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xscreensaver-data-5.37-lp150.3.2 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.0 for ppc64le

Name: xscreensaver-data Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: 5.37 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.3.2 Build date: Wed May 9 17:53:08 2018
Group: Amusements/Toys/Screensavers Build host: obs-power8-05
Size: 1601820 Source RPM: xscreensaver-5.37-lp150.3.2.src.rpm
Summary: Selection of screensavers from xscreensaver
The xscreensaver program waits until the keyboard and mouse have
been idle for a period of time, and then runs a graphics demo
chosen at random. It turns off as soon as there is any mouse or
keyboard activity. It can also lock the screen immediately, after a
longer idle period, or on demand.

This packages contains a selection of graphics demos.




BSD-3-Clause and GPL-2.0+


* Wed Nov 22 2017
  - Remove libgnome-devel from BuildRequires; appears to be unused
* Wed Nov 08 2017
  - Fix requires for /sbin/unix2_chkpwd [bsc#1067103]
* Wed Jul 26 2017
  - Update to version 5.37:
    * New hack vigilance.
    * Updates of bsod and webcollage.
    * Bug fixes.
  - Added vigilance hack to xscreensaver-data-extra.list.
  - Split -lang package with translations.
* Mon Feb 27 2017
  - Added new hacks to xscreensaver-data-extra.list
  - Rebased patches:
    * xscreensaver-disable-upgrade-nagging-message.patch
    * xscreensaver-slideshow-dri-detect.patch
  - Update to 5.36:
    * New hacks, `discoball', `cubetwist', `cubestack', `splodesic'
      and `hexstrut'.
    * OSX: loading image files works in `dymaxionmap', `glplanet',
      `lavalite', `pulsar', `gleidescope' and `extrusion'.
    * Several new programs in `m6502'.
    * `rotzoomer -mode circle'.
    * Better titles in `photopile'.
  - Update to 5.35:
    * New hacks, `dymaxionmap', `unicrud', `energystream', `raverhoop'
      and `hydrostat'.
    * Added Windows 10 to `bsod'.
    * X11: ignore WM_USER_TIME property changes with days-old timestamps.
      Thanks, KDE.
    * MacOS, iOS: Better fonts in `BSOD' and `memscroller'.
    * MacOS 10.8 or later and iOS 6.0 or later are now required, since
      Xcode 6 can no longer build executables that work on older OSes.
    * Many, many Android improvements.
    * iOS: Fixed rotation to work with the new iOS 8+ API.
    * X11: `pong' is now playable.
* Thu Nov 05 2015
  - Update to version 5.34:
    * Fixed a crash when hot-swapping monitors while locked
      (bsc#952062, CVE-2015-8025).
    * Fixed some incorrect output from `xscreensaver-command -watch'.
* Mon Oct 12 2015
  - Generate screensavers .desktop files for mate-screensaver with
  - Add MATE into a NotShowIn list.
  - Make xscreensaver-data-extra recommend xscreensaver-data.
  - Spec cleanup.
* Thu Sep 10 2015
  - Update to 5.33
    * New hacks, splitflap and romanboy.
    * Better detection of user activity on modern GNOME systems.
    * Sonar now does asynchronous host name resolution.
    * Improved Unicode support.
    * Updated webcollage for recent changes.
    * Various minor fixes.
* Wed Mar 11 2015
  - BuildRequire gdmflexiserver instead of gdm: there is no need to
    pull in half of the GNOME Stack here.
* Fri Jan 02 2015
  - update to 5.32
    * Fixed some X11 compilation problems.
    * Fixed display size and shake gestures on iOS.
  - 5.31    15-Nov-2014
    * New hacks, geodesicgears, binaryring and cityflow.
    * UTF-8 text support (instead of only Latin1) and antialiased text
      on X11 with Xft (instead of only on OSX/iOS) in fontglide,
      noseguy, fliptext, starwars, and winduprobot. The other
      text-displaying hacks (apple2, phosphor, xmatrix, and gltext)
      also now accept UTF-8 input, though they convert it to Latin1 or
    * glplanet now has both day and night maps, and a sharp terminator.
    * Fixed webcollage on OSX.
    * Fixed a transparency glitch in winduprobot.
