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pcsc-ccid-1.4.36-150400.1.5 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.6 for s390x

Name: pcsc-ccid Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15
Version: 1.4.36 Vendor: SUSE LLC <>
Release: 150400.1.5 Build date: Sun May 8 07:07:01 2022
Group: Productivity/Security Build host: s390zl31
Size: 1643226 Source RPM: pcsc-ccid-1.4.36-150400.1.5.src.rpm
Summary: PCSC Driver for CCID Based Smart Card Readers and GemPC Twin Serial Reader
This package contains a generic USB CCID (Chip/Smart Card Interface
Devices) driver.

This driver is meant to be used with the PCSC-Lite daemon from the
pcsc-lite package.






* Mon Aug 30 2021
  - Version 1.4.36
    * Add support of
    - Lenovo Lenovo Smartcard Wired Keyboard II
    - REINER SCT tanJack USB
    - SafeNet eToken 5110+ FIPS
    - SafeNet eToken 5300 C
    - jSolutions s.r.o. Multi SIM card reader 4/8
    * parse: fix check when bNumDataRatesSupported = 0
* Sun Jul 25 2021
  - Version 1.4.35
    * Add support of
    - ArkSigner Connect2Sign
    - Circle CCR7115 ICC
    - Circle CCR7315
    - Circle CIR215 CL
    - Circle CIR215 PICC
    - Circle CIR315
    - Circle CIR315 (idProduct: 0x3100)
    - Circle CIR315 CL
    - Circle CIR315 Dual & 1S
    - Circle CIR415 CL & 1S
    - Circle Idaxis SecurePIV
    - Feitian R701
    - Generic EMV Smartcard Reader (0x058C:0x9590)
    - INMAX DWR18 HC
    - Identiv Identiv uTrust 4711 F CL + SAM Reader
    - Identiv uTrust 3721 Contactless Reader
    - Infocrypt HWDSSL DEVICE
    - Infocrypt Token++ lite
    - MK Technology KeyPass D1
    - SONY Felica RC-S300/P
    - SONY Felica RC-S300/S
    - SONY Felica RC-S660/U
    - SYNNIX CL-2100R
    - SoloKeys Solo 2
    - Spyrus Inc PocketVault P-3X (idProduct: 0x3203)
    * parse: use "ICCD token" for ICCD tokens
    * Support 4 card slots with Feitian R502 C9
    * ccid_usb: ask for bNumDataRatesSupported data rates
    * Solve a performance issue with T=1 and CCID_CLASS_AUTO_PPS_PROP
    * Fix a possible buffer overflow in T0ProcACK
    * IFDHSetProtocolParameters: set IFSC/IFSD only for TPDU readers
    * CCID serial: Reset buffers on failed read
    * Fix yylex missing symbol
    * Gemalto pinpad: fix incorrect bEntryValidationCondition for
      SecurePINVerify and SecurePINModify
    * Fix bit4id miniLector-EVO pinpad support
    * The Kobil TriBank reader does NOT support extended APDU
* Sun Jan 24 2021
  - Version 1.4.34
    * Add support for
      ACS ACR1252IMP Reader
      ACS CryptoMate EVO
      Aktiv Rutoken SCR 3001 Reader
      Avtor KP-375BLE
      Avtor SC Reader KP382
      BIT4ID mLector AIR DI V3
      BIT4ID miniLector AIR NFC v3
      Bit4id Digital-DNA Key (ProductID 0x2354)
      Canokeys Canokey
      DESKO GmbH IDenty chrom
      DESKO GmbH PENTA Scanner
      FT Biopass CCID
      FT Biopass FIDO2
      FT Biopass KB CCID
      FT Biopass KB FIDO CCID
      Feitian BLE CCID Dongle
      Feitian R805
      Feitian vR504 Contactless Reader
      GoTrust Idem Key
      Identiv uTrust 3720 Contactless Reader
      Sunrex HP USB Business Slim Smartcard CCID Keyboard
      sysmocom - s.f.m.c. GmbH sysmoOCTSIM
    * Fail if the requested protocol is not supported by reader
    * Disable USB suspend for the AlcorMicro AU9520 reader
    * Return "no smart card" if we get notified during a transmit
    * Minor improvements reported by Maksim Ivanov
    * Some other minor improvements
* Wed Aug 19 2020
  - Rely on _udevrulesdir as provided by the distros.
