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sg3_utils-1.44~763+19.1ed0757-9.3.1 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.3 for aarch64

Name: sg3_utils Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15
Version: 1.44~763+19.1ed0757 Vendor: SUSE LLC <>
Release: 9.3.1 Build date: Fri May 3 10:05:58 2019
Group: Hardware/Other Build host: ibs-arm-2
Size: 5524070 Source RPM: sg3_utils-1.44~763+19.1ed0757-9.3.1.src.rpm
Summary: A collection of tools that send SCSI commands to devices
The sg3_utils package contains utilities that send SCSI commands to
devices. As well as devices on transports traditionally associated with
SCSI (e.g. Fibre Channel (FCP), Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and the SCSI
Parallel Interface(SPI)) many other devices use SCSI command sets.
ATAPI cd/dvd drives and SATA disks that connect via a translation layer
or a bridge device are examples of devices that use SCSI command sets.




GPL-2.0+ and BSD-3-Clause


* Tue Apr 30 2019
  - Update to version 1.44~763+19.1ed0757:
    * use LUN wildcard in idlist (bsc#1069384)
    * 40-usb-blacklist.rules: use ID_SCSI_INQUIRY
    (bsc#840054, bsc#1131482)
* Thu Apr 25 2019
  - Spec file: add fc_wwpn_id to generate by-path links for
    fibrechannel (bsc#1005063)
  - Update to version 1.44~763+17.35f525b:
    * Changed versioning scheme (svn r763, pre-release of
      upstream 1.44, plus 16 SUSE patches, SUSE git commit b2fedfa)
    * Code-identical to previous release except for the following:
    * 59-fc-wwpn-id.rules: fix rule syntax (bsc#1133418)
* Fri Apr 06 2018
  - Update to svn r763:
    * More NVMe bugfixes
    * sg_vpd: add device constituents vpd
    * sg_raw: add --raw option
    * sg_turs: add --low option
    * sg_ses: decoding dpage fixes; add --quiet option
  - Fixup syntax error (bsc#1087008)
  - Use separate repository for SLE15
* Mon Feb 12 2018
  - dracut.conf: add whitespace at end of line (bsc#1080562)
* Fri Feb 09 2018
  - Update to svn r751:
    * NVMe bugfixes
    * sg_seek: new utility
    * sg_stream_ctl: new utility program
  - 54-before-scsi-sg3_id.rules: compability rule for systemd
  - Add dracut.conf to install new rule with dracut
* Thu Feb 08 2018
  - Merge local patch with git repository
    * Delete sgut-libversioning.diff
* Wed Feb 07 2018
  - Update to svn r744:
    * sg_write_x: new command for normal/atomic/orwrite etc
      SCSI WRITE variants
    * sg_ses: add NVMe support
    * sg_inq: decode NVMe controller / NSIDs
  - Fix manpage for --forcerescan
  - 55-scsi-sg3_id.rules: fixes for scsi_id compability (bsc#1079873)
  - 55-scsi-sg3_id.rules: run sg_inq for SPC devices (bsc#1079873)
* Fri Dec 22 2017
  - sg_inq: check VPD page 0x0 before reading serial number
  - sg_inq: add option '-o/--only' to skip reading VPD pages
  - Revert 'postun' rpm spec changes after review
* Mon Dec 18 2017
  - sg_inq: decode standard INQUIRY for CD-ROMs correctly (bsc#1070431)
  - new option for ignore rev change
  - Remove white space
  - Add 'coreutils' to Requires (bsc#1072744)
  - Add 'posttrans' to rpm spec (bsc#1071972)
* Wed Nov 29 2017
  - Update to svn r730:
    * Move testing utilities to 'testing' directory
    * sg_opcode: check resid and trim response
    * sg_rep_zones: expand --help option
    * sg_mode: Add Out-of-band management control page
    * sg_ses: filer join output on dpage element presence
    * documentation cleanup