    * lockward works on iOS.
    * Text and image loading work on OSX 10.10.
    * Rotation works properly on iOS 8.
    * Added a search field on iOS.
    * Preliminary, unfinished support for Android.
  - 5.30    11-Sep-2014
    * New hack, winduprobot.
    * Many improvements to lament, including Leviathan.
    * Fixed the normals in flyingtoasters: shading is correct now.
    * Implemented TEXTURE_GEN in GLES: flying toast is now toasted on iOS.
    * Make cel-shading sort-of work in skytentacles on iOS.
    * Fixed dragging-to-rotate on rotated iOS devices, I think.
    * Dragging has inertia now.
    * Most hacks respond to mouse-clicks, double-taps and swipes as
      meaning “do something different now”.
    * Reworked OpenGL fonts.
    * The OSX auto-update installer wasn't working. This time for sure?
    * Various minor fixes.
  - rebase patches (and to be p0)
  - add new savers to data-extra.list
    * binaryring
    * cityflow
    * geodesicgears
    * winduprobot
  - add configure option
    * with-x-app-defaults=%{_datadir}/X11/app-defaults
      default changed to /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults
  - removed unknown configure option
    * with-icondir=%{_datadir}/xscreensaver/pixmaps
  - add rpmlintrc
    * addFilter('binary-or-shlib-calls-gethostbyname')
  - some rpmlint fixes
    * obsoletes and provides
* Fri Aug 15 2014
  - add xscreensaver-disable-upgrade-nagging-message.patch in order
    to disable nagging messages about upgrading to a newer version
* Wed Jun 25 2014
  - update to 5.29
    * Updated webcollage for recent changes.
    * Fixed some compilation problems and intermittent crashes.
    * New hacks, tessellimage and projectiveplane.
    * Added support for pthreads, because Dave Odell is a madman.
    * X11: Don't assume Suspend = 0 implies “No DPMS”.
    * Minor updates to boxed and klein.
    * Fixed possible crash in apple2, noseguy, xmatrix, shadebobs.
    * Fixed possible crash in OSX preferences.
    * Plugged some leaks.
* Wed Apr 09 2014
  - de-censor xscreensaver by reenabling webcollage
  - fix dictionary path for webcollage
    => xscreensaver-webcollage-dictpath.patch
* Sun Apr 06 2014
  - update to 5.26, most important changes:
    * New hack, `geodesic'.
    * Updated `webcollage' for recent Google changes.
    * Updated `webcollage' for recent Flickr changes.
    * Added Instagram and Bing as `webcollage' image sources.
    * Updated feed-loading for recent Flickr changes.
    * More heuristics for using RSS feeds as image sources.
    * Improved Wikipedia parser.
    * Added Android to `bsod'.
    * Made `quasicrystal' work on weak graphics cards.
    * Better compression on icons, plists and XML files: smaller
      distribution and installation footprint.
    * `Phosphor' now supports amber as well as green.
    * Reverted that DEACTIVATE change. Bad idea.
    * Updated to latest autoconf.
    * Bug fixes.
* Thu Aug 01 2013
  - update to 5.22
    * New hacks, kaleidocycle, quasicrystal, unknownpleasures and hexadrop.
    * Performance improvements for interference.
    * Fixed possible crashes in apple2, maze, pacman, polyominoes, fireworkx, engine.
    * Fix for bumps in 64 bit.
    * Fixed ``Shake to Randomize''; display name of saver.
    * Fixed rotation problems with pacman, decayscreen.
    * Better dragging in fluidballs.
    * Ignore rotation in hacks that don't benefit from it.
    * Ignore DEACTIVATE messages when locked, instead of popping up the password dialog box.
    5.21	04-Feb-2013
    * Changed default text source from Twitter to Wikipedia, since Twitter now requires a login to get any feeds.
    * New version of fireworkx.
    * Minor fixes to distort, fontglide, xmatrix.
    * New MacOS crash in bsod.
    * New mode in lcdscrub.
  - remove xscreensaver-stars.patch as xscreensaver is no longer used for NLD :)
* Wed Dec 26 2012
