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Packages beginning with letter N

naga-3.0-3.82svn.0 Simplified Java NIO asynchronous sockets linux/noarch
naga-javadoc-3.0-3.82svn.0 Javadocs for naga linux/noarch
nail-12.4-31 A MIME capable implementation of the mailx command linux/x86_64
nano-7.2-1 Tiny console text editor that aims to emulate Pico linux/x86_64
nanomsg-1.1.5-1 Socket library providing several common communication patterns linux/x86_64
nas-1.9.4-11 Network Audio System linux/x86_64
nasm-2.16.03-1 The Netwide Assembler, a portable x86 assembler with Intel-like syntax linux/x86_64New
nasm-2.16.01-1 The Netwide Assembler, a portable x86 assembler with Intel-like syntax linux/x86_64
nautilus-46.2-1 File manager for the GNOME desktop environment linux/x86_64
nautilus-gsconnect-57-1 Nautilus extension for GSConnect linux/noarch
nautilus-python-4.0.1-1 Python bindings for GNOME nautilus linux/x86_64
nautilus-sendto-3.8.6-2 Send files from nautilus using with mail or IM linux/x86_64
nbd-3.20-2 Network Block Device user-space tools (TCP version) linux/x86_64
nbd-server-3.20-2 NBD (Network Block Device) server linux/x86_64
ncdc-1.23.1-1 Lightweight Direct Connect Client linux/x86_64
ncftp-3.2.6-5 An improved FTP client linux/x86_64
ncnn-tools-20240102-1 High-performance neural network inference framework linux/x86_64
ncompress-5.0-3 Fast compression and decompression utilities linux/x86_64
ncpfs-2.2.6-25 Utilities for the ncpfs filesystem, a NetWare client for Linux linux/x86_64
ncurses-6.5-1 A CRT screen handling and optimization package linux/x86_64
ncurses-extraterms-6.5-1 Some exotic terminal descriptions linux/noarch
ndctl-71.1-2 Manage "libnvdimm" subsystem devices (Non-volatile Memory) linux/x86_64
ndiswrapper-1.63-2 NdisWrapper binary loader utility linux/x86_64
ndpiReader-1.8-2 nDPI reading tool linux/x86_64
ndptool-1.8-3 Tool for sending and receiving ndp messages linux/x86_64
nemo-gsconnect-57-1 Nemo extension for GSConnect linux/noarch
neo-0.6.1-1 Simulates the digital rain from "The Matrix" (cmatrix clone with 32-bit color and Unicode support) linux/x86_64
neochat-23.08.3-1 Client for matrix, the decentralized communication protocol linux/x86_64
neofetch-7.1.0-2 Neofetch is a CLI system information tool written in BASH linux/noarch
neon-i18n-0.31.2-4 Language files for Neon linux/noarch
neovim-0.10.0-1 Vim-fork focused on extensibility and usability linux/x86_64
neovim-data-0.10.0-1 Data files for neovim linux/noarch
neovim-qt-0.2.18-0.20231126.1 Qt frontend for the neovim editor linux/x86_64
net-snmp-5.9.4-1 A collection of SNMP protocol tools and libraries linux/x86_64
net-snmp-mibs-5.9.4-1 MIBs for the NET-SNMP project linux/x86_64
net-snmp-tkmib-5.9.4-1 MIB browser in TK linux/x86_64
net-snmp-trapd-5.9.4-1 The trap collecting daemon for net-snmp linux/x86_64
net-snmp-utils-5.9.4-1 Network management utilities using SNMP, from the NET-SNMP project linux/x86_64
net-tools-2.10-3 The basic tools for setting up networking linux/x86_64
netcat-gnu-0.7.1-22 Networking utility that manages TCP and UDP connections linux/x86_64
netcat-traditional-1.12-1 Reads and writes data across network connections using TCP or UDP linux/x86_64
netcdf-4.9.2-2 Libraries to use the Unidata network Common Data Form (netCDF) linux/x86_64
netcdf-devel-3.6.3-15 Libraries to use the Unidata network Common Data Form (netCDF) linux/x86_64
netcf-0.2.8-1 A distribution agnostic library and tool for configuring network interfaces linux/x86_64
nethogs-0.8.7-1 Top-like monitor for network traffic linux/x86_64
netkit-telnet-0.17-26 Client for the telnet remote login protocol linux/x86_64
netkit-telnet-server-0.17-26 A extremely unsecure telnet server linux/x86_64
netpbm-11.7.0-1 Tools for manipulating graphics files in netpbm supported formats linux/x86_64New
netpbm-11.2.0-1 Tools for manipulating graphics files in netpbm supported formats linux/x86_64
netprofile-0.28-19 Manage network profiles linux/noarch
netprofile-plugin-firewall-0.28-19 firewall configuration plugin for netprofile linux/noarch
netprofile-plugin-network-0.28-19 network configuration plugin for netprofile linux/noarch
netprofile-plugin-proxy-0.28-19 proxy configuration plugin for netprofile linux/noarch
netprofile-plugin-services-0.28-19 service management plugin for netprofile linux/noarch
netstat-nat-1.4.10-12 Displays NAT connections, managed by netfilter/iptables linux/x86_64
nettle-3.10-1 Nettle cryptographic library linux/x86_64
network-scripts-ppp-2.4.9-2 PPP legacy network service support linux/x86_64
networkmanager-1.48.4-1 Network connection manager and user applications linux/x86_64New
networkmanager-adsl-1.48.4-1 Support for controlling ADSL connections with NetworkManager linux/x86_64New
networkmanager-applet-1.36.0-2 Network connection manager applet for GNOME linux/x86_64
networkmanager-bluetooth-1.48.4-1 Support for controlling BlueTooth connections with NetworkManager linux/x86_64New
networkmanager-fortisslvpn-1.4.0-1 NetworkManager VPN integration for Fortinet SSLVPN linux/x86_64
networkmanager-ifcfg-rh-1.48.4-1 NetworkManager support for Red Hat style ifcfg-* config files linux/x86_64New
networkmanager-openconnect-1.2.10-1 NetworkManager VPN integration for openconnect linux/x86_64
networkmanager-openvpn-1.12.0-1 NetworkManager VPN integration for OpenVPN linux/x86_64
networkmanager-openvpn-gtk-1.12.0-1 GTK frontend for configuring OpenVPN connections with NetworkManager linux/x86_64
networkmanager-openvswitch-1.48.4-1 Support for controlling OpenVSwitch with NetworkManager linux/x86_64New
networkmanager-ppp-1.48.4-1 Support for controlling PPP connections with NetworkManager linux/x86_64New
networkmanager-pptp-1.2.12-1 NetworkManager VPN integration for PPTP linux/x86_64
networkmanager-pptp-gtk-1.2.12-1 GTK frontend for configuring PPTP connections with NetworkManager linux/x86_64
