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syslinux-4.04-lp150.3.6 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.0 for x86_64

Name: syslinux Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: 4.04 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.3.6 Build date: Mon Apr 9 22:50:31 2018
Group: System/Boot Build host: lamb53
Size: 2066279 Source RPM: syslinux-4.04-lp150.3.6.src.rpm
Summary: Boot Loader for Linux
SYSLINUX is a boot loader for the Linux operating system which operates
off an MS-DOS or Windows FAT file system. It is intended to simplify
first-time installation of Linux and for creation of rescue and other
special purpose boot disks.

    H. Peter Anvin <>






* Thu Jan 18 2018
  - syslinux-4.04-python3.diff: switch to python3 (bsc#1075769)
* Thu Jul 20 2017
  - Add syslinux-4.04-reproducible.patch to sort file lists
    to fix build-compare (boo#1041090)
* Fri Jun 03 2016
  - added aarch64, ppc64le to baselibs.conf (bsc#982948)
* Wed Mar 16 2016
  - syslinux-4.04-align.diff: fix section alignment (bsc#948445)
* Tue Feb 16 2016
  - create also s390x package (bsc#964471)
* Thu Feb 11 2016
  - syslinux-4.04-miniacc.diff: fixup broken conformance tests
* Fri Sep 04 2015
  - drop hard dependency on mtools (bsc#943571)
* Sun Feb 22 2015
  - Do not use gcc-PIE here, lots of assembler (cpuid etc.) that
    would be hard to make ready for PIC.
* Wed Feb 04 2015
  - syslinux-4.04-mtime.diff: don't use timestamps to create a unique id (bnc #915950)
* Mon Aug 11 2014
  - syslinux-4.04-cache_fix.diff: fix memory corruption due to wrong fs cache
    initialisation (bnc #884181)
* Fri Mar 21 2014
  - timeout.diff: fix timeout counter to work more accurate (bnc #691211)
* Wed Mar 05 2014
  - nostrip.diff: don't strip binaries
* Thu Nov 28 2013
  - geometry.diff: Fix segfault caused by a bug in geometry handling
* Fri Apr 05 2013
  - Add Source URL, see
* Mon Mar 04 2013
  - localboot.diff: -2 boots next disk (bnc #807157)
* Thu Feb 28 2013
  - isohybrid_mbr.diff: write only mbr unless explicitly specified otherwise
* Mon Feb 18 2013
  - make uefi image optional
* Tue Feb 05 2013
  - fixed BuildRequires
* Mon Feb 04 2013
  - update isohybrid and mbr & gpt boot code with versions from syslinux-5.00
  - fix gpt code in isohybrid and adjust to create a valid partition table for
    our new media layout
* Thu May 31 2012
  - take headers from libext2fs-devel
* Tue May 15 2012
  - gcc47 fix: use .init_array section instead of .ctors
* Tue May 08 2012
  - fix build with latest kernel headers
* Tue Jul 26 2011
  - take isohybrid from 4.05 (bnc #708043)
* Tue Jun 21 2011
  - don't use Crypt::PasswdMD5 (bnc #701279, bnc #475370)
* Thu Jun 09 2011
  - fix isohybrid option parsing (bnc #697389)
* Wed Apr 20 2011
  - adrian: mboot: replicate BOOTIF option for all modules
* Tue Apr 19 2011
  - handle case where a separate initrd config line is used instead of an
    initrd= kernel option
* Tue Apr 19 2011
  - update to version 4.04
    * PXELINUX: Fix handling of unqualified DNS names.
    * PXELINUX: Fix timer bug when PXELINUX might be unloaded
      (Gene Cumm).
    * core/ Fix duplicate declaration and overflow
      (Gene Cumm).
    * GCC 4.5 fixes.
    * sample directory: Fix Makefile include (Gene Cumm).
    * New universal DOS/COMBOOT application to display
      version information (includes DRMK) (Gene Cumm).
    * rosh.c32: updated; Using getopt() for internal commands to aid
      parsing options; Fix bugs in ls; add warm reboot and echo
      (Gene Cumm).
