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Packages beginning with letter K

k3b-20.11.90-1 CD-Burner for Plasma 5 linux/i686
k3b-devel-20.11.90-1 Development libraries from k3b linux/i686
kaccounts-integration-20.04.1-1 Small system to administer web accounts across the KDE desktop linux/i686
kaccounts-providers-20.04.1-1 Additional service providers for KAccounts framework linux/i686
kactivities-5.70.0-1 KDE Frameworks 5 Activities framework linux/i686
kactivities-devel-docs-5.70.0-1 Developer documentation for kactivities for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kactivities-stats-5.70.0-1 A library for accessing the usage data collected by the activities system linux/i686
kactivities-stats-devel-docs-5.70.0-1 Developer documentation for kactivities-stats for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kactivitymanagerd-5.19.0-1 KDE Plasma 5 Activities linux/i686
kaddressbook-20.04.1-1 KDE addressbook application linux/i686
kaffeine-2.0.18-1 Media Player for Plasma 5 linux/i686
kaidan-0.5.0-1 XMPP based messenger for Plasma Mobile linux/i686
kajongg-20.04.1-1 Majongg game for KDE linux/noarch
kalarm-20.04.1-1 KDE personal alarm message, command and email scheduler linux/i686
kalarmcal-20.04.2-1 Calendar support library for KAlarm linux/i686
kalgebra-20.04.1-1 MathML-based graph calculator linux/i686
kalk-0.1.1-0.20200916.1 Calculator for Plasma Mobile linux/i686
kalzium-20.04.0-1 Shows the periodic system of the elements linux/i686
kalzium-devel-20.04.0-1 Devel stuff for kalzium linux/i686
kamera-20.04.1-1 Kamera ioslave linux/i686
kamikaze-0.2-14 An SCM query tool similar to Mozilla's tool, Bonsai linux/noarch
kamoso-20.04.2-2 Application to take pictures and videos out of your webcam linux/i686
kanagram-20.04.1-1 Word learning program linux/i686
kanyremote-6.1-2 KDE frontend for anyRemote Wireless remote control program linux/noarch
kapidox-5.72.0-1 Scripts and data for building API documentation linux/i686
kapman-20.04.1-1 A Pac-Man clone linux/i686
kapptemplate-20.04.1-1 Templates for KDE Application Development linux/i686
karchive-devel-docs-5.72.0-1 Developer documentation for karchive for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kasumi-2.5-13 A tool for managing Anthy's dictionary linux/i686
kasync-0.3.0-1 KDE library for writing asynchronous code linux/i686
kate-20.04.1-1 Advanced text editor linux/i686
kate-extensions-20.04.1-1 Extensions for the Kate editor linux/i686
katepart-20.04.1-1 Kate KPart linux/i686
katomic-20.04.1-1 Build complex atoms with a minimal amount of moves linux/i686
kauth-5.72.0-1 The KDE Frameworks 5 authentication library linux/i686
kauth-devel-docs-5.72.0-1 Developer documentation for kauth for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kbackup-20.04.1-1 A simple and easy to use program to backup directories or files linux/i686
kbd-2.4.0-1 Keyboard and console utilities for Linux linux/i686
kblackbox-20.04.1-1 Find atoms in a grid by shooting electrons linux/i686
kblocks-20.04.1-1 Single player falling blocks puzzle game linux/i686
kblog-20.04.1-1 KBlog - a blogging library for KDE linux/i686
kbookmarks-5.72.0-1 The KDE Frameworks 5 bookmark handling library linux/i686
kbookmarks-devel-docs-5.72.0-1 Developer documentation for kbookmarks for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kbounce-20.04.1-1 Claim areas and don't get disturbed linux/i686
kbreakout-20.04.1-1 Breakout like game linux/i686
kbruch-20.04.1-1 Practice calculating with fractions linux/i686
kcachegrind-20.04.1-1 Visualisation tool for profiling data generated by Cachegrind and Calltree linux/i686
kcalc-20.04.1-1 Do scientific calculations linux/i686
kcalutils-20.04.2-1 KDE calendar utility library linux/i686
kcharselect-20.04.1-1 Select special characters from any font linux/i686
kchmviewer-7.7-1 KDE chm viewer linux/i686
kclock-0.0-0.20200823.1 Clock applet for Plasma Mobile linux/i686
kcm-fcitx-0.5.5-1 KCM (Systemsettings) module for configuring fcitx linux/i686
kcmutils-5.70.0-1 The KDE Frameworks 5 framework for writing System Settings modules linux/i686
kcmutils-devel-docs-5.70.0-1 Developer documentation for kcmutils for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kcodecs-5.72.0-1 The KDE Frameworks 5 text codec conversion library linux/i686
kcodecs-devel-docs-5.72.0-1 Developer documentation for kcodecs for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kcolorchooser-20.04.1-1 KDE Color Chooser linux/i686
