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bash-completion-devel-2.7-4.6.1 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.4 for noarch

Name: bash-completion-devel Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15
Version: 2.7 Vendor: SUSE LLC <>
Release: 4.6.1 Build date: Wed Oct 13 11:41:30 2021
Group: Development/Libraries/C and C++ Build host: sheep16
Size: 292 Source RPM: bash-completion-2.7-4.6.1.src.rpm
Summary: The Configuration of Programmable Completion for Bash
This package contains the package configuration file of the
package bash-completion.






* Mon Oct 04 2021
  - Add patch boo1190929-9af4afd0.patch for boo#1190929
    modinfo completion fails to recognize .ko.xz
* Mon Oct 22 2018
  - Modify patch PS1-completion-boo903362.patch to make it work with
    mksh as well (boo#1104531)
* Mon Dec 18 2017
  - Remove rfkill conflicting with util-linux-2.31.
* Tue Jul 04 2017
  - Update to version 2.7
    * Makefile: update default compatdir (#132)
    * Make user completion file configurable, disable in tests
    * test suite: Generalize xspec completion install check
    * pyflakes: Remove redundant xspec completion
    * test suite: Fix __expand_tilde_by_ref test expectation output
    * pdfunite: New *.pdf completion
    + bash-completion (2.6)
    * Add missing sidedoor to .gitignore (#114)
    * test suite: Mark expected centos6 CI _filedir failures as such
    * Expose version in BASH_COMPLETION_VERSINFO, use it in profile.d
    * test suite: Skip an expected make test case failure in centos6 CI
    * test suite: Fix ifdown and ifup CI test skipping
    * test suite: Ignore env var pulled in by use of scp in tests
    * test suite: If colon trim doesn't do anything, trim as usual
    * tar: Comment spelling fixes
    * test suite: Mark dpkg -L test case untested if no packages
    * test suite: Cosmetic tweaks
    * dpkg: Fix dpkg -i home dir completion
    * test suite: Improve ls home dir test descriptions
    * python: Split module completion to separate helper
    * micropython: New completion, aliased from python
    * test suite: Add Python module completion test case
    * python: Fix traceback avoidance on module completion error
    * openssl: Parse available digests from dgst -h
    * openssl: Add sha2 commands
    * gm: New completion, commands only for now
    * (test suite): Test screen -T completions
    * (test suite): Set TERM to dumb, not dummy
    * Revert "(test suite): Fix alias and cd cursor position tests"
    * mplayer: Remove duplicate *.m4a and *.m4v associations
    * mplayer, xine, etc: Associate *.mp4a and *.mp4v
    * xine etc: Fix *.m4a association
    * bind: Add option and argument (non-)completions
    * _user_at_host: Set nospace only when completing username part
    * _user_at_host: Append @ suffix to username part completions
    * man: Don't check OSTYPE or GNU userland, just enable on all
    * (test suite): Set dcop result to untested if dcop server is not
    * (test suite): Don't insist on loading all completions dynamically
    * _configured_interfaces: Parse from /etc/network/interfaces.d/* on
    * py.test: New completion
    * oowriter: Associate with *.pdf
    * ri: Add option and arg completions
    * (test suite): Add our own dummy ri test fixture
    * (test suite): Info test needs docs, don't exclude from CentOS
    * (test suite): Fix CentOS 6 tcllib setup
    * (test suite): Simplify renice test, fix with only one completion
    * (test suite): Don't assume configured interfaces in CI setups
    * Don't offer * as configured interface when there are none
    * (test suite): Add basic CentOS 6 container for bash 4.1 coverage
    * (test suite): Ignore runtime loaded env function changes
    * (test suite): Add mailman bin dir to PATH for arch test
    * arch: Parse options from --help
    * (test suite): Load tested completions dynamically
    * (test suite): Accept non-whitespace single word in
    * (test suite): Avoid interference from user and system dirs (#87)
