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libtelepathy-glib0-32bit-0.24.1-1.39 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.3 for x86_64

Name: libtelepathy-glib0-32bit Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15
Version: 0.24.1 Vendor: SUSE LLC <>
Release: 1.39 Build date: Fri May 25 23:05:04 2018
Group: Development/Languages/C and C++ Build host: sheep55
Size: 2598924 Source RPM: telepathy-glib-0.24.1-1.39.src.rpm
Summary: GObject-based library for the Telepathy D-Bus API
The telepathy-glib library is a GObject-based C binding for the
Telepathy D-Bus API.






* Thu Apr 14 2016
  - Update to GNOME 3.20  Fate#318572
  - Remove upstreamed patches: 0001-fix-file-path-leaks.patch
* Mon Aug 25 2014
  - Update to version 0.24.1:
    + Fixes:
    - base-client: fix potential uninitialized variable bug.
    - Fix a potential crash in contact-list example (fdo#79006).
* Sun Apr 06 2014
  - Update to version 0.24.0:
    + Don't leak every D-Bus method call result, a regression in
  - Changes from version 0.23.3:
    + Enhancements:
    - TpProtocol gained API to access to its immutable properties
      as a GVariant (fdo#55108).
    - TpCallStream and TpCallContent now inherit the factory from
      their TpCallChannel (fdo#76168).
    + Fixes:
    - Fix a memory leak when cleaning up TpProxy "prepare" requests
    - Fix a memory leak for paths to contacts' avatar data
    - Fix crashes in TpFileTransferChannel with GLib 2.39
    - Fix some paths memory leaks (fdo#76119).
    - tp_list_connection_managers_async() now terminates properly
      if there is no CM installed (fdo#68892).
* Fri Mar 28 2014
  - Add 0001-fix-file-path-leaks.patch: fix leak when calling
    g_file_get_path (fdo#76119).
* Fri Mar 21 2014
  - Add
    terminate properly if there is no CM [fdo#68892]
* Mon Mar 03 2014
  - Update to version 0.23.2:
    + Enhancements:
    - TpBaseConnection now has an "account-path-suffix" property
    - New high level TpAccountChannelRequest API, including tubes,
      Conference and SMSChannel (fdo#75450).
    - 'TargetHandleType: None' is now automatically added when
      requesting a channel with TpAccountChannelRequest if no
      handle type has been defined (fdo#75450).
* Mon Mar 03 2014
  - Update to version 0.23.1:
    + Dependencies: GLib 2.36 or later is required.
    + Deprecations: TpPresenceMixin: optional arguments are
      deprecated, apart from a string named "message". This matches
      our current D-Bus API.
    + Enhancements:
    - tp_protocol_normalize_contact_async(),
      tp_protocol_identify_account_async(), and high-level API for
      the Protocol Addressing and Presence interfaces (fdo#71048).
    - More accessors for TpPresenceStatusSpec, which is now a boxed
      type (fdo#71048).
    - tp_connection_manager_param_dup_variant_type() (fdo#71093).
    - Better debug output (fdo#68390, fdo#71048).
    + Fixes:
    - In the examples, specifically ask for "TelepathyGlib-0.12"
      (this API version), not Telepathy 1.0 (fdo#49737).
    - Improve tests' isolation from the real session bus.
    - Fix a critical warning for each new connection under GLib
      2.39 (fdo#72303).
    - Fix some possible crashes in file transfer channels,
      particularly under GLib 2.39 (fdo#72319).
    - Correct tp_account_request_set_avatar documentation.
    - Fix a TpConnection reference-leak in TpBaseClient.
  - Changes from version 0.23.0:
    + Dependencies: GLib 2.34 or later is required.
    + Enhancements:
    - Spec 0.27.3:
      . Added Conn.I.Sidecars1.
      . Added Conn.I.Renaming.
      . Added CD.I.Messages1.
    - TpAccount::avatar-changed signal (fdo#52938).
    - tp_value_array_free: equivalent of g_value_array_free but
      does not provoke deprecation warnings from GLib (fdo#69849).
    - tp_account_is_prepared and tp_account_manager_is_prepared are
      now deprecated.
    + Fixes:
    - tp_contact_set_attributes: don't warn on genuinely absent
      interfaces (fdo#68149).
    - channel-group: don't crash if no message has been provided.
* Mon Mar 03 2014
  - Update to version 0.22.1:
    + In the examples, specifically ask for "TelepathyGlib-0.12"
      (this API version), not Telepathy 1.0 (fdo#49737).
    + Fix a critical warning for each new connection under GLib 2.39
    + Fix a TpConnection reference-leak in TpBaseClient.
    + channel-group: don't crash if no message has been provided.
* Wed Oct 02 2013
  - Update to version 0.22.0:
    + When an avatar is downloaded, announce the change to the avatar
      token immediately; if the avatar changes from A to B while
      we're still doing the asynchronous file saving, don't set A as
      the new avatar when it has been saved (fdo#70010).
* Sun Sep 29 2013
  - Update to version 0.21.2:
    + Enhancements:
    - Writing avatars into cache now uses asynchronous I/O
    - telepathy-spec 0.27.2: add SelfID, SelfContactChanged.
    - tp_dbus_properties_mixin_dup_all() is now public (fdo#69283).
    - TpBaseProtocol now lists Presence.Statuses as an immutable
      property (fdo#69520).
    - TpBaseConnection: Implement SelfID and SelfContactChanged as
      defined in spec 0.27.2.
    - The inspect-cm example now inspects all CMs if run without
      arguments (fdo#68390).
    + Fixes:
    - Don't crash if GetContactInfo() fails (fdo#46430).
    - Fix a race condition that could result in telepathy-haze
      protocol support not being detected (fdo#67183).
    - Fix documentation for tp_connection_get_self_handle.
    - Make TpHeap work correctly with GComparator functions that
      return values outside {-1, 0, 1} (fdo#68932).
    - Examples have been updated to use more recent API.
    - Better debug-logging (fdo#68390).
* Wed Sep 04 2013
  - Add baselibs.conf to satisfy libgoa-backend-1_0-1-32bit.
* Sat Jun 22 2013
  - Update to version 0.21.1:
    + Fixes:
    - Fix a wrong introspection annotation on
      tp_debug_client_get_messages_finish() that would lead to
      use-after-free (fdo#65518).
    - Isolate regression tests better (fdo#63119).
    - Explicitly annotate tp_account_update_parameters_finish()'s
      'unset_parameters' argument to be a NULL-terminated string
      array. It was previously incorrectly inferred to be a string,
      for some reason.
    - Always flag delivery reports with Non_Text_Content.
    - Don't announce legacy Group channels twice (fdo#52011).
    - Don't crash if a broken connection manager signals a
      TLSCertificate with no CertificateChainData, just invalidate
      the channel (fdo#61616).
    - Adjust regression tests so we can distcheck under Automake
      1.13, and various other build-system updates (fdo#65517).
* Wed Apr 03 2013
  - Update to version 0.21.0:
    + Enhancements:
    - Code-generation now copes with ${PYTHON} being set to
      Python 3; Python 2 remains fully supported (fdo#56758).
    - Add uri-schemes property on TpAccount, with
      notify::uri-schemes emitted if using a recent AcountManager
      like Mission Control 5.15 or later.
    + Fixes:
    - Remove the pkg-config dependency from .pc files.
    - In TpSimpleClientFactory, don't crash when ensuring a contact
      for an obsolete connection manager without "immortal handles"
    - Add missing (element-type) introspection annotations to
      tp_capabilities_get_channel_classes, tp_asv_get_bytes and
      tp_client_channel_factory_dup_channel_features (fdo#58851).
    - Don't emit the NewChannels signal twice for the obsolete
      ContactList GROUP channels (fdo#52011).
    - Fix builds with Automake 1.13 (fdo#59604).
    - Fix unit tests when running with glib >=2.36 (fdo#63069).
    - Fix refcycle preventing TpConnection objects to be freed.
  - Drop upstream fixed patches:
    + tg-tests-simple-account-add-uri.patch.
    + tg-add-TpAccount-uri-schemes-property.patch.
    + tg-implement-change-notification-on-uri-schemes-property.patch.
* Fri Mar 01 2013
  - Spec-cleanup using format_spec_file service.
* Sun Jan 13 2013
  - Add tg-add-TpAccount-uri-schemes-property.patch,
    and tg-tests-simple-account-add-uri.patch, needed to ensure
    visual feedback on sip accounts changes (fdo#40393).
* Tue Nov 13 2012
  - Update to version 0.20.1:
    + In Call channels, ignore state transitions where the state did
      not actually change (fdo#56044).
    + Process the SelfHandleChanged signal for non-obsolete
      connection managers (fdo#55666).
* Thu Oct 04 2012
  - Update to version 0.20.0:
    + There were no code changes since 0.19.10.
* Wed Sep 26 2012
  - Update to version 0.19.10:
    + Enhancements:
    - Add tp_vardict_get_uint32() etc., analogous to
      tp_asv_get_uint32() etc.
    - tp_channel_dispatch_operation_get_channels() is now
      introspected (fdo#55102).
    - Add tp_vardict_get_*() helper functions to lookup values in a
      GVariant of type %G_VARIANT_TYPE_VARDICT.