kcompletion-5.72.0-1 The KDE Frameworks 5 auto-completion library linux/i686
kcompletion-designer-5.72.0-1 Qt Designer plugin for handling kcompletion widgets linux/i686
kcompletion-devel-docs-5.72.0-1 Developer documentation for kcompletion for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kconfig-5.72.0-1 The KDE Frameworks 5 configuration library linux/i686
kconfig-devel-docs-5.72.0-1 Developer documentation for kconfig for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kconfigwidgets-5.72.0-1 KDE Frameworks 5 library for providing configuration frontends linux/i686
kconfigwidgets-designer-5.72.0-1 Qt Designer plugin for handling kconfigwidgets widgets linux/i686
kconfigwidgets-devel-docs-5.72.0-1 Developer documentation for kconfigwidgets for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kcontacts-5.70.0-1 KDE library for handling contact data linux/i686
kcoreaddons-5.72.0-1 The KDE Frameworks 5 Core Library addons linux/i686
kcoreaddons-devel-docs-5.72.0-1 Developer documentation for kcoreaddons for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kcrash-devel-docs-5.72.0-1 Developer documentation for kcrash for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kcron-20.04.1-1 Graphical editor for the cron command scheduler linux/i686
kdav-5.72.0-1 DAV implementation for KDE linux/i686
kdav2-0.3.1-0.20200905.1 KDE library for accessing data over DAV linux/i686
kdb-3.2.0-2 Database connectivity and creation framework linux/i686
kdb-mysql-3.2.0-2 MariaDB/MySQL support plugin for KDb linux/i686
kdb-postgresql-3.2.0-2 PostgreSQL support plugin for KDb linux/i686
kdb-sqlite-3.2.0-2 SQLite support plugin for KDb linux/i686
kdbg-3.0.0-1 A Graphical Debugger Interface linux/i686
kdbusaddons-5.72.0-1 The KDE Frameworks 5 D-BUS Add-On library linux/i686
kdbusaddons-devel-docs-5.72.0-1 Developer documentation for kdbusaddons for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kde-cli-tools-5.19.0-1 KDE Plasma 5 CLI (Command Line Interface) Tools linux/i686
kde-dev-scripts-20.04.1-1 Various scripts for KDE development linux/noarch
kde-dev-utils-20.04.1-1 Utilities for KDE application development linux/i686
kde-gtk-config-5.19.0-1 GTK2 and GTK3 configurator for KDE linux/i686
kde-service-menu-reimage-2.5-1 Simple manipulate on images with their metadata linux/i686
kde4-aurorae-elementary-luna-1.5-10 Elementary Luna, an Aurorae theme for KDE 4 linux/noarch
kde4-kwin-dekorator-themes-0.3-4 Themes for deKorator for KDE4 linux/noarch
kde4-macros-16.12.0-1 Base install macros for kde 4 linux/noarch
kdeadmin4-4.14.3-3 K Desktop Environment - Administrative Tools linux/noarch
kdebugsettings-20.04.1-1 Tool for adjusting KDE debug settings linux/i686
kdeclarative-5.70.0-1 The KDE Frameworks 5 framework for integrating with QML linux/i686
kdeclarative-devel-docs-5.70.0-1 Developer documentation for kdeclarative for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kdeconnect-20.04.3-1 Connect KDE with your smartphone linux/i686
kded-5.70.0-1 Extensible deamon for providing system level services linux/i686
kded-devel-5.70.0-1 Development files for the KDE Frameworks 5 service daemon linux/i686
kdeedu-data-20.04.1-1 Data files for the KDE educational suite linux/noarch
kdegames4-4.14.3-3 KDE - Games linux/noarch
kdegraphics-mobipocket-20.04.1-1 A collection of plugins to handle mobipocket files linux/i686
kdegraphics-thumbnailers-20.04.1-1 Postscript, PDF, DVI and RAW ThumbCreator linux/i686
kdelibs4support-5.70.0-1 Porting aid from KDELibs4 linux/i686
kdenetwork-filesharing-20.04.2-2 Samba filesharing dialog for KDE4 linux/i686
kdenetwork4-4.14.3-3 K Desktop Environment - Network Applications linux/noarch
kdenlive-19.12.1-2 A non-linear video editing application for KDE linux/i686
kdepim-addons-20.04.1-1 Add-Ons for the KDE PIM suite linux/i686
kdepim-apps-libs-20.04.1-1 Libraries used by KDE PIM applications linux/i686
kdepim-runtime-20.04.1-1 K Desktop Environment Information Management runtime stuff linux/i686
kdeplasma-addons-5.19.0-1 KDE 5 Plasma Add-Ons linux/i686
kdesdk-kioslaves-20.04.1-1 KDE SDK KIO slaves linux/i686
kdesdk-thumbnailers-20.04.1-1 A preview image generator plugin for gettext translations and templates linux/i686
kdesdk4-4.14.3-3 K Desktop Environment - Software Development Kit linux/noarch
kdesignerplugin-5.70.0-1 Integration of KDE Frameworks 5 widgets in Qt Designer/Creator linux/i686
kdesu-5.72.0-1 KDE Frameworks 5 library for obtaining superuser privileges linux/i686
