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Packages beginning with letter B

b43-firmware-install-0.1-4 Package that installs proprietary firmware for Broadcom 43xx chips linux/noarch
b43-fwcutter-019-6 Tool to extract firmware for Broadcom 43xx network chip linux/i686
b5i2iso-0.2-7 Convert Blindwrite CD Images to ISO linux/i686
babe-1.2.1-2 Babe Media Player linux/i686
babeltrace-1.5.6-2 An open source trace format converter linux/i686
backupninja-1.1.0-1 Lightweight, extensible meta-backup system linux/noarch
backuponcd-0.9.1-13 Multi-CD backup shell scripts linux/noarch
badwolf-1.0.3-1 Web Browser which aims at security and privacy over usability linux/i686
balazar-0.3.4-7 A 3D adventure and roleplaying game linux/noarch
balazarbrothers-0.3.1-6 Amazing libre (GPL'ed) 3D puzzle game linux/noarch
baloo-5.70.0-1 Baloo is a framework for searching and managing metadata linux/i686
baloo-devel-docs-5.70.0-1 Developer documentation for baloo for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
baloo-widgets-20.04.1-1 Widgets for Baloo linux/i686
bam-0.4.0-3 A build-system linux/i686
bamf-daemon-0.5.4-3 Window matching library - daemon linux/i686
bamf-daemon-0.5.4-2 Window matching library - daemon linux/i686
bandwhich-0.20.0-1 Terminal bandwidth utilization tool linux/i686
bandwidth-1.9.4-1 Memory and network benchmark program linux/i686
banner-1.3.2-6 Print text as banner on the console linux/i686
baobab-3.38.0-1 Disk Usage Analyzer (aka Baobab) linux/i686
barnyard-1.9-3 Snort Log Backend linux/i686
barrage-1.0.4-3 A rather violent action game linux/i686
base64coder-20101219-9.4 Fast and compact Base64 encoder/decoder Java library linux/noarch
base64coder-javadoc-20101219-9.4 API documentation for base64coder linux/noarch
basesystem-4-17 Skeleton package which defines a simple OpenMandriva Lx system linux/i686
basesystem-build-4-17 The skeleton package which defines a simple system for package builds linux/i686
basesystem-minimal-4-17 Minimalistic skeleton package definining a simple OpenMandriva Lx system linux/i686
basesystem-uml-4-17 Skeleton package definining a simple uml OpenMandriva Lx system linux/i686
bash-5.0.18-1 The GNU Bourne Again shell (bash) linux/i686
bash-completion-2.11-1 Programmable completion for bash linux/noarch
bash-completion-devel-2.11-1 The pkgconfig for bash-completion linux/noarch
bash-doc-5.0.18-1 Documentation for the GNU Bourne Again shell (bash) linux/i686
bashbug-5.0.18-1 Report a bug in bash linux/i686
bashburn-3.1.0-2 Bash script designed to make CD burning linux/noarch
bastet-0.43-5 Tetris clone giving you the worst bricks possible linux/i686
bbdb-2.36-3 The Insidious Big Brother Database linux/noarch
bblaunch-0.0.3-10 An application launcher for Blackbox type window managers linux/i686
bc-1.07.1-6 GNU's bc (a numeric processing language) and dc (a calculator) linux/i686
bcache-tools-1.0.8-2 Tools for Linux kernel block layer cache linux/i686
bcel-6.3.1-1 Byte Code Engineering Library linux/noarch
bcel-javadoc-6.3.1-1 API documentation for bcel linux/noarch
bchunk-1.2.2-1 CD image format conversion from bin/cue to iso/cdr linux/i686
bcm43xx-fwcutter-006-24 Tool to extract firmware for Broadcom 43xx network chip linux/i686
bcrypt-1.1-8 A lightweight blowfish file encryption utility linux/i686
bdftopcf-1.1-4 Convert X font from Bitmap Distribution Format to Portable Compiled Format linux/i686
become-0.1-5 Utility to changes the effective, or real, user and group id linux/i686
beep-1.3-2 The pc speaker linux/i686
beesu-2.7-3 Graphical wrapper for su linux/i686
beforelight-1.0.5-10 Sample screen saver linux/i686
belcard-1.0.2-2 C++ library to manipulate vCard standard format linux/i686
belr-0.1.3-2 Language recognition library linux/i686
berusky-data-1.7-1 Game data files for Berusky linux/noarch
bfc-0.2-7 An alternative ABF client linux/noarch