    - Add tp_variant_convert() and tp_variant_type_classify() to
      manipulate and convert GVariant.
    - A bunch of GVariant oriented API have been added as an
      alternative of their GValue equivalent: fdo#55024,
      fdo#55096, fdo#55099, fdo#55101, fdo#55024, fdo#55095 and
* Wed Sep 12 2012
  - Update to version 0.19.9:
    + Enhancements:
    - Some functions from util.h, such as tp_utf8_make_valid(),
      tp_escape_as_identifier() and user-action-time functions are
      now available via gobject-introspection (fdo#54543)
    + Fixes:
    - Get the remote contact from a MediaDescription correctly
    - Fix an incorrect error on UpdateLocalMediaDescription
    - Fix use of an unterminated string in the tls-certificates
    - Fix service-side codegen using single includes, which
      prevents extensions to build with TP_DISABLE_SINGLE_INCLUDE.
    + Several API deprecations.
  - Changes from version 0.19.8:
    + Enhancements:
    - New introspectable function
      tp_account_channel_request_set_hint() to add hints one by
    + Fixes:
    - Set the ChannelRequests immutable properties when
      observing/handling channels.
  - Changes from version 0.19.7:
    + Enhancements:
    - Add API to TpBaseChannel to allow it to disappear and
      reappear from the bus without disposing the object
    + Fixes:
    - In tp_account_dup_storage_identifier_variant, don't fail if
      there is no storage identifier (fdo#53201)
    - Remove duplicate TpBaseConnection typedef, fixing compilation
      with pre-C11 compilers like gcc < 4.6 (fdo#53100)
    - Use AS_CASE instead of case/esac, and AS_IF instead of
      if/then/[else/]fi in, as they are safer and
      guaranteed to work (fdo#681413)
* Tue Aug 07 2012
  - Update to version 0.19.6:
    + Enhancements:
    - Add tp_account_manager_can_set_default()
    + Fixes:
    - Fix generation of reentrant-methods.list in highly parallel
      builds (fdo#52480)
    - TpBaseChannel: assert that the subclass sets
* Fri Aug 03 2012
  - Update to version 0.19.5:
    + fdo#52441: fix warning when preparing blocked contacts before
      TP_CONNECTION_FEATURE_CONNECTED is officially prepared.
    + TpAccountManager: set the requested presence on newly created
  - Changes from version 0.19.4:
    + Enhancements:
    - TpBaseConnectionManager, TpBaseConnection and TpBaseProtocol:
      add virtual methods to get interfaces.
    - Add tp_account_request_set_storage_provider().
    + Fixes:
    - base-connection: return from RequestHandles if called with no
    - TpAccountRequest: add missing 'service' property getter.
  - Changes from version 0.19.3:
    + Fix Crash in TpBaseClient (fdo#51444)
    + Several API deprecations.
  - Changes from version 0.19.2:
    + Enhancements:
    - TpDynamicHandleRepo can now have an asynchronous ID
      normalization function.
    + Fixes:
    - tp_debug_client_get_messages_async: error is not propagated
* Thu Aug 02 2012
  - Update to version 0.19.1:
    + Enhancements:
    - New TpAccountRequest object to help account creation
    - TpSimpleClientFactory gained API to prepare TpContact objects
      with the features set on it.
    - tp_simple/automatic_client_factory_new() now accept NULL
      TpDBusDaemon arg.
    + Fixes:
    - Fixed possible case where TP_CONTACT_FEATURE_AVATAR_DATA does
      not get prepared.
    - Fix Vala bindings build when srcdir is different from
      builddir. (fdo#49802)
    + Several API deprecations.
  - Changes from version 0.19.0:
    + Enhancements:
    - <telepathy-glib/telepathy-glib.h> now includes all
      non-generated code except proxy-subclass.h. Please use it
      instead of individual headers
    - A new meta-header, <telepathy-glib/telepathy-glib-dbus.h>,
      now includes all generated code.
    - Replace --disable-coding-style-checks and
    - -disable-doc-checks with --disable-fatal-warnings.
    - Add TpRoomList and TpRoomInfo (fdo#30338)
    - Add TpDebugClient (fdo#23344)
    - Add tp_account_channel_request_new_text(),
      tp_account_channel_request_set_target_contact() etc., which
      do not require the caller to know D-Bus property names
    - Add tp_connection_dup_detailed_error_vardict(),
      tp_capabilities_dup_channel_classes_variant() which
      use/return GVariants instead of dbus-glib parameterized types
    - Add a simple PyGtk3 dialler to the examples, and optionally
      install the Python examples as well as the C ones (fdo#48504)
    - Add tp_contact_get_account()
    - Improve documentation
    - Add "clean-for-new-branch" Makefile target which is more
      thorough than clean, but less thorough than distclean
    - Add TpTLSCertificate, a TpProxy subclass representing a TLS
      certificate (fdo#30460)
    - TpMessageMixin now has helpers to implement the ChatState
    + Fixes:
    - Make it safe to hold refs to a remaining GAsyncResult after
      returning to the main loop (fdo#45554)
    - When a TpProxy method call returns, which can occasionally be
      synchronous, use an idle to finish the corresponding
      GAsyncResult (fdo#45514)
    - Add TP_NUM_DBUS_ERRORS (etc.) to supersede NUM_TP_DBUS_ERRORS
    - Make several methods returning a GStrv introspectable
    - Retry preparation of features that depended on a missing
      connection interface after the connection connects, in the
      hope that the interface has now become available (fdo#42981)
    - Interpret capabilities more strictly, avoiding falsely saying
      we support channel requests with fixed properties we don't
    + Several API deprecations.
* Wed Aug 01 2012
  - Update to version 0.18.2:
    + Enhancements:
    - Add "clean-for-new-branch" Makefile target which is more
      thorough than clean, but less thorough than distclean
    + Fixes:
    - Retry preparation of features that depended on a missing
      connection interface after the connection connects
    - Fix warning when preparing blocked contacts before
      TP_CONNECTION_FEATURE_CONNECTED is officially prepared
    - Fix Vala bindings build when srcdir is different from
      builddir (fdo#49802).
* Mon Apr 23 2012
  - Update to version 0.18.1:
    + Enhancements:
    - Make various methods of the form get_foo() available to
    - Improve stream tube examples
    - Improve documentation
    + Fixes:
    - Change the type of TpStreamTubeConnection::closed's argument
      from POINTER to ERROR so PyGI can bind it
    - Avoid TpCallChannel potentially returning a TpContact with no
    - Use the right macro to avoid post-2.30 GLib APIs
    - Fix warnings with newer gtk-doc and g-ir-scanner (fdo#48592,
      fdo#48363, fdo#48620)
    - Make various warnings non-fatal for this stable branch: GIR
      scanner warnings, documentation completeness, and deprecated
      functions (fdo#48363)
    - Don't hard-code use of a particular abstract socket in
      dbus-tube-chan test, fixing test failure on non-Linux
* Tue Apr 03 2012
  - Update to version 0.18.0:
    + Support the DownloadAtConnection property in TpBaseContactList.
    + Add high-level API for TpDBusTubeChannel classes (fdo#29271).
    + Various improvements to the ContactList test suite.
* Fri Mar 23 2012
  - Update to version 0.17.7:
    + Enhancements:
    - Use close_channels_async on the channel dispatch operation in
      the example approver.
    - API additions
    + Fixes:
    - TpBaseMediaCallContent: be sure to update the local sending
      state on call acceptance.
    - A few miscellaneous fixes to the Call1 code.
* Tue Mar 20 2012
  - Update to version 0.17.6:
    + Enhancements:
    - TpCapabilities: add API to check for Call and FileTransfer
    - Use GObject's FFI-based generic marshaller instead of
      generating our own marshallers (fdo#46523)
    - Add tp_list_connection_managers_async,
      tp_protocol_dup_params, tp_protocol_dup_param,
    - Add accessors for TpAccount properties, parameters and
      storage identifier represented as a GVariant (fdo#30422)
    - TpCallChannel: add API to put the call on hold.
    - TpCallContentMediaDescription now implements the
      RTPHeaderExtensions, RTCPFeedback and RTCPExtendedReports
    + Fixes:
    - Don't change the direction of Call streams because of a Hold
    - Use the right error when rejecting incompatible codecs
    - Reject local updates to a media description while an offer is
    - Avoid forward-declaring Call classes, fixing compilation on
      clang, older gcc, and other compilers not targeting C1x
    - Fix namespaces in example_call.manager
    - Produce self-contained header files from (fdo#46835)
    - Correctly implement and document tp_call_channel_has_dtmf()
    - Fix various build failures in out-of-tree or parallel builds,
      and don't rebuild everything whenever the documentation
      changes (fdo#36398)
    - Improve test coverage for the connection manager test
    - TpCallChannel::state-changed is properly annotate (fdo#47410)
    + Several API deprecations, see NEWS for details.
  - Add explicit pkgconfig(glib-2.0) BuildRequires so it can be
* Tue Feb 21 2012
  - Update to version 0.17.5:
    + Enhancements:
    - telepathy-spec 0.25.2:
      · the Call1 family of interfaces
      · Conn.I.Addressing1
      · Chan.I.CaptchaAuthentication1
      · Account.Supersedes
    - Add TpCallChannel, TpBaseCallChannel and other Call-related
      high-level API.