    * com32: fix a file descriptor leak.
    * gfxboot.c32: handle TEXT..ENDTEXT; error out on no LABELs
      found (Sebastian Herbszt).
    * Fix booting on non-partitioned devices.
    * MBR, isohybrid: Workaround for a BIOS issue on Acer
      Travelmate and possibly other machines.
    * COM32: Adding ACPI parsing libary
    * HDT: Release 0.4.1 to support ACPI parsing,
      improved mutli-core/cpu reporting
    * LUA: Updating to 5.1.4-2
    * SYSLINUX: core/ Reset DS after checksum in case
      it isn't 0 (Gene Cumm).
    * win64: Script update for additional mingw compiler names
      (Gene Cumm).
    * diag: New directory for diagnostic-related tools.  Add a
      handoff MBR/VBR and geometry display images (Gene Cumm).
    * MEMDISK: use "mem=" parameter to mark available memory above
      this point as reserved (core already does alignment) (Gene Cumm).
    * MEMDISK: Additional disk probe checks and debug output
      (Shao Miller, Gene Cumm).
    * gpxe: add gpxelinuxk.0, based off of undionly.kpxe + new
      script (Gene Cumm).
    * isohybrid: install the isohdpfx*.bin/isohdppx*.bin files to
      make isohybrid images in one step with GNU xorriso.
    * PXELINUX: disable a hack that would make localboot work on
      some machines, but break just about as many.  Some machines
      which worked with "localboot 0" in previous versions may
      need "localboot -1" in this one.  If you have a machine
      which requires "localboot -1", a copy of the dmidecode
      or sysdump output would be appreciated.
    * Include a set of diagnostics by Gene Cumm.
    * Fixes for gcc 4.6 and binutils 2.21.51.
    * chain.c32: Allow "uuid" as a synonym to "guid".
    * Handle directory names starting with .. for vfat and
    * New MENU HIDDENKEY command to provide a one-keystroke way to
      activate a boot option from a hidden menu intro screen.
* Mon Apr 18 2011
  - update to version 4.03
    * Major code base changes; all filesystem rewritten in C.
      This work was done primarily by Liu Aleaxander (Yuanhan Liu).
    * Better support for booting from MBRs which don't pass
      handover information.
    * EXTLINUX: Try to be smarter about finding the partition
    * chain.c32: support chainloading Dell Real Mode Kernel (Gene
    * chain.c32: fix booting in CHS mode.
    * Fix the -s option to the syslinux/extlinux installer (Arwin
    * isohybrid: fix padding of large images (PJ Pandit).
    * SYSLINUX: correctly handle the case where the -d option is
      specified with a non-absolute path, i.e. "syslinux -d
      syslinux" instead of "syslinux -d /syslinux".
    * ISOLINUX: recognize the directory names /boot/syslinux and
      /syslinux, and the filename syslinux.cfg in addition to the
      isolinux-specific names.  Thus, "syslinux.cfg" is now a
      generic name, whereas "isolinux.cfg" or "extlinux.conf" is
      specific to different derivative.
    * chain.c32: support setting alternate config filename for
      stage2 of GRUB Legacy (Gert Hulselmans).
    * whichsys.c32: execute specific command, based on Syslinux
      bootloader variant (Gert Hulselmans).
    * lua.c32: a lot of new bindings added to the "syslinux"
      namespace: VESA, PCI, DMI, kernel loading (Marcel Ritter).
    * btrfs: print a comprehensive error message if compressed or
      encrypted files are encountered (neither is currently
    * SYSLINUX: mtools installer: honor TMPDIR, error out on disk
    * Handle fallbacks from EDD to CHS, to deal with systems which
      announce EDD support but don't actually have it.
    * SYSLINUX: the mtools, DOS and win32 installers now use the new
      command line options.
    * PXELINUX: fix the use of IP addresses in TFTP :: or tftp://
      host syntax.
    * SYSLINUX: experimental Win64 installer (syslinux64.exe).
    * ISOLINUX: fix initialization on systems which don't zero
      low memory.