    * (test suite): Install some things N/A in ubuntu14 to fedoradev
    * (test suite): Add unrar to ubuntu14 container
    * (test suite): Fix alias and cd cursor position tests
    * (test suite): Add basic alpine test case
    * alpine: Parse opts from -h output, add some opt arg completions
    * (test suite): Install jshint globally in ubuntu14
    * (test suite): Add mailman bin dir to PATH for some mailman tools
    * (test suite): Install jshint to ubuntu14 container with npm
    * unshunt: Parse options from --help
    * (test suite): Test lsof on ubuntu14
    * (test suite): Add basic hping3 test case
    * (test suite): Add our ./configure to PATH to test it, test opts
    * (test suite): Add bunch of packages to ubuntu14 container
    * (test suite): Ensure /usr/(local/)games is in $PATH
    * (test suite): Fix perl -d* test cases with no Devel::* installed
    * (test suite): curl has lots of options, add more test prefix
    * (test suite): Fix tar test case for ones having --owner-map
    * (test suite): Unsupport various kill, renice cases if ps is N/A
    * (test suite): Make chkconfig test behave better in container
    * (test suite): Don't assume mounted filesystems in quota* tests
    * newlist: Parse options from --help, add some arg non-completions
    * (test suite): Delete trailing whitespace
    * (test suite): Don't assume lists set up in newlist test cases
    * (docker): Pull in missing fedoradev xvfb-run which dependency
    * mr: Avoid stderr trash and test suite failure if man is N/A
    * (test suite): Fix mmsitepass completion test
    * tshark -G: Avoid stderr noise when running as superuser
    * (docker): Run completion tests with xvfb-run, e.g. for gkrellm
    * ssh-keygen: Make option parsing work with OpenSSH < 7
    * synclient, udevadm: Avoid use of posix char classes for awk
    * test suite: Add WIP Fedora dev config
    * Travis: Switch tests to docker, update to Ubuntu 14
    * xv: Associate with *.j2c, *.j2k, *.jp2, *.jpf, and *.jpg2 (Debian:
    * eog: Associate with *.j2c and *.jpg2
    * Bump copyright years
    * xine etc: Associate uppercase *.WM[AV]
    * mplayer: Associate *.weba (#112)
    * xine etc: Associate *.webm and *.weba (#112)
  - Modify patches
    * FOO-dir-completion-boo905348.patch
    * PS1-completion-boo903362.patch
    * backtick-completion-boo940835.patch
    * backticks-bsc963140.patch
    * bash-completion-2.4.patch
    * bash-completion.changes
    * bash-completion.spec
    * ls-completion-boo889319.patch
    * respect-variables-boo940837.patch
    * rm-completion-smart-boo958462.patch
    * sh-script-completion-boo977336.patch
* Tue May 30 2017
  - Update to version 2.5
    * Support for python gui source files (#91)
    * mr: New completion
    * ssh-keygen: support ed25519 keys (#79)
    * Add sidedoor to _ssh() completion (#106)
    * .ipa is just a zip file and we should let unzip handle it (#71)
    * ant: parse targets in imported buildfiles (#84)
    * Add more tests for ccache
    * ccache: fix completing compiler's flags
    * test suite: Add java/javac non-completion fixture
    * javac: Complete -cp like -classpath
    * travis: Skip bluez and nis for now due to post-install script
    * test/config/*: Delete trailing whitespace
    * (test suite): Avoid loading user's ~/.bash_completion, fixes #87
    * ip: Recognize a as alias for address and l for link
    * ip: Recognize address in addition to addr
    * mr: Disable "clean" test case, command N/A before mr 1.20141023
    * ssh-keygen: Parse switches with _parse_usage, not _parse_help
    * mplayer: Associate with *.mjpg, *.mjpeg (Debian: #837779)
    * dd: Sync completions with coreutils 8.24
    * travis: Add mr
    * perl: Remove full path to cat in PERLDOC_PAGER call
    * deja-dup: New completion
    * CONTRIBUTING: Reorder sections
    * *: Move indentation settings to .editorconfig
    * make: Declare _make_target_extract_script like other functions
    * Travis: zopfli is AWOL?
