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libfm-gtk4-1.2.5-lp151.2.3 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.1 for armv7hl

Name: libfm-gtk4 Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.1
Version: 1.2.5 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp151.2.3 Build date: Thu Apr 25 20:38:32 2019
Group: System/Libraries Build host: armbuild02
Size: 496490 Source RPM: libfm-1.2.5-lp151.2.3.src.rpm
Summary: GTK libfm libraries
GTK system libraries for libfm






* Wed Dec 20 2017
  - bsc#1073719: Fix build with gtk-doc 1.27:
    * Add libfm-1.2.5-gtk-doc-workaround.patch
* Sat Mar 04 2017
  - In the last change the following patches got removed
    by because they are included in the new
    upstream version:
    * libfm-1.2.3-Fix-SF902.patch
    * libfm-Additional-fix-after-SF902.patch
    * libfm-1.2.3-Fix-SF922.patch
    * libfm-1.2.3-Fix-SF914.patch
    * libfm-1.2.3-Use-G_SPAWN_DO_NOT_REAP_CHILD-on-applicaton-launch.patch
    * libfm-1.2.3-Fix-SF946.patch
    * libfm-1.2.3-Fix-SF925-and-SF938.patch
    * libfm-1.2.3-Return-back-the-workaround-on-thumbnailers.patch
    * libfm-1.2.3-Fix-SF937.patch
    * libfm-1.2.3-Fix-SF935.patch
    * libfm-1.2.3-Fix-SF915.patch
    * libfm-1.2.3-Reset-cached-data-if-drag-context-was-changed.patch
    * libfm-1.2.3-Fix-uninitialized-data-in-drag-motion-callback.patch
    * libfm-1.2.3-Fix-SF953.patch
    * libfm-1.2.3-Fix-SF921.patch
    * libfm-1.2.3-Fix-SF932.patch
    * libfm-1.2.3-Fix-dropping-files-onto-applications.patch
    * libfm-1.2.3-Fix-desktop-file-name-for-urxvt.patch
    * libfm-1.2.3-Fix-SF954.patch
    * libfm-1.2.3-Fix-SF950.patch
    * libfm-1.2.3-Fix-SF959.patch
    * libfm-1.2.3-Fix-SF965.patch
    * libfm-1.2.3-Fix-crash-on-cancelling-FmDirListJob.patch
    * libfm-1.2.3-Fix-SF919.patch
    * libfm-1.2.3-Fix-SF967.patch
* Sun Dec 25 2016
  - new upstream version 1.2.5
    * Fixed 'Launch in Terminal' issue when custom args were ignored.
    * Fixed crash with non-UTF regex search pattern.
    * Added 'termite' into the terminals database.
    * Fixed possible crash on FmPlacesView.
    * Fixed crash on non-existent directory listing job.
    * Added conversion of all URIs schemes to file:/// by mapping them
      to FUSE-mounted local paths if that is possible. This is required
      for non-gio applications to open files mounted by gvfs.
    * Added new MIME type for rar files to the archivers.list file.
    * Fixed crash in _fm_template_update().
    * Fixed incorrect initialization of FmPlacesViewClass, it should
      not call fm_get_home_dir() but initialized with NULL, that will do
      the same at runtime.
    * Fixed FTBFS when libmenu-cache was installed to non-standard
    * Added check for edit name "/" for remote root directory so
      display name should be used in such cases as more sensible one.
    * Fixed wrong width requested by FmCellRendererText (1.2.4
    * Updated list of MIME types handled by xarchiver.
    * Don't show error message when attempting to rename file into the
    * Fixed crash after file info job finished on a folder that already
    * Changed limitations on libfm-pref-apps.desktop to show only in
    * Fixed incomplete file copy job pausing in some cases.
    * Fixed missing 'Empty Trash Can' option in desktop's trash context
    Changes on 1.2.4 since 1.2.3:
    * Fixed crash in templates on file that was deleted instantly after
    * Fixed handling %c in desktop entry Exec key: launch may fail if
      the application name contains spaces so it needs quoting.
    * Fixed missing folder info update on folder attributes change.
    * Use G_SPAWN_DO_NOT_REAP_CHILD on application launch, that should
      fix a problem with pkexec.
    * Corrected missing newline at end of generated shortcut desktop
    * Improved file type detection, it failed in some cases such as
    * Returned back the workaround on thumbnailers which don't save any
      of Thumb::MTime or Thumb::URI in the thumbnail.
    * Fixed wrong treating files like ".purple" as having extension
    * Fixed invalid desktop entry save if 'Cancel' was pressed in the
      properties dialog window.
    * Fixed issues on dropping folders into Places for bookmarking them.
    * Fixed crash in expand_exec_macros() on missing Exec line.
