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rioterm-0.0.19-bp156.1.8 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.6 for ppc64le

Name: rioterm Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP6
Version: 0.0.19 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: bp156.1.8 Build date: Mon May 13 19:47:21 2024
Group: Unspecified Build host: obs-power9-16
Size: 17992884 Source RPM: rioterm-0.0.19-bp156.1.8.src.rpm
Summary: A hardware-accelerated GPU terminal emulator powered by WebGPU
A hardware-accelerated GPU terminal emulator powered by WebGPU, focusing to run in desktops and browsers.






* Tue Sep 19 2023
  - Update to version 0.0.19:
    * wrap up post release 0.0.19
    * update
    * update package versions
    * prepare 0.0.19
    * disable menu macos
    * update image example
    * use TriangleList as PrimitiveTopology
    * update config with undercased
    * update fmt dynamic change
    * dynamic background color
    * remove renderable trait
    * update config tests
    * implementation of image background without opacity
    * work in progress image rendering
    * compute fg/bg colors
    * new docs
    * teach sugarloaf how render layer image and start docs 2.0
    * feat: option for ignoring theme foreground selection color (#227)
    * remove backspace with modifierState
    * remove DISAMBIGUATE_KEYS from arrows bindings
    * split update counter per x/y on settings menu
    * update sugarloaf api for wasm32
    * map the rest of the configuration
    * write configuration from settings UI
    * reuse font reference in all screens (yey) and link font faces to settings
    * ignore loader on wasm32
    * incluse font loader to sugarloaf with normalization of the name
    * font loader
    * docs: add opensuse linux package (#224)
    * use fixed font width
    * update fmt teleypewriter
    * treat errors from teletypewriter
    * turn off testing settings route
    * update character position for column whenever has a selection (related #182)
    * remove settings representation
    * settings ui work in progress
    * remove x icon on error ui
    * update fmt for &
    * update window dead context
    * create dead_context and report now is splitted in two levels warning and error (closes #212)
    * update env variables
    * read from working_directory in flatpak
    * use spawn as default for flatpak
    * flatpak support
    * Rename Regular window mode to Windowed (#219)
    * custom impl Default for Window
    * add window mode default for mode
    * fmt window rio-config
    * add in rio-config
    * new window API that allow configure maximized or fullscreen (closes #215)
    * fmt unix/
    * if runs inside a flatpak sandbox retrieve /bin/zsh from flatpak-spawn
    * docs: add alpine linux package (#218)
    * move style code back
    * teletypewriter validate if is a flatpak sandbox to retrieve SHELL
    * remove duplicate get_pw_entry calls
    * retrieve-shell-outside-box-for-flatpak
    * Add navigation Plain mode (closes #213)
    * demo/emacs: better screenshot (#211)
    * disable NavigationHasChanged warn (todo for next release)
    * fix: change package name from rio to rioterm (#210)
    * update changelog
    * update Cargo.toml files and published a rc version to
    * has_regained_focus redraw window for idle windows
    * update rules for blinking cursor
    * partial support to blinking cursor (has few incosistencies yet like selection and VI mode switchs
    * add font name variant for cascadia code
    * fix breadcrumbs id
    * error UI for fonts
    * use crate::ui::Error
    * update target_arch for sugarloaf
    * minor fixes for docs styles
    * linux doesn't use .0 since is font_arc straight
    * clear comments
    * implementation of event for UI component that shows the error of configuration file (closes #168)
    * update lock file
    * make docs and docs-prod
    * add jekyll-minifier
    * update
    * migrated font-kit to fontdb
    * move scripts to inside misc folder
    * rename rio_proc_macros to rio-proc-macro and reuse version from workspace
    * merge config and colors into rio-config
    * move create toolbar to ui::appkit::mod
    * remove silkscreen
    * update images
    * update website wip
    * update docs
    * add top to other sections
    * go to top button docs
    * update docs (on-going)
    * update ui mod (code originally came from madsmtm/menubar
    * ui kit
    * add initial support to menubar
    * block rgba16float to prevent nvidia driver to enable hdr (#209)
    * adaptive theme support (close #207)
    * correct std::fmt::Display for Breadcrumb
    * update settings function
    * provide settings from builder
    * finish layout UI for settings
    * colors and config load version from workspaces
    * use workspace
    * update cargo.toml
    * copa 0.12
    * update changelog
    * implemented ScrollPageUp, ScrollPageDown, ScrollHalfPageUp, ScrollHalfPageDown, ScrollToTop, ScrollToBottom, ScrollLineUp, ScrollLineDown (close #206)
    * support to overwrite all other font families
    * create_native_tab only for macos
    * fix shift key with arrow
    * update
    * connect router with windows and native tabs
    * welcome screen
    * use .to_string
    * update identation
    * cover legacy modifiers
    * wip settings ui
    * update styles for settings ui
    * mockup settings UI
    * introduce Router
    * fix literal with an empty format string
    * release on enter
    * update message config
    * add assistant
    * NativeTab is MacOS default now
    * add errors to assistant if have configuration error whenever updating the config
    * assistant UI
    * corcovado use Rc instead of Arc due to Sync trait
    * update lint for rust 1.72
    * Update
    * update rust and fix 'Backspace' keypress triggers Ctrl+h keybinding in Zellij (closes #197)
    * update
    * implement TERM_PROGRAM and TERM_PROGRAM_VERSION variables
    * chore: fix typo (#199)
    * only apply check for native tab deadzone in cursor updates
    * Whenever native tabs is on disable macos deadzone logic
    * docs: update the link for Arch Linux package (#195)
* Sun Sep 10 2023
  - Update to version 0.0.18~0:
    * update to 0.0.18
    * 0.0.18
    * fix delete key
    * fix breadcrumb navigation crash
    * fix breadcrumb navigation (closes #193)
    * fix wasmbuild with font spec
    * update docs regarding release
    * prepare 0.0.17 release
    * update repology badge
    * update font API
* Sun Sep 10 2023 Nicolas Lorin <>
  new package-



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