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Packages beginning with letter M

maxima-5.46.0-1.mga9 Symbolic Computation Program linux/armv7hl
maxima-gui-5.46.0-1.mga9 Tcl/Tk GUI interface to Maxima linux/armv7hl
maxima-runtime-clisp-5.46.0-1.mga9 Maxima compiled with clisp linux/armv7hl
maxima-runtime-ecl-5.46.0-1.mga9 Maxima compiled with ECL linux/armv7hl
maxima-runtime-gcl-5.46.0-1.mga9 Maxima compiled with GCL linux/armv7hl
maxima-runtime-sbcl-5.46.0-1.mga9 Maxima compiled with SBCL linux/armv7hl
mediastreamer2-5.1.20-1.mga9 Audio/video real-time streaming library linux/armv7hl
milou-5.26.90-1.mga9 A dedicated search application built on top of Baloo linux/armv7hlNew
modemmanager-qt-5.102.0-1.mga9 Qt wrapper for ModemManager API linux/armv7hlNew
mpan-0.0.0-1.mga9 Control center for Manatools linux/noarch
mpan-drakx-0.0.0-1.mga9 Configuration files to have drakx tools inside mpan linux/noarch
mpan-manatools-0.0.0-1.mga9 Configuration files to have mana tools inside mpan linux/noarch
mutter-43.1-1.mga9 Window and compositing manager based on Clutter linux/armv7hl
mutter-tests-43.1-1.mga9 Tests for the mutter package linux/armv7hl
mythtv-backend-32.0-20221117.1.mga9 Server component of mythtv (a PVR) linux/armv7hl
mythtv-common-32.0-20221117.1.mga9 Common components needed by multiple other MythTV components linux/armv7hl
mythtv-doc-32.0-20221117.1.mga9 MythTV documentation linux/noarch
mythtv-frontend-32.0-20221117.1.mga9 Client component of mythtv (a PVR) linux/armv7hl
mythtv-plugin-archive-32.0-20221117.1.mga9 Creates DVDs from your recorded shows linux/armv7hl
mythtv-plugin-browser-32.0-20221117.1.mga9 Full web browser for MythTV linux/armv7hl
mythtv-plugin-game-32.0-20221117.1.mga9 Game frontend for MythTV linux/armv7hl
mythtv-plugin-music-32.0-20221117.1.mga9 The music player add-on module for MythTV linux/armv7hl
mythtv-plugin-netvision-32.0-20221117.1.mga9 NetVision for MythTV linux/armv7hl
mythtv-plugin-news-32.0-20221117.1.mga9 RSS News feed plugin for MythTV linux/armv7hl
mythtv-plugin-weather-32.0-20221117.1.mga9 MythTV module that displays a weather forecast linux/armv7hl
mythtv-plugin-zoneminder-32.0-20221117.1.mga9 Security camera plugin for MythTV linux/armv7hl
mythtv-setup-32.0-20221117.1.mga9 Setup the mythtv backend linux/armv7hl
mythtv-themes-base-32.0-20221117.1.mga9 Base themes for mythtv's frontend linux/noarch

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