    * Rewritten broken rubberband rendering in icon view for GTK3.
    * Eliminated usage of GVolumeMonitor if no FmFolder object was
    * Fixed renaming of desktop entries on copy operation error: it was
      the file name which was set in renaming dialog but it was
      compared with display name instead when decided whether "Rename"
      button should be active or not.
    * Fixed dropping files onto applications shortcuts on the desktop:
      those should be not "inode/x-shortcut" but
      "application/x-desktop" instead and therefore handled as any other
      applications, i.e. allow drop.
    * Added 'urxvtc' into the terminals database.
    * Fixed adding user-defined MIME associations into mimeapps.list
    * Few UI adaptations to work with GTK+ 3.10 or newer.
    * Fixed creating shortcuts on paths with basename started with '?'.
    * Fixed pointer-related issues with GTK+ 3.10 or newer.
    * Added 'terminology' into the terminals database.
    * Fixed stuck tooltip on entering empty folder.
    * Fixed crash on cancelling FmDirListJob while retrieving is in
    * Fixed incomplete cleanup on folder reloading.
    * Corrected autoscrolling to position in view to not include extra
      space (so not show all the column/row at once but only fully show
      exactly the item). This may fix a problem with double-click at the
      end of the file name which is already visible so no scrolling is
      needed, but if another file in the column/row has longer name then
      it could bring a scrolling of the column/row, and second click
      lands out of item area.
    * Fixed timer shown in progress dialog, it should show 01:00, not
    * Fixed stuck tooltip after right-click on file in view, seen
    * Disabled following symlinked directories on recursive search,
      that may give undesired results duplicating files and in some rare
      cases even may lead to endless recursion and endless number of
      files found.
    * Fixed few small issues with icon view interactive search:
      + search should be not activated by space key;
      + cursor was missing in the entry.
    * Fixed the background of the name of selected file with GTK+ 3.0.
    * Fixed not-ignored invalid Path= line on launch a desktop entry.
    * Fixed testing URIs like for MIME type.
    * Dropped using shortcuts to URIs like http://host/ as directories,
      no directory should be in principle used in shortcuts.
    * Fixed possible data loss on cross-partition data movement.
    * Fixed incorrect data in the search dialog date selection window.
  - Removed all the previously added patches from Git: they are all
    now included upstream.
* Wed Jun 01 2016
  - Have libfm4 recommend the main package.
* Sat Oct 31 2015
  - Added many fixes from Git:
    * [SF#902] Handle NULL returned by fm_mime_type_from_native_file()
      + libfm-1.2.3-Fix-SF902.patch
      + libfm-Additional-fix-after-SF902.patch
    * [SF#922] Fix handling %c in desktop entry Exec key
      + libfm-1.2.3-Fix-SF922.patch
    * [SF#914] Fix missing folder info update on folder attributes
      + libfm-1.2.3-Fix-SF914.patch
    * Use G_SPAWN_DO_NOT_REAP_CHILD on application launch, that should
      fix a problem with pkexec
      + libfm-1.2.3-Use-G_SPAWN_DO_NOT_REAP_CHILD-on-applicaton-launch.patch
    * [SF#946] Add missing newline at end of generated shortcut
      + libfm-1.2.3-Fix-SF946.patch
    * [SF#925,938] Improve file type detection, it fails in some cases
      such as DOCX
      + libfm-1.2.3-Fix-SF925-and-SF938.patch
    * Return back the workaround on thumbnailers which don't save
      + libfm-1.2.3-Return-back-the-workaround-on-thumbnailers.patch
    * [SF#937] Fix wrong treating files like ".purple" as having
      extension "purple"
      + libfm-1.2.3-Fix-SF937.patch
    * [SF#935] Fix invalid desktop entry save if 'Cancel' was pressed
      in dialog
      + libfm-1.2.3-Fix-SF935.patch
    * [SF#915] Always do gtk_drag_finish() in FmDndDest even if drop
      was failed
      + libfm-1.2.3-Fix-SF915.patch
    * FmDndDest: reset cached data if drag context was changed
      + libfm-1.2.3-Reset-cached-data-if-drag-context-was-changed.patch
    * Fix uninitialized data in drag-motion callback of FmPlacesView
      + libfm-1.2.3-Fix-uninitialized-data-in-drag-motion-callback.patch
    * [SF#953] Fix crash in expand_exec_macros() on missing Exec line
      in desktop entry
      + libfm-1.2.3-Fix-SF953.patch
    * [SF#921] Rewrite broken rubberband rendering in icon view for
      + libfm-1.2.3-Fix-SF921.patch
    * [SF#932] Fix renaming of desktop entries on copy operation error
      + libfm-1.2.3-Fix-SF932.patch
    * Fix dropping files onto applications shortcuts on the desktop
      + libfm-1.2.3-Fix-dropping-files-onto-applications.patch
    * Fix desktop file name for urxvt in terminals.list
