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libgda-5_0-devel-5.2.4-lp151.6.3 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.1 for x86_64

Name: libgda-5_0-devel Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.1
Version: 5.2.4 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp151.6.3 Build date: Thu Feb 14 22:13:02 2019
Group: Development/Libraries/C and C++ Build host: cloud122
Size: 4866286 Source RPM: libgda-5.2.4-lp151.6.3.src.rpm
Summary: GNU Data Access (GDA) Library -- Development Files
GNU Data Access (GDA) is an attempt to provide uniform access to
different kinds of data sources (databases, information servers,
mail spools, etc). It is a complete architecture that provides
everything needed to access data.

This package contains all necessary include files and libraries needed
to develop applications that require these.




GPL-2.0-or-later AND LGPL-2.1-or-later


* Thu Nov 15 2018 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Update libgda-jre10.patch: Support current and future Java
    versions (up to 19).
* Wed Feb 28 2018
  - Modernize spec-file by calling spec-cleaner
* Mon Jan 08 2018
  - Added patches:
    * libgda-jre10.patch: detect JRE 10's version string.
    * libgda-5.2.4-nojavah.patch: instead of javah invocation, use
      javac's -h option; this bumps build requirement to
      java-devel >= 1.8
  - Modified patches:
    * libgda-jre18.patch
    * libgda-jre9.patch
      + Don't patch generated configure, but the source java.m4 file
  - Run spec cleaner and add dependency on autoconf, automake and
    libtool in order to regenearate the configure and
* Tue Dec 05 2017
  - Build against openSSL 1.0 for now:
    + Add libopenssl-1_0_0-devel BuildRequires.
    + BuilgIgnore openssl (the helper programs): they are not needed
      and the build dep would pull in version 1.1, conflicting with
      openssl 1.0 devel packages.
* Mon Nov 06 2017
  - Update libgda-jre9.patch: be compatible with Java 9.*;
    javac -version strips trailing 0, so 9.0 is reported as 9,
    whereas 9.0.1 is reported as 9.0.1.
* Tue Oct 03 2017
  - Remove leftover dependency on gcc-java
* Wed Sep 27 2017
  - Update libgda-jre9.patch: with the release of JRE 9.0.0, the
    version identifier was changed from 9-internal to 9. Change the
    patch to accept both variants.
* Thu Sep 14 2017
  - Fix build with JRE 9:
    + Add libgda-jre9.patch: detect JRE 9's version string.
  - Do not run fdupes across default partition boundaries.
  - Run spec-cleaner.
* Tue Sep 12 2017
  - Add libgda-utf.patch: Do not use UTF-8 chars in headers parsed
    by glib-mkenums. In the build root, this fails otherwise.
* Sat Dec 10 2016
  - Automatically find the current version of VALA and pass the
    correct string to --enable-vala VALA_API_VERSION=. This allows us
    not having to change the .spec every 6 months.
* Thu Sep 15 2016
  - Build using Vala 0.34: pass --enable-vala VALA_API_VERSION=0.34
    to configure (instead of --enable-vala VALA_API_VERSION=0.32).
* Tue Jul 19 2016
  - Drop pkgconfig(fbembed) BuildRequires: pkgconfig(fbclient) is
    sufficient (and fbembed no longer exists).
* Fri Apr 15 2016
  - Update to GNOME 3.20  Fate#318572
* Wed Mar 30 2016
  - Now with Java 1.8, on ppc64le set java arch to ppc64 only
    if we build with java 1.5 or 1.6
* Tue Feb 09 2016
  - Pass VALA_API_VERSION=0.32 (instead of 0.30) to configure,
    following the switch to vala 0.31.x/0.32 tree.
* Fri Sep 04 2015
  - Pass VALA_API_VERSION=0.30 (instead of 0.28) to configure.
* Mon Aug 31 2015
  - disable getspARCH change for ppc64le when still using jre 1.7
    (required for Leap 42.1)
* Fri Aug 14 2015
  - Own %{_datadir}/appdata (Fix build on Leap).
* Mon Jul 20 2015
  - Add libgda-jre18.patch: Fix build with JRE 1.8.
* Fri Jul 03 2015
  - Development package now includes vapi files, add vala
    BuildRequies and pass --enabl vala to configure.
