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Packages beginning with letter E

e-0.25.1-1 Enlightenment DR 19 window manager linux/aarch64
e-devel-0.25.1-1 Enlightenment library headers and development libraries linux/aarch64
e17_themes-0.2-4 Enlightenment DR 17 themes linux/aarch64
eatmydata-105-1 A small wrapper to disable fsync and related functions linux/aarch64
echo-icon-theme- Echo icon theme linux/noarch
ecl-16.1.3-1 Embeddable Common-Lisp linux/aarch64
econnman-1.1-4 EFL user interface for ConnMan linux/noarch
edgar-1.35-1 2D Platform Game linux/aarch64
edgar-data-1.35-1 The Legend of Edgar level set linux/noarch
efl-1.26.1-1 Enlightenment Foundation Libraries linux/aarch64
eid-mw-4.4.5-2 The eID Middleware offers components for using the Belgian eID linux/aarch64
eid-viewer-4.4.5-2 Belgium electronic identity card viewer linux/aarch64
elfio-3.9-1 ELF (Executable and Linkable Format) reader and producer linux/aarch64
eliminate-dups-1.2-13 Eliminates duplicate email messages for qmail users linux/noarch
emacs-EPL-0.7-11 Control Emacs using Perl as an alternative to Emacs Lisp linux/noarch
emacs-elib-1.0-15 Emacs Lisp Library linux/noarch
emacs-haskell-mode-2.4-2 Major mode for editing Haskell code with emacs linux/noarch
emacs-matlab-3.3.1-2.20130402.1 Matlab mode for emacs linux/noarch
emacs-psgml-1.3.2-2 A GNU Emacs major mode for editing SGML documents linux/aarch64
emacs-tnt-2.4-1 Emacs based AOL Instant Message Client linux/noarch
encfs-1.9.5-2 Encrypted pass-through filesystem for Linux linux/aarch64
engrampa-1.26.0-2 An archive manager for MATE Desktop linux/aarch64
entagged-audioformats-java-0.15-7 Library to access and modify tags in audio files linux/noarch
entagged-audioformats-javadoc-0.15-7 Javadoc for entagged-audioformats linux/noarch
eog-plugins-3.26.8-1 Plugins for the Eye of GNOME image viewer linux/aarch64
eom-1.26.0-1 Eye of MATE image viewer linux/aarch64
eom-devel-1.26.0-1 C headers needed to build EOM plugins linux/aarch64
epdfview-0.1.8-6 Simple and lightweight PDF viewer linux/aarch64
ephoto-1.5-2 Enlightenment photo manager linux/aarch64
epour-0.7.0-2 Enlightened torrent client linux/noarch
eqonomize-1.2-1 Personal finance program for KDE linux/aarch64
erlang-rpm-macros-0.2.8-1 Macros for simplifying building of Erlang packages linux/noarch
esound-utils-0.2.41-9 Utilities for EsounD linux/aarch64
evisum-0.6.0-1 Enlightenment System Monitor linux/aarch64
exaile-4.1.1-1 A powerful GTK+ 2.x media player linux/noarch
exfalso-4.4.0-1 Tag editor for musical files linux/aarch64
exfat-utils-1.3.0-4 Utilities for exFAT file system linux/aarch64
exo-4.16.3-1 An extension library to Xfce desktop environment linux/aarch64

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