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lib64nss_myhostname2-250.20220315-1 Library for local system host name resolution linux/aarch64
lib64nss_mymachines2-250.20220315-1 Provide hostname resolution for local container instances linux/aarch64
lib64nss_resolve2-250.20220315-1 Provide hostname resolution via systemd-resolved.service linux/aarch64
lib64nss_systemd2-250.20220315-1 Provide UNIX user and group name resolution for dynamic users and groups linux/aarch64
lib64python-devel-3.11.0-0.a5.1 The libraries and header files needed for Python development linux/aarch64
lib64python3.11_1-3.11.0-0.a5.1 Shared libraries for Python 3.11.0 linux/aarch64
lib64systemd-devel-250.20220315-1 Systemd library development files linux/aarch64
lib64systemd0-250.20220315-1 Systemd library package linux/aarch64
lib64udev-devel-250.20220315-1 Devel library for udev linux/aarch64
lib64udev1-250.20220315-1 Library for udev linux/aarch64
python-3.11.0-0.a5.1 An interpreted, interactive object-oriented programming language linux/aarch64
python-docs-3.11.0-0.a5.1 Documentation for the Python programming language linux/noarch
python-test-3.11.0-0.a5.1 The self-test suite for the main python3 package linux/aarch64
systemd-250.20220315-1 A System and Session Manager linux/aarch64
systemd-analyze-250.20220315-1 Tools for containers and VMs linux/aarch64
systemd-bash-completion-250.20220315-1 bash completions linux/aarch64
systemd-boot-250.20220315-1 EFI boot component for systemd linux/aarch64
systemd-console-250.20220315-1 Console support for systemd linux/aarch64
systemd-container-250.20220315-1 Tools for containers and VMs linux/aarch64
systemd-coredump-250.20220315-1 Coredump component for systemd linux/aarch64
systemd-cryptsetup-250.20220315-1 Cryptsetup generators for systemd linux/aarch64
systemd-documentation-250.20220315-1 Man pages and documentation for systemd linux/aarch64
systemd-homed-250.20220315-1 Home Area/User Account Manager linux/aarch64
systemd-hwdb-250.20220315-1 hwdb component for systemd linux/aarch64
systemd-integritysetup-250.20220315-1 System integrity checker linux/aarch64
systemd-journal-remote-250.20220315-1 Gateway for serving journal events over the network using HTTP linux/aarch64
systemd-locale-250.20220315-1 Translations component for systemd linux/aarch64
systemd-networkd-250.20220315-1 Network manager for systemd linux/aarch64
systemd-oom-250.20220315-1 Out of Memory handler linux/aarch64
systemd-polkit-250.20220315-1 PolKit component for systemd linux/aarch64
systemd-portable-250.20220315-1 Tools for working with Portable Service Images linux/aarch64
systemd-repart-250.20220315-1 Automatically grow and add partitions linux/aarch64
systemd-rpm-macros-250.20220315-1 A RPM macros linux/aarch64
systemd-sysext-250.20220315-1 System extension manager linux/aarch64
systemd-zsh-completion-250.20220315-1 zsh completions linux/aarch64
tkinter-3.11.0-0.a5.1 A graphical user interface for the Python scripting language linux/aarch64
tkinter-apps-3.11.0-0.a5.1 Various applications written using tkinter linux/aarch64

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