* Sat Jun 27 2020
  - Version 1.4.33
    * added support for
      Genesys Logic CCID Card Reader (idProduct: 0x0771)
      Swissbit Secure USB PU-50n SE/PE
    * Update PCSC submodule to get Unicode support
    * Some minor improvements
* Sun May 24 2020
  - Version 1.4.32
    * Various bugfixes
    * added support for
      Access IS ATR210
      Access IS ATR220
      Sysking MII136C
      Add support of min & max PIN size for the Cherry KC 1000 SC
      Ledger Nano X support
      SpringCard Puck
      Gemalto RF CR5400
      Purism, SPC Librem Key
      SpringCard SpringCore (idProduct: 0x601A)
      SpringCard E518 (idProduct: 0x611A)
      SpringCard H518 (idProduct: 0x612A)
      SpringCard Puck (dProduct: 0x613A)
      SpringCard SpringCore (idProduct: 0x6012)
      SpringCard E518 (idProduct: 0x6112)
      SpringCard H518 (idProduct: 0x6122)
      AF Care One (idProduct: 0xAFC0)
      AF Care One (idProduct: 0xAFC1)
      AF Care Two (idProduct: 0xAFC2)
      AF Care Two (idProduct: 0xAFC3)
      Doctolib SR
      F-Secure Foundry USB Armory Mk II
* Mon Feb 03 2020
  - BuildRequire pkgconfig(udev) instead of udev: allow OBS to
    shortcut through -mini flavors.
* Sun Aug 11 2019
  - Updated to version 1.4.31
    * Add support of
      ACS ACR1252 Reader
      Aladdin R.D. JaCartaReader
      Alcor Link AK9563
      AvestUA AvestKey
      Avtor SecureToken (idProduct: 0x0020)
      Bit4id TokenME EVO v2
      Bit4id miniLector AIR EVO
      Bit4id miniLector Blue
      Broadcom Corp 58200 (idProduct: 0x5843)
      Broadcom Corp 58200 (idProduct: 0x5844)
      Broadcom Corp 58200 (idProduct: 0x5845)
      Certgate GmbH ONEKEY ID 2 USB
      HID Global Crescendo Key 0x0028
      HID Global Crescendo Key 0x0029
      HID Global Crescendo Key 0x002B
      HID Global Crescendo Key 0x002D
      Identiv SCR3500 C Contact Reader
      InfoCert WirelessKey
      NXP PN7462AU CCID
      Route1 MobiKEY Fusion3
    * Some minor improvements for debug
* Tue Jan 29 2019
  - Update URL.
* Sat Sep 22 2018
  - Updated to version 1.4.30
    * The project moved to
    * Add support of
      ACS ACR33 ICC Reader
      Broadcom Corp 58200
      Certgate GmbH AirID 2 USB
      Genesys Logic CCID Card Reader
      Genesys Logic Combo Card Reader
      InfoThink IT-500U Reader
      Spyrus Inc WorkSafe Pro (ProductID 0x3117)
    * Disabled readers
      REINER SCT cyberJack RFID standard
    * Update reader names for
      Fujitsu Keyboard KB100 SCR
      Fujitsu Keyboard KB100 SCR eSIG
      FujitsuTechnologySolutions GmbH Keyboard KB SCR2
      Yubico YubiKey CCID
      Yubico YubiKey FIDO+CCID
      Yubico YubiKey OTP+CCID
      Yubico YubiKey OTP+FIDO+CCID
    * Fix libusb config descriptor leak
    * Fix leaking an allocated bundle in case no matching reader was found
* Sun Feb 25 2018
  - Updated to version 1.4.29
    * Add support of
      Access IS NFC Smart Module (With idProduct 0x0164)
      Bit4id Digital-DNA Key
      Bit4id Digital-DNA Key BT
      Bluink Ltd. Bluink CCID
      Chicony HP Skylab USB Smartcard Keyboard
      HID Global OMNIKEY 5023 Smart Card Reader
      KeyXentic Inc. KX906 Smart Card Reader
      Spyrus Inc Rosetta USB
      Spyrus Inc WorkSafe Pro
      Watchdata USB Key (idProduct: 0x0418)
    * The C3PO LTC31 v2 wrongly declares PIN support
    * Remove extra EGT patch because it has bad side effects
* Sun Oct 15 2017
  - Updated to version 1.4.28
    * Add support of
      Athena IDProtect Flash
      Elatec TWN4/B1.06/CPF3.05/S1SC1.32/P (Beta 3)
      HID Global OMNIKEY 5122 Dual
      HID Global OMNIKEY 5122 Smartcard Reader
      IIT E.Key Crystal-1
      KRONEGGER Micro Core Platform
      KRONEGGER NFC blue Reader Platform
      Ledger Nano S
      REINER SCT cyberJack RFID standard
      REINER SCT cyberJack one
      SafeNet eToken 5300
      Unicept GmbH AirID USB Dongle
      Watchdata USB Key
      mCore SCard-Reader
    * Disabled readers
      Jinmuyu Electronics Co., Ltd. MR800
    * Fix non-pinpad HID global devices
    * udev rules
      allow rule overwrite
      disable USB autosuspend on C3PO LTC31 v1 reader
    * some minor improvements
* Mon May 22 2017
  - Updated to version 1.4.27
    * Add support of
      ACS ACR1255U-J1
      ACS CryptoMate (T2)
      ANCUD CCID USB Reader & RNG
      DUALi DE-620 Combi
      FT CCID
      FT CCID KB
      FT U2F CCID KB
      HID Global OMNIKEY 5422 Smartcard Reader
      InfoThink IT-102MU Reader
      Kapsch TrafficCom USB SAM reader
      MK Technology KeyPass S1
      Mulann PVT
      Regula RFID Reader
      Spyrus Inc PocketVault P-3X
      Unicept GmbH AirID USB
    * Add Microchip SEC1210 UART support (when connected on a serial port)
    * Add Zero Length Packet (ZLP) support for Gemalto IDBridge CT30 and K30
      enable the patch using ./configure --enable-zlp
    * Add support of HID Omnikey 5422 as multi slot reader (for macOS)
    * Escape command: signals buffer overflow instead of silently
      truncating the buffer
    * Fix a bug with multi readers and pcscd uses hotplug_libusb
      (not the recommended configuration)
    * Some minor improvements
* Sat Jan 07 2017
  - Updated to version 1.4.26
    * Add support of
      Bit4id Digital DNA Key
      Bit4id tokenME FIPS v3
      INGENICO Leo
      appidkey GmbH ID60-USB
    * PowerOn: the default algorithm is now 5V then 1.8V then 3V then fail.
