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libPocoNet71-1.10.1-bp154.1.60 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.4 for ppc64le

Name: libPocoNet71 Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP4
Version: 1.10.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: bp154.1.60 Build date: Mon May 9 10:57:20 2022
Group: System/Libraries Build host: obs-power9-12
Size: 1718904 Source RPM: poco-1.10.1-bp154.1.60.src.rpm
Summary: C++ Framework for Network-based Applications
C++ class libraries and frameworks for building
network- and Internet-based applications.






* Sat May 02 2020 Matwey Kornilov <>
  - Add missed requires to poco-devel.
    The devel package provides symlinks: and
* Mon Feb 17 2020 Martin Hauke <>
  - Update to version 1.10.1
    * Poco 1.10.0 doesn't build with cmake & POCO_UNBUNDLED
    * poco 1.10/ NetSSL / openssl < 1.1 : default server usage
      changed (compare to 1.9.4)
    * Wrong cancelation of the fix: incorrect type of store name
      parameter in
    * allow pre-allocation of the buffer in Poco::LogStreamBuf.
    * Modernise TLS configuration
    * Add getSpecifiedPort() method in Poco::URI.
    * Test failures on s390x architecture with 1.10.0
    * Poco::UTF16Encoding and Poco::UTF32Encoding byte order
      conversion bug
    * Poco::SHA2Engine computes incorrect hash on big-endian systems
    * Close Service Handle after DeleteService Function call
    * MySQL: resetting the session when putting it back into a
      SessionPool is now optional (and disabled by default) due to a
      bug in MySQL messing up the character encoding when doing so.
    * Poco::AutoPtr and Poco::SharedPtr now support comparison with
  - Update to version 1.10.0
    * POCO's fixed-size integer types are now based on <cstdint>
    * Many methods exposing raw pointers have been changed to use
      smart pointers (usually Poco::SharedPtr or Poco::AutoPtr)
      instead. This may break some existing code. Specifically, the
      Logging framework in the Foundation library and the
      Configuration framework in the Util library have been changed.
    * New JWT library for dealing with JSON Web Tokens.
    * The NetSSL_OpenSSL library supports TLS 1.3 with OpenSSL 1.1.1
      or later.
    * NetSSL_OpenSSL now has a Poco::Net::FTPSClientSession and
      Poco::Net::FTPSStreamOpener class for connecting to FTP servers
      over TLS.
    * Fixed a potential crash in Poco::Net::NetworkInterface on Linux
      due to an invalid cast when obtaining the MAC address of an
    * X509Certificate does not render UTF-8 characters in subjectName
    * NetworkInterface::map can fail to reveal some interfaces if an
      earlier one can not be handled
    * Poco::Data::ODBC Binding of SQL Decimal Type
    * Allow to filter long tests using a command line argument
    * Poco::Net::MediaType::parse() does not split parameters
    * Added tryWait() into Process and ProcessHandle. Handle
      kill()-ed UNIX process exit codes.
    * unescape Backslash char in UTF8 unescape method
    * Add support for SameSite attribute in HTTPCookie
    * setEscapeUnicode() functions in JSON Array and Object classes
      ignore their boolean parameter
    * Allow Poco::Net::Context::usePrivateKey to accept ECKey and/or
      general EVPPKey
    * X509Certificate validFrom expiresOn Date parsing
    * Poco::Mysql does not build with MySQL 8.0+
    * Uploads larger than 2GB fail
    * UUIDGenerator should allow random seed
    * Support for XDG Base Directory Specification
    * Add an option to force the use of PollingDirectoryWatcherStrategy
    * fix Dynamic::Var parse string issue
    * Restore pre-1.8.0 behaviour of Poco::Net::ServerSocket::bind.
    * Implement DataURIStream for extracting data from data URIs.
    * File fail on overwrite
    * X509Certificate: Get rid of deprecated OpenSSL 1.1 APIs
    * SocketAcceptor::setReactor() is broken
    * Poco::strToInt<> fails for values right above the type's
    * Poco::JSON::Object::set() should return reference to this to
      allow chaining.