kdesu-devel-docs-5.72.0-1 Developer documentation for kdesu for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kdesvn-2.0.0-3 KDE client for subversion linux/i686
kdetoys4-4.14.3-3 K Desktop Environment - Toys and Amusements linux/noarch
kdev-php-5.5.0-1 PHP plugin for kdevelop linux/i686
kdev-php-devel-5.5.0-1 Development files for kdevelop-php linux/i686
kdev-python-5.5.0-1 Python plugin for kdevelop linux/i686
kdevelop-5.5.1-1 Integrated Development Environment for C++/C linux/i686
kdevelop-devel-5.5.1-1 Development files for kdevelop linux/i686
kdevelop-pg-qt-2.2.1-1 KDevelop-PG-Qt is a parser generator linux/i686
kdevelop-pg-qt-devel-2.2.1-1 KDevelop-PG-Qt development files linux/i686
kdevplatform-5.5.1-1 Files for kdevplatform linux/i686
kdf-20.04.1-1 View free disk space linux/i686
kdiagram-2.6.2-1 KDE library for gantt charts linux/i686
kdialog-20.04.1-1 Utility to display KDE dialog boxes from shell scripts linux/i686
kdiamond-20.04.1-1 Three-in-a-row game linux/i686
kdiff3-1.8.1-1 Summary Utility for comparing/merging up to three text files or directories linux/i686
kdiskmark-2.0.0-1 Simple open-source disk benchmark tool for Linux distros linux/i686
kdist-0.0.4-2 Tool for managing Mandriva kernel builds linux/noarch
kdnssd-5.72.0-1 The KDE Frameworks 5 DNSSD library linux/i686
kdnssd-devel-docs-5.72.0-1 Developer documentation for kdnssd for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kdoctools-5.72.0-1 Tools for handling KDE Frameworks 5 documentation linux/i686
kdoctools-devel-docs-5.72.0-1 Developer documentation for kdoctools for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
keditbookmarks-20.04.1-1 KDE bookmarks editor linux/i686
keepalived-1.2.7-2 HA monitor built upon LVS, VRRP and services poller linux/i686
keepassx-2.0.4-0.20190923.1 Cross Platform Password Manager linux/i686
keepassxc-2.5.4-1 Cross Platform Password Manager linux/i686
kemoticons-5.72.0-1 KDE Frameworks 5 Emoticons framework linux/i686
kemoticons-devel-docs-5.72.0-1 Developer documentation for kemoticons for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kernel-firmware-20201109-1 Linux kernel firmware files linux/noarch
kernel-firmware-extra-20201109-1 Extra linux kernel firmware files linux/noarch
kernel-firmware-pinephone-20201109-1 Firmware files needed to drive components of the PinePhone linux/noarch
kernel-rc-desktop-5.8.0-0.rc7.1 Linux Kernel for desktop use with i686 & 4GB RAM linux/i686
kernel-rc-desktop-devel-5.8.0-0.rc7.1 The kernel-devel files for kernel-rc-desktop-5.8.0-0.rc7.1omv4002 linux/i686
kernel-rc-headers-5.8.0-0.rc7.1 Linux kernel header files mostly used by your C library linux/i686
kernel-rc-source-5.8.0-0.rc7.1 The Linux source code for kernel-rc-5.8.0-0.rc7.1omv4002 linux/noarch
kernel-release-clang-desktop-clang-5.4.15-1 Linux Kernel for desktop use with i686 & 4GB RAM linux/i686
kernel-release-desktop-5.5.3-1 Linux Kernel for desktop use with i686 & 4GB RAM linux/i686
kernel-release-desktop-devel-5.5.3-1 The kernel-devel files for kernel-release-desktop-5.5.3-1omv4002 linux/i686
kernel-release-headers-5.5.3-1 Linux kernel header files mostly used by your C library linux/i686
kernel-release-source-5.5.3-1 The Linux source code for kernel-release-5.5.3-1omv4002 linux/noarch
ketchup-0.9.8-6 Linux Kernel source switch/update tool linux/noarch
kexi-3.2.0-1 An integrated environment for managing data linux/i686
kexis-0.2.2-2 A lossless WAV file compressor linux/i686
keybinder-0.3.0-6 A library for registering global keyboard shortcuts linux/i686
keybinder3.0-0.3.2-2 A library for registering global keyboard shortcuts linux/i686
keybinder3.0-0.3.2-1 A library for registering global keyboard shortcuts linux/i686
keychain-2.8.5-1 Manages ssh-agent to minimise passphrase entry for ssh linux/noarch
keyjnote-0.10.2-5 OpenGL-based slide presentation program linux/noarch
keysmith-0.0-0.20200312.1 One-Time Password client for Plasma Mobile linux/i686
keyutils-1.6.1-1 Linux Key Management Utilities linux/i686
kfileaudiopreview-4.99.0-7 Plugin interface for audio previews linux/i686
kfilemetadata-5.70.0-1 File metadata parsing library linux/i686
kfilemetadata-devel-docs-5.70.0-1 Developer documentation for kfilemetadata for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kfind-20.04.1-1 KDE utility to find files linux/i686
kfloppy-20.04.1-1 Format floppy disks linux/i686
kfourinline-20.04.1-1 Place 4 pieces in a row linux/i686
kgamma5-5.19.4-1 Plasma 5 monitor calibration module linux/i686