      It is still possible to change the initial voltage in the
      Info.plist file.
      Now, in any case, all the values are tried before failing.
    * Negotiate maximum baud rate when bNumDataRatesSupported = 0
    * Some minor improvements
* Mon Oct 03 2016
  - Updated to version 1.4.25
    * Add support of
      Aladdin R.D. JaCarta (idProduct: 0x0402)
      Broadcom Corp 5880 (idProduct: 0x5832)
      Broadcom Corp 5880 (idProduct: 0x5833)
      Broadcom Corp 5880 (idProduct: 0x5834)
      ESMART Token GOST X2 ET1020-A
      Feitian VR504 VHBR Contactless & Contact Card Reader
      Feitian bR500
      Gemalto K50
      appidkey GmbH ID100-USB  SC Reader
      appidkey GmbH ID50 -USB
    * Remove suport of
      Broadcom Corp 5880 (idProduct: 0x5800)
      Broadcom Corp 5880 (idProduct: 0x5805)
      KEBTechnology KONA USB SmartCard
    * Fix crash with GemCore Pos Pro and GemCore Sim Pro
    * Some minor improvements
* Mon May 30 2016
  - Updated to version 1.4.24
    * Add support of
      Generic USB Smart Card Reader
      Giesecke & Devrient GmbH StarSign CUT S
      HID AVIATOR Generic
    * better support of Elatec TWN4 SmartCard NFC
    * better support of SCM SCL011
    * fix SCARD_ATTR_VENDOR_IFD_SERIAL_NO attribute size
    * fix a race condition on card events with multiple readers
    * Some minor improvements
* Thu Apr 21 2016
  - Updated to version 1.4.23
    * Add support of
      ACS ACR3901U ICC Reader
      Alcor Micro AU9560
      Cherry SmartTerminal XX44
      HID Global OMNIKEY 3x21 Smart Card Reader
      HID Global OMNIKEY 5022 Smart Card Reader
      HID Global OMNIKEY 6121 Smart Card Reader
      IonIDe Smartcard Reader reader
      KACST HSID Reader
      KACST HSID Reader Dual Storage
      KACST HSID Reader Single Storage
    * Remove support of
      VMware Virtual USB CCID
    * Fix a busy loop consuming 100% of CPU for some composite USB devices
      impacted readers: Yubico Yubikey NEO U2F+CCID and Broadcom BCM5880
    * Remove support of (unused) option DRIVER_OPTION_RESET_ON_CLOSE
    * log libusb error name instead of decimal value
    * Some minor improvements
* Sun Jan 10 2016
  - Updated to version 1.4.22
    * Add support of
      Aktiv Rutoken PINPad 2
      Aladdin R.D. JC-WebPass (JC600)
      Aladdin R.D. JCR-770
      Aladdin R.D. JaCarta
      Aladdin R.D. JaCarta Flash
      Aladdin R.D. JaCarta LT
      Aladdin R.D. JaCarta U2F (JC602)
      Athena ASEDrive IIIe Combo Bio PIV
      Athena ASEDrive IIIe KB Bio PIV
      GEMALTO CT1100
      GEMALTO K1100
      Hitachi, Ltd. Hitachi Biometric Reader
      Hitachi, Ltd. Hitachi Portable Biometric Reader
      Nitrokey Nitrokey Storage
      Thursby Software Systems, Inc. TSS-PK7
      Thursby Software Systems, Inc. TSS-PK8
    * Patch for Microchip SEC1110 reader on Mac OS X (card events notification)
    * Patch for Cherry KC 1000 SC (problem was with a T=1 card and case 2 APDU)
    * Fix support of FEATURE_MCT_READER_DIRECT for the Kobil mIDentity visual reader
    * Set timeout to 90 sec for PPDU (Pseudo APDU) commands. This
      change allows the use of a Secure Verify command sent as a PPDU
      through SCardTransmit().