    * SYSLINUX/EXTLINUX: fix handing of disk read retries in
      EDD mode.
    * ISOLINUX: change the initialization sequence to avoid
      problems with certain (old) BIOSes.  Special thanks to
      Helmut Hullen for invaluable debugging support.
    * ifplop.c32: new module which detects if the PLoP Boot Loader
      already has booted a CDROM or USB drive (Gert Hulselmans).
    * Correct a severe memory overwrite bug, triggered primarily
      when selecting a very long command line in the menu system.
    * lua.c32: Lua script interpreter, currently experimental
      (Alexey Zaytsev, Marcel Ritter, Geert Stappers).
    * PXELINUX: new option IPAPPEND 4 to append the system UUID to
      the kernel command line.
    * PXELINUX: display BOOTIF and SYSUUID at startup time, and
      when Ctrl-N is pressed on the command line.
    * EXTLINUX: btrfs and ext4 support.  btrfs support was done by
      Alek Du of Intel.
    * EXTLINUX is no longer a separate derivative; extlinux and
      syslinux both install the same loader (ldlinux.sys); for the
      Linux-based installers the extlinux binary is used for a
      mounted filesystem; the syslinux binary for an unmounted
    * When loading a new configuration file with the CONFIG
      command, one can now also specify a new current directory
      with an APPEND statement.
    * Full ADV support for Syslinux, to boot-once and MENU SAVE
    * Full support of GPT-partitioned disks, including disks
      and/or parititions larger than 2 TiB (if supported by BIOS.)
    * The GPT handover protocol adjusted to the current T13
      committee draft; see doc/gpt.txt.
    * HDT: code cleanup, small bugfixes
    * The "linux" syslinux installer (syslinux-nomtools) now has a
      command-line syntax closer to the extlinux installer.  The
      mtools, dos and win32 installers will get this new syntax
      eventually, but it is not implemented yet.
    * chain.c32: support booting GPT partitions by index, GUID, label.
    * chain.c32: support booting the Syslinux partition with "fs".
    * chain.c32: implement gpt.txt hand-over protocol.
    * chain.c32: support for chainloading Grub stage 2.
    * PXELINUX: TFTP URL syntax (tftp://) supported even when not
      running gPXE/gpxelinux.
    * New ls.c32 module to display the contents of the disk from
      the command line, and pwd.c32 to display the current
    * rosh.c32 (read only shell) updated and hopefully usable.
    * PXELINUX: Support "localboot -1", just like the other
    * removed in favor of gfxboot.c32.
    * New MENU HELP statement to display fullscreen help text as a
      result of a menu selection.
    * memdiskfind utility that can be used with the phram driver
      in the Linux kernel to mount a memdisk.
    * ifcpu.c32: Adding usage when no parameters are given,
      adding PAE support.
    * ifcpu.c32, ifcpu64.c32: handle more than one argument per
    * isohybrid: C version which does not require Perl.
    * New command MENU IMMEDIATE to permit hotkeys to activate
      immediately without needing Enter.
    * supports a --no-sequential (or -n) option to
      suppress the classic all-drive-probing heuristic.  Useful
      on BIOSes who crash/hang when certain drive numbers are
    * ElTorito.Sys DOS driver now scans drive numbers upwards
      instead of downwards, in order to avoid a fairly common
      bug on some BIOSes where probing drive 0xFF causes a
* Tue Apr 27 2010
  - drop obsolete
* Mon Apr 19 2010
  - fix menu label handling
* Fri Apr 16 2010
  - gfxboot.c32:
    * support MENU LABEL
    * handle IPAPPEND
    * fix LOCALBOOT (bnc #592779)
    * better error handling
* Thu Apr 08 2010
  - update to version 3.86
    * chain.c32: fix chainloading the MBR of a hard disk (broken
      in 3.85).
    * mboot.c32: report the boot loader name in the information
    * com32: set argv[0] in a com32 module.
    * core: add a workaround for a bug in Xen HVM older than
      version 3.3: disable halt on those platforms.