  - Add '--ignore-rev' option
  - Supplement SCSI modaliases (bsc#1065212)
* Fri Oct 13 2017
  - Update to svn r721:
    * Merge SUSE-specific patches with upstream svn
    * sg_write_atomic: add new program for WRITE ATOMIC
    * sg_bg_ctl: new background control command
    * sg_ses: Improve output and option handling
    * sg_logs: Add --vendor and decode more pages
    * sg_get_lba_status: add new program
    * Install and scsi_logging_level per default
* Fri Aug 11 2017
  - Drop patch merged with git repository
    * drop add-lunsearch-filter-to-searchexisting.patch
  - Drop rules included in git repository
    * drop 40-usb-blacklist.rules
  - Update to latest svn snapshot:
    * sg_rdac: add sanity checks for -f=lun value
    * sg_vpd improvements
    * sg_ses: fix uninitialized struct
    * sg_luns: resync with SAM and SPC drafts
    * sg_vpd: fix struct misalignment introduced by --force
    * sg_logs: add --vendor and fixup enumeration
  - Port patches from SLES:
    * Add systemd service files for LUN masking (bsc#954600)
    * 55-scsi-sg3_id.rules: handle VPD page 0x80 correctly (bsc#1006469)
    * scripts: added udev rules for legacy CCISS (bsc#1006175)
    * Add lunsearch filter to findresized()
    * Add fc_wwpn_id to generate by-path links for fibrechannel
    * 55-scsi-sg3_id.rules: allow to override sysfs inquiry
    * sg_inq: export all NAA values (bsc#1050767)
    * Silence gcc warnings
* Mon Feb 20 2017
  - Remove superfluous insserv PreReq.
* Wed Sep 07 2016
  - using "--lun" now works correctly (bsc#981452), adding patch:
    * add-lunsearch-filter-to-searchexisting.patch
* Fri Apr 29 2016
  - Update to new upstream release 1.43:
    * sg_senddiag: add --timeout=SEC option
    * sg_sanitize: add --timeout=SEC option
    * sg_format: add --timeout=SEC option
    * sg_decode sense: add --cdb option
    * sg_ses: handle 2 bit EIIOE field in aes dpage
    - expand join handling of SAS connectors and others
    - expand join debug code
    * sg_logs: fix volume statistics lpage when subpage
      is zero (ssc5r02a); decode mount history log parameter
    - decode Requested recovery, TapeAlert response, and
      Service buffer information lpages for tape
    - add '--pdt=DT' option
    * sg_inq: fix potential unbounded loop in --export
    - update version descriptor list to 20160420
    * sg_inq+sg_vpd: update Extended inquiry data vpd
      page (spc5r09)
    - add --force option to bypass checking supported
      vpd pages page and fetch requested page directly
    * sg_reassign+sg_write_same: fix ULONG_MAX problem
    * sg_turs+sg_requests: make both accept '--num=NUM'
      and '--number=NUM' for mutual compatibility
    * sg_zone: fix debug cdb naming
    * sg_opcode: add '--enumerate' and '--pdt=' options
    * sg_raw: add '--enumerate' option
    * sg_lib: add SSC maintenance in/out sa names
    - add read buffer(16) command mode names
    - add sg_decode_transportid_str()
    * sg_lib_data: sync asc/ascq codes with T10 20160425
    * harden code
    * clang --analyze static checker clean ups
    * shellcheck cleanup on scripts
    * automake: add AM_PROG_AR to
    - upgrade to version 1.15
  - Include patches from upstream:
    * sg_inq+sg_vpd: add --force option to bypass checking
      of supported vpd pages
    * sg_lib_data: add Bind and Unbind to service action out(16)
  - Remove 0001-sg_vpd-sg_inq-Safe-VPD-page-access.patch; merged
    with upstream.
