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groovy-test-2.4.16-lp152.1.50 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.2 for noarch

Name: groovy-test Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.2
Version: 2.4.16 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.1.50 Build date: Tue Jun 9 22:54:19 2020
Group: Development/Libraries/Java Build host: build80
Size: 160905 Source RPM: groovy-2.4.16-lp152.1.50.src.rpm
Summary: test module for groovy
test module for groovy.




Apache-2.0 AND BSD-3-Clause AND EPL-1.0 AND SUSE-Public-Domain AND CC-BY-2.5


* Mon Dec 09 2019 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Update to upstream version 2.4.16
  - Modified patches:
    * 0002-Gradle-local-mode.patch
    * 0003-Bintray.patch
      + Rediff to changed context
  - Added patches:
    * groovy-buildscan.patch
      + Disable build-scan plugin during the build
    * groovy-java11.patch
      + Fixes compatibility with Java 11
    * groovy-source-levels.patch
      + Set the language level to 7 in order to allow building
      with Java 11
  - Build with Java 11
* Mon Dec 02 2019 Fridrich Strba <>
  - For some reason, the .xmvn-reactor ends up on s390x in the
    ~/.gradle/daemon/<gradleVersion>/ directory, even though we
    specify --no-daemon option to gradle. We work it around by
    bringing it to the directory where xmvn-install expects it to
    be found.
* Sun Nov 17 2019 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Initial packaging of groovy 2.4.8



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