    - tp_account_manager_get_most_available_presence() now returns
      (AVAILABLE, "available, "") if the only connected accounts
      does not implement SimplePresence.
    - Add tp_base_channel_get_self_handle().
    - TpBaseChannel now has a virtual get_interfaces() method.
    - tp_connection_disconnect_async: high level API to disconnect
      a TpConnection.
    - tp_unix_connection_receive_credentials_with_byte() and
      tp_unix_connection_send_credentials_with_byte() now have
      async equivalents.
    - Produce DLL files when compiled for Windows.
    + Fixes:
    - fdo#45554: fix use-after-free if various async results are
      kept until after the callback has returned, which is
      considered valid.
    - tp_account_manager_get_most_available_presence() now returns
      ("offline, "") as status and message if no account is
      connected, as stated in the doc, instead of (NULL, NULL).
    - TpChannel: fix a crash when preparing contacts.
    - fdo#45982: fix a crash in TpBaseContactList when using
      RenameGroup()'s fallback code.
* Mon Jan 09 2012
  - license update: LGPL-2.1+
    No indication of LGPL-2.1 only files
* Tue Dec 20 2011
  - Update to version 0.17.4:
    + Fixes:
    - Set the right source on
      tp_account_set_uri_scheme_association_async's GAsyncResult.
    - fdo#43755: Fix a crash when participating in a XMPP MUC
      containing members with an unknown real JID.
  - Rewrite summaries and descriptions.
* Thu Dec 08 2011
  - Split typelib file into typelib-1_0-TelepathyGlib-0_12
  - Add typelib-1_0-TelepathyGlib-0_12 Requires to devel subpackage.
* Tue Nov 29 2011
  - Update to version 0.17.3:
    + Fixes:
    - Fix a crash in TpSimplePasswordManager
    + Enhancements:
    - Add high level API to check if a connection supports settings
      aliases on contacts.
* Fri Nov 25 2011
  - Update to version 0.17.2:
    + Speculatively replace _free/_destroy with _unref everywhere,
      and add a coding style check.
    + Ensure GSocketConnection objects are properly closed and freed
      for incoming TpFileTransferChannels.
    + Many documentation nits have been fixed.
    + Building the GObject-Introspection repository now works
      reliably when using `make -j`
* Tue Nov 15 2011
  - Update to version 0.17.1:
    + Enhancements:
    - telepathy-glib now generates code for spec version 0.25.0.
    - fdo#39188: add high level API to accept and provide file
  - Changes from version 0.17.0:
    + Enhancements:
    - fdo#41801: add high level API to block/unblock contacts.
      a feature preparing ContactList's properties without
      preparing the contact list itself.
    - fdo#42503: the TpChannelDispatchOperation passed to
      TpBaseClientClassObserveChannelsImpl is now prepared.
    - fdo#41455: it's now possible to install tp-glib's test suite.
  - Changes from version 0.16.2:
    + Fixes:
    - Improve documentation of the TpProxy::invalidated signal.
    - fdo#42305: TpGroupMixin: always set the
      Members_Changed_Detailed flag.
    - fdo#42670: fix a crash when preparing
      TP_CHANNEL_FEATURE_CONTACTS on a channel containing contacts
      without known owners.
* Thu Oct 27 2011
  - Update to version 0.16.1:
    + Fixes:
    - fdo#42063: circular introspection dependency between
      connection and contacts.
    - fdo#42049: TpBaseContactList now implements
    - fdo#41928: Don't crash if the owner of some members of a
      TpChannel are unknown.
    - fdo#41929: Don't crash if a TpTextChannel receives a message
      not having a sender.
* Sat Oct 15 2011
  - Update to version 0.16.0:
    + Fixes:
    - fdo#41729: TpChannel now trusts the ChannelType property
      included in the dictionary of immutable properties passed to
      its constructor.
    - fdo#41714: TpAccount:normalized-name now refers to XMPP JIDs
      and ICQ UINs, to give examples of what its value means.
* Wed Oct 12 2011
  - Update to version 0.15.9:
    + Fixes:
    - fdo#41697: unknown handle owners in chat rooms no longer
      crashes TpChannel.
  - Changes from version 0.15.8:
    + Enhancements:
    - telepathy-glib now generates code for spec version 0.24.0,
      including the Room, Subject and RoomConfig interfaces.
    - It is now possible to set D-Bus properties as if in response
      to a call to Set() on the bus, using
      tp_dbus_properties_mixin_set(). Help fix fdo#32416.
    + Fixes:
    - fdo#41470: crash in some situations when using
* Wed Oct 05 2011
  - Update to version 0.15.7:
    + Fixes:
    - fdo#40555: Memory leaks in TpConnection and protocol.c
    - Memory leak if the debug message cache is disabled
    - fdo#38060: Fix a crash in TpMessageMixin, triggered by
      delivery reports.
    - fdo#38997: Cope beter if UNIX sockets are not supported.
    - fdo#40523: Connection Manager crash when a client acks the
      same message twice.
    - fdo#41414: Make sure tp_connection_upgrade_contacts() is
      no-op if all features are already prepared.
    - fdo#41368: Fix introspection.
    - fdo#41435: Ensure sent messages have a sender even with
      butterfly, which does not set "message-sender".
* Sat Oct 01 2011
  - Update to version 0.15.6:
    + Enhancements:
    - New JavaScript (gjs) code example to demonstrate
      GObject-Introspection of the API.
    - TpProtocol: new API to get avatars requirements.
    - Factory features are now prepared on various contacts:
      . TpConnection's self contact;
      . TpChannel's target, initiator and self contacts;
      . TpChannel's group members;
      . TpTextChannel's message sender;
      . TpStreamTubeChannel's connection contact.
    - New object TpDBusTubeChannel to represent a D-Bus tube
    - Group the MembersChanged signals for the initial roster
      (fdo#40933). This improve login performance.
    - Spec upgraded to 0.23.4 except for draft call interfaces.
      Mixins implement the new additions.
    - TpDBusPropertiesMixin now has a method for emitting the
      standard PropertiesChanged signal; in conjunction with
      the code generator, it respects the EmitsChangedSignal
    + Fixes:
    - Python examples now works with latest pygobject.
* Wed Sep 28 2011
  - Changed BuildRequires from vala-devel to vala, as vala-devel
    is an old deprecated name.
* Thu Aug 18 2011
  - Update to version 0.15.5:
    + Enhancements:
    - A new pair of classes, TpSimpleClientFactory and
      TpAutomaticClientFactory, have been added.
    - A new TpAccount feature, TP_ACCOUNT_FEATURE_CONNECTION, has
      been added, to ask TpAccount to prepare TpConnection objects
      before announcing them.
    - TpConnection now has API for managing the user's contact list
    - fdo#26516: Add tp_debug_sender_set_timestamps.
    - A metric tonne of new methods were added for joining chat
      rooms and managing members.
    - TpFileTransferChannel, a high-level API for file transfer
      channels, was added.
    - fdo#38061: tp_cm_message_set_message() was added to
      complement tp_cm_message_take_message().
    + Fixes:
    - fdo#38060: fix a crash caused by an off-by-one error when
      constructing the SendError signal.
    - fdo#38997: cope more gracefully if UNIX sockets are
      unsupported, which should improve Windows portability.
    - fdo#39377: TpContact no longer erroneously re-prepares many
      features if existing contacts are re-requested.
    - fdo#27855: TpChannelManagers now have access to the original
      TargetID specified in the channel request,
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Jul 12 2011
  - Update to version 0.15.4:
    + Fixes:
    - fdo#29172: TpTextChannel never finishes preparing if there
      are pending messages with no message-sender-id.
    - fdo#38997: Cope better if UNIX sockets are unsupported.
    - Fix some compiler warnings.
* Sat Jul 09 2011
  - Update to version 0.15.3:
    + Enhancements:
    - fdo#38559: TpTextChannel:
      tp_text_channel_ack_all_pending_messages_async: convenient
      function to easily ack all the pending messages.
    - fdo#38605: TpChannelRequest: add properties and accessors for
      Account, UserActionTime and PreferredHandler
      preferred-handler and user-action-time.
    - TpAccountChannelRequest and TpBaseClient: API to use the
      DelegateToPreferredHandler hint.
    - TpMessage: tp_message_get_pending_message_id: convenient
      function to get the pending-message-id of the message.
    - TpChannel: Annotate tp_channe_group_ methods.
    + Fixes:
    - Fix some set-but-not-used warnings with --disable-debug.
    - Honor NOCONFIGURE for compatibility with
    - Fix tests failing on some arch.
    - fdo#38944: Fix memory leaks in TpConnection.
* Wed Jun 22 2011
  - Update to version 0.15.2:
    + Enhancements:
    - Reduce debug spam.
    - tp_channel_destroy_async(): high level API to Destroy a
    - tp_channel_dispatch_operation_{leave,destroy}_channels_async:
      convenience API to claim a ChannelDispatchOperation and
      leave/destroy all its channels. [fdo#28015]
    - TpChannel: high level API for password protected channels;
      the TP_CHANNEL_FEATURE_PASSWORD feature is automatically
      prepared by TpAutomaticProxyFactory. [fdo#37360]
    - TpConnection high level avatars API and TpChannel high level
      group API are now introspected.