bgpq3-0.1.21-2 BGP filtering automation for cisco and juniper routers linux/i686
biabam-0.9.7-9 Bash Attachment Mailer linux/noarch
bib2html-6.7-3 BibTeX to HTML translator linux/noarch
bib2xhtml-2.35-3 A program for converting BibTeX files into XHTML 1.0 linux/noarch
bibletime-2.11.2-1 Easy to use Bible study tool linux/i686
biew-6.1.0-5 Console hex viewer/editor and disassembler linux/i686
bijiben-3.38.0-1 Simple Note Viewer linux/i686
bin2iso-0.4-7 Very simple utility to convert a BIN image linux/i686
bind-9.15.8-1 A DNS (Domain Name System) server linux/i686
bind-devel-9.15.8-1 Include files and libraries needed for bind DNS development linux/i686
bind-doc-9.15.8-1 Documentation for BIND linux/i686
bind-utils-9.15.8-1 Utilities for querying DNS name servers linux/i686
bindgraph-0.2-17 Gathers bind9 statistics linux/noarch
bino-1.6.7-1 Video Player with 3D and Multi-Display Video Support linux/i686
binstats-1.08-11 An administration utility linux/i686
binutils-2.35.1-3 GNU Binary Utility Development Utilities linux/i686
biosdevname-0.4.1-3 Udev helper for naming devices per BIOS names linux/i686
biosdisk-1.01-1 Creating BIOS flash floppy images for DELL machines linux/noarch
bison-3.7.3-1 A GNU general-purpose parser generator linux/i686
bitlbee-3.2.1-2 IRC proxy to connect to ICQ, AOL, MSN and Jabber linux/i686
bitmap-1.0.9-1 Editor and converter utilities for the X Window System linux/i686
bittorrent-5.3-19 Tool for copying files from one machine to another linux/noarch
bkf-2.0-3 A simple client for BitMover linux/i686
black-hole-solver-1.10.1-1 The Black Hole Solitaire Solver Executable linux/i686
blas-doc-3.9.0-5 Documentation for BLAS linux/i686
bleachbit-4.0.0-1 A tool to remove unnecessary files, free disk space and maintain privacy linux/noarch
blender-2.83.4-1 A fully functional 3D modeling/rendering/animation package linux/i686
blindelephant-7-1 Web Application Finger Printer linux/noarch
blinken-20.04.1-1 Simon Says Game linux/i686
blktrace-1.2.0-1 Utilities for block layer IO tracing linux/i686
blobwars-2.00-1 BlobWars Episode I : Metal Blob Solid linux/i686
blogfish-1.0-10 Evolutionary meme spreader from the GNOME panel linux/noarch
blogtk-2.0-5 Standalone blog entry poster linux/noarch
blop-0.2.8-11 Bandlimited LADSPA Oscillator Plugins linux/i686
blt-2.4z-41 A Tk toolkit extension, including widgets, geometry managers, etc linux/i686
blueberry-1.4.2-1 A configuration tool for Bluetooth linux/noarch
bluecurve-theme-1.0.0-5 Bluecurve GNOME theme linux/noarch
bluedevil-5.19.0-1 The bluetooth stack for KDE 5 linux/i686
bluefish-2.2.11-1 Web development studio linux/i686
bluegps-2.0-6 Simple command line tool for the Royaltek RBT-3000 bluetooth GPS receiver linux/i686
blueman-1.23-4 Full featured bluetooth manager for GNOME/GTK linux/i686
bluemindo-0.3-3 Simple audio player in Python/PyGTK, using GStreamer linux/noarch
blueproximity-1.2.5-1 Detects you via your bluetooth devices and locks/unlocks the screen linux/noarch
bluez-5.55-2 Official Linux Bluetooth protocol stack linux/i686
bluez-cups-5.55-2 CUPS printer backend for Bluetooth printers linux/i686
bluez-firmware-1.2-11 Bluetooth firmware utilities linux/noarch
bluez-hcidump-2.5-10 Bluetooth HCI packet dump linux/i686
bluez-hid2hci-5.55-2 Put HID proxying bluetooth HCI's into HCI mode linux/i686
bluez-pin-0.30-24 Bluetooth PIN GUI linux/i686
bluez-qt-5.72.0-1 KDE Frameworks 5 Bluetooth module linux/i686
bluez-qt-devel-docs-5.72.0-1 Developer documentation for bluez-qt for use with Qt Assistant linux/i686
bluez-test-5.55-2 Tools for testing of various Bluetooth-functions linux/i686
bluez-tools-0.1.38-0.662e.3 Command line tools for bluez (bluetooth stack for Linux) linux/i686
bmake-20210110-1 The NetBSD make(1) tool linux/i686
boa-0.94.14-0.rc21.3 Web server linux/i686