* Fri Jun 12 2015
  - Update to version 5.2.4:
    + Added missing file in distributed tarball (bgo#750891).
  - Changes from version 5.2.3:
    + Improved Vala and introspection.
    + Misc bugs fixed.
    + Bugs fixed: bgo#722531, bgo#722773, bgo#730813, bgo# 742312,
    + Updated translations.
* Mon Feb 02 2015
  - Re-enable firebird for s390/s390x.
* Wed Jul 02 2014
  - change getspARCH to ppc64 on ppc64le
    (Introduced with IcedTea 2.5)
* Mon Dec 23 2013
  - Update to version 5.2.2:
    + Avoid using setlocale() in libraries.
    + Bugs fixed: bgo#720594.
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop libgda-new-graphviz.patch: fixed upstream.
* Mon Dec 16 2013
  - libgda-new-graphviz.patch: Fix detection of new Graphviz API.
* Sun Dec 08 2013
  - Update to version 5.2.1:
    + Fixed a Unix compilation issue (bgo#712143).
    + Improved configure script output.
  - Changes from version 5.2.0:
    + Vala bindings improvements.
    + Improvements to most database providers (MySQL, PostgreSQL,
      SQLite, SqlCipher, JDBC, ...).
    + Use SqlCipher 3.0.0 and Sqlite
    + Switched to GTK+3.
    + Lots of work on the Windows platform.
    + Many bugs fixed.
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop libgda-old-graphviz.patch and
    libgda-no-return-in-nonvoid.patch: fixed upstream.
  - Add itstool BuildRequires: new dependency.
  - No longer inject pkgconfig --cflags fbclient into CFLAGS:
    firebird.m4 has since been fixed (bgo#684583).
* Sat Jul 20 2013
  - Do not mark %{_sysconfdir}/libgda-5.0/config as %dir: RPM 4.11
    became stricter in ensuring the tags are true.
* Sat Mar 16 2013
  - Update to version 5.1.2:
    + Many small corrections, some uncovered by CoverityScan.
    + Misc code cleanups, avoid using deprecated functions.
    + MySQL improvements.
    + Vala bindings improvements and corrections.
    + Data export improvements
    + Upgraded SQLite to and SqlCipher to 2.1.1.
    + Have blobs work on Windows.
    + Bugs fixed: bgo#691099, bgo#691069, bgo#669801, bgo#687235,
      bgo#684895, bgo#684583, bgo#684141, bgo#683162.
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop libgda-introspect.patch: fixed upstream.
  - Add libgda-old-graphviz.patch: re-add support for older graphviz
    versions (< 2.30).
  - Add libgda-no-return-in-nonvoid.patch: Fix missing return values
    in non-void functions.
* Fri Dec 28 2012
  - BuildRequires fbclient and fbembed on ppc64 as well
* Tue Sep 25 2012
  - license update: GPL-2.0+ and LGPL-2.1+
    Semicolon is ambiguous
* Sat Sep 22 2012
  - Update to version 5.1.1:
    + Asynchronous statement execution improvements
    + Added the GDA_STATEMENT_MODEL_OFFLINE flag to specify that
      resulting data model must be readable without requiring a
      server connection
    + Correctly parse "NOT LIKE" and "NOT ILIKE" expressions, and
      hexadecimal notations
    + PostgreSQL: added the "CONNECT_TIMEOUT" option
    + Use Libsecret instead of Libgnome-keyring if available
    + Many other small corrections, code cleanups and deprecated
      functions removal
    + Windows: many code & packaging corrections
    + Many code cleanups to switch to GTK3's features
    + Bugs fixed: bgo#676239, bgo#669801, bgo#680311, bgo#680820,
    + Updated translations.
  - Add libgda-introspect.patch: fix gobject-introspection parsing.
  - Drop libgda-brp.patch and libgda-better-javadetection.patch:
    fixed upstream.
  - Replace pkgconfig(gnome-keyring-1) BuildRequires with
    pkgconfig(libsecret-1), following upstream.
