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libgloox17-1.0.23-lp152.1.1 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.2 for aarch64

Name: libgloox17 Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.2
Version: 1.0.23 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.1.1 Build date: Tue Mar 31 07:40:06 2020
Group: System/Libraries Build host: obs-arm-9
Size: 1364537 Source RPM: gloox-1.0.23-lp152.1.1.src.rpm
Summary: High-level XMPP Library for C++
gloox is a portable high-level Jabber/XMPP library for C++. It is fully
compliant with the XMPP RFCs, supports all of the XMPP features (including
SRV lookups, TLS, SASL, roster management, and privacy lists), and implements
several XEPs that make it ideal for writing any kind of Jabber/XMPP client
or component.






* Fri Mar 27 2020 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
  - Update to 1.0.23:
    * fixed a memory leak in dns.cpp
    * fixed session management/stream resumption
    * ClientBase: fix honorThreadID
    * TLSGnuTLS: disabled TLS 1.3 for now, as there are
      connection issues with it
    Check the ChangeLog file for other changes.
  - Drop gloox-fix_TLSGnuTLS_test.patch. Merged upstream.
* Fri Aug 17 2018
  - update to 1.0.21:
    * InBandBytestream: error handling corrected
    * doc fix: CertInfo::date_from/to set correctly when using OpenSSL
  - drop iksemel from spec, not required
* Tue Feb 13 2018
  - fix gnutls test broken with gnutls 3.6 (bsc#1078834)
    * since 3.6 ANON key exchange algorithms have to be turned on explicitly
    * add gloox-fix_TLSGnuTLS_test.patch
* Fri Oct 13 2017
  - Update to 1.0.20
    * BytestreamDataHandler: added callback for acknowledged packets
    * ConnectionTCPClient: compile fix for Win32 (broken in 1.0.19)
    * ConnectionTCPClient: no-block fix
    * use ws2_32.lib instead of ws_32.lib on Win32
  - Changes from 1.0.19
    * ConnectionTCPServer: cleanup
    * lots of compile-time warnings removed
    * TLSOpenSSL: made it speak TLSv1.1 and 1.2 again (thanks to Nicolas Belouin)
    * added Client State Indication (XEP-0352)
    * CertInfo struct: fixed protocol version when using OpenSSL
    * TLSOpenSSL: fixed compilation with OpenSSL 1.1.0
    * Registration: added Resource Constraint error condition (thanks to elexis1987) (#267)
    * ConnectionTCP: fixed some blocking (thanks to Marco Ciprietti)
* Tue Jan 24 2017
  - Added configure flag to build with getaddrinfo
    instead of deprecated gethostbyname.
* Tue Jan 24 2017
  - Update to 1.0.18
    * Message: removed bogus hard-coded namespace to fix component use
    * TLSOpenSSL: fixed wildcard certificate support
    * Pubsub::Event: fixed potential NULL dereference
    * ConnectionTCPServer: fixed listening on local socket
    * Adhoc: fixed memory leak (thanks to Erik Horemans)
    * ConnectionTLS: delete old connection in setConnectionImpl()
      (thanks to Erik Horemans) and clarify this in the documentation
    * Tag: Android compilation fix (thanks to Erik Horemans)
    * ConnectionSOCKS5Proxy: improved compatibility
      (thanks to Erik Horemans)
    * util: Android compilation fix (thanks to Erik Horemans)
    * Client, ClientBase: avoid ‘from’ attribute when doing
      resource binding
    * MUCRoom: allow empty message body if extension is present
      (#264) (thanks to Tom Quackenbush)
    * ConnectionBOSH: initialize ‘hold’ to 1 to improve compatibility
    * ConnectionTCPServer: actually accept incoming connections
* Sun Aug 28 2016
  - Kill off extraneous Provide tags
* Fri Jul 29 2016
  - new upstream version 1.0.16 (see ChangeLog)
  - rename package from libgloox to gloox
  - enable tests
* Sun May 22 2016
  - Removed %%debug_package to pass openSUSE:Factory:Staging.
    By the way this practise is ugly nowadays, OBS provides debug flags.
* Tue Sep 08 2015
  - Update to 1.0.14
    * IOData: make it possible to pass more than one element as in/out/error data
    * Client: fix resetting of presence status text
    * TLSSChannel: fix memory leak (thanks to Alexander Weisner)
    * Error: added setAppError() to set application-specific error message
    * PubSub::Item: added setPayload(), setID()
    * Adhoc: return clone of plugin
    * PubSub::Manager: fix finding of subscription type (thanks to BillHoo)
    * ChatStateFilter: fix enable logic (thanks to Ivan Shmakov)
    * MessageEvent: added parsing of (thanks to Ivan Shmakov)
    * MessageEvent: added id() (thanks to Ivan Shmakov)
    * ClientBase: handle MUC invitation declines properly (thanks to Matias Snellingen)
    * DNS: IPv6 fix (thanks to garimacoe) (#249)
    * DelayedDelivery: propagate internal state properly (#251)
    * PubSub::Manager: fix GetSubscriberList and GetAffiliateList
* Sun Apr 05 2015
  - Update to 1.0.13
    * fixed compilation with libressl (thanks to Heiko Becker)
    * added IO Data (XEP-0244)
    * serialise access to compressionZlib::cleanup for thread safety (thanks to Stephen Hilliard)
    * prevent infinite loop in Tag::setCData() (thanks to Stephen Hilliard)
    * TLSOpenSSL: memory leak on every client connection attempt (thanks to Stephen Hilliard)
    * Client: initialize m_smWanted to avoid connection failures (thanks to Stephen Hilliard)
* Thu Dec 11 2014
  - Update to 1.0.12
    - TLSOpenSSLClient/Server: disabled SSLv3
  - version 1.0.11 released: 13 Sep 2014
    - GnuTLS: updated use of priority API
    - LinkLocal*: compile fixes for MSVC 2008 (thanks to Serhiy M. Vasylenko)
    - fixed Debian bug #746857, worked around #758899
    - fixed memory leak (#240)
    - fixed compatibility with recent GnuTLS versions, fixed GnuTLS check (thanks to Andreas Metzler) (#231)
    - Jingle::Session: fixed state error (thanks to leerymatthew) (#236)
  - version 1.0.10 released: 09 Apr 2014
    - TLSSChannel: use malloc/realloc/free instead of their legacy Local* variants (fixes #222)
    - VCard: remove \r from vcard photos. Fixes a recent change Facebook made to their vcard pictures (patch by Fernando Sanchez)
    - Jingle: fixed replying; distinguish between ‘from’ and ‘initiator'; added Jingle::Session::setInitiator()
    - Jingle: fixed ::ICEUDP to actually add candidates; added ::Session::initiator(), ::setHandler(), ::sessionAccept( PluginList ); fixed storing of new sessions in ::SessionManager (patches by Erich Keane)
    - Jingle: removed Jingle::setInitiator() and ::setResponder() (now provided by ctor)
    - AtomicRefCount: fixed compilation on iOS (patch by Erich Keane)
    - Jingle::Plugin: added JinglePluginType, pluginType(), and findPlugin() to easily look for and retrieve specific plugins
    - ConnectionBOSH: fixed return value for recv() (patch by Sudarshan Prasad)
    - Parser: get rid of bogus isValid() (fixes #180, #224)
  - Drop gloox-1.0.9_long_long.patch (using sed)



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