kgeography-20.04.1-1 A geography learning program linux/i686
kget-20.04.1-1 Versatile and user-friendly download manager for KDE4 linux/i686
kglobalaccel-5.72.0-1 The KDE Frameworks 5 global accelerator library linux/i686
kglobalaccel-devel-docs-5.72.0-1 Developer documentation for kglobalaccel for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kgoldrunner-20.04.1-1 A game of action and puzzle solving linux/i686
kgpg-20.04.1-1 Control your GPG keys linux/i686
kgraphviewer-2.4.3-1 A GraphViz dot graph viewer for Plasma 5 linux/i686
kguiaddons-devel-docs-5.72.0-1 Developer documentation for kguiaddons for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
khangman-20.04.1-1 Classical hangman game linux/i686
khelpcenter-20.08.2-1 KDE Plasma 5 Help Center linux/i686
kholidays-5.70.0-1 KDE library for holiday handling linux/i686
kholidays-devel-docs-5.70.0-1 Developer documentation for kholidays for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
khotkeys-5.19.0-1 Hotkeys support for KDE Plasma 5 linux/i686
khotkeys-devel-5.19.0-1 Development files for khotkeys linux/i686
khtml-5.70.0-2 The KDE Frameworks 5 HTML library (for compatibility with 4.x) linux/i686
ki18n-5.72.0-1 The KDE Frameworks 5 internationalization framework linux/i686
ki18n-devel-docs-5.72.0-1 Developer documentation for ki18n for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kiba-dock-0.1-0.1218.2 Application dock with advanced graphical effects linux/i686
kiba-dock-devel-0.1-0.1218.2 Development files for kiba-dock linux/i686
kicad-5.1.5-1 An open source program for the creation of electronic schematic diagrams linux/i686
kicad-doc-5.1.5-1 Documentation for kicad (creation of electronic schematic diagrams) linux/noarch
kicad-library-5.1.5-1 Library for kicad (creation of electronic schematic diagrams) linux/noarch
kiconthemes-5.72.0-1 The KDE Frameworks 5 Icon theme library linux/i686
kiconthemes-designer-5.72.0-1 Qt Designer plugin for handling kiconthemes widgets linux/i686
kiconthemes-devel-docs-5.72.0-1 Developer documentation for kiconthemes for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kid3-3.6.1-1 ID3 Tagger linux/i686
kid3-cli-3.6.1-1 Efficient CLI ID3 tag editor linux/i686
kid3-qt-3.6.1-1 Efficient Qt ID3 tag editor linux/i686
kidentitymanagement-20.04.2-1 KDE library for mail transport linux/i686
kidletime-devel-docs-5.72.0-1 Developer documentation for kidletime for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kig-20.08.0-2 KDE Interactive Geometry linux/i686
kigo-20.04.1-1 Go board game for KDE linux/i686
kile-2.9.91-1 Integrated LaTeX Environment for KF5 linux/i686
killbots-20.04.1-1 KDE port of the classic BSD console game robots linux/i686
kim-0.9.5-8 Image menu for kde linux/noarch
kimageformats-5.72.0-1 Qt5 support for handling various additional image formats linux/i686
kimageformats-dds-5.72.0-1 Qt 5.x support for images in the dds format linux/i686
kimageformats-eps-5.72.0-1 Qt 5.x support for images in the eps format linux/i686
kimageformats-exr-5.72.0-1 Qt 5.x support for images in the exr format linux/i686
kimageformats-hdr-5.72.0-1 Qt 5.x support for images in the hdr format linux/i686
kimageformats-jp2-5.72.0-1 Qt 5.x support for images in the jp2 format linux/i686
kimageformats-kra-5.72.0-1 Qt 5.x support for images in the kra format linux/i686
kimageformats-ora-5.72.0-1 Qt 5.x support for images in the ora format linux/i686
kimageformats-pcx-5.72.0-1 Qt 5.x support for images in the pcx format linux/i686
kimageformats-pic-5.72.0-1 Qt 5.x support for images in the pic format linux/i686
kimageformats-psd-5.72.0-1 Qt 5.x support for images in the psd format linux/i686
kimageformats-ras-5.72.0-1 Qt 5.x support for images in the ras format linux/i686
kimageformats-rgb-5.72.0-1 Qt 5.x support for images in the rgb format linux/i686
kimageformats-tga-5.72.0-1 Qt 5.x support for images in the tga format linux/i686
kimageformats-xcf-5.72.0-1 Qt 5.x support for images in the xcf format linux/i686
kimagemapeditor-20.04.1-1 HTML imagemap editor for KDE linux/i686
kimagemapeditor-handbook-20.04.1-1 Kimagemapeditor handbook linux/noarch
kimap-20.04.2-1 KDE library for accessing IMAP servers linux/i686
kimap2-0.3.1-0.20200905.1 KDE library for handling the IMAP protocol linux/i686
kinfocenter-5.19.0-1 KDE Plasma 5 Info Center linux/i686
kinit-5.70.0-1 Process launcher to speed up launching KDE applications linux/i686
kinit-devel-5.70.0-1 Development files for KInit linux/i686
