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lilypond-emmentaler-fonts-2.18.2-lp151.3.64 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.1 for noarch

Name: lilypond-emmentaler-fonts Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.1
Version: 2.18.2 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp151.3.64 Build date: Sat May 4 10:16:10 2019
Group: System/X11/Fonts Build host: build77
Size: 1460588 Source RPM: lilypond-2.18.2-lp151.3.64.src.rpm
Summary: Lilypond emmentaler fonts
LilyPond is an automated music engraving system. It formats music
beautifully and automatically, and has a friendly syntax for its input

These are the emmentaler fonts included in the package.






* Tue May 15 2018
  - Fix boo#1093056 CVE-2018-10992 with Debian patch
  - Added 0101-read_relocation_dir-in-lilypond_datadir-too.patch
    Issue-5243-2-Let-get-editor-use-shell-quote-argument.diff and
    use_cstring_and_ctype_includes.patch from Debian.
* Mon Jun 05 2017
  - Add to fix crash on
    newer systems with gcc 6 or newer. This also fixes the doc build.
    The patch is from:
    (upstream bug tracker).
* Thu Jun 01 2017
  - Add reproducible.patch to sort input files (boo#1041090),
    to override current timestamp and to not have random uniqueIds
    to make build more reproducible
* Sun Mar 05 2017
  - Use correct vim directory
  - Cleanup of the spec file
    * Install info files correctly (fixes RPMLint warnings)
* Wed Jul 01 2015
  - Add netpbm BuildRequires in all paths, to fix build break
* Tue Feb 24 2015
  - Add netpbm BuildRequires: needed for pngtopnm.
* Mon Mar 31 2014
  - updated to 2.18.2: This version provides a number of updates to
    2.18.0, including updated manuals.  We recommend all users to
    upgrade to this version.
* Thu Jan 02 2014
  - updated to 2.18.0:
    * final release, see changelogs for beta versions
  - dropped use-recommended-freetype-include.patch (upstreamed)
* Wed Dec 18 2013
  - updated to 2.17.97:
    * beta phase to 2.18
    * bugfixes
* Wed Dec 11 2013
  - Added use-recommended-freetype-include.patch -- Freetype upstream
    recommends using their macros together with ft2build include.
    Positive sideeffect is that this patch makes it build with both
    freetype2 2.5.1, and older version



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