    * *: Whitespace fixes
    * Minor edits to (mostly formatting) (#110)
    * Fix bug in 'make' completion when using BSD sed (#108)
    * Add support for Include in ssh config (#70) (#80)
  - adapt LVM-completion-bsc946875.patch
* Thu Dec 15 2016
  - Detect if the completions for mount/umount have to be removed
    for modern util-linux package but without using suse_version
* Thu Dec 15 2016
  - Fix cut&paste error in final ls completion
* Wed Dec 14 2016
  - Add patch tar-completion.patch to allow mixed options with long
    and short options (boo#1012212)
* Wed Dec 14 2016
  - Change upstream home to
  - Update to version 2.4
    * xetex, xelatex, luatex, lualatex: Associate with tex files
    * Support pod document files for perldoc (#39)
    * tipc: add tipc completions
    * rpm: Offer --filetriggers with -q
    * javadoc: Add bunch of option arg (non)completions
    * lrzip: Add -m arg noncompletion
    * pypy*: Add basic --jit arg completion
    * pypy3: Alias to python
    * hcitool,svcadm,tar: Spelling fixes
    * tipc: Invoke ls with "command"
    * tipc: Indentation fix
    * abook: Parse long options from command including full path
    * pyvenv: New completion
    * chroot: New (generic long options) completion, see #38
    * aptitude: List packages using _apt_cache_packages, fixes #33
    * vncviewer: Cleanup shopt use, drop an eval
    * make: Avoid a grep
    * rpm: Fix --whatenhances arg completion
    * aspell, minicom, mysql: Replace use of ls with printf
    * The BitKeeper completion used the wrong set of commands
    * Completion for python zip archives
    * lvm: pvcreate should be able to use all block devcices
    * lvm: fix all commands that should get all PVs
    * tar: Detect GNU/other from --version only once per session
    * tar: Remove unused variable
    * tar: Fix GNU tar help output parsing regex, fixes #15
    * tar: Don't write to /tmp/jetel
    * python: Simplify code
    * python: Complete all files also after -m
    * python: Don't offer options after -c
    * python: Complete all files only if -c is before current word
    * unzip, zipinfo: Complete on *.pyz
    * _lvm: using a single-pattern case and invoking function according
      to words[1]
    * lvm: _lvm_count_args parameter must be quoted in order to failglob
      not to complain
    * gendiff: Quoting suffix pattern to avoid triggering failglob
    * ssh-add, ssh-keygen: -? needs to be quoted under failglob (Alioth:
    * Refactor bts and uscan, since they use common functions
    * uscan: New completion, thanks to Federico Ceratto
    * bts: New completion, thanks to Federico Ceratto.
    * nmcli completion was integrated upstream
    * ssh-add, ssh-keygen: -? needs to be quoted under failglob (take 2)
      (Alioth: #314709)
    * umount: Fix mount points escaping/unescaping with Bash-4.3
    * slapt-src: Handle --config=FILE option properly
    * sbopkg, slapt-{get,src}: expand tilde in config file name
    * slapt-{get,src}: Fix issue with sed not being able to handle some
    * slapt-src: split options from their arguments
    * psql: Tell psql to not load .psqlrc as it may change output format
      (Alioth: #314636)
    * mplayer: -dvd-devices takes dvd devices, dirs and .iso files as
    * 7z: Improve completion
    * f77, f95: Use the same completion as for g77, g95 if they are
      links to gfortran
    * make: Use only posix basic regexps with sed (Alioth: #314345)
    * perl: -d/-dt option argument is optional (Alioth: #314242)
    * Add config for cmake to bash-completion.
    * kcov: Add new sort types, complete --replace-src-path arguments
    * feh: Add new sort type
    * man: Use -w instead of --path
    * chronyc: Update help text parsing
    * chronyc: Add missing subcommands
    * chronyc: Add -6 option
    * minicom: Recognize user ~/.minirc.* as config files
    * rpmbuild: Complete *.spec on --clean (RedHat: #1132959)
    * tar: rework the completion completely
    * portsnap: New completion.
