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RPM of Group Sciences/Geosciences

foxtrotgps-1.2.2-6.mga9 Easy-to-use graphical GPS tool linux/armv7hl
gdal-3.3.1-3.mga9 The Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL) linux/armv7hl
geolite2-asn-20191217-1.mga8 Free IP autonomous system number database linux/noarch
geolite2-city-20191217-1.mga8 Free IP geolocation city database linux/noarch
geolite2-country-20191217-1.mga8 Free IP geolocation country database linux/noarch
geotiff-1.6.0-1.mga8 Cartographic software linux/armv7hl
gmt-6.1.1-5.mga9 The Generic Mapping Tools linux/armv7hl
gmt-data-6.1.1-5.mga9 Data files for GMT linux/noarch
gmt-dcw-2.0.0-1.mga9 Digital Chart of the World (DCW) for GMT linux/noarch
gmt-gshhg-2.3.7-3.mga8 Global Self-consistent Hierarchical High-resolution Geography (GSHHG) linux/noarch
gmt-plugins-6.1.1-5.mga9 Plugins for GMT linux/armv7hl
gpredict-2.2.1-4.mga8 Fast and accurate real-time satellite tracking linux/armv7hl
gpsd-3.23-1.mga9 GPS data translator and GUI linux/armv7hl
gpsd-clients-3.23-1.mga9 Clients for gpsd with an X interface linux/armv7hl
grass-7.8.5-1.mga9 Geographic Resources Analysis Support System linux/armv7hl
libgeos-devel-3.9.1-1.mga9 Development Libraries for the GEOS topology library linux/armv7hl
libgeos3-3.9.1-1.mga9 Libraries for GEOS linux/armv7hl
libgeos_c1-3.9.1-1.mga9 Libraries for GEOS linux/armv7hl
libgeotiff-devel-1.6.0-1.mga8 Cartographic software - Development files linux/armv7hl
libgeotiff5-1.6.0-1.mga8 Cartographic software - Libraries linux/armv7hl
libogdi-devel-4.1.0-3.mga8 OGDI header files and documentation linux/armv7hl
libogdi4-4.1.0-3.mga8 Open Geographic Datastore Interface - library linux/armv7hl
ogdi-4.1.0-3.mga8 Open Geographic Datastore Interface linux/armv7hl
ogdi-odbc-4.1.0-3.mga8 ODBC driver for OGDI linux/armv7hl
openorienteering-mapper-0.9.5-1.mga9 An orienteering map making program linux/armv7hl
osm2pgsql-1.4.2-3.mga9 An OpenStreetMap to PostgreSQL converter linux/armv7hl
postgis-3.1.1-3.mga9 Geographic objects to the PostgreSQL object-relational database linux/armv7hl
postgis-gui-3.1.1-3.mga9 GUI for Shapefile to PostGIS import tool linux/armv7hl
proj-7.2.1-1.mga9 A Cartographic projection software linux/armv7hl
python3-gdal-3.3.1-3.mga9 The Python 3 bindings for the GDAL library linux/armv7hl
python3-mplstereonet-0.5-9.mga9 Lower-hemisphere equal-area and equal-angle stereonets linux/armv7hl
python3-qgis-3.16.7-1.mga9 Python 3 integration and plugins for qgis linux/armv7hl
qgis-3.16.7-1.mga9 Geographic Information System for Linux/Unix linux/armv7hl
qgis-devel-3.16.7-1.mga9 Development libraries and headers for QGIS linux/armv7hl
qgis-grass-3.16.7-1.mga9 QGIS plugins for accessing GRASS data linux/armv7hl
roadmap-1.2.1-19.mga8 GPS Tracker linux/armv7hl
shapelib-1.5.0-2.mga8 C Library for Shapefile handling linux/armv7hl
tcl-ogdi-4.1.0-3.mga8 TCL wrapper for OGDI linux/armv7hl
wmglobe-1.3-13.mga8 A dock application displaying a spinning earth on a icon linux/armv7hl
wmweather-2.4.7-4.mga8 A dock application which displays your current local weather conditions linux/armv7hl
zygrib-8.0.1-8.mga8 Weather data visualization, GRIB file viewer linux/armv7hl
zygrib-maps-high-8.0.1-8.mga8 High resolution maps for zyGrib linux/noarch

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