networkmanager-qt-5.116.0-1 Qt style wrapper of the NetworkManager API linux/x86_64
networkmanager-qt-devel-docs-5.116.0-1 Developer documentation for networkmanager-qt for use with Qt Assistant linux/x86_64
networkmanager-team-1.48.4-1 Support for teaming network connections with NetworkManager linux/x86_64New
networkmanager-vpnc-1.2.8-1 NetworkManager VPN integration for vpnc linux/x86_64
networkmanager-vpnc-gtk-1.2.8-1 GTK frontend for configuring VPNC connections with NetworkManager linux/x86_64
networkmanager-wifi-1.48.4-1 Support for controlling WiFi connections with NetworkManager linux/x86_64New
networkmanager-wwan-1.48.4-1 Support for controlling WWAN connections with NetworkManager linux/x86_64New
newt-0.52.24-1 A development library for text mode user interfaces linux/x86_64
nextcloud-29.0.3-1 Private file sync and share server linux/noarchNew
nextcloud-apache-29.0.3-1 Configuration files etc. for running NextCloud with the Apache web server linux/noarchNew
nextcloud-client-3.13.2-1 Client for the NextCloud cloud storage system linux/x86_64New
nextcloud-client-caja-3.13.2-1 NextCloud integration for the Caja file manager linux/x86_64New
nextcloud-client-dolphin-3.13.2-1 NextCloud integration for the Dolphin file manager linux/x86_64New
nextcloud-client-nautilus-3.13.2-1 NextCloud integration for the Nautilus file manager linux/x86_64New
nextcloud-nginx-29.0.3-1 Configuration files etc. for running NextCloud with the NGINX web server linux/noarchNew
nfs-utils-2.6.4-1 The utilities for Linux NFS server linux/x86_64
nftables-1.0.9-1 Netfilter Tables userspace utillites linux/x86_64
nghttp2-1.58.0-1 Experimental HTTP/2 client, server and proxy linux/x86_64
nghttp3-0.13.0-1 Experimental HTTP/3 client, server and proxy linux/x86_64
nginx-1.27.0-1 Robust, small and high performance HTTP and reverse proxy server linux/x86_64
nginx-mod-http-geoip-1.27.0-1 Nginx HTTP geoip module linux/x86_64
nginx-mod-http-image-filter-1.27.0-1 Nginx HTTP image filter module linux/x86_64
nginx-mod-http-perl-1.27.0-1 Nginx HTTP perl module linux/x86_64
nginx-quic-20230411-1 Version of the NGINX web server with support for QUIC and HTTP3 linux/x86_64
nginx-quic-mod-http-geoip-20230411-1 Nginx HTTP geoip module linux/x86_64
nginx-quic-mod-http-image-filter-20230411-1 Nginx HTTP image filter module linux/x86_64
nginx-quic-mod-http-perl-20230411-1 Nginx HTTP perl module linux/x86_64
ngtcp2-0.19.0-1 An implementation of the RFC9000 QUIC protocol linux/x86_64
nheko-0.12.0-1 Desktop client for the Matrix protocol linux/x86_64
nicotine+-2.2.2-1 A graphical client for Soulseek linux/noarch
nilfs-utils-2.2.11-1 Tools for nilfs filesystem linux/x86_64
ninja-1.11.1-2 A small build system with a focus on speed linux/x86_64
ninja-emacs-1.11.1-2 Syntax highlighting etc. for Ninja files in emacs linux/x86_64
ninja-vim-1.11.1-2 Syntax highlighting etc. for Ninja files in vim linux/x86_64
ninja-zsh-1.11.1-2 Command line completion for Ninja in zsh linux/x86_64
nitroshare-0.3.4-2 A simple tool for sending files to other machines on a local network linux/x86_64
nitroshare-caja-0.3.4-2 Caja extension for Nitroshare linux/noarch
nitroshare-nautilus-0.3.4-2 Nautilus extension for Nitroshare linux/noarch
nlohmann_json-devel-3.11.3-1 JSON for Modern C++ linux/x86_64
nmap-7.95-1 Network exploration tool and security scanner linux/x86_64New
nml-0.7.5-1 A tool to compile nml files to grf or nfo files linux/x86_64
nnn-4.9-1 The missing terminal file browser for X linux/x86_64
nodejs-22.4.1-1 JavaScript server-side network application development linux/x86_64New
nodejs-commander-9.4.1-1 Node.js command line interface library linux/noarch
nodejs-packaging-2023.10-1 RPM Macros and Utilities for Node.js Packaging linux/noarch
nodejs-packaging-bundler-2023.10-1 Bundle a node.js application dependencies linux/noarch
nodejs-picocolors-1.0.0-1 Node.js library for terminal output formatting with ANSI colors linux/noarch
nodejs-svgo-2.8.0-1 Tool for optimizing SVG files linux/x86_64
nomacs-3.17.2295-2 A fast and small image viewer linux/x86_64
nomacs-plugins-3.17.2295-2 Plugins for nomacs linux/x86_64
nomarch-1.4-17 GPLed Arc de-archiver linux/x86_64
normalize-0.7.7-22 A tool for adjusting the volume of wave files linux/x86_64
nosync-1.1-5 Preload library for disabling file's content synchronization linux/x86_64
nota-3.0.2-1 Text editor for Plasma Mobile linux/x86_64
notepadqq-2.0.0-0.beta.2 A Linux clone of Notepad++ linux/x86_64
notification-daemon-3.20.0-2 Notification Daemon linux/x86_64
notification-daemon-engine-nodoka-0.1.0-16 The Nodoka theme engine for the notification daemon linux/x86_64
noto-coloremoji-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Color Emoji Font linux/noarch
noto-emoji-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Emoji Font linux/noarch
noto-kufiarabic-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Kufi Arabic Font linux/noarch
noto-mono-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Mono Font linux/noarch
noto-naskharabic-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Naskh Arabic Font linux/noarch
noto-naskharabic-ui-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Naskh Arabic Font linux/noarch