    * Fix problems where certain operations in com32 modules would
      cause the core to believe the system was idle.
    * MEMDISK: fix MBR detection when used with a DOSEMU header or
      an offset.
    * MEMDISK: generate the mBFT checksum correctly.
    * gPXELINUX: updated to gPXE 1.0.0.  gPXELINUX can now do NBP
      chainloading, and does not require a second DHCP.
    * vesamenu.c32: unbreak the default "grey hole" background.
    * We no longer have a built-in default of "linux auto".
      Instead, if no DEFAULT or UI statement is found, or the
      configuration file is missing entirely, we drop to the boot:
      prompt with an error message (if NOESCAPE is set, we stop
      with a "boot failed" message; this is also the case for
      PXELINUX if the configuration file is not found.)
    * chain.c32: support chainloading Grub4DOS; patch by Gert
    * New tool: sysdump.c32, can be used to produce system
      information for debugging via tftp or ymodem (serial port).
    * "vga=current" on the Linux command line is now supported.
    * chain.c32: support for Windows Recovery Console, via the
      "cmldr=" option.
    * chain.c32: should now support loading NTLDR from different
      type media than loaded from.
    * chain.c32: support chainloading to a FAT/NTFS partition with
      invalid "hidden sectors" via the "sethidden" option.
    * memdisk: fix the mBFT ACPI table.
    * vesamenu.c32: if the image is smaller than the screen, tile
      it across the whole screen.
    * mkdiskimage: -s option for producing a sparse image.
    * vesamenu.c32: support arbitrary resolution setting (beyond
      BIOS support) on some Intel-based video chipsets.  This code
      is a modified version of the "915resolution" tool by
      Steve Tomljenovic; your mileage might vary.
    * SYSLINUX: make the DOS installer work for MS-DOS 7.x/8.x
      (Win9x/ME) again.
    * HDT: updated to version 0.3.6 (numerous changes.)
    * mboot.c32: now supports video mode setting if requested by
      the image.
    * MEMDISK: Fix floppy images of PC-DOS.
    * MEMDISK: Add support for emulation of CD-ROM images; patch
      by Shao Miller.
    * MEMDISK: Comply with the Win9x "safe hook" standard,
      allowing a protected-mode driver.
    * MEMDISK: New "mBFT" ACPI table, by analogy with the iSCSI
      iBFT table.  This allows detection from a protected-mode
      operating system without EDD support.
    * 32-bit version of the gfxboot loader (gfxboot.c32), so far
      experimental.  This will replace in the future.
    * vesamenu.c32: new MENU RESOLUTION directive to set a screen
      resolution other than 640x480.
    * chain.c32: add support for loading isolinux.bin.
    * chain.c32: make sure to always return to text mode.
    * eltorito.sys: DOS driver for generic CD-ROMs; by Gary Tong
      and Bart Lagerweij.
* Mon Nov 16 2009
  - fix chdir() call
* Thu Oct 29 2009
  - add gfxboot.c32
* Mon Oct 19 2009
  - get kernel size right
* Mon Oct 19 2009
  - set correct timeout value
  - localboot should return to text mode
* Thu Oct 15 2009
  - update to version 3.83
    * PXELINUX: clear memory before handing over to a chainloaded
      NBP.  This may help avoid a bug in Windows RIS.
    * PXELINUX: fix localboot after NBP chainloading on certain
      BIOSes (including ASUS A8N-E, but possibly others.)
    * chain.c32: support chainloaded bootloaders on ISOLINUX.
    * PXELINUX: allow filenames up to 251 characters.
    * MEMDISK: fix problems booting from USB on Thinkpads, and
      possibly other machines or hardware combinations.
    * HDT: updated to version 0.3.4.
    * MEMDISK: the stack size is now configurable, with the stack=
    * Simple menu: fix Ctrl-W (word erase) in command-line edit.
    * Simple menu: fix crash on some platforms.