    * SQLite mismatch open/close API calls
    * ICMPSocket does not check reply address
    * Use PollSet in SocketReactor
    * MySQL session state is not cleared in SessionPool
    * Preserve entries order in DynamicStruct
    * Can not open certain zip files include data descriptor
    * add struct tm support to DateTime
    * NTPClient not checking reply address
    * lock-order-inversion in SocketReactor
    * add socket gather/scatter capabilities
    * UDPServer and client
    * add PMTU discovery
    * SocketNotifier not thread-safe
    * WebSocketTest.cpp faults reported by valgrind
    * Reset connection when a session is returned to the SessionPool
    * Android abstract namespace local socket address
    * Fix race condition in TCPServerDispatcher.cpp
    * SocketImpl::bind --> bind wrong config
* Wed Jan 22 2020 Martin Pluskal <>
  - Make spec file greater
* Mon Aug 26 2019 Martin Hauke <>
  - Update to version 1.9.3
    * Data/ODBC: make binding of std::string configurable
      (SQL_LONGVARCHAR - default or SQL_VARCHAR) through a global
      setting (Poco::Data::ODBC::Connector::bindStringToLongVarChar()).
    * CppParser now supports type aliases defined with using keyword.
    * PageCompiler: added support for adding Content-Security-Policy
      and Cache-Control headers.
* Fri Jul 12 2019 Martin Hauke <>
  - Update to version 1.9.2
    * fixed GH #2736: Error using CMake gui - latest version
    * fixed GH #2737: Bundles vulnerable copy of Expat
    * fixed GH #2738: Poco::AccessExpireStrategy::onGet() must not
      extend expiration time after expiration
  - Update to version 1.9.1
    * Added Poco::Net::HTTPClientSession::flushRequest()
    * Added Poco::Net::WebSocket::setMaxPayloadSize() and
      Poco::Net::WebSocket::getMaxPayloadSize() to specify a maximum
      acceptable payload size for Poco::Net::WebSocket::receiveFrame().
    * Poco::Net::WebSocket: don't attempt to send empty credentials
      in response to 401 response.
    * Redis: added support for additional commands (exists, expire,
      ping, multi, exec, discard)
    * Redis: added Poco::Redis::Client::isConnected()
    * Added HTTP*Credentials::empty() and HTTPCredentials::clear()
    * fixed GH #2277: SQLite null pointer dereference occurs when
      exception is being thrown
    * fixed GH #2316: cmake can't find MySQL and ODBC libraries
    * fixed GH #2336: Omit ContentLength in WebSocket accept response
    * fixed GH #2358: Don't include <openssl/fips.h> for later OpenSSL
    * fixed GH #2364: Stringify escapes every unicode symbol when
      object contain an array
    * fixed GH #2380: Calling
      Poco::Net::X509Certificate::addChainCertificate() leads to double
    * fixed GH #2549: Fix keepAlive in http client session
    * fixed GH #2565: HTMLForm: optional enforcement of Content-Length
      instead of Chunked Transfer-Encoding
    * fixed GH #2570: DialogSocket: receiveStatusMessage() - line
      length limit applies to entire multi-line message
    * fixed GH #2583: Crypto library does not build with OpenSSL 1.0.0
    * fixed GH #2655: MongoDB Binary element to string - bug
    * fixed GH #2700: Invalid read of memory in Poco::Environment::set
      which may cause crashes.
    * fixed GH #2723: Access violation when trying to decompress .zip
      file with unsupported compression method.