  - Drop xz BuildRequires as it now comes for free in the build
* Sat Sep 22 2012
  - Generalize arch detection
* Wed Aug 22 2012
  - Update to version 5.1.0:
    + Many Vala bindings improvements
    + Improved Windows packaging scripts
    + GdaBrowser: many small improvements
    + GdaSql: new LDAP commands, better inline help, better visual
      rendering, datasets manipulation
    + Many small corrections, optimizations and bug fixes (Libgda
      core, UI extension, Reports extension, MySQL, virtual
      connections, documentation)
    + Firebird support improvements
    + LDAP: added write support, added connection parameters to
      handle SSL certification chain and size and time limits,
      improved authentification with Active Directory
    + Set SQLite version to 3.7.9 and SqlCipher to 2.0.3
    + MDB tools: handle version 0.7
    + Removed usage of symbols marked as deprecated for Glib 2.32,
      and other code cleanups
    + Bugs fixed: bgo#666356, bgo#667837, bgo#668411, bgo#672874,
      bgo#674715, bgo#674618, bgo#674976.
    + Updated translations.
  - Pass --enable-gda-gi and --enable-gdaui-gi to configure to ensure
    we have gobect introspection enabled.
  - Replace firebird-devel BuildRequires with pkgconfig(fbclient) and
    pkgconfig(fbembed): firebird packaging was restructured and we
    don't want to follow all the changes there. The pkgconfig()-way
    makes such things transparent to us.
  - split out a new libgda-5_0-firebird package.
  - Inject pkgconfig --cflags fbclient into CFLAGS, as firebird.m4
    only looks in %{_prefix}/include for ibase.h.
  - Add libgda-brp.patch: Fix brp errors.
* Tue Aug 21 2012
  - fix JNI detection on ARM by extending the --ARCH-- logic in %%build
* Sun Jun 17 2012
  - Add libgda-better-javadetection.patch: Improve java detection.
  - Add libgda-javadetection-biarch.patch: Add capability to also
    correctly detectd on i586. The patch only adds a --ARCH-- field,
    which is replaced using sed during %build.
  - Rebuild getsp.class in %build section, as above patches touch the
    source of it. Usually, the .class is shipped in the tarball and
    not rebuilt).
* Wed Jan 25 2012
  - Update to version 5.0.3:
    + Fixed BDBSql building and running
    + Some MySQL provider corrections
    + Many small corrections and improvements (UI extension,
      GdaNumeric, GdaBrowser, GdaSql)
    + GdaSql: improved inline help and better uniform handling of
      query favorites with GdaBrowser
    + Report engine can now convert rich text to HTML
    + Handle deprecated symbols for Glib 2.32
    + Bugs fixed: bgo#665917, bgo#668411, bgo#667837.
    + Updated translations.
  - Add xz BuildRequires because we can't build a package for a
    xz-compressed tarball without explicitly specifying that... See
    bnc#697467 for more details.
* Fri Dec 09 2011
  - Split typelib files into their own subpackages:
    typelib-1_0-Gda-5_0 and typelib-1_0-Gdaui-5_0.
  - Add typelib-1_0-Gda-5_0 and typelib-1_0-Gdaui-5_0 and Requires to
    5_0-devel subpackage.
* Mon Nov 28 2011
  - Do not use firebird-devel BuildRequires on s390, s390x, ppc64.
* Sun Nov 20 2011
  - Update to version 5.0.2:
    + Gobject introspection improvements
    + Several small corrections and improvements
    + Better handling of closed connections, allowing some operations
      on closed connections and better error reporting on them
    + GdaNumeric sealing
    + Bugs fixed: bgo#663608
    + Updated translations.
* Sun Nov 06 2011
  - Update to version 5.0.1:
    + Fixed Vala bindings generation
    + Several small corrections and improvements
    + Bugs fixed: bgo#662809, bgo#567891, bgo#662922, bgo#597390,
    + Updated translations.
* Fri Oct 28 2011
  - Update to version 5.0.0:
    + GObject Introspection fixes and automatic Vala bindings
    + SQLite provider: allow one to load SQLite extensions using
      "SELECT load_extension ('xxx')"
    + Corrected bug when executing statement with a NULL variable
    + New GdaDataPivot object to perform data summarisation
    + Many small corrections and improvements
    + Bugs fixed: bgo#662279, bgo#658643, bgo#622899, bgo#660563,
      bgo#661164, bgo#660344, bgo#661684, bgo#660537.
    + Updated translations.
* Thu Oct 06 2011
  - Add iso-codes Recommends to libgdaui-5_0-4 since the
    iso-codes data is used at runtime (but gtkhtml can survive
    without it).