kio-5.72.0-1 The KDE Frameworks 5 framework for handling Input and Output (I/O) linux/i686
kio-designer-5.72.0-1 Qt Designer plugin for handling kio widgets linux/i686
kio-devel-docs-5.72.0-1 Developer documentation for kio for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kio-extras-20.04.2-2 KDE 5 I/O Extras linux/i686
kio-fuse-5.0.0-1 KIO module for accessing FUSE filesystems linux/i686
kio-gdrive-1.3.0-1 Google Drive KIO-slave for KDE applications linux/i686
kio-perldoc-20.04.1-1 A KIO slave interface for Perl documentation linux/i686
kio-stash-1.0-2 KIO slave and daemon to stash discontinuous file selections linux/i686
kipi-common-20.04.1-1 Non-library files for the kipi library linux/noarch
kipi-plugin-kxmlhelloword-20.04.1-1 A demo kipi tool using KDE XML-GUI technology linux/i686
kipi-plugins-5.9.1-1 KDE Image Plugin Interface plugins linux/i686
kipi-plugins-dropbox-5.9.1-1 Dropbox export Kipi Plugin linux/i686
kipi-plugins-facebook-5.9.1-1 Facebook Kipi Plugin linux/i686
kipi-plugins-flashexport-5.9.1-1 Flash export Kipi Plugin linux/i686
kipi-plugins-flickr-5.9.1-1 Flick Export Kipi Plugin linux/i686
kipi-plugins-googleservices-5.9.1-1 Google services export Kipi Plugin linux/i686
kipi-plugins-imageshack-5.9.1-1 Imageshack Export Kipi Plugin linux/i686
kipi-plugins-imgurexport-5.9.1-1 Imgur Kipi Plugin linux/i686
kipi-plugins-jalbum-5.9.1-1 jAlbum export Kipi Plugin linux/i686
kipi-plugins-kmlexport-5.9.1-1 Create KML files to present images with coordinates linux/i686
kipi-plugins-piwigoexport-5.9.1-1 Piwi Go Export linux/i686
kipi-plugins-printimages-5.9.1-1 Print Images Kipi Plugin linux/i686
kipi-plugins-rajceexport-5.9.1-1 Exporter linux/i686
kipi-plugins-remotestorage-5.9.1-1 Export pictures to or import from a remote directory that is accessible via KIO linux/i686
kipi-plugins-sendimages-5.9.1-1 Send Images kipi plugins linux/i686
kipi-plugins-smug-5.9.1-1 Smug Kipi Plugin linux/i686
kipi-plugins-yandexfotki-5.9.1-1 Yandex.Fotki Exporter linux/i686
kirigami-5.72.0-1 KDE user interface framework for mobile and convergent applications linux/i686
kirigami-addons-0.0-0.20200825.1 Add-on widgets for the Kirigami library linux/i686
kirigami-devel-docs-5.72.0-1 Developer documentation for kirigami for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kirigami1-1.1.0-2 KDE user interface framework for mobile and convergent applications linux/i686
kiriki-20.04.1-1 Yahtzee-like dice game linux/i686
kitemmodels-devel-docs-5.72.0-1 Developer documentation for kitemmodels for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kitemviews-5.72.0-1 The KDE Frameworks 5 item view library linux/i686
kitemviews-designer-5.72.0-1 Qt Designer plugin for handling KItemView widgets linux/i686
kitemviews-devel-docs-5.72.0-1 Developer documentation for kitemviews for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kiten-20.04.1-1 A Japanese reference/learning tool linux/i686
kiten-devel-20.04.1-1 Devel stuff for kiten linux/i686
kitinerary-20.04.1-1 Library for handling Itinerary data linux/i686
kitty-0.19.3-1 Fast, featureful, GPU based terminal emulator linux/i686
kitty-doc-0.19.3-1 Documentation for the kitty terminal emulator linux/i686
kjobwidgets-5.72.0-1 Widgets for tracking KJob instances linux/i686
kjobwidgets-devel-docs-5.72.0-1 Developer documentation for kjobwidgets for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kjots-5.0.2-2 Note Taker for Plasma 5 linux/i686
kjs-5.72.0-1 The KDE Frameworks 5 JavaScript library linux/i686
kjsembed-5.72.0-1 The KDE Frameworks 5 JavaScript Embedding library linux/i686
kjumpingcube-20.04.1-1 A tactical game for number-crunchers linux/i686
klavaro-1.9.3-3 Touch Typing Tutor linux/i686
kldap-20.04.2-1 KDE library for accessing LDAP directories linux/i686
klettres-20.04.1-1 Language learning program linux/i686
klickety-20.04.1-1 An adaptation of the Clickomania game linux/i686
klines-20.04.1-1 Place 5 equal pieces together, but wait, there are 3 new ones linux/i686
klive-20070203-7 Script to gather information about kernel usage linux/noarch
kmag-20.04.2-2 Screen magnifier for KDE Plasma linux/i686
kmahjongg-20.04.1-1 A tile laying patience linux/i686
kmahjongglib-20.04.1-1 Common files needed by KMahjongg, Kajongg and KShisen linux/noarch
kmail-20.04.1-1 KDE email client linux/i686
kmail-account-wizard-20.04.1-1 Account wizard for KMail linux/i686
kmailtransport-20.04.2-1 KDE library for mail transport linux/i686
kmediaplayer-5.70.0-1 Plugin interface for media player features linux/i686
