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goaccess-1.3-bp154.1.5 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.4 for x86_64

Name: goaccess Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP4
Version: 1.3 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: bp154.1.5 Build date: Wed Nov 10 16:55:21 2021
Group: Productivity/Networking/Web/Utilities Build host: old-cirrus3
Size: 808089 Source RPM: goaccess-1.3-bp154.1.5.src.rpm
Summary: Apache Web Log Analyzer
GoAccess is an Apache web log analyzer that provides HTTP statistics
for system administrators that require a visual report on the fly.






* Mon Mar 09 2020
  - build with libmaxminddb [bsc#1156207]
* Mon Aug 26 2019 Hendrik Vogelsang <>
  - Add bin2c.patch to fix
    which lead to garbage in HTML reports
* Fri Nov 23 2018
  - Update to 1.3
    * Added ability to store accumulated processing time into DB_GEN_STATS tcb
      file via '--accumulated-time' command line option.
    * Added additional Apache status codes to the list.
    * Added a few feed readers to the list.
    * Added more OSs to the list of OSs.
    * Added --anonymize-ip command line option to anonymize ip addresses.
    * Added --browsers-file command line option to load a list of crawlers from a
      text file.
    * Added byte unit (PiB) to formatters
    * Added translations
    * Added '%h' date specifier to the allowed date character specifiers.
    * Added "HeadlessChrome" to the list of browsers.
    * Added --hide-referer command line option to hide referers from report.
    * Added HTTP status code 429 (TOO MANY REQUESTS).
    * Added IGNORE_LEVEL_PANEL and IGNORE_LEVEL_REQ definitions.
    * Added --ignore-referer-report command line option to hide referers from
    * Added "Mastodon" user-agent to the list of crawlers/unix-like.
    * Added new fontawesome icons and use angle arrows in HTML paging.
    * Added new purple theme to HTML report and default to it.
    * Added --no-parsing-spinner command line option to switch off parsing
    * Added .ogv and ogg static file extension (ogg video, Ogg Vorbis audio).
    * Added OS X version numbers when outputting with --real-os.
    * Added parsing mechanism in an attempt capture more bots and to include
      unspecified bots/crawlers.
    * Added --pidfile command line option to the default config file.
    * Added SSL support for Docker goaccess build.
    * Added support to the WebSocket server for openssl-1.1*.
    * Added the ability to show/hide a chart per panel in the HTML report.
    * Added transparency to the navigation bar of the HTML report.
    * Added "WhatsApp" user-agent to the list of crawlers.
    * Changed default db folder so it adds the process id (PID). --db-path is
      required now when using --load-from-disk.
    * Changed Dockerfile to build from the current source.
    * Changed 'hits' to be right-aligned on TUI.
    * Changed to use faster slide animations on HTML report.
    * Changed wording from 'Bandwidth' to the proper term 'Tx. Amount'.
    * Ensure database filenames used by btree are less predictable.
    * Ensure HTML templates, CSS and JS files are minified when outputting
    * Ensure key phrases from Google are added even when https is used.
    * Ensure live report updates data & charts if tab/document has focus.
    * Ensure multiple 'Yandex' crawlers are properly parsed.
    * Ensure Safari has priority over most crawlers except the ones that are
      known to have it.
    * Ensure the request protocol on its own is properly parsed.
    * Ensure the right number of tests are performed against the given log.
    * Ensure user configuration is parsed first when available.
    * Ensure wss:// is used when connecting via HTTPS.
    * Ensure XFF parser takes into account escaped braces.
    * Fixed a regression where fifo-in/out would fail with ENXIO.
    * Fixed a regression where it would return EXIT_FAILURE on an empty log.
    * Fixed a (ssh) pipeline problem with fgetline()/fgets() when there is a race
      for data on stdin.
    * Fixed broken X-Forwarded-For (XFF) %~ specifier in certain parsing cases.
    * Fixed conf.filenames duplication problem if logs are via pipe.
    * Fixed float percent value on JSON/HTML output for locales using decimal comma.
    * Fixed issue where it was not possible to establish a Web Socket connection
      when attempting to parse and extract HTTP method.
    * Fixed issue where log formats with pipe delimiter were not propely parsed.
    * Fixed memory leak after config file path has been set (housekeeping).
    * Fixed memory leak when adding host to holder introduced in c052d1ea.
    * Fixed possible memory leak when hiding specific referrers.
    * Fixed several JS jshint warnings.
    * Fixed sudo installs on TravisCI.
    * Fixed UNDEFINED time range in HTML report when VISITORS panel was ignored.
    * Fixed unnecessary closing span tags from template.
    * Fixed use-after-free when two color items were found on color_list.
  - Add language package
* Thu Oct 18 2018 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Remove filler wording from description.
* Thu Oct 18 2018
  - Use %license instead of %doc
* Tue Oct 09 2018
  - Remove wrongly added v1.2.tar.gz
* Tue Jan 16 2018
  - Clean up spec file
  - Update to 1.2:
    * Added a Dockerfile.
