm-2.3.5-fix-sdX-sort-order.patch to fix sort order of
    sda,sdb,sdc,... disks
* Mon Feb 17 2014
  - Add systemd service gkrellm.service (bnc#864225).
* Wed Feb 12 2014
  - Exclude s390/s390x that have no libsensors.
* Thu Oct 24 2013
  - Install /usr/lib{,64}/gkrellm2/plugins directories (bnc#841818).
  - Add gkrellm-lib64-plugins-dir.patch: Look in
    /usr/lib64/gkrellm2/plugins on 64bit systems.
* Thu May 02 2013
  - Compile with %{optflags}
* Tue Apr 23 2013
  - really build against libsensors [bnc#803967] and [bnc#803081]
* Tue Nov 20 2012
  - fixed url



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