kmenuedit-5.19.0-1 KDE Plasma 5 Menu Editor linux/i686
kmflcomp-0.9.9-13 Compiler for source Tavultesoft Keyman files linux/i686
kmime-20.04.2-1 KDE library for handling MIME types linux/i686
kmines-20.04.1-1 The classic mine sweeper linux/i686
kmix-20.04.1-1 KDE Digital Mixer linux/i686
kmod-27-4 Utilities to load modules into the kernel linux/i686
kmousetool-20.04.1-1 Automatic Mouse Click linux/i686
kmouth-20.04.1-1 A type-and-say front end for speech synthesizers linux/i686
kmozillahelper-5.0.3-1 Mozilla KDE Integration linux/i686
kmplot-20.04.1-1 A mathematical function plotter linux/i686
kmymoney-5.0.2-1 The Personal Finances Manager linux/i686
kmymoney-devel-5.0.2-1 KMyMoney Development library linux/i686
knavalbattle-20.04.1-1 Battleship game with built-in game server linux/i686
knetwalk-20.04.1-1 Turn the board pieces to get all computers connected linux/i686
knewstuff-5.70.0-1 Support for downloading application assets from the network linux/i686
knewstuff-devel-docs-5.70.0-1 Developer documentation for knewstuff for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
knock-0.5-14 Open connection through firewall on specified signal linux/i686
knotes-20.04.1-1 KDE notes application linux/i686
knotifications-5.72.0-1 The KDE Frameworks 5 system notifications library linux/i686
knotifications-devel-docs-5.72.0-1 Developer documentation for knotifications for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
knotifyconfig-5.70.0-2 Configuration system for knotify linux/i686
knotifyconfig-devel-docs-5.70.0-2 Developer documentation for knotifyconfig for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kohsuke-pom-9-1 Kohsuke parent POM linux/noarch
koko-0.0-0.20200827.1 Image viewer for desktop and touch devices linux/i686
kolf-20.04.1-1 A golf game linux/i686
kollision-20.04.1-1 A simple ball dodging game linux/i686
kolourpaint-20.04.1-1 A free, easy-to-use paint program for KDE linux/i686
kolourpaint-devel-20.04.1-1 Devel stuff for kolourpaint linux/i686
kompare-20.04.1-1 A diff graphic tool for KDE linux/i686
kompare-devel-20.04.1-1 Development files for Kompare linux/i686
kon2-0.3.9b-26 KON - Kanji ON Linux console linux/i686
konqueror-20.04.1-1 KDE file and web browser linux/i686
konqueror-libkonq-20.04.1-1 KDE Frameworks 5 Konq library support files linux/i686
konqueror-plugins-20.04.1-1 Konqueror plugins linux/i686
konqueror-webenginepart-20.04.1-1 Plasma 5 embeddable HTML component linux/i686
konquest-20.04.1-1 Conquer the planets of your enemy linux/i686
konsole-20.04.1-1 A terminal emulator similar to xterm for KDE linux/i686
kontact-20.04.1-1 KDE kontact container linux/i686
kontactinterface-20.04.2-1 Kontact Plugin Interface Library linux/i686
kontrast-1.0.0-1 Contrast checker linux/i686
konversation-1.7.6-1 A user friendly IRC Client for Plasma 5 linux/i686
kopete-20.04.0-1 KDE Internet Messenger linux/i686
kopete-devel-20.04.0-1 Development files for Kopete linux/i686
korganizer-20.04.1-1 KDE calendar and scheduling component linux/i686
koules-1.4-21 Space action game for X11 linux/i686
kpackage-5.70.0-1 Library to load and install packages of non binary files as they were a plugin linux/i686
kpackage-devel-docs-5.70.0-1 Developer documentation for kpackage for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kpartloader-20.04.1-1 Test application for KParts linux/i686
kparts-5.72.0-3 Document centric plugin system linux/i686
kparts-devel-docs-5.72.0-3 Developer documentation for kparts for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kpartx-0.8.0-1 Partition device manager for device-mapper devices linux/i686
kpat-20.04.1-1 Several patience card games linux/i686
kpeople-5.70.0-1 KDE Frameworks 5 people contacts module linux/i686
kpeople-devel-docs-5.70.0-1 Developer documentation for kpeople for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kpeople-i18n-5.70.0-1 KPeople translations linux/noarch
kpeoplevcard-0.1-1 VCard reading support for KPeople linux/i686
kpeoplevcard-devel-0.1-1 Development files for KPeopleVCard linux/i686
kphotoalbum-5.5-1 K Image Database linux/i686
kpimtextedit-20.04.2-1 Text editing library for KDE PIM linux/i686
kpimtextedit-designer-devel-20.04.2-1 Qt Designer integration for kpimtextedit linux/i686
kpkpass-20.04.1-1 Library for handling Apple Wallet pass files linux/i686
kplotting-designer-5.72.0-1 Qt Designer plugin for handling kplotting widgets linux/i686