  - new upstream version 5.20
    * Made pipes be ridiculously less efficient, but spin.
    * Added better mouse control to rubik, cube21, crackberg, and julia.
    * Cosmetic improvements to queens and endgame.
    * sonar can now ping local subnet on DHCP.
    * Most savers now resize/rotate properly.
    * Various fixes.
    * Fixed some compilation problems.
    * Enlarged the texture image for lament.
    * XInput devices now also ignore small mouse motions.
    * Loading images via RSS feeds is much improved.
  - rebased xscreensaver-default-screensaver.patch and xscreensaver-stars.patch
    to apply to new code
* Tue Sep 18 2012
  - add explicit buildrequire on pkgconfig(glu)
* Mon Jun 25 2012
  - own app-defaults directory
* Tue Feb 21 2012
  - update to 5.15
    * New hacks, hilbert, companioncube and tronbit.
    * Image-manipulating hacks can now load from RSS or Atom feeds:
      imageDirectory may contain a URL.
    * Updated webcollage for recent search engine changes.
    * phosphor and apple2 can now be run as standalone terminal
      emulator applications on MacOS.
    * photopile sped up.
    * New molecule in molecule.
    * Turned on LC_CTYPE on Linux; maybe Japanese password entry works now?
* Mon Dec 19 2011
  - adapt license (bnc#735046)
* Thu Dec 01 2011
  - add automake as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency
* Tue Aug 23 2011
  - remove those broken _service files, they are just fragile and annoying
* Sat Aug 13 2011
  - remove libdrm-devel buildrequires
* Tue Jun 07 2011
  - updated to 5.14:
    * Added "Quick Power-off in Blank Only Mode" option.
    * BSOD GLaDOS.
    * Optionally enabled full-scene OpenGL antialiasing.
      Set the resource `*multiSample' to true if doing so
      doesn't kill performance with your video hardware.
    * New version of `glhanoi'.
    * Image-loading hacks that display the file name now also
      display the sub-directory (xscreensaver-getimage now
      returns relative paths under imageDirectory).
    * Passwords that contain UTF-8 non-Latin1 chars are now
    * Numerous minor stability fixes.
* Mon Jan 10 2011
  - remove old patches
* Mon Jan 10 2011
  - update to 5.12
    * New molecule in `molecule'.
    * `glhanoi' now supports an arbitrary number of poles.
    * Turned on "New Login" button by default.
    * Added support for XInput-style alternate input devices.
* Tue Sep 07 2010
  - update to 5.11
    * New versions of photopile, strange.
    * Fixed flicker in pipes, cubestorm, and noof.
    * Minor fixes to circuit, polyhedra, tangram, gears, pinion,
      substrate, xanalogtv.
    * Fixed some leaks in xanalogtv and apple2.
    * Better seeding of the RNG.
* Tue Jul 06 2010
  - fixed last patch to really use DPMS
* Tue May 18 2010
  - changed some defaults:
    + use DPMS by default
    + do not display splash screen
    + lock screen by default
    + nice to 19
* Fri Mar 26 2010
  - Split screensavers in subpackages:
    + the xscreensaver subpackage contains xscreensaver itself
    + the xscreensaver-data subpackage contains a selection of nice
      screensavers that will be installed by default with
      xscreensaver, but also gnome-screensaver
    + the xscreensaver-data-extra subpackage contains the remaining
  - This implements fate#308474.
* Thu Dec 24 2009
  - update to version 5.10
    * new hacks: rubikblocks, surfaces
    * Retired hypercube and hyperball, which are redundant with polytopes.
    * Updates to mirrorblob, glhanoi, and sonar
* Fri Dec 04 2009
  - de-fuzz the appdefaults patches
* Wed Jun 03 2009
  - Strict aliasing fix.
* Tue Jun 02 2009
  - Updated to version 5.08:
    * new hacks: sonar, jigsaw, photopile
    * Support for embedded orientation in the latest gdk-pixbuf
    * unlock timer improvements
    * minor fixes
  - Prevent warnings in xscreensaver-getimage-file (bnc#408673).



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