    * modprobe: fix params with multi-line descriptions
    * gdb: support --args style completion (Alioth: #314664)
    * make: Fix basic regex for portability (Alioth: #314345)
    * gnokii: New completion
    * xmllint, xmlwf, xsltproc: Complete on Mallard *.page files
    * pypy: New completion identical to python (Alioth: #314501)
    * make: Don't pick up variables when makefile is reloaded
    * make: Offer hidden targets when it is clear that the user is
      trying to complete one of them
    * make: Fix detection of intermediate targets where make has changed
      its database whitespace
    * make: completion shouldn't be confused by the output of $(info
      confuse: make)
    * zopflipng: New completion
    * ssh: Extract duplicate code to _ssh_configfile
    * gnokii, minicom: Use grep through "command"
    * Update URLs and various instructions to GitHub
    * ssh: Avoid completing commands before hostname
    * chronyc: Parse command args from help output
    * chronyc: Wrap long lines
    * Load completions also from $XDG_DATA_DIRS (RedHat: #1264094)
    * (testsuite) Ignore files generated by
    * scp, sftp: Complete -S on commands
    * scp, sftp: Fix querying ssh options
    * sftp: Add -l arg non-completion
    * ssh-copy-id: Offer only *.pub to -i
    * mpv: Remove mplayer-aliased completion
    * modplug*: Associate *.oct and *.okt
    * rpm: Add --whatenhances/recommends/suggests/supplements and
    - -recommends/supplements completions
    * pgrep, pidof, pkill, pwdx, vmstat: Add support for procps-ng
    * pdftotext: New completion
    * checksec: New completion
    * ssh: Complete HostbasedKeyTypes,HostKeyAlgorithms,KexAlgorithms
    * ssh: Query ciphers and macs from ssh before hardcoded fallback
    * ssh: Add -Q argument completion
    * sysctl: Return early on --help, --version
    * sysctl: Try parsing options from help before usage
    * eog: Complete on *.ppm (RedHat: #1090481)
    * tar: Plug $line var leak
    * tar: Style tweaks
    * bsdtar, tar: Remove symlinks from git, have make create them
    * jshint: New completion
    * gnokii: Include and install it
    * gnokii: Fix completions of options that are prefixes for others
    * gnokii: Drop dead code
    * (testsuite): Add basic gnokii test case
    * gnokii: Various minor and cosmetic fixes
    * Load user completions from $BASH_COMPLETION_USER_DIR/completions
    * synclient: New completion
    * tune2fs: Add missing return in -M arg completion
    * reptyr: Rename file to _reptyr to avoid conflict with upstreamed
    * dropuser: New completion
    * createuser: New completion
    * createdb, dropdb: Drop -o default, it does not appear to do
      anything good here
    * tshark: Simplify cut usage
    * mcrypt: Simplify -m arg completion
    * strings: Fix -T/--target arg completion with non-English locale
    * chrome, firefox etc: Complete on *.pdf
    * ccache: Add -o/--set-config arg name completion
    * gphoto2: Replace tail with awk
    * gphoto2: Fix split argument handing, and colon treatment in --port
    * Actually install the lz4 completion
    * _pnames: Add -s for producing (possibly) truncated names (RedHat:
    * (testsuite) Add cd in dir without subdirs or CDPATH test case
    * Protect various compgen invocations from -* leakage (Debian:
    * pigz, unpigz: Handle *.zz
    * rpmbuild: Complete *.spec on --nobuild
    * mplayer, *xine: Complete on *.mts (Debian: #759219)
    * ant: Support buildfile set in $ANT_ARGS (Alioth: #314735)
    * ant: Don't offer more completions after options that exit
    * 7z, adb: Trivial cleanups
    * python(3): Add -X argument non-completion
    * xsltproc. TODO fix for previous commit
    * xmllint, xmlwf, xsltproc: Complete on *.dbk and *.docbook (Alioth:
    * xz: Complete -T/--threads argument
    * adb: New completion
    * modprobe: Try parsing help before using hardcoding option list
    * mpv: New completion alias + adjustments for mplayer (Debian:
    * hostname: New completion
    * nslookup: complete on hosts (Alioth: #314673)
    * eog: Complete on *.pgm (RedHat: #1090481)
    * pngfix: New completion
    * qemu: Fix -balloon arg completion
    * qemu: Apply completion to qemu-kvm/-system-i386/-system-x86_64 too
    * xrandr: Use the invoked command internally, not hardcoded "xrandr"
    * xrandr: Add (some) --setprovider* arg completion support
    * ri: Fix class completion with ri >= 3.
    * ri: Fix colon handling in class completion.
    * flake8: New completion
    * pyflakes: New completion
    * cal,chfn,chsh,dmesg,eject,hexdump,look,newgrp,renice,runuser,su,wr
      ite: Deprecate on Linux in favor of util-linux ones (Debian:
    * hwclock,ionice,rtcwake: Deprecate in favor of util-linux ones
      (Debian: #737672)
    * ssh-keygen: New completion
    * jpegoptim: New completion
    * ip: Add some addr, addrlabel, and route arg completions
    * aptitude, dpkg: Replace some grep+cuts with awk
    * gcc, lintian, make, pkgadd, slackpkg: grep -> "command grep"
      (Debian: #734095)
    * lintian: Replace some grep+cuts with awk
    * lz4: New completion.