    + Fixes:
    - TpChannelIface: set TP_UNKNOWN_HANDLE_TYPE as default handle
      type. [fdo#38524]
* Mon May 30 2011
  - Update to version 0.15.1:
    + Fixes:
    - tp_text_channel_set_chat_state_finish: check the right
      source tag.
    - TpConnection: set the self handle to something sane instead
      of leaving uninitialized.
    - fdo#37280: Fix a race condition
    + Enhancements:
    - fdo#36334: TpTextChannel: high level API for SMS; the
      TP_TEXT_CHANNEL_FEATURE_SMS feature is automatically prepared
      by TpAutomaticProxyFactory.
    - fdo#36334: TpConnection: high level API for Balance.
    - fdo#28015: tp_channel_dispatch_operation_close_channels_async
      convenient API to claim a ChannelDispatchOperation and close
      all its channels.
    - fdo#35331: TpBaseContactList: add ContactBlocking support.
* Wed May 18 2011
  - Update to version 0.15.0:
    + Update to spec 0.23.2:
    - Generated code for Channel.Interface.SMS.GetSMSLength()
    - Generated code for ChannelDispatcher.DelegateChannels() and
    + tp_channel_dispatch_operation_claim_with_async() replacing
      tp_channel_dispatch_operation_claim_async() [fdo#36490]
    + TpProxyFeature is now part of the API allowing users to define
      their own features [fdo#31583]
    + Add tp_base_client_delegate_channels_{async,finish} and
      tp_channel_dispatcher_present_channel_{async,finish}: high
      level API to delegate and present channels [fdo#34610]
    + TpChannelDispatcher is now exported in the GIR file and so can
      be used using gobject-introspection
  - Changes from version 0.14.6:
    + tp_dbus_daemon_watch_name_owner leaked a DBusMessage
    + tp_dbus_daemon_list[_activatable]_names leaked a DBusMessage
    + tp_base_connection_change_status: delay side-effects until all
      preconditions are checked
    + TpGroupMixin: correctly use contact-ids, not member-ids
    + TpBaseContactList: fix leak of source object.
* Mon May 02 2011
  - Update to version 0.14.5:
    + Enhancements:
    - Update to spec 0.22.2, generating code for the
      Balance.ManageCreditURI and
      SimplePresence.MaximumStatusMessageLength properties.
    - tp_base_client_is_handling_channel(), which does what it says
      on the tin.
    - TpPresenceMixin now supports the MaximumStatusMessageLength
    + Fixes:
    - The documentation now builds correctly with gtk-doc 1.16 and
    - The test suite now passes on systems with glib-networking
  - Changes from version 0.14.4:
    + Enhancements:
    - fdo#27459: TpConnection now avoids a bunch of redundant D-Bus
      method calls when preparing the CORE feature with recent
      services, lowering latency
    - tp_proxy_add_interfaces() for adding discovered interfaces
      from TpProxy subclasses
    - tp_base_protocol_get_immutable_properties() now fills the
      Proto.I.Avatars properties
    + Fixes:
    - fdo#36134: TpProtocol claims it doesn't support any extra
* Mon Apr 04 2011
  - Update to version 0.14.3:
    + Update to spec 0.22.1:
    - Generated code for new StreamHandler methods and signals and
    + tp_g_ptr_array_extend() for concatenating two GPtrArrays.
* Mon Apr 04 2011
  - Use vala-devel BuildRequires instead of vala-unstable-devel (vala
    0.12 has been released).
* Tue Mar 22 2011
  - Update to version 0.14.1:
    + Update to spec 0.22.0:
    - generate code for Connection.I.ContactBlocking
  - Changes from version 0.14.0
    + The error handling code paths when looking up the senders of
      incoming messages have been fixed. This issue led to
      TpSignalledMessages not specifying a sender with CMs that omit
      sender-id, like telepathy-idle.
* Wed Mar 16 2011
  - Update to version 0.13.18:
    + Previously, tp_clear_object (NULL), tp_clear_boxed (type, NULL)
      and tp_clear_pointer (NULL) were no-ops. However, this
      behaviour was not very useful—these functions are always called
      as tp_clear_object (&priv->foo) in practice—and triggered
      compiler warnings (because these are actually implemented as
      macros). Thus, this usage is no longer supported.
    + Fixes:
    - TpCMMessage is no longer included in the .gir file. This
      class is only useful in CMs; we only support client-side API
      in the .gir file.
    - Correctly include TpBasePasswordChannel documentation.
    - Fix GCC 4.6 and Clang analyzer warnings
  - Changes from version 0.13.17:
    + Update to spec 0.21.11:
* Wed Mar 09 2011
  - Update to version 0.13.16:
    + Enhancements:
    - Update to spec 0.21.11:
    - Two new functions,
      tp_connection_get_connection_manager_name() and
      tp_connection_get_protocol_name(), allow you to grab these
      properties from a TpConnection without having to drive
      tp_connection_parse_object_path() yourself.
    - GBinding utilities for connection-status on TpAccount and
      tp_connection_bind_connection_status_to_property() and
    - TpTextChannel now has a "message-types" property and
      accessor. It also gained
      tp_text_channel_supports_message_type() a convenient
      function to check if a specific message type is supported.
    - TpContactSearch: only close channels if there was an error
    - TpBaseClient gained
      tp_base_client_set_observer_delay_approvers() which can be
      used to indicate that an Observer has to block Approvers.
    + Fixes:
    - Various crashes fixed in TpBaseContactList.
* Fri Feb 25 2011
  - Update to version 0.13.15:
    + Enhancements:
    - Update to spec 0.21.10.
    - tp_utf8_make_valid(): an UTF-8 string validation function.
    - SimplePasswordManager now has API to let the CM create its
      own SASL channel.
    - TpBasePasswordChannel: a base class to implement SASL
  - Changes from version 0.13.14:
    + Enhancements:
    - TpContact now supports modifying the contact's groups on
      connection managers which implement
    - It's now possible to get a list of TpChannelRequest objects
      from a TpObserveChannelsContext or TpHandleChannelsContext;
      adding hints to channel requests, and retrieving them again,
      is supported with telepathy-mission-control ≥ 5.7.2.
    - tp_account_channel_request_create_and_observe_channel_async()
      and friends, analogous to
      but for Observers rather than Handlers, have been added.
    - Code is now generated to emit and listen for the
      PropertiesChanged signal on org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties.
      Note that TpDBusPropertiesMixin does not emit this signal on
      it own, nor does TpProxy listen for it of its own accord.
    - tp_capabilities_supports_room_list(), a convenient way to
      check whether a connection supports listing chat rooms, has
      been added.
    + Fixes:
    - Including telepathy-glib/protocol.h now correctly includes
      generated client-side functions.
  - Changes from version 0.13.13:
    + Many doc fixes
    + Compiler flags reordered (clang is order-sensitive) to allow
      static analysis.
    + Account Channel Requests now give you access to the originating
    + The speculative debug cache may now be disabled at compile time.
  - Changes from version 0.13.12:
    + Enhancements:
    - TpContact now tracks incoming and outgoing presence
      subscriptions, albeit only if the connection implements the
      new Connection.Interface.ContactList API.
    - Code is generated for new API added in telepathy-spec
      version 0.21.9; specifically, the FileTransfer.URI property
      is supported.
    - TpPresenceMixinStatusAvailableFunc, which has confused many
      a CM author, now has clearer documentation.
    + Fixes:
    - We no longer accidentally depend on GLib 2.28.
    - tests/contact-search-result no longer fails on x86.
  - Changes from version 0.13.11:
    + Enhancements:
    - fdo#32053: The TpContactSearch object has been added. It
      represents ongoing searches for contacts.
    + Fixes:
    - fdo#32551: tp_base_client_set_observer_recover now works
      with all possible gboolean arguments!
    - tp_debug_timestamped_log_handler will now print the message
      and not just the time, which was broken over a year ago.
    - TpProtocol will now consider a manager file's
      AuthenticationTypes value.
  - Change vala-devel BuildRequires to vala-unstable-devel.
* Sun Jan 30 2011
  - Changes from version 0.13.10:
    + Enhancements:
    - New TpMessage API: tp_message_get_message_type,
    - fdo#32411: warn and do nothing if unsupported flags are
      passed to tp_g_signal_connect_object
    + Updated to spec 0.21.8.
    - The ContactList.ContactsChangedWithID signal was added. It's
      automatically emitted by TpBaseContactList, so CMs don't
      need to make any changes to take advantage of it.
    + Fixes:
    - tp_account_manager_ensure_account() no longer criticals if
      you pass it a malformed account path.
    - TpBaseClient will now return (an error) from ObserveChannels
      if an invalid connection path is passed to it by the Channel
    - fdo#32184: Connection bus names are no longer erroneously
      released while connections are still open. This was a
      regression in 0.13.5.
    - fdo#32423: Preparing TpAccount features when the CORE
      feature is already prepared now works
    - fdo#32391: correctly deal with removing name owner watches
      during dispatch of their callbacks
    - Documentation improvements
    - TpBaseClient no longer breaks if HandleChannels is called
      more than once for the same channel. This was a regression
      introduced by the leak fix in the previous release.