* Thu Apr 28 2016
  - sg_inq,sg_vpd: Safe VPD page access (bsc#945094)
    * Add 0001-sg_vpd-sg_inq-Safe-VPD-page-access.patch
* Thu Feb 18 2016
  - Update to new upstream release 1.42:
    * sg_timestamp: new, to report or set timestamp
    * sg_read_attr: new, supported by tape drives
    * sg_stpg: fix truncation of target port field
    * sg_inq: cope with unicode strings, udev fixes
    - update version descriptor list to 20160125
    - '--export': new entries for UUID descriptor
    * sg_ses: add more field acronyms (ses3r11)
    8 sg_logs: add Utilization lpage (sbc4r07)
    - add Background operation lpage
    - add Pending defects lpage
    - add LPS misalignment lpage (sbc4r10)
    - document '--All' ('-A') option
    - rework lto tape vendor lpages
    * sg_vpd: add Block limits extension VPD page
    - add Device constituents VPD page
    - add LB Protection VPD page (ssc 15-296r1)
    - LB provisioning VPD page: expand LBPRZ, add
      Minimum and Threshold percentage fields
    - rework lto tape vendor VPD pages
    * sg_inq+sg_vpd+sg_xcopy: add support for locally
      assigned UUIDs in VPD page 0x83 (15-267r2)
    * sg_sanitize: add --znr option (sbc4r07)
    * sg_rep_zones: add --partial option (zbc-r04)
    * sg_format: add ffmt option (sbc4r10)
    - add support for FORMAT MEDIUM (for tape)
    * sg_raw: document length relationships
    * updates from Suse
    * sg_lib_data: sync asc/ascq codes with T10 20151126
    * sg_lib: add 'sense' categories for SCSI statuses:
      condition met, busy, task set full, ACA active and
      task aborted
    - add pr2serr() extern
    - change sg_get_sense_str() and dStrHexStr(), return
      chars written (returned void previously)
    - add sg_get_sense_descriptors_str() function
    - add sg_get_designation_descriptor_str() function
    - sg_get_desig_type_str()+sg_get_desig_assoc_str()
      and sg_get_desig_code_set_str() added
    - sg_get_opcode_sa_name() break out zoning in/out,
      read attribute and read position service actions
    * sg_cmds_extra: add sg_ll_format_unit2() for FFMT
    * sg_pr2serr.h: new, to shorten fprintf(stderr, ...)
    * sg_io_linux, sg_pt_linux: drop SUGGEST_* decoding
    * sg_unaligned.h: add 48 bit support and gets for
      variable length unsigned integers
  - Delete sg3_utils-sg_inq-blacklist.diff; solved differently
  - Added 40-usb-blacklist.rules (bsc#840054)
  - Delete sg3_utils-58-scsi-sg3_symlink-fixup.patch;
    merged with upstream
  - Delete sg3_utils-flush-fixup.patch; merged with upstream
* Mon Nov 16 2015
  - Add sg3_utils-flush-fixup.patch: Fix syntax error when -f (flush
    failed multipath devices) used in command line.
* Mon Oct 05 2015
  - Add sg3_utils-58-scsi-sg3_symlink-fixup.patch: Fix broken line in
    script (boo#940833, boo#940834, boo#947947).
* Wed Jul 08 2015
  - Update to new upstream release 1.41
    * sg_zone: new utility for open, close and finish
      zone commands introduced in zbc-r02
    * sg_rep_zones and sg_reset_wp: change opcodes as
      indicated in zbc-r02
    * sg_read_buffer: add READ BUFFER(16) support (spc5r02)
    * sg_logs: add --enumerate and acronyms
    * allow decode from hex or binary in file
    * decode environmental reporting + limits lpages
    * sg_write_buffer: add --timeout=TO option
    * sg_lib interface: add sg_lib_pdt_decay(), TPROTO_PCIE
      plus support for zoning service actions
    * sg_lib: in Linux blocked devices yield ENXIO from
      ioctl(SG_IO), map to SG_LIB_CAT_NOT_READY
    * clean up sg_warnings_stream handling
    * sg_inq+sg_vpd: fix SCSI name string decoding in
      device identification VPD page (0x83)
    * increase sanity on Unit Serial number VPD page
    * improve rdac vpd page reporting (vendor)
    * sg_inq: improve NAA handling in dev_id VPD page
    * update version descriptor list to 20150126
* Fri Feb 13 2015
  - Update to ne wupstream release 1.40
    * New utilities: sg_write_verify (for WRITE AND VERIFY),
    sg_ses_microcode, sg_sat_read_gplog.
    * sg_senddiag gained the --maxlen= and --page=PG options
    * sg_opcodes gained the --compact field
    * sg_inq: expand Block limits VPD page output
  - Drop sg3_utils-fix-missing-rule-for-scsi_serial-partitions.patch,
    (merged upstream)
  - Replace symbol version hack (it forced lockstep updates) by
    sgut-libversioning.diff (allows parallel installation).
* Sun Jan 04 2015
  - blacklist some usb controllers that don't like sg_inq (bnc#840054)
    Add: sg3_utils-sg_inq-blacklist.diff



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