* Fri Sep 02 2011
  - Update to version 4.99.4:
    + GdaBrowser: improved LDAP support and other general
      improvements and corrections
    + Many small corrections and improvements (documentation, UI,
      default values handling, use GtkCssProvider, ...)
    + GTK3 deprecations related corrections
    + GObject introspection improvements
    + Better handle parameters valued to NULL in statements
    + Support out of tree UI plugins creation
    + Allow reporting of statement execution's delay
    + Web provider (DB access through a web server) improvements
      (deployment, documentation and performances)
    + Set embedded SQLite's version to
    + Bugs corrected: bgo#654370, bgo#654068
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Jul 06 2011
  - Update to version 4.99.3:
    + Convert deprecated GTK3 API to new ones
    + Improved compilation system (M4 macros, compiler warnings)
    + PostgreSQL: support the ILIKE operator
    + Misc corrections and improvements
    + Bug fixed: bgo#653082.
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop libgda-missing-includes.patch: fixed upstream.
* Tue Jun 21 2011
  - Update to version 4.99.2:
    + GDA_TYPE_NULL is not 0 anymore
    + Improved responsiveness when using GdaThreadWrapper
    + Misc. compilation and installation issues corrected
    + MDBTools: distribute missing files
    + GdaBrowser: UI improvements (better LDAP search filter, image
      clipboard copy, text search)
    + Bugs fixed: bgo#651692, bgo#651829, bgo#651922, bgo#652023,
      bgo#652024, bgo#631645, bgo#647633
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop pacthes that were merged upstream:
    + libgda-no-subdir-in-bindir.patch
    + libgda-sqlcipher.patch
  - Add libgda-missing-includes.patch: Fix implicit declaration error
    raised by brp check. Reported as bgo#653082.
* Thu Jun 16 2011
  - Change more pkgconfig() BuildRequires for GNOME 3 port:
    gtksourceview-2.0 to gtksourceview-3.0, goocanvas to
* Mon Jun 06 2011
  - Update to version 4.99.1:
    + Many GTK3 adaptations (GtkApplication instead of libunique,
      code cleanups)
    + New LDAP provider (read only for the moment)
    + Improvements and corrections from the 4.2 branch
    + Updated translations.
  - Create a new subpackage for the ldap provider.
  - Re-enable parallel build and remove FIXME note for it.
  - Add libgda-sqlcipher.patch: Fix no return in non-void function
    brp error.
  - Remove pkgconfig(unique-1.0) BuildRequires after the port to
* Mon Jun 06 2011
  - Update to version 4.99.0:
    + Adaptations to the GTK3 environment:
    - API is preserved but ABI has changed
    - Deprecated API has been removed
    + Embedded SQLite version 3.7.5
    + Embedded SQLCipher version is 2.0Beta
  - Changes from version 4.2.5:
    + Corrected regression which prevented correct execution of
      SELECT statements by virtual connections
    + New NSIS based installer for the GdaBrowser tool under Windows
    + Embedd MDBTools when compiling for Windows
    + Misc other corrections
  - Changes from version 4.2.4:
    + SQLite provider:
    - Correctly report error messages (for example instead of
      "constraint failed")
    - Correctly report if foreign key constraints are enforced or
    + Added possibility to "declare foreign key constraints", which
      are declarations in the metadata where databases don't actually
      use foreign keys
    + GdaMetaStruct: report information about foreign keys
    + GdaBrowser: many small improvements and corrections
    + GdaSql and GdaBrowser: display more information about database
      providers and DSN's connection parameters, and display
      information about foreign key constraints
    + Documentation improvements and corrections
    + Misc small corrections
    + Bugs fixed: bgo#639533, bgo#639897, bgo#639897, bgo#640482,
      bgo#642037, bgo#642100 and bgo#642170
  - Changes from version 4.2.3:
    + Correction to the expression rendering in SQL
    + SQLite: fixed date and related formats when rendering as SQL
    + MySQL: fixed error code ignored and not available via
    + Move convenience functions to appropriate classes
    + Documentation updates
    + GdaSql and GdaBrowser: better information about configuration
      and added possibility to clean data files and truncate data
      output to available width
    + Build system fixes
    + Initial support for rich text rendering in reports
    + Misc. improvements
    + Bugs fixed: bgo#636439, bgo#636608, bgo#637010
    + Updated translations.