  - Changes from version 0.13.9:
    + Deprecations:
    - tp_message_new (replace with tp_cm_message_new)
    - tp_message_ref_handle (no longer needed)
    - tp_message_set_handle (use tp_cm_message_set_sender for the
      only supported handle in a message)
    - tp_message_take_message (replace with
    + Enhancements:
    - tp_account_get_path_suffix: new function to get the varying
      suffix of an account's object path
    - TpAccountManager: document which TpAccount objects are
    - tp_connection_dup_contact_if_possible: new function to make
      TpContact objects synchronously in some situations
    - convert TpMessage into a GObject, with subclasses for use in
      CMs (TpCMMessage) and clients (TpClientMessage,
    - add TpConnection:self-contact, a TpContact for the
    + Fixes:
    - In TpSimplePasswordManager, clear the pointer to the channel
      when it's closed
    - fdo#32116: don't leak LegacyProtocol object references
      when a TpBaseConnectionManager is registered
    - Fix an unlikely crash in which a TpBaseConnection outlives
      its TpBaseConnectionManager
    - Documentation improvements
    - fdo#32191: when tp_connection_get_contacts_by_handle would
      return contacts that already exist, make sure they have the
      desired features
    - Fix memory leaks in TpAccount and TpDynamicHandleRepo
      introduced in 0.13.8
    - fd.o #32222: fix a leak of TpChannel objects in
      TpBaseClient, document that Handlers are responsible for
      closing their channels, warn if channels are still handled
      when a Handler is disposed, and close channels in some
      regression tests
  - Changes from version 0.13.8:
    + Deprecations:
    - fd.o #24114: tp_get_bus() is deprecated (again). Please use
      tp_dbus_daemon_dup(), followed by
      tp_dbus_daemon_register_object() if that's what you're using
      it for, or tp_proxy_get_dbus_connection() if you really need
      a DBusGConnection.
    + Changes:
    - fd.o #23155: handles now persist until the TpBaseConnection
      disconnects, and most of the reference-counting machinery
      has been removed
    - fd.o #31997: in the ContactList channels produced by
      TpBaseContactList, AddMembers, RemoveMembers etc. don't
      return until the implementation reports success or failure
    + Enhancements:
    - Update to spec 0.21.6.
    - fd.o #31900: add TpSimplePasswordManager
    - fd.o #32004: add tp_account_get_automatic_presence,
    - fd.o #31918: add convenience API for Account.I.Addressing
    + Fixes:
    - return a zero-terminated array of features from
    - fd.o #32004: emit GObject::notify for TpAccount::requested-*
  - Changes from version 0.13.7:
    + Enhancements:
    - Update to spec 0.21.5.
    - fdo#31686: add Protocol.I.Avatars support to TpBaseProtocol
    - implement the MessageTypes property in the TpMessagesMixin
    - use G_N_ELEMENTS more
    + Fixes:
    - use the right getter for TpAccountChannelRequest:request
  - Changes from version 0.13.6:
    + API changes:
    - Pointers to a GObject implementing
      TP_TYPE_CLIENT_CHANNEL_FACTORY are now referred to as having
      type TpClientChannelFactory*, rather than misusing
      TpClientChannelFactoryInterface*. The ABI has not changed.
    + Enhancements:
    - Return the reffed handle from tp_handle_ref()
    + Fixes:
    - fdo#31473: force the namespace TelepathyGLib for the
      g-i-derived Vala bindings
    - fdo#31581: don't modify a const array in
    - fdo#31631: set a TpBaseClient's TpClientChannelFactory
    - fdo#31631: fix confusion between TpClientChannelFactory
      and TpClientChannelFactoryIface
    - Run the stream tube IPv6 tests again, if ::1 is assigned to
      an interface
  - Changes from version 0.13.5:
    + Enhancements:
    - fdo#30088: add support for Protocol.I.Presence to
    + Fixes:
    - fdo#10613: release connections' object paths before their
      bus names, and do both sooner
    - fdo#31377: fix a race condition in the
      connection-interests test that sometimes caused it to fail
      or segfault, and similar races (not seen in practice) in two
      other tests
  - Changes from version 0.13.4:
    + Enhancements:
    - Update to spec 0.21.4
    - fdo#31215: fix incorrect namespace for MailNotification
    - add bindings for NewActiveTransportPair
    + Fixes:
    - fdo#31321: don't crash if the TpAccountManager is disposed
      while an account from tp_account_manager_ensure_account is
    - fdo#31291: add pkg-config and C header information to GIR
      for the benefit of future Vala versions
    - In the echo2 example CM, advertise Messages' immutable
    - In TpBaseChannel, don't unref handles we didn't ref
  - Changes from version 0.13.3:
    + Deprecations:
    - <telepathy-glib/debug-ansi.h> is now deprecated, and the
      Group and Properties mixins no longer output
      brightly-coloured logs
    + Enhancements:
    - fdo#31102: update to spec 0.21.3.
    - fdo#27948: add generic support for AddClientInterest,
      RemoveClientInterest on TpBaseConnection and TpConnection
    - fdo#30505: add TpDTMFPlayer, a DTMF dialstring interpreter
    - TpClientChannelFactory: ask callers to prepare a given set
      of features, and do so in TpBaseClient
    + Fixes:
    - fdo#30730: order tests' and examples' CFLAGS and LIBS
      consistently, fixing builds in some situations (an older
      telepathy-glib built with -rpath already installed,
    - fdo#30949: fix a typo that made DeliveryReportingSupport
      always come out as 0, and test a nonzero value
    - Don't leak an array of features in TpBaseClient
    - fdo#31027: if stdout is a tty, tests now succeed silently,
      and only produce output on failure; also, they will
      automatically fail after a few seconds if an expected event
      does not happen
    - fdo#30999: tests now succeed on machines where IPv6 is
      supported but ::1 is not assigned to an interface
  - Changes from version 0.13.2:
    + Enhancements:
    - Update to spec 0.21.2
    - fdo#29973: add TpClientChannelFactory,
      TpAutomaticProxyFactory and TpBasicProxyFactory, and use
      them in TpBaseClient and TpAccountChannelRequest
    - fdo#29218: add TpStreamTubeChannel, a higher-level API for
      stream tubes
    - fdo#30478: add TP_ACCOUNT_FEATURE_STORAGE
    - Improve the error message for an undefined D-Bus interface
    + Fixes:
    - fdo#30791: fix building with gtk-doc enabled, and an older
      telepathy-glib installed in a non-default library search
    - fdo#30644: don't 'return' a void expression from a void
      function, which isn't valid C99 and breaks compilation on
      Sun Studio C
    - Remove redundant trailing semicolons from G_DEFINE_TYPE
      etc., which are not valid C99
    - Add DeliveryReportingSupport to the properties offered by
    - Add ContactListState to the properties offered by
    - Avoid using a gboolean (which is signed) as a one-bit
  - Changes from version 0.13.1:
    + Enhancements:
    - Update to spec 0.21.1.
    + Fixes:
    - In TpCapabilities, do more checks on the self pointer
  - Changes from 0.13.0:
    + Enhancements:
    - Update to spec 0.21.0.
    - fdo#28200: add TpBaseContactList, a base class for contact
      list/contact groups implementations
    - fdo#30204: add checks for stream and D-Bus tubes to
    - fdo#30327: add some new utility functions for TpHandleSet
    - fdo#30310: make tp_contacts_mixin_get_contact_attributes
      public for re-use
    - debug-log the error message when a Protocol filter rejects a
* Tue Dec 21 2010
  - Update to version 0.12.7:
    + Fixes:
    - tp_account_manager_ensure_account() no longer criticals if
      you pass it a malformed account path.
    - TpBaseClient will now return (an error) from ObserveChannels
      if an invalid connection path is passed to it by the Channel
    - fdo#32391: correctly deal with removing name owner watches
      during dispatch of their callbacks
* Tue Dec 14 2010
  - Update to version 0.12.6:
    + Fixes:
    - fdo#32116: don't leak LegacyProtocol object references when a
      TpBaseConnectionManager is registered
    - Fix an unlikely crash in which a TpBaseConnection outlives
      its TpBaseConnectionManager
    - fdo#32191: when tp_connection_get_contacts_by_handle would
      return contacts that already exist, make sure they have the
      desired features
    - fdo#32222: fix a leak of TpChannel objects in TpBaseClient,
      document that Handlers are responsible for closing their
      channels, warn if channels are still handled when a Handler
      is disposed, and close channels in some regression tests
* Fri Nov 26 2010
  - Update to version 0.12.5:
    + Use the right getter for TpAccountChannelRequest:request.
