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xfce4-panel-plugin-verve-1.1.0-lp150.1.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.0 for armv7hl

Name: xfce4-panel-plugin-verve Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: 1.1.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.1.1 Build date: Fri May 11 02:12:36 2018
Group: System/GUI/XFCE Build host: obs-arm-5
Size: 72706 Source RPM: xfce4-panel-plugin-verve-1.1.0-lp150.1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Command Line Plugin for the Xfce Panel
The Verve panel plugin is a command line plugin for the Xfce panel which
supports a command history, auto-completion, keyboard-shortcut focus grabbing and
opening URLs.






* Sun Dec 25 2016
  - update to version 1.1.0
    - add ability to use xfce4-verve-plugin as a smartbookmark plugin
    - add ability to direct commands starting in ! or \ to DuckDuckGo
    - run commands through shell by default, to allow aliases,
      variables, etc.
    - use wordexp to expand directory names (when available), to
      allow variables, etc.
    - add an optional label on the left side of the plugin
    - expand properties window to configure the new features
    - increase maximum width of plugin
  - do not package ChangeLog file, NEWS is enough
* Tue Jan 27 2015
  - update to version 1.0.1
    - Use exo-open instead of the deprecated xfterm4 to launch
      commands in a term via ctrl-enter (bxo#9978)
    - Fix style when the entry loses focus (bxo#3525)
    - Build the plugin as a module
    - Port to libxfce4ui
    - Tons of translation updates
* Sun Apr 29 2012
  - add dependency on exo-tools since exo-open is used
* Fri Apr 20 2012
  - added documentation files
* Tue Apr 17 2012
  - corrected source URL
* Wed Apr 04 2012
  - specfile cleanup
  - correct dependencies
  - split off -lang subpackage
* Wed Mar 09 2011
  - new package (split off from xfce4-panel-plugins)



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