  - Change pkgconfig(gtk+-2.0) BuildRequires to pkgconfig(gtk+-3.0)
    and Supplements in libgdaui-5_0-4 to mention gtk3 instead of
  - Change all 4.0 occurences to 5.0 and 4_0 to 5_0 to folow the new
* Wed Jun 01 2011
  - Move to pkgconfig()-style BuildRequires:
    + Old ones: glib2-devel, goocanvas-devel, graphviz-devel,
      gtksourceview-devel, iso-codes-devel, json-glib-devel,
      libgnome-keyring-devel, libsoup-devel, libunique-devel,
      libxslt-devel, sqlite3-devel.
    + New ones: glib-2.0, gnome-keyring-1, goocanvas, gtk+-2.0,
      gtksourceview-2.0, iso-codes, json-glib-1.0, libgvc,
      libsoup-2.4, libxml-2.0, libxslt, sqlite3, unique-1.0.
* Sun Feb 13 2011
  - Call relevant macros in %post/%postun:
    + %desktop_database_post/postun because the package ships at
      least one desktop file.
    + %icon_theme_cache_post/postun because the package ships themed
  - Pass %{?no_lang_C} to %find_lang so that english documentation
    can be packaged with the program, and not in the lang subpackage.
  - Change Requires of lang subpackage to Recommends, since the
    english documentation is not there anymore.
* Mon Dec 06 2010
  - Update to version 4.2.2:
    + GdaBrowser: better take user preferences into account
    + new GdauiRtEditor widget and plugin
    + bug fixes: bgo#635377, bgo#635419 and misc.
    + Updated translations.
  - Use --with-libdir-name instead of --with-bdb-libdir-name, since
    it will work for all other backends too.
* Mon Nov 15 2010
  - Update to version 4.2.1:
    + code cleanups and compilation warnings removal
    + more annotations for GObject Introspection
    + removed old database providers' code
    + build system improvements
    + GdaBrowser improvements: error reporting in data manager
      perspective, authentification dialog
    + documentation corrections
    + updated SQLCipher to version 1.1.8
    + optimized virtual tables usage
    + improved GdaDataModel import and export
    + MySQL provider: support for statements where the prepared
      statement API does not work
    + Bugs fixed: bgo#630655, bgo#630953, bgo#617550, bgo#633247,
      bgo#634737 and other minor ones.
    + Updated translations.
  - Pass --with-bdb-libdir-name=%{_lib} to configure: the configure
    script was changed and doesn't work anymore for 64-bits systems.
* Mon Sep 27 2010
  - Update to version 4.2.0:
    + Misc corrections.
    + Updated translations.
  - Update descriptions of packages.
  - Create a libgda-tools subpackage, that contains unversioned
    binaries. Pass --enable-default-binary to configure so that we
    always get the unversioned binaries.
  - Rename the libgda-4_0 suppackage to libgda-4_0-tools, with
    appropriate Provides and Obsoletes.
  - Split graphical tools out of libgda-4_0-tools in
    libgda-ui-4_0-tools. Add a Supplements to install this subpackage
    automatically if libgda-4_0-tools and the libgda-ui library are
  - Remove Requires for libgda-4_0 in libgda-report-4_0-4: this is
    not needed.
  - Remove Requires for libgda-4_0 in libgda-4_0-doc: this is not
  - Move some files around, so that they get installed with the right
  - Remove the sales_test.db database: it's just there as a test, and
    should not be in the package.
* Wed Sep 15 2010
  - Update to version 4.1.11:
    + Misc corrections
    + New SQLCipher provider (integrated SQLCipher into Libgda) to
      encrypt SQLite databases
    + Updated translations.
  - Add a libgda-4_0-sqlcipher subpackage, for the new provider.
* Sat Sep 11 2010
  - Update to version 4.1.10:
    + GdaBrowser improvements & corrections (better full screen mode
      and notifications, improved data manager perspective and more)
    + Misc corrections
    + Updated translations.