* Thu Nov 18 2010
  - Update to version 0.12.4:
    + Fixes:
    - fdo#31473: force the namespace TelepathyGLib for the
      g-i-derived Vala bindings
    - fdo#31581: don't modify a const array in
* Sat Nov 06 2010
  - Update to version 0.12.3:
    + fdo#31321: don't crash if the TpAccountManager is disposed
      while an account from tp_account_manager_ensure_account is
    + fdo#31198: avoid some C99 features not supported by MSVC 9
* Thu Oct 28 2010
  - Update to version 0.12.2:
    + Fixes:
    - fdo#30730, fdo#30791: order tests' and examples' CFLAGS and
      LIBS consistently, fixing builds in some situations (an older
      telepathy-glib built with -rpath already installed, possibly)
    - fdo#30949: fix a typo that made DeliveryReportingSupport
      always come out as 0, and test a nonzero value
    - Don't leak an array of features in TpBaseClient
* Mon Oct 18 2010
  - Update to version 0.12.1:
    + Enhancements:
    - When a Protocol's filter rejects a parameter, log the error
    - Improve the error message for an undefined D-Bus interface
    - Check the GObject type of the self pointer in TpCapabilities
    + Fixes:
    - fdo#30644: don't 'return' a void expression from a void
      function, which isn't valid C99 and breaks compilation on Sun
      Studio C
    - Remove redundant trailing semicolons from G_DEFINE_TYPE etc.,
      which are not valid C99
    - Add DeliveryReportingSupport to the properties offered by
    - Avoid using a gboolean (which is signed) as a one-bit
* Tue Sep 21 2010
  - Update to version 0.12.0:
    + Disable documentation completeness checks and redirect
      documentation uploads for stable branch
    + Add the version number, and a link to the latest version, to
      the documentation
    + Increase dependencies for Vala bindings to versions that the
      libfolks developers have verified to work:
      gobject-introspection 0.9.6 and Vala 0.10.0.
* Thu Sep 16 2010
  - Update to version 0.11.16:
    + Enhancements:
    - Update to stable spec 0.20.1
      . generate basic API for Chan.I.Conference
      . generate basic API for Chan.T.ServerTLSConnection and
      TLSCertificate (server-side only for now, since
      TLSCertificate will require a new TpProxy subclass)
    - When connections are created in a CM, debug-log the sanitized
      parameter values
    - When a TpBaseChannel is created, log an error if it doesn't
      have a parent connection
    + Fixes:
    - fdo#30134: rename TpIntSet to TpIntset, with compatibility
      typedefs for the old name, to avoid breaking recent
    - fdo#30134: add more gobject-introspection annotations to work
      better with recent versions, and work around another case of
      (skip) not working in older versions
* Tue Sep 14 2010
  - Update to version 0.11.15:
    + Enhancements:
    - Update to spec 0.19.12:
      . generate code for SMS interface for Text channels, NotYet
      error, Object_Immutable_Properties type and
    - fdo#28420: add tp_channel_get_requested() etc.
    - Add basic introspectability for the Connection mixins
    + Fixes:
    - fdo#30090: fix parsing TpProtocol information from .manager
    - fdo#29943: make tp_debug_sender_log_handler thread-safe
    - fdo#30111: make GObject-Introspection work again with g-i >=
    - fdo#30134: make configure fail if Vala bindings are enabled
      but g-i is disabled, which can't work
    - fdo#25582, fdo#27806, fdo#30118: fix miscellaneous memory
* Thu Aug 26 2010
  - Update to version 0.11.14:
    + Enhancements:
    - fdo#29375: there's now a TpBaseChannel class which deals with
      all the boring boilerplate previously needed to implement
      channels. Public response to the class has been uniform.
    - fdo#29614: add TpBaseClient:account-manager
    - Allow TpBaseClient instances to wait for any desired set of
      TpAccount, TpConnection and TpChannel features
    - fdo#29671: add TP_ARRAY_TYPE_UCHAR_ARRAY_LIST, i.e. signature
      'aay' in dbus-glib
    + Fixes:
    - Ensure that when a TpAccountChannelRequest produces a
      connection and a channel, they're obtained from the same
      TpAccount we started from
    - fdo#29756, fdo#29795: various documentation improvements.
* Wed Aug 18 2010
  - Update to version 0.11.13:
    + Changes to experimental API:
    - fdo#29070: remove telepathy-vala.pc
    + Enhancements:
    - fdo#29358: add TP_ERROR as an alias for TP_ERRORS, for
    - improve various documentation
    - convert TpBaseClient virtual methods into normal GObject
      virtual methods so they can be introspected
    + Fixes:
    - Don't rely on vala-1.0.pc to check for vala version and
    - fdo#25019: let the TpPresenceMixin work on connections that
      implement SimplePresence but not complex Presence
    - Fix harmless misuse of enums that caused warnings on gcc 4.5
    - Fix out-of-tree builds with Vala enabled
  - Replace pkgconfig(vala-1.0) BuildRequires with vala-devel one
    since we want the vala compiler, not libvala.
* Wed Aug 11 2010
  - Update to version 0.11.12:
    + Enhancements:
    - Added TpAccountChannelRequest, a request to create or ensure
      a channel (fdo#29456, fdo#13422)
    - fdo#29461: updated to telepathy-spec 0.19.11
      . more error codes for SSL/TLS - Insecure, Revoked,
      . Conference_Host call state flag
    + Fixes:
    - fdo#29174: update example connection managers to follow
      current telepathy-spec best practices, including Protocol
    - fdo#29268: fix compilation from a tarball with
    - -enable-vala-bindings
  - Remove manually added telepathy-glib.deps: it's in the tarball
* Sat Aug 07 2010
  - Add pkgconfig(vala-1.0) BuildRequires and pass
    - -enable-vala-bindings to configure: we need telepathy-vala for
    the folks package.
  - Add vala/telepathy-glib.deps manually, since it's missing from
    the tarball.
* Thu Jul 29 2010
  - Update to version 0.11.11:
    + Enhancements:
    - Updated spec to 0.19.10
      . generate code for Protocol objects, and the ContactSearch
      channel type
    - fdo#27997: add TpProtocol client-side API, and TpBaseProtocol
      service-side base class, for Protocol objects
    - fdo#28751: tp_proxy_has_interface is now a real function, not
      a macro, for better introspection
    - TpBaseClient's properties now have accessor methods for
      convenient use in C
    - tp_capabilities_get_channel_classes is now visible to g-i
    + Fixes:
    - Install a .deps file for the Vala bindings
    - Vala bindings now install to the normal location, making it
      unnecessary to look up telepathy-vala in pkg-config; that
      pkg-config file will be removed in a future version
    - fdo#29197: expand g-i coverage of connection manager code
      enough to use it for libfolks' regression tests.
* Fri Jul 23 2010
  - Update to version 0.11.10:
    + Enhancements:
    - Updated spec to 0.19.9:
      . added support for Read and Deleted delivery reports
    + Fixes:
    - Improved GObject-Introspection annotations to be sufficient
      for libfolks
    - Fixed a typo in the documentation
    - fdo#28920: fixed tp_contact_request_contact_info_async
      cancellation handling when dealing with synchronous errors
  - Changes from version 0.11.9:
    + Enhancements:
    - Updated spec to 0.19.8:
      . generate code for some new properties, Conn.I.Cellular and
      . add convenience methods to TpAccount to access
    - Added tp_simple_async_report_success_in_idle, a convenience
      function to return "void" from an async method
    + Fixes:
    - Fixed libdbus errors when unregistering a TpBaseClient that
      isn't a Handler
    - Made some TpGroupMixin methods more const-correct
    - Fixed some memory leaks in regression tests
    - Suppressed more valgrind false-positives
    - Improved generation of experimental Vala bindings
* Wed Jul 21 2010
  - Clean up update to 0.11.8.
  - Drop work_around_pkg_config.patch: not needed anymore.
  - Change dbus-1-glib-devel BuildRequires to pkgconfig()
    BuildRequires: dbus-1, dbus-glib-1, gobject-2.0, gio-2.0,
  - Add pkgconfig(gobject-introspection-1.0) to enable introspection
  - Remove explicit dbus-1-glib-devel and glib2-devel Requires in
    devel package, since pkgconfig() Requires are now automatically
* Tue Jun 22 2010
  - Update to version 0.11.8:
    + Enhancements:
    - Improve GObject-Introspection annotations, and optionally
      build Vala bindings, which are currently considered highly
    + Various fixes
  - Changes from version 0.11.7:
    + Deprecations:
    - TpChannelFactoryIface is officially deprecated (it shouldn't
      have been used since 0.8).
    - tp_verify() should not be used in new code: use GLib 2.20's
    + Enhancements:
    - Update to telepathy-spec 0.19.7
      . generate code for the Anonymity and ServicePoint interfaces
      . add ChatStates property and Chat_State_Map type
      . add Account.ConnectionError and ConnectionErrorDetails
    - API additions
    - speed up and cleanup regression tests
    + Various fixes
  - Changes from version 0.11.6:
    + Enhancements:
    - Updated to telepathy-spec 0.19.6:
      . ChangingPresence property on the Account interface
      . SupportedLocationFeatures property on the Location
      . HandleWithTime method on ChannelDispatchOperation
      . MultipleTones method, SendingTones and StoppedTones
      signals, and CurrentlySendingTones and InitialTones
      properties on the DTMF interface
    - API additions
    - Make the ContactList example connection manager more
      realistic, and add a regression test for it
    + Fixes:
    - fdo#28203: TpGroupMixin: allow "adding" contacts who are
      already members, even if the Can_Add flag isn't set (e.g.
      accepting a subscription request twice), and allow "removing"
      contacts who are not in the channel (e.g. rejecting a
      subscription request twice)
    - minor fixes
  - Changes from version 0.11.5:
    + API changes:
    - fdo#23369: when the local user is removed from a Group
      Channel, the GError with which the TpChannel is invalidated
      has changed.