    * Added a replacement for GNU getline() to dynamically expand line buffer
      while  maintaining real-time output.
    * Added --daemonize command line option to run GoAccess as daemon.
    * Added several improvements to the HTML report on small-screen devices.
    * Added option to the HTML report to auto-hide tables on small-screen
    * Added --process-and-exit command line option to parse log and exit.
    * Added several feed readers to the list of browsers.
    * Added "-" single dash per convention to read from the standard input.
    * Added support for MaxMind GeoIP2.
    * Added the ability to read and follow from a pipe such as
      "tail -f access.log | goaccess -"
    * Added time unit (seconds) to the processed time label in the HTML/terminal
    * Added visitors' percent column to the terminal dashboard.
    * Changed D3 charts to dim Y-axis on mouseover.
    * Changed D3 charts to reflect HTML column sort.
    * Changed D3 charts to render only if within the viewport. This improves the
      real-time HTML performance.
    * Changed HTML report tables to render only if within the viewport.
    * Changed percentage calculation to be based on the total within each panel.
    * Ensure start/end dates are updated real-time in the HTML output.
    * Ensure "window.location.hostname" is used as the default WS server host.
    * most cases, this should avoid the need for specifying "--ws-url=host".
    * using "--real-time-html" should suffice.
    * Fixed issue on HTML report to avoid outputting scientific notation for all
    * sizes.
    * Fixed integer overflow when calculating bar graph length on terminal.
    * Fixed issue where global config file would override command line arguments.
    * Fixed issue where it wouldn't allow loading from disk without specifying a
    * when executed from the cron.
    * Fixed issue where parser couldn't read some X-Forwarded-For (XFF) formats.
      that this breaks compatibility with the original implementation of
      XFF, but at the same time it gives much more flexibility on different.
    * Fixed issue where specifying fifo-in/out wouldn't allow HTML real-time
    * Fixed issue where the wrong number of parsed lines upon erroring out was
    * Fixed issue where the WebSocket server prevented to establish a connection
      a client due to invalid UTF-8 sequences.
    * Fixed percent issue when calculating visitors field.
    * Updated the list of crawlers.
* Wed May 06 2015
  - update to 0.9
    * Added ability to double decode an HTTP referer and agent.
    * Added ability to sort views through the command line on initial load.
    * Added additional data values to the backtrace report.
    * Added additional graph to represent the visitors metric on the HTML output.
    * Added AM_PROG_CC_C_O to
    * Added 'Android Lollipop' to the list of operating systems.
    * Added 'average time served' metric to all panels.
    * Added 'bandwidth' metric to all panels.
    * Added command line option to disable summary metrics on the CSV output.
    * Added numeric formatting to the HTML output to improve readability.
    * Added request method specifier to the default W3C log format.
    * Added support for GeoIP Country IPv6 and GeoIP City IPv6 through --geoip-database.
    * Added the ability to ignore parsing and displaying given panel(s).
    * Added the ability to ignore referer sites from being counted.
      A good case scenario is to ignore own domains. i.e., owndomain.tld
      This also allows ignoring hosts using wildcards.
      For instance, *.mydomain.tld or www.mydomain.* or www?.mydomain.tld
    * Added time/hour distribution module. e.g., 00-23.
    * Added 'visitors' metrics to all panels.
    * Added Windows 10 (v6.4) to the real windows user agents.
    * Changed AC_PREREQ macro version so it builds on old versions of autoconf.
    * Changed GEOIP database load to GEOIP_MEMORY_CACHE for faster lookups.
    * Changed maximum number of choices to display per panel to 366 fron 300.
    * Ensure config file is read from home dir if unable to open it from %sysconfdir% path.
    * Fixed array overflows when exceeding MAX_* limits on command line options.
    * Fixed a SEGFAULT where sscanf could not handle special chars within the referer.
    * Fixed character encoding on geolocation output (ISO-8859 to UTF8).
    * Fixed issue on wild cards containing '?' at the end of the string.
    * Fixed issue where a 'Nothing valid to process' error was triggered when the
      number of invalid hits was equal to the number of valid hits.
    * Fixed issue where outputting to a file left a zero-byte file in pwd.
    * Improved parsing of operating systems.
    * Refactored log parser so it allows with ease the addition of new modules. This
      also attempts to decouple the core functionality from the rendering functions.
      It also gives the flexibility to add children metrics to root metrics for any
      module. e.g., Request A was visited by IP1, IP2, IP3, etc.
    * Restyled HTML output.
* Fri Oct 31 2014
  - Changes to GoAccess 0.8.5 - Sunday, September 14, 2014
    * Fixed SEGFAULT when parsing a malformed request that doesn't have HTTP status.
  - Changes to GoAccess 0.8.4 - Monday, September 08, 2014
    * Added ability to handle nginx non-standard status code 444 as 404.
    * Added and updated operating systems, and browsers.
    * Added excluded IP hits count to the general statistics panel on all reports.
    * Added HTTP nonstandard code '444' to the status code list.