kplotting-devel-docs-5.72.0-1 Developer documentation for kplotting for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kpmcore-4.0.1-2 Library for managing partitions linux/i686
kproperty-3.2.0-1 A property editing framework with editor widget linux/i686
kpty-5.72.0-1 The KDE Frameworks 5 pty handling library linux/i686
kpty-devel-docs-5.72.0-1 Developer documentation for kpty for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kqtquickcharts-20.04.1-1 Qt Quick plugin to render beautiful and interactive charts linux/i686
kquickcharts-5.72.0-1 A QtQuick module providing high-performance charts. linux/i686
kquickimageeditor-0.0-0.20201207.1 Qt Image editing components linux/i686
krank-07-1 Mouse magnet manipulation game with nifty graphics linux/noarch
krb5-1.18.2-1 The Kerberos network authentication system linux/i686
krb5-appl-clients-1.0.3-12 Kerberos-aware telnet, ftp, rcp, rsh and rlogin clients linux/i686
krb5-appl-servers-1.0.3-12 Kerberos-aware telnet, ftp, rcp, rsh and rlogin servers linux/i686
krb5-auth-dialog-3.26.1-1 Kerberos 5 authentication dialog linux/i686
krb5-pkinit-openssl-1.18.2-1 The PKINIT module for Kerberos 5 linux/i686
krb5-server-1.18.2-1 The server programs for Kerberos 5 linux/i686
krb5-server-ldap-1.18.2-1 The LDAP storage plugin for the Kerberos 5 KDC linux/i686
krb5-workstation-1.18.2-1 Kerberos 5 programs for use on workstations linux/i686
krdc-20.04.2-2 KDE Remote Desktop Client linux/i686
krecorder-0.0.1-0.20200916.1 Video player for Plasma Mobile linux/i686
krename-5.0.0-2 A powerful batch renamer for KDE linux/i686
kreport-3.2.0-1 Framework for the creation and generation of reports linux/i686
kreversi-20.04.1-1 Old reversi board game, also known as othello linux/i686
krfb-20.04.1-1 KDE Remote Desktop Server linux/i686
krita-4.1.8-1 Sketching and painting program linux/i686
krita-plugin-gmic-2.3.3-1 gmic plugin for Krita linux/i686
kross-5.70.0-1 Multi-language application scripting linux/i686
kross-interpreters-python-20.04.1-1 Python kross-interpreter linux/i686
kross-interpreters-ruby-20.04.1-1 Ruby kross interpreter linux/i686
kruler-20.04.1-1 KDE Screen Ruler linux/i686
krunner-5.70.0-1 Parallelized query system linux/i686
krunner-devel-docs-5.70.0-1 Developer documentation for krunner for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
krusader-2.7.2-1 Advanced KDE twin-panel file-manager linux/i686
kscd-18.08.20180907-2 KDE Audio CD Player linux/i686
kscreen-5.19.0-1 KDE Display Management software linux/i686
kscreenlocker-5.19.0-1 Library and components for secure lock screen architecture linux/i686
kservice-5.72.0-1 The KDE Frameworks 5 Service handling framework linux/i686
kservice-devel-docs-5.72.0-1 Developer documentation for kservice for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kshisen-20.04.1-1 Patience game where you take away all pieces linux/i686
ksirk-20.04.1-1 Computerized version of a well known strategy board game linux/i686
ksmtp-20.04.2-1 KDE library for SMTP mail transmission linux/i686
ksnakeduel-20.04.1-1 Snake race played against the computer linux/i686
ksnip-1.8.0-1 Screenshot tool linux/i686
kspaceduel-20.04.1-1 Two player game with shooting spaceships flying around a sun linux/i686
ksquares-20.04.1-1 An implementation of the popular paper based game squares linux/i686
ksshaskpass-5.19.0-1 SSH-askpass for KDE linux/i686
kstars-3.4.2-1 A Desktop Planetarium linux/i686
kstart-4.2-1 Kinit daemon that uses srvtabs or keytabs linux/i686
ksudoku-20.04.1-1 Play, create and solve sudoku grids linux/i686
ksuperkey-0.3-2 A service to an open application launcher in KDE with Super key linux/i686
ksysguard-5.19.0-1 KDE Plasma 5 System Guard application linux/i686
ksystemlog-20.04.1-1 System log viewer tool for KDE4 linux/i686
kteatime-20.04.1-1 System tray applet that makes sure your tea doesn't get too strong linux/i686
kterm-6.2.0-31 A Kanji (Japanese character set) terminal emulator for X linux/i686
ktexteditor5-5.70.1-1 Advanced embeddable text editor linux/i686
ktexteditor5-devel-docs-5.70.1-1 Developer documentation for ktexteditor5 for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
ktextwidgets-5.72.0-1 The KDE Frameworks 5 Text Widgets library linux/i686
ktextwidgets-designer-5.72.0-1 Qt Designer plugin for handling ktextwidgets widgets linux/i686
ktextwidgets-devel-docs-5.72.0-1 Developer documentation for ktextwidgets for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
ktimer-20.04.1-1 Execute programs after some time linux/i686
