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liblilv-0-0-0.24.10-1.10 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.5 for aarch64

Name: liblilv-0-0 Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15
Version: 0.24.10 Vendor: SUSE LLC <>
Release: 1.10 Build date: Sat Mar 6 13:52:53 2021
Group: System/Libraries Build host: ibs-arm-2
Size: 135252 Source RPM: lilv-0.24.10-1.10.src.rpm
Summary: C library to make use of LV2 plugins
Lilv is a C library to make use of LV2 plugins in applications.






* Tue Jan 05 2021
  - update to 0.24.10:
    * Fix memory leaks in lv2bench
    * Fix various minor warnings and other code quality issues
    * Make lilv_world_get() use translations
    * Split and clean up test suite
    * Allow passing strings for URIs in Python API when unambiguous
    * Fix cases where incorrect translation is used
    * Fix deleting state bundles loaded from the model
    * Fix memory leak when dyn-manifest has no plugins (thanks Michael Fisher)
    * Implement state:freePath feature
* Wed Dec 11 2019
  - Add specific version requirement for libserd see boo#1158728
* Wed Dec 04 2019
  - Update to release 0.24.6 fixes boo#1158296
  - Upstream changes:
    * Add more strict error detection when storing plugin state
    * Add option to override LV2_PATH in applications
    * Don't print errors when saving state if correct links already
    * Fix GCC8 warnings
    * Fix creating directories across drives on Windows
    * Fix issues with loading state with saved files from the model
    * Fix memory errors and Python 3.4+ compatibility in Python bindings
    * Fix unit tests on Windows
    * Make Python bindings more Pythonic
* Fri Sep 14 2018
  - Version update to 0.24.4:
    * Fix saving state when broken links are encountered
    * Don't attempt to load remote or non-Turtle files
    * lv2apply: Activate plugin before running
    * lv2apply: Use default values when they are not nan
    * lv2bench: Improve support for plugins with sequence ports
    * lv2bench: Support running a single plugin given on the command line
    * Gracefully handle plugins with missing binary URIs
    * Remove use of deprecated readdir_r
    * Install Python bindings when configured without tests
      (thanks Clement Skau)
* Sat Nov 04 2017
  - Revert devel package name to original, causes unresolvables.
* Fri Nov 03 2017
  - Switch to python3
  - Run spec cleaner
  - Rename devel subpackage
* Fri Nov 03 2017
  - Update to version 0.24.2
  - Remove patch lilv-python-bindings-fix.diff it's now incorporated
    by upstream.
  - Upstream changes:
      Fix saving state to paths that contain URI delimiters
      Fix comparison of restored states with paths
      Add new hand-crafted Pythonic bindings with full test
      Add lv2apply utility for applying plugins to audio files
      Add lilv_world_get_symbol()
      Add lilv_state_set_metadata() for adding state banks/comments
      /etc (based on patch from Hanspeter Portner)
      Fix crash when state contains non-POD properties
      Fix crash if NULL predicate passed to lilv_world_find_nodes()
      Fix state file versioning
      Unload contained resources when bundle is unloaded
      Do not instantiate plugin when data fails to parse
      Support re-loading plugins
      Replace bundles if bundle with newer plugin version is loaded
      Fix loading dyn-manifest from bundles with spaces in path
      Check lv2:binary predicate for UIs
      Fix documentation installation
      Fix outdated comment references to lilv_uri_to_path()
* Thu Feb 02 2017
  - Rename soname to sover to better reflect its use
  - Update descriptions
  - Since there is no %pre section, replace questionable
    Requires(pre) by Requires.
* Thu Jan 12 2017
  - Add baselibs.conf for gstreamer-plugins-bad-32bit
* Sat Dec 19 2015
  - Force lilv package to use the version of sord that it was built
* Tue Dec 08 2015
  - Add runtime requirement of sord 0.13 (new API required since 0.22)
* Tue Dec 08 2015
  - Update to version 0.22.0, Added lilv-python-bindings-fix.diff
    backported from unreleased v 0.22.1
  - Upstream changes :
    * Fix loading files with spaces in their path
    * Add lilv_file_uri_parse() for correct URI to path conversion
    * Add lilv_node_get_path() for convenient file URI path access
    * Add lilv_state_emit_port_values() for special port value handling
    * Add lilv_state_get_uri()
    * Add lilv_state_delete() for deleting user saved presets
    * Add lilv_free() for systems picky about such things
    * Fix lilv_world_ask() to work with wildcards
    * Fix creation of duplicate manifest entries when saving state
    * Fix bindings for Python 3
    * Load discovered owl ontologies as specifications
    * Expose lilv_world_load_specifications() and
    * Tolerate passing NULL to lilv_state_restore()
    * Preserve absolute paths in state if no link directory is given
    * Fix a few minor/unlikely memory errors
    * Configure based on compiler target OS for cross-compilation
    * Fix lilv_realpath() on pre-POSIX-2008 systems
    * Fix directory walking on some systems (thanks Matt Fischer)
    * Windows fixes (thanks John Emmas)
    * Minor documentation improvements
    * Upgrade to waf 1.8.14
* Fri Jan 16 2015
  - Update to version 0.20.0
    * Don't load files multiple times if they are listed as rdfs:seeAlso for
      several plugins
    * Call lv2_lib_descriptor separately for different bundle paths
      (fix loading several dynamic plugins like Ingen at once)
    * Tolerate calling lilv_node_as_uri or lilv_node_as_blank on NULL
    * Add convenient lilv_new_file_uri for creating file URIs
    * Fix use of lv2info -m and -p options to write plugin data
      (useful for porting plugins bridges with NASPRO)
    * Fix issues with lilv_plugin_get_author_name and friends
      (thanks Filipe Coelho)
    * Improved/working to apply plugin to a .wav
      (thanks Joe Button)
    * Add lilv_world_unload_bundle() and lilv_world_unload_resource()
    * Fix several minor memory leaks
    * Improve test coverage
    * Upgrade to waf 1.7.16



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