    + Enhancements:
    - API additions
    + Various fixes
  - Changes from version 0.11.4:
    + Enhancements:
    - Add experimental GObject-Introspection bindings
    - API additions
    + Various fixes
  - Changes from version 0.11.3:
    + Enhancements:
    - Upgrade to telepathy-spec 0.19.5
      . Connection.Status, Connection.Interfaces properties (all
      telepathy-glib CMs that use TpBaseConnection should gain
      support for these automatically)
      . Observer.Recover property
      . ContactInfo interface
    - API additions
    + Various fixes
  - Changes from version 0.11.2:
    + Undeprecate tp_get_bus()
  - Changes from version 0.11.1:
    + Enhancements:
    - API additions
    + Various fixes
  - Changes from version 0.11.0:
    + Deprecations:
    - all re-entrant functions
    - tp_get_bus()
    + Enhancements:
    - Update to telepathy-spec 0.19.3
      . generate code for new Connection.Interfaces,
      Connection.Status properties, and implement them in
      . generate code for Connection.Interface.Balance
    - API additions
    - Add an example connection manager for the experimental Call
      API that will eventually replace StreamedMedia
    + Various fixes
  - Rebase work_around_pkg_config.patch.
* Mon Jun 21 2010
  - Update to version 0.10.6:
    + TpGroupMixin: allow "adding" contacts who are already members,
      even if the Can_Add flag isn't set
    + TpGroupMixin: allow "removing" contacts who are not in the
    + Correct the syntax of TP_IS_HANDLE_REPO_IFACE
* Wed May 12 2010
  - Update to version 0.10.5:
    + Enhancements:
    - fdo#27794: improve regression test coverage for TpAccount
    + Fixes:
    - fdo#27780: when TpAccount:connection changes, emit
      notify::connection (smcv)
    - Don't leak TpAccount:parameters when disposed
    - Fix more assertion failures (this time in TpContact) if
      getting contact attributes fails or yields the wrong type
    - Remove some dead code to keep coverity happy
  - Changes from version 0.10.4:
    + Fixes:
    - fdo#27714: support G_CONNECT_AFTER in
      tp_g_signal_connect_object, and document exactly which flags
      we support
    - fdo #27537: fix assertion failure if getting contact
      attributes fails
* Sat Apr 24 2010
  - add work around for missing provides
* Wed Apr 07 2010
  - Update to version 0.10.3:
    + Fixes:
    - Don't fail 'make check' if gtk-doc complains that the
      documentation is incomplete, since this is a stable branch,
      but gtk-doc's definition of "complete" changes from release
      to release
    - Don't warn/error if we're using deprecated functions, since
      this is a stable branch, so it's not going to be fixed here
    + Documentation:
    - fdo#27281: clarify documentation for tp_message_mixin_sent,
      using telepathy-spec 0.19.2 as a reference
    - Improve documentation of
    - tp_account_set_nickname_async: set the right source_tag
* Fri Apr 02 2010
  - Update to version 0.10.2:
    + Fixes:
    - TpAccount: correctly add interfaces such as Avatars
    - Make GetContactAttributes() in GLib CMs tolerate unsupported
      interfaces, as per telepathy-spec 0.19.2
    - Improve documentation of
* Thu Mar 25 2010
  - Update to version 0.10.1:
    + Fixes:
    - Don't make an idle call to put received messages in the
      TpMessageMixin queue, potentially avoiding a reference leak
    - tp_contacts_mixin_set_contact_attribute now takes a const
      gchar * instead of a gchar *
    - Escape the doc-comments better in generated service
    - Fix some typos and broken cross-references in the
      documentation, and improve the TpAccount documentation
    - Chain up to GObject's dispose method when destroying a
    - Remove a misleading debug message from
* Fri Jan 22 2010
  - Update to version 0.10.0:
    + Enhancements:
    - Add compile-time warnings if the results of functions that
      allocate memory are ignored.
    - Add compile-time warnings if the results of certain functions
      with no side-effects are ignored.
    - Improve, syncing with telepathy-gabble
    + Fixes:
    - fdo#23848: when making a release, make the build system check
      for files that indicate unreleased status; correct a few such
    - fdo#25149: when a TpAccount is invalidated (deleted), signal
      connection disconnection first
    - Exit the main loop gracefully when CMs are disconnected from
      the session bus
    - fdo#14603: don't set fatal criticals in
      tp_run_connection_manager, CMs are now responsible for doing
    - fdo#25600: fix inadvertant GLib 2.20 dependency
    - In code generation tools (, allow
      D-Bus methods whose names are C keywords
    - Fix dbus-monitor logging when /bin/sh is
      not bash
* Fri Dec 04 2009
  - Update to version 0.9.2:
    + Enhancements:
    - Add tp_value_array_build utility function
    - Add tp_g_signal_connect_object, a non-leaky version of
    - fdo#25283: add constants for namespaced D-Bus property names,
    - fdo#25235: add <telepathy-glib/telepathy-glib.h> which
      includes the most commonly-used headers
    + Fixes:
    - fdo#24257: make sure tp_account_prepare,
      tp_account_manager_prepare will fail if the object is
      invalidated, rather than never finishing
    - fdo#25051: fix a use-after-free in TpAccountManager by
      disconnecting signal handlers on destruction
    - fdo#24654: fix a potential use-after-free in TpAccount and
      TpAccountManager by copying the list of features required
    - Future-proof TpAccount and TpAccountManager to allow more
      than one Feature
    - fdo#24394: improve code portability to Windows headers and
    - fdo#25121: fix failure to link when -Wl,--no-add-needed is
      used, which is the (faster) default behaviour for
      binutils-gold (deb#556486)
    - Fix various coverity nits, including a missing call to
      va_end, and a typo in the documentation
    - fdo#25359: alter code generation to cope with arbitrary UTF-8
      in the spec
    - fdo#25335: glib-client-gen: annotate deprecated D-Bus methods
    - Don't rely on enum types being unsigned
    - fdo#25181: avoid unnecessary D-Bus calls re-fetching existing
      TpContact objects
    - fdo#25384: if accounts fail to prepare while the account
      manager is preparing, drop them from the list of valid
      accounts rather than never terminating
    - If the fake AccountManager doesn't appear for some reason
      during AM regression tests, don't start the system
    - Fix a theoretical reference-leak in TpAccountManager, and
      some memory leaks in examples and regression tests
* Sat Nov 14 2009
  - Update to version 0.9.1:
    + Fixes:
    - Corrected the GLib dependency to 2.20
    - Corrected the error message given when a write-only D-Bus
      property is read
    - Work around GLib 2.20 being less const-correct than 2.22
    - fdo#23853: if a connection manager is discovered not to be
      running while TpConnectionManager has a ListProtocols call
      in-flight, then a new instance of the CM starts up and
      replies to that call, don't crash with an assertion failure
    - If a connection manager returns error from GetParameters(),
      don't dereference a NULL pointer and segfault
    - When asked to activate or introspect a connection manager,
      don't do anything until we have at least worked out whether
      it was initially running, in order to provide the documented
    - When getting parameter details from a running connection
      manager, consider parameters called "password" or ending with
      "-password" to be secret even if they lack the SECRET flag,
      as was already done when reading .manager files
  - Changes from version 0.9.0:
    + Dependencies:
    - GLib 2.20 is now required.
    - telepathy-glib now links to GIO as well as GLib and GObject.
    + Enhancements:
    - TpAccountManager, TpAccount: add convenience API similar to
    - telepathy-glib now uses Automake 1.11's "silent rules"
      feature for kernel-style output.
* Mon Sep 28 2009
  - Update to version 0.8.0:
    + spec: update from 0.17.28 to 0.18.0 (no real changes)
    + ContactList example CM: fix a crash during shutdown
    + StreamedMedia example CM: check for direction changes correctly
  - Changes from version 0.7.37:
    + Enhancements:
    - Update to telepathy-spec 0.17.28
      . add ContactCapabilities interface
      . add InitialVideo, InitialAudio, ImmutableStreams properties
      to StreamedMedia
    - Set the debug domain for telepathy-glib to tp-glib/$category,
      e.g.  tp-glib/connection for TpConnection and TpBaseConnection
    + Fixes:
    - fdo#23843: make tp_debug_sender_log_handler with exclude=NULL
      include everything, rather than nothing
* Fri Sep 04 2009
  - Update to version 0.7.36:
    + Enhancements:
    - Add TpDebugSender, along with the lower-level TpSvcDebug
      interface that it uses
    - Clarify when tp_proxy_signal_connection_disconnect is safe to
    - Add support for simulating DTMF and Hold support in the
      'callable' example connection manager
    - fdo#21327: truncate the ChangeLog at version 0.6 to stop it
      being so huge, and force ISO date format
    + Fixes:
    - If the bus name for a Connection would be too long, hash the
      unique name provided by the CM, instead of crashing
    - fdo#23524: don't introspect a TpConnectionManager twice in
      parallel, avoiding an assertion failure
    - TpChannel: don't disconnect from a TpProxySignalConnection
      that's already gone, fixing a crash
    - tp_connection_manager_idle_read_manager_file: avoid using the
      TpConnectionManager after it may have been disposed
    - TpBaseConnection: Allow GetInterfaces() to succeed before
* Tue Aug 25 2009
  - Update to version 0.7.35:
    + API changes:
    - fdo#17751: TpBaseConnection no longer guarantees that the
      self-handle is set to 0 when the state changes to
      DISCONNECTED; instead, the self-handle remains valid until
      the connection is disposed, so that connection managers can
      use it during teardown.