ktnef-20.04.2-2 KTNEF - an API for handling TNEF data linux/i686
ktoblzcheck-1.49-2 A library to check account numbers and bank codes of German banks linux/i686
ktorrent-5.2.0-1 BitTorrent program for KDE linux/i686
ktouch-20.04.1-1 A program for learning touch typing linux/i686
ktp-accounts-kcm-20.04.2-2 KAccouts integration for KDE Telepathy contacts linux/i686
ktp-approver-20.04.2-2 Internals for the KDE Telepathy IM suite linux/i686
ktp-auth-handler-20.04.2-2 KDE Telepathy authentication handler linux/i686
ktp-call-ui-20.04.1-1 UI for KDE Telepathy calls linux/i686
ktp-common-internals-20.04.2-2 Internals for the KDE Telepathy IM suite linux/i686
ktp-contact-list-20.04.1-1 KDE Telepathy contact list handler linux/i686
ktp-contact-runner-20.04.1-1 KRunner integration for KDE Telepathy contacts linux/i686
ktp-desktop-applets-20.04.1-1 Desktop applets for KDE Telepathy linux/i686
ktp-filetransfer-handler-20.04.1-1 KDE Telepathy file transfer handler linux/i686
ktp-kded-module-20.04.2-2 KDE Telepathy KDED module linux/i686
ktp-send-file-20.04.1-1 Handler for transmitting files over KDE Telepathy linux/i686
ktp-text-ui-20.04.1-1 UI for KDE Telepathy text messaging linux/i686
ktuberling-20.04.1-1 "Potato editor" game linux/i686
kturtle-20.04.1-1 An educational programming environment linux/i686
kube-0.8.1-0.20190917.1 The Kube email client linux/i686
kubrick-20.04.1-1 Game based on Rubik's Cube linux/i686
kuiviewer-20.04.1-1 UI files viewer for KDE linux/i686
kunitconversion-5.72.0-1 The KDE Frameworks 5 unit conversion library linux/i686
kunitconversion-devel-docs-5.72.0-1 Developer documentation for kunitconversion for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kup-0.8.0-1 A KDE-based frontend for the very excellent backup software linux/i686
kuser-16.08.3-6 Users and groups manager linux/i686
kuserfeedback-1.0.0-1 Framework for collecting user feedback for applications via telemetry and surveys linux/i686
kvirc-5.0.0-0.git20190922.1 Qt IRC client linux/i686
kwallet-5.72.0-1 The KDE Frameworks 5 password storage library linux/i686
kwallet-devel-docs-5.72.0-1 Developer documentation for kwallet for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kwallet-pam-5.19.4-1 PAM support for Kwallet linux/i686
kwalletmanager-20.04.1-1 KDE Wallet Management Tool linux/i686
kwave-20.04.1-1 A sound editor for KDE linux/i686
kwayland-5.72.0-1 KDE Library for working with the Wayland display server linux/i686
kwayland-devel-docs-5.72.0-1 Developer documentation for kwayland for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kwayland-integration-5.19.0-1 KDE Library for integration with the Wayland display server linux/i686
kwayland-server-5.19.4-1 KDE Library for integration with the Wayland display server linux/i686
kweather-0.2.1-0.20200825.1 Weather applet for Plasma Mobile linux/i686
kwidgetsaddons-5.72.0-1 The KDE Frameworks 5 Widgets Library addons linux/i686
kwidgetsaddons-designer-5.72.0-1 Qt Designer plugin for handling kwidgetsaddons widgets linux/i686
kwidgetsaddons-devel-docs-5.72.0-1 Developer documentation for kwidgetsaddons for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kwin-5.18.90-1 The KWin window manager linux/i686
kwin-devel-5.18.90-1 Development files for the KDE Frameworks 5 Win library linux/i686
kwin-wayland-5.18.90-1 Wayland Window System support for KWin linux/i686
kwin-x11-5.18.90-1 X11 Window System support for KWin linux/i686
kwindowsystem-5.72.0-1 The KDE Frameworks 5 window system library linux/i686
kwindowsystem-devel-docs-5.72.0-1 Developer documentation for kwindowsystem for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kwordquiz-20.04.1-1 A general purpose flash card program linux/i686
kwrite-20.04.1-1 Simple text editor for KDE 5 linux/i686
kwrited-5.19.0-1 Application for monitoring messages sent with write or wall linux/i686
kxmlgui-5.72.0-1 The KDE Frameworks 5 XML GUI library linux/i686
kxmlgui-designer-5.72.0-1 Qt Designer plugin for handling kxmlgui widgets linux/i686
kxmlgui-devel-docs-5.72.0-1 Developer documentation for kxmlgui for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kxmlrpcclient-devel-docs-5.70.0-1 Developer documentation for kxmlrpcclient for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
kxmlrpcclient-i18n-5.70.0-1 KXmlRpcClient translations linux/noarch
kxstitch-2.2.0-1 Program to create cross stitch patterns linux/i686
kxstitch-handbook-2.2.0-1 KXStitch handbook linux/noarch

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