noto-nastaliqurdu-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Nastaliq Urdu Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-adlam-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Adlam Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-adlamunjoined-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Adlam Unjoined Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-anatolianhieroglyphs-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Anatolian Hieroglyphs Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-arabic-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Arabic Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-arabic-ui-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Arabic Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-armenian-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Armenian Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-avestan-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Avestan Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-balinese-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Balinese Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-bamum-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Bamum Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-batak-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Batak Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-bengali-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Bengali Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-bengali-ui-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Bengali Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-brahmi-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Brahmi Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-buginese-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Buginese Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-buhid-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Buhid Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-canadianaboriginal-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Canadian Aboriginal Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-carian-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Carian Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-chakma-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Chakma Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-cham-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Cham Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-cherokee-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Cherokee Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-cjk-fonts-20171024-3 Noto CJK Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-coptic-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Coptic Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-cuneiform-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Cuneiform Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-cypriot-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Cypriot Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-deseret-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Deseret Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-devanagari-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Devanagari Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-devanagari-ui-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Devanagari Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-display-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Display Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-egyptianhieroglyphs-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Egyptian Hieroglyphs Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-ethiopic-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Ethiopic Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-georgian-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Georgian Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-glagolitic-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Glagolitic Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-gothic-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Gothic Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-gujarati-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Gujarati Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-gujarati-ui-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Gujarati Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-gurmukhi-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Gurmukhi Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-gurmukhi-ui-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Gurmukhi Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-hanunoo-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Hanunoo Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-hebrew-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Hebrew Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-imperialaramaic-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Imperial Aramaic Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-inscriptionalpahlavi-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Inscriptional Pahlavi Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-inscriptionalparthian-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Inscriptional Parthian Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-javanese-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Javanese Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-kaithi-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Kaithi Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-kannada-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Kannada Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-kannada-ui-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Kannada Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-kayahli-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Kayah Li Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-kharoshthi-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Kharoshthi Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-khmer-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Khmer Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-khmer-ui-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Khmer Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-lao-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Lao Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-lao-ui-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Lao Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-lepcha-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Lepcha Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-limbu-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Limbu Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-linearb-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Linear B Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-lisu-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Lisu Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-lycian-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Lycian Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-lydian-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Lydian Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-malayalam-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Malayalam Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-malayalam-ui-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Malayalam Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-mandaic-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Mandaic Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-meeteimayek-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Meetei Mayek Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-mongolian-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Mongolian Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-mono-cjk-fonts-20171024-3 Noto CJK Monospace Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-mono-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Monospace Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-myanmar-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Myanmar Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-myanmar-ui-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Myanmar Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-newtailue-fonts-20171024-3 Noto New TaiLue Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-nko-fonts-20171024-3 Noto NKo Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-ogham-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Ogham Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-olchiki-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Ol Chiki Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-olditalic-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Old Italic Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-oldpersian-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Old Persian Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-oldsoutharabian-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Old SouthArabian Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-oldturkic-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Old Turkic Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-oriya-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Oriya Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-oriya-ui-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Oriya Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-osage-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Osage Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-osmanya-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Osmanya Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-phagspa-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Phags Pa Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-phoenician-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Phoenician Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-rejang-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Rejang Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-runic-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Runic Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-samaritan-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Samaritan Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-saurashtra-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Saurashtra Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-shavian-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Shavian Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-sinhala-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Sinhala Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-sinhala-ui-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Sinhala Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-sundanese-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Sundanese Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-sylotinagri-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Syloti Nagri Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-symbols-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Symbols Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-symbols2-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Symbols2 Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-syriaceastern-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Syriac Eastern Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-syriacestrangela-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Syriac Estrangela Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-syriacwestern-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Syriac Western Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-tagalog-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Tagalog Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-tagbanwa-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Tagbanwa Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-taile-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Tai Le Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-taitham-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Tai Tham Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-taiviet-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Tai