boa-constructor-0.6.1-6 Python IDE and wxPython GUI Builder linux/noarch
bobobot-0-16.preview3.9 Mario-like game linux/i686
bochs-tools-1.6.4-7 Manipulates Bochs disk-images linux/i686
bogofilter-1.2.5-1 Fast anti-spam filtering by Bayesian statistical analysis linux/i686
bogosec-20050315-9 Source code security quality metric linux/noarch
boltdb-1.3.1-5 A low-level key/value database for Go linux/i686
bomber-20.04.1-1 Arcade bombing game linux/i686
bonk-0.6-2 A lossy and lossless audio coder linux/i686
bonsai-1.3.9-0.20051228.10 A query interface to the CVS source repository linux/noarch
boolstuff-0.1.16-1 Disjunctive Normal Form boolean expression library and example linux/i686
boost-build-1.75.0-1 Cross platform build system for C++ projects linux/i686
boost-examples-1.75.0-1 The examples for the Boost libraries linux/i686
bootparamd-0.17-32 A server process which provides boot information to diskless clients linux/i686
bootsplash-3.4.2-9 Scripts to handle Mandriva themeing linux/i686
bootsplash-themes-2.1.0-8 Bootsplash themes linux/noarch
borges-0.14.9-9 Mandriva Linux Documents Management System linux/noarch
borges-doc-0.14.9-9 The Borges DMS documentation linux/noarch
borges-docbook-0.14.9-9 The Borges DocBook module linux/noarch
borges-frontend-0.14.9-9 The BorgesWeb frontend linux/noarch
bouml-doc-4.21-2 Bouml reference manual linux/noarch
bovo-20.04.1-1 Classic pen and paper game linux/i686
bpalogin-2.0.2-21 Client for Telstra's Big Pond Advance cable connections linux/i686
bpftool-5.8.0-0.rc7.1 Inspection and simple manipulation of eBPF programs and maps linux/i686
brasero-3.12.2-1 A disc burning application for GNOME linux/i686
breeze-5.19.0-1 The KDE 5 Breeze style linux/i686
breeze-devel-5.19.0-1 Devel stuff for breeze linux/i686
breeze-grub-5.19.0-1 The Breeze theme for the GRUB bootloader linux/noarch
breeze-gtk-5.19.0-1 The Breeze theme for GTK+ windows linux/i686
breeze-icons-5.72.0-1 Breeze icon theme linux/noarch
breeze-plymouth-5.19.0-1 The Breeze theme for the Plymouth boot splash system linux/i686
bridge-utils-1.6-1 Utilities for configuring the linux ethernet bridge linux/i686
brilltagger-1.14-12 Rule based tagger linux/i686
brltty-6.0-2 Braille display driver for Linux/Unix linux/i686
brotli-1.0.9-1 Brotli compression format linux/i686
bsd-games-2.17-25 Collection of text-based games linux/i686
bsdcat-3.5.1-1 Expand files to standard output linux/i686
bsdiff-4.3-4 Binary diff/patch utility linux/i686
bsh-2.0-1 Lightweight Scripting for Java linux/noarch
btrfs-progs-5.10-1 Userspace programs for btrfs linux/i686
bubblewrap-0.4.1-1 Core execution tool for unprivileged containers linux/i686
bubbros-1.6-3 Bub and Brothers game inspired by the classic Bubble and Bobble linux/i686
budgie-desktop-10.5.2-1 GTK3 Desktop Environment linux/i686
budgie-desktop-docs-10.5.2-1 Documentation files for the Budgie Desktop linux/i686
buffer-1.19-11 General purpose buffer program linux/i686
builder-c-1.5.5-2 ABF builder in pure C linux/i686
busybox-1.30.1-1 Multi-call binary combining many common Unix tools into one executable linux/i686
busybox-static-1.30.1-1 Static linked busybox linux/i686
bw-whois-5.0-3 Enhanced WHOIS client on steroids linux/noarch
byacc-20200330-1 A public domain Yacc parser generator linux/i686
byaccj-1.15-8 Parser Generator with Java Extension linux/i686
bygfoot-2.3.2-7 Football (soccer) manager game linux/i686
byobu-5.43-2 Profiles for the GNU screen manager linux/noarch
bzip2-1.0.8-3 Extremely powerful file compression utility linux/i686
bzr-2.7.0-4 Next-generation distributed version control linux/i686
bzr-explorer-1.3.0-3 A GUI for Bazaar linux/noarch
bzr-gtk-0.104.0-4 Bazaar plugin for GTK+ interfaces to most Bazaar operations linux/noarch
bzr-gtk-nautilus-0.104.0-4 Nautilus integration for bzr-gtk linux/noarch

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