    * Added the ability to count client errors (4xx) to the unique visitors count.
      Now by default it omits client errors (4xx) from being added to the unique
      visitors count as they are probably not welcomed visitors. 4xx errors are
      always counted in panels other than visitors, OS & browsers.
    * Removed request status field restriction. This allows parsing logs that contain
      only a valid date, IPv4/6 and host.
    * Fixed issue when excluding IPv4/v6 ranges.
    * Fixed compile error due to missing include <sys/types.h> for type off_t
      (gcc 4.1).
  - Changes to GoAccess 0.8.3 - Monday, July 28, 2014
    * Fixed SEGFAULT when parsing a CLF log format and using --ignore-crawlers.
    * Fixed parsing conflict between some Opera browsers and Chrome.
    * Fixed parsing of several feed readers that are Firefox/Safari-based.
    * Fixed Steam detection.
    * Added Huawei to the browser's list and removed it from the OS's list.
  - Changes to GoAccess 0.8.2 - Monday, July 20, 2014
    * Added ability to parse dates containing whitespaces in between,
      e.g., Jul 15 20:13:59 (syslog format).
    * Added a variety of browsers, game systems, feed readers, and podcasts.
    * Added a '-V --version' command line option.
    * Added missing up/down arrows to the help section.
    * Added the ability to ignore crawlers using the '--ignore-crawlers' option.
    * Added the ability to ignore multiple IPv4/v6 and IP ranges.
    * Added the PATCH method according to RFC 5789.
    * Fixed GeoLocation percent issue for the JSON, CSV and HTML outputs.
    * Fixed memory leak when excluding one or multiple IPs.
  - Changes to GoAccess 0.8.1 - Monday, June 16, 2014
    * Added ability to add/remove static files by extension through the config
    * Added ability to print backtrace on segmentation fault.
    * Escaped JSON strings correctly according to [RFC4627].
    * Fixed encoding issue when extracting keyphrases for some HTTP referers.
    * Fixed issue where HTML bar graphs were not shown due to numeric locale.
    * Fixed issue with URIs containing "\r?\n" thus breaking the corresponding
    * Make sure request string is URL decoded on all outputs.
  - Changes to GoAccess 0.8 - Tuesday, May 20, 2014
    * Added APT-HTTP to the list of browsers.
    * Added data persistence and ability to load data from disk.
    * Added IE11 to the list of browsers.
    * Added IEMobile to the list of browsers.
    * Added multiple command line options.
    * Added Nagios check_http to the list of browsers.
    * Added parsing progress metrics - total requests / requests per second.
    * Added the ability to parse a GeoLiteCity.dat to get the city given an IPv4.
    * Change the way the configuration file is parsed. This will parse all
      configuration options under ~/.goaccessrc or the specified config file and will
      feed getopt_long with the extracted key/value pairs. This also allows the
      ability to have comments on the config file which won't be overwritten.
    * Ensure autoconf determines the location of ncurses headers.
    * Fixed issue where geo_location_data was NULL.
    * Fixed issue where GoAccess did not run without a tty allocated to it.
    * Fixed potential memory leak on --log-file realpath().
    * Fixed Solaris build errors.
    * Implemented an on-memory hash database using Tokyo Cabinet. This implementation
      allows GoAccess not to rely on GLib's hash table if one is needed.
    * Implemented large file support using an on-disk B+ Tree database. This
      implementation allows GoAccess not to hold everything in memory but instead it
      uses an on-disk B+ Tree database.
    * Trimmed leading and trailing whitespaces from keyphrases module.
  - Changes to GoAccess 0.7.1 - Monday, February 17, 2014
    * Added ability to get real OS names using --real-os. (Android, Windows, Mac)
    * Added ability to log debug messages to a file.
    * Added ability to parse tab-separated log format strings.
    * Added ability to support terminals without colors.
    * Added ability to turn off color output by using --no-color flag.
    * Added command line option to append HTTP method to request.
    * Added command line option to append HTTP protocol to request.
    * Added long options to command-line.
    * Added missing Win 9x 4.90 (Windows Me) user-agent.
    * Added missing Windows RT user-agent.
    * Ensure mouse click does not reset expanded module if it is the same.
    * Fixed Amazon CloudFront tab-separated log format.
    * Fixed "FreeBSD style" ncursesw built into system.
    * Fixed HTML report issue where data cell would not wrap.
    * Fixed issue when isatty() could not find a valid file descriptor.
    * Fixed SymbianOS user-agent and retrieve its version.
* Fri Jan 03 2014
  - update to 0.7:
    * added a command line option to ignore request query strings
    * added additional static file extensions
    * added country per IP to HOSTS module (HTML & JSON)
    * added GEOLOCATION report to all outputs - includes continents/countries
    * added IP resolver to HTML and JSON output
    * added module numbers to each module header
    * added the ability to output JSON and CSV
    * fixed buffer overflow issue with realpath
    * new HTML report - HTML5 + CSS styles
    * properly split request line into the three request modules



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