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distro-release-OpenMandriva-4.2-1 OpenMandriva release file linux/i686
distro-release-common-4.2-1 OpenMandriva Lx release common files linux/noarch
distro-release-desktop-4.2-1 Desktop common files linux/noarch
distro-release-desktop-Plasma-4.2-1 Plasma desktop configuration linux/noarch
distro-release-indexhtml-4.2-1 OpenMandriva html welcome page linux/noarch
distro-release-installer-4.2-1 Installer configuration for OpenMandriva Lx linux/i686
distro-release-repos-4.2-1 OpenMandriva package repositories linux/i686
distro-release-repos-keys-4.2-1 OpenMandriva repository GPG keys linux/noarch
distro-release-repos-pkgprefs-4.2-1 OpenMandriva repository package preferences linux/noarch
distro-release-rpm-setup-4.2-1 Macros and scripts for OpenMandriva specific rpm behavior linux/noarch
distro-release-rpm-setup-build-4.2-1 Macros and scripts for OpenMandriva specific rpmbuild behavior linux/i686
distro-release-rpmlint-policy-4.2-1 Rpmlint OpenMandriva policy linux/noarch
distro-release-theme-4.2-1 Themes for OpenMandriva Lx linux/noarch

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