* Fri Mar 09 2018
  - Update to version 1.9.0
    * Added additional text encodings, available in the new PocoEncodings
      library (GH #2165)
    * Added Punycode support for resolving Internationalized Domain Names
      to Poco::Net::DNS (GH #2164)
    * Added XDG Base Directory Specification support in Poco::Path,
      and Poco::Util::Application (GH #1609, GH #561, GH #1609)
    * Added support for GCM ciphers in Crypto library (GH #2129)
    * Poco::Net::RemoteSyslogChannel and Poco::Net::RemoteSyslogListener
      now have basic support for RFC 5424 structured data (GH #2173)
    * Poco::File now has methods for obtaining partition space (GH #1545)
    * Added Poco::Net::Context::addCertificateAuthority() (GH #2197)
    * Added Poco::AutoPtr::reset() and Poco::SharedPtr::reset() to improve
      compatibility with std::shared_ptr() (GH #2172)
    * fixed GH #703: Poco::Data::SQLite data types (INTEGER is now mapped
      to Int64)
    * fixed GH #1426: inttypes.h is available on sun solaris
    * fixed GH #1912: Run ping with custom data size #1912
    * fixed GH #2177: Run ping with custom timeout instead of the default
    * fixed GH #2058 and GH #2095: Synchronization issue/deadlock in
      Poco::Util::Timer at destruction
    * fixed GH #2089: Allow hyphen in HTTP authentication scheme names
    * fixed GH #2106: Undefined behavior in Delegate::equals()
    * fixed GH #2108: POCO SQLite Data Connector hangs for 20 secs waiting
      for thread timeouts on Windows
    * fixed GH #2142: JSON::Object preserveOrder keys not synced on
    * fixed GH #2199 and GH #2188: Illegal header in zip file
      exception/assertion failure during JAR file decompression
    * fixed GH #2203: Use MAX_ADDRESS_LENGTH to determine buffer size
  - Remove patch:
    * poco-respect-libdir-cmake.patch (fixed upstream)
* Thu Jan 11 2018
  - Update to version 1.8.1
    * Added Poco::File::linkTo()
    * fixed GH #2044: Poco::Net::NetworkInterface::list does not list
      inactive interfaces even when explicitly being asked for it.
    * fixed GH #2042: Android abstract namespace local socket address
    * fixed GH #2038: Poco::Net::MultipartWriter::createBoundary()
      always returns the same string.
    * fixed GH #2020: SQLite not handling parameter count mismatch
    * fixed GH #2012: Data/SQLite: Exception messages contain
      duplicate text
    * fixed GH #2005: Upgraded bundled PCRE to 8.41
    * fixed GH #2000: Fix building XMLStreamParser with unbundled expat
    * fixed GH #1603: fix MinGW 4.8.2 Compilation
    * fixed GH #1991: Support building poco 1.8.0 as cmake sub-project
    * fixed GH #2080: Bugs in Poco::Net::Socket::select when
      POCO_HAVE_FD_POLL is defined
  - Update to version
    * Reverted change for GH #1828; DeflatingStreamBuf::sync() no
      longer flushes underlying stream as this causes corruption for
      some Zip files.
    * PocoDoc: fix for handling compiler configuration for Gradle
  - Update to version 1.8.0
    * Poco::Base64Encoder: add support for base64url encoding
    * Add Poco::Net::PollSet class to Net library
    * The Net library now supports Unix Domain Sockets, where
    * Added stream parser (Poco::XML::XMLStreamParser) to XML
      library (GH #1697)
    * Added Poco::Net::TCPServerConnectionFilter and
      Poco::Net::TCPServer::setConnectionFilter() to support
      connection filtering and IP blacklisting (GH #1485)
    * Added Redis library (GH #1383)
    * Added Zip64 support to Zip library (GH #1356)
    * Upgraded bundled SQLite to 3.21.0
    * Removed OpenVMS support (GH #1988)
    * fixed GH #271: NamedMutex_UNIX.cpp must remove semid
    * fixed GH #739: Add WebSocket::receiveFrame() that appends to a
    * fixed GH #749: NTP Packet impl not according to RFC958
    * fixed GH #896: Sample "TwitterClient" of NetSSL_OpenSSL can't be
    * fixed GH #1172: Poco::Data default storage should be std::vector
    * fixed GH #1337: Poco::HTMLForm throws exception
      HTMLFormException("Form must be prepared") even after form is
    * fixed GH #1373: SessionImpl::close() does not check return code
      of close handle specific function
    * fixed GH #1425: Workaround bug in SolarisStudio 12.4 on RVO-ed
    * fixed GH #1614: Problematic license for JSON component: the
      previously used parser has been replaced with pdjson.
    * fixed GH #1659: wrong field size calculation in ODBC code.
    * fixed GH #1683: Poco::Data ODBC impl doesn't bind to unsigned
      numeric types properly
    * fixed GH #1705: MongoDB: support URI in Connection
    * fixed GH #1708: "SocketReactor::addEventHandler" and
      "SocketReactor::removeEventHandler" must protect the access to
      "NotifierPtr pNotifier"
    * fixed GH #1729: getConnectionTimeout of SQLite DB wrapper
      returns wrong value (in milliseconds, should be in seconds)
    * fixed GH #1739: OpenSSLInitializer isn't threadsafe
    * fixed GH #1750: double_conversion in NumericString is in
      conflict with Qt5 Core.