    * optipng: New completion.
    * cppcheck: Include - in --file-list completions.
    * wtf: Look for acronym db from /usr/share/games/bsdgames/acronyms
    * wtf: Don't offer -f if it was already specified.
    * wtf: Hush stderr when db file doesn't exist.
    * appdata-validate: New completion.
    * timeout: New completion.
    * abook, kldunload: Pre-expand \t instead of relying on sed
      supporting it.
    * dict: Trivial regex cleanup.
    * zopfli: New completion.
    * bzip2, gzip, lzma: Cleanups.
    * 2to3: New completion.
    * file-roller: Reuse unzip's xspec.
    * 7z: New completion.
    * hcitool, rfcomm, ciptool, hciconfig: Don't leak $args.
    * perl: Fix -dt: completion.
    * perl*: Fix handling of relative paths in @INC.
    * wget: Add --accept-regex/--reject-regex/--regex-type arg
    * wget: Drop incorrect -nv arg completion.
    * wget: Stop completing after --help/--version.
    * Clean up/compact various globs.
    * cvs: Fix checkout -j non-completion.
    * sh: Complete script arguments with all filenames (Alioth:
    * nmcli: Deprecate our completion, upstream has one in
    * cvs rm: Don't filter existing files with -f (RedHat: #949479).
  - Drop patches now upstream
  - Rename patches
    bash-completion-2.1.patch becomes bash-completion-2.4.patch
  - Port the patches to newer version 2.4
  - Only remove completion for umount/mount for older SUSE versions (boo#995045)
* Wed Aug 24 2016
  - Mark the documentation as noarch
* Wed May 18 2016
  - Split doc build into a separate spec file. It makes possible to
    build package in two stages and prevent build loop.
* Wed May 18 2016
  - Split off sub packages devel and doc to avoid dependency cycles
* Wed Apr 27 2016
  - Remove completions conflicting with util-linux (boo#977259#c3).
* Wed Apr 27 2016
  - Add patch sh-script-completion-boo977336.patch to make _filedir
    work with COMP_FILEDIR_FALLBACK even if local directries exists
    this is for bug boo##977336
* Wed Apr 27 2016
  - Add documentation for this packages below to get the reference
    of the e.g. the variable COMP_FILEDIR_FALLBACK (boo#977336)
* Wed Jan 27 2016
  - Add patch backticks-bsc963140.patch to handle sub commands
    which will be expanded by backticks (bsc#963140)
* Fri Dec 18 2015
  - Add patch respect-variables-boo940837.patch to avoid completions
    which results in e.g. ls \$HO
  - Add patch rm-completion-smart-boo958462.patch to allow completions
    list e.g. rm prefix*.jpg<TAB><TAB>
  - Modify patch LVM-completion-bsc946875.patch that is add the
    new patch from Liuhua Wang
* Wed Sep 23 2015
  - Add patch LVM-completion-bsc946875.patch to make LVM comands
    work even without any scan happen (bsc#946875)
* Thu Aug 13 2015
  - Add patch backtick-completion-boo940835.patch to allow correct
    backtick completion (boo#940835)
* Wed Aug 12 2015
  - Correct typo in patch ls-completion-boo889319.patch
* Mon Jun 15 2015
  - Add patch ls-completion-boo889319.patch to make ls completion
    more smart (boo#889319)
* Wed Mar 18 2015
  - Port my dollar completion from /etc/profile.d/completion.bash to
    bash_completion which modifies FOO-dir-completion-boo905348.patch
  - Avoid negative cword position counter (boo#922758), this adds
    the patch init-completion-boo922758.patch
* Mon Nov 17 2014
  - Add patch PS1-completion-boo903362.patch to avoid trouble if
    restricted characters of the shell are used in PS1 like
    exclamation mark (boo#903362).
  - Add patch FOO-dir-completion-boo905348.patch to expand variables
    which value is actual a directory to avoid excaped dollar sign



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