Viet Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-tamil-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Tamil Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-tamil-ui-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Tamil Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-telugu-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Telugu Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-telugu-ui-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Telugu Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-thaana-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Thaana Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-thai-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Thai Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-thai-ui-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Thai Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-tibetan-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Tibetan Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-tifinagh-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Tifinagh Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-ugaritic-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Ugaritic Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-vai-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Vai Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-sans-yi-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Yi Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-serif-armenian-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Armenian Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-serif-bengali-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Bengali Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-serif-cjk-fonts-20171024-3 Noto CJK Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-serif-devanagari-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Devanagari Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-serif-display-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Display Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-serif-ethiopic-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Ethiopic Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-serif-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-serif-georgian-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Georgian Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-serif-gujarati-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Gujarati Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-serif-hebrew-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Hebrew Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-serif-kannada-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Kannada Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-serif-khmer-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Khmer Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-serif-lao-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Lao Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-serif-malayalam-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Malayalam Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-serif-myanmar-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Myanmar Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-serif-sinhala-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Sinhala Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-serif-tamil-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Tamil Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-serif-telugu-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Telugu Serif Font linux/noarch
noto-serif-thai-fonts-20171024-3 Noto Thai Serif Font linux/noarch
npapi-sdk-0.27-6 Netscape Plugin API (NPAPI) linux/noarch
nslint-2.1a6-19 A DNS lint checker linux/x86_64
nss-3.102-1 Network Security Services linux/x86_64New
nss-examples-3.102-1 Network Security Services - Examples linux/x86_64New
nss-shlibsign-3.102-1 Network Security Services - shlibsign linux/x86_64New
nss-unsupported-tools-3.102-1 Network Security Services - Examples linux/x86_64New
nss_ldap-0.9.12-3 An nsswitch module which uses directory servers linux/x86_64
nss_mdns-0.10-33 Multicast dns support for glibc domain resolver linux/x86_64
nss_tinycdb-0.78-2 Constant database library linux/x86_64
nss_wins-4.20.2-1 Name Service Switch service for WINS linux/x86_64
ntfs-3g-2022.10.3-1 Read-write ntfs driver linux/x86_64
ntfs-3g-system-compression-1.0-3 NTFS-3G plugin for reading "system compressed" files linux/x86_64
ntfsprogs-2022.10.3-1 Tools for working with the NTFS filesystem linux/x86_64
ntp-4.2.8p15-1 Synchronizes system time using the Network Time Protocol (NTP) linux/x86_64
ntp-client-4.2.8p15-1 The ntpdate client for setting system time from NTP servers linux/x86_64
ntp-config-4.2.8p15-1 Complete config for ntp linux/noarch
ntp-doc-4.2.8p15-1 Complete HTML documentation for ntp linux/noarch
ntrack-017-2 Network Connectivity Tracking library for Desktop Applications linux/x86_64
nulloy-0.9.9-1 Music player with a waveform progress bar linux/x86_64
numactl-2.0.18-1 Simple NUMA policy support linux/x86_64
numlock-2.1.2-22 Numlock key locker linux/x86_64
nuspell-5.1.6-1 Free and open source C++ spell checking library linux/x86_64New
nvidia-firmware-20240610-1 NVIDIA Firmware linux/noarch
nvidia-vaapi-driver-0.0.12-1 Nvidia Driver for Video Acceleration (VA) API for Linux linux/x86_64
nvme-cli-2.9.1-1 Tools for working with NVMe storage linux/x86_64
nvptx-tools-20240326-1 Binutils-like tools for using Nvidia GPUs with GCC linux/x86_64
nvtop-3.1.0-1 GPU process monitoring for AMD, Intel and NVIDIA linux/x86_64
nvtv-0.4.7-33 Enable TV-Out on Linux for NVIDIA cards linux/x86_64
nwg-launchers- GTK launchers and menu for sway and i3 linux/x86_64
nwg-panel-0.9.34-1 GTK3-based panel for sway window manager and Hyprland Wayland compositors linux/noarch

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