      + libfm-1.2.3-Fix-desktop-file-name-for-urxvt.patch
    * [SF#954] Add urxvtc data into the terminals.list file
      + libfm-1.2.3-Fix-SF954.patch
    * [SF#950] Fix adding user-defined MIME associations into
      mimeapps.list config
      + libfm-1.2.3-Fix-SF950.patch
    * [SF#959] Fix autoscroll issues with GTK+ 3
      + libfm-1.2.3-Fix-SF959.patch
    * [SF#965] Fix stuck tooltip on entering empty folder
      + libfm-1.2.3-Fix-SF965.patch
    * Fix crash on cancelling FmDirListJob while retrieving is in
      + libfm-1.2.3-Fix-crash-on-cancelling-FmDirListJob.patch
    * [SF#919] Fix incomplete cleanup on folder reloading
      + libfm-1.2.3-Fix-SF919.patch
    * [SF#967] Fix timer shown in progress dialog, it should show
      01:00, not 00:60
      + libfm-1.2.3-Fix-SF967.patch
* Sun Nov 09 2014 Led <>
  - fix bashisms in post/postun scripts
* Tue Oct 14 2014
  - new upstream release 1.2.3
    * Changed licence for libfm-extra and libfm components from
      GPL-2 to LGPL-2.1.
    * Fixed crash on dropping URL queries into some folder.
    * Fixed filename on dropping URI queries into folder: URI query
      like should be
      never saved with file name path/query.php?new=yes&mine=0 but
      as query.php instead like all the web browsers do.
    * Disabled debug messages in XML parser, it spammed a lot.
    * Fixed content type detection which was broken in last release.
    * Fixed incorrect call to g_environ_setenv() in the terminal
    * Replaced deprecated atk_component_get_position() calls.
    * Fixed invalid callback get_image_position() on ATK icon of
      ExoIconView, it could loop and therefore hang the application.
    * Disabled deprecated atk_focus_tracker_notify() with new libatk.
    * Fixed installation of headers with parallel install, it could
      create invalid symlink /usr/share/libfm/libfm in some
    * Corrected handling of application launch failure - launch
      content have to be informed about failure if startup notify id
      was retrieved from it before.
    * Fixed usage of POSIX.1-2001 declaration `environ' with GLib <
    * Fixed "out-of-tree" build (e.g. make distcheck).
    * Corrected menu cache to sync in
      fm_app_chooser_dlg_dup_selected_app(), otherwise it would not
      work without menu preloaded.
    * Fixed launch of applications with %f or %u argument - it
      should launch not just first file but all of them with the
      same command.
    * Fixed unneeded fm-folder-config save even if no changes were
    * Fixed not updated file in FmFolder if file was not changed
      within last 2 seconds. In case of fast download it was not
      updated in time. This may cause a little performance issue
      though due to thumbnails update.
    * Fixed crash if g_file_get_basename() returns NULL.
    * Fixed issue with desktop entry file selected in the
      Application chooser dialog, it tried to execute the desktop
      entry directly. Now it setups dialog fields from that desktop
      entry instead.
    * Fixed problem with unwanted application substitution in the
      Application chooser dialog: if user selected no name then no
      replacements should be attempted.
    * Fixed default app detection in Application chooser combo box.
* Fri Sep 12 2014
  - removed libfm-extra and libfm-extra-devel and files, moved to a
    new bootstrap package
* Tue Sep 09 2014
  - Split of libfm-extra and libfm-extra-devel packages
* Sun Aug 24 2014
  - new upstream version
    * Fix installation of libfm-extra.pc file for development with
  - changes on 1.2.2 since 1.2.1:
    * Fixed display name of created shortcut after dropping from
      another application.
    * Fixed the screen for context in fm_launch_command_simple().
    * Added KDE archiver "Ark" into archivers list.
    * Fixed parsing order of directories in XDG_DATA_DIRS and
    * Added a possibility for application that was started (by
      PCManFM or any other application that uses LibFM) to never
      die after our application (i.e. its parent) was closed.
    * Fixed possible memory leak in fm_config_load_from_file().
    * Corrected g_content_type_guess() call with file sample. This
      may help with correct file type detection.
    * When calculate total file sizes in directory, filesize of
      directory now is skipped.
    * Fixed problem with memory consumption in case image has big
      dimension but not so big filesize - in that case loading may
      consume all the available memory to create bitmap. The file
      dimensions should also be checked against thumbnail_max
      configuration variable.
    * Fixed problem with starting custom command from application
      selection dialog. This stopped to work with new GLib versions.



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