* Thu Sep 02 2010
  - Update to version 4.1.8:
    + Improved core API (GdaSqlBuilder, GdaServerOperation,
      GdaThreadWrapper, GdaConnection)
    + Core corrections and optimization, mainly in the SQLite and
      MySQL providers, connection (locking and thread safe usage)
    + Use Gnome Keyring if available to store username and passwords
      to be used for data sources (DSN)
    + Configuration file monitoring: only use GIO (removed GnomeVFS,
      gamin or FAM)
    + Many improvements to the UI extension
    + Many improvements and corrections to the GdaBrowser tool
    + Update version of embedded SQLite to 3.6.22
    + Updated translations.
  - Add libgnome-keyring-devel BuildRequires.
  - Drop libgda-fix-introspection-build.patch: fixed upstream.
* Sat Aug 07 2010
  - Add libgda-fix-introspection-build.patch to fix build:
    g-ir-compiler isn't able to parse a header with virtual methods
    that are not explicitly typed.
  - Remove gnome-vfs2-devel Requires from devel package.
* Fri Aug 06 2010
  - Update to version 4.1.7:
    + new provider for Oracle Berkeley DB's SQL frontend (which has
      the same API as sqlite)
    + added CREATE_USER and DROP_USER server operations (only for
      PostgreSQL at the moment)
    + better display invalid values in form and grid widgets
    + Lots of GObject introspection annotations added
    + Better MacOSX support: binary relocation corrections, bundle
      making script for the GdaBrowser
    + GdaSqlBuilder API improvements
    + Corrected memory leak in SQLite provider
    + Renamed to
    + Corrections in the Gda-Sql tool regarding username and password
    + Misc. corrections: connection locking issues, honor the
      GDA_EASY_CREATE_TABLE_UNIQUE_FLAG flag, some optimizations
    + Documentation corrections, and code cleanups
    + Updated translations
  - Changes from version 4.1.6:
    + register GdaStatement as a boxed type
    + GdaSqlBuilder API simplifications and other corrections
    + GdauiLogin widget corrections
    + Updated translations
  - Changes from version 4.1.5:
    + support BLOBS in MySQL provider
    + meta data correction for PostgreSQL provider
    + Do not set GErrors without a domain for the PostgreSQL provider
    + honor the request for the last inserted row in the MySQL
    + fetch indexes information for MySQL
    + fixed reading float values in the MySQL provider
    + corrected the MySQL and SQLite boolean handlers
    + API improvements to the GdaSqlBuilder object
    + new Data Manager perspective in the GdaBrowser
    + added help in GdaBrowser
    + initial GObject introspection for the UI extension
    + improved GObject introspection support
    + removed deprecaded GTK+ symbols usage
    + use accessor functions instead direct access (enable GSEAL)
    + new UI extension example
    + doc. corrections & improvements
    + better handle GCJ as the java compiler
    + lots of bug fixes and other improvements
    + Updated translations
  - Remove workarounds for mis-installation of gir files and header.
  - Disable parallel build as it breaks the build at the moment.
  - Move gir files to devel package.
* Wed Apr 28 2010
  - BuildRequire pkg-config in order to produce useful pkgconfig()
* Mon Jan 18 2010
  - Manually install libgda.h, which is not installed anymore in
    4.1.4 (bgo#607357).
* Sat Jan 16 2010
  - Update to version 4.1.4:
    + API improvements: GdaSqlBuilder, UI extension
    + new Web provider to access databases through a web server
    + WIN32 related corrections
    + GNOME 3.0 and GSeal corrections
    + initial support for GObject Introspection (for libgda only)
    + meta data now include indexes information
    + improved icons
    + JDBC provider: don't keep the JVM loaded when not necessary
    + embedd SQLite 3.6.22
    + GdaBrowser improvements and corrections: connections bindings,
      loading CSV files, table's columns' preferences
    + misc bug fixes and other improvements
    + Updated translations.
  - Rebase libgda-no-subdir-in-bindir.patch to apply without fuzz.
  - Create libgda-4_0-web subpackage for the new web provider.
  - Add gobject-introspection-devel BuildRequires, and package
    introspection files. Add a workaround for misinstallation of gir
    file in wrong directory.
* Fri Dec 04 2009
  - Update to version 4.1.3:
    + GdaBrowser improvement
    + UI extension corrections
    + libgda's core improvements: better BLOB handling, better API
      for GdaSqlBuilder, GdaDataSelect
    + misc bug fixes
    + Updated translations.
  - Add firebird-devel, goocanvas-devel, graphviz-devel,
    gtksourceview-devel, iso-codes-devel, libunique-devel,
    readline-devel BuildRequires.