    + Enhancements:
    - Add tp_dbus_daemon_list_names() and
      tp_dbus_daemon_list_activatable_names(), which are more
      efficient (and more const-correct) versions of the
      corresponding autogenerated tp_cli_dbus_daemon methods
    - Support the Hold interface in the "callable" example CM
    + Fixes:
    - Finally make tp_dbus_daemon_watch_name_owner bind to
      NameOwnerChanged selectively, for reduced wakeups.
    - Fix a memory leak in tp_dbus_daemon_watch_name_owner
    - fdo#9812: TpDynamicHandleRepo: use
      tp_dbus_daemon_watch_name_owner for reduced wakeups
    - In TpDynamicHandleRepo, if a client holds handles then
      immediately crashes, release those handles as soon as we find
      out that it's gone
    - fdo#22957: fix compilation in some non-gcc compilers
    - As per telepathy-spec 0.17.27, represent connection status
      TP_ERROR_ALREADY_CONNECTED (as appropriate), not as
      TP_ERROR_NOT_YOURS, so that NotYours can safely be given
      special handling
  - Changes from version 0.7.34:
    + Enhancements:
    - Updated to telepathy-spec 0.17.27
    * generate code for Connection.Interface.Location
    * omit Debug interface from code-generation for now: it will
      be enabled in a future release when we have reference
      client- and service-side implementations (possibly called
      TpDebugReceiver and TpDebugSender)
    * add more errors
    * generate code for Handler.Capabilities property
    - Add macros for static assertions (tp_verify, tp_verify_true,
      tp_verify_statement) to util.h
    - Make the allocation model for
      tp_dbus_properties_mixin_make_properties_hash part of our ABI
    + Fixes:
    - fdo#23164: don't unref a NULL DBusMessage
    - Get tp_intset_iter_init and tp_intset_iter_reset into the
    - Make omitted CM parameters that have a default
      indistinguishable from explicitly-passed parameters with that
      value, removing the need to specify the default in the
      Connection as well
    - fdo#22889: reduce introspection round-trips
    - Fix header guard in debug.h
    - fdo#18091: for interfaces with D-Bus methods, document how to
      write a complete interface init function
    - Fix a rare crash when a TpProxyPendingCall is cancelled
      before the DBusGProxyCall is provided
* Sun Jul 19 2009
  - Update to version 0.7.33:
    + Fixed a test failure in test-params-cm on certain
      architectures, including powerpc and sparc
    + Fixed an assertion failure in TpConnection if StatusChanged to
      CONNECTED is followed immdiately by GetStatus returning
* Sat Jun 13 2009
  - Update to version 0.7.32:
    + Enhancements:
    - fdo#22208: Updated to telepathy-spec 0.17.26
    - Added generated service-side bindings for AccountManager,
      Account, ChannelDispatcher, ChannelDispatchOperation,
      ChannelRequest and Client - Added minimal versions of
      TpAccountManager, TpAccount,
      TpChannelDispatcher, TpChannelDispatchOperation,
      TpChannelRequest and TpClient
    - fdo#22205: Added support for deprecating or removing _run_
      methods in code generation
    - Added flymake support
    - fdo#22230: Added support for byte ('y') parameters to CMs
    + Fixes:
    - Made sure _gen/error-str.h and .c end with a newline, fixing
      compilation with certain compilers
    - fdo#19741: Documented client-side handle reference counting
    - fdo#21977: Removed duplicate mention of media-interfaces.h in
    - fdo#22121: made tp_channel_dispose properly idempotent
    - Removed dead code for introspecting alias flags
    - fdo#22182: Fixed a potential use-after-free in the callable
      example CM
    + Release notes for projects using code generation:
    - After updating to this version of, _run_
      methods will no longer be generated by default. To get the
      behaviour of older versions, run it with the new
    - -generate-reentrant option; to get the methods present but
      deprecated, use an option like
    - -deprecate-reentrant=FOO_DISABLE_DEPRECATED (which means the
      _run_ methods are marked with G_GNUC_DEPRECATED, and will not
      be available at all if FOO_DISABLE_DEPRECATED is defined).
* Wed May 27 2009
  - Update to version 0.7.31:
    + Enhancements:
    - Added TP_ERROR_STR_* constants corresponding to the members
      of the TpError enum, and tp_error_get_dbus_name() mapping the
      latter to the former
    - Updated to telepathy-spec 0.17.25, adding ConnectionRefused,
      ConnectionFailed and ConnectionLost errors, and the new-style
      StreamTube and DBusTube channel types
    - Made tp_g_key_file_get_int64 and _uint64 into public API for
      Mission Control's benefit
    + Fixes:
    - Changed the dbus_daemon member of TpProxy to be removed in
      dispose, rather than just after the invalidated signal
    - Fixed a null pointer dereference if a TpConnectionManager is
      resurrected during dispose
    - Fixed a use-after-free when the user-supplied object in
      tp_connection_manager_call_when_ready is destroyed after the
      CM becomes ready
    - Fixed tp_dbus_daemon_request_name,
      tp_dbus_daemon_release_name and
      _tp_dbus_daemon_get_name_owner to fail gracefully if the
      TpDBusDaemon has been invalidated
* Tue May 19 2009
  - Update to version 0.7.30:
    + API changes:
    - tp_proxy_add_interface_by_id() may not be called on an
      invalidated proxy. (It never made sense to do this, but now
      telepathy-glib will complain if you do.)
    + Enhancements:
    - Added tp_dbus_daemon_request_name() and
      tp_dbus_daemon_release_name(). (Fixes fdo#21771.)
    - Update to telepathy-spec 0.17.23, adding the Terminated
    - Added optional support for Shave, to give kernel-style pretty
      make output. (This is disabled by default; to enable it, pass
    - -enable-shave to configure.)
    - Channel introspection will now fail more quickly when the
      channel is invalidated.
    + Fixes:
    - Generated GInterfaces now install type information sooner,
      fixing a bug where object construction could make dbus-glib
    + fdo#21792:
      asserts if get_contact_statuses returns NULL.
* Sun Apr 05 2009
  - Update to version 0.7.29:
    + Enhancements:
    - TpBaseConnectionManager, tp_cm_param_setter_offset: support
      parameters of various extra types - object path, double,
      64-bit signed and unsigned integer, array of strings, array
      of bytes - and add regression tests
    - TpContact: enhance documentation to spell out that change
      notification is via GObject::notify::alias etc.
    - tp_asv_new(), a shorthand for creating hash tables from
      strings to slice-allocated GValues, along with tp_asv_set_*
      and tp_asv_take_* helpers to add entries to such hash tables.
      (Fixes fdo#20942)
* Wed Mar 25 2009
  - Update to version 0.7.28:
    + API changes:
    - Use the prefix for D-Bus errors specified by telepathy-spec,
      not something telepathy-glib made up (changing .Errors to the
      correct .Error). This was a regression in telepathy-glib 0.7.1.
    + Enhancements:
    - Update to telepathy-spec 0.17.22, adding
    - Extend the 'callable' example connection manager to support
      simulated incoming calls, support simulated contacts who
      never answer, are busy or terminate the call, and comply with
      telepathy-spec 0.17.22
    + Fixes:
    - fdo#20729: csh (chatroom) example connection manager: comply
      with telepathy-spec 0.17.21 by always allowing the user to
      leave the Group
    - Cancel GetParameters call if the CM crashes, fixing an
      assertion failure in
* Wed Mar 18 2009
  - Update to version 0.7.27:
    + Enhancements:
    - fdo#18220: make it much less verbose to construct
      string/variant maps (a{sv}) by adding functions like
    - Make example connection managers installable (with
    - -enable-installed-examples)
    - Add an example connection manager that has dummy
      StreamedMedia channels
    - Add an example connection manager that has dummy ContactList
      channels vaguely resembling the XMPP roster
    - Update to telepathy-spec 0.17.21 (adding
    + Fixes:
    - fdo#20646: in TpChannel, when adding contacts to one of the
      Group sets, remove them from both of the others
    - Use AM_PATH_PYTHON to detect the Python version
    - In TpGroupMixin, let implementations allow the self-handle to
      be removed regardless of whether the CAN_REMOVE flag is set.
    - fdo#20165: fix a use-after-free in
      tp_base_connection_register() that causes connection managers
      to assert if they have not already called
      tp_dbus_daemon_dup() or tp_run_connection_manager()
    - Fix some memory leaks when making TpContact objects, when
      holding handles in TpContactsMixin, when filling contact
      attributes in TpPresenceMixin, when setting simple presence,
      and in the regression tests
    - Update the valgrind suppressions file to cope with new
      telepathy-glib code, GTest, and glibc 2.9
    - Fix compilation with gtkdoc 1.11, which is stricter about the
      contents of Since: annotations, and parses more comments



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