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wpa_supplicant-2.9-12.mga9 RPM for x86_64

From Mageia Cauldron for x86_64 / media / core / release

Name: wpa_supplicant Distribution: Mageia
Version: 2.9 Vendor: Mageia.Org
Release: 12.mga9 Build date: Sat Oct 2 13:21:14 2021
Group: Communications/Mobile Build host: localhost
Size: 4933384 Source RPM: wpa_supplicant-2.9-12.mga9.src.rpm
Packager: wally <wally>
Summary: Linux WPA Supplicant (IEEE 802.1X, WPA, WPA2, RSN, IEEE 802.11i)
wpa_supplicant is a WPA Supplicant for Linux, BSD and Windows with
support for WPA and WPA2 (IEEE 802.11i / RSN). Supplicant is the IEEE
802.1X/WPA component that is used in the client stations. It
implements key negotiation with a WPA Authenticator and it controls
the roaming and IEEE 802.11 authentication/association of the wlan

wpa_supplicant is designed to be a "daemon" program that runs in the
background and acts as the backend component controlling the wireless
connection. wpa_supplicant supports separate frontend programs and an
example text-based frontend, wpa_cli, is included with wpa_supplicant.

Supported WPA/IEEE 802.11i features:
    * WPA-PSK ("WPA-Personal")
    * WPA with EAP (e.g., with RADIUS authentication server)
    * key management for CCMP, TKIP, WEP104, WEP40
    * WPA and full IEEE 802.11i/RSN/WPA2
    * RSN: PMKSA caching, pre-authentication

See the project web site or the eap_testing.txt file for a complete
list of supported EAP methods (IEEE 802.1X Supplicant), supported
drivers and interoperability testing.






* Sat Oct 02 2021 wally <wally> 2.9-12.mga9
  + Revision: 1747512
  - rebuild for openssl 3.0.0
* Wed Jun 30 2021 wally <wally> 2.9-11.mga9
  + Revision: 1734379
  - add upstream patch to move roam metrics to the correct dbus interface
* Sat Jun 05 2021 neoclust <neoclust> 2.9-10.mga9
  + Revision: 1729822
  - Add P103: Fixes CVE-2021-30004 (mga#29046)
* Sat Feb 27 2021 neoclust <neoclust> 2.9-9.mga9
  + Revision: 1693155
  - Add P22: Fixes CVE-2021-27803 (mga#28438)
* Thu Feb 04 2021 neoclust <neoclust> 2.9-8.mga8
  + Revision: 1674898
  - Add P4: Fixed CVE-2021-0326 (mga#28291)
* Thu Dec 17 2020 umeabot <umeabot> 2.9-7.mga8
  + Revision: 1660298
  - Rebuild for new Qt5
* Sun May 24 2020 neoclust <neoclust> 2.9-6.mga8
  + Revision: 1587166
  - Add P20: Fixes CVE-2019-16275 (mga#25430)
* Wed Feb 19 2020 umeabot <umeabot> 2.9-5.mga8
  + Revision: 1542366
  - Mageia 8 Mass Rebuild
* Sat Jan 04 2020 luigiwalser <luigiwalser> 2.9-4.mga8
  + Revision: 1476024
  - rebuild for readline



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