  - Do not make everything depend on libgda-4_0, and move files where
    they really belong. This also implies renaming the lang package
    to libgda-4_0-4-lang.
  - Create 4_0-bdb and ui-4_0-plugins subpackages.
  - Fix self-obsoletion of libgda-devel.
* Mon Sep 28 2009
  - Update to version 4.1.2:
    + the GdaBrowser application now supports query execution, and is
      more polished and stable
    + Lots of bug fixes mainly related to threads usage and the UI
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop libgda-4.1.1-brperrors.patch: fixed upstream.
  - Drop libgda-browser-icons.patch: fixed upstream.
* Fri Sep 04 2009
  - Add libgda-no-subdir-in-bindir.patch to not create a subdirectory
    in bindir (bgo#594115).
  - Add libgda-browser-icons.patch to look for icons in the right
* Mon Aug 24 2009
  - Update to version 4.1.1:
    + it is now possible to use a system installed SQLite, and now
      uses SQLite 3.6.17 if embedded
    + new Oracle driver (provider)
    + improved MySQL and PostgreSQL drivers (providers)
    + console program improvements
    + new UI extension based on GTK+
    + new program to manage data sources graphically
    + new program to "browse" a database's schema
    + improved documentation
    + better handle SQL identifiers
    + Lots of corrections and small improvements
    + Updated translations.
  - Add libgda-4.1.1-brperrors.patch to fix missing includes.
  - Drop libgda-4.1-97723be0.patch and libgda-4.1.0-am111.patch.
  - Remove gnome-common BuildRequire.
  - Split libgda-ui-4_0-4 out.
  - Drop the non versioned packaed. For updaters it's provided by
* Fri Jul 31 2009
  - Update to version 4.1.0:
    + API and ABI compatible with 4.0.x versions
    + new API to execute statement asynchronously
    + new API to build DML (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE)
      statements the easy way
    + new flag to open a connection in a sub thread, to be able to
      use a connection from several threads, even if the connection
      does not support it
    + the GdaMetaStore object is now thread safe
    + new API to represent data organized as trees
    + new API to execute a single statement several times, each
      execution with different parameters' values
    + documentation and examples improvements
    + bug fixes
    + Updated translations.
  - Add libgda-4.1-97723be0.patch, taken from upstream git
  - Add libgda-4.1.0-am111.patch, taken as a part from upstream git
    commit 0cbad26e1.
  - Due to the two patches, BuildRequire gnome-common and call
* Sat Jun 13 2009
  - Add json-glib-devel BuildRequires.
* Sat Mar 28 2009
  - Update to version 4.0.1:
    + make sure Libgda's GdaMetaStore object behaves correctly even
      if the SQLite provider is not installed
    + misc. corrections
* Mon Mar 16 2009
  - Update to version 4.0.0:
    + Documentation fixes.
* Sun Mar 15 2009
  - Update to version 3.99.14:
    + misc. corrections
    + use XDG Base Directory Specification to store DSN list
    + bug fixes: bgo#574736, bgo#574738, bgo#574742, bgo#574740
* Tue Mar 10 2009
  - Update to version 3.99.13:
    + misc. corrections
    + load LibDB only when needed
    + bug fixes: bgo#574021, bgo#574193
  - Drop libgda-1.0.3-ncurses.patch: fixed upstream.
* Sun Mar 01 2009
  - Update to version 3.99.12:
    + misc. corrections
    + MySQL, SQLite and PostgreSQL providers improvements and
    + documentation and examples improvements
    + SQLite version is now 3.6.11
    + Bugs fixed: bgo#572028, bgo#571879, bgo#572220, bgo#542847,
      bgo#572734, bgo#572394
    + Translation updates
  - Remove %{release} from all Requires
  - Remove BuildRequires; fam-devel, gnome-common, gnome-vfs2-devel,
    gtk-doc, libgio-fam, readline-devel, scrollkeeper, sgml-skel,
  - Use Requires %{name} = %{version} instead of
    %{name} >= %{version}
  - Remove -fno-strict-aliasing from compiler flags, and subsequently
    remove compiler flags all together as $RPM_OPT_FLAGS are default
  - Don't use autoreconf
  - Don't use --enable-debug and --enable-gtk-doc with configure



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