    * fixed GH #1804 and GH #1805: Integer Overflow or Wraparound
    * fixed GH #1828: DeflatingStreamBuf::sync() should also flush
      underlying stream.
    * fixed GH #1880: FTPClientSession::close() error
    * fixed GH #1897: DateTime wrong binding/extraction for MySQL
    * fixed GH #1905: Compiling Foundation library with
      POCO_NO_FPENVIRONMENT in Config.h fails.
    * fixed GH #1906: Race condition in ThreadPool
    * fixed GH #1913: Message Doesn't Support 64-bit Thread IDs
    * fixed GH #1921: ICMPSocket does not check reply address
    * fixed GH #1926: Exception when using SortedDirectoryIterator
    * fixed GH #1934: File::setExecutable() on POSIX should set
      executable bit for group and other if corresponding readable
      bit is set
    * fixed GH #1950: Net Exception: Address family not supported with
    * fixed GH #1964: Buffer<> swap miss ownMem
* Fri Nov 10 2017
  - Update to version 1.7.9p2
    - fixed GH #1628: Export Poco::Zip::ZipUtil class
* Tue Nov 07 2017
  - Update to version 1.7.9p1
    - fixed GH# 1968: Zip Decompress Parent Path Injection
* Wed Oct 11 2017
  - Add minimum versions cmake >= 2.8.12 and pkgconfig(sqlite3) >= 3.7
    to prevent broken builds against other distributions.
  - Use virtual package dependency mysql-devel to support all distributions
* Sun Oct 01 2017
  - Update to version 1.7.9
    - fixed GH #1813: xmlparse.cpp doesn't compile in WinCE (poco 1.7.8p3)
    - fixed GH #1826: XPath query error
    - fixed GH #1834: Visual Studio 2008 cannot find stdint.h
    - fixed GH #1842: Upgrade bundled expat to 2.2.3
    - fixed GH #1843: Use random salt for Poco::XML::NamePool
    - fixed GH #1865: AbstractEvent::hasDelegates() is not thread-safe
    - improved/fixed QNX support
    - Poco::Util::LayeredConfiguration: added support for labelling configurations and
      finding them by their label
    - upgraded bundled SQLite to 3.20.1
    - PageCompiler: support <%@ include file="<path>" %> syntax for includes, in addition
      to <%@ include page="<path>" %>
    - PageCompiler: optimize generated request handler code by removing useless
      statements, e.g. writing empty strings.
    - added POCO_DEPRECATED macro which will be used in the future to deprecate
      classes and methods.
    - Poco::NamedMutex and Poco::NamedEvent (System V Semaphores implementation): files are
      now opened with O_RDONLY | O_CREAT instead of O_WRONLY | O_CREAT, allowing sharing
      between different users. Furthermore, ftok() is called with 'p' as project ID
* Thu Jun 22 2017
  - Update to version 1.7.8p3
    - fixed GH #1760: Upgrade bundled expat to 2.2.1 which fixes some vulnerabilities:
* Sun Jun 04 2017
  - Add libexpat-devel and pcre-devel as requirement for poco-devel
* Sun Jun 04 2017
  - Add testsuite - off by default, 4 tests fail
  - Format with spec-cleaner
* Sat Jun 03 2017
  - Switch to cmake build system
  - Add patch to respect libdir:
    * poco-respect-libdir-cmake.patch
  - Remove patches for the hand written configure/make:
    * poco-disable_rpath.patch
    * poco-poco_libdir.patch
  - Do not rename gz archive to xz
* Sun Apr 30 2017
  - Trim some empty phrases from description
  - Use better find -exec with "+"
* Thu Apr 20 2017
  - update to 1.7.8p2 (see for details)
  - Rename %soname to %sover to better reflect its use
* Sat Mar 11 2017
  - update to 1.7.8 (see for details)
* Fri Feb 03 2017
  - update to 1.7.7 (see for details)
* Sun Sep 25 2016
  - update to 1.7.5 (see for details)
* Mon Mar 21 2016
  - update to 1.7.2 (see for details)
* Sun Jan 25 2015
  - update to 1.6.0 (see for details)



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