    * PXELINUX: add a tool to override specific DHCP options via
      values hardcoded in the pxelinux.0 file.  These hardcoded
      values can be either "before DHCP" (defaults if DHCP do not
      provide values), or "after DHCP" (overrides DHCP).  The tool
      pxelinux-options can be used to set these options.  This
      feature does not apply to gpxelinux.0; when used with gPXE
      this is better handled by modifying the embedded script.
* Mon Oct 05 2009
  - if first memory area is too small, use largest (bnc #469889, bnc #507952)
* Tue Aug 25 2009
  - fix argv setup (bnc #530255)
  - now accepts two args: bootlogo and a (text)message file
* Fri Aug 07 2009
  - replaced with an enhanced version
* Tue Aug 04 2009
  - fix isohybrid -id
* Wed Jun 10 2009
  - update to version 3.82
    * Lots of bug fixes.
    * Simple menu: make ONTIMEOUT work with MENU HIDDEN.
    * PXELINUX: handle TFTP servers which have extra NULs at the
      end of an OACK packet.
    * Attempt to halt the processor while idle.  This can cause
      bad reponsiveness when using a serial console especially for
      automated input; if that ends up being a problem, use the
      new "NOHALT 1" configuration command.
    * isohybrid: fix the -partok logic for loading from a partition.
    * isohybrid: add a variety of options, and a help message.
    * isohybrid: fix problem with images over 2 GB in size.
    * ISOLINUX: fix booting in hybrid mode when CBIOS is used.
      This unfortunately means that the isohybrid handoff protocol
      has changed, so the isohybrid utility must version-match
    * Don't hang trying to boot a "menu quit" label from the CLI.
    * Fix problem with boot-once "sticking" on some BIOSes.
* Wed Apr 22 2009
  - gfxboot: usage has changed; see README.gfxboot for details
  - update to version 3.75
    * Lots of bug fixes.
    * New UI directive, which allows a more natural way to specify
    a menu system (or not.)  With the UI directive specifying
    the menu system, the DEFAULT directive can be used to select
    the default entry inside the menus.
    * kbdmap.c32: new module to load a new keyboard map
    * Suppress the Loading ... message if "quiet" is specified on
    the kernel command line.
    * MBR: produce alternate MBR variants which force the drive
    number to hd0 (_f variants), or force the drive number to
    hd0 if the Ctrl key is pressed (_c variants.)  Furthermore,
    add an MBR variant (altmbr*.bin) which ignores the active
    flag and instead boots the partition number specified in the
    byte at offset 439 decimal.
    * Add IPAPPEND strings to com32 modules, especially needed for
    * New MENU SAVE directive which saves the latest menu
    selection until the next boot.  Currently only implemented for
    * *experimental* interface module to Steffen
    Winterfeldt's "gfxboot" graphical front end
    (  Module by Sebastian Herbszt.
    * config.c32: trivial COM32 module to restart Syslinux with
    another configuration file from the command line (equivalent
    to the CONFIG command in the configuratin file.)
    * Include the module from Jeffery Hutzelman at
    Carnegie Mellon University.  This allows chaining another
    PXE boot program while changing the DHCP packet passed to
    * ISOLINUX: support generating images which can be either
    a CD-ROM or a hard disk (USB disk, etc.)  See
    doc/isolinux.txt for more information.
    * Tab display of labels, based on a patch from Sebastian
    Herbszt.  Can be disabled with the NOCOMPLETE configuration
    * Optionally allow initrd to be specified on a separate line
    rather than as part of the "append" line.  This is not
    recommended, but apparently makes life easier for some
    * chain.c32: lots of new options added
    * ifcpu64.c32: simple COM32 module to select a 32- or 64-bit
    kernel (and optionally 32-bit kernels with or without PAE.)
    Eventually we want a scripting language for this
    kind of stuff; a Lua module is under development.
    * PXELINUX: Support enhanced capabilities when running on top
    of gPXE (  In particular, support
    URL-style syntax for filenames, and any protocol that gPXE
    supports (except, currently, iSCSI and AoE.)  This feature
    is currently highly experimental.
    * SYSLINUX: VFAT long filename support.
    * Add an experimental MBR for GPT partition tables.



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