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libportaudiocpp0-190600_20161030-lp152.3.2 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.2 for armv7hl

Name: libportaudiocpp0 Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.2
Version: 190600_20161030 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.3.2 Build date: Fri Nov 15 20:14:46 2019
Group: System/Libraries Build host: obs-arm-6
Size: 43048 Source RPM: portaudio-190600_20161030-lp152.3.2.src.rpm
Summary: Portable Real-Time Audio Library
PortAudio is a portable audio I/O library designed for cross-platform
support of audio. It uses a callback mechanism to request audio
processing. Audio can be generated in various formats, including 32 bit
floating point, and will be converted to the native format internally.






* Wed Aug 02 2017
  - Add pkg-config and add alsa to dependencies of devel pkg
* Thu May 11 2017
  - Update to latest version v190600_20161030
  - Changes to portaudio.h (There were no changes to existing `portaudio.h` API/ABI in this release)
  - The API was extended as follows:
    - Prior to March 3, 2015, `Pa_GetVersion()` always returned 1899 in the `V19` version of PortAudio.
    - On March 3, 2015, enhanced version retrieval APIs were added to `portaudio.h`:
    * `Pa_GetVersion()` now returns a useful number, e.g. 0×00130501 for 19.5.1
    * added `paMakeVersionNumber` macro for comparing to `int` version returned by `Pa_GetVersion()`
    * added `PaVersionInfo` struct with version major, minor, subminor, versionControlRevision, versionText
    * added `Pa_GetVersionInfo()` gets `PaVersionInfo` struct
    * `Pa_GetVersionText()` is deprecated; use `Pa_GetVersionInfo()→versionText`
    - On March 3, 2015, the version number was set to 19.5.0. (5 was chosen to reflect that there were 4 prior V19 stable snapshots.)
    * This new release has version number 19.6.0.
    * The Host-API-specific structures for WDM/KS and WASAPI were altered in this release. This is an ABI change.
      Client code depending on these particular host-API-specific APIs will need to be recompiled and linked against
      a compatible PortAudio version. See below. Changes to WDM/KS Host-API-specific Struct in pa_win_wdmks.h
    * Added `flags` and `channelMask` fields to `PaWinWDMKSInfo`. 4aa340a57e
    - These changes were made on April 9, 2014. At that time `Pa_GetVersion()` returned 1899. The changes are present when the version number is 19.5.0 or greater.
    * Forward/backward compatibility: The implementation checks the `size` field of `PaWinWDMKSInfo`.
      The old version will reject new structs, and the new version will reject old structs.
      In both cases `paIncompatibleHostApiSpecificStreamInfo` is the error returned.
    * Changes to WASAPI Host-API-specific Struct pa_win_wasapi.h
    * Added `streamCategory` and `streamOption` to `PaWasapiStreamInfo` 4e194eaecf
    - These changes were made on October 19, 2015. At that time `Pa_GetVersion()` returned 19.5.0. The changes are present when the version number is 19.6.0 or greater.
    * Forward/backward compatibility: The implementation checks the `size` field of `PaWasapiStreamInfo`.
      The old version will reject new structs, and the new version will reject old structs. In both cases
      `paIncompatibleHostApiSpecificStreamInfo` is the error returned.
  - Full Changelog:
* Mon Jun 29 2015
  - Enable libportaudiocpp
* Wed May 28 2014
  - disable timestamps in doxygen too, make build-compare happy
* Wed Apr 09 2014
  - Update to version 20140130
    + No changelog available
* Mon May 06 2013
  - license update: MIT
    The correct license for the package is MIT
* Mon Apr 02 2012
  - run spec_cleaner
  - use full URL in Source tag
  - add missing provides/obsoletes from previous rename
  - use date in version number: makes more sense and otherwise the
    obsoletes of the package rename would not work
  - patch __DATE__ and __TIME__ references to help build-compare
* Sun Jan 29 2012
  - updated to the latest stable version
    * Improvements to latency calculations: Improved defaults, allow
      very low buffer sizes, report actual latencies in PaStreamInfo
      (CoreAudio r1703 #95 #175, WMME r1717 #178, also changes to
      DirectSound and WMME)
    * ALSA: Fixed issue define SND_PCM_TSTAMP_ENABLE as
      SND_PCM_TSTAMP_MMAP if the former is undefined #153 r1691
    * AudioScience HPI: Updated support to V4.08. #197, r1760, r1761
    * ASIO: Fixed bug where host buffer size wasn’t matched to client
      framesPerBuffer when it should have been. Resolves ticket #93
    * ASIO: PaAsio_GetAvailableLatencyValues deprecated, use
      PaAsio_GetAvailableBufferSizes. See ticket #111
    * Changed default host API selection logic: use first
      successfully initialized host api with a defined default input
      or output device. Resolves ticket #49
    * Added support for Float32 to UInt8 conversion. r1748
    * Made ring buffer params const-correct r1694
    * Changes to ring buffer memory barrier placement (needs further
      review). See r1734, r1735, r1736, r1738 for details.
    * Separated test programs into “test”, “examples”, and “qa”
      folders. #191
    * Harmonised use of #if with PA_USE_*HOSTAPI* configuration
      variables accross all host APIs r1740, #164
    * Improvements to QA tests including paqa_latency, paqa loopback
    * Improvements and cleanups to doxygen documentation. Added
      Doxyfile.developer for generating internal docs.
* Mon Dec 05 2011
  - updated to the latest stable version (20110326)
    * Fixed a lot of bugs on all platforms
    * Fixed a lot of build system issues on all platforms (autotools,
      msvc, scons)
    * Added more support for V19 API features on many platforms
    * Added WASAPI implementation
    * Ring buffer code was generalised into pa_ringbuffer.c with
      correct memory barriers. this is now used by many host api
    * Implemented blocking i/o for ASIO
    * Made ALSA default host API on Linux
    * Fixed stream info inputLatency and outputLatency calculations
      in a number of host APIs (r1598, r1599, r1600)
    * WMME added support for ac3+wma spdif passthrough
    * DirectSound? added support for driver-level full duplex via DX8
* Wed Nov 23 2011
  - add libtool as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency



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