    * Fix a crash when reader reader initialization failed
    * Fix initialization bug with Gemalto Pinpad reader on Mac OS X
    * Some minor bugs fixed
* Sun Oct 25 2015
  - Updated to version 1.4.21
    * Add support of
      ACS ACR1252 Dual Reader
      Chicony HP USB Smartcard CCID Keyboard JP
      Chicony HP USB Smartcard CCID Keyboard KR
      FT ePass2003Auto
      Feitian bR301 BLE
      Feitian iR301 (ProductID 0x0619)
      Feitian iR301 (ProductID 0x061C)
      Identiv @MAXX ID-1 Smart Card Reader
      Identiv @MAXX Light2 token
      Identiv CLOUD 2980 F Smart Card Reader
      Identiv Identiv uTrust 4701 F Dual Interface Reader
      Identiv SCR3500 A Contact Reader
      Identiv SCR3500 B Contact Reader
      Identiv SCR35xx USB Smart Card Reader
      Identiv uTrust 2900 R Smart Card Reader
      Identiv uTrust 2910 R Smart Card Reader
      Identiv uTrust 2910 R Taglio SC Reader
      Identiv uTrust 3512 SAM slot Token
      Identiv uTrust 3522 embd SE RFID Token
      Identiv uTrust 3700 F CL Reader
      Identiv uTrust 3701 F CL Reader
      Identive Identive CLOUD 4000 F DTC
      Liteon HP SC Keyboard - Apollo (Liteon)
      Liteon HP SC Keyboard - Apollo JP (Liteon)
      Liteon HP SC Keyboard - Apollo KR (Liteon)
      Nitrokey Nitrokey HSM
      Nitrokey Nitrokey Pro
      Nitrokey Nitrokey Start
      Rocketek RT-SCR1
      WatchCNPC USB CCID Key
    * Remove support of
      Crypto Stick Crypto Stick v1.4 is an old version of Nitrokey Nitrokey Pro
      Free Software Initiative of Japan Gnuk Token is an old version
      of Nitrokey Nitrokey Start
    * Add Feitain R502 dual interface (composite) reader on Mac OS X
    * display a human readable version of the error code returned by libusb
    * Mac OS X: wait until libusb/the reader is ready
    * some minor bugs fixed
* Wed Aug 05 2015
  - Updated to version 1.4.20
    * Add support of
      ACS ACR1251 Dual Reader
      Access IS NFC Smart Module
      BIFIT iToken
      BLUTRONICS BLUDRIVE II CCID (idProduct: 0x1079)
      Generic MultiCard Device
      NXP Pegoda 2 N
      SafeNet eToken 5100
      SafeNet eToken 7300
      Yubico Yubikey 4 CCID
      Yubico Yubikey 4 OTP+CCID
      Yubico Yubikey 4 OTP+U2F+CCID
      Yubico Yubikey 4 U2F+CCID
    * Depends on libusb version 1.0.9 instead of 1.0.8
    * The O2 Micro Oz776 reader only supports 9600 bps
  - spec file cleanup
  - remove pgp validation from build (now handled via OBS)
* Wed May 13 2015
  - Updated to version 1.4.19
    * Add support of
      AK910 CKey (idProduct 0x0001)
      AK910 CKey (idProduct 0x0011)
      AK910 IDONE
      Broadcom Corp 5880 (idProduct: 0x5804)
      CASTLES EZCCID Smart Card Reader
      Cherry KC 1000 SC
      Cherry KC 1000 SC Z
      Cherry KC 1000 SC/DI
      Cherry KC 1000 SC/DI Z
      Cherry TC 1300
      Chicony USB Smart Card Keyboard
      Elatec TWN4 SmartCard NFC
      Feitian 502-CL
      Feitian eJAVA Token
      FujitsuTechnologySolutions GmbH Keyboard KB100 SCR
      FujitsuTechnologySolutions GmbH Keyboard KB100 SCR eSIG
      Hewlett-Packard HP lt4112 Gobi 4G Module
      Identive SCT3522CC token
      OMNIKEY AG 6121 USB mobile
      PIVKey T800
      REINER SCT tanJack Bluetooth
      Watchdata USB Key
    * Remove ZLP patch for Gemalto IDBridge CT30 and K30. The patch was
      causing problems with the K50.  A new reader firmware (version F)
      solved the problem so the patch is no more needed.
    * Fix